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100-110 Broadway 


Telepkone SU Uer 1175-1 176-1 177 

San Francisco 

(Sea Pas« I73;l) 

■ iM 




Metropolitan Department 




' Wells 1 



Slw ISS2 

Wells Fargo Bank 


Union Trust Co. 

2 Offices: 

Market at Montgomery Street 

Market at Grant Avenue 









& Son 








A. V FER, G^i^- 

1635 Russ Building Tel. KE arny 0082 

ABBENS^ ^OTiilHttililiiMBi 


^0 MARKET street; 


PHONE mm: 





3 1223 04590 4969 













1 0.0 0.0 g 9 9 9 OJ-g-PJ.O.g Q.O-g-O-O-g.O OOPOOOOOg 


T:r?7?-T™?^?Eg?iSseM-Erii:=l^^-? l7fifT; ■.'"Hi.i-srt^ ; v'Tr'f'n'^ r.-3iil^-r;^; Un)7JUt55?v:^r-.^-TT;r^vr 

^„.^......, ...^.^ ^^...,.,..^ ■l,MTK»0«»D«IK»W iffa 

John Finn Metal Works 



106 West McGraw Street 554 South San Pedro Street 

Seattle, Washington Los Angeles, California 




Quality and Service Guaranteed 






For Long Wear Under the Most Severe Conditions 


A Standard Quality for 



'J'S/Uf WAjfok dflWlMj SitWi 


FLYING A, the aero -type 
gasoline with Tetraethyl is 
equi-f ractionated for perfect 
balance in all performance 
characteristics. You'll get 
more miles of smoother, qui- 
eter driving with FLYING A 
— the Pacemaker. 

NEW CYCOL Motor Oil 
cuts oil-drag, increases speed 
and gas mileage. Reduces 
wear. Impurities that drag 
down power and waste gas- 
oline have been removed 
by Cycol's solvent-refining. 

SMILING Associated Ser- 
vice gives you extra-helpful 
attention from friendly deal- 
ers who consistently go be- 
yond the ordinary rules of 
service. Each dealer owns 
his own business, is building 
it up on satisfied customers. 







Containing^ an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private 
Citizens, a Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information of a 

Miscellaneous Character 



and a Complete 



PRICE ^^^i«^^'^^F $35.00 



701-705 Atlas Building, 604 Mission Street 


Directory Library for Free Use of Public at 604 Mission Street, Rooms 701-705 

Member Association of North American Directory Publishers 



In Force July 1, 1909 

That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe any 
copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly or wilfully 
aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misde- 
meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by impris- 
onment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than 
one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or both, 
in the discretion of the court. 








The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual 
canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of 
all information furnished them nor the complete absence of errors 
and omissions, hence no responsibility for same can be or is 

The pubHshers earnestly request the bringing to their atten- 
tion of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in the next issue 
of the Directory. 

R. L. POLK & CO., of California, 



Abbreviations 36 

Advertising Department 1701 

Alphabetical List of Names i7 

Alterations, Removals, Etc 15 

Apartment Houses 1743 

Associations, Clubs and Societies 1748 

Buildings, Blocks and Halls 1764 

Business Director)^ 1741 

Buyers' Guide 1701 

Cemeteries 1767 

Churches 1769 

City Government 1026 

Classified Business Directory 1741 

Clubs 1775 

Consular Officers 1778 

County Government ' 1026 

Directory Library 9 

District Courts of Appeal 1112 

Federal Government Officers 381 

Fire Department 1027 

Fraternal Organizations 1866 

Hospitals, Homes and Sanitariums 1805 

Index to Advertisers 8 

Introduction 9 

Municipal Courts 1026 

Labor Organizations 1816 

Libraries and Reading Rooms 1824 

Military 1809 

Parks and Playgrounds 1844 

Piers 930 

Police Department 1026 

Population 9 

Postoffice Department 382 

Public Library 1027 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 15 

Societies, Clubs, Associations, Bureaus, Charitable and Civic 

Organizations 1748 

Societies — Secret and Fraternal 1866 

State Officers and Boards 1111 

Statistical Review 10-14 

Street and Avenue Guide 17-34 

Superior Courts 1026 

Supreme Court 1112 

Trade and Labor Organizations 1816 

United States Courts and Officers 381 

Wharves 930 



Abbcns Confidential Service front cover :incl 1716 

American Trust Co 1704 

Ames Harris Neville Co left side lines and 1703 

Anderson C A left top lines and 1719 

Anglo California National Bank 1705 

Associated Oil Co 

Atkins Robert S Inc 1714 

Baldwin & Howell 1738 

Bank of America National Trnst & Savings Assn.... 1706 

Bank of California National Assn 1707 

Bankers & Shippers Insurance Co 1731 

Bateman Wm 17"^ 

Billings Geo E Co 1731 

Brandt W B & Co back cover and 1727 

California Artistic Metal & Wire Co 1732 

California Barrel Co 1714 

California Insurance Co front cover and 1723 

Carew & English back cover and 1719 

Clark C W Rev 1700 

Coffin-Redington Co 1717 

Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker bottom edge and 1737 

Continental Insurance Co right side lines and 1727 

Costello Bureau of Investigation 1717 

Crocker First National Bank backbone and 1708 

DeLaunay Anna B 1700 

Deschler's left top lines and 1735 

Durham Dorothy School for Secretaries. backbone and 1739 

Engineering Societies Employment Service 

right top lines and 1718 

Finn John Metal Works 3 

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co 1724 

Foreign Language Publications Advertising Agency.. 1700 

Foster and Kleiser Co 1702 

General Fireproofing Co left side lines and 1735 

Glens Falls Insurance Co 1728 

Globe Realty Co 1700 

Golden Gate XoUege 1739 

Gordon Samuel Evans Co back cover 

Gracier S B & Sons 1720 

Griffith-Durney Co left side lines and 1713 

Grisez Chas J Co left top lines and 1738 

Harris Z H back cover and 1740 

Heald College classified tab insert 

Healey Wm & Son front cover and 1731 

Hermann Safe Co classified tab insert 

Hesthal Wm J left side lines and 1733 

Home Insurance Co front edge and 1725 

Hotel Whitcomb 1721 

Howard Auto Co right side lines and 1702 

Kane A J Detective Agency 1700 

King Coal Co classified tab insert 


Knight R & Son 1700 

Kramer's Contact & Collection Service 1700 

Krout & Schneider l^td 

back cover, right side lines and 1717 

McAlister James W Inc 1703 

McCormick Chas R Lumber Co 

front cover, left side lines and 1734 

McCormick Steamship Co left side lines and 1734 

McGilvray Raymond Corp right top lines and 1713 

Monteverde & Parodi Inc front cover and 1721 

Morgen Jewelry Co. . .backbone, right side lines and 1733 

Newhouse & Sayre 1725 

Northwest Brewing Co right top lines 

O'Brien M F & Co 1731 

Office Towel Supply Co 1740 

Olympic Hotel 1722 

Overland Freight Transfer Co 1718 

P-B Public Service System left top lines and 1702 

Pacific Maintenance Co 1700 

Pacific Marine Insurance Agency 1732 

Pacific National Bank ' 1709 

Pacific Pump & Supply Co left top lines and 1736 

Pearl Assurance Co Ltd left top lines and 1728 

Pierce F. A & Co front cover 

Radio Repair Service 1700 

Recorder Printing and Publishing Co 

left side lines and 1736 

Retailers Credit Assn 1715 

Richards & Rhorer 1729 

Royal Insurance Co left top lines and 1726 

Salvation Army X 

San Francisco Bank 1710 

San Francisco Law School 1739 

Seeley & Co 1729 

Shreve, Treat & Eacret 2 

Solari's Grill back cover and 1738 

Suhr H F Co left top lines and 1720 

Swett & Crawford 1730 

tumSuden & tumSuden 1734 

Union Central Life Insurance Co front cover and 1730 

Vasques Louis V 1700 

Walker's Veteran's Clipper 1736 

Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Co 

front cover and 1711 

Wentz & Erlin 1732 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co back cover and 1735 

Western Cooperage Co left top hnes and 1715 

Western Pipe & Steel Co 1734 

White George B top edge and classified tab insert 

White Samuel A 1720 

William Taylor Hotel 1721 

Witter Dean & Co 1712 


R. L. POLK & CO., publishers of the San Francisco Directory, as well as more than 700 other city, 
county, state and national directories, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 1935 edition 
of the San Francisco Directory. 

Confidence in the growth of. San Francisco's wealth, industry and population, and in the advancement 
of its municipal and social activities, will be created as sections of this directory are consulted, for the 
directory is a mirror truly reflecting San Francisco to the world. 

The enviable place occupied by R. L. POLK & CO.'S directories in offices, stores, libraries and homes 
throughout the country has been established by rendering the best in directory service. With an unrivaled 
organization, having the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and resi- 
dents, the publishers feel that the result of their labors will meet with the approval of every user, and that 
the San Francisco Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information pertaining to the city. 


The estimated population of San Francisco is 829,725, based on the number of individuals' names in the 
alphabetical section of the directory, with due allowance for children and for women whose names are not 
listed separately from those of their husbands. 


The several essential departments are arranged in the following order: 

THE BUYER'S GUIDE, pages 1701 to 1740, printed on tinted paper, contains the advertisements of 
leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of San Francisco. These pages will be found 
particularly interesting and instructive to substantial purchasing factors. The advertisements have been 
carefully grouped by departments and are indexed under headings descriptive of the business represented. 
This is reference advertising at its best and. as such, merits a survey by all buyers anxious to familiarize 
themselves with sources of supply. The city's activities, in many interesting phases, are authentically pic- 
tured. In an ambitious and progressive coinmunity like San Francisco, the necessity of having this kind 
of information available is very great and, frequently, pressing. General appreciation of this fact is evi- 
denced by the liberal support the city directory enjoys in the many fields which it serves. 

THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents, business firms and corporations is included in 
pages 2>7 to 1272. 

THE STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE is embraced in pages 17 to 35 ; in this feature the names of all 
streets and avenues are arranged alphabetically, giving beginning and ending, and line of general direction. 

THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in pages 1741 to 1880. This department 
lists the various manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate 
headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epitome of the business interests of the 
community. "The Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no 
small part in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are bought and sold through the Classified 
Business Directory than through any other medium." 


The directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in truthful terms what it has 
to oft'er as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. To 
broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the directory in Directory 
Libraries, where they are readily available for free public reference and serve as perpetual and" reliable adver- 
tisernents of San Francisco, for business men, everywhere, realize that the city directory represents a com- 
munity as it really is. 


Through the courtesy of the publishers of the San Francisco City Directory, a Dire'ctory Librarj' is 
maintained in the offices of the publishers at 604 Mission street, for free reference by the general public. 
This library is one of the system of more than 400 installed and operated in the chief cities of the U. S. and 
Canada, under the supervision of the Association of North American Directory Publishers, of which R. L. 
Polk & Co. is a member. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those progressive business and professional 
men who have demonstrated their confidence in the city directory as an advertising medium, with assurance 
that it will bring a commensurate return. 

R. L, POLK & CO. of California. Publishers. 


Name of city, San Francisco. 

Slogan or sub-phrase, "On the Median Line of Pacii^c Coast Population, Finance, Industry and Agri- 

Form of government, combined City and County, Board of Supervisors. 
• Population, 634,394, 1930 (U. S.— official) ; 695,930, July 1, 1934 (Chamber of Commerce estimate). 

Native white population: 441,583 (1930^ j 594 959 total native white. 
Foreign born: White population — Ido.ood. ) 

Colored population: Negro, 3803. Other races : 35,622. 

White population of age: Males, 53 per cent; females, 47 per cent. 

Native born population (white) is 69.6 per cent of whole population. 

Predominating nationalities in city are American, Italian, German, Chinese, Irish, English and Canadian. 

Area, 42.19 square miles. 

Altitude, sea level to 965 feet. 

Average temperature, 56.1°. Daily mean maximum, 62.3°. Daily mean minimum, 50.2°. 

Parks and playgrounds number 97, with 3268 acres. 

Assessed valuation, $1,362,107,704, all property, with $3,864 tax rate (1934-1935). 

City's funded debt is $165,523,000. 

Financial: There are twenty-three banks, 18 under State supervision and 5 national banks, with total 
deposits of $1,787,289,200 (1933); resources, $2,103,114,513 (1933); debits to individual accounts, $7,431,- 
020,000 (1933) ; clearings, $4,684,591,000 (1933) ; savings deposits, $1,233,646,337 (1933) ; commercial deposits, 
$553,642,863 (1933). 

Post-Office receipts of $7,913,183 (1933). 


Telephones in service, 239,869 (1933). 

Churches number approximately 254. 

Building and construction: Value of building permits, $56,448,751 (1933) includes portion of bridges. 

Real estate transfers total 5158, valued at $38,946,864. 

Industry : Number of establishments, 2263, employing 34,502 total wage-earners, paying wages of $47 - 
321,255, and having products valued at $318,131,977 ('1931 U. S. Mfrs. Census). (Latest available.) 

Trade: Territory (retail) serves 1,882,683 people within the trading area covering a radius of 75 miles. 
Jobbing'territory serves 2,655,331 people within a radius of 250 miles. Many firms distribute to the 11 West- 
ern States, as San Francisco is Western headquarters for 1500 firms of national distribution. 

Hotels: There are approximately 1500 hotels, with total accommodations of approximately 75,000 persons. 
Newest hotel was built in 1930. 

City served by 4 transcontinental railroads, as follows : Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Santa Fe and 
Great Northern. The Northwestern Pacific serves the North Coast of California. The city is also served 
by 159 steamship lines. 

Amusements : There are approximately 76 theaters, with a total seating capacity of approximately 54,503 
persons. Largest theater or auditorium seats about 12,000 persons. 

Hospitals number 31. 

Education : Number of schools, 181 public, including 22 high schools and a number of parochial and dio- 
cesan schools. Number of pupils enrolled in public schools, 105,350; in private schools, 14,000 (est.). 

There are 473,416 volumes in the libraries of the city. 

City Statistics: Total street mileage, 870 miles, with 661 miles paved. Miles of gas mains laid, 1005; of 
sewers, 97 miles, main trunk; street railway, 353.46 miles. Capacitj^ of water works (municipal), 62,500,000,- 
000 gallons. 


(Prepared by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce) 

HISTORICAL — San Francisco is located centrally on the coast in Z7° 47' 22-25" N. Latitude and 122° 
25' 40-76" W. Longitude and situated on a peninsula bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, the north 
and east by the Bay of San Francisco and on the south by wooded hills and fertile valleys. Its elevation 
extends from sea level to 965 feet. The city covers an area of about 42.19 square miles and is built principally 
on hills. The population as of July 1, 1934, amounted to 695,930 (est.). 

The San Francisco Bay Region was discovered in July, 1769, by Don Caspar de Portola's soldiers, who 
were seeking the Monterey Bay. In 1775 Don Manuel Ayala sailed the first ship through the Golden Gate 
into the San Francisco Bay. The San Carlos was the name of the vessel. 

Years before, however, Sir Francis Drake brought his vessel, the Golden Hind, close to the Golden Gate 
and ran her ashore at what is now known as Drake's Bay. This was in 1579 and the first religious service 
in the English language was held on the Pacific Coast by the chaplain of the Golden Hind. 

In 1776 a land expedition commanded by Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza arrived on the San Francisco 
peninsula and established the Presidio and the Mission Dolores. In 1777 Padre Junipero Serra, father of 
the California missions, arrived in San Francisco. The settlement was known as Yerba Buena until 1847, 
when it became San Francisco. 

In 1806 the Russians attempted to establish themselves in and about San Francisco. They established 
a settlement at Fort Ross, near Santa Rosa, but after a few years gave it up, disposing of all movable fixtures 
and arms to Capt. John A. Sutter of Sacramento. 

In 1846 war was declared by the United States on Mexico and on July 9, 1848, Capt. John B. Montgomery 
of the United States Navy arrived in the sloop-of-war "Portsmouth" and raised the American flag in what 
is now Portsmouth Square ; thus without great excitement San Francisco passed from Spanish to Mexican 
and finally American rule. 

.San Francisco's greatest excitement perhaps came with the discovery of gold in 1848. People rushed 
here by every known mode of transportation and in thousands. The population increased steadily and the 
port became the most important on the Pacific Coast, which position it has steadily maintained. 

Because of the number of lawless individuals during the fifties, the citizens organized the Vigilance Com- 
mittee and after a short campaign succeeded in ridding the city of the law breakers. 


GOVERNMENT — San I'Vaiicisco has a combined City and County Government functioning- as a Mu- 
nicipal (.orporalion. which began January 8, 1932, to operate under a new Charter (Freeholders). Under tliis 
new Charter the Legislative Powers are vested in a Board of Supervisors consistmg of 11 memljcrs. Ihe 
Administrative Powers are vested in a Mayor and a Chief Administrative Officer, the latter appomted by 
the Mayor. The people elect the Mayor, Assessor, Treasurer, SherilT, Public Defender, Supervisors, District 
Attorney, City .Mtorney, Municipal and Superior Court Judges and the members of the lioard of Education. 

The salary of the Mavor is $10,000 per year and the major Departments under him include the Police, 
Fire, Park, Recreation, and Library, the Art Commission, the Utilities Commission, Civil Service Commis- 
sion, and City Planning Commission. 

The Chief Administrative Officer, appointed by the Mayor, receives a salary of $12,000 a year and has 
under him the following Departments: Departments of Finance and Records, Purchasing, Real Estate, 
Department of Public \\"orks, Department of Electricity, Street Traffic Advisory Board, Department of Pub- 
lic Health. County Welfare Department, Coroner's Office, Horticultural Inspection Department, and Depart- 
ment of Weights and Measures. 

The Controller is responsible to the Mayor and is appointed by him subject to the confirmation and 
approval by the Board of Supervisors. 

HARBOR AND COMMERCE — Centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco is an important 
port of general commerce, handling a large and valuable domestic and foreign trade. It is the main gateway 
of commerce for the vast territory of the Central Pacific Coast Area and Intermountain States. The Bay 
extends from the Golden Gate to the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers on the northeast, 
and to a point near San Jose on the south, covering an area of 450 square miles. The deep-water commerce 
enters San Francisco Bay through the Golden Gate, which is but one mile wide, thus affording natural pro- 
tection from the ocean to the waters of the San Francisco Bay. To this has been added the most compre- 
hensive docking and berthing facilities, rail and freight connections, modern and well-equipped warehouses, 
etc. San Francisco harbor has 17 miles of berthing space and this is constantly being added to; there are 
8,189,280 square feet of cargo area, with a capacity of 2,049,952 tons of cargo; 43 modern piers; facilities to 
dock the largest vessels; seven drydocks ; 160 spur tracks; 66 miles of harbor trackage connecting piers and 
warehouses ; car capacity for 3600 cars ; 42 cranes, derricks and aerials. 

The harbor is controlled by the State of California and is governed by a board of harbor commissioners 
appointed by the Governor. Of the 43 piers, most of them are assigned to steamship companies having their 
own fleets and operating their own schedules. Repairs and maintenance average $1,500,000. 

The w^ater-borne commerce of San Francisco has trebled since pre-war days and now ranks third of all 
ports in the United States. San Francisco, according to the U. S. Department of commerce, at the close of 
1932 ranked fourth among the 49 custom districts of the U. S. in the value of imports and exports, exceeding 
all other Pacific Coast ports. 

Arrivals and departures of vessels show the following increases : 

Registered Registered 

Arrivals Tonnage Departures Tonnage 

1923 6792 15,049,446 6830 14,802,870 

1933 6223 17,821,528 5874 17,887,214 

Exports during 1933 amounted to $84,512,000 

Imports during 1933 amounted to 55,514,000 

The principal exports are mineral oil, gasoline, dried and canned fruits, fresh fruits, barley, raw cotton, 
petroleum asphalt, cigarettes, canned salmon, rice, flour, canned milk. 

The principal imports are cofifee, raw silk, copra, sugar, newsprint paper, lead (ore), burlap, tea, tung oil, 
cocoanut oil and bananas. 

The 1932 report of the U. S. Army Engineers shows the distribution of the tonnage, domestic and for- 
eign, as follows : 

Total tonnage, San Francisco Bay 25,295,205 Tons 

Foreign tonnage 3,227,76/ 

Inland waterway tonnage 7,681,440 

Domestic Coastwise tonnage 14,385,998 

Besides the movement of commodities by water, there is a large rail traffic in San Francisco; during 
1933 it reached 143,631 carloadings, not including less-than-carload business. 


San Francisco is also the ocean port for the great inland empire of California, 500 miles in length, 50 miles 
wide and containing 16,100,000 acres of irrigable land, 5,000,000 acres of which is under irrigation. Approxi- 
mately 33 per cent of the tonnage of the port is received from points on the Sacramento and San Joaquin 
Rivers, which drain a large portion of the "back country." 

San Francisco is the port of call for 159 steamship lines. Of these 17 are intercoastal ; 14 Trans-Pacific, 
Hawaiian and Oriental; 17 United Kingdom and Continental Europe; 12 Central and South America; 6 
Australasia; 21 coastwise; 2 Africa, 2 round the world. There are also 17 inland water carriers with routes 
to Sacramento and Stockton. The remainder are owned and operated by oil, lumber and fishing interests. 

San Francisco is served by four transcontinental railroads, which also operate north and south on the 
Pacific Coast and throughout the State of California. 

INDUSTRIES — The 1931 (latest available) Federal Census of Manufacturing showed the following 
conditions to exist in San Francisco and the territory included in what is known as the Metropolitan Area; 
San Francisco — Number of establishments, 2267; wage-earners, 34,402; wages, $47,321,083; value of prod- 
ucts, $317,986,065. Metropolitan Area (nine counties) — Number of establishments, 3540; wage-earners, 
70,775; wages, $96,143,541; value of products, $767,865,179. 

The principal industries in San Francisco are : Printing and publishing, coffee and spice, meat slaughter- 
ing and packing, bread and bakery products, men's and women's clothing, foundry and machine shop prod- 
ucts, canning and preserving, furniture, confectionery, ice cream, flour and grain products, rice, chocolate 
and cocoa products, structural iron and steel, electrical machinery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, tinware, lum- 
ber, jute bags, paper boxes, shoes, leather goods of all kinds, etc. 

San Francisco industries ranked by the annual value of their production in 1931 included: 

Value of Output 

Printing and publishing $34,590,977 

Coffee and spice 29,774,418 

Bread and bakery products 15,943,981 

Slaughtering and meat packing 13,865,984 

Canning and preserving 11,614,932 

Men's and women's clothing 8,264.791 

Foundry and machine shop products 7,546,422 

Confectionery 5,745,737 

Mattress and bed springs 4,760,939 

Furniture 4,585,212 

Ship and boat building 4,179,172 

TRADE — Trade at retail in San Francisco, amounting to .$499,060,416, was reported by the U. S. Census 
Bureau in the 1930 census. The report shows 11,034 retail stores with a total annual business of $499,- 
060,416, a payroll of $70,362,231 and full-time employment of 44,562 men and women. The per capita sales 
at retail amount to $788, compared to $576 in the State. 

Trade at wholesale in San Francisco, amounting to $1,784,174,952, was reported in the 1930 census. This 
volume led all other Pacific Coast cities by more than 400 million dollars. The reports show 3154 establish- 
ments engaged in trade at wholesale, a payroll of $77,535,544, and employment for 37,545. 

FINANCIAL — San Francisco has-been made the Financial Center of the West principally because of 
the operating advantages available to those institutions w'hich have centered their activities here. Fifteen 
hundred national firms have established Western headquarters in San Francisco. The Federal Reserve Bank 
of San Francisco is the headquarters of the Twelfth Federal Reserve District, the third largest district in 
the nation. One of the major regional Stock Exchanges in the United States is maintained in San Francisco. 
There is also a San Francisco Curb Exchange, a San Francisco Mining Exchange, and a California Com- 
modity Exchange. The fourth largest bank in the United States has its headquarters here, and six of the 
banks in San Francisco are among the first fifty banks of the nation. (Editor's Note: Practically all of the 
material on most of pages was prepared bv the C. of C.) Bank clearings in 1933 totaled $4,684,591,000; 
bank debits for 1933 totaled $7,431,020,000. " 


1927 $10,117,987,269 1928 $11,491,219,374 1929 $10,938,052,221 

1930 9,558,594,000 1931 7,142,113,000 1932 5,053,854,000 


1927 $15,051,200,000 1928 $18,384,203,000 1929 $16,987,478,000 

1930 15,055,143,000 1931 11,178,630,000 1932 7,742,014,000 

San Francisco Stock Exchange and San Francisco Curb Exchange stock sales for 1933 amounted to 8,- 
129,554 shares. Insurance — $267,000,000 worth of insurance business covering the entire West clears through 


San Francisco as the Insurance Center of the West. Ju^ht internationally known outside insurance com- 
jianics have constructed their own buildings in San Francisco. Per capita wealth — Based on total value of 
ail propertv in the city, the per capita wealth in 1933 was $4,608. Postal receipts in 1933 were $7,913,183. 

PUBLIC BUILDINGS — First comes the group in the Civic Center, declared by the Duke of Connaught 
to be the linest thing oi its kind in the world. The group consists: (1) City Hall, of classic design, sur- 
mounted by an immense dome, higher than the dome of the Capitol at Washington. Cost, $4,000,000. (2) 
Exposition Auditorium, seating capacitv of 12,000 in the main auditorium, with numerous small halls; cost, 
$2,000,000. (3) San Francisco Public Library: cost, $1,500,(XK). (4) State Building; cost, $1,000,000. (5) 
War Memorial group of buildings, as a part of the Civic Center, cost, $4,000,000, consisting of civic opera 
house, Aiuerican Legion halls, etc. A Federal Iniilding under construction will cost $3,000,000. 

California Palace of the Legion of Honor, in Lincoln Park, overlooking the Golden Gate, is a replica of 
the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Paris. It was presented to the city. The structure cost $2,000,000. 
United States Mint, located at Fifth and Mission streets, built in 1874; Post Office Building, corner of Sev- 
enth and Mission streets: Ferry Building, at the foot of Market street on the waterfront, built by the State 
in 1896 at a cost of $1,000,000. It is 659 feet long and 156 feet wide, and in addition to serving as a ferryboat 
terminal, contains many State offices. The Customs House and United States Appraiser's Building repre- 
sent an expenditure of more than $1,000,000. In Golden Gate Park are located the De Young Memorial 
Museum, Academy of Sciences, Steinhart Aquarium, Museum of Anthropology. At Kearny and Washing- 
ton streets is the Hall of Justice, erected in 1910 at a cost of $1,000,000, containing police courts and the 
criminal department of the superior court. Two gigantic bridge projects are underway, the Golden Gate 
Bridge, to cost $33,000,000, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, to cost $78,000,000. 

PARKS — San Francisco is noted for its beautiful and extensive parks. There are 45 parks and 52 play- 
grounds, with a total acreage of 3268 ; others are under development. In addition to the municipal parks, the 
several government reservations, the largest of which is the Presidio, comprising 1542 acres, all go toward 
augmenting the aggregate area of the city parks. The area given does not include the numerous golf 
courses in and about the city. More than $15,000,000 has been expended on municipal parks since 1870. All 
of San Francisco's parks are "man-made." Originally only sand dunes marked the spots where today are 
gardens of rarest flowers, shrubs and giant trees. Even lakes, streams, waterfalls, hills, valleys and dales 
were worked out by man, to say nothing of the miles of walks, bridle paths and boulevards traversing the 
parks. Golden Gate Park is one of the world's most noted playgrounds. It comprises 1013 acres and is 
about 3 miles long and a half-mile wide, extending from Stanyan street on the east to the Pacific Ocean on 
the west and lies in the midst of San Francisco's choice residential districts. 

In the park are many museums, monuments, an aviary, aquarium, music temple, stadium, tennis courts, 
baseball grounds, football grounds, trotting and pacing horse track, athletic field and running track pad- 
docks, and children's playgrounds. There are more than 25 miles of improved driveways in the park. Wild 
animals of many species are to be seen, while every bird and squirrel known to California roams or flies at 
will through the dense woods and shrubber3^ At the western end of the park is to be seen the sloop 
"Gjoa," the only vessel that ever navigated the Northwest Passage, and which was given to San Francisco 
by its owner and explorer, Captain Roald Amundsen, discoverer of the South Pole also ; the gift was accepted 
by San Francisco June 16, 1909. The ship was hauled upon the beach and is protected by a high iron fence. 

SOCIAL — San Francisco has upward of 250 churches representing many denominations and 589 listed 
societies, clubs, lodges, and fraternal groups, including Literary, Historical, Military, Religious, Sporting, 
Miscellaneous and Foreign. The cosmopolitan character of the city is reflected in the diversification of 
these groups and in the congregation of the churches, which include English, German, Italian, Spanish, 
Scandinavian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Indians. 

There is a variety of interesting and unusual events constantly taking place, lectures, concerts, readings, 
recitals. Symphony Orchestra, and special exhibits of drawing, painting, sculpture and other art material, 
and many are free, or admission very nominal. Two public art galleries are always open, and several, semi- 
public, ofifer changing collections. 

There are a number of libraries both public and private in character. There are 475,000 volumes in the 
city library. 

The Municipal Auditorium, seating 12,000 and containing a magnificent organ, is in use for a variety 
of events daily throughout the year. The Civic Opera House and War Memorial IBuilding have been recently 
completed, providing a home for Opera, the Symphony and a permanent War Relics Museum. San Fran- 
cisco is the first city in the Nation to have a Civic Opera House. 

HEALTH — San Francisco is a clean city with a cool, bracing, equable all-year-round open climate. The 
Daily Mean Maximum Temperature is 62.3 degrees, and the Daily Mean Minimum Temperature is 50.2 
degrees, with an average daily range of 12.1 degrees. A study of the air conditions in twenty-three promi- 
nent cities in the United States places San Francisco in the front rank, second only to Boston. The sun 
shone sixty-six out of every one hundred possible hours, according to the Weather Bureau Records, for 
a period of more than 20 years. 

Removals, Alterations and Additions 

Allied Engineering Products Co C A Ellis pres 

B C Linderman v-pres-mgr P T Ellis 

v-pres boiler compounds 161 San Bruno av 
Archambault Clifford S frt rep Matson Nav Co 

r Okld 
Army & Navy YMCA G S Martin exec sec 

C E Raymond bus mgr 166 The Embarca- 

dero , , 

Bourne G T pier agt Matson Nav Co r BKly 
Brash Cedric L lawyer r860 Sutter 
Brownstein Morris & Co Morris Brownstein pres 

curtain rnfrs 535 Mission 3d fl 
Building Directory Co Mark Roth ]r mgr 

signs 617 Montgy 
Burke W J & Co, W J Burke (Los Angeles). 

G O Gaetke bldg mati 200 Davis R205 
Bush Lotta A (wid Chas Gl r940 Hayes 
California Motor Express Ltd J C Coughlin 

pres 1455 Folsom . 

Central Chinese High School in America 829 


193 1-1922 Russ Bldg, 2S5 Montgomery, Tel 
GA rfleld 2818 

Commercial Steamship Co G T Williams pres 
111 Sutter R2021 

Community Play House Western Women's Club 
mgrs 609 Sutter 

Consul Czecho-Slovakia E L Chloupek 431 Bel- 

" Dominican Republic John Barneson consul 
265 Montgy R404 

" Norwegian Sigurd Steckmest consul 214 
Front R601 

" Portugal F P De Oragao e Costa consul 345 

Consulate of Iceland A C P Sporon-Fiedler 

consul 220 Montgy R461 
" Republic of Latvia H W Glensor consul 220 

Montgy R449 
Ellicott H W v-pres Western Wool Mtg Co 

r San Mateo 
Euphrat Emanuel F pres Pac Can Co r3755 

Gabriele Annette Mrs mgr Bella Vista Apts 

r2659 Calif 
" Emile M I Annette I h2659 Calif 
General Controls Co W A Ray pres C R Ray 

v-pres A W Ray sec automatic valve mfrs 

1539 Folsom 
Hauck W C & Co W C Hauck pres reinforcing 

steel 280 San Bruno av 
" Walter C pres W C Hauck & Co r Ala 
Herndon June C Mrs publr 1635 Clay r do 
Holy Family Parochial School Divisadero 

ne cor Greenwich 


Information pertaining to City, 
County, State and Federal Govern- 
ment, Churches, Consuls, Parks, 
Public Schools, Secret and Fraternal 
Societies, State Societies, Trade and 
Labor Organizations, etc., will be 
found in Alphabetical Section or 
under proper heading in Classified 


Is Something More Than — 

A Book of Names and Addresses 

A Catalogue of Trades and Professions 

A Street Guide 

It is A Service that brings you daily in closer touch with 
your customers and friends 

It Enables You to address them each and everyone 

To avoid the offense of incorrect spelling and addressing 

To find new customers 

To find local sources of supply for hundreds of articles 

It Will Save You time and money both in buying and sell- 
ing. It will make you more efficient and protect your 
standing as an accurate and progressive business man 

Your directory gives you an accurate bird's-eye view of your 
city, its institutions, inhabitants, government and build- 

Always Use the Latest Edition 





Copyright, 1935, by R. L. Polk & Co., of California 


In the following: list the streets are arranged in alphabetical order. 

According to the method adopted in this city for numbering buildings, Market Street is the starting point for numbers on all streets running 
from it in a northerly, southerly or westerly direction, and the water front for all streets running therefrom in a westerly or southwesterly direc- 
tion. The numbers on all streets not commencing at Market Street or the water front run in conformity with the numbers of the main streets run- 
ning parallel with them, except in the case of a few streets which are numbered in an irregular manner. 

On all streets between the water front and Central Avenue the even numbers are on the right-hand side, and the odd numbers on the left, 
starting from the point of beginning. Beyond Central Avenue most of the streets have been numbered in a contrary manner. One hundred numbers, 
or as many thereof as are necessary, are allotted to each block bounded by main streets: for instance, Montgomery Street commences at Market, and 
the main streets crossing as you proceed north are Sutter, Bush, Pine, etc. Therefore, any numbers between 1 and 100 will be found on the right or 
left-hand side of the street between Market and Sutter, between 100 and 200 from Sutter to Bush, between 200 and 300 from Bush to Pine. 

In the streets which are numbered, a dash ( — ) indicates that the cross street does not extend to that side; (o), the street borders on the bay, 
or public park, cemetery, etc., consequently there are no buildings on blocks thus designated; (c), the street is not opened through the block, or ia 
interrupted in its course at that point by a public square, cemetery, etc; (ej, end of street. 

Abbreviations — N, north; E, east; S, south; W, west; Av, avenue; bet, between; nr, near. 

ABBE Y — From north side 
Seventeenth bet Dolores and 

A C A C I A — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno ay south 
to County Line 

ACADEMY — From Fairmount 
nr Chenery, south to Charles 

ACADIA — From Circular av nr 
San Jose av north to point 
nr Mangels av 

ACME AL — From Seward nr 
Douglass, southwest to 
Grand View av 

ACORN AL — From west side 
Leavenworth bet California 
and Sacramento 

ACTON — From 5900 Mission 
south to Coimty Line 

ADA C T — From north side 
O'Farrell bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde 

ADAIR — From west side How- 
ard bet Fifteenth and Six- 
teenth west to Capp 

ADA M — From Army bet San 
Bruno av and HoUaday av, 
south to Eve 

ADDISON — From Bemis West 
to Castro 

ADE AL — Now Adele ct 

ADELAIDE PL — From west 
side Taylor bet Gear>' and 

ADELE CT — From north side 
Jackson bet Stockton and 

ADELINE — From Moreland 
northwest to Diamond 

ADLER — From east side Co- 
lumbus av bet Pacific and 
Broadway, west to Grant av 

ADMIRAL AV — From 4100 
Mission west to Alemany av 

AERIAL WAY — From Ortega 
bet 11th and 12 th avs south 
to Pacbeco 

AGATE AL — From north side 
Post bet Taylor and Jones 

AGNON AV — From Crescent av 
nr Mission southwest to Jus- 
tin dr 

AGUA WAY — From Teresita 
blvd 2 blocks east Portola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Rock- 
dale west to Chavez 

AHLER'S CT — South side Fil- 
bert bet Buchanan and Web- 
A I L E E N — From north side 
Fifteenth bet Guerrero and 
ALABAMA — From Division bet 
Florida and Harrison south 
to Esmeralda av 
Cross Sts W E 

Division 2 1 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth .... 300 301 

Seventeenth .... 400 401 

Mariposa 500 501 

Eighteenth .... 600 601 

Nineteenth .... 700 701 

Twentieth .... 800 801 

Twenty-first ... 900 901 

Twenty-second ..1000 1001 

Twenty-third ...1100 1101 

Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 

Twenty-fifth ..1300 1301 

Twenty-sixth ..1400 1401 

Army 1500 1501 

PreciU av 1600 1601 

Mullen 1669 

Montcalm . . . . 1701 

Norwich 1700 


Ripley 1800 1801 


Esmeralda .... (e) (e) 

ALADDIN TER — From east 
side Taylor bet Union and 

ALAMEDA — From the bay west 
to Daggett and from Caro- 
lina west to Harrison north 
of Fifteenth 

Cross Sts N S 

Carolina 1 

Channel 2 

De Haro 100 101 

Rhode Island . . 200 201 

Kansas 300 301 

Vermont 400 401 

San Bnmo av. . 500 501 

UUh 600 601 

Potrero av .... 700 701 
Hampshire .... 800 801 

York 900 901 

Bryant 1000 1001 

Florida 1100 1101 

Alabama 1200 1201 

Harrison (e) (e) 

ALAMO SQ — Bet Steiner. 
Scott. Hayes and Fulton 

ALASKA PL — 2423 Mason to 

ALBANY — From Flint west to 

ALBERT AL — From west side 
Dolores bet Fifteenth and 

A L B E RT A — Bet Ervine and 
Severance from Campbell av 
north to Wilde 

ALBION — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Valencia and 
Guerrero, south to Seven- 

A L D E R — From Ankeny south 
to Harkness av 

A L D R I C H AL — From west 
side New Montgomery bet 
Jessie and Mission west to 

Tingley northwest of 4500 
Mission southwest to Coun- 
ty line 

ALERT AL — Near Fifteenth 

ALGER PL — From east side 
First bet Harrison and Bry- 

ALGERIA (South S F)— See 
Eighteenth av South 

ALHAMBRA — From Cervantes 
blvd nr Fillmore west to 

ALICE — From south side Fol- 
som bet Third and Fourth 

ALLEN — West side Hyde bet 
Union and Filbert 

ALLISON — From 5301 Mis- 
sion east to County Line 

ALLSTON WAY — From Ulloa 
northwest to Claremont blvd 

ALMA — From Belvedere nr 
Grattan west to Stanyan 

ALOHA AV — From 1601 Fun- 
ston av west to Lomita av 

ALPHA — From Goettingen 
west of San Bruno av south 
to Leland av 

ALPINE TER — From south 
side Waller bet Divisadero 
and Buena Vista av south 
to Fourteenth 

ALT A — From west side San- 
some bet Union and Filbert 
to point west of Montgomery 

ALTA MAR WAY — Bet Forty- 
fifth av and Forty-sixth av 
Nortli Point Lobos av 

ALTA PLAZA — Bet Steiner, 
Scott, Clay and Jackson 

north side Vallejo bet Mason 
and Taylor 

ALTO N A V — From west side 
Casteuada av nr Pacbeco 
west to Ninth av 

ALVARADO — From west side 
San Jose av bet Twenty-sec- 
ond and Twenty-third west 
to Grand View av 

Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av 2 1 

Guerrero (c) (c) 

Dolores (c) (c) 

Church (c) (c) 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 

Diamond (c) (c) 

Douglas 800 801 

Hoffman av .... 900 901 
Grandview av ... (e) (e) 

ALVISO — From Urbano dr east 
of Monticello south to Hol- 
loway av 

ALVORD — From Evans av bet 
Ship and Boalt southwest to 
County Line 

AMADOR f.South S Fl — 
From the bay south of Islais 
to Arthur av 

AMAZON A V— From 5101 
Mission east to Moscow 

AMES — From south side Twen- 
ty-first bet Guerrero and Fair 
Oaks south to Twenty-third 

AMHERST — From south side 
Silver av bet Princeton and 
Yale south to Bow 

AMITY AL — From Ada ct nr 
(^'Farrell and Hyde 

ANDERSON — From south side 
Esmeralda av bet Ellsworth 
and Moultrie 

A N D O V E R — From south side 
Esmeralda av west of Moul- 
trie south to point south of 
Benton av 

ANDREW — From 1470 San 
Bruno av to Army 

A N G E L I C A — From south side 
Nineteenth bet Valencia and 

ANKENY — From Cowden east 
to Sparta 

ANNA LA — North side Eddy 
bet Powell and Mason north 
to Elhs 

ANNIE — From south side Mar- 
ket bet New Montgomery and 
Third southeast to Mission 

ANSON PL — East side Powell 
bet Sutter and Bush 

ANTHONY — From point nr 
Jessie bet Ecker and Second 
southeast to Mission 

ANTONIO — From west side 
Jones bet Ellis and O'Farrell 

ANZA — From Arguello blvd bet 
Geary and Balboa west to 
ocean. For Nos. see Clement 

APOLLO — From Thornton av 
south to Williams av 

APPLETON AV — From 3601 
Mission southeast to Holly 
Park circle 

APTOS AV — From Ocean av bet 
San Aleso av and San Benito 
way north to Darien way 

AQUA WAY — From Teresita 
b!vd west to CliLivez av 

ARAGO — Northwest of San Jose 
av from Paulding southwest 
tn Havelock 

ARBOR — From Berkeley south 
and east to Diamond 

ARCH — From Worcester near 
County Line bet Vernon and 
Ramsell north to HoUowav av 

ARDEN RD — South from Wa- 
wona at Sixteenth av west to 
Nineteenth av 

side Sloat blvd bet St. Fran- 
cis Circle and Nineteenth av 

ARGENT AL — From Grand 
V lew av north of Twenty- 
third west to Corbett av 
— From Presidio Reserva- 
tion bet Cherry and 'Jd av 
south to Parnassus av. For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av 
ARIZONA (South S F) — From 
tlie bay south to India Basin 
ARKANSAS — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Connecticut 
and Wisconsin south to Tu- 
ARLETA AV — Bet Teddy and 
Raymond avs from San 
Bruno av west to Cambridge 
ARLINGTON — From Charles 
bet SPRR Tracks and Chen- 
ery southwest to Bosworth 
ter Front bet Yosemite and 
Bancroft av northwest to 
WiUiams av 
ARMY — From the bay south of 

2 6th west to La Place av 
Cross Sts S N 


Ohio 2 1 

Oklahoma 100 101 

New York 200 201 

Massachusetts . . 300 301 

Delaware 400 401 

Maryland 500 501 

Louisiana 600 601 

Georgia 700 701 

Michigan 800 801 

lUinois 900 901 

Third 1000 1001 

Tennessee 1100 1101 

Minnesota 1200 1201 

Indiana 1300 1301 

Iowa 1400 1401 

Pennsylvania . .1500 1501 
Mississippi. ...1600 1601 

Tesas 1700 1701 

Missouri 1800 1801 

Connecticut. ...1900 1901 

Arkansas 2000 2001 

Wisconsin 2100 2101 

CaroUna 2200 2201 

De Haro 2300 2301 

Rhode Island , . .2400 2401 

Kansas 2500 2501 

Vermont 2600 2601 

San Bruno av. . .2700 2701 

Andrew 2800 


Holladay av ... 2801 

Hampshire . ...2850 2851 

York 2900 

PreciU av 2901 

Bryant 2950 2051 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Folsom 3200 3201 

ShotweU 3240 3251 

Howard 3300 

Mission 3400 3401 

Bartlett 3450 

Valencia 3500 3501 

San Jose av. . . .3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe : 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman av ... .4500 4501 

Burnham 4600 4601 

Burnett av .,..4700 4701 

La Place av. . . , 4801 

ARROYO WAY — From Mari- 
etta dr southwest to Bella 
Vista way 
ARTHUR AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islais 

ASH — From point east of 
Gough bet Fulton and Mc- 
Allister west to Buchanan 
Cross Sts N 8 

Van Ness av... 200 201 

Franklin (c) (c) 

Gough (c) (c) 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna 600 601 

Buchanan . ... (e) (e) 

ASHBURTON PL — From east 

side Grant av bet Post and 


ASHBURY — From Fulton bet 

Masonic av and Clayton 

south to Clayton 

Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

FeU (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Haight 600 601 

Waller 700 701 

Frederick 800 801 

Piedmont 900 901 

Chfford 1000 1001 

Downey 1051 

Clayton (e) (e) 

ASHBURY TER — From south 
side Piedmont southeast to 
Upper ter 
A S H T O N A V — From Lake 
View av west of Jules aT 
north to Ocean av 
ATALAYA TER — From 1850 

ATHENS — From west side Mad- 
ison opp Pioche southwest to 
ATTRIDGE AL — From north 
side Filbert bet Jones and 
AUBURN — From north side 
Jackson bet Mason and Tay- 
lor north to Pacific 
AUGUST AL — From north side 
Green bet Powell and Mason 
north to Union 
AUGUSTA — From Waterrilla 
bet Silver av and Helena 
west to San Bruno av 
AUSTIN — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Bush and Pine west 
to Octavia 
Cross Sts N a 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av ... . 200 201 

FrankUn 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia (e) (e) 

AVALON AV — From Mission 
nr Excelsior southea^ to 
LaGrande av 
AVERY — From north side 
Geary bet Fillmore and 
Steiner north to Post 
AVILA — From 2250 Chestnut 

north to Marina blvd 
AVOCA — From Burnett av bet 
Thirty-first and Thirty-sec- 
ond west to Fowler av 
AVON — From north side Sloat 

blvd east of 19th av 
AZTEC — From Coso av east to 

BACHE — From south side Cres- 
cent av bet Andover and 
BACON — From Charter Oak bet 
Burrows and Wayland west 
to University and from Cam- 
bridge west to LaGrande ar 
BADEN — From Circular ay bet 
Acadia and Congo north to 
BADGER — From Springdala 
bet Lamartine. and Gorham 



BAHAMA (South S P) — S«a 
Kiel'th •> south 

BAHLI COURT — E«»t trom 
lO.M) (.'ii)ui:.i BV bet t)nou- 
lUk-s «v «">l Oui-ida ay 

BAKER — Krum nortti tiuo 
lUitlit b«t BroJorick «nJ 
l.y.m north to tli« b«jr 

Oross Sti N H 

ll»ll!lit i } 

oX 200 to> 

KeU 300 301 

Hw ■•00 1"! 

oSto 600 601 

Fulton 000 601 

McAllUter .... 7 lOl 

Golden 0«lo f. 800 801 

Turk M (c) 

g'i,^'' .''.'°'.'=!*.^1300 1301 

p„t KOO 1401 

Butter IBOO ir.Ol 

BiA . ....1000 IBOl 

piSeT l"oo 1701 

cilifonill . ...ISOO 1801 

P.S «i 2300 2301 

vluejo . .2500 2501 

Own. .... 2000 2601 

cSioS . 2700 2701 

FUbert. 2800 2801 

G^rdliwldl . ...2900 2901 
K^ard . ....3000 3001 
ChSinut 3100 3101 


Jefferson 3000 3G01 

Marins blvd . . .3700 3701 

BALANCE — From north side 
Jackson bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Gold 

BALBOA — From Arffuello blvd 
south of .\nza west to the 
ocean. For Nos see Clement 

BALBOA SQ — South of San 
Jose av from Havelock to 
Ocean av 

BALCETA — From Laguna 
Honda northeast to Wood- 
side av 

BALDWIN CT — From north 
side Folsom bet Fremont 
and First 

BALMY — From 24 th south to 
25th bet Harrison and Treat 
av „ 

east side Cordova east to 
South Hill blvd 

BANCROFT AV — From VTater 
Front bet Armstrong and 
Carroll northwest to Thorn- 
ton av 

BANKS — From Esmeralda av 
bet Prentiss and Folsom to 
a point south of Crescent av 

BANNAM PL — From north 
side Green bet Grant av and 
Stockton north to Union 

BANNOCK — From north side 
Geneva av bet Huron av and 
Otsego av 

rold av south to Silver av 

BARSTOW — From Sixth bet 
Daggett and Yuma 

BARTLETT — From south side 
Twenty-first bet Mission and 
Valencia south to Army 

Cross Sts W E 

Twenty-first ... 2 1 

Twenty-second . 100 101 
Twenty-third ... 200 201 
Twenty-fourth . . 300 301 
Twenty-fifth . . . 400 401 
Twenty-sixth ... 600 501 
Army (e) (e) 

BARTOL — From Broadway bet 
Sansome and Montgomery 
to point north of Valleio 

BATTERY — From north side 
Market bet Front and San- 
some north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Market and Bush 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California . 200 201 

Sacramento".' '. * '. 300 301 
Ck)mmercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


"Washington . . . 500 501 


Jack-son 600 601 

Pacific 700 701 

Broadway 800 801 

Vallejo 900 901 

Green 1000 1001 

Commerce . ... 

Union 1100 1101 

Filbert 1200 1201 

Greenwich . ...1300 1301 
Lombard and the 

Embarcadero . (e) (e) 
BAUER — Now San Juan av 
BAY — From the bay bet Fran- 
cisco and North Point west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N 5 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Kearny 50 51 

Grant ar 100 101 


Stockton 200 201 

Powell 300 301 

Muon 400 401 

r«lor 500 601 

Jones COO 001 

Columbus ev . . . 
l.oavenworth . .. 700 701 

Hyde HOO 801 

Lurkin 000 imi 

Polk 1000 100 1 

Van Noas av . . . (o) l ml 

Franklin (o) l-»'i 

(;ou8h (i>' l^^oi 

Oclavift (o> 1401 

LftK'uim U.OO (o) 

Bucliiinnn . . . .1000 {ot 

WebHter 1700 1701 

Fillmoro ISOO 1801 

Steiner I'-'OO 1001 

I'icrce 2000 2001 

Scott 2100 2101 

nivisadero . . . .2200 2201 
Broderick . . . .2300 2;UH 

Baker 2400 2401 (e) (e) 

2001 San Bruno av at 
^Vatcrloo south and south- 
east to San Bruno av and 
BAY VIEW — From west side 
Third and llevere av west 
to Newliall 
BAYWOOD TER — From 100 
Niagara bet Huron and Cay- 
URa av 
BEACH — From the bay bet 
North Point and Jefferson 
west to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

Grant av and The 

Embarcadero . 2 1 

Stockton 100 101 

Powell 200 201 

Mason 300 301 

Taylor 400 401 

Jones 500 501 

Leavenworth . . 600 601 

Columbus av . . 

Hyde 700 701 

Larkin 800 801 

Polk 900 901 

Van Ness av . . . . (c) (c) 
Government Res- 

Laguna 1400 1401 

Buchanan . ...1500 1501 

Webster 1600 1601 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce 1900 1901 

Scott 2000 2001 

Divisadero . . . .2100 2101 

Broderick 2200 2201 

Baker 2300 2301 

Lyon (e) (e) 

BEACON — From Castro south 

of Thirtieth 
BEALE — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Main and Fremont 
southeast to the bay 
Cross SU WE 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 (o) 


The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
BEAVER — From west side Noe 
bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
northwest to Fifteenth 
BECKETT — From north side 
Jackson bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Pacific av 
BEDFORD PL — From north 
side Jackson bet Stockton 
and Powell 
BEIDEMAN — From north side 
Ellis bet Scott and Divisa- 
dero north to O'Farrell 
BELCHER — From south side 
Duboce av bet Church and 
Sanchez south to 14th 
BELDEN — From north side 
Bush bet Montgomery and 
Kearny north to Pine 
BELGRAVE AV — From point 
east of Bigler av north of 
Clarendon av west to Stan- 
BELKNAP PL — From north 
side Sutter bet Lacuna and 
BELLAIR PL — From north 
side Chestnut bet Grant av 
and Stockton north to Fran- 

Teresita blvd west to Se- 
quoia way 

BELLE AV — From Niantic av 
south of Palmetto west to 
County Line 

BELLEVIEW AV — Off Gutten- 
berg southeast of Mission at 
County Line 

BELMONT AV — From Ed^e- 
wood av south of Parnassus 
av Rontheast to Willard 

BELMONT PL — From 551 
Spvpnfh Ft 

BELVEDERE — From south 
side Haight bet Clayton and 
Cole, south to Frederick and 
from Parnassus av south to 

BEMIS — From Miguel south- 
west to Castro 

BENNINGTON — From junc- 
tion Bocana av and Eugenia 
av south to Highland av 

BENTON AV — From point east 
of 4101 Mission north and 
east to Andorer 

BEPLER — I'^om Head south- 
vn-^t to County l.luo 

BERGIN PL — Fruiu west nido 
Hyito bet Bay und North Pt 

BERKELEY — From Arbor 
Mititlit'ast to Diiiniuiid 

BERNAL AV — From iuuction 
i.l Dol.irt's Hiid Tliirlieth 
^.mllnv^•^^ to Situ Jose av 
;iihi Mi.iitt'rL'y blvd 

BERNAL BLVD (.Mianeol to 
Ittriuil iiv 

BERNARD -- From west side 
Tayltir bet Pticillc av and 
Bruiuiwuy west to Leaven- 

Cross Sis N S 

Taylor 2 1 

Jones 100 101 

Leavenworth . . (o) (e) 

BERNICE — From south side 
Twelfth bet Folsom and lliir- 
rison southwest to Thirteenth 

BERRY — From the bay bet 
Kins and Channel southwest 
to DeHaro 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Second 2 1 

Third 100 101 

Fourth 200 201 

Fifth 300 301 

Sixth 400 401 

Seventh 500 601 


De Haro (e) (o) 

BERTITA — From 5 Seneca 
av west of 5 05 Mission 

BERWICK PL — From point 
near Heron bet Seventh and 
Eighth southeast to Harrison 

BESSIE — B'rom Folsom south 
of Precita av to point west 
of Manchester 

BEULAH — From Cole bet Wal- 
ler and B^ederick west to 

BEVERLY — From Worcester 
bet Monticello and Junipero 
Serra blvd north to HoUo- 
way av 

BIGELOW — West of San Bruno 
av bet Wieland and Schiller 

BIGLER AV — From Belgrave 
to Twin Peaks blvd 1 e 

BIRCH — From Octavia bet 
Grove and Fulton to point 
west of Buchanan 

BIRD — East from Dearborn bet 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth 

BISHOP — From Harkness west 
of San Bruno av north to 

BIXBY — From 800 Randolph 
north to Holloway av 

BLACK PL — From north side 
Union bet Jones and Leaven- 

BLACKSTONE — From Frank- 
lin bet Greenwich and Lom- 

BLACKWOOD — From east side 
of Ninth bet Harrison and 
McLea ct 

BL A I R — From intersection of 
Grand View av and Acme 
north to Corwin 

BLAKE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Collins and 
Cook south to St Rose's 

BLANCHE — From point north 
of Twenty-third bet Vicks- 
burg and Sanchez south to 

BLANKEN AV — From 4401 
San Bruno av east to Gilette 

8LUX0ME — From west side 
Fourth bet Brannan and 
Townsend to Sixth 

BOALT — From the bay bet Al- 
vord and Coleman southwest 
to County Line 

BOARDMAN PL — From south 
side Bryant bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Brannan 

BOAZ CT — North of Cresta 
Vista dr nr Reposa way 

BOCANA — From Coso av south- 
west to Holly Park 

BONITA — From west side Polk 
bet Valleio and Green 

BONNELL AV — From west 
side Folsom bet Bessie and 
S ton em an 

BON VIEW — From Coso av bet 
Elsie and Bocana southwest 
to Cortland av 

BORICA — From Holloway av 
bet Corona and Alviso north 
to Urbano dr 

BOSTON PL — From east side 
First bet Folsom and Harrison 

BOSWORTH — From west side 
Mission south of St Mary's 
av to point north of Congo 

BOURBIN — From north side 
Eddy bet Steiner and Pierce 
north to Ellis 

BOUTWELL (South S F) — 
From Islaia Creek south to 
Silver av 
BOW — Prom Hoyt south of 
Mansell west to Cambridge 
BOWDOIN — From a point 
north of Graven west of 
Hamilton southeast to Hark- 
BOYCE — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Cook and Par- 
ker av south to St Rose's 
BOYD — From Chesley bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 

BOYL8TON — From south side 
Gavin went of Morrill to Sil- 
ver av 
BOYNTON CT — From south 
side I'ourtecnth bet Church 
and Sanchez 
BRADFORD — From Esmer- 
alda av east of Carver south 
til Crescent av 
BRADLEY CT — From Harri- 
son bet l''irst and Second 
.sinilli to Bryant 
BRADY- -I-'rum south sido Mar- 
ket bet Twelfth and Valencia 
Mjuthvast to (.His 
BRANNAN -From the bay bet 
Bryant and Townsend south- 
west to Division 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Beale 2 1 

Fremont 100 101 

First 200 201 



Second 300 301 


Center Place . . . 

Third 400 401 


Zoe • 

Fourth 500 501 

Fifth 600 601 

Sixth 700 701 



Boardman Place 

Butte Place . . 


Seventh 800 801 

Langton ■ 


Eighth 900 901 

Ninth 1000 1001 

Dore ■ 

Division (e) (e) 

BRANT AL — From south side 
Greenwich bet Stockton and 
BRAZIL AV — From Mission 
south of Elxcelsior southeast 
to La Grande av 
BREEN PL — From north side 
McAllister bet Hyde and 
BRENHAM PL — From north 
side Clay bet Keamy and 
Grant av north to Washing- 
Mangels av north of Joost 
av northwest to El Verano 
BREWSTER — From Montcalm 
west of Holladay southwest 
to E.smeralda av 
BRICE TER — From west side 
Bryant bet Twentieth and 
BRIGHT — From Palmetto bet 
Orizaba and Head north to 
Holloway av 
BRIGHTON AV — From Lake 
View av bet Lee and Ply- 
mouth north to Ocean av 
BRISTOL CT — From 620 

Jones bet Geary and Post 
BRITTON — West of San Bruno 

bet Loehr and Rey 
BROAD — West from San Jose 
av bet Farallones and Sa- 
BROAD'S PL — From north side 
Bush bet Hyde and Larkin 
BROADWAY — From the bay 
bet Pacific and Vallejo west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts . N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Front 100 101 

Battery 200 201 

Stevens al • 

Sansome 300 301 

Osgood pi 


Montgomery . . . 400 401 


Keamy 500 501 

Romolo pi .... 

Columbus av . . . 

Grant av 600 601 

Duncan's ct ... 

Stockton 700 701 



PoweU 800 801 

Wayne pi 

Mason 900 901 


Himmelmann pi . 

Taylor 1000 1001 


Jones 1100 1101 

Leavenworth . .1200 1201 

Cyrus pi 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Morrel pi ■ 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av...l600 1601 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Octavia 1900 1901 

La^na 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero . ...2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2801 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon (e) (e) 

BRODERICK — From north 
side Waller bet Divisadero 
and Baker north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Waller 2 1 

Haight 100 101 

Page 200 201 

Oak 300 301 

Fell 400 401 

Hayes 500 501 

Grove 600 001 

Fulton 700 701 

McAllister .... 800 801 

Golden Gate av . 900 901 

Turk 1000 1001 

Eddy 1100 1101 

Ellis 1200 1201 

O'FarreU 1300 1301 

Goary 1400 1401 


Post 1500 1501 

Sutler 1600 1601 

Bush 1700 1701 

Pine 1800 1801 

California 1900 1901 

Sacramento . ..2000 2001 

Clay 2100 2101 

Washington . ..2200 2201 

Jackson 2300 2301 

Pacific av 2400 2401 

Broadway 2500 2501 

Vallejo 2600 2601 

Green 2700 2701 

Union 2800 2801 

Filbert 2000 2901 

Greenwich , ...3000 3001 

Lombard 3100 3101 

Chestnut 3200 3201 

Francisco 3300 3301 

Bay 3400 3401 

North Point ...3500 3501 

Beach 3600 3601 

Jeff'erson 3700 3701 

Marina blvd ...3800 3801 

BROMLEY PL — From east side 
\yebster bet Jackson and Pa- 

BROMPTON AV — From south 
side Chenery bet Diamond 
and Lippard av 
BRONTE — From south aide 
Cortland av bet Bradford 
and Putnam south to Cres- 
cent av 
BROOK — From 3500 Mission 

opposite Cortland av 
BROOKLYN PL — From south 
side Sacramento bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
BROSNAN — From west aide 
Valencia bet Clinton Park and 
Fourteenth west to Guerrero 
BROWN — West cf San Bnino 
av nr County Line from Visi- 
tacion av south 
BRUCE AV — From Harold av 

south of Ocean av 
BRUmiSS CT — At 5901 Mis- 
sion, Is Acton 
BRUNSWICK — From Newton 
bet Morse and Hanover 
southwest to County Line 
BRUSH PL — From Hallam nr 

Folsom bet 7 th and 8 th 
BRUSSELS — From Silver av 
bet Girard and Goettingen 
south to Rodeo av 
BRYANT — From the bay bet 
Harrison and Brannan south- 
west to Eleventh thence 
south to Precita av 
Cross Sts N S 

Spear 2 1 


Beale 100 101 

Fremont 200 201 

First 300 301 




Second 400 401 


Third 500 601 



Fourth 600 601 

Fifth 700 701 

Oak Grove 


Sixth 800 801 


Boardman pi . . . 


Seventh 900 901 






Eighth 1000 1001 


Ninth 1100 1101 


Tenth 1200 1201 


Eleventh 1300 1301 

Division 1400 1401 

Alameda 1500 1501 

Fifteenth 1600 1601 

Sixteenth 1700 1701 

Mariposa 1900 1901 

Eighteenth . ...2000 2001 
Nineteenth . , . .2100 2101 

Twentieth 2200 2201 

Brice ter • 

Twenty-first . ..2300 2301 
Twenty-second . .2400 2401 
Twenty-third. ..2500 2501 
Twenty-fourth . .2600 2601 
Twenty-fifth . . .2700 2701 
Twenty-sixth . .2800 2801 
Precita av , . . . (e) (e) 



BUCHANAN — rrom north iide 
Market »nd Duboce «t bet 
Lacuna and Webster north 
to the baj „ „ 
Oroas 8U B W 
Market and Du- 
boce aT 2 1 

Hennan 100 101 

WaUer 200 201 

Lauasat r ._, 

Haight 800 301 

Vw. 400 401 


oik ; BOO 501 

W^°f'.:. ■.:■.:■. aoo eoi 


Hayes TOO 701 

Groie. ".'.'.'.'.'.'. 800 801 


Fnlton 900 901 


McAllister . ...1000 1001 


Golden Gate av.llOO 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 


Eddy 1300 1301 


EUia 1400 1401 


O'Farrell IBOO 1601 

Canning Court . . 

Geary 1600 1601 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Bush 1900 1901 

Pine 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Sacramento . . . .2200 2201 

Clay 2300 2301 

Washington . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific ay ....2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Vallejo 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2901 

Union 3000 3001 

FUbert 3100 3101 


Greenwich . ...3200 3201 


Lombard 3300 3301 


Chestnut (c) (c) 

Lobos BQ 

Bay 3600 3601 

North Point . . .3700 3701 

Beach 3800 3801 

Jefferson 3900 3901 

Marina blvd ...4000 4001 
BUELL — From La Grande ay 

bet Saratoga and Ion 
rounding Buena Vista Park 
of Haight bet Baker and 
Central av 
BUENA VISTA 80 — Bet Twen- 
tieth, Twenty-first. Vermont 
and IJtah 
junction Buena Vista ay and 
Duboce ay south to Fif- 
BURGOYNE PL — From south 
side Pacific ay bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
BURKE AV — From Water 

Front northwest to Quint 
BURNETT A V — From St 
Germain ay nr Clarendon ay 
south to Surrey 
BURNHAM — From Elizabeth 
west of Hoffman south to 
BURNS PL — West side Eley- 

enth north of Folsom 
BURNSIDE AV — From Chen- 
ery av south across Bosworth 
to Mangels av 
BURRITT — From south side 
Bush bet Stockton and Powell 
BURROWS — From west side 
Charter Oak av south of Fel- 
ton west to La Grande 
BUSH — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Sutter and Pine west 
to Presidio ay 
Cross Sts N S 


Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Treasury pi .... 

Montgomery . . . 300 301 


Russ al 


Kearny 400 401 

St George al. . . . 

Claude la • 

Mark la 

Grant av 501 

Chatham pi . . . 

Stockton 600 601 

Burritt • — ■ — 


Chelsea pi 

PoweU 700 701 

Mason 800 801 

Bush St pi .... 

Taylor 900 901 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness ay. . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

Cottage row . . . 








Fillmor« 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divlsadero . ...2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon 2900 2901 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (e) 

BUSH ST PL — From north side 

Bush bet Mason and Powell 

BUTTE PL — From south aide 

Brannan bet 6th and 7th 
BYINQTON — From west side 
Webster bet Ellis and O'Far- 
rel west to Fillmore 
BVXBEE — From Randolph east 
of Monticello north to Hollo- 
CABOT — From Franconia north 

of Esmeralda av 
CABRILLO — itom Arguello 
blvd south of Balboa west to 
Cross Sts N 

ArgueUo blvd . . 2 

Second ay 100 

Third av 200 

Fourth av 300 

Fifth av 400 

Siith av 600 

Seventh ay ... 600 

Eighth ay 700 

Ninth av 800 

Tenth ay 900 

Eleventh av . . .1000 1001 
Twelfth av . . . .1100 1101 
For Nos west of Twelfth 
see Clement 
CAD ELL AL — From north side 
Union bet Grant av and 
CAINE AV — From Ridge la 
south to Lobos bet San Jose 
and Majestic ava 
CALAVERAS (South S F) — 
From the bay bet Amador 
and Mendocino west to Ar- 
thur ay 
CALEDONIA — From Fifteenth 
bet Julian av and Valencia 
south to Sixteenth 
CALGARY — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av to 
County Line 
CALHOUN — From north side 
Green bet Sansome and 
Montgomery north to Union 
CALIFORNIA — From junction 
Market and Drumm bet 
Pine and Sacramento west 
to Thirty-third av 
Cross Sts N 

Market & Drumra 2 

Davis 100 

Front 200 

Battery 300 

Sansome 400 

I.eidesdorff .... 
Montgomery . . . 500 


Kearny 600 

St Anne 


Grant av 700 

Sabin pi 

Grace ter 

Stockton 800 

EUick la 


Miles ct 

Powell 900 

Mason 1000 1001 


Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth . .1300 1301 


Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness ay. .. .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough 1900 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 


Fillmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2501 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . ...2800 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio ay . . . .3200 (o) 

Walnut 3300 (o) 

Laurel 3400 (o) 

Locust 3500 (o) 

Spruce 3600 (o) 

Maple 3700 

Parker av 3701 

Commonwealth av 

Cherry 3800 

Jordan av 3801 

Palm av 

Arguello blvd .3900 3901 

Second av 4000 4001 

Third av 4100 410] 

Fourth ay 4200 4201 

Fifth av 4300 4301 

Cornwall 4335 

Sirth av 4400 4401 

Seventh ay ....4500 4501 

Eighth av 4600 4601 

Ninth av 4700 4701 

Tenth ay 4S00 4801 

Eleventh ay ...4900 4901 
Twelfth av . . . .5000 5001 
Funston av ... .6100 5101 
Fourteenth ay ..5200 5201 
Fifteenth av ...5300 5301 

Sixteenth ay ...6400 5401 
Seventeenth ay .5500 55ai 
Eighteenth ay ..5600 5601 
Nineteenth av ..6700 6701 
Twentieth av . . .5800 5801 
Twenty-first ay .5900 5901 
Twenty-second av 6000 6001 
Twenty-third ay 6100 6101 
Twenty-fourth av 6200 6201 
Twenty-flfth av .6300 6301 
Twenty-siith av 6400 6401 
Twenty-seventh av6500 6501 
Twenty-eighth av 6600 6601 
Twenty-ninth av 6700 6701 
Thirtieth av ...6800 6801 
Thirty-first av .6900 6901 
Thirty-second av 7000 7001 
Thirty-third av . (e) (el 
CALUMET PL — From west side 
Fillmore bet Pine and Cali- 
CAMBRIDGE — From south 
side Silver ay bet Yale and 
Oxford south to Arlela av 
CAMELIA AV — From Silver 
av north to Admiral av, one 
west of Mission 
CAMERON AL — From north 
side Washington bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
Twenty-fourth av north of 
Lake west to Lincoln Park 
CAMP — West side Albion av 
bet Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth west to Guerrero 
Bruno av south of Wilde 
southwest to Hoyt 
CAMPTON PL — From west 
side Grant av bet Post and 
Sutter west to Stockton 
CANAL — From 4101 Mission 

north of Trumbull 
CANNING CT — From east side 
Buchanan bet O'Farrell and 
CANYON DR — From south 
Hill blvd west to County 
1701 San Jose av southeast 
to Santa Ynez av 
CAPITOL AV — From Palmetto 
av bet Plymouth and Orizaba 
avs north to Ocean av 
CAPP — From south side Fif- 
teenth bet Howard and Mis- 
sion south to Mission 
Cross Sts W E 

Fifteenth 2 1 


Sixteenth . . . 100 101 
Seventeenth . . . 200 201 
Eighteenth .... 300 301 
Nineteenth . . . 400 401 

Twentieth 500 501 

Twenty-first . . . 600 601 
Twenty-second . . 700 701 
Twenty-third . . 800 801 
Twenty-fourth . . 900 901 
Twenty-fifth . .1000 1001 
Twenty-sixth . .1100 1101 

Mission (e) (e) 

CAPRA WAY (Marina Gar- 
dens ) — From Mallorca way 
west to Scott 
CARD AL — From west side 
Stockton bet Vallejo and 
CARL — From Clayton south of 
Frederick west of Arguello 
CARLOS — From south side 
O'Farrell bet Powell and 
CARMEL — From Clayton south 
of Seventeenth west to Shra- 
CARMELITA — i'rom Duboce 
Park bet Pierce and Scott 
north to Waller 
CARMINE PL — From east side 
Powell bet Jackson and Pa- 
cific av 
CAROLINA — From Alameda 
bet Wisconsin and DeHaro 
south to Napoleon 
CARR — From Paul ay bet Third 
and Gould south to Salinas av 
CARRIE — From Chenery opp 

Castro south to Wilder 
CARRIZAL — From Velasco av 

west of San Bruno av 
CARROLL AV — From County 
Line bet Bancroft and Don- 
ner northwest to Thornton av 
CARSON — From west side 
Douglass bet Nineteenth and 
CARTER — North and south of 
Visitacion av bet Brown and 
CARVER — From Esmeralda av 

south to Powhattan 
CASA WAY — From Retiro way 

northwest to Marina blvd 
CASELLI AV — From Douglass 

nr Nineteenth to Market 
CASITAS AV — From Lansdale 
av east of Miraloma dr south 
to Yerba Buena av 
CASSANDRA CT — From south 
side Whittier south of 5101 
CASTENADA AV — From south 
side Ventura av east of La- 
guna Honda blvd southwest 
to Twelfth av 
CASTILLO — From Velasco av 
west of San Bruno av south 
to (I^ounty Line 
CASTLE — From north side 
Green bet Montgomery and 
Kearny north of Union 


Mission west to Camelia ar 
CASTRO — From south side Du- 
boce av west of Noe south to 
Cross Sts W E 

Duboce ay 2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 


Fifteenth 200 201 


Sixteenth 300 301 



Seventeenth .... 400 401 

Eighteenth 600 501 

Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Twentieth 700 701 


Twenty-first .... 800 801 


Twenty-second . . 900 901 

Alvarado 1000 1001 

Twenty-third ..1100 1101 

Elizabeth 1200 1201 

Twenty-fourth ..1300 1301 

Jersey 1400 1401 

Twenty-fifth ...1500 1501 

Clipper 1600 1601 

Twenty-sixth ...1700 1701 

Army 1800 1801 

Twenty-seventh .1900 1901 

Duncan 2000 2001 

Twenty-eighth ..2100 2101 

Valley 2200 2201 

Twenty-ninth . . 2300 2301 

Day 2400 2401 

Thirtieth 2500 2501 


Thirty-first ....2600 2601 


El Monte 2701 

Moreland 2800 

Beacon 2801 

Motnt 2900 

Addison 2901 

Sussex 3000 

Bemis 3001 

Surrey 3100 

Laidley 3101 

Chenery (e) (e) 

CATHARINE CT — East from 
Mission bet 20th and 21st 
CAYUGA AV — From 4100 
Mission southwest to point 
southwest of Oneida av 
CECILIA AV — From south 
side Rivera bet 15th and 
CEDAR — From west side Lar- 
kin bet Geary and Post west 
to Laguna 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av. . . . (cl (c) 

Franklin (c) (c) 

Gough (c) (c) 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna (e) (e) 

CEDRO AV — From Ocean av 

west bet Cerritos av and 

Paloma av to Mercedes way 

CENTER PL — From south side 

Bryant bet Second and 

Third south to Brannan 

CENTRAL AV — From Buena 

Vista av west of Lyon north 

to Calvary Cemetery 

Cross Sts E W 

Buena Vista av. . 2 1 

Waller 50 51 

Haight 100 101 

Page 200 201 

Oak (c) (c) 

Golden Gate Park 

FeU 400 401 

Hayes 500 501 

Grove 600 601 

Fulton 700 701 

McAllister 800 801 

Golden Gate ay. 900 901 

Turk (e) (c) 

Calvary Cemetery 
CENTURY PL (formerly Trea- 
sury pi ) — From south side 
Pine bet Sansome and Mont- 
CERES — From Thornton ay 

east of Third 
CERRITOS AV — From Ocean 
av bet Cedro av and Ur- 
bano dr 
Fillmore and Bay northwest 
to Marina blvd 
CEYLON — From north side 
Clay bet Davis and Front 
north to Washington 
CHAMBERS — From east side 
Front bet Pacific av and 
CHANNEL — From the bay bet 
Berry and Hooper southwest 
to Carolina 
south side Pacific av bet 
Leavenworth and Hyde 
CHARLES — From west side 
Mission nr Highland av 
west to Chenery 
CHARLESTOWN — From north 
side Harrison bet Essex and 
CHARLTON CT — From south 
side Union bet Laguna and 
Industrial north of Bay 
Shore blvd south to Silver av 
CHASE CT — From Colusa pi 

bet Colton and Otis west 
CHATHAM PL — From north 
side Bush bet Grant av and 

CHATTANOOGA — From lontb 
side Twenty-first bet Dolores 
and Church south to Jersey 
CHAVEZ AV — From Evelyn 
way east of Portola dr south- 
west to Rockdale dr 
CHELSEA PL — From aouth 
side Bush bet Grant av and 
CHENERY — From Thirtieth nr 
Church south and southwest 
to Elk 
CHERRY — From Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Maple and Ar- 
guello blvd south to CaU- 
Cross Sts E W 
Presidio Reserva- 
tion 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington .... 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (e) (e) 

CHESLEY — From south side 
Harrison bet Seventh and 
Eighth south to Bryant 
CHESTER AV — From Worcea- 
ter bet St Charles and 
Junipero Serta blvd south 
to Belle av 
CHESTNUT — From the bay bet 
Lombard and Francisco west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

Sansome 2 1 

Montgomery.... 100 101 


Kearny 200 201 

Grant ay 300 301 

BeUair pi . 

Stockton 400 401 

Powell 500 501 

Mason 600 801 

Columbus av .... 700 

Taylor 701 

Jones 800 801 

Leavenworth . . . 900 901 

Hyde 1000 1001 

Larkin 1100 1101 

Culebra ter .... 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Ness av. .. .1300 1301 

Franklin 1400 1401 

Gough 1500 1501 

Octavia 1600 1601 

Lagtma (o) 1701 

Buchanan (o) 1801 

Webster 1900 1001 

Fillmore 2000 2001 

Steiner 2100 2101 

Pierce 2200 2201 

Scott 2300 2301 

Divisadero 2400 2401 

Broderick 2500 2501 

Baker 2600 2601 

Lyon (e) (e) 

CHICAGO WAY — From point 
east of Linda Vista Steps 
south of Holph southwest of 
CHILD — From Greenwich bet 
Kearny and Grant av north 
to Lombard 
CHILTON AV — From south 
side Chenery bet Hamerton 
and Lippard to Acadia 
CHINA (South S F) — Prom 
Water Front nr Coleman to 
Custer av 

CHINA BASIN — South aide 

Channel at Third 

CHULA LA — From west aide 

Dolores bet Sixteenth and 

Seventeenth west to Churoh 

CHURCH — Prom Hermann bet 

Dolores and Sanchez south 

to Randall 

Cross Sts W E 

Hermann 2 

Duboce ay 100 


Fourteenth .... 200 


Fifteenth 300 

Sixteenth 400 

Chula la 

Seventeenth .... 500 


Eighteenth 600 


Nineteenth .... 700 
Cumberland .... 

Twentieth 800 


Twenty-first .... 900 

HiU 950 

Twenty-second ..1000 1001 
Twenty-third ...1100 1101 


Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 


Twenty-flfth ...1300 1301 


Twenty-sixth ...1400 1401 


Twenty-seventh .1500 1501 


Twenty-eighth ..1800 1601 


Twenty-ninth ...ITOO ITOl 


Thirtieth 1800 1801 

Randall (e) (e) 

CHURCHILL — From north side 
Broadway bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Vallejo 
CIRCULAR AV — From Jooat 
av and Diamond southwest 
to Havelock 
CITY HALL AV — Changed to 









OLARA — Krom l>Mt llilo Ititch 
bt«l Folsoin ftlid UarrittoD 
^te-it to SixUi 

Oroti Sti N 8 

Hitch 2 1 

Fourth 100 101 

Huburt •! 

KKth I'OO L'Ol 

Siith («) (ol 


uiiu-tum of Tiirftval mid 

Ik'Hcy lihj fioutliwost to 

I'orlola dz 
CLARENCE PL — From north 

Mth' Townsond Iwt Seooud 

aiul Tluril 

I'.'iiks l.lvil south of Bol- 

Bfuvo to point west of Slau- 

CLARION AL — l>om west side 

Mission bet Soventeentli niid 

Kiehtceuili west to Viileiioia 
CLARK — From west side 

llruimn bet Jacksou mid 

Tiicilic av west to Front 
CLAUDE LA — From north aide 

Gutter bet Kearny and Grant 

av north to Bush 
CLAUSSEN CT — From Arline- 

ton bet Mateo and Miguel to 


CLAY — From the bay bet Sac- 
ramento and Washineton 
west to Arguello bird 

Cross Sts N S 

Tlie liiubarcadero 2 1 

Dcumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 


Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansonio BOO 501 

I.eidesdorff . . . . 

MoiURomery . . . 600 001 

Kearny 700 701 

Brenham pi ... 

Grant av 800 801 

\Va\ erly pl .... 


Stockton 900 UOl 



Parkhurst al . . . 

Powell 1000 1001 

Freeman ct . . . . 

Wetmore ct .... 

ilasou 1100 1101 

Yerba Buena av. 

Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1301 



Leavenworth. ..1400 1401 

Hyde 1600 1501 

Torrens ct .... 

Larkin 1600 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness av. .. .1800 1801 

Franklin 1800 1001 

Goueh 2000 2001 

Lafayette Park . (c) (c) 

Laguna 2200 2201 

Buchanan . . . .2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2601 

Steiner (o) 2601 

Pierce (o) 2701 

Scott 2800 2801 

Divisadero . ...2900 2U01 
Broderick . . . .3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio av 3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Locust 3600 3601 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Maple 3800 3801 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Arguello bird ... (e) (e) 

CLAYTON — Froip Fulton bet 
Ashbury and Cole south to 

Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Haight 600 601 

Waller 700 701 

Frederick 800 801 

Carl 859 

Parnassus av . . . 901 

Ashbury 1100 

Seventeenth . . .1200 1201 


Deming 1370 

Pemberton pl ..1400 1401 
Market (e) (el 

CLEMENT — From Arguello bet 
Geary and Cornwall west to 
Forty-eighth av 

Cross Sts N S 

Arguello blvd . . 2 1 

Second av 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

Sixth av 500 501 

Seventh av .... 600 601 

Eighth av 700 701 

Ninth av 800 801 

Tenth av 900 901 

Eleventh av ...1000 1001 
Twelfth av ....1100 1101 
Funston av .... 
New Park Way av 
Fourteenth av .1300 1301 
Fifteenth av ...1400 1401 
Sixteenth av ...1500 1501 


Sttventeenth » .1000 1601 
KiBhtoenth «v . .1700 1701 
Nlnctocnth •» . .1800 1801 
Twentieth OT . . .1000 111 111 
Twenly-flrst «v .2000 2001 
Twenty seioiid av 2100 2101 
Tweiilyll.ird av 2200 2 Jul 
Tweiily lourlh av 2:U10 L':llll 
Twenty lUlh av .2-100 2-101 
Twenty-sixth av 2500 2501 
Twenty-seventh av2000 2001 
Twenty-oiBhth av2700 2701 
Twonly-ninth av 2800 2S01 
Thirtieth av . . .21100 21M11 
Thirty-llrst av . .3000 SOill 
Thirty-second av 3100 ."tllll 
Thirty-third av . 3201 

Thirty-fourtli av 3301 

Thirty-lUth av.. 34 01 

Thirty-sixth av . 3.'.01 

Thirty seieiitli av 3001 

Tlnrlv-eii;lilll av . :!7lll 

Thirty-ninth av . 3801 

Fortieth av .... 3901 

Forty-flrst av . . 4001 

Forty-second av . 4101 

Forty-third av . . 4201 

Forty-iourth av. 4301 

Forty-IUth av . . 4401 

Forty -si.\th av . . 4 501 

Forty-seventh av 4601 

Forty-eighth av (e) (e) 
CLEMENTINA — From w-ost 
side First bet Tehama and 
Folsom southwest to Ninth 
Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 


tlscar al 

Second (c) (c) 

Third (c) (c) 

Fourth 30O 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth (c) jc) 

Seventh (c) (c) 


Eighth 700 701 

Ninth (e) (e) 

CLEVELAND — From west side 
Sherman bet Folsom and 
Harrison west to Seventh 
Uoosevelt way north of Sev- 
enteenth west to Ashbury 
CLINTON PARK — From east 
side Stevenson bet Duboce 
av and 14th west to Dolores 
CLIPPER — From west side 
Dolores bet Twenty-fifth and 
Twenty-sixth west to La 
Place av 
Cross Sts N S 

Dolores 2 1 

Church 100 101 

Sanchez 200 201 

Noe 300 301 

Castro 400 401 

Diamond 500 501 

Douglass 600 601 

Homestead . ... (c) 

Hoffman av . . . 700 701 

Fountain (c) 

Burnham 800 801 

High av (c) 

Corbett av (c) (c) 

Burnett av . . . .1100 1101 

La Place av. . . . (e) (e) 

CLOVER — From Eighteenth 

west of Douglass south to 

CLOVER LANE — From 100 

Caselii av to Corwin 
CLYDE — From Lusk al bet 
Third and Fourth south to 
CODMAN PL — From south side 
Washington bet Powell and 
COHEN PL — From south side 
Ellis bet Leavenworth and 
COLBY — From south side Silver 
av bet University and Dart- 
mouth to Oneota 
COLE — From Fulton bet Clay- 
ton and Shrader to point 
south of Carmel 
Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 500 501 

Haight 600 601 

Walter 700 701 


Frederick 800 801 

Carl 900 901 

Parnassus av . . .1000 1001 

Grattan 1100 1101 

Alma 1200 1201 

Rivoli 1300 1301 

Seventeenth . ..1400 1401 

Carmel 1500 1501 

COLEMAN — From Water Front 
bet Boalt and Donahue 
southwest to County Line 
COLERIDGE — From Coso fl.v 
bet Mission and Prospect av 
southwest to Cortland av 
COLIN PL — From east side 
Jones bet Geary and Post 
COLLEGE AV — From St. 
Mary's av northeast to Mis- 
sion thence southeast to 
point south of Justin dr 
COLLEGE TER — From Mission 
bet College and St Mary's avs 
COLLIER — From north side 
Clay bet Stockton and Powell 
COLLINGWOOD — From south 
side Market bet Castro and 
Diamond south to Twenty- 

Oroii Sti W E 

Market 2 1 

Kishteenlh . .. 100 101 
Nineteenth .... 200 201 
Twontielh .... IIOO ;t01 
Twenty llrst . . . 400 401 
Twelily-M'i-c.n,l . (el (el 
COLLINS — - West from laurel 
Hill cemetery bet Wood and 
Bhike south to St Hose's 
COLON AV — From i)oint south 
of (Jrcenwood av north to 
COLONIAL WAY — From 1800 
San Jose av northwest to 
lll.iraii av 
COLTON — Off Brady bet Mar- 
ket mill Otis 
COLUMBIA 8Q — From south 
side I'olsom bet Sixth and 
Seventh southeast to Ilar- 

COLUMBUS AV — From junc- 
tion Montgomery and AVash- 
ington northwest to Beach 
Cross Sts NE SW 

Montgomery and 

Wasliingtcn . 2 1 

Maiden la 


Jackson 100 101 

Kearny 200 

Pacific av 201 


Broadway 300 

Grant av 301 

Valleio 400 401 

Stockton 500 

Green 501 

Union (o) 601 


Filbert 700 701 

Grover pl 


Greenwich . ... 800 

Mason 830 831 

Lombard 900 901 


Taylor 1000 

Chestnut 1001 


Francisco 1100 1101 

Jones 1183 

Bay 1200 1201 

North point . . .1300 
Leavenworth . , 1301 

Beach (e) (e) 

COLUSA PL — From Colton bet 
Twelfth and Brady south to 
Chase ct 
COMMERCE — From west side 
Front bet Green and Union 
west to Battery 
COMMERCIAL — From the bay 
bet Sacramento and Clay 
west to Grant av 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansome 500 501 

Leidesdorff .... 
Montgomery . . . 800 601 

Kearny 700 701 

Grant av (e) (e) 

south side California bet 
Parker and Jordan avs south 
to Geary 
CONCORD — From east side 
Mission bet Allison and 
Florentine southeast to Watt 
CONG DON — East of Craut 

from Canal to Silver av 
CONGO — From Circular av 
north to point nr Surrey east 
to Bosworth 
CCNKLING (South SF) — 
From Silver av near Augusta 
teenth bet Missouri and Ar- 
kansas south to Marin 
CONRAD — West of Diamond 

from Susses north 
1500 Sloat blvd north to 
Crestlake dr 
India southeast to Water 
CONVERSE — From north side 
Bryant bet Eighth and 
CONWAY CT — From south side 
Haight bet Gough and Oc- 

COOK — From Laurel Hill Cem- 
etery bet Blake and Boyce 
south to St Rose's 

COOPER AL — From south side 
Jackson bet Kearny and 
Grant av 

COPPER AL — From Market nr 
Short southwest to Burnett 

CORA — West of San Bruno av 
nr County Line from Leland 
av south to Sunnydale av 

CORBETT AV — From Seven- 
teenth and Douglass south- 
west and south to Twenty- 

CORBIN PL — From south side 
Seventeenth to Corbett av 

CORDELIA — Prom north side 
Pacific av bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Broadway 

CORDOVA — From south side 
Rolph east of Naples south 
to County Line 

CORNWALL — From Arsnello 
blvd bet Clement and Cali- 
fornia to point west of Fifth 

Cross Sts N S 

Arituello blvd . . 2 1 

Second av .... 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

CORONA — From Ilolloway bet 
DeSoto and Borica north to 
Iioiiit north of Urlmiio dr 

CORONADO — Hoiillnvest frcmi 
Innersoii av to .laiiieslowii 
av bet Ilawes and Grilllth 

CORT PL — From east side First 
lii't Harrison and Bryant 

CORTEZ AV — Off Taraval nr 
Ueivey blvd 

CORTLAND AV — From east 
side Mission nr Thirtieth 
east to San Bruno av 

CORWIN — I'rom Douglass bet 
Twentieth and Twenty-first 

COSMO PL — West side Taylor 
bet Post and Sutter west to 

COSO AV — From Precita av nr 
Mission southeast to Bocano 

COSTA — From San Bruno near 
Rutledge av west to Brewster 

COTTAGE ROW — From north 
side Sutter bet Webster and 
Fillmore north to Bush 

COTTER — From 4400 Mission 

COWDEN — Changed to Delta 

COWELL PL — From Vallej'o 
bet Battery and Sansome 

CRAM PL — From north side 
Golden Gate av bet Buchan- 
an and Webster 

CRANE — From Paul av bet 
Exeter and Wheat south to 
Salinas av 

CRAUT — From junction Mis- 
sion and Canal south to Sil- 
ver av 

CRESCENT AV — From Mission 
south of Richland av east to 
San Bruno 

CRESCIO CT — Off east side of 
Whittier bet Morse and 
Brunswick (Mission 5700 

La Bica way east, south and 
west to Yerba Buena av 

CRESTLAKE DR — From Sloat 
blvd northwest to Thirty- 
fourth av 

junction Noriega and Fif- 
teenth av 

CROCKER — From Stevenson 
bet Brady and McCoppin 
south to Otis 

62 00 Mission southeast to 

CROOKS — From Lusk al bet 
Third and Fourth to Towns- 

CROSS — From Pope southwest 
to Concord 

CROWN TER — South side Twin 
Peaks blvd south to Bur- 
nett av 

CRYSTAL — West of San Jose 
av off De Long 

CULEBRA TER — From north 
side Lombard bet Larlrin and 
Polk north to Francisco 

CUMBERLAND — From west 
side Guerrero bet Nineteenth 
and Twentieth west to Noe 

west side Valencia bet Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth west 
to Angelica 

CURTIS — From south side 
Rolph bet Pope and Newton 

CUSHMAN — From north side 
California bet Mason and 

CUSTER AV — From India 
Basin northwest to Islais 

north side Washington bet 
Battery and Sansome 

CUTLER — From Forty-seventh 
av bet Vicente and Wawona 

CUVIER — From SPRR bet 
Marsilly and Milton south to 

CYPRESS — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Howard 
and Capp south to Twenty- 

CYRUS PL — From south side 
Broadway bet Leavenworth 
and Hyde 

DAGGETT — From 1400 Sixth 
southwest to Sixteenth 

DAKOTA (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 

DALE PL — From south side 
Golden Gate av bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 

D ANTON — From Springdale 
west of LyeU 

DANVERS — From Corbett av 
southeast to Groveland 

DARIEN WAY — From Juni- 
pero Serra blvd south of 
Monterey blvd east to Ken- 
wood way 

OARRELL PL — From north 
side Filbert bet Montgomery 
and Sansome 

DARTMOUTH — From south 
side .Silver av west to Bow- 
doin south to Harkness av 
DAVIDSON AV — From Califor- 
nia Drydock northwest to 
DAVIS — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Drumm and Front 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Pine 2 1 

California 100 101 

I'arrntt al ... . 

.Sncnimento . . . 200 201 
Cdiiiiiiercial . . . 

Clay 300 301 

Wiishington . . . 400 401 


Jackson 500 501 


Pacific av 600 801 

Broadway 700 701" 

Vallejo 800 801 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
DAWSON PL — From east side 

Mason bet Sacramento and 

DAY — From west aide San Jose 

av bet Twenty-ninth and 

Thirtieth west to Fowler av 

Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av . . . . 2 1 

Dolores 100 101 

Church 200 201 

Sanchez 300 301 

Noe 400 401 

Castro 500 501 

Diamond 000 601 

Douglass 700 701 

Hoffman av . . . . 800 801 

Burnham 900 901 

Glen av 

Burnett av .... 
La Place av. . , , 
Kenyon av .... 
Stanford Heights 

Fowler av (e) (e) 

DEARBORN — From south side 

Seventeenth bet Valencia 

and Guerrero 
DE BOOM — From east side 

Second bet Bryant and 

Brannan east 

DECATUR — From south Bide 
Bryant bet 7th and 8th 

DECKER AL — From west side 
Seventh bet Folsom and Har- 

ver west of Castro southwest 
to Flint 

DE HARO — From Division bet 
Carolina and Rhode Island 
south to Islais Creek 

DEHON — From south side Six- 
teenth bet Church and San- 
chez south to Seventeenth 

DELANO AV — From south side 
of Santa Ysabel av southwest 
to Ottawa 

DELAWARE — From the bay 
bet Massachusetts and Mary- 
land south to Arthur av 

DELGADO PL — From east side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 

DELMAR — From south side 
Waller bet Masonic av and 

DE LONG — From San Jose av 
nr County Line to San Diego 

DEL MONTE — From a point 
north of Mt Vernon av north- 
west of Mission 

DEL SUR AV — From Portola 
dr bet Evelyn way and Rex 
av east to (Chavez 

DELTA — From Anlseny south 
to county line 

DELTA PL — From east side 
Mason bet Sutter and Bush 

DEL VALE AV — From Evelyn 
way southeast to O'Shaugh- 
nessy blvd 

DEMING — Off Lower ter from 
Corbett west to Clayton 

Miramar av nr Ocean av 
west to Ashton av 

DERBY — From west side Ma- 
son bet Geary and Post and 
from east side Taylor bet 
Geary and Post 

DESMOND — From Leland av 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 

DESOTO — From Holloway av 
bet Victoria and Corona 
north to Urbano dr 

DETROIT — From Circular av 
west of Congo north to Sur- 

DEWEY BLVD — From Laguna 
Honda blvd north of Merced 
av southwest to Taraval 

DE WOLF — From Lawrence av 
nr San Jose av southwest to 
Sickles av 

DIAMOND — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Castro and 
Douglass south to Circular 

Cross Sts W E 

Seventeenth ... 2 1 

Eighteenth . . . 100 101 
Nineteenth .... 200 201 

Twentieth 300 301 

Twenty-first . . . 400 401 
Twenty-second . 500 601 



ELLIOTT — Bet DelU and Saw- 
yer from Campbell south to 
ELLIS — From junction Market 
and Stockton bet Eddy and 
O'Farrell west to St Joseph's 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and 

Stockton ... 2 1 

Powell 100 101 

Anna la 

Mason 200 201 

Taylor 300 301 

Jones 400 401 

Leavenworth . . 500 501 

Cohen pi 

Hyde 600 601 

Larkin 700 701 

Polk 800 801 

Van Ness av... UUO 901 

Franklin 1000 1001 

Gough HOO 1101 

Octavia 1200 1201 

Laguna 1300 1301 

Buchanan 1400 1401 


Webster 1500 1501 

Folger al 

Fillmore 1600 1601 

Steiner 1700 1701 


Pierce 1800 1801 


Scott 1900 1901 

Beideman .... 

Divisadero . . .2000 2001 

Broderick 2100 2101 

St Joseph's av. . (e) (e) 
ELLSWORTH — From south 
side Esmeralda ay bet An- 
derson and Gates 
ELM — From west side Polk bet 
Golden Gate av and Turk 
west to Scott 
Cross Sts N S 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness ay . . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) (c) 

Jefferson sq ... 

Laguna (c) (c) 

Buchanan .... (c) (c) 

Webster (c) (c) 

Fillmore (c) (c) 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Pierce 1100 1101 

Scott (e) (e) 

EL MIRASOL PL — From Sloat 
blvd 1 block east Constanso 
EL MONTE — From Beacon to 

Castro nr 31st 
Westwood dr 2 blocks north 
of Ocean ar 
EL PLAZUELLA — From east 
side Junipero Serra blvd bet 
Paloma av and Cerritos ay 
EL SERANO CT — From Tere- 
sita bird from Thirty-flrst to 
Rio ct 
ELSIE — From Coso ay nr Win- 
fleld southwest to Holly cir 
Monterey blvd nr San Felipe 
ay north to St Elmo way 
ELWOOD — From north side 
O'Farrell het Powell and 
Mason north and west to 

Market north parallel with 
the seawall and from Market 
south parallel with seawall 
Cross Sts E W 
Market and Sacra- 
mento (o) 1 

Commercial ... (o) 

Clay (o) 101 

Merchant (o) 

Washington ... (o) 201 

Jackson (o) 301 

Pacific (0) 401 

Broadway (o) 501 

Vallejo (o) 601 

Green (o) 701 

union (o) 801 

Filbert (o) 901 

Greenwich .... (ol 1001 

Lombard (o) 1101 

Chestnut (0) 1201 

Francisco .... (o) 1301 

Bay (o) 1401 

NorthPoint ... (o) 1501 

Beach (o) 1601 

Stockton (o) 1701 

Jefferson (o) 1801 

Mason (ol 1901 

Taylor (o) 2001 

From Market south: 

Cross Sts B W 

Market (o) 2 

Mission (o) 100 

Howard (o) 200 

Folsom (o) 300 

EMERSON — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Josephine and 
W'ood south to Geary 
EMERY LA — From north side 
Vallejo bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Card al 
EMIL LA — From Rockdale dr 
north to Cresta Vista dr, le 
EMMA — From east side Stock- 
ton bet Bush and Pine 
EMMET CT — Off south side 
Precita av bet Coso and 
EMMET PL — From west side 
Stockton bet California and 
EMPIRE LA — Continuation of 
Egbert at 600 Bay Shore 

Twenty-third . . 600 601 

Elizabeth 700 701 

Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 

Jersey 900 901 

Twenty-fifth . ..1000 1001 

Clipper 1100 1101 

Twenty-sixth . .1200 1201 

Army 1300 1301 

Twenty-seventh 1400 1401 

Duncan 1500 1501 

Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 

Valley 1700 1701 

Twenty-ninth . .1800 1801 

Day 1900 1901 

Thirtieth 2000 2001 


Thirty-first . . . 
Adeline .... 
Berkeley .... 

Conrad 2400 


Mofflt 2500 2501 

Arbor (c) 


Sussex 2600 2601 

Surrey 2700 2701 

Chenery 2800 2801 

Bosworth 2900 2901 

Circular av .... (e) (e) 
DIANA — From Thornton av 

west of Reddy to Williams 

DICKENSON — From east side 

San Bruno av nr Barneveld 

southeast to Islais Creek 
DIGBY — From Beacon east 

of Castro to El Monte 
OIKEMAN PL — From west side 

Mason bet Ellis and O'Far- 
DIVISADERO — From north 

side 14th bet Scott and 

Broderick north to the bay 

Cross Sts B W 

Fourteenth ... 2 1 

Duboce av 100 101 


Waller 200 201 

Haight 250 251 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 4U1 

FeU 500 501 

Hayes 600 601 

Grove 700 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister . . . 900 901 
Golden Gate av .1000 1001 

Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

O'FarreU 1400 1401 

Geary 1500 1501 


Post 1600 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Sacramento . . .2100 2101 

Clay 2200 2201 

Washington . . .2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway . . . .2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich . . .3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Francisco 3400 3401 

Bay 3500 3.o01 

North Point ...3000 30O1 

Beach 3700 3701 

Jefferson 3800 3S01 

Marina blvd ...3900 3901 

Bay of S F (e) (e) 

DIVISION — From junction of 

King and DeHaro west to 

DIXIE AL — From Grand View 

av opp Alvara northwest to 

Burnett av 
DOCK (South S F) — From 

Water Front southwest to 

County Line 
DODGE PL — From south side 

Turk bet Hyde and Larkin 
DOLORES — From junction of 

Market and Duboce av bet 

Guerrero and Church south 

to San Jose av 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Clinton Park . . . 

Fourteenth . . . 100 101 
Fifteenth .... 200 201 

Alert al 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Chula la 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 



Eighteenth ... (o) 501 
Nineteenth ... (o) 601 

Cumberland . . . 

Twentieth .... 700 701 


Twenty-first . . . 800 801 
Twenty-second . . 000 901 
Twenty-third . .1000 1001 
Twenty-fourth. .1100 1101 


Twenty-fifth . ..1200 1201 


Twenty-sixth . .1300 1301 


Twenty-seventh .1400 1401 


Twenty-eighth. .1500 1501 


Twenty-ninth . .1600 1601 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

DOLORES TER — From east 
side Dolores bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth 
DONAHUE — From Water 
Front bet Coleman and Earl 
southwest to County Line 
DONNER AV — From County 
Line northwest to Third and 
from Mendell south to Char- 
ter Oak av 
Marcos av north of Magellan 
av southwest to a point east 
of Twelfth av 
1300 Portola dr northwest 
to Claremont blvd 
DORE — From south side How- 
ard bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Biannan 
DORIC AL — From south side 
Jackson bet Powell and Ma- 
DORLAND — From west side 
Guerrero bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth west to San- 
DOUGLASS — From Ord ct west 
of Eureka south of Thirtieth 
Cross Sts W^ E 

Ord ct 2 1 

Seventeenth . . . 100 101 

Market . 

Eighteenth . . . 200 201 

Caselli av 

Nineteenth ... 300 301 



Twentieth .... 400 401 



Twenty-first . . . 600 501 
Twenty-second . . 600 601 

Alvarado .... 

Twenty-third . . 700 701 


Twenty-fourth . . 800 801 

Twenty'-fl'tth '.'.'". 900 901 

Clipper 1000 1001 

Twenty-sixth . .1100 1101 

Army 1200 1201 

Twenty-seventh 1300 1301 

Duncan 1400 1401 

Twenty-eighth .1500 1501 

Valley 1600 16U1 

Twenty-ninth . .1700 1701 

Day ISOO 1801 

Thirtieth .... (e) (e) 
DOVER — From north side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
DOW PL — From Second bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
DOWNEY — From south side 
Waller bet Ashhury and 
Clayton south to Ashbury 
DRAKE — From south side Mu- 
nich west of Cordova south 
to Cotuity Line 
DRUMM — From north side 
Market bet The Embarcadero 
and Davis north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 
Market and Cali- 
fornia 2 1 

Sacramento . . . 100 101 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 200 201 


Washington .... 300 301 


Jackson 400 401 


Pacific 500 501 

The I'>mbarcadero (e) (el 

DRUMMONO AL — From east 

side Quint bet Oakdale av 

and Palou av southeast to 


DUBLIN — From Persia av nr 

DUBOCE AV — From Mission 
north of Fourteenth west to 
Buena Vista av 
Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Woodward . . . . 

Stevenson . . . . 

Valencia 100 101 

Elgin Park . . . 


Guerrero 200 201 

Market 301 

Buchanan . . . . 300 ■ 


Church 400 401 



Sanchez 501 

Steiner 500 • 


Noe 601 

Scott 700 

Castro (c) 701 

Divisadero . . . 800 801 
Alpine ter .... 900 901 
Buena Vista av. (e) (e) 
DUBOCE PK — Bet Steiner and 
Scott frnm Duboce av north 
DUNBAR AL--From Merchant 
bet Montgomery and Kearny 
north to Washington 
DUNCAN -- From Valencia 
south of Army west to Fow- 
ler av 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose av . . . . 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez .... 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 


Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman av ... 900 901 

Burnham 1000 1001 

Burnett av .... 1100 1101 
La Place av . . . .1200 1201 
Kenyon av . . . .1300 1301 
Stanford Hts av 1400 1401 

Fowler (e) (el 

DUNCAN CT — From north 
side Broadway bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
DUNCOMBE — From north side 
Jackson bet Grant av and 
DUNNE'S AL — From east side 
Kearny bet Broadway and 
DUNSHEE — From south side 
Oakdale av bet Phelps and 
Quint southeast to Palou av 
DUNSMUIR — From Sweeney 
bet Dartmouth and Colby 
south to Silver av 
DWIQHT — From west side San 
Bruno av south of Woolsey 
to point west of Knox 
EAGLE — From Yukon south 
of Caselli av west to Mar- 
EARL — From India east of 
Fitch southwest to County 
EASTMAN — From north side 
Green bet Powell and Mason 
north to Allen 
EASTWOOD DR — From Mira 
mar av east and north 1 
block north of Southwood dr 
EATON PL — From south side 
Green bet Powell and Ma- 
ECKER — From south side Mar- 
ket to Mission and from 
north side Folsom bet First 
and Second to Clementina 
EDDY — From junction Market 
and Powell bet Turk and 
Ellis west to St Joseph's av 
Cross Sts N S 

Jlarket and Powell 2 1 

Anna la 

Mason 100 101 

Taylor 200 201 

Jones 300 301 

Wagner al ... . 

Leavenworth . . 400 401 

Hyde 500 501 

Larkin 600 601 

Polk 700 701 

Van Ness av. . . 800 801 

Franklin 900 901 

Gough 1000 (o) 

Octavia 1100 (o) 

Laguna 1200 1201 

Buch,inan . . .1300 1301 

Webster 1400 1401 

Fillmore 1500 1501 

Steiner 1600 1001 


Pierce 1700 1701 


Scott 1800 1801 

Divisadero . . .1900 1901 

Broderick . . .2000 2001 

St Joseph's av. . (e) (e) 

EDGAR PL — From Bruce av 

nr Harold av 
EDGARDO PL — From west 
side Grant av bet Green- 
wich and Lombard 
south side Garcia av south- 
west and northwest to Gar- 

Fam^worth west of WHlard 
south to Slitro Forest 
EDINBURGH — From Silver av 
bet Madrid and Naples 
':nntbwest to Geneva 
EDITH — From west side Grant 
av bet Greenwich and Lom- 
EDNA — From Havelock bet 
Detroit and Foerster north 
to .Surrey 
EDWARD — From Willard west 
to Arguello blvd north to 
EGBERT AV — From County 
Line bet Donner av and 
Fitzgerald av northwest to 
Third and from Newhall to 
Bay .Shore blvd 
EIGHTEENTH — Frnm the bay 
bet Mariposa and Nineteenth 
west to Danvers 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois 500 501 

Third 600 601 

Tennessee . . . 700 701 
MinnesoU .... SOO ROl 

Indiana 900 901 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pennsylvania . .1100 1101 
Mississippi . . .1200 1201 

Texas 1300 l.'ioi 

Missouri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 InOl 

Arkansas IROO IROl 

Wisconsin . . .1700 1701 

Carolina isno ISOl 

De Haro 1900 1901 

Rhode Island ..2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

Ran Bruno aT..2300 2301 

Utah 2400 2401 

Potrero av . . . .2500 2501 
Hampshire . ..2R00 2001 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2RO0 2Rni 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 3000 3001 

Harrison 3100 3101 

3200 3201 
3300 3301 

3400 3401 

3500 3501 

3600 3601 

3700 3701 
3800 3801 
3900 3901 
4000 4001 
4050 4051 
4100 4101 
4200 4201 
4300 4301 
4400 4401 
4500 4501 



(e) (e) 

Treat av . . 

Folsom . . 

Shotwell . . 

Howard . . 

Capp . . . 

Mission . . 

San Carlos 

Lexington . 

Valencia . . 

Lapidge . . 

Guerrero . . 

(Jakwood , . 

Dolores . . 

Church . . 

Sanchez . . 

Noe .... 

Hartford . . 

Castro . . . 


Diamond . . 

Eureka . . 

Douglass . . 

Ord .... 

Hattie . . . 

Clover . . . 

Danvers . . 


Presidio Reservation south 

to Sloat blvd; for Nos see 

Nineteenth av 

EIGHTH — From south side 

Market bet Seventh and 

Ninth southeast to Sixteenth 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

Sunshine ct ... 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 

Division 700 

Townsend .... 701 

1 oth and Carolina 800 801 

Hooper 901 

Irwin 1001 

Sixteenth .... (e) (el 
EIGHTH AV — From Mountain 
Lake Park south to a point 
beyond Ortega 
North of Lake from 24 th av 
through Lincoln Park and 
Presidio to Great hway 
EL DORADO — From the bay 
south of Alameda west to 
ELDRIDGE — From Chesley bet 
Harrison and Bryant, Sev- 
enth and Eighth 
ELEVENTH — From south side 
Market bet Tenth and 
Twelfth southeast to Bryant 
Cross Sts W E 


Mission .... 

. 100 



'. 200 

Howard .... 


Kissling .... 

Burns pi .... 


. 300 


Harrison .... 

. 400 



. (e) 




tam Lake Park south to 


Cross Sts E 


Presidio 2 


Lake . . 

. 100 


Clement . . 

. 300 



. 400 



. 500 



. 600 


Cabrillo .... 

. 700 



. (c) 


For Nos south of Golden 
Gate Park see Nineteenth av 

ELGIN PARK — From McCop- 
pin bet Valencia and Mar- 
ket south to Duboce ar 

ELIM AL — From west side 
First bet Jessie and Mission 

ELIZA PL — From south side 
Fnlsom het Third and Fourth 

ELIZABETH — From west side 
San Jose av bet Twenty- 
third and Twenty-fourth 
west to Bumham 

Cross Sts 



San Jose av . . 



Guerrero . . . 

. (c) 


Dolores .... 

. (c) 


Church .... 

. 300 



Vicksburg . . . 

Blanche .... 

Sanchez .... 

. 400 



. 500 



. 600 


Diamond . . . 

. 700 


Douglas . . . 

. 800 


Hoffman av . 

. 900 


Bumham . . . 

. (e) 


ELK AV — From Chenery 


of Mi^nah north to Arbor 

ELKHART — From west 


Main bet Folsom and 



ELLERT — From Bocana 

Holly Park Circle east to 


ELLERY — From 330 Bryant 

11 r .Second 

ELLICH LA — Now Pratt pi 


Mission nx County Line from 

Niagara av southwes 









ttviitU tiv nurth o( Morasu 
ENCLiNE CT - - Krom K^i-lyu 

to O'SliiiiiKhiios;*? blvil, - 

soiilhwi>t I'nrlula ilr 
ENDIOOTT PARK — From west 

AU\e Stt'inor bet O'l-'ftrrcU 

aiij (.it'Jiry 
ENTERPRISE^ — l-'rmn east Hklo 

Kol^oni iH't Sixtet'Htli »nJ 

Seven loeiith 
ENTRADA CT — From we.-*t 

siilo lioric* withtu circle to 

Trbano dr . ,„ , 

ERIE — From west si.le ol Fol- 

som Itot Thirteenth nnd 

Fourteenth west to Mission 
ERKSON CT — From north siao bet Diviatidoro and 

ERVINC — Bet Albertn and 

Uctlji from Campbell north 

to Wildo 
ESCOLTA WAY — From Thir- 
tieth nv south of \ iceiUe 

we.-*t to WttMona 
ESCONDIDO AV — From Cons- 

tivnso way 1 block north of 

Sloat blvd west to Thirty- 
fourth av 

eridKe av southeast and east 

to Holladay av 
ESSEX — From south side Fol- 

som bet First and Second 

southeast to Harrison 
ESSEX PL — From west side 

Essex bet Folsom and Har- 


ESTEE — Off east side Stanyan 

bet 17tb aud BeUravo 
ESTERO AV — From Junipero 
Serra blvd north of Hollo- 
way av so\ithoast to Alviso 
teenth av exteusion _ 
EUCLID AV — From a point 
east of Farker av west to 
Arguello blvd . . 
EUGENIA AV — From Mission 
nr Thirtieth southeast and 
east to Prentiss 
EUREKA — From south side 
Seventeenth bet Diamond 
and Douglass south to 
Cross Sts 

Seventeenth . 
Eighteenth . . 
Nineteenth ... 
Twentieth .... 300 
Twenty-flrst . . . 400 
Twenty-second . BOO 
Twenty-third . . (e) 
EVA TER — From north side 
Oak bet Steiner and Pierce 
EVANS AV — From Water 
front bet Davidson av and 
Fairfax av northwest to 
EVATT — Off 600 Sunnydale av 
EVE — From San Bruno av 
south of Army west to Hol- 
laday av 
EVELYN WAY — From 801 
Portola dr southeast to Tere- 
sita blvd ., 

EVERETT PL — From west side 
Mission bet Valencia and 
Twenty-ninth . ^ 

EVERSON — From Beacon bet 

Miguel and Addison 
EWER PL — Prom west side 
Mason bet Sacramento and 
sion bet Avalon and Brazil 
av southeast to La Grande av 
EXCHANGE PL — From south 
side Pine bet Sansome and 
EXETER — From Paul av bet 
Gould and Crane south to 
Salinas av 
FAIR AV — From Mission opp 
Valencia southeast to Pros- 
FAIR OAKS — From south side 
Twenty-first bet Guerrero 
and Dolores south to Twen- 
Cross Sts 

Twenty-first . 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-fifth . 
Twenty-sixth . 
F A 1 R B A N K S — From junction 
Roosevelt blvd and Sixteenth 
east to Albany 
FAIRFAX AV — From Water 
Front bet Evans av and Gal- 
vez av northwest to Rankin 
1950 Ocean av north to 
Kenwood way 
south of Randall west to 
FAITH — Prom San Bruno av 
south of Costa northwest to 
FALLON PL — From east side 
Taylor b et Broadway and 
FALMOUTH — From south side 
Folsom bet Fifth and Sixth 
to Shipley 

FANNING WAY — I^m Four- 

toenth ft* south to iuuctioti 
of Fifteenth av aud Qaiu- 
FARALLONE8 — From west 
side of Sun Jo»e »v nr t'ouii- 
tj I.lno bet Lobo.i and Uroud 
FARQO PL- -From llonrdmtiu 
pl bet Bryant nnd Brunnun 
Sixth and Si-venth 

wiv,t Mdo \\ ilhud soulh ol 
I'lirnitsMis in 
FARNUM — From Thirty-flrst 
west of Cnatro south to Mof- 
FARRAOUT AV — From B700 
Mission west to San Jose av 
FARRELL CT--Fftst from Ju- 
liii bet Seventh and KiRhth 
FARREN — From north side 
lOddy bet Pierce aud Scott 
north to Ellis 
FAXON AV — From Montana 
bot Oapitol av and Orizaba 
av north to Monterey blvd 
FEDERAL — From west side 
First bet Bryant and Bran- 
nan to Second 
FEHT — West side Franklin bet 

I'age and Oak to Buchanan 

FELL — From junction Market 

and Polk bet Oak and Hayea 

west to Stanyan 

Cross Sts N S 

Market and Polk 2 1 

Van Ness av . . . . 100 101 

Franklin 200 201 

Goufih 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Laguna 500 601 

Buchanan 000 601 

Webster 700 701 

Fillmore 800 SOI 

Steiner 000 901 

Pierce 1000 1001 

Scott 1100 1101 

Divisadero . . . .1200 1201 
Broderick 1300 1301 















Baker 1400 (o) 

Lyon 1500 (o) 

Central av 1600 {o) 

Masonic 1700 (o) 

Ashbury 1800 {o) 

Clayton 1900 (o) 

Cole 2000 (o) 

Shrader 2100 (o) 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

FELLA PL — From east side 

Powell bet Bush and Pine 
FELTON — From San Bruno av 
bet Silliman and Burrows 
west to Knox 
FENTON AL — From Portola 
av nr Twenty^fth west to 
Burnett av 
FERN — From west side Larkin 
bet Sutter and Bush west to 
Gough and from Octavia to 
Cross Sts 



Van Ness av. . . 





Verano way west of St Elmo 

way north to Ravenwood dr 

FIELDING — From west side 

Stockton bet Lombard and 


FIFTEENTH — From Carolina 

bet Alameda and Sixteenth 

west to Roosevelt way 

Cross Sts N 

Carolina 2 

De Haro 100 

Rhode Island . . 200 

Kansas 300 

Vermont 400 

San Bruno av . . 600 


Potrero av . , 















— From El 

. 600 
. 700 
. 800 
. 900 

.1000 1001 
.1100 1101 
.1200 1201 


FIFTH— From 

south aide 


ket bot Fourth nml 


Huutbenst to 


Oross 811 



Mnrkot .... 



StuvunsoQ . . 


MisHion . . , 

. .. 100 


Minna .... 

Howurd . . . 

. . . 200 


TiitiHma . . . 

t'leuH'ntinft . 

Kolrtom . . . 

. . . SOO 


Shiplfy .... 

Clara .... 

Harrison . . 

. . . 400 



Bryant .... 

. . . noo 


Ilrannan . . 

. . . 600 


ItUixoiiie . . 

Townsend . . 

. .. 700 


Jewett .... 


. . . 800 



. . . 900 


Channel . . 

. . .10(111 


Hooper .... 



. . .1200 


Hubbell . . . 

. . .1300 


Daggett . . . 

. . .1400 


Minnesota . . 

Tennessee . . 


Channel . . . 

... (el 


. . . .1300 1301 
1400 1401 

York . . 
Bryant . 
Florida . 
Treat av 
Folsom . 


Howard 1500 1501 

Natoma • - 



Mission 1600 1601 

Lyda pl 



Valencia 1700 


Guerrero 1800 1801 

Ramona av . . . 

Alleen . . ... . 

Dolores 1900 1901 


Church 2000 2001 



Sanchez 2100 2101 

Noe 2200 2201 

Castro 2300 2301 

Beaver 2401 

Buena Vista ter.2500 
Roosevelt way . { e ) ( e ) 
sidio Reservation south to 
point south of Wawona and 
thence to Portola dr. For 
No3 see Nineteenth av 


FIFTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Locks- 
ley av. For Noa see 19th av 
FILBERT — From the bay bet 
Union and Greenwich west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcaden 
Front . . 
Battery . 
Napier al 
Darrell pl 
Kearny . . 
Genoa pl . 


Harwood al . . . . 

Grant av 500 501 

Medau pl 

Jasper pl 

Krauserill al . . . 

Stockton 600 

Powell 700 

Columbus av . . . 


Mason 800 

Taylor 900 


Redfield al . . . 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth , .1100 1101 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan . . ..2000 2001 





Ahlers ct . 
Webster . 
Fillmore . 
















. .2100 2101 
. .2200 2201 

2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero . . ..2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2801 

Lyon (e) (el 

FILLMORE — Prom north side 

Duboce av bet Webster and 

Steiner north to the bay 

Cross-Sts E W 

Duboce av . . . . 2 1 

Hermann 100 101 


WaUer 200 


Haight . . . 




Hayes .... 


Pulton . . . _ 

McAllister . . .1000 1001 
Golden Gate av 1100 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

Ellis 1400 1401 


O'ParreU 1600 1501 

Geary 1600 1601 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Bush 1900 1901 


Pine 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

Clay 2300 2301 

Washington . ..2400 2401 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Vallejo 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2901 

Dnion 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 

Piiley av 

Greenwich . . ..3200 3201 


Lombard 3300 3301 

Chestnut 3400 3401 


Bay 3600 3601 

North Point ...3700 3701 

Beach 3800 S801 

Jftrerson 38(10 3901 

Marina blvd . . .4000 4001 
FIRST — From south aide Mar- 
ket bet Fremont and Second 
HOnthoast to the hay 
Oross SIS W E 

Market 2 1 


Jcsaie ^^— 

Klim al "—— 

Mission 100 101 

Minna •^^— 


Howard 200 201 


Tenny pl 

Cli-'montioa .... 

Folsom 300 301 

Guy pl 



Harrison 400 401 

Simpson pl . . . 


Alger pl 

Bryant 500 601 





Einbarcadcro . . . 
FIRST CT — Off First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
FISHER AL — From east Bide 
Powell bet Pacific and 
FITCH — From India bet Earl 
and Griffith southwest to 
County Line 
County Line bet Egbert av 
and Gilman av northwest to 
Third and from Newhall to 
Charter Oak av 
FLINT — From Sixteenth nr 

Castro to Albany 
FLOOD AV — From Circular av 
bet Hearst and Staples avs 
west to Hazelwood av 
FLORA — From Bay View bet 
Pomona and Newball south 
to Thornton av 
FLORENCE — From point north 
of Broadway bet Taylor and 
Jones north to Vallejo 
FLORENTINE — Prom east aide 
Mission south of Concord 
opp Ottawa 
FLORIDA — Prom Division bet 
Bryant and Alabama south 
to Peralta av 
Cross Sts W E 

Division 2 1 

Treat av 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Seventeenth . . . 400 

Mariposa 500 501 

Eighteenth .... 600 601 
Nineteenth .... 700 701 
Twentieth .... 800 801 
Twenty-flrst . . . 900 ?()1 

^ .1000 1001 
Twenty-third . .1100 1101 
Twenty-fourth. .1200 1201 

Twenty-sixth , 


Precita av . . 
Peralta av . , 

.1300 1301 

.1400 1401 

. .1600 1501 

. .1600 1601 

(e) (e) 

FLOURNEY — From DeLong 
southwest of Wilson south- 
east to County Line 
FLOWER — Prom Loomis south 
of Oakdale av west to San 
Bruno av 
FOERSTER — From Judson av 
bet Edna and Genesee north 
to Thirty-third 
FOLGER AL — From south side 
Ellis bet Webster and Pill- 
FOLSOM — Prom the bay bet 
Howard and Harrison south- 
west and south to point 
south of Crescent 
Cross Sts N 

The Embarcadero 2 


Spear 100 

Main 200 

Beale 300 

Zeno pl 

Fremont 400 

Baldwin Court . 

Grote pl ■ 

First 500 



Second 600 

Hawthorne . ... 

Hampton pl . . . 

Third 700 


Eliza pl 

Alice ■ ■ 

Fourth 800 

Fifth 900 


Sixth 1000 1001 


Columbus sq . . . 










Seventh 1100 1101 



Rausch — ^— 


Eighth 1200 1201 

Ninth liOO ISOl 


Tenth 1400 1401 


Klovonth 1000 1501 


Twelfth laoo 1001 

W B 

ThlrUwnth 1700 1701 


Fourteenth . ...1800 1801 

Ilftconth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 2000 2001 

Knterprise . . . . 

Sevonloonth . . .2100 2101 
Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 

Twentieth 2400 2401 

Twenty-flrst . .. .2500 2601 
Twenty-second . .2600 2601 
Twenty-thinl . . .2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth . .2800 2801 
Twenty-fifth ... .2900 2001 
Twenty-oiith . ..8000 3001 

Army 8100 8101 

Procita av 8200 3201 


Stoneman 3300 

Ripley 3400 3401 

Esmeralda av ..3600 3601 
Powhattan . . . .3600 3601 
Eugenia av . . . .3700 3701 
Cortland av ....3800 3801 

Jarboe 8900 3901 

Tompkins 4000 4001 

Ogden 4100 4101 

Crescent av . . . .4200 4201 
FOOTE AV — From west aide 
Mission bet Ottawa and 
Naglee to San Jose av 
FORD — From west side San- 
chez bet Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth west to Noe 
Wawona from Vicente north 
to Taraval 
FORTIETH AV — From Clem- 
ent south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nob see Nineteenth av 
point north of Clement south 
to Sloat blvd. For Nos aee 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For No8 Bee 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
Clement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos Be« 
Nineteenth av 
FOUNTAIN — Prom south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Hofi'man 
av and Burcham south to 
FOURTEENTH — Prom west 
side Harrison bet Thirteenth 
Duboce av and Fifteenth 
west to Buena Vista ter 
Cross Sts N S 

Harrison 2 1 


Folsom 100 


Howard 200 


Minna ■ 

Mission 300 


Julian av 


Valencia 400 

Guerrero 600 


Rosemont pl . . . 

Dolores 600 



Church 700 


Boynton ct . . . . 

Sanchez 800 


Noe 900 

Castro 1000 

Divisadero . . . .1034 


Buena Vista ter. (e) (e) 
Presidio Reservation soutn 
to Wawona thence to Por- 
tola dr. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOURTH — From south side 
Market bet Third and Fifth 
southeast to Alameda 
Cross Sts W B 

Market 2 1 

Pioneer pl 


Mission'. '. '.". ! '. ! 100 101 



Howard 200 201 











Clementine .... 

FolBom 300 301 


Hanriaon .' '.' '. '. '. •lOO 401 



Bryant 500 601 



Brannan 600 601 

Blulome — 

Townsend 700 701 


Berry 800 801 


Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

Third — 





Alameda (e) 

FOURTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Kirls- 
ham. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
FOWLER AV — From 701 Por- 
tola dr southeast to Teresita 
FRANCE AU — From Mission 
south to Russia av south- 
east of Munich 
FRANCIS — From northwest 
side Mission bet Cotter and 
Santa Rosa 
FRANCISCO — From the bay 
bet Chestnut and Bay west 
to Presidio Reservation 
Cross SU N S 

The Embarcadero 
Montgomery . . . 

Keamy 100 101 

Grant av 200 201 


Bellair pi 

Stockton 300 301 


PoweU 400 401 

Mason 600 501 

Taylor 600 601 

Columbus av . . . 

Jones 700 701 

Leavenworth ... 800 801 

Hyde (c) (c) 

Larkin 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 1101 

Van Ness av....l200 1201 

Franklin 1300 1301 

Gough 1400 1401 

Octavia 1600 1501 

Laguna (c) (c) 

Buchanan (c) (c) 

Lobos sq 





Scott 2200 2201 

Divisadero . . ..2300 2301 

Broderick 2400 2401 

Baker 2500 2501 

Lyon and Presi- 
dio Reservation (c) (c) 
FRANCONIA — From south 
side of Peralta av west of 
York south to Powhattan av 
FRANK PL — From west side 
Mason bet Pine and Cali- 
FRANKLIN — From north side 
Market bet Van Ness av and 
Gough north to Fort Mason 
Oroii Sts E W 

Market and Page 2 1 


Oak 100 101 


Fell 200 201 


Hayes 300 301 


Grove . . 400 401 

Fulton 500 501 


McAllister .... 600 601 


Golden Gate av. 700 701 


Turk 800 801 


Eddy 900 901 


BUis 1000 1001 

Olive ■ 

O'FarreU 1100 1101 


Geary 1200 1201 

Post 1300 1301 

Sutter 1400 1401 


Bush 1500 1601 


Pine 1600 1601 

CaUfomia 1700 1701 

Sacramento.. ..1800 1801 

Clay 1900 1901 

Washington . .. .2000 2001 

Jackson 2100 2101 

Pacific av 2200 2201 

Broadway 2300 2301 

Vallejo 2400 2401 

Green 2500 2501 

Union 2600 2601 

Filbert 2700 2701 

Greenwich . . ..2800 2801 
Blackstone .... 

Lombard 2900 2901 

Chestnut 3000 3001 

Francisco 3100 3101 


Fort Maaon .... 

FREDERICK — From Buena 
Vista av south of Waller 
west to Arguello blvd 
FREELON — From west side 
Zoe bet Bryant and Brannan 
southwest to west of Fourth 
FREEMAN CT — From south 
side Clay bet PoweU and 
FREMONT — From south side 
Market bet Beale and First 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 


Howard 200 201 

Lincoln pi 

Folsom 300 301 

Harrison 400 401 

Lawrence pi ... . 

Bryant 600 501 


The Embarcadero 
FREMONT CT — West from 
Fremont bet Harrison and 
FREMONT PL — OS Fremont 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
FRESNO (South S Fl — From 
the bay bet Plumas and 
India west to Arthur av 
FRISBIE AL — West from Fre- 
mont bet Harrison and Bry- 
FRONT — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Davis and Battery 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market 2 1 

Pine 100 101 

California 200 201 


Sacramento .... 300 301 
Commercial .... 

Clay 400 401 


Washington .... 500 501 


Jackson 600 601 


Pacific av 700 701 


Broadway 800 801 

Vallejo 900 901 

Green 1000 1001 


Union 1100 1101 


The Embarcadero 
FULTON — From north side 
Market bet Grove and Mc- 
Allister west to the ocean 
Cross Sts N S 

Market 1 

Civic Center . . . 

Van Ness av. . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna 600 601 

Buchanan 700 701 

Webster 800 801 

Fillmore 900 901 

Steiner 1000 (o) 

Pierce 1100 (o) 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero . . ..1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av ....1800 1801 

Atalaya ter . . . .1850 

Ashbury 1901 

Hemway ter . . .1910 

Loyola ter 2001 

Clayton ■ 2001 

Cole (o) 2101 

Parker av 2200 • 

Shrader 2201 

Parsons (o) 

Willard 2400 (o) 

Arsruello blvd .. .2500 (o) 

Second av 2600 (o) 

Third av 2700 (o) 

■ Fourth av 2800 (o) 

Fifth av 2900 (o) 

Siith av 3000 (o) 

Seventh av 3100 (o) 

Eighth av 3200 (o) 

Ninth av 3300 (o) 

Tenth av 3400 (o) 

Eleventh av ....3500 (o) 

Twelfth av 3600 (o) 

Funston av ....3700 (o) 
Fourteenth av ..3800 (o) 
Fifteenth av ...3000 (o) 
Sixteenth av ...4000 (o) 
Seventeenth av..4100 (o) 
Eighteenth av . .4200 (o) 
Nineteenth av ..4300 (ol 
Twentieth av .. .4400 (o) 
Twenty-flrst av . .4500 (o) 
Twenty-second av4600 (o) 
Twenty-third av .4700 (o) 
Twenty-fourth av 4800 (o) 
Twenty-fifth av . 4900 (o) 
Twenty-sixth av .5000 (o) 
Twenty-seventh av5100 (o) 
Twenty-eighth av 5200 (o) 
Twenty-ninth av.5300 (o) 
Thirtieth av . . . .5400 (o) 
Thirty-first av .. .5500 (o) 
Thirty-second av.5600 (o) 
Thirty-third av ..5700 (o) 
Thirty-fourth av .5 800 (o) 
Thirty-fifth av ..6900 (o) 
Thirty-sixth av..6000 (ol 
Thirty-seventh av6100 (o) 
Thirty-eighth av .6200 (o) 
Thirty-ninth av. .6300 (ol 
Fortieth av . . . .6400 (o) 

Forty-first av . . .6500 (o) 
Forty-second av .6600 (ol 
Forty-third av ..6700 (o) 
Forty-fourth av. .6800 (o) 
Forty-fifth av . . . 6900 (o) 
Forty-sixth av ..7000 (o) 
Forty-seventh av.7100 (o) 
Forty-eighth av. .7200 (o) 

La Playa 7300 (o) 

Great Highway. . (o) (o) 
FUNSTON AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake Park south to 
Dlloa bet 12th and 14th 
av3. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
GAINES — From north side 
Green bet Battery and San- 
some north to Union 
GAISER CT — From east side 
Guerrero bet 16th and Capp 
GALE — From south side Town- 
send bet First and Second 
GALVEZ AV — From Water 
Front bet Fairfax av and 
Hudson av northwest to 
GAMBIER — From Silver av 
bet Harvard and Madison 
south to point north of 
GARCIA AV — From Vasquez 
av northeast of Kensington 
way. southwest and north- 
west to Merced av 
GARDEN — From west side Di- 
visadero bet Geary and Post 
west to Broderick 
GARDNER — From north side 
Post bet Keamy and Grant 
GARFIELD — From west side 
Orizaba av bet Holloway and 
Shields to Junipero Serra 
GARFIELD SQ — Bet Twenty- 
fifth. Twenty-sixth. Harrison 
and Treat av 
GATES — From south side Es- 
meralda av nr Ellsworth to 
point south of Crescent av 
GAVEN — From west side San 
Bruno av nortii of Sweeny 
west to Bowdoin 
GAVIOTA WAY — From Tere- 
sita blvd south to Bella 
Vista way 
GEARY — From junction Mar- 
ket and Keamy bet O'Far- 
reU and Post west to Pre- 
sidio av 
Cross Sts N S 

Mrkt and Keamy 2 1 

Grant av 100 101 

Stockton (o) 201 

Powell 300 301 

Mason 400 401 

Taylor 500 501 


Jones 600 601 

Leavenworth . . . 700 701 

Hyde 800 801 

Larkin 900 901 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness av. . . .1100 1101 

Franklin 1200 1201 

Gough 1300 1301 

Octavia 1400 1401 

Laguna 1500 1501 

Buchanan 1600 1601 

Sunny ct 

Webster 1700 1701 

Fillmore 1800 1801 


Steiner (o) 1901 

Hamilton sq . . . . 

Scott . .2100 2101 

Divisadero 2200 2201 

Broderick 2300 2301 

St Josephs av . . 

Baker 2400 (o) 

GEARY BLVD — A continua- 
tion of Geary from Presidio 
av to Forty-Eighth av 
Cross Sts 

Lyon 2500 (o) 

Presidio av . . . .2600 (o) 

Josephine • 

Emerson 2700 

Masonic av . . . . 2701 

Wood 2800 2801 

Collins 2900 2901 

Blake 3000 3001 

Cook 3100 3101 

Boyce 3200 3201 

Parker av 3300 3301 

Commonwealth av3400 

Johnston av . . . . 3401 

Jordan av 3500 

Henderson av .. . 3501 

Palm av 3600 

Arguello blvd .. .3700 3701 

Second av 3800 3801 

Third av 3900 3901 

Fourth av 4000 4001 

Fifth av 4100 4101 

Sixth av 4200 4201 

Seventh av . . . .4300 4301 

Eighth av 4400 4401 

Ninth av 4500 4501 

Tenth av 4600 4601 

Eleventh av ...4700 4701 
Twelfth av . . . .4800 4801 

F'unston av . . . . 4901 

Fourteenth av ..5000 5001 
Fifteenth av ...5100 5101 
Sixteenth av ...5200 5201 
Seventeenth av..6300 5301 
Eighteenth av. . .5400 5401 
Nineteenth av ..5500 5501 
Twentieth av . . .5600 5601 
Twenty-flrst av..5700 5701 
Twenty-second av5800 5801 
Twenty-third av.5900 5901 
Twenty-fourth av 8000 6001 

Twenty-fifth av . .6100 6101 
Twenty-sixth av. .6200 6201 
Twenty-seventh av6300 6301 
Twenty-eighth av 6400 6401 
Twenty-ninth av.6500 6501 
Thirtieth av . . . .6600 6601 
Thirty-first av . .6700 6701 
Thirty-second av. 6800 6801 
Thirty-third av..6900 6901 
Thirty-fourth av.7000 7001 
Thirty-fifth av ..7100 7101 
Thirty-sixth BV..7200 7201 
Thirty-seventh av 7300 7301 
Thirty-eighth av.74O0 7401 
Thirty-ninth av. .7500 7601 
Fortieth av . . . .7600 7601 
Forty-first av . . .7700 7701 
Forty-second av.7S00 7801 
Forty-third av ..7900 7901 
Forty-fourth av. .8000 8001 
Forty-flfth av...81O0 8101 
Forty-sixth av ..8200 8201 
Forty-seventh av. 8300 8301 
Forty-eighth av , . (e) (e) 
College av nr Mission south 
to Justin dr 
GENESEE — From Judson av 
bet Foerster and Hamburg 
north to Sussex 
GENEVA AV — From point nr 
Ocean av southeast to Mos- 
cow bet Seneca and Niagara 
avs to east of Mission bet 
Amazon and Rolph 
GENOA PL — From north side 
Union bet Keamy and Grant 
av north to Filbert 
GEORGIA — From the bay bet 
Louisiana and Michigan 
south to Tulare 
GERKE AL — From east side 
Grant av bet Filbert and 
GERMANIA — From west side 
Webster bet Hermann and 
Waller west to Steiner 
GETZ — From Mount Vemon av 
west of Howth to Harold av 
GIBB — From west side Colum- 
bus av bet Washington and 
GILBERT — From south side 
Bryant bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to point south 
of Brannan 
GILLETTE AV — From Ray- 
mond av east of Nueva av 
north to McKinley av 
OILMAN AV — From County 
Line bet Fitzgerald and Hol- 
lister avs northwest to Bay 
Shore blvd 
GILROY — From Ingerson av to 
Jamestown av bet Griffith 
and Hawes 
GIRARD — From Silver av south 
bet San Bruno av and Brus- 
GLADYS — From Santa Marina 
nr Mission southwest to Ap- 
GLEN AV — From Thirtieth and 
Bumham northwest to Val- 
ley and La Place av 
GLENBROK AV — From Moun- 
tain Spring av to south to 
Pain Alto av 
GLENDALE — From Market bet 
Cooper al and Remain west 
to Corbett av 
GLOBE LA — From Las Palmas 
north 1 block to Cresta 
Vista dr. 3e Stanford 
GLORIA CT — From 841 Ge- 
nera av east to point east 
of Mohawk av (half blk of 
5100 Mission) 
GLOVER — From west side 
Jones bet Broadway and Val- 
leio west to Leavenworth 
GODEUS — From Mission nr 

Thirtieth to Coleridge 
GOETHE — From Mission nr 
County Line northwest to 
De Long 
GOETTINGEN — From south 
side Silver av bet Somerset 
and Brussels south to Ro- 
deo av 
GOING — Bet Cambridge and 
Sawyer from Arleta av north 
to Bow 
GOLD — From west side San- 
some bet Jackson and Pacific 
av west to Montgomery 
GOLDEN CT — From south side 
Sacramento bet Jones and 
junction Market and Taylor 
bet McAllister and Turk west 
to Arguello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Tay- 
lor 2 1 

Jones 100 101 

Leavenworth . . . 200 201 

Dale pi 

Hyde 300 301 

Larkin 400 401 

Polk 500 501 

Van Ness av . . . 600 601 

Franklin 700 701 

Gough (o) 801 

Octavia (o) 901 

Laguna 1000 1001 

Buchanan 1100 1101 

Webster 1200 1201 

Fillmore 1300 1301 

Steiner 1400 1401 

Pierce 1500 1501 

Scott 1600 1601 


Divisadero 1700 1701 

Broderick 1800 1801 

Baker 1900 1901 

Lyon 2000 2001 

Central av 2100 2101 

Masonic av .... (c) (c) 
Masonic Cemetery 

Stanyan 2700 2701 

Willard 2800 2801 

Arguello blvd . . (e) (e) 
Fulton and Lincoln way 
from Stanyan west to the 
ocean. Panhandle from Ba- 
ker to Stanyan 
GOLDING AL — From Market 
opp Elizabeth west to Bur- 
nett av 
GOODSELL PL — From east 
side First bet Harrison and 
GORDON — From north side 
Harrison bet Eighth and 
GORHAM — From Springdale 
to San Jose av bet Badger 
and Tingley 
GOUGH — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Franklin and Octa- 
via north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Haight 2 1 


Page 100 101 


Oak 200 201 


Fell 300 301 


Hayes 400 401 

Ivy 500 601 


Fulton 600 601 


McAUister .... 700 701 


Golden Gate av . . 800 801 

Elm (o) 

Turk 900 901 

Eddy 1000 1001 


Ellis 1100 1101 

O'FarreU 1200 1201 


Geary 1300 1301 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 


Bush 1600 1601 


Pine 1700 1701 

California 1800 1801 

Sacramento . . ..1900 (o) 

Clay 2000 io) 

Washington . ...2100 2101 

Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific av 2300 2301 

Broadway 2400 2401 

Vallejo 2500 2501 

Green 2600 2601 

Union 2700 2701 

Filbert 2800 2801 

Greenwich . . ..2900 2901 

Lombard 3000 3001 

Chestnut 3100 3101 

Francisco 3200 3201 

Bay (c) (c) 

Fort Mason .... 
GOULD — From Paul av bet 
Carr and Exeter south to 
Salinas av 
GRACE — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Ninth and Tenth 
southeast to Howard 
GRAFTON AV — From Harold 
av north of Lakeview av 
west to Orizaba av 
GRAHAM PL — From north 
side Union bet Grant av and 
GRANADA AV — From Lake 
View av bet Plymouth and 
Miramar north to South- 
wood dr 
GRANAT CT — From east side 
Ninth av bet Fulton and Ca- 
Market and Yukon south- 
west to Twenty-third 
GRANT AL — From south side 
Fifteenth bet Guerrero and 
Dolores south to Sixteenth 
GRANT AV — From north side 
Market bet Keamy and 
Stockton north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and 

O'FarreU ... 2 1 

Geary 100 101 

Maiden la 

Post 200 201 

Ashburton pi . . , 

Compton pi . . . 

Tilman al 

Sutter 300 301 

Harlan pi 

Bush 400 401 

Pine 500 501 

Vinton ct 

California 600 601 

Sacramento .... 700 70] 

Commercial . . . 

Clay 800 801 

Washington . . . 900 901 

Jackson 1000 1001 

Pacific av 1100 1101 


Broadway 1200 1201 

Columbus av . . . 


Vallejo 1300 1801 

Green 1400 1401 

Union 1500 1501 




! ! ". ! !l«00 1001 

Moble's *l 
Mlbert . . 
Gerke al . 

Pardee al 

Greenwich 1700 1701 


Ediardo pi . . . . 

I^mbanl 1800 1801 


Choslnut 1900 1901 

Pteiffor , 

Francisco -'000 2001 

Bar 'JlOO 'JlOl 

North Point . . .2200 2201 


The ICinbarcniiero 


I'vTtolft ilr southwest of 

Kt'ii-.iTii;ton way northwest 

In ('hiroinont blvd 

QRATTAN — I'rom Ilt'Keilcro nr 

AliMii west to Stanynn 
GRAYSTONE TER — !•• r o m 
Twin I'eftka blvd enst of 
Crown tor south to Corbett av 
termiiuition of Point T.olios 
av ftlonn tlie Oeoaii Beach 
south to Sloat blvd 
End of roint Lo- 

bos av 600 

Balboa TOO 

Cabrillo SCO 



Lincoln way . . . 1200 

Irvine 1300 

Jndah 1400 

Kirkham IROO 

Lawton 1000 

Moraga 1700 

NoricBa ISOO 

Orteea 1000 

Pacheco 2000 

Quintara 2100 

Rivera 2200 

Santiago 2300 

Tararal 2400 

Ulloa 2500 

Vicente 2600 

■\Vawona 2700 

Sloat blvd 

GREECE — From Knight s pi 

southeast of Cayuga av 
GREEN — From the bay bet 
Vallejo and Union west to 
Presidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

and Davis ... 2 1 


Battery 100 101 


Sansome 200 201 

Callioun „ 

Montgomery . . . 300 301 


Kohler's pi . . . . 

Windsor pi .... 

Reno pi ^„, 

Kearny 400 401 


Varennes — — 

Grant av 500 501 

Bannam pi 

Jasper pi 

Columbus av . . . 

Stockton 600 601 

Powell 700 701 

August al 

Mason 800 801 

Taylor 900 901 

Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth. ..1100 1101 

New Orleans av . 


Hyde 1200 1201 


Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1600 1501 

Franklin 1600 1601 

Gough 1700 1701 

Octavia 1800 1801 

Laguna 1900 1901 

Buchanan 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2101 

FiUmore 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 

Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2501 

Divisadero 2600 2601 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker . . ; 2800 2801 

Lyon (el (e) 

GREENWICH — From the bay 

bet Filbert and Lombard 

west to Presidio Reservation 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Battery 100 101 

Sansome 200 201 

Pringle ct 

Montgomery.... 300 301 

Kearny 400 401 


Grant ar BOO 501 

Kramer pi 

Stockton' 600 601 

Brant al 

PoweU 700 701 

Grover pi 

Columbus av . . , 

Mason 800 801 


Taylor 900 901 


Jones 1000 1001 

Leavenworth . . .1100 1101 
Greenwich ter . . 

Southard pi ... . 

Hyde 1200 1201 

Larkin 1300 1301 

Polk 1400 1401 

Van Ness av . . .1500 1501 

Franklin 1000 1001 

Imperial av .... 

Gough 1700 1701 

tictavia ISOO INOl 

l.aguna 190C1 r.lUl 

Uuclianau 2000 2001 

Webster 2100 2 101 

Fillmoro 2200 2201 

Steiner 2300 2301 


Pierce 2400 2401 

Scott 2500 2J01 

Divisadero . . . .2000 2li01 

Broderick 2700 2701 

Baker 2800 2S01 

Lyon (e) (el 


t;reeuwich bet Hyde and 


junction of liazeiwood av 

opp Judsou av west to I'ly- 

nututh av 
GRIFFITH — From India bet 

Fitch and Hawes southwest 

to Jamestown av 
GROTE PL — From south side 

I'olsoiii bel Freuiout and First 
GROVE — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Hayes and Fulton 

west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Mar- 
shall sq 


Polk 101 

Van Ness av . . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia ."iOO 501 

Laguna 600 601 

Buchanan 700 701 

Webster 800 801 

Fillmore 900 901 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Alamo sd 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero 1300 l;i01 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 

Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av 1800 ISO! 

Ashbury 1900 1001 

Clayton 2000 2001 

Cole 2100 2101 






HALLAM — From south side 
Folsora bet Seventh and 

HALLECK — From west side 

I'rtint bet California and 

Siirriiuieuto west to Leides- 

HAMERTON AV — Bet Burn- 

side and (^llilton avs fr(nn 

Clicitery south to Mangels av 
HAMILTON — From Silver av 

west of Holyoko Bouth to 

HAMILTON SQ — Bet Steiner. 

Srott. (ieary and Post 
HAMLIN — From north side 

tlreeri bet Leavenworth and 

HAMPSHIRE — From Division 

bet I'otrero av and York 

south to Pcralta av 
Cross Sts W 

l>ivision 2 

Alameda 100 

Fifteentll 200 


.1000 1001 
.1100 1101 

Shrader . . ... ..2200 2201 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

GROVELAND — Changed to 

Nineteenth st 

GROVER PL — From east side 

Columbus av nr Filbert north 

to (Greenwich 

GUERRERO — From south side 

Market bet Valencia and 

Dolores south to San Jose av 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Duboce 100 101 

Clinton Park . . . 


Fourteenth .... 200 

Fifteenth 300 

Sixteenth 4 00 

Gaiser ct 


Seventeenth . . . BOO 


Eighteenth .... 600 
Nineteenth .... 700 
Cumberland . . . 

Twentieth 800 


Twenty-flrst . . . 900 


Twenty-second. .1000 


Twenty-third. ..1100 1101 


Twenty-fourth ..1200 1201 
Twenty-fifth. ..1300 1301 
Twenty-sixth. ..1400 1401 

Army 1450 1451 

Twenty-seventh .1500 1501 

Duncan 1528 1551 

Twenty-eighth ..1600 1601 

San Jose av . . . . (e) (e) 

GUNDLACH — North and south 

of Visitacion av west of 


GUTTENBERG — From Mission 

opp Foote av to County Line 

GUY PL — From west side First 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
HAHN — From Leland av west 

of Sawyer 
HAIGHT — From iunction Mar- 
ket and Gough bet Waller 
and Page west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Gough 2 1 

Octavia 100 101 

Laguna 200 201 

Buchanan 300 301 

Webster 400 401 

Fillmore 500 601 

Steiner 600 601 

Pierce 700 701 

Scott 800 801 

Divisadero 900 901 

Broderick 1000 1001 

Buena Vista av. . (o) 

Baker 1100 (o) 

Lyon 1200 (o) 

Buena Vista av . . 1299 

Central av 1300 1301 

Masonic av ....1400 1401 

Ashbury 1500 1501 

Clayton 1600 1601 

Belvedere 1651 

Cole 1700 1701 

Shrader 1800 1801 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

HALE — Prom 2300 San Bruno 
av west to Bowdin 

Sixteenth (o) 

Seventeenth . . . 4 00 

Mariposa 500 

Eighteenth .... 600 
Nineteenth .... 700 

Twentieth 800 

Twenty-flrst .... !>00 
Twenty-second . 
Twenty-third . 

Twenty-fourth. .1200 1201 
Twenty-flfth . . .1300 1401 

Army 1500 1501 

Peralta av (el (el 

HAMPTON PL — From north 
side Folsom bet Hawthorne 
and Third 
HANCOCK — From west side 
Church bet Eighteenth and 
Nineteenth west of Noe 
HANGAH — From Sacramento 
bet Waverly pi and Stockton 
north to Clay 
HANOVER — From Pope south 
of Brunswick southwest to 
County Line 
HARDIE PL — From east side 
Kearny bet Sutter and Bush 
ty-eigtith av at Lincoln Park 
HARKNESS — From west side 
San Bruno av bet Wilde and 
Ward west and northwest to 
HARLAN PL — From Grant av 
east and west bet Sutter 
and Bush 
HARLEM AL — From north 
side O'Farrell bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
HARLOW — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Church and 
Sanchez south to Seven- 
HAROLD AV — From Getz nr 
Grafton av north to Ocean av 
HARPER — From Thirtieth nr 

Noe south to Laidley 
HARRIET — From south side 
Howard bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to point 
south of Brannan 
HARRINGTON — From west 
side Mission bet Santa Rosa 
av and Norton 
HARRIS PL — From east side 
Laguna bet Filbert and 
HARRISON — From the bay bet 
Folsom and Bryant south- 
west and south to Ripley 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

Steuart 2 

Spear 100 

Main 200 

Beale 300 

Fremont 400 

First 500 



Sterling pi • 

Charlestown pi . 

Second 600 

Vassar pi 

Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 


Fourth 800 

Fifth 900 


Oak Grove .... 


Sixth 1000 1001 


Columbus sq . . . 


Seventh 1100 1101 



Berwick pi 


Eighth 1200 1201 


Ninth 1300 1301 

Dore 1400 1401 


Eleventh 1500 1501 


Twelfth 1800 

Thirteenth . . . .1700 

Fourteenth . . . .1800 

Alameda 1801 

Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 1901 

Treat av 2000 

Seventeenth . . .. 2001 

Seventeenth . . ..2100 

Mariposa 2101 

Eighteenth . . . .2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . . .2300 2301 
Twentieth 2400 2401 





Twenty-flrst . . .2600 2501 
Twenty-second. .2000 2001 
Twenly-third . ..2700 2701 
Twenty-fourth . .2(i00 2801 
Tweiitytirth . . . 2U01 

Twenty-sixth. ..3000 3001 

Army 3100 3101 

Preclla av 3200 3201 

Norwich 3300 3301 

Itipley (el (el 

HARRY — From Laidley opp 

Noe southwest to Beacon 
HART — From 4500 San Bruno 
av east to Third nr Coiuity 
HARTFORD — From south side 
Sevi-ntcenth bet Noe and 
Castro south to Twentietli 
HARVARD — I'rom south side 
Silver av bet Oxford and 
Giunbier south to Olmstead 
HARWOOD AL — From south 
side Filbert bet Kearny and 
(irant av 
HASTINGS PL — From east 
side Hyde bet Union and 
HATTIE — From Corbett av 

west of Ord south to IHth 
HAVELOCK — From San Jose 

av south of Paulding 
HAVENS — From west side 
Leavenworth bet Union and 
HAWES — From India bet Grif- 
fltli and Ingalls southwest to 
HAWTHORNE — From south 
side Howard bet Second and 
Third southeast to Harrison 
HAYES — From junction Mar- 
ket and Larkin bet Fell and 
Grove west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Lar- 
kin 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 BOl 

Laguna 600 001 

Buchanan 700 701 

Webster 800 801 

Fillmore 900 901 

Steiner (ol 1001 

Pierce (ol 1101 

Scott 1200 1201 

Divisadero . . . .1300 1301 

Broderick 1400 1401 

Baker 1500 1501 













Lyon 1600 1601 

Central av 1700 1701 

Masonic av . . . .ISOO 1801 

Ashbury 1900 1901 

Clayton 2000 2001 

Cole 2100 2101 

Shrader 2200 2201 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

HAYWARD — From south side 
Harrison bet Seventh and 
Eighth „ , 

dez av and Hamburg from 
Judson av to Monterey blvd 
HEAD — From Asbton av south 
to County Line bet Bright 
and Victoria 
HEARST AV — From Circular 
av bet Sunnyside and Flood 
avs west to Hamburg 
HECKER — From Oakdale av 
west of Selby southwest to 
HELEN — From south side Cali- 
fornia bet Leavenworth and 
HELENA (South S F) — East 
of San Bruno av nr Silver 
av north of Augusta 
HEMLOCK — From west side 
Larkin bet Post and Sutter 
to point west of Laguna 
Cross Sts 



Van Ness av . 
Franklin .... 





av and Clayton from Fulton 
south side Geary bet John- 
ston and Arguello blvd 
HENRY — From west side San- 
chez bet Fourteenth and 
Fifteenth to point west of 
HERGEN RD — From San An- 
selrao av bet Maywood dr 
and San Andreas 
HERMANN — From Market bet 
Waller and Duboce av west 
to Steiner (from Otis to 
Market now McCoppin) 
Cross Sts N S 
Laguna and Mar- 
ket 2 1 

Buchanan 100 101 

Webster 200 201 


Fillmore 300 301 

Steiner (e) (e) 

HERNANDEZ — From Wood- 
side av north of Idora av 
west to Merced av 
HERON — From west side Her- 
wick pi bet Folsom and Har- 
ri?;nn southwest to Eighth 
HESTER AV— Off Bay Shore 
blvd bet Third and Tunnel 

-Bet Masonic 

HEYMAN AV — From Guleridse 
north of Guffenia av south- 
east to Prospect av 
HICKORY — From west aide 
Van Ncs3 av bet Oak and 
Fell west to Webster 
Cross Sis N S 

Vim Ness av . . . 2 1 

Franklin 100 101 

(JouBh 200 201 

Octavia 300 301 

Lumma 400 401 

Buchanan 500 501 

Webster (e) (e) 

HIDALGO TER — Kast side 
Dolores bet Fourteenth and 
HIGH — From Twenty-flfth west 
of Burnham south to Twen- 
U U nr Charlea east to An- 
HILIRITAS AV — From Arbor 
west of Conrad nortli tu Dia- 
HILL — From west side Valencia 
bet Twenty-first and Twenty- 
second west to Castro 
Cross Sts N S 

Valencia 2 1 

Guerrero (c) {c\ 

Dolores (c) 

Church 300 

Sanchez 400 

Noe 500 

Castro (e) 

HILL POINT AV — North side 
Parnassus bet Willard and 
Arguello blvd 
HILLVl/AY BLVD — From north 
side Parnassus av bet Argu- 
ello blvd and Willard 
HILTON — From south aide 
Cortland av nr Holladay av 
north side Pacific av bet 
Mason a"*! Taylor north to 
HINCKLEY — From Kearny bet 
Broadway and Vallejo west 
to Grant av 
HOB ART AL — From east side 
Taylor bet Post and Sutter 
HODGES AL — From north side 
Vallejo bet Sansome and 
HOFF — From south side Six- 
teenth bet Mission and Val- 
encia south to Seventeenth 
HOFFMAN AV — From south 
side Twenty-second bet 
Douglass and Burnham 
south to Thirtieth 
trero av and Army southwest 
to point south of Jarboe av 
HOLLAND CT — From north 
side Howard bet 4th and 5th 
HOLLIS — From north side El- 
lis bet Buchanan and Web- 
ster north to O'Farrell 
HOLLISTER AV — From Coun- 
ty Line south of Oilman av 
northwest to Third 
HOLLOWAY AV — Froia Har- 
old av bet Ocean and Graf- 
ton av west to Junipero Ser- 
ra blvd 
HOLLY PARK — East of Mis- 
sion bet Cortland and Rich- 
land avs 
rounding Holly Park 
HOLLYWOOD CT — East from 
Pope bet Mission and Morse 
HOLYOKE — Bet Hamilton and 
Somerset from south side 
Silver av south to Ankeny 
HOMER — From Chesley bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
HOMESTEAD — From south 
side Twenty-fourth bet Doug- 
lass and Hoffman av south 
to Clipper 
HONDURAS {South S F) — 

See Arthur av 
HOOKER AL — From east side 

Mason bet Bush and Pine 
HOOPER — From Third bet 
Channel and Irwin southwest 
to Eighth {closed east of 
HOPETON TER — From south 
side Washington bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
HOPKINS AV — From Corbett 
av nr Twenty *third north- 
west to Burnett av 
HORACE — From Twenty-flfth 
bet Folsom and Shotwell 
south to Twenty-sixth 
HOTALING PL (formerly Jes- 
sop pD— From Washington 
bet Sansome and Montgom- 
ery north to Jackson 
HOUSTON — From west side 
Columbus av bet Chestnut 
and Francisco to Jones 
HOWARD — From the bay bet 
Mission and Folsom south- 
we=.t to Twelfth 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Steuart 50 51 

Green's Court . . 

Spear 100 101 

Main 200 201 

Beale 300 301 

Fremont 400 401 

First 500 501 

Maiden al . . . . 

Second 600 601 

New Montgomery 

Hawthorne .... 

Third 700 701 



Fourth 800 801 

Holland ot .... „„. 

Fifth 900 901 


Sixth 1000 lUOl 




Seventh 1100 1101 

Langton ■ 


Sumner „„, 

EiEhth 1200 1201 

Ninth 1300 1301 




Tenth 1400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1601 


Twelfth 1600 1601 

HOWTH — From south side 
Ocean av west of San Jose av 
HOYT — From Teddy av bet 
Elliot and Sawyer north to 
HUBBELL — From Sixth bet 
Irwin and Daggett southwest 
to Sixteenth 
HUDSON AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Islais 
Creeli bet Galvez and Innes 
HUGO — From Arguello blvd 
bet Lincoln way and Irving 
west to Seventh av 
HULBERT AL — Oflt north and 
south side Clara bet Fourth 
ana Fifth 
HUMBOLDT — From Kansas 
bet Twenty-second and Twen- 
HUNT — From east side Third 

bet Mission and Howard 
HUNTER — West of San Bruno 

av nr head of Islais Creelt 
From Evans av bet Hawes 
and Ingalls southeast to 
Hudson av 
HURON AV — From Ottawa av 
northwest of Mission south- 
west to County Line 
HYDE — From Marliet at Grove 

north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Civic Center . . . 
McAllister .... 2 1 

Golden Gate av . 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Hyde pi 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 

O'l'arrell 500 .501 

Mabel al 

Geary 600 601 

Post 700 701 

Sutter 800 801 

Bush 900 901 

Pine 1000 1001 

California 1100 1101 

Hyde ter 

Sacramento.. ..1200 1201 

7'roy al 

Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific av 1600 1601 


Broadway 1700 1701 

Vallejo 1800 1801 

Green 1900 1901 

Delgado pi 


Warner pi 

Union 2000 2001 


Filbert 2100 2101 

Hastings pi .... 

Greenwich 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2501 

Bay 2600 2601 

Bergin al 

North Point .. . .2700 2701 

Beach 2R00 2S01 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonquin (e) (e) 

HYDE TER — From east side 
Hyde bet California and 

IDAHO (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 

IDALENE — From Visitacion 
av east of La Grande av 
south to County Line 

IDORA AV — From Woodside av 
south of Hernandez av west 
to Garcia av 

IGNACIO AV — From north 
side Jamestown av north 
and northwest to Gilroy 

ILLINOIS — From the bay bet 
Michigan and Third south 
to Tulare 

ILS LA — From west side Col- 
umbus av bet Washington 
and Jackson 

IMPERIAL AV — From south 
side Greenwich bet Franklin 
and Gough 

INDIA (South S F) — North, 
south and west side of India 

INDIANA — From Mariposa bet 
Minnesota and Iowa, south 
to Tulare 

INDUSTRIAL — From Oakdale 
av west of Selby southwest 
to Boutwell 

INGALLS — From India bet 
Hawes and Jennings south- 
west to Jamestown av 

INGERSON AV — Prom County 
Line bet HoUister av and 
Jamestown av southwest to 
INNES AV — From Water Front 
bet Hudson av and Jerrold 
av northwest to Toland 
ION — From La Grande av bet 
Mansfield and Buell south 
to Dwight 
IOWA — From Mariposa bet In- 
diana and Pennsylvania 
south of Tulare 
IRON AL — From Caselli av and 
Market south to Burnett av 
IRVING — From ArgueUo blvd 
south of Lincoln way. west 
to the ocean 
IRWIN — From Third bet Hoop- 
er and Hubbeil southwest to 
ISABEL — Now Mullen av 
ISIS — From south side Twelfth 
bet Folsom and Harrison to 
ISLAIS — West from 3300 

I SOL A WAY — From Teresita 
way southwest to Rockdale 
ITALY AV — From 5001 Mis- 
sion southeast to Moscow 
IVY — L'rom west side Polk bet 
Hayes and Grove west to 
Cross Sts N S 

Polk 2 1 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (c) 

Franklin 200 201 

Gough 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Laguna 500 501 

Buchanan 600 601 

Webster (e) (e) 

JACKSON — From the bay bet 

Washington and Pacific av 

west to Arguello blvd 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 50 51 

Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Custom House pi 

Sansome 400 401 


Jessop pi 

Montgomery . . . 500 501 
Columbus av . . . 

Kearny 600 601 

Wentworih pi . . . 

Cooper al • 


Grant av 700 701 

St Louis al . . . . 

Jason ct 

Ross al 

Duncombe al . . . 


Stockton 800 801 

Bedford pi 

James al 



Powell .'.".'.'.'.'. 900 901 

Doric al 

Mason 1000 1001 

Marcy pi 

Auburn . 

Taylor 1100 1101 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Wall pi 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness av . . .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough moo 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 

Fillmore 2400 24 01 

Steiner 2500 (o) 

Pierce 2600 (o) 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . ..2800 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av . . . .3200 3201 

Walnut 3300 3301 

Laurel 3400 3401 

Locust 3500 3501 

Spruce 3600 3601 

Maple 3700 3701 

Cherry 3800 3801 

Arguello blvd ... (e) (e) 
enteenth. Mariposa. Arkan- 
sas and Carolina 
JAMES AL — Off smith side of 
Jackson bet Stockton and 
County Line bet Ingerson 
and Key av northwest to 
Salinas av 
JANSEN — From north side 
Greenwich bet Mason and 
Taylor north to Lombard 
JAPAN — From south side 
Brannan bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Townsend 
JARBOE AV — From Moultrie 
south of Cortland av east to 
San Bruno av 
JASON CT — From Jackson bet 

Grant av and Stockton 
JASPER PL — From north side 
Green bet Grant av and 
Stockton north to Filbert 
JAVA — From Buena Vista av 
southwest to Masonic av 

JEFFERSON — From the hay 
north of Beach west to Pre- 
sidio Reservation 
Cross Sts N S 

Powell 2 1 

Mason 100 101 

Taylor 200 201 

Jones 300 301 

Leavenworth . . . 400 401 

Hyde 500 501 

Larkin 600 601 

Polk 700 701 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (c) 
Government Res- 
ervation .... 

Scott 1800 1801 

Divisadero . . . .1900 1901 

Broderick 2000 2001 

Baker 2100 2101 

Lyon . (e) (e) 

JEFFERSON SQ — Bet Gough. 
Laguna. Golden Gate av and 
JENNINGS — From Arthur av 
bet Ingalls and Keith south- 
west to (^Iney av 
JEROME AL — From south side 
Pacific av bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
JERROLD AV — From Water 
Front bet Innes and Kirk- 
wood av northwest to San 
Bruno av 
JERSEY — From west side Do- 
lores bet Twenty-fourth and 
Twenty-fifth west to Doug- 
Cross Sts N S 

Dolores 2 1 

Chattanooga . . . 

Church 100 101 


Sanchez 200 201 

Noe 300 301 

Castro 400 401 

Diamond 500 501 

Douglass (e) (e) 

JESSIE — From west side First 

bet Market and Mission 

southwest to point south of 


Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 



Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 


Third 200 201 

Fotirth 300 301 

Fifth (c) (c) 

Mint 400 401 

Sixth 500 601 

Seventh 600 601 

Eighth (c) (cl 

Ninth 800 801 

Tenth 900 901 

Eleventh (c) (c) 

Twelfth (c) (c) 

Brady (c) (c) 

McCoppin 1300 1301 

JESSOP PL — Changed to Ho- 

taling pi 
JOHN — From west side Powell 
bet Jackson and Pacific west 
to Mason 
JOHNSTON AV — From south 
side Geary bet Parker and 
Henderson avs 
JOICE — From north side Pine 
bet Stockton and Powell 
north to Clay 
JONES — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Taylor and Leaven- 
worth north to the hay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Mc- 
Allister 2 1 
Golden Gate av! ; 100 101 

Turk 200 201 

Eddy 300 301 

Ellis 400 401 


Stevedore pi . . . 

O'Farrell 500 501 

Geary 600 601 

Maggie al 

Colin pi 

Post 700 701 

Cosmo pi 

Sutter 800 801 

White's pi 

Bush 900 901 

Pine 1000 lOni 

California 1100 1101 

Sacramento . . .1200 1201 


Clay 1300 1301 

Washington . . ..1400 1401 

Jackson 1500 1501 

Pacific av 1600 1601 


Broadway 1700 1701 


Vallejo 1800 IROl 

Green 1900 1901 

Macondray .... 

Union 2000 2001 

Filbert 2100 2101 

Valparaiso .... 

Greenwich 2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

Chestnut 2400 2401 


Francisco 2500 2501 

Columbus av . . , 

Bay 2600 2601 

North Point. .. .2700 2701 

Beach 2.S00 2801 

Jefferson 2900 2001 

The Embarcadero 
JOOST AV — From Circular av 
bet Mangels and Monterey 
blvd west to Hazelwood av 

JORDAN AV — From south side 
California bet Common- 
wealth and Palm south to 
JOSEPHINE — From Laurel 
Hill Cemetery bet Presidio 
av and Emerson south to 
JOSIAH AV — From Ridge la 
bet Margaret and Lee avs 
crossing I^ake View av 
JOY — From Holladay av north 
of Esmeralda av to Brewster 
JUANITA WAY — From Tere- 
sita blvd 1 blk south Portola 
dr southwest to Miraloma dr 
JUDAH — From Fifth av bet 
Irving and Kirkham west to 
the ocean 
JUDSON AV — From Circular 
av bet Staples and Marston 
avs west to Hazelwood av 
JULES AV — From Lake View 
av north to Ocean av bet 
Faxon and Ashton avs 
JULIA — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Seventh and Eighth 
JULIAN AV — From south side 
Fourteenth bet Mis.=ion and 
Valencia south to Sixteenth 
JULIUS — From north side 
Lombard bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
JUNIPER — From south side 
Folsom bet Tenth and Elev- 
enth southeast to Bryant 
From Portola dr south to 
County Line nr U S Military 
Reservation and Ingleside 
JURI — From San Jose av west 

bet 28th and 26th 
JUSTIN DR — Prom College 
av nr Mission south and west 
to Canal 
KANSAS — From Division bet 
Rhode Island and Vermont 
south to Marin 
KATE — From south side Bry- 
ant bet Seventh and Eighth 
KEARNY — From north side 
Market bet Montgomery and 
Grant av north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Geary 2 1 

Maiden la 

Post 100 101 

Ver Mehr pi . . . 

Sutter 200 201 

Hardie pi 

Bush 300 301 

Pine 400 401 


California .... 500 501 
Sacramento .... 600 601 
Commercial . . . 

Clay 700 (o) 


Washington . . . 800 801 

Jackson 900 901 

Columbus av . . . 

Pacific av ... .1000 1001 

Nottingham pi . 

Broadway 1100 1101 

Dunne's al .... ■ 


Vallejo 1200 1201 

San Antonio . . . 

Green 1300 1301 

Union 1400 1401 

Filbert 1500 1501 

Greenwich . . ..1600 1601 

Lombard 1700 1701 

Chestnut 1800 1801 

Francisco 1900 1901 

Bay 2000 2001 

North Point . . . 

The Embarcadero 

KEITH — From Arthur av bet 
Jennings and Lane south- 
west to Third 
KEMPTON AV — South from 

601 Stanley 
KENNY AL — From Mission 

bet France and Italy avs 
Portola dr east of Granville 
way northwest to Claremont 
KENT — From west side Mason 

bet Union and Filbert 
KENWOOD WAY — 1 n Ocean 
av from Faxon av to Darien 

KENYON AV — From south side 
Portola dr bet Stanford Hts 
and La Place av south to 
Melrose av 
KEY AV — From County Line 
bet Jamestown and Le Conte 
avs northwest to San Bruno 
KEYES AL — From Pacific 
north bet Powell and Mason 
Ocean av 1 blk east Fair- 
field north to Kenwood way 
KIMBALL PL — From Sacra- 
mento bet Leavenworth and 
Hyde south and north 
KING — From the bay bet 
Townsend and Berry south- 
west to Division 
Cross Sts S N 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Second 100 101 

Hammond pi . . 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Division (e) (e) 

KINGSTON — From 837 San 
Jose av east to Prospect av 

KIRKHAM — From Fourth av 
west to the ocean bet Judab 
and Lawton 
ter Front bet Jerrold and La 
Salle avs northwest to Selby 
KISSLING — From east side 
Eleventh bet Howard and 
Folsom west to Twelfth 
KNIGHT'S PL — From Mohawk 

av west of Mission 
KNOX — From La Grande av 
bet Madison and Mansfield 
south to Dwigbt 
KOHLER'S PL — From south 
side Green bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
KRAMER PL — From south 
side Greenwich bet Grant av 
and Stockton 
north side Filbert bet Grant 
av and Stockton 
LA BICA WAY — From Agua 

way south to Preston dr 
LAFAYETTE — Prom south side 
Mission bet Eleventli and 
Twelfth southeast to Howard 
Gough, Laguna, Sacramento 
and Washington 
LA FERRERA TER — Off west 
side of Kearny bet Lom- 
bard and Chestnut 
LAGRANDE AV — From Peru 
av and Felton southwest to 
point south of Russia av 
LAGUNA — From north aide 
Market bet Octavia and Bu- 
chanan north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Herman 2 1 

Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 


Page 300 301 


Oak 400 401 


Fell 500 601 


Hayes 600 601 


Grove 700 701 


Fulton 800 801 


McAllister .... 900 901 


Golden Gate av . . (ol 1001 

Turk (c) 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 


Ellis 1300 1301 


O'Farrell 1400 1401 


Geary 1500 1601 


Post 1600 1601 


Sutter 1700 1701 


Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California . . ..2000 2001 
Sacramento ... (o) 2101 

Clay (o) 2201 

Washington . ..2300 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2601 

Broadway 2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 290O 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Harris pi 

Greenwich . . ..3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 


Chestnut 3300 (o) 

Francisco 3400 (o) 

Bay (ol 3501 

North Point ... (o) 3601 

Beach 3700 3801 

Tonquin (o) 3901 

From Seventh av and Nori- 
ega southeast to Portola dr 
LAIDLEY — From south side 
Thirtieth bet Noe and Castro 
LAKE — From Arguello blvd 
north of California west to 
Thirty-first av 
Cross Sts N S 

Arguello blvd . . 2 1 

Second av 100 101 

Third av 200 201 

Fourth av 300 301 

Fifth av 400 401 

Sixth av 600 601 

Seventh av .... 600 601 

Eight av 700 701 

Ninth av 800 801 

Tenth av 900 901 

Eleventh av ...1000 1001 
Twelfth av . . .1100 1101 
Funston av .... 
Fourteenth av ..1300 1301 
Fifteenth av ...1400 1401 
Sixteenth av ...1600 1601 
Seventeenth av .1600 1601 
Eighteenth av ..1700 1701 
Nineteenth av ..ISOO 1801 
Twentieth av ..1900 1901 
Twenty-first av 2000 2001 
Twenty-second av2100 2101 
Twenty-third av 2200 2201 
Twenty-fourth av 2300 2301 
Twenty-fifth av .2400 2401 
Twenty-sixth av .2500 2601 
Twenty-seventh av2600 2601 
Twenty-eighth av2700 2701 
Twenty-ninth av 2800 2S01 
Thirtieth av ...2900 2901 
Thirty-first av . . (e) (e) 



LAKE VIEW AV — From 2800 
8an Jv^e av nurthwosl to 

LAKEWOOD AW — Krom 2000 
iicfttii av north to KenwooU 

BV west ot Dantoll 

LAMSON LA — from Nino- 
t«-vntti west o( Dovifiliiw 

LANDERS — From .south side 
1 ourtevnth bet l>olares auJ 
Oliiirch Miuth to Itith 

LANDSDALE — frum Ju«niU 
way 1 blk Mst Miraloma dr 

LANE — h'rom Artliur av b<t 
Kcitb and McudcU soutU- 
we-^l to Carroll iir and trom 
Salinas to Sau Bruno at 

LANQTON — t'loiu south aide 
Howard bet Seventh and 










LAWRENCE AW — From B800 
Mission northwest to San 
Jose av nr County Line 

LAVVTON — From l.ockaley av 
south of Kirkham west to 
the ocean 

LAYTON (South 8 F) — From 
Silver av eust o[ Conklinii 

LEAWENWORTH — From north 
side Market bet Jones and 
Hyde north to the hay 


Kichth southeast 
south of Brannau 
Cross Sts " '■■ 

ll,.«;inl 2 1 

F^om ■.".■.■::: loo loi 

Harrison 200 201 

Bryant 300 301 

Brannan 400 401 

LANSINQ — From west side 
First bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Kssel 
LAPIDGE — From south Side 
Eiehtecnth bet Valencia and 
LaPLACE AW- -iT.mi rorlola 

dr west of Burnett av 
LaPLAYA — From point nr 
Anza west of Forty-eit'Uth av 
south to Ocean blvd and 
Judah. For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av 
LARCH — From ^ an Ness av 
bet Turk and Eddy west to 
Franklin and from Buchanan 
to Webster 
LARK IN — From north side 
Market bet Hyde and Polk 
north to the bay 
Cross Sis E 

Market and Hayes 2 

Grove ( o ) 

Fulton (o) 

McAUister .... 300 
Redwood . . . . 
Golden Gate av . 400 

Turk 500 

Eddy 600 

Willow -—— 

Ellis TOO 

Olive "r^ 

OFarreU 800 

Myrtle „„„ 

Geary 900 

P^t". ■.'.'. '.i^lOOO 1001 

Hemlock -r 

Sutter 1100 


Bush 1200 

Austin rr 

Pine 1300 

California . . . •I'tgO 
Sacramento . . -1500 

Clay 1600 1601 

Washington . ..1700 1701 

Jackson 1800 

Pacific av ... .1900 
Broadway . . . .2000 

Vallejo 2100 

Green 2200 


Union 2300 2301 

Filbert 2400 2401 

Greenwich . . . .2500 2501 

Lombard 2600 2601 

Chestnut 2700 2701 

Francisco 2800 2801 

Bay 2900 2901 

North Point . . .3000 3001 

Beach 3100 3101 

Jefferson 3200 3201 

Tonquin 3300 3301 

Bay of S F. . . . (e) (e) 

LARKSPUR AW — From Meade 

av west to Jennings opp 

Nelson ar 

LaSALLE AW — From Water 

Front bet Kirkwood and Mc- 

Kinnon avs northwest to 

Quint _ 

LAS FLORES DR — From Ken- 

von north of Melrose ay _ 
LASKIE — From north side Mis- 
sion bet Eighth and Ninth 
LATHAM PL — From west side 
Mason bet EUis and O'Far- 
LATHROP AW — From Gillette 
av south of Blanken ay 
southwest to Tunnel av 
LATONA — From Bay View bet 
Third and Pomona south to 
Thornton ay 
LAURA — From Mission bet 
Lawrence and Farragut ays 
northwest to Huron av 
LAUREL — From Pacific av bet 
Walnut and Locust south to 
Cross SU E W 

Pacific ar 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington . . .200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (e) (e) 

LAUSSAT — From west side 
Buchanan bet Waller and 
Haight west to Steiner 
Cross Sts N S 

Buchanan 2 1 

Webster (c) (c) 

Fillmore 200 201 

Steiner (el (e) 

Cross Sts 

McAllister . . . 
llolden Gate av 




O'Farrell . . . 



Sutter 800 

Bush 000 

Pine 1000 

California . . . .1100 

Acorn al - 

Sacramento . ..1200 

Clay 1300 

Washington . .1400 
Jackson 1500 

4 00 




. .1600 1001 

. .1700 1701 


Lynch . . 
Bernard . . 
Glover . . 

Waldo al 

Vallejo 1800 

Green 1900 

Macondray .... 

Union 2000 2001 


Filbert 2100 2101 

Greenwich . . . .2200 2201 

Lombard 2300 2301 

dhestnut 2400 2401 

Francisco 2500 2501 

Bay 2600 2601 

North Point ...2700 2701 

Beach 2800 2801 

Columbus ar . . . 

Jefferson 2900 2901 

Tonauin (e) (e) 

LECONTE AW — From County 
Line south of Key av north- 
west to San Bruno av 
LEDYARD — From Silver av 
west of Scotia av southeast 
LEE AW — From Lake View av 
bet Harold and Brighton avs 
north to Ocean av 
LEESE — From Mission nr 
Highland av southeast to 
Crescent av 
LEGION CT — From Urbauo dr 

to Ashton 

LEIDESDORFF — From north 

side Pine bet Sansome and 

Montgomery north to (31ay 

Cross Sts E W 

Pine 2 1 

California 100 101 

Halleck . 

Sacrameilto .' '.' . 200 201 
Commercial .... 

Clay (e) (el 

LELAND AW — Bet Raymond 
and Visitacion avs from San 
Bruno av to point west of 
Hahn „ 

LENOX WAY — From Taraval 
west of Claremont blvd south 
to UUoa . ^ ^ 

LEO — West from Mission bet 

Onondaga av and Ruth 
LEON A TER — West from Lyon 

bet Geary and Post 
LEROY PL — From Sacramento 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
south and north 
LESSING — West of Mission nr 
County Line off north side 
LEWANT — From Masonic av 
east of Loma Vista ter south 
to Lower ter 
LEXINGTON — From Sycamore 
av bet Valencia and Mission 
south to Twenty-first 
Cross Sts W 

Sycamore ay . . . 2 
Eighteenth . ... 100 
Nineteenth .... 200 

Twentieth 300 

Twenty-first ... (e) 
LIBERTY — From west 

Valencia bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-first west to Castro 
Cross Sts ^ ? 

Valencia 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 


Noe BOO 501 

Twenty-first ... (e) (e) 
LICK PL — From north side 
Post bet Montgomery and 
Kearny north to Sutter 
LIEBIG — From Mission bet 
Regent and Goethe north- 
west to San Jose ar 
LILAC — From south side 
Twenty-fourth bet Capp and 
Mission south to Twenty- 
LILY — From west side FranTtlin 
bet Page and Oak west to 
point west of Buchanan 
Cross Sts N S 

FranHin 2 1 

Gough 100 101 

Octavia 200 201 

Laguna 300 301 

Buchanan 400 401 

LINARES AW — From Eighth 
av and (>rt*'ga southeast 

LINCOLN PL — From east side 
l-'reiiiont bet Howard and 



euello blvd south of Golden 

Gate Park west to the ocean 

LINDA — HIT Kightccnth bet 

iiiierrero and \'ulencia 
soutli side ot Geneva av 
south to Chicago way 
LINDEN — Krom point east of 
Van Ness av bet Fell and 
Hayes west to Webster 
Cross Sts N S 

Van Ness av . . 100 101 

Franklin 200 201 

Gough 300 301 

Octavia 400 401 

Laguna 600 501 

Buchanan .... 600 001 

Webster (el (el 

LIPPARO AW — From Surrey 
west of Brompton av south 
to Joost av 
LISBON — lYom Silver av west 
of Madrid southwest to 
LLOYD — From west side Scott 
bet Duboce av and Waller 
west to Divisadero 
LOBOS — West of San Jose av 
nr Oiunty Line from Caine 
to Orizaba av 
LOBOS SQ — Bet Laguna. Web- 
ster, Chestnut and Bay 
LOCKSLEY AW — From Fourth 
av and Kirkham to Seventh 
LOCUST — From Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Laurel and Spruce 

south to California 

Cross Sts E W 

Pacific av 2 1 

Jackson 100 101 

Washington . . . 200 201 

Clay 300 301 

Sacramento .... 400 401 

California (e) (e) 

LOEHR — West of San Bruno 
av nr County Line southwest 
from Leland av 
LOGAN — From LaGrande av 

west of Saratoga 
Masonic av bet Upper ter 
and Levant south to Roose- 
velt way 
LOMBARD — From the bay bet 
Greenwich and Chestnut 
west to Presidio Reservation 





300 301 

400 401 




LUCKY — From south aide 
Twenty-fourth bet Treat av 
and Folsom south to Twen- 
LUCY — From Thornton av bet 
Third and Cores south to 
A\'illiains av 
LULU — From Genesee south of 

LUNADO CT — From east side 
Lunado way south of Mer- 
cedes way 
LUNADO WAY — From Hollo- 
way av east of Junipero Ser- 
ra blvd north to Cerritos av 
LUNDV'S LA — From Coso av 
bet Coleridge and Prospect 
avs southwest to Virginia av 
LURLINE — From Kirkham and 
I'ourteenth av southeast to 
Funston av 
LUSK AL — From Cilyde near 

Townsend west to Crooks 
LYELL — From Bosworth west 
of Rotteck south to Cayuga 
LYNCH — From west side Leav- 
enworth bet Pacific av and 
Broadway west to Hyde 
LYON — From north side Height 
west of Baker north to bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Haight 2 1 

Page 100 101 

Oak (c) (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Fell 300 301 

Hayes 400 401 

Grove 500 501 

Fulton 600 601 

McAllister .... 700 701 
Golden Gate ay . 800 801 

Turk (c) (cl 

Calvary Cemetery 

Geary 1300 1301 

Leona ter 

Post 1400 1401 

Sutter 1500 1501 

Bush 1600 1601 

Pine 1700 1701 

California . . . .1800 1801 
Sacramento . . .1900 1901 

Clay 2000 2001 

Washington . ..2100 2101 

Cross Sts 

The Embarcadero 



Montgomery . . . 
Kearny . 
Child . . 
Julius . . 
Grant av 

Wells ct 

Stockton 500 

Tuscany al . . . . 

PoweU 600 

Greenwich al . . . 

Mason 700 


Columbus av . . . 


Taylor 800 

Jones 900 

Leavenworth . . .1000 

Hyde 1100 

Larkin 1200 

Polk 1300 

Van Ness av . . . .1400 

Franklin 1500 1501 

Gough 1600 1601 

Octavia 1700 1701 

Laguna ISOO IROl 

Buchanan 1900 1901 

Webster 2000 2001 

Fillmore 2100 2101 

Steiner 2200 2201 

Pierce 2300 2301 

Scott 2400 2401 

Divisadero 2500 2501 

Broderick 2600 2601 

Baker 2700 2701 

Lyon (e) (e) 

LOMITA AW — From Lawton 
bet 15 th and 16 th avs south 
to Moraga 
LONDON — From point north of 
Excelsior av southwest to 
Geneva av 
LOOMIS — From Kossuth north 
of Oakdale av south to 
Bameval av 
LOPEZ AW — From Castenada 
east of Santa Rita av north 
to Pacheco 
Ridgewood av opp Melrose 
northwest to Monte Cresta av 
LOUISA AL — From north side 

Shipley east of Fourth 
LOUISBURQ — West of San 
Jose av from Geneva av to 
Ridge la 
LOUISIANA — From Alameda 
bet Maryland and Georgia 
south to Tulare 
LOWELL — From east side Mis- 
sion nr County Line 
LOWER TER — From Saturn 
north of Seventeenth nr Ord 
northwest to Roosevelt way 
LOYOLA TER — Off Fulton bet 

Ashbury and Clayton 
LUCERNE — Off Brannan bet 
6th and 7th 


Jackson 2200 2201 

Pacific ay 2300 2301 

Broadway 2400 (o) 

Vallejo 2500 (o) 

Green 2600 (o) 

Union 2700 (o) 

Filbert 2800 (o) 

Greenwich 2900 (ol 

Lombard 3000 (o) 

Chestnut 3100 (o) 

Francisco 3200 (o) 

Bay 3300 (o) 

North Point . . .3400 (o) 

Beach 3500 (o) 

Jefferson 3600 (o) 

Tonnuin 3700 (ol 

LYSETT PL — From sonth side 
Sacramento bet Jones and 
MABEL AL — Off east line of 
Hyde bet Geary and O'FarreU 
MACEDONIA — From Mont- 
calm west of Isabel south- 
east to Brewster 
MACONDRAY — From west side 
Taylor bet Green and Union 
west to Leavenworth 
See Twenty-seventh av south 
MADISON — From Silver av 
southwest of Gambler south 
to point south of Dwight 
MADRID — From Silver av west 
of Edinburgh southwest to 
MADRONE AW — From Taraval 
west of Wawona southwest 
to Vicente 
MAGELLAN AW — From Caste- 
nada av west of Laguna Hon- 
da blvd east thence south- 
west to Twelfth av 
MAGGIE AL (Now Bristol ct) 
MAGNOLIA AW — Bet Lombard 
and Chestnut from Laguna 
west to Webster 
MAIDEN LA — From west side 
Kearny bet Geary and Post 
west to Stockton 
MAIN — From south side Market 
bet Spear and Beale south- 
east to the bay 

Cross Sts WE 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Elkhart . „ — — • 

Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

The Embarcadero (e) (el 
MAJESTIC AW — Bet Caine and 
Margaret ay from Ridge la 
to Summit 
MALDEN AL — From south side 
Howard bet First and Second 
southeast to Tehama 
Chestnut and Fillmore north- 
west to Beach and Cervantes 
MALTA (South S F) — See 

Twenty-fifth av south 
MALWINA PL — From went side 
Mason bet Sacramento and 

Clay „ , 

MANCHESTER — From Bessie 
av bet Folsom and Shotwell 
south to Ripley 

MANDALAY LA — From Fit- 
lefiith av nr I'acheco east to 
I^'ourtecnlh av 
MANGELS AW — From Acadia 
av north of Joost ar west to 
Plymouth av 
MANOR DR — From Ocean ay 
bet Fairfield way and Pine- 
hurst way north and west 
to Darien way 
MANSELL — From west side 
San Uruno av south to 01m- 
stead to a point west of Yale 
MANSFIELD — From Burrowa 

south to Cambridge 
MAPLE — From Presidio Reser- 
vation bet Spruce and Cherry 
south to California 
Cross Sts E 

Presidio Reservation 2 

Jackson 100 

Washington . . . 200 

Clay 300 

Sacramento . . . 400 

California (e) 

MARCELA AW — From east side 
I'achecu east of Castenada 
av northeast to Magellan ar 
MARCY PL — From south side 
Jackson bet Mason and Tay- 
MARENGO — East of San Bruno 
av from Waterloo southwest 
to Dickenson 
MARGARET AW — Bet Majestic 
and Josiah avs from Ridge 
la south to Summit av 
MARGRAWE PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
MARIETTA DR — From Tere- 
sita blvd south of Evelyn 
way southeast to June Tere- 
sita blvd and Belle Vista 
MARIN — From the bay bet 
Army and Tulare west to 
Evans av 
MARINA BLWD — From Beach 
and Buchanan northwest 
and west to Lyon 
MARION PL — From north side 
Union bet Taylor and Jones 
MARIPOSA — From the bay bet 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
west to Harrison 
MARK PL — From south aide 
Bush bet Kearny and Grant 
MARKET — From the bay 
southwest to junction Seven- 
teenth and Castro then west 
to Twenty-fourth and Por- 
tola dr 
Cross Sts N 

The Embarcadero 

and Sacramento 2 


California . . . . 100 


Drum 200 


Davis and Pine. 300 


Front 400 


Battery and Bush BOO 



Sansome and Sut- 
ter 550 ■ 


Montgy and Post 600 • 

New Montgomery 


Kearny and Geary 700 


Grand av and 
O'FarreU . . . 750 

Fourth • 

Stockton and El- 
lis 800 

PoweU and Eddy 900 


Mason and Turk 950 


Taylor and Gold- 
en Gate av. . .1000 
Jones and McAl- 

Uster 1100 


Leavenworth . .,1152 

Hyde 1200 


Larkin and Hayesl300 



Polk and FeU. .1400 

Eleventh - 

Van Ness av and 

Oak 1500 

Twelfth - 

Franklin and 

Page 1600 



Gough and 

Haight 1700 


McCoppin . . . .1801 
Octavia and Wal- 
ler 1800 



Laguna 1900 

Duboce ar 2000 1961 

Dolores 2001 

Fourteenth .... 2078 

Church 2100 2101 


















Suicbez 2200 2201 

Sixteenth 2300 

Noe 2301 

Castro 2400 2401 

Collinrwood . ..2500 2501 

Diamond 2600 2601 

Eureka 2700 2701 

Douglass 2800 2801 

Ord 2900 2901 

Hattie 3000 3001 

DauTers 3100 3101 

Mono ...... .3200 3201 

Iron al 3300 3400 




Copper al 3460 

Glendale 3500 

View 3501 

Romain 3600 3601 

Morgan al 3700 3701 

Diiie al 3S00 3801 

Argent al 3871 

Twmty-third . ..3900 3901 

Elizabeth 3950 

Golding al .... 

Portolo dr . . . . (e) (e) 
MARNE AV — From Portola dr 
one block east of Miraloma 
dr southeast to Juanita waj 
MARS — From Seventeenth east 
of Lower Ter south to Cor- 
bett av 
MARSILLY — From St Mary's 
av west of Mission south to 
a point south of Bosworth 
IMARSTON AV — From Circular 
av west bet Judson a? and 
MARTHA AV — From Congo 
north of Mangels southeast 
to point nr Bumside a? 
MARTIN — From east side Sus- 
sex northeast to Moffit nr 
MARTINEZ AV — From Fair- 
fax av east of Ingalls south- 
east to Hudson av 
MARY — From south side Mis- 
sion bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to Howard 
MARYLAND — From the bay 
bet Delaware and Louisiana 
south to Tulare 
MASON — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Powell and Taylor 
north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Turk 2 1 

Eddy 100 101 

Ellis 200 201 

Latham pi 

Dikeman pi . . . . 

O'FaneU 300 301 


Geary 400 401 


Post 500 601 

Sutter 600 601 

Delta pi 

Bush 700 701 

Hooker al 

Pine 800 801 

Frank pi 

California 900 901 

Sacramento,. ..1000 1001 

Ewer pi 

Dawson pi 

MaKina pi . . . . 

Clay 1100 1101 

Truett ■ 

Shepherd pi ... 

Washington . ..1200 1201 

Jackson 1300 1301 


Pacific av 1400 1401 

Broadway 1500 1501 

VaUejo 1600 1601 

Green 1700 1701 

Winter la 

Webb pi 

Union 1800 1801 


Filbert 1900 1901 

Valparaiso . . . . 

Greenwich . . . .2000 2001 
Columbus ar . . 

Lombard 2100 2101 

Chestnut 2200 2201 


Francisco 2300 2301 

Vandewater . . . 

Bay 2400 2401 

Alaska pi 

North Point ...2500 2501 

Beach 2600 2601 

Jefferson 2700 2701 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
MASONIC AV — From Geary 
west of Central av south to 
Upper ter thence east to Six- 
-Cross Sts E W 

Geary 2 1 

St Rose's aT. . . (o) 101 

Turk 300 (o) 

Golden Gate av. 400 (o) 
McAllister .... 500 (o) 

Fulton 600 601 

Grove 700 701 

Hayes 800 801 

Fell (e) (e) 

Golden Gate pk. 

Oak 1000 1001 

Page lieO 1101 

Haight 1200 1201 

Waller 1300 1301 

Frederick 1400 1401 

Java 1500 

Piedmont 1553 

Upper Terrace .1600 1601 


Levant 1661 

Park Hill ar. . .1700 
Biiteenth (e) (e) 

bay bet New York and Dela- 
ware south to Tulare 
MASSASOIT — From Franconia 
east of Alabama northwest 
to Rutledge 
MATEO From Bemis north- 
east of Roanoke southeast to 
S P R R 
MAYFLOWER — From Holla- 
day av nr Powhattan west to 
Nevada av 
MAYNARD — From east side 

Mission nr Silver av 
MAYWOOD DR — From Terba 
Buena av 1 block southeast 
of Santa Paula av south to 
El Verano way 
MAZZINI — East of San Bruno 

av nr Islais Creek 

Mc A L L I STE R — From jtmction 

Market and Jones bet Fulton 

and Golden Gate av west to 

Arguello blvd 

Cross Sis N S 

Market and Jones 2 1 

Leavenworth . .100 

Hyde 200 

Breen pi 

Larkin 300 301 

Polk 400 401 

Van Ness av. . . . 500 501 

Franklin 600 601 

Gough 700 701 

Octavia 800 801 

Laguna 900 901 

Buchanan . . ..1000 1001 

Webster 1100 1101 

Fillmore 1200 1201 

Steiner 1300 1301 

Pierce 1400 1401 

Scott 1500 1501 

Divisadero . , ..1600 1601 

Broderick 1700 1701 

Baker 1800 1801 

Ljon 1900 1901 

Central av ....2000 2001 
Masonic av .... (c) (c) 
Masonic Cemetery 
Parker av ,....2500 2501 

Stanyan 2600 2601 


WUlard North ..2700 2701 

Arguello blvd . . (e) (e) 

McCOPPEN — From Otis bet 

Brady and Duboce av west 

to Market 

Cross Sts N S 

Otis 2 1 



Valencia 100 101 

Elgin Park . . . . 

Market (e) (e) 

Mccormick pl — From south 

side Pacific bet Hyde and 

Mcdonald av (Visitacion 

McDOUGALD — From west side 
Eighth bet Market and Mis- 

McKINLE/ AV — From Gillette 
av north of Blanken av west 
to Niieva av 

Mckinley SQ — Bet Vermont. 
Utah, Twentieth and Twen- 

McKINNON AV — From Water 
Front bet LaSalle av and 
Newcomb northwest to Selby 

McLaren av — From Twen- 
tieth av north of Lake west 
to Camino Del Mar 

McLEA CT — From east side 
Ninth bet Harrison and Bry- 

MEACHAM PL — From south 
side Post bet Hyde and Lar- 

MEADE AV — From County 
Line northwest to San Bruno 

MED A AV — From Otsego av 
bet Ocean av and Santa 
Ynez av west to Delano av 

MEDAU PL — From north side 
Filbert bet Grant av and 

MED FORD (Visitacion Valley) 
— South of Sunny Dale av 
from LaGrande av to County 

MELBA AV — Nineteenth av 
extension below Ocean av 

MELROSE AV — From point nr 
Congo north of Mangels av 
west to Hamburg 

MELVIN — From Thirty-first 
south to Castro 

MENDELL — From Arthur av 
west of Lane southwest to 
Railroad av and from Wil- 
liams av to Donner av 

MENDOCINO (South S F) — 
From the bay bet Calaveras 
and Plumas west to Arthur 

MENDOSA AV — Bet Quintara 

and Rivera to Ninth av 
MENLO — From Fairfax av bet 

Jennings and Keith south 

to Galvez 
MERCED AV — From Laguna 

Honda blvd southeast of 

Dewey blvd soutiiwest to 

Kensington way 

junction of Junipero blvd 

und Cerritos av 

MERCHANT — From the bay 

bet Clay and Washington 

west to Kearny 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm (c) (c) 

Davis (c) (c) 

Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Sansome 500 501 

Montgomery . . . 600 601 

Dunbar pl .... • 

Kearny (e) (e) 

MERCURY — South side of 

Thornton av west of Vesta 
MERLIN — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
MERRIE WAY — Off Pt Lobos 
av west of Forty-eighth av 
MERRILL — From south side 
Rickard bet Bameveld av 
and Boynton south to Silver 
MERRIMAC — From the bay 
nr Alameda west to Tennes- 
see (closed) 
MERRITT — From Market south 
of Corbett av west to Dan- 
MERSEY — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Dolores and 
Chattanooga south to Twen- 
MESA AV — From west side 

Santa Rita to Ninth av 
MEXICO (South S F) — From 
the bay south to India Basin 
MICHIGAN — From the bay bet 
Georgia and Illinois south to 
MIDDLE — From north side 
Pine bet Webster and Fill- 
more north to California 
MIDWAY — Francisco bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 
MIGUEL — From Beacon south- 
west of Laidley southeast to 
S P R R 
MILES CT — From north side 
California bet Stockton and 
MILEY — From east side Baker 

bet Filbert and Greenwich 
MILL — Off San Bruno av from 

Ankeny to Harkness 
MILLER PL — From south side 
Sacramento bet Stockton 
and Powell 
MILTON — From S P R R bet 
Cuvier and Rousseau south 
to Springdale 
MINERVA — West of San Jose 

av bet Montana and Lobos 
MINNA — From west side First 
bet Mission and Howard 
southwest to Fifteenth 
Cross Sts N S 

First 2 1 

Shaw al 

Second 100 101 

New Montgomery 

Third 200 201 

Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 


Sixth 500 501 


Seventh 600 601 


Eighth 700 701 

Ninth (c) (c) 

Tenth 900 901 

Eleventh 1000 1001 


Twelfth (c) (c) 

Thirteenth .... (c) (c) 
Fourteenth. ...1300 1301 

Fifteenth (e) (e) 

MINNESOTA — From Daggett 
bet Tennessee and Indiana 
south to Tulare 
MINT — From west side Fifth 
bet Stevenson and Mission 
and from north side Misaion 
bet Fifth and Sixth 
MIRABEL AV — From Coso av 
to Shotwell. 1 south of Pre- 

of San Pablo from Portola 
dr EW to Terba Buena av 
parallel to San Pablo av 
MIRAMAR AV — From Lake 
View av west of Brighton 
north to Monterey blvd 
MISSION — From the bay bet 
Howard and Market south- 
west and south to County 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 


Spear 100 101 

Main 200 201 

Beale 300 301 

Fremont 400 401 

First 500 501 


Shaw al 


Second 600 601 

New Montgomery 


Third 700 701 

Fourth 800 801 

Fifth 900 901 



Sixth 1000 1001 

Seventh 1100 1101 


Eighth 1200 1201 


Ninth 1300 1301 

Washburn . . . . 


Tenth 1400 1401 

Eleventh 1500 1501 


Otis 1600 

Twelfth 1601 


Duboce av 1700 

Thirteenth .... 1701 


Fourteenth . . . .1800 1801 

Fifteenth 1900 1901 

Sixteenth 2000 2001 

Seventeenth . . .2100 2101 

Clarion al 


Eighteenth. ...2200 2201 
Nineteenth . . .2300 2301 
Twentieth . . ..2400 2401 
Twenty-first . ..2500 2501 
Twenty-second. .2600 2601 
Twenty-third . .2700 2701 
T-wenty-fourth . .2S00 2 SOI 
Twenty-fifth . .2900 2901 
Twenty-sixth. ..3000 3001 


Army 3100 3101 

PreciU av .... 3151 

Powers av 

Valencia 3200 

Fair av 3201 

Everett pl 

Twenty-ninth . .3300 

Virginia av . , . . 3351 


Thirtieth 3400 

Eugenia av . . . . 3401 

Lizzie • 


Cortland av . . . 3501 

Brook 3500 

Randall 3550 

Santa Marina . . 

Appleton aT . . , 3601 

Charles 3650 

Highland av ...3700 3701 



Richland av ...3800 3801 

Crescent av . . . . 3901 

College av ... .3900 

St Mary's av . . . 

Bosworth 4000 

Springdale . . ..4100 

Craut and Canal . 4101 


Ney 4201 


Silver av 4301 

Tingley 4300 


Cott€r 4400 


Excelsior av , . . 4501 

SanU Rosa av. .4500 

Harrington .... 

Brazil 4601 

Norton 4600 

San Juan 

Ocean av 

Ruth 4701 


Russia av 4801 

Onondaga av . . .4800 

France av ... . 4901 

Italy av 5001 

Mohawk av . . . .5050 

Amazon av . . . . 5101 

Geneva av ....5100 


Niagara av . . . .5200 

Pope 5201 

Mt Vernon av. .5300 

Allison 5301 

Concord 5401 

OtUwa av .... 5400 


Foote av 5500 ■ 

Lowell 5601 

Naglee av 5600 


Wliipple av ...5 650 

Whittier 5701 

Farragut av . . .5700 


Oliver 5801 

Lawrence av . . .5800 

Acton 5901 

Sickles av ....5900 

Huron av 

Liebig 6000 

MISSION PARK — Bet Eight- 
eenth and Twentieth. Church 
and Dolores 
MISSISSIPPI — From Sixteenth 
bet Pennsylvania and Texas 
south to Army 
MISSOURI — From Sixteenth 
bet Texas and Connecticut 
south to Marin 
MIZPAH AV — Bet Swiss and 
EHk avs from Chenery north 
to Sussex 
MOFFIT — Bet Moreland and 
Sussex northwest from Castro 
bane dr north to Junipero 
Serra blvd nr Ocean av 
MONETA WAY — From 650 
Huron northwest and south- 
west to Farragut av 
MONO — From Short north to 
Corbett av nr Clarendon av 
MONROE — From north side 
Bush bet Stockton and Pow- 
ell north to Pine 
MONTAGUE PL — From west 
side Montgomery bet Green 
and Union 
MONTALVO AV — Off Taraval 
nr Dewey northwest to Caste- 
nada av 

MONTANA — West of San Jose 
av from Summit av to Ori- 

MONTCALM — From Peralta av 
southwest of Potrero av 
southwest to Alabama 
Hazelwood av east of Casitaa 
av east to Ridgewood av 
terey blvd west of Ridge- 
wood av southwest to East- 
wood dr 
Circular av nr San Jose av 
to Junipero Serra blvd 
MONTEZUMA — From Coso av 
nr Mirabel av east to Shot- 
MONTGOMERY — From north 
side Market bet Sansome and 
Keamy north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Post 2 1 

Sutter 100 101 

Bush 200 201 

Pine 300 301 


California 400 401 

Sacramento . . . 500 5 01 
Commercial .... 

Clay COO 601 


Washington . . . 700 701 

Columbus av . . . 

Jackson 800 801 


Pacific av 900 901 

Verdi pl 

Broadway 1000 1001 

Vallejo 1100 1101 

Green 1200 1201 

Montague pl . . . 

Union 1300 1301 

School al 


Filbert 1400 1401 

Greenwich . . ..1500 1501 

Lombard 1600 1601 

Chestnut 1700 1701 

Francisco 1800 1801 

The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
MONTICELLO — From Worces- 
ter av bet Bixby and Beverly 
north to Estero 
MOORE PL — From north side 
Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
MORAGA — ^Krom Locksley av 
south of Lawton west to the 
MORELAND — From Castro bet 
Melvin and Moffit northwest 
to Diamond 
MORGAN AL — From Grand 
View av nr Twenty-second 
northwest to Corbett av 
MORRELL — From north side 
Pacific bet Hyde and Larkin 
north to Broadway 
MORRIS — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
southeast to point south of 
MORSE — From Rolph south- 
west to Mission opposite 
Whipple av 
MOSCOW — From Madison bet 
Munich and Athens south- 
west to Geneva 
MOSS — From south side How- 
ard bet Sixth and Seventh 
=outheast to Folsom 
MOULTON — From west side 
Buchanan bet Greenwich and 
Lombard west to Steiner 
MOULTRIE — From Bocana nr 
Coso av to point south of 
Crescent av 
MOUNT LANE — From Fif- 
teenth av and Noriega east 
to Fourteenth av 
Mission bet Niagara and Ot- 
tawa av3 northwest to Getz 
North of Lake to Presidio 
Reservation bet Seventh and 
Fourteenth avs 


From Twin Peaks blvd south 
of Clarendon av to point 
west of Stanyan 
MULFORD AL — From east side 
Taylor bet Bush and Pine 
MULLEN AV — From Alabama 
bet Precita av and Montcalm 
MUNICH — From LaGrande av 
southeast of Moscow south- 
west to Naples av 
MURRAY — From 4001 Mission 
- northeast to Holly Park cir 
MYRTLE — From west side 
Larkin bet O'Farrell and 
Geary west to Laguna 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av . . 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough 400 401 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna (e) (e) 

NAGLEE AV — From Mission 
northwest to San Jose av 
near County Line 
1800 San Jose av northwest 
to Oloran av 
NAPIER LANE — From north 
side Filbert bet Sansome aJid 



NAPLES — From Sllter tr 

northwest of Vioiina south- 

wf>l to t'urtia 
NAPOLEON — From Ijl«l» 

northen^t o( Kvans ftv weal 

to Ji-rrolJ ttT 
NATICK — From Chenery nr 

Cjistro south to Arlintfton 
N ATOM A — Kroiu west side vtt- 

nu'iit bet Mission nnj Ho\¥- 

aM southwest to Fitteontli 
Cross SIS M S 

Kiviiioiil - 1 

siS.mi : : :::: loo loi 

Now Montsoracry 

Third 200 201 

Fourth (cl (c) 

(roiut west of 

Fourth) .... 300 301 

Fifth *00 401 

si«h ■.•.:::::: boo boi 
&ih .•."::: : goo eoi 

EiehU. 700 101 

Ninth (c) (<=' 

Tenth. 900 901 

Eleventh 1000 1001 


Twelfth (c <= 

ThirteenUi . . • • „(j, , ' ? 
Fourteenth . . .1300 1301 

Fifteenth (e) (e) 

NAVAJO AV — From Delano 
av bet Seneca nv and Geneva 
BT southeast to Winnipeg av 
NAYLOR — From south side 
Municli bet Rolph and Cor- 
dova southeast to BcUimore 
NEBRASKA — From Powhat- 
tait east of Nevada to t^ort- 
land av 
NELSON AV — From Jennings 
av bet Meade av and Ohiey 
av soutliwest to San Bruno av 
NEPTUNE — From Thornton av 
bet I>iana atid Venus south 
to \ViUiams av 
NEVADA — From Esmeralda av 
bet Prentiss and Rosecrans 
south to Crescent av 
south side Marliet bet Sec- 
ond and Third southeast to 
Ciws Sts W t 

Market 2 1 



Aldrich al — -— 

Mission 100 101 



Howard (el (e) 

north side Green bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde 
WEW YORK — From the bay 
bet Oklahoma and Massa- 
chusetts south to Arthur av 
NEWBURG — From Twenty- 
seventh bet Castro and Dia; 
mnnd south to Duncan 
NEWCOIVIB AV — North of 
Oakdale av from Water 
Front northwest to Selby 
NEWELL — From north side 
Lombard bet Mason and 
NEWHALL — From Arthur av 
we---t of Mendell southwest 
to Egbert av 
NEWIMAN — From Holly Park 
cir bet EUert and Highland 
av east to Andover 
NEWTON — From south side 

Rolph south to Brunswick 
NEY — From east side Mission 

nr Silver av 
NIAGARA AV — From north- 
west side Mission bet Geneva 
and Mt Vernon avs north- 
west to Edgar pi 
NIANTIC — From Panama av 

west of San Diego av 
NINETEENTH — From the bay 
bet Eighteenth and Twen- 
tieth west to Yukon 
Cross Sts N S 

Hlinois 600 501 

Third 600 601 

Tennessee .... 700 701 
Minnesota .... 800 801 

Indiana 900 901 

Iowa 1000 1001 

Pennsylvania . ..1100 1101 
Mississippi . . .1200 1201 

Texas 1300 1301 

Missouri 1400 1401 

Connecticut . . .1500 1501 

Arkansas 1600 1601 

Wisconsin . . ..1700 1701 

Carolina 1800 1801 

Pe Haro 1!>00 inni 

Rhode Island .. .2000 2001 

Kansas 2100 2101 

Vermont 2200 2201 

San Bruno av . .2300 2301 

Utah 2400 2401 

Potrero av ....2500 2501 
Hampshire . . . .2600 2601 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2800 2801 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 3000 3001 

Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat ar 3150 3151 

Fokom 3200 3201 

ShotweU 3250 3251 

Howard 3300 3301 

Opp S3B0 3351 

MlSon 3400 3401 

San Carlos .... 
l.exincton .... 

Valencia 3800 8501 



Cucrroro 3000 3001 

Dolores (ol (ol 

Church 3800 38(11 

Sanchei SHOO 3001 

Noe 4 0110 4 001 

HarUord 40.-iO 4 0.-il 

Ca.stra 410U 41iil 

Collinewood . . .4 200 4 201 

Diamond 4300 4:ull 

Eureka 4400 4401 

Douslaas 4500 4501 

Yukon (e) (c) 

sidio Ueservation south to 
Sloat blvd 
Cross Sts E W 

Presidio 2 1 

Lake 100 101 

California 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anza 500 501 

Balboa 800 601 

Cahrillo 700 701 

Fullon (e) (e) 

Golden Gate pk. 

Lincoln way . . .1200 1201 

Irvine 1300 1301 

Judah 1400 1401 

Kirkham 1500 1501 

Lnwton 1600 1601 

Moraga 1700 1701 

Noriega 1800 1801 

Ortega 1900 1001 

Pacheco 2000 2(^01 

Quintara 2100 2101 

Rivera 2200 2201 

Siintiago 2300 2301 

Taraval 2400 2401 

UUoa 2500 2501 

Vicente 2600 2601 

Wawona 2700 2701 


Sloat blvd .... (e) (el 
NINTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Eighth and Tenth 
southeast to Division 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 



Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 301 



Harrison 400 401 

Blackwood .... 

McLea ct 

Bryant 500 501 

Brannan 600 601 

Division (e) (e) 

NINTH AV — From Mountain 
Lake pk south to Rivera. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 
NOBLE'S AL — From east side 
Grant av bet Union and Fil- 
NOE — From south side Duboce 
av bet Sanchez and Castro 
south to Laidley 
Cross Sts W B 

Duboce av . . . . 2 1 

Fourteenth .... 100 101 


Fifteenth 200 201 


Sixteenth „„, 

Market 300 301 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 


Eighteenth .... BOO BOI 


Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Cumberland . . . 

Twentieth .... 700 701 


Twenty-flrst . . . 800 801 


Twenty-second . 900 901 


Twenty-third ..1000 1001 


Twenty-fourth .1100 1101 


Twenty-fifth . . .1200 1201 


Twenty-sixth . .1300 1301 


Twenty-seventh .1400 1401 


Twenty-eighth .1500 IBOl 


Twenty-ninth . .1600 1601 


Thirtieth 1700 1701 

Laidley (el (el 

NORDHOFF — From Stillings 
south bet Baden and Congo 
NORFOLK — From south side 
Folsom bet 11th and 12th 
southeast to Harrison 
NORIEGA — From Seventh av 
south of Moraga west to the 
Monterey blvd east of West 
Gate dr. south to Darien way 
NORTH POINT — From the bay 
bet Bay and Beach west to 
Presidio Reservation 





Cross Sts 

Kearny - 

Grant av 100 

Stockton 200 

Powell 300 

Mason 400 

Taylor 500 

Jones 600 

Columbus av . . . 7 00 

Leavenworth . . 701 

Hyde 800 801 

I.arkin 000 ilOl 

Polk 1000 1001 

Van Ness av . . . (c) (c) 
Govt Reservation 

Laguna 1500 1501 

liuchanan . . . .1000 KiOt 

Webster 1700 1701 

(Closed bet Web- 
ster & Scott I 

Scott 2100 2101 

Divisadero . . . .2200 2201 
Broderick . . . .2300 2301 

Baker 2400 2401 

Lyon (el (e) 


lift Pnlk and I.arkin 
west side Montecito av to 
Pizarro way south of Mon- 
terey blvd 
NORTON — From northwest aide 
Mission bet Harrington and 
NORWICH — p'rom west side 
.\labama nr Ripley west to 
Treat av 
NOTTINGHAM PL — From east 
side Kearny bet Pacific and 
NUEVA AV — From Raymond 
av north and northwest to 
Vista av 
OAK — From junction Market 
and Van Ness av bet Page 
and Fell west to Stanyan 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Van 

Ness av 2 

Franklin 100 

Gough 200 

Octavia 300 

Laguna 400 

Buchanan . . . . 500 

Webster 600 

Fillmore 700 

Steiner 800 

Pierce 900 

Scott 1000 1001 

Divisadero . . . .1100 1101 

Broderick 1200 1201 

Baker .... 


Central av 

Masonic av ... - 

Ashbury (o) 1701 

Clayton (ol 1801 

Cole (ol 1901 

Shrader (ol 2001 

Stanyan (el (el 

OAK GROVE — From south side 
Harrison bet Fifth and 
Sixth southeast to Bryant 
OAKDALE AV — From Water 
Front bet Palou av and 
Newcomb av northwest to 
Holladay av 
OAKWOOD — From south side 
Eighteenth bet Guerrero and 
OCEAN AV — From Mission at 
San Juan av west to Jimi- 
pero Serra bird 
OCTAVIA — From north side 
Market bet Gough and La- 
guna north to Fort Mason 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and WaUer 2 1 

Haight 100 101 


Page 200 201 

Lily 300 301 


Fell 400 401 


Hayes 500 501 


Grove 600 601 


Fulton 700 701 


McAllister .... 800 801 
Golden Gate av . (c) (c) 
Jefferson Sq . . . „ ^ „, 

Eddy 1100 1101 


Ellis 1200 1201 


O'Parrell 1300 1301 

Myrtle ,„, 

Geary 1400 1401 

Pot". ".■.■.■ '.■.".1500 1501 


Sutter 1600 1601 


Bush 1700 1701 


Pine ISOO 1801 

California 1900 1901 

Sacramento ... (cl (cl 
Lafayette pk . . . 

Washington . . .2200 2201 

Jackson 2300 2301 

Pacific av 2400 2401 

Broadway 2500 2501 

Vallejo 2600 2601 

Green 2700 2701 

Union 2800 2801 

Filbert 2900 2901 

Greenwich . . ..3000 3001 

Lombard 3100 3101 

Chestnut 3200 3201 

Francisco . . . .3300 3301 


{ol 1301 

(ol 1401 

(ol 1501 

(ol 1601 



Fort Mason . . . 
O'FARRELL — From junction 
Market and Grant av bet 
Ellis and Geary west to St 
Joseph's av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Grant av 2 1 

.Savings Union pi 

Stockton 100 101 

Powell 200 201 



Mason 300 301 

Taylor 400 401 


Jones 500 501 

Leavenworth . . . 600 601 

Harlen\ al 

Ada ct 

Hyde 700 701 

Larkin 800 801 

Polk 900 901 

Van Ness av . . .1000 1001 

Franklin 1100 1101 

Gough 1200 1201 

Octavia 1300 1301 

Laguna 1400 1401 

Buchanan 1500 1501 


Webster 1600 1601 

Fillmore 1700 1701 

Steiner 1800 1801 

Pierce 1901 


Scott 2000 2001 


Divisadero . . . .2100 2101 
Broderick . . . .2200 2201 
St Joseph's av. . . (el (el 
OGDEN AV — From 601 And- 
over av east to Crescent av 
OHIO (South S F) — From the 
bay nr Virginia south to Ar- 
thur av 
OKLAHOMA — From the bay 
bet New York and Ohio 
south to Arthur av 
OLIVE — From west side LarKn 
bet Ellis and O'Farrell west 
to Buchanan 
Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness av . . . 200 201 

Franklin (cl (cl 

Gough (cl (cl 

Octavia 500 501 

Laguna 600. 601 

Buchanan .... (el (e) 
OLIVER — From 5 800 Mission 

southeast nr County Line 
OLMSTEAD — From 3100 San 
Bruno av west to point west 
of Harvard 
OLNEY AV — From County Line 
south of Nelson av north- 
west to San Bruno av 
OLORAN — From Santa Rosa 
southeast of Circular av 
southwest to Havelock 
OMAR WAY — From Sequoia 
way 1 block north of Bella 
Vista way 
ONEIDA AV — From Cayuga av 
south of Onondaga av north- 
west to San Jose av 
ONEOTA — From point at Hoyt 

northeast to Harkness 
ONONDAGA AV — From west 
side Mission nr Russia av 
northwest to Ocean av 
OPAL PL — From east side 
Taylor bet Golden Gate av 
and Turk 
OPERA AL — From north side 
Jlission bet Third and 
OPHIR AL — From north side 

Post bet Taylor and Jones 
ORANGE AL — From Twenty- 
fourth bet Valencia and 
Bartlett south to Twenty- 
sixth . , 
ORCHARD — From Arbor to 

Berkeley west of Diamond 
ORD — From point nr States 
west of Douglass south to 
ORD CT — From Ord north of 

Vulcan west to Levant 
ORDWAY — From west side San 
Bruno av south of Mansall 
OREGON — From Embareadero 
bet Washington and Jack- 
son west to Battery 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embareadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

Front 300 301 

Battery (el (el 

ORIENT — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Church and 
Vicksburg south to Elizabeth 
Schwerin way. 1 south of 
Valesca way 
ORIOLE WAY — From Pacheco 
bet Tenth and Eleventh avs 
southwest to Rockridge dr 
ORIZABA AV — West of San 
Jose av nr County Line from 
DeLong north to Holloway 
ORTEGA — From Eighth av 
south of Noriega west to the 
ORTEGA WAY — From Ortega 
and Fifteenth av east to 
Fourteenth av 
OSAGE AL — Prom Twenty- 
fourth bet Mission and Bart- 
lett south to Twenty-sixth 

OSCAR AL — From north aide 
Clementina bet First and 

OSGOOD PL — From north side 
Pacific av bet Knnsome and 
Montgomery north to Broad- 
I'roin Portola dr 1 hlk east 
Teresita dr southeast to 
OTEGA — From Blount Vernon 
av east of San Jose av south- 
west to Ottawa 
OTILLIA — 1 south Walbridge 

to County Line 
OTIS — From Mission and 
Twelfth southwest to Mc- 
Coiipin. llieuce south to Mis- 
sion and Duboce av 
OTSEGO AV — From Santa 
Ysabel east of San Jose av 
south to Seneca av 
OTTAWA AV — From 5400 
Mission northwest to San 
Jose av nr County Line 
OXFORD — From Silver av bet 
Cambridge and Harvard 
south to point south of Olm- 
PACHECO — -From Merced av 
soutlieast of Dewey blvd 
north and west to the ocean 
PACIFIC — From the bay bet 
Jackson and Broadway west 
to Larkin 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embareadero 2 1 


Davis 100 101 

Front 200 201 

Battery 300 301 

Sansome 400 401 

Osgood pi 

Montgomery . . . 500 501 

Jerome al 

Kearny 600 601 

Columbus av . . . 


Grant av 700 701 

Jason ct 

Pelton pi 

Stockton 800 801 



Powell 900 901 

Keyes al 

Wayne pi 

Mason 1000 1001 



Hinielmann pi. . . 

Taylor 1100 1101 

Phoenix ter .... 

Jones 1200 1201 

Leavenworth.. .1300 1301 

Burgoyne pi ... . 

Charing Cross . . 

Hyde 1400 1401 

Morrell pi 

McCorinick . . . . 

PACIFIC AV — From Larkin 

west to Presidio Reservation 

Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 1500 1501 

Polk 1600 1601 

Van Ness av. . . .1700 1701 

Franklin 1800 1801 

Gough 1900 1901 

Octavia 2000 2001 

Laguna 2100 2101 

Buchanan 2200 2201 

Webster 2300 2301 

FiUmore 2400 2401 

Steiner 2500 2501 

Pierce 2600 2601 

Scott 2700 2701 

Divisadero . . . .2800 2801 

Broderick 2900 2901 

Baker 3000 3001 

Lyon 3100 3101 

Presidio av 3200 3201 

Walnut (0) 3301 

Laurel (ol 3401 

Locust 3501 

Presidio Beserva- 

tion (e) (e) 

PAGE — From junction Market 
and Franklin bet Haight and 
Oak west to Stanyan 

N S 

Cross Sts 
Market and 

Franklin . . 
Gough .... 
Octavia .... 
Laguna .... 
Buchanan . . 
Webster . . . 
Fillmore . . . 
Steiner .... 


Scott 900 

Divisadero . . . .1000 
Broderick . . 
Baker .... 
Lyon . . . . 
Central av . 
Masonic av . 
Ashbury . . 












.1100 1101 

.1200 1201 








Cole 1800 

Shrader 1900 

Stanyan (el 

PAGODA PL — From north side 

Sacramento nr Stockton 
PALM AV — From California 
south to Geary bet Jordan 
and Arguello blvd 
Jose av nr County Line west 
to Junipero Serra blvd 
PALO ALTO AV — From west 
side Twin Peaks blvd south 
of St Germain av 



PALOMA AV — From Ocean av 
opp San Benito way to Ju- 
nipero Serra blvd 

PALOU AV — From Water 
Front bet Oakdale av and 
Quesada av northwest to In- 

PANAMA — From San Diego aT 
north of San Luis west to St 
Charles av 

PARAISO PL — From Sloat 
blTd 1 blk east Vale av north 
to Crestlake dr 

PARDEE AL — From west side 
Grant av bet Filbert and 

PARIS — From point north of 
Excelsior av bet Lisbon and 
London southwest to Rolph 

PARK — From point west of 
3750 Mission east to And- 

PARK HILL AV — From Bnena 
Vista av west of Buena Vista 
ter south to Masonic av 

PARKER AV — From south 
side California opp Maple 
south to Fulton 

PARK HURST AL — From north 
side Clay bet Stockton and 

From 12 50 Lake south to 
Fulton, 1 west of Funston 

PARNASSUS AV — From Clay- 
ton bet Carl and Grattan. 
west and southwest to Fifth 

PARROTT AL — From west side 
Davis bet California and 

PARSONS — From north side 
Fulton bet Stanyan and 

lasco av to County Line 

PATTERSON — East of San 
Bruno av from Flower north- 

P ATTO N — From Appleton av 
south to Highland 

PAUL AV — From Third op- 
posite Oilman av west to 
San Bruno av 

PAULDING — From west side 
San Jose av bet Santa Rosa 
av and Havelock 

PAYSON — North of Palmetto 
av from St Charles to Ches- 
ter avs 

PEABODY — From Leland av 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 

PEARL — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Elgin Park and 
Guerrero south to Duboce av 

PELTON PL — From north side 
Pacific bet Grant av and 

PEMBERTON PL — From west 
side Clayton junction at Cor- 
bett av southwest to Twin 
Peaks blvd 

Bruno av south bet Wheeler 
and State avs 

teenth bet Iowa and Mis- 
sissippi south to Tulare 

PEORIA — Off Mission San Ma- 
teo Co 

PERALTA AV — From Holla- 
day av south of Army south- 
west and south to Tompkins 
and San Bruno av 

PERASTO AV — From San Bru- 
no av 1 blk west Bameveld 
north to Dickenson 

FERINE PL — From west side 
Steiner bet California and 
Sacramento west to Pierce 

PERRY — From point west of 
Second bet Harrison and 
Bryant southwest to Fifth 

Cross Sts N S 

W of Second. . . 2 1 

Third 100 101 

Fourth 200 201 

Fifth (e) (e) 

PERSIA AV — From Mission 
south of Brazil av southeast 
to La Grande av 

PERU AV — From Silver av nr 
Lisbon southeast to La 
Grande av 

PETERS AV — From south side 
Fair av bet Mission and 

PETRARCH PL — From south 
side Pine bet Sansome and 

PFEIFFER — From point off 
Grant av bet Chestnut and 
Francisco west to Stockton 

PHELAN AV — From Ocean av 
east of Harold av north to 
Flood av 

PHELPS AV — From Custer av 
bet Newhall and Quint to 
point south of Revere and 
from Williams av southwest 
to Charter Oak av 

PHOENIX TER — Off south 
side of Pacific bet Taylor 
and Jones 

PICO AV — From west side 
Ashton av bet Ocean av and 

PIEDMONT — From Masonic av 
south of Frederick west to 

PIERCE — From Duboce Park 

bet Steiner and Scott north 
to the Beach 

Cross Sts E W 

Duboce Park . . 2 1 

Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 401 

Fell 500 501 

Hayes (c) (c> 

Alamo sq 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister .... 900 901 

Golden Gate av.. 1000 1001 


Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

O'Farrell (O (c) 

Geary (c) (c) 

Hamilton sq . . . 

Post ifioo leoi 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Perine pi 

Sacramento.. ..2100 2101 

Clay (c) (c) 

Alta Plaza .... 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich 3100 3101 

Regley pi 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Toledo way .... 

Alhambra 3400 8401 

Capra way 3500 3501 

Beach (e) (el 

PILGRIM AV — From 1700 

San Jose av northwest to 

S P R R 

PINE — From junction Market 

and Davis bet Bush and 

California west to Presidio av 

Cross Sts N S 

Market and Davis 2 1 

Front 100 101 

Battery 200 201 

Sansome 300 301 

Leidesdorff .... 

Exchange pi . . . 

Petrarch nl . . . . 

Montgomery . . . 400 401 

Russ al 


Kearny 500 501 

St George al. . . . 

St Anne • 


Grant av 600 601 

Stockton 700 701 



Powell 800 801 

Mason 900 901 

Pine pi 

Taylor 1000 1001 

Jones 1100 1101 


Leavenworth.. .1200 1201 

Hyde 1300 1301 

Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av 1600 IGOl 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Octavia 1900 1901 

Laguna 2000 2001 

Buchanan 2100 2101 

Webster 2200 2201 

Middle ■ 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero 2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2801 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon 3000 3001 

Presidio av . . . . (e) (e) 
PINE PL — From north side 
Pine bet Mason and Taylor 
Ocean av 1 blk west of Man- 
or dr northwest to Upland dr 
PINK A L — From Pearl bet 

Market and Duboce av 
PINO AL — From Judah bet 
Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth 
PIOCHE — From junction Silver 
av and Cambridge west to 
gomery, Kearny, Filbert and 
PIONEER PL — From west side 
Fourth bet Market and Jessie 
PIXLEY — From west side Bu- 
chanan bet Filbert and 
Greenwich west to Steiner 
PIZARRO AV — From West- 
wood dr to Faxon av north 
of Wildwood way 
PLAZA — From east side Ma- 
gellan av east to Alms House 
PLEASANT — From west side 
Taylor bet Sacramento and 
Clay west to Jones 
PLUM — From east side Mission 

bet Twelfth and Twentieth 
PLUMAS (South S F) — From 
the bay bet Mendocino and 
Fresno west to Arthur av 
PLUTO — From Masonic av west 
of Levant south to Lower ter 

Jose av opp Sickles av north 
to Yerba Buena av 
Forty-second av off Geary 
west and south to Great 
POLK — From north side Mar- 
ket bet Larkin and Van 
Ness av north to the bay 
Cross Sts E W 

Market and Fell. 2 1 

Hayes 100 101 


Grove 200 201 

McAllister 400 401 


Golden Gate av. 500 501 

Elm ■ 

Turk 600 601 

Eddy 700 701 


Ellis 800 801 


O'Farrell 900 901 


Geary 1000 1001 


Post 1100 1101 

Hemlock av .... 

Sutter 1200 1201 


Bush 1300 1301 


Pine 1400 1401 

California 1500 1501 

Sacramento.. ..1600 1601 

Clay 1700 1701 

Washington . . ..1800 1801 

Jackson 1900 1901 

Pacific av 2000 2001 

Broadway 2100 2101 

Vallejo 2200 2201 


Green 2300 2301 

Union 2400 2401 

Filbert 2500 2501 

Greenwich 2600 2601 

Lombard 2700 2701 

Chestnut 2800 2801 

Francisco 2900 2901 

Bay 3000 3001 

NorthPoint 3100 3101 

Beach 3200 3201 

Jefferson 3300 3301 

Tonquin 3400 3401 

POLLARD PL — From north 
side Vallejo bet Kearny and 
Grant av 
POLLOCK (South SF) — From 
Yosemite av nr the bay 
southwest to County Line 
POMONA — From Bay View bet 
Latona and Flora south to 
Thornton av 
PONb — From south side Six- 
teenth bet Sanchez and Noe 
south to Seventeenth 
PONTIAC — From Jackson bet 
Grant av and Stockton north 
to Pacific 
POPE — From Mission opposite 
Niagara av south to Hanover 
POPLAR — From Twenty-fourth 
bet Valencia and San Jose 
av south to Twenty-sixth 
PORTER — From south side 
Crescent av bet Bache and 
PORTOLA DR — From junction 
of Corbett av and Twenty- 
fourth southwest to Junipero 
Serra blvd 
Washington. Kearny and 
Brenham pi 
POST — From Junction Market 
and Montgomery bet Geary 
and Sutter west to Presidio 
Cross Sts N S 
Market and Mont- 
gomery 2 1 

Lick pi 

Kearny 100 101 


Grant av 200 201 

Stockton 300 301 

Powell 400 401 

Mason 500 501 

Taylor 600 601 

Agate pi , 


Ophir al ■ 

Jones 700 701 

Leavenworth . . . 800 801 

Hyde 900 901 

Meacham pi . . . 

Larkin 1000 1001 

Polk 1100 noi 

Van Ness av 1200 1201 

Franklin 1300 1301 

Gough 1400 1401 

Octavia 1500 1501 

Laguna 1600 1001 

Buchanan 1700 1701 

Webster 1800 1801 

Fillmore 1900 1901 


Steiner 2000 (o) 

Pierce 2100 (o) 

Scott 2200 2201 

Divisadero 2300 2301 

Erkson ct 

Broderick 2400 2401 

Baker 2500 2501 

Lyon 2600 2601 

Presidio av .... (e) (e) 

POTOMAC — From Waller bet 
Steiner and Pierce 

POTRERO AV — From Division 
bet Utah and Hampshire 
south to San Bruno av 

Cross Sts W E 

Division 2 1 

Alameda 100 101 

Fifteenth 200 201 

Sixteenth 300 301 

Seventeenth ... 400 401 

Mariposa 500 501 

Eighteenth .... 600 601 
Nineteenth . . . . 700 701 

Twentieth 800 801 

Twenty-first .... 900 (o) 
Twenty-second. .1000 (o) 
Twenty-third. ..1100 1101 
Twenty-fourth. .1200 1201 
Twenty-fifth ... .1300 1301 
Twenty-sixth. ..1400 1401 

Army 1500 1501 



San Bruno av. . . (e) (e) 
POWELL — From north side 
Market and Eddy bet Stock- 
ton and Mason north to the 
Cross SIS E W 

Market and Eddy 2 1 

Ellis 100 101 

O'Farrell 200 201 

Geary (o) 301 

Post 400 401 

Sutter 500 501 

Anson pi 

Bush 600 601 

Fella pi 

Pine 700 701 

California .... 800 801 
Sacramento .... 900 901 

Clay 1000 1001 

Washington . . .1100 1101 

Jackson 1200 1201 


Carmine pi .... 

Pacific av 1300 1301 

Fisher al 

Broadway 1400 1401 

Vallejo 1500 1501 

Green 1600 1601 

Union (o) 1701 

Columbus av . . . 

Filbert 1800 1801 

Greenwich . . ..1900 1901 

Lombard 2000 2001 

Chestnut 2100 2101 

Francisco 2200 2201 

Vandewater . . . . 

Bay 2300 2301 

North Point ... .2400 2401 

Beach 2500 2501 


The Embarcadero (e) (e) 
POWERS AV — From Mission 
south of Precita av southeast 
to Coleridge 
cana bet Esmeralda and Eu- 
genia avs east to Holladay av 
PRADO — From Cervantes blvd 
bet Beach and Marina blvd 
west to Scott 
PR A G U E — From Excelsior av 
bet Munich and Dublin 
southwest to Pope 
PRATT PL — From north side 
California bet Stockton and 
PRECITA AV — From Mission 
south of Army east to York 
PRENTISS — From Esmeralda 
av bet Banks and Nevada av 
south to Crescent av 
PRE SCOTT CT — From south 
side Vallejo bet Sansome and 
PRESIDENT — West of Castro 

from Flint northwest 
PRESIDIO AV — West of Lyon 
From Presidio Reservation 
south to Geary 
Cross Sts W E 
Presidio Reserva- 
tion 1 2 

Pacific av 1 2 

Jackson 101 100 

Washington .... 201 200 

Clay 301 300 

Sacramento .... 401 400 

California 500 

Pine 600 

Bush 700 

Sutter 800 

Post 900 

Laurel Hill Cem- 
etery 901 (o) 

Geary (e) (e) 

PRESIDIO TER — From west of 
Arguello blvd bet Lake and 
Presidio Reservation 
PRICE ROW — From south side 
Union bet Grant av and 
PRIEST — i>om south side 
Washington bet Jones and 
PRIMS — From west side Cor- 
bett av north of Remain 
PRINCETON — From Silver av 
west of University to Point 
south of Mansell 
PRINGLE CT — From north 
side Greenwich bet Sansome 
and Montgomery 
PROSPECT AV — From Coso 
av bet Coleridge and Win- 
field south to Santa Marina 
PROSPER — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Seventeenth 
PUEBLO AV — From Velasco to 
County Line west of San 
Bruno av 
PULASKI AV — From County 
Line south of OIney av 
northwest to San Bruno av 
PUTNAM — From south side 
Cortland av bet Bronte and 
Nevada av south to Crescent 

QUANE — From south side 
Twenty-first bet Dolores and 
Fair Oaks south to Twenty- 

QUEBEC AV — From County 
Line south of Pulaski av 
northwest to Nueva 

QUESADA AV — From Water 
Front bet Palou and Revere 
avs northwest to Industrial 

QUINCY — From point south of 
Pine bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to California 

QUINT — From Arthur av nr 
Third southwest to Revere av 
and from Bancroft av south 
to Charter Oak av 

QUINTARA — From point east 
of Tenth av south of Pa- 
checo west to the ocean 

RADIO TER — From Rockridge 
south of Pacheco northwest 
to Fourteenth av 

RAE — Off Naglee av bet Huron 
and Mission 

RALEIGH AV — From Paulding 
west of San Jose av south- 
west to Havelock 

RALPH AV — From Jackson bet 
Grant and Stockton 

RALSTON — East of Junipero 
Serra blvd bet Bixby and 
Vernon from Worcester north 
to HoUoway av 

RAMONA AV — From south 
side of Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 

RAMSELL — West of San Jose 
av bet Arch and Victoria 

RANDALL — From 3550 Mis- 
sion south of Thirtieth west 
to Randall 

RANDOLPH — From Orizaba av 
bet Sargent and Stanley west 
to Chester av 

RANKIN — From Islais south- 
west to Thomas av bet Quint 
and Shelby 

RAUSCH — From south side 
Howard het Seventh and 
Eighth southeast to Folsom 

Yerba Buena blvd 1 blk 
northwest Hazelwood av 
southwest to Maywood dr 

RAYBURN — From south side 
Liberty bet Sanchez and 

RAYMOND AV — From San 
Bruno av bet Arleta and Le- 
land avs west to point west 
of Sawyer 

REDD Y — From Thornton bet 
Ceres and Diana 

REDFIELD AL — From west 
side Taylor bet Union and 
Filbert turning north to Fil- 

REDONDO • — Southwest from 
Ingerson to Jamestown bet 
Hawes and Ingalla 

REDWOOD — From west side 
Larkin het McAllister and 
Golden Gate av west to Bu- 

Cross Sts N S 

Larkin 2 1 

Polk 100 101 

Van Ness ar 200 201 

Franklin 300 301 

Gough (c) (c) 

Octavia (c) (c) 

Laguna 600 601 

REED — From north side Clay 
bet Jones and Leavenworth 
north to Washington 

REGENT — From Winnipeg ar 
northwest to Palmetto ar 
nr County Line 

REGLEY PL — From east side 
Pierce bet Greenwich and 

RENO PL — From south Bide 
Green bet Montgomery and 

REPOSA WAY — Prom Mari- 
etta dr southwest to Cresta 
Vista dr 

RESERVOIR — From north Bide 
Market bet Duboce av and 
Fourteenth west to Church 

RETIRO WAY — From Beach 
northwest of Fillmore and 
northeast to Marina blvd 

REVERE AV — From Water 
Front bet Quesada and Shat- 
ter avs northwest to Bame- 
veld av 

REX AV — From south side 
Portola dr bet DeSur av and 
Marne way 

REY — West of San Bnmo av 
nr County Line from Leland 
av southwest 

RHINE — West of San Jose ar 
from DeLong southwest to 
County Line 

vision bet DeHaro and Kan- 
^:\s si>utli to Army 

RICE — From County Line bet 
Liebig and Goethe northwest 
to DeLong 

RICHLAND AV — From 3800 
Mission east to Andover 

RICHTER AV — From County 
Line bet Quebec and Samp- 
son avs 

RICKARD -■ — From west side 
San Bnmo av nr Islais Creek 

RICO WAY — From Retire way 
northwest to Avila 



RIDOK LA — Prom 8ui Jom at 

south of liouut Vernon »v 

Wl*->t tt> llowtli 

FUhhI •* west of t<9neft«« 

north to Sii»5<ri 
RINCON h>om Htrriion bet 

h'ir>l imtl Sectiiul soiUhwwt 

to FMiTal 
RINOOLD — ITvcm west «M« 

Kiehth bet Folsoin iinil H»r- 

ri>»'n MMithwt-st to Ninth 
RIO OT- Kr\>m Knst si*!*' IVrw- 

altA bl»il bet Thirty flrst and 

ThirtT-»cct,mil east to hU Se- 

mint ft 
RIO VEROE — Krom Velasco •t 

iTr>t of San Bruno »t lo 







t'oiMity I.ine 
RIPLEY FriMu Shotwell south 
of Stoncinan east to Peralt* 

RITCH — t"nini south side Fol- 
som bet Thin! and Fourth 
sputhenst to Townsend 
Cross Sis W 

Folsom 2 


Harrison (cl 

Bryant 200 

Brannan 300 

Townsend (e) 

RIVERA — From point east of 
Eleventh ar south of Quin- 
tjira west to the ocean 
RIVOLI — From Belvedere bet 
Alnift av and Seventeenth 
to point "est of Stanyan 
ROACH — From north side Fil- 
bert bet Taylor and Jones 
north to Greenwich 
ROANOKE— From Bemis east 

to SPUR 
R08INHO0D OR — From 
Lansdale av east to point in 
Mt Davidson pk 
ROCK AL^Off Rockaway bird 
ROCK AWAY AV — From La- 
cuna Honda blvd north of 
Palmas dr north of and par- 
allel with Cresta Vista dr 
ROCKLAND — From east side 
Larkin bet Green and Union 
ROCKRIDGE DR — I-^om Elev- 
enth av and Pacheco west, 
south and east to Twelfth at 
away av south Laguna Hon- 
da bird 
RODEO AV — From Girard and 
San Bruno av southwest to 
Teddy av 
RODGERS — From south side 
Folsom bet Seventh and 
ROLPH — From 5201 Mission 

east to Walbridge 
ROM A I N — From Douglass nr 
Twentieth west to Corbett 
av thence southwest to Bur- 
nett av 
ROME — From 151 Niagara av 
southwest to Mt Vernon av 
ROMOLO — From north side 
Broadway bet Kearny and 
Grant av north to Vallejo 
RONDEL PL — From south side 
Sixteenth bet Hoff and Va- 
Fourteenth and Alpine to 
Seventeenth and Clayton 
from Wawona to Arden bet 
16th and 18th avs 
ROSCOE — From Crescent ar nr 

Porter south 
ROSE— -From north 
ket bet Haight 
west to Laguna 
Cross Sts 


Gough 100 

OctaTia 200 

Laguna (e) 

ROSEKRANS — From Esme- 
ralda av south to Powhattan 
ROSELLA CT — North from 75 
Onondaga av 1 west of Mis- 
sion bet Alemany blvd and 
CajTiga av 
ROSEMONT PL — From north 
side Fourteenth bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 
venwood dr southwest to 
Verba Buena av 
ROSS AL — From north side 
Washington bet Grant av 
and Stockton north to Jack- 
ROTTECK — From Bosworth 
west of Rousseau south to 
bet Milton and Rotteck 
south to Springdale 
ROWLAND — From south side 
Broadway bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
ROY AV — From west side Va- 
lencia bet 21st and 2 2d 
RUDDEN AV — From Otsego 
av 1 blfc south Santa Tnez 
av west to Delano av 
RUSS — From south side Minna 
bet Sixth and Seventh south- 
east to Folsom 
RUSSELL — From west side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 
west to Eastman 
RUSSIA AV — From Mission 
south of Peralta av south- 
east to LaGrande av 

north aide Vallejo bet Jonea 
and Taylor 
RUTH — Northwest from Mis- 
sion bet Ocean av and Leo 
RUTLAND — From Ilarkneaa a? 
wr:tt of Alpha south to 
County Line 
RUTLEDGE — t>om San Bruno 
a» Routh of Montcalm west 
tu Alabama 
8ABIN PL — From north side 
Califoniia bet Grant av and 
SACRAMENTO — From the bay 
bet California and Clay west 
to Argiiello blvd 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Tho 

Embarcadero . 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 

Front 300 301 

Batlery 400 401 

Sansome 500 501 


side Mar- 
and Page 




Montgomery , 
Spring . . . . 
Kearny . . . . 
Grant ar . . . 
Waverly pi . 

. 600 601 



Pagoda p' 

Brooklyn pi 

Stockton 900 

Stephens ct . . . . 


Miller pi 

Powell 1000 1001 

Hanover pi 

Mason 1100 1101 

Verba Buena av . 


Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 3 401 

Lysett pi 

Leroy pi 

Golden ct 

Leavenworth . . .1400 1401 
Kimball pi 



. .1500 



. .1000 



. .1700 


. .IROO 


Franklin . . . 

. .1900 


. . (ol 


Octavia . . . • 

. . (o) 


Laguna . . . . 

. .2200 


Buchanan . . . 

. .2300 


San Ansclmo av bet San 
Jacinto way and San Buena 
Ventura stputh to Monterey 

I'ortoU dr northeast of San 
Loandro way soutlieast to 
Monterey blvd 

SAN ANTONIO — From west 
side Kearny bet Vallejo and 
G reen 

Aiiselmo av bet Santa Clara 
and Santa Ana avs 

SAN BRUNO AV— From divi- 
sion bet Utah and Vermont 
south to County Line 

— Front San AuHelmo av 
east of Santa Clara ar 

SAN CARLOS — From Syca- 
more av bet Mission and 
Valencia south of 21st 

SAN DIEGO AV — West of 
Santa Cruz av from DeLong 
to County Line 

SAN FELIPE AV — From Mon- 
terey blvd junction El Ve- 
rano way northwest to San 
Jacinto way 

From Portola dr bet San 
Rafael and San Leandro way 

Capistrano av east of San 
Jose av soutliwest to Santa 
Rosa av 

San Anselmo av bet May- 
wood dr and San Andreas 
way south to Monterey blvd 

SAN JOSE AV — From south 
side 22d bet Valencia and 
Guerrero south and south- 
west to County Line 


Francin blvd l>et Junipero 

8erra blvd and San Fernando 


SAN RAMON WAY~Baflt and 

west from laoo I'lyniouth av 

SANCHEZ — From south side 

Duboce av bet Church and 

Noo nouth to Randall 

Cross 8U W 

Duhoce ar 2 

Fourteenth .... 100 



Market 200 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2501 

Steiner 2600 2601 

Pierce 2700 2701 

Scott 2fi00 2R01 

Divisadero . . . .2900 2001 

Broderick 3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio ar . . . .3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Ixtcust 3600 3601 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Maple 3800 3801 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Arguello blvd ... (e) (e) 
SADOWA — From San Jose av 
west to Orizaba nr County 
SAGAMORE — From San Jose 
av west to Orizaba nr 
County Line 
ST ANNE — From point south 
of Pine bet Kearny and 
Grant av to California 
ST CHARLES AV — From Ran- 
dolph south to Belle av 
ST CROIX DR — From Kenyon 
south and southwest. 1 
north Melrose 
ST ELMO WAY — From 1000 
Monterey av north to Terba 
Bnena av 
junction Portola dr and Ju- 
nipero Serra blvd east to San 
Bnena Ventura way 
ST GEORGE AL — From north 
side Bush bet Keamy and 
Grant av north to Pine 
ST GERMAIN AV — From Twin 
Peaks blvd north of Palou 
av to point west of Stanyan 
ST JOSEPH'S AV — From north 
side Turk bet Broderick and 
Baker north to Geary 
LOUIS AL — From south 
side Jackson bet Grant av 
and Stockton 

MARY'S AV — From west 
side M ission south of Col- 
leee av 
ST ROSE'S — From Masonic av 
south of Geary to Hender- 
son av 
SALA TER — From Huron av 
bet Ottawa and Foote avs 
SALEM — From Crescent av 

southeast to Case 
SALINAS AV — Southeast from 
Railroad av opp Ingerson av 
west to San Bruno av 
SALMON — From north side Pa- 
cific av bet Mason and Tay- 
lor north to Broadway 
SAMOSET — From Franconia 

northwest to Peralta ar 
SAMPSON AV — From County 
Line northwest to Pacheco 
SAN ALESO AV — From Ocean 
av bet Westgate dr and Ap- 
tos av northeast to Monterey 




500 COl 
600 601 





















Sross Sts 



Twenty-second . 




Twenty-third . . 



Elizabeth .... 

Twenty-fourth . 



Twenty-fifth . . 




Twenty-sixth . . 






Twenty -seventh 





Twenty-ninth . 














Circular av and 

Gorham . . . 







Santa Kosa av. . 



Santa Ysabel .. 

Paulding .... 


San Juan av, . . 




Ocean av 






Geneva av .... 



Niagara av ... 



Mount Vernon ai 


Eidge la 





Lake View av, . 






Farallones . , , 







Lawrence , , , . 


Sickles av , , , , 


Plymouth av , , 









County Line , , 

. (e) 



— From Mis- 

sion and Ocean 

ar northwest 

to San Jose av 




Portola dr bet Santa Ana av 

and San Fernando way 



south side Portola 

Ir bet 

Santa Clara and Santa Paula 



From San Di- 

ego av west to Niantic 

av nr 

County Line 


rantes av northeast of Mon- 

talvo av northwest to Fun- 

ston av 


— From Santa 

Barbara av south of DeLong 

wast to Junipero Serra blvd 


- From 


side Niagara av bet San Jose 

av and Tara 


side Portola dr east of Santa 

Paula av to Terba Buena av 













Dorland . , 
Ford . . , , 
Eighteenth . 
Hancock . . 
Nineteenth , 

Twentieth 700 


Twenty-flrst . . 


Alvarado .... 
Twenty-third . 
Elizabeth , , , 


Twenty-flfth , , 


Twenty-sixth , 


Duncan . . . , 
Twenty-eighth . 




Thirtieth 1700 1701 

Randall (e) (el 

SANSOME — From north side 
Marl^et bet Battery and 
Montgomery north to 
Cross Sts E 

Market and Sutter 2 

Bush 100 

Pine 200 

California 300 


Sacramento , , , , 400 
(Commercial , , , , 

Clay 500 


Washington , , ,, 600 

Jackson 700 


Pacific av 800 

.Stevens al 

Broadway 900 

Vallejo 1000 

Green 1100 

Union 1200 


Filbert 1300 

Greenwich 1400 

Lombard 1500 


The Embarcadero 
SANTA ANA AV — From south 
side Portola dr bet San Be- 
nito way and San Leandro 
Head bet Santa Cruz av and 
1400 Portola dr south to 
^tonterpv blvd 
Long west of Santa Barbara 
sion nr Cortland av east to 
east side Santa Clara av nr 
Portola dr to San Pablo av 
south side Portola dr west 
of San Pablo av to San An- 
selmo av 
southwest side Sotelo av west 
of Lopez av south to San 
Marcos av 
4500 Mission northwest to 
Olnran av 
yuga av nr Ocean av north- 
west to San ,Tose av 
Jose av nr Santa Rosa to 
Canistrano nv 
SANTIAGO — From Eleventh av 
south of Rivera west to the 
SANTOS — From Velasco av 
northwest of Pasadena av nr 
County Line 
SARATOGA — From LaGrande 
av bet Logan and Buell nr 
Woolsey south 
SARGENT — West of Ran Jose 
av nr County Line from Ori- 
zaba west to Worcester 
SATURN — From west side Ord 
north of Seventeenth west to 
Lower ter 
SAUL — From Crescent av west 

of San Bruno av 
north side O'Farrell bet 
(^rant av and Stockton 
SAWYER — From Bow west of 
San Bruno av nr County 

SCENIC WAY — From WMt lid* 
Twenty-fifth av bet Camino 
Del Mar and Sea OlIS ar 
west to Twenty-aixth av 

SCHILLER — East and weit 
from Vialtacion av west of 

SCHOOL AL — From woat aid* 
Montgomery bet Union and 

bet Twenty-fifth and Twen- 

SCHWERIN — From Leland av 
west of Delta south to 
County Line 

SCOTIA AV — From 1900 Sil- 
ver av southeast to Thornton 

SCOTLAND — From north side 
Filbert bet Powell and Ma- 
son north to Columbus av 

SCOTT — From north side Du- 
boce av bet Pierce and Di- 
visadero north to the bay 

Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av (o) 1 


Waller 100 101 

Haight 200 201 

Page 300 301 

Oak 400 401 

Fell 500 501 

Hayes (ol 601 

Grove (o) 701 

Fulton 800 801 

McAllister 900 901 

Golden Gate av,1000 1001 


Turk 1100 1101 

Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 

OFarrell 1400 1401 

Geary (o) 1501 

Post 1600 1601 

Sutter 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 

Pine 1900 1901 

California 2000 2001 

Sacramento,, ,,2100 2101 

Clay (0) 2201 

Washington , . . , (ol 2301 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway 2600 2601 

Vallejo 2700 2701 

Green 2800 2801 

Union 2900 2901 

Filbert 3000 3001 

Greenwich , , , ,3100 3101 

Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut 3300 3301 

Francisco 3400 3401 


Bay 3500 3501 

North Point ,.,3600 3601 
Capra way . . , , 

Beach 3700 3701 

Jefferson 3800 3801 

Prado 3900 3901 

Cervantes blvd , . 
Marine blvd , . . 

Bay of S F (e) (el 

SEA CLIFF AV — From west 
side Twenty-fifth av north 
of Camino Del Mar west to 
Twenty-seventh av 
SEA VIEW TER — From west 
side Thirtieth av bet Cali- 
fornia and Lake 
SEAL ROCK DR — From end 
of Clement west to Harding 
blvd, 1 north of Point Lobos 
SEARS — From Lawrence south- 
west to Sickles av bet Huron 
and Winnipeg 
SECOND — From south side 
Market bet First and Third 
southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 1 


Jessie — -~ 

Mission 100 101 



Howard 200 201 


Clementina . . , , 

Folsom 300 301 

Dow pi 

Harrison 400 401 


Bryant 500 501 

Taber pi 


South Park . . , . 


Brannan 600 601 

Townsend 700 701 



The Embarcadero (el (el 

SECOND AV — From Presidio 

ter south to Parnassus av 

(For Nos see Nineteenth avi 

SEL6Y — From Islais southwest 

to Waterville 
SELMA WAY — From Noriega 
and Twelfth av southwest to 
SEMINOLE AV— From Delano 
av bet Geneva av and Ni- 
agara av 
SENECA AV — From Mission 
north of Geneva av north- 
west to San Jose av 
SEQUOIA WAY — From Tere- 
sita blvd 1 block west of 
Gaviota way south to Bella 
Vista way 


SERVICE — West one-half block 
from Steiner. bet Lombard 
and Greenwich 
bay bet Sixteenth and Mari- 
posa west to Stanyan 
Oross Sts N S 

Illinoia 400 401 

Third 500 601 

Pennsylvania . ..1000 1001 
Mississippi. ...1100 1101 

Texas 1200 1201 

Missouri 1300 1301 

Connecticut . . .1400 1401 

Arkansas 1500 1501 

Wisconsin . . ..1600 1601 

Carolina 1700 1701 

De Haro 1800 1801 

Rhode Island ..1900 1901 

Kansas 2000 2001 

Vermont 2100 2101 

San Bruno av. . .2200 2201 

Utah 2300 2301 

Potrero aT ....2400 2401 
Hampshire ... 2501 

York 2601 

Bryant 2700 2701 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2900 2901 

Harrison 3000 3001 

Treat av 

Folsom 3100 3101 


Howard 3200 3201 


Mission 3300 3301 


Valencia 3400 3401 


Dearborn . . . . 

Guerrero 3500 3501 

Dolores 3600 3601 


Church 3700 3701 



Sanchez 3800 3801 



Noe 3900 3901 

Hartford . . . . 


Castro 4000 4001 

Collingwood . . . 

Diamond 4101 

Eureka r 

Douglass 420(J 4201 

Ord 4300 4301 

Corbin pi 4401 

Temple 4400 


Lower Terrace .4500 


Clayton 4600 4601 


Cole 4700 4701 

Shrader 4800 

Stanyan (e) (e) 

Presidio Reservation south 
to Arden rd. For Noa see 
Nineteenth av 
SEVENTH — From south side 
Market bet Sixth and Eighth 
southeast to Penn.sylvania 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Stevenson . . . . 

Jcssifi • * ^^^— ^ 

Mission '.'..' '.'.'. 100 101 



Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 

Decker al 


Harrison 400 401 

Bryant 500 501 

Belmont pi . . . . 

Brannan 600 601 

Townsend .... 700 701 


Berry 800 801 

Channel 900 901 

Hooper 1000 1001 

Irwin 1100 1101 

HubbeU 1200 1201 

Daggett 1300 l.SOl 

Barstow 1400 1401 

Mississippi . ...1500 1501 
Pennsylvania . . (e) (e) 
SEVENTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Locks- 
ley av. For Nos see 19th av 
SEVERANCE — Bet Wyant and 
Alberta from Campbell av 
north to Wilde 
SEVERN — From north side 
Twenty-third bet Chattanoo- 
j?a and Church 
SEVILLE — From Rolph bet 
Athens and Munich north- 
west to Naples 
SEWARD — From Douglass nr 

SEYMOUR — From Golden Gate 
av bet Scott and Divisadero 
north to Turk 
SHAFTER AV — From Water 
Front northwest to Third 
and from .Silver av to Toland 
ty Line west of San Jose av 
(100 blk only) 
SHANNON — From north side 
O'Farrell bet Taylor and 
Jones north to Post 
SHARON — From Fifteenth bet 
Church and Sanchez south 
to Sixteenth 
SHARP PL — From south side 
Union bet Leavenworth and 
SHAW AL — From south side 
Mission bet First and Second 
to Minna 

SHAWNEE AV — Prom DeLano 
av bet Mt Vernon and Ni- 
agara avs 
SHEPARD PL — From east 
side Mason bet Clay and 
SHERIDAN — From west side 
Ninth bet Folsom and Har- 
rison southwest to Tenth 
SHERMAN — From south side 
Folsom bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth southeast to Harrison 
SHERWOOD PL — From east 
side Third bet Mission and 
SHIELDS — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Orizaba 
av to Junipero Serra blvd 
SHIP (South S F) — From E>- 
ans av and the bay south- 
west to County Line 
SHIPLEY — From Eliza pi bet 
Folsom and Harrison south- 
west to Sixth 
Cross Sts N S 

Eliza pi 2 1 

Louisa al 


Fourth 100 101 

Fifth 200 201 


Sixth (e) (e) 

Thirty-sixth av bet Clement 
and Geary west to Thirty- 
eighth av 
SHORT — From Yukon west to 


SHOTWELL — From south side 

Fourteenth bet Folsom and 

Howard south to Esmeralda 


Cross Sts W E 

Fourteenth ... 2 1 

Fifteenth 100 101 

Sixteenth 200 201 

Seventeenth . . . 300 301 
Eighteenth . . . 400 401 
Nineteenth .... 500 501 
Twentieth .... 600 601 
Twenty-first . . . 700 701 
Twenty-second . 800 801 
Twenty-third . . 900 901 
Twenty-fourth. .1000 1001 
Twenty-fifth . ..1100 1101 
Twenty-sixth . .1200 1201 

Army 1300 1301 

Precita (c) (c) 

Bemal av 1400 1401 

Montezuma . . . 



Stoneman 1501 

Bocana 1600 

Coso av 

Ripley 1601 

Esmeralda av . . (e) (e) 

SHOUP AV — S P Railway right 

of way from Yosemite av 


SHRADER — From Fulton bet 

Cole and Stanyan south to 

Fell and from Oak to point 

south of Carmel 

Cross Sts E W 

Fulton 2 1 

Grove 100 101 

Hayes 200 201 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 401 

Page 600 501 

Haight 600 601 

Waller 700 701 

Beulah 800 801 

Frederick .... (cl (c) 

Carl 1000 1001 

Parnassus av ...1100 1101 

Grattan 1200 120] 

Alma 1300 1301 

Rivoli 1400 1401 

Seventeenth . . .1500 1501 

Carmel 1550 (e) 

SICKLES AV — From Mission 
northwest to San Jose av nr 
County Line 
SIERRA — From Texas bet 
Twentieth and Twenty-sec- 
SILLIMAN — From San Bruno 
av south of Silver av west to 
SILVER AV — From Alemany 
av east to San Bruno av 
thence northeast to Palou av 
SIMPSON PL — From west side 
First het Harrison and Bry- 
SIXTEENTH — From the bay 
bet Fifteenth and Seven- 
teenth west to Masonic av 
Cross Sts N S 

Illinois 300 301 

Third 400 401 

Tennessee .... 600 501 

Sixth 600 • 

Yuma 700 701 

Pennsylvania . . 801 


Mississippi . . . DOl 

Seventh 900 901 


Daggett 1000 

Missouri 1001 

Connecticut . . . 1101 

HubbeU 1100 

Arkansas 1201 


Wisconsin . . ..1300 1301 

Carolina 1400 1401 

De Haro 1500 1601 

Rhode Island ..1600 1601 

Kansas 1700 1701 

Vermont 1800 1801 

San Bruno av. . .1900 1901 

Utah 2000 2001 

Potrero av ....2100 2101 





100 101 

200 201 




Hampshire . . . .2200 

York 2300 

Bryant 2400 2401 

Florida 2500 2501 

Alabama 2600 2601 

Harrison .■'.■'.'.'.2700 2701 

Folsom 2800 2801 


Howard .... 2900 2901 


Mission 3000 3001 



Julian av 

Kondell pi ... . 

Caledonia al . . . 

Valencia 3100 3101 


Guerrero 3200 3201 

Spencer al .... 

Dolores 3300 3301 


Church 3400 3401 




Sanchez 3500 3501 




Noe 3600 

Castro 3700 3701 


Masonic av ... (e) (e) 
sidio Reservation south to 
Wawona. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
SIXTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Fifth and Seventh 
Cross Sts 
Market . . 
Stevenson . 
Jessie . . . 
Mission . . 
Minna . . . 
Natoma . . 
Howard . . 
Tehama . . 

Clementina . . . 

Folsom 300 


Clara 400 

Bryant 500 

Brannan 600 


Townsend .... 700 

King 800 

Berry 900 

Channel 1000 1001 

Hooper 1100 1101 

Irwin 1200 1201 

Huhbell 1300 1301 

Daggett 1400 1401 

Barstow 1500 

Yuma 1600 

SIXTH AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to Locks- 
ley av. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 
SKYLINE BLVD — From Sloat 
blvd and Great Highway 
south to County Line 
SLOANE AL — From Tenny pi 
off First bet Howard and 
SLOAT BLVD — From Portola 

dr west to Great Highway 
SOLA AV — From Magellan av 

northwest to Marcela 
SOMERSET — From south side 
Silver av west of Goettingen 
south to Ankeny and from 
Campbell south to San Bru- 
no av 
SONOMA — From north side 
Green bet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Union 
SOTELO AV — From Ninth av 

south and east to Lopez 
south side Geneva av south- 
east to Baltimore way 
SOUTH PARK — From west 
side Second bet Bryant and 
Brannan southwest to Third 
SOUTHARD PL — From north 
side Greenwich bet Leaven- 
worth and Hvde 
Carolina bet Twentieth and 
Twenty-second northeast to 
Rhode Island 
SOUTHWOOD DR — Westerly 
from 1300 Plymouth av to 
Faxnn av 
SPARROW — From east side 
Valencia bet Fifteenth and 
Sixteenth to Caledonia al 
SPARTA — West of .San Bruno 
av from Ankeny to Harkness 
SPAULDING CT — Prom east 
side Castro bet Seventeenth 
and Eighteenth 
SPEAR — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Steuart and Main 
southeast to the bav 
Cross Sts W 

Market 2 

Mission 1 00 

Howard 200 

Folsom 300 

Harrison 400 

The Fmbarcadero 

teenth bet Guerrero and Do- 
SPOFFORD — From north side 
Clay bet Grant av and Stock- 
ton north to Washington 
SPRECKELS — West of San 
Bruno av nr County Line 



SPRING — From California bet 
Montgomery and Keamy 
north to Sacramento 
SPRUCE — From Presidio Res- 
ervation bet Locust and Ma- 
ple south to California 
STANDISH AV — From 1700 
San Jose av northwest to 
S P R R 
STANFORD — From south side 
Brannan bet Second and 
Third southeast to Townsend 
From Portola dr west of 
Kenyon av south to Melrose 
STANLEY — West of San Jose 
av nr County Line from 
Orizaba to Worcester 
STANTON — From 3502 Mar- 
ket nr Yukon 
STANYAN — From Golden Gate 
av west of Shrader south to 
Palo Alto av 
Cross Sts E W 

Golden Gate av . 


Grove 100 

Hayes 200 

Fell (c) (c) 

Oak 400 

Page 500 

Haight 600 

Waller 700 

Beulah 800 

Frederick 900 901 

Cart 1000 1001 

Parnassus av ..1100 1101 


Alma av ■ 

Rivoli av 1200 1201 

Seventeenth . . 


Belgrave av . . . .1300 1301 
Clarendon av . . . 
Mountain Spring av 
St Germain av . . 
Palo Alto av. . . (e) (e) 
STAPLES AV — From Circular 
av bet Flood and Judson avs 
west to Phelan av 
STAR (Bemal Heights) — From 
Franconia to Peralta av 
north of Esmeralda 
STARK — From east side Stock- 
ton bet Pacific and Broadway 
STATES — From west side Cas- 
tro bet Sixteenth and Sev- 
STEINER — From north side 
Duboce av bet Fillmore and 
Pierce north to Chestnut 
Cross Sts E W 

Duboce av . . . . 2 1 

Hermann 100 101 


Waller 200 201 


Haight 300 301 

Page 400 401 

Oak 600 501 

Fell 600 601 

Hayes 700 (o) 

Grove 800 (o) 

Fulton 900 901 

McAllister . . . .1000 1001 
Golden Gate av.llOO 1101 

Turk 1200 1201 

Eddy 1300 1301 

Ellis 1400 1401 

O'Farrell 1500 1501 

Endicott Park . 

Geary 1600 (o) 

Post 1700 1701 

Sutter 1800 1801 

Bush 1900 1901 


Pine . .■ 2000 2001 

California 2100 2101 

Ferine pi 

Sacramento . . .2200 2201 

CTay 2300 (o) 

Washington . ..2400 (o) 

Jackson 2500 2501 

Pacific av 2600 2601 

Broadway 2700 2701 

Valleio 2800 2801 

Green 2900 2901 

Union 3000 3001 

Filbert 3100 3101 


Greenwich 3200 3201 


Steiner pi 

Lombard 3300 3301 

Chestnut (e) (e) 

STERLING — From south side 
Harrison bet First and Sec- 
ond southeast to Bryant 
STETSON CT — From east side 
Sterling bet Harrison and 
STEUART — From south side 
Market bet Embarcadero and 
Spear southeast to the bay 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Mission 100 101 

Howard 200 201 

Folsom 300 301 


The Embarcadero 
STEUBEN — From Bay Shore 
blvd to junction of Dickenson 
STEVELOE PL — From east 
side Jones bet Ellis and 
STEVENS AL — ■ From south 
side Broadway bet Battery 
and Sansome turning west 
to Sansome 

STEVENSON — From west side 
First bet Market and Jessie 
southwest to Fourteenth 


















Cross Sts 

First . . 

Ecker . 

Second . 

New Montgomery 

Annie . 

Third . 

Fourth - - 

Fifth 400 

Sixth 500 

Seventh 600 

Eighth 700 

Ninth 800 

Tenth (c) 

Eleventh (c) 

Twelfth 1100 1101 

Brady 1200 1201 


McCoppin 1300 1301 

Duboce av ... .1300 1301 

Clinton Park . . .1400 1401 

Fourteenth .... (e) (e) 

STILLINGS AV — From Martha 

to point west of Congo north 

of Melrose av 

STILLMAN ■ — From west side 

Second bet Harrison and 

Bryant southwest to Fourth 

STOCKTON — From north side 

Market bet Grant av and 

PoweU north to the bay 

Cross Sts B W 

Market and Ellis 2 1 

O'Farrell 100 101 

Geary 200 

Maiden la ... . 

Post 300 

Campton pi . . . 

Sutter 400 

Bush 600 


Pine 600 

California .... 700 

Emmet pi 

Sacramento . . . 800 

Clay 900 

Washington . . .1000 1001 

Jackson 1100 1101 

Pacific av 1200 1201 


Broadway . . . .1300 1301 

Valleio 1400 1401 

Card al .... 
Columbus av _ _ . 

Green 1500 

Union 1600 

Filbert 1700 

Greenwich . . . .1800 1801 

Lombard 1900 1901 

Chestnut 2000 2001 


Francisco . . . .2100 2101 

Bay 2200 2201 

North Point ...2300 2301 

Beach 2400 2401 

The Embarcadero 
STONE — From north side 
Washington bet Stockton 
and Powell north to Jackson 
STONEMAN — From 330 Fol- 
som west to Shotwell 
SUMMER — From west side 
Montgomery bet Pine and 
California west to Keamy 
SUMMIT — From junction Ma- 
jestic av and Minerva north- 
west to Lake View av 

SUMNER — From south side 
Howard bet Seventh and 
Eighth to Clementina 
SUNNY CT — From south side 
Geary bet Buchanan and 
SUNNY DALE AV — East and 
west of San Bruno av nr 
County Line 
SUNNYSIDE PK — Bet Thirty- 
second and Surrey, Kenyon 
and Burnett avs 
ples av bet Foerster and 
Genesee av 
SUNSET BLVD — From Thirty- 
Sixth av and Lincoln way 
south to Sloat blvd 
SUNSET TER — From north 

side Point Lobos 
SUNSHINE CT — From east 
side Eighth bet Howard and 
SURREY — From west side Cas- 
tro nr Chenery northwest and 
west to Foerster 
SUSSEX — From west side Cas- 
tro nr Bemia west to Ham- 
Anza and Balboa from For- 
ty-sixth to Forty-eighth ava 
SUTTER — From junction Mar- 
ket and Sansome bet Post 
and Bush west to Presidio av 
Cross Sts N S 

Market and Sansome 2 1 

Montgomery . . 100 101 


Lick pi ■ 

Kearny 200 

Claude la 

Grant av 300 

Stockton 400 

Powell 600 

Mason 600 

Taylor 700 

Jones 800 

Leavenworth . . . 900 

Hyde 1000 1001 

Larkin 1100 1101 

Polk 1200 1201 

Van Ness av .... 1300 1301 



aDTTEl! — Contd. 

FnnKlin 1400 1401 

Goi«h IBOO ir.01 

Oou?ia lUOO lliOl 

Ijik\ii\« 1700 ITOl 

Belkimp pi ... 

Blichannn 1800 1801 

Webster 1000 1001 

Ooltase row . . . 

Pillmoro 2000 2001 

Stoinor 2100 2101 

Pierre 2200 2201 

Scott 2:100 2301 

Pivisndero . . . .2400 2401 
Brodorick . . . .2.'i00 2. 101 

Bilker 2000 2001 

I.yon 2700 2701 

rre.sidio av .... (e) (e) 
SWAN — East of Snn Bruno nv 
nr IsIaiB Creek from Onkdale 
Hv south 
SWEENY — From we.^t side San 
Bruno av nr Islais Creek 
west to Bowdoin 
SWISS AV — From Surrey to 
Arbor bet Conrad and Miz- 
pah ar 
SYCAMORE — From west side 
Mission bet Seventeenth and 
Eichteentb west to Valencia 
hot Woodside av aiui Laguna 
Kiiud:i blvd southeast to 
I'orloln dr 
TABER PL — From west side 
Second bet Bryant and South 
Park southwest to Tliird 
TACOniA — From west side Fif- 
teentli av bet Geary and 
TALBERT — West ot San Bruno 

iiv nr County Line 
From Ocean av nr San Mig- 
uel south to Ridge la 
TAR A — Continuation of Majes- 
tic from Ridge lane to Ocean 
TARAVAL — From Dewey blvd 
south of Santiago west to 
the ocean 


TAYLOR — From north side 

Market bet S 

ason and Jones 

north to the 


Cross Sis 

E W 

Market and Gold- 

en Gate av 

2 1 

Opal pi . . . . 


.. 100 101 

Eddy .... 

. . 200 201 

Rose pi .... 


.. 300 301 

O'Farrell . . 

. . 400 401 

Geary .... 

. . 500 501 

Derby pi . . . 

Adelaide pi 


. . 600 601 

Cosmos . . . 

Hobart al . . 


. . 700 701 


. . 800 801 

Mulford al . 


. . 900 901 

Villa pi 

California . . 

. .1000 1001 

Sacramento . 

. .1100 1101 

Pleasant . . 


. .1200 1201 

\\ ashington , 

. .1300 l.'iOl 

Jackson . . . 

. .1400 1401 

Paciflo av . . 

. .1500 1501 

Bernard . . . 

Broadway . . 

. .1600 1601 

Fallon pi . . 

Valleio .... 

. .1700 1701 


. . .1800 1801 

Macondray . 

Union .... 

. . .1900 1901 

Redfleld al . 

Filbert . . . 

. . .2000 2001 

Valparaiso . . 

Greenwich . . 

. .2100 2101 

Lombard . . 

. . .2200 2201 

Columbus ay 


Chestnut . . 


Water .... 

Francisco . . 

. . .2400 2401 

Vandewater . 


. . .2500 2501 

North Point 

. . .2600 2601 

Beach .... 

. . .2700 2701 

Jefferson . . 

. . .2800 2801 

The Embarcadero 

TEDDY AV — From San Bruno 

av bet Campbell and Arleta 

avs west to 


TEHAMA — From west side 

First bet Howard and Clem- 

entina southwest to Ninth 

Gross Sts 

N S 

li'irst .... 

2 1 

Maiden al . 

. . . 100 101 


... 200 201 

Fourth .... 

... 300 301 

Fifth .... 

. . . 400 401 


... (c) (c) 

Seventh . . . 

... (c) (c) 

Eighth .... 

... 700 701 


... (e) (el 

TENTH — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Ninth and Eleventh 
southeast to Dlviaion 

Cross Sts 

Market . . 
Stevenson . 
Je.ssio . . . 
Mission . . 
Minna . . . 
Natoma . . 
Howard . . 
Folsoiii . . 
Slieridiin . 
Harrison . 
Bryant . . 
Division . 

300 301 










TENTH AV — From Slountain 

Lake Park to point south of 


Cross Sts K 

Presidio 2 

Lako 100 

California .... 200 

Clement 800 

Geary 400 

Anza 500 

Balboa GOO 

Cahrillo 700 

Fulton (c) 

Golden Gate pk . 
Lincoln way ..1200 

Irving 1300 

Judah 1400 

Kirkhain 1500 

Lawton 1600 

Moraga 1700 

Noriega 1800 

Ortega 1900 

Pacheco 2000 

Quintara 2100 2101 

tola dr 2 blocks southwest 
Kenyon av southeast and 
west to Foerster 
TERRACE DR — Prom south 
side Portola dr southeast nr 
San Anselmo av 
TEXAS — From Sixteenth bet 
Mississippi and Missouri 
south to Tulare 
THERESA — From northwest 
side Mission bet Tingley and 
THIRD — From south side Mar- 
ket bet Second and Fourth 
southeast to Channel, then 
south to Burke and south- 
west to San Bruno av 
Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

Stevenson .... 


Mission 100 


Sherwood pi . . . 



Howard 200 





. 300 301 

Folsom . . 
Verona pi . 
Harrison . 
Perry .... 
Stillman . . 
Bryant . . 
South Park 
Vamey pi . 
Brannan . 

Tnwnsend 700 

King 800 

Berry 900 

Channel 1000 

Hooper 1100 

Irwin 1200 

Fourth 1300 



El Dorado .... 

Sixteenth 1800 

Seventeenth . 
Mariposa . . . 
Eighteenth . . 
Nineteenth . . 
Twentieth . . 
Twenty-third . 
Twenty-flfth . 

500 501 


1900 1901 
.2000 2001 
.2100 2101 
.2200 2201 
.2300 2301 
.2600 2601 
.2700 2701 
.2800 2801 
.2900 2901 
000 3001 

TELEGRAPH PL — From east 
side Child north of Greenwich 

TEMPLE — From Saturn bet 
Ord and Lower ter south to 

TENNESSEE — From Sixteenth 
and Minnesota south to Tu- 

TENNY PL — Prom east side 
First bet Howard and Folsom 

Army 3100 3101 

Marin 8200 3201 

Islais 3300 3301 

Arthur av ... .3400 3401 

Burke ay 3500 3501 

Cu.5ter ay 3600 3601 

Davidson av ...3700 3701 

Evans av 3800 3801 

Fairfax av . . . .3900 3901 

Galvez ar 4000 4001 

Hudson av . . . .4100 4101 

Innes av 4200 4201 

Jerrold av 4300 4301 


. .8300 

, .6400 0401 

. .0500 0501 

.0000 (100 

Kirkwood av 
LaSalle av . 
McKinnon av 
Newcomb av 
Oakdale av . . 

.4400 4401 
.4600 4501 
.4600 4601 
.4700 4701 
, .4800 4801 

Iiuniu-r ... 

Ki:lH'rt av . . 

Gilnian av . , 

Paul av ... 

HoUiator . . , 

Ingorson av 

Salinas av . 

Jamestown av 

Key av ... 

Lo Conto ay 

Meade av 0700 (171)1 

Nelson av ... .6800 08111 

Oluey av 6000 0901 

.San Bruno av . . (el (o) 
THIRD AV — From Presidio 
Reservation south to I'ar- 
iiassus av. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 
THIRTEENTH — From Harri- 
son bet Twelfth and Four- 
teentli west to Mission 


Cross Sts 

Harrison 2 


Trainor av ... , 


Folsom 100 

Howard 200 

Frankfort av . . . 
Mission (e) 

THIRTIETH — From west side 
Mission south of Twenty- 
ninth to point west of Fow- 
ler av 

Cross Sts N 

Mission 2 

San Jose ay ... . 100 

Dolores 200 


Church 300 














Palou av 4900 4901 

Quesada av . . . .6000 5001 

Revere av 
Bay View av . 
Shaffer av . . 
Thomas av . . 
Thomt.on av . 
Underwood av 
Van Dyke av 


Williams av . 
Wallace av . . 
Tosemite av . 
Armstrong ay 
Bancroft av . . 
Carroll av . . . 



.5200 5201 
. 5261 

■. 6301 


. 6401 

.5500 5601 

.5600 5601 

.5700 5701 


Harper . . 
Noe .... 
Laidley . . 
Castro . . . 
Diamond . 
Douglass . 
Hoffman av 

Glen av 1000 

Burnett av ... .1100 
LaPlaee av . . . .1200 
Kenyon av . . . .1300 1301 
Stanford Hta av.l400 1401 
Fowler av 1600 1501 

THIRTIETH AV — From point 
north Camino del Mar south 
to Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 

Clement south to Torba. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 


Clement south to Yorba. For 

Nos see Nineteenth av 

THIRTY-FIRST — From Castro 

to point west of Fowler av 

Lake south to Wawona. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 

point east of Detroit west to 

Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 

Clement south to Sloat blvd. 
For Nos see Nineteenth av 

point north of Camino del 
Mar south to Wawona. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 

From Shore View ay south 
to Yorba. For Nos see Nine- 
teenth av 

Clement south to Yorba. For 
Nos see Nineteenth av 

(Illement south to point south 
of Wawona. For Nos see 
Nineteenth av 

THOMAS AV — From Alvord 
northwest to Third and from 
Silver av to Selby 

THOR AV — From north side 
Chenery 1 block west Dia- 
mond northwest to Surrey 

THORNTON AV — From west 
side Third opposite Thomas 
av southwest to San Bruno 

THORP LA — From Lamson la 
south of Caselli av 

THRIFT — West of San .Tose av 
bet Lake View and Montana 
from Orizaba to Summit 

TIBURON AV — From Martinez 
av 1 block east Jennings 
southwest to Hudson 

TIFFANY AV — From junction 
Valencia and Duncan south- 
west to Twenty-ninth 

TILLIV1AN PL — From west side 
Grant av bet Sutter and 

TINGLEY — From northwest 
side of Mission nr Silver av 
northwest to San Jose av 

TIOGA AV — Bet Tucker and 
Wilde ava from Alpha west 
to Delta 

TIVOLI WAY — From Seven- 
teenth av bet Vicente and 
Wawona southwest to 18th 

Bruno av bet Nneva av and 
Peninsula av southeast to S 
P yards 

TOLAND — From Evans av 
Hoiithwt'st to Jerrold av and 
from Revere av to KImira 

TOLEDO WAY — From Mai- 
Inrea way nortli of Chestnut 
Wfst to Pierce 
TOMPKINS AV — From Andov- 
er av bet Jarboe av and Og- 
deii av east to San Bruno av 
TORRENS CT — From north 
sitle Clay bet Hyde and 
TOUCHARD — From south side 
Pine bet Jones and Leaven- 
worth south 
T O V A R A V — From County 
Lino south of Sampson av 
northwest to Fitch 
TOWNSEND — From the bay 
bet Briiunan and King 
southwest to Eighth and 
Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 

First 2 1 



Second 100 101 


Clarence pi ... . 

Third 200 201 




Fourth 300 301 

Fifth 400 401 

Sixth 500 501 

Seventh 600 601 

Eighth 700 (e) 

Division (e) (e) 

TOYON LA — From Baltimore 
way bet Canyon dr and Chi- 
cago way 
TRACY PL — From south side 
Vallejo bet Columbus av 
and Stockton 
TRAINOR — From south side 
Thirteenth bet Folsom and 
Harrison to Fourteenth 
TREASURY PL — Changed to 

Century pi 
TREAT AV — From Florida 
southwest to Eighteenth 
thence south bet Folsom 
and Harrison to point south 
of Precita ay 
Cross Sts W E 

Florida 2 1 

Alameda 100 101 


Fifteenth 200 201 

Harrison 301 

Sixteenth 300 

Seventeenth . . . 400 401 
Eighteenth .... 500 501 
Nineteenth .... 600 601 

Twentieth 700 701 

Twenty-first . . . 800 801 
Twenty-second .. 900 
Tivcnty-fifth . 
Twenty-sixth . 

Army (c) 

Precita av 1500 1501 

TRENTON — From north side 
AVashington bet Stockton and 
Powell north to Pacific av 
TRINITY — From north side 
Sutter bet Montgomery and 
Kearny north to Bush 

Twenty-fifth av bet Wawona 
and (ilrestlake dr west to 
Thirty-fourth av 
TROY AL — From west side 
Hyde bet Sacramento and 
TRUETT — From west side Ma- 
son bet Clay and Washington 
TRUMBULL — From east side 

Mission nr Silver av 
TUCKER AV — From Alpha bet 

Campbell and Tioga avs 
TULARE — From the bay along 
north side Islais Creek west 
to Pennsylvania av 
TULIP AL — Off Russ bet Min- 
na and Natoma 
TUNNEL — From Bay Shore av 
bet San Bruno av and 
Wheeler av south to point 
south of Lathrop 
TURK — From junction Market 
and Mason bet Golden Gate 
av and Eddy west to Ar- 
guello blvd 
Cross Sts W B 

Market and Mason 2 1 

Taylor 100 101 

Jones 200 201 

Leavenworth . . . 300 301 

Hyde 400 401 


Larkin 500 601 

Polk 600 601 

Van Ness av. . . . 700 701 

Franklin 800 801 

Gough (o) (o) 

Jefferson sq . . . . 

Lagnna 1100 1101 

Buchanan 1200 1201 

Webster 1300 1301 

Fillmoro 1400 1401 

Steinor 1600 1501 

Pierce 1000 1001 

Scott 1700 1701 

Seymour av . . . . 

Divisadoro . . . .1800 1801 

St Josepli's ay. . 

Baker (o) 2001 

Lyon (o) 2101 

Central av (o) 2201 

Masonic av . . . .2300 (ol 

Parker av (o) 2901 

Willard 3100 3101 

Argiiello blvd . . (el (e) 
TUSCANY AL — From south 

side Linnharil bet Stockton 

and Powell 
TWELFTH — From south side 

Market bet Eleventh and 

Brady southeast to Harrison 




300 301 

.1000 1001 
.1100 1101 
.1200 (o) 
.1300 1301 

Cross Sts 

Market . . 
Mission . 
Howard . 
Kissling . 
Folsom . 



Harrison (e) (e) 

TWELFTH AV — From Moun- 
tain Lake pk south to Tara- 
Cross Sts E W 

Presidio 2 1 

Lake 100 101 

Cahfornia .... 200 201 

Clement 300 301 

Geary 400 401 

Anza 500 601 

Balboa 600 601 

Cahrillo 700 701 

Fulton (0) (c) 

Golden Gate pk 

Lincoln way ...1200 1201 

Irving 1300 1301 

Judah 1400 1401 

Kirkham 1500 1601 

Lawton 1600 1601 

Moraga 1700 1701 

Noriega 1800 1801 

Ortega 1900 1901 

Pacheco, 2000 2001 

Quintara 2100 2101 

Castenada . . . .2200 2201 

Santiago 2300 2301 

Taraval (el (e) 

TWENTIETH — From the bay 
bet Nineteenth and Twenty- 
first west to Douglass 
Cross Sts N S 

Michigan 500 501 

Illinois 600 601 

Third 700 701 

Tennessee 800 801 

Minnesota 900 901 

Indiana 1000 1001 

Iowa 1100 1101 

Pennsylvania . ..1200 1201 
Mississippi . . . .1300 1301 

Texas 1400 1401 

Missouri 1500 1501 

Connecticut . .. .1600 1601 

Arkansas 1700 1701 

Wisconsin 1800 1801 

Carolina 1900 1901 

De Haro 2000 2001 

Rhode Island ..2100 2101 

Kansas 2200 2201 

Vermont 2300 2301 

San Bruno av. . .2400 2401 

Utah 2500 (o) 

Potrero av . . . .2600 2601 
Hampshire . . . .2700 2701 

York 2800 2801 

Bryant 2900 2901 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3100 3101 

Harrison 3200 3201 

Treat av 3250 3251 

Folsom 3300 3301 

Shotwell 3350 3351 

Howard 3400. 3401 

Capp 3450 3451 

Mission 3500 3501 

San Carlos .... 


Valencia 3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Dolores (o) 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 


Castro 4200 4201 

Collingwood . ..4300 4301 

Diamond 4400 4401 

Eureka 4500 4501 

Douglass (e) (e) 

sidio Reservation south to 
point soiifli nt" AVawona. For 
Nos. see Ninrteciilh av 
west side Guerrero bet Dun- 
can and Valley west to Fow- 
ler av 
Cross Sts N S 

Guerrero ^2 1 

Dolores 100 101 

Church 200 201 

Sanchez 300 301 

Noe 400 401 

Castro 600 501 

Diamond 600 601 

Douglass 700 701 

Hoffman av .... 800 801 

Burnham 900 901 

Fowler (e) (e) 

point north Camino del Mar 
south to Yorba. For Nos. 
see Nineteenth av 



TWENTY-KIFTH — From the 

bay bet Twenty-fourth and 

Twenty-sixth west to Por- 

tola dr 

Ofoss S's N S 

Bay of S F 100 101 

Massachusetts . . 200 201 

Delaware 300 301 

Maryland 400 401 

Louisiana 500 501 

Georgia 600 601 

Michigan 700 701 

lUinois 800 801 

Third 900 901 

Tennessee 1000 1001 

Minnesota 1100 1101 

Indiana 1200 1201 

Iowa 1300 1301 

Pennsylvania . .1400 1401 
Mississippi. ...1500 1501 

Texas 1600 1601 

Missouri 1700 1701 

Connecticut ... .ISOO 1801 

Arkansas 1900 1901 

Wisconsin . . . .2(100 2001 

Carolina 2100 2101. 

De Haro 2200 2201 

Rhode Island . .2300 2301 

Kansas 2400 2401 

Vennont 2500 2501 

San Bruno av. . .2600 2601 

Utah 2700 2701 

Potrero av 2800 2801 

Hampshire . . . .2850 2851 

York 2900 2901 

Bryant 2950 2951 

Florida 3000 3001 

Alabama 3050 3051 

Harrison 3100 (o) 


Treat av 3160 3151 


Folsom 3200 3201 


Shotwell 3250 3251 


Howard 3300 3301 


Capp 3350 3351 


Mission 3400 3401 

Osage al 

Bartlett 3450 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 


San Jose ay . . .3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaks 3750 3751 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 


Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Homestead 4500 4501 

Hoffman 4 6 00 4 0111 

Fountain 4700 4701 

Burnham 4800 4801 

High • 

Portola dr .... 

Sea Cliff av south to Torba. 

Fiir Xus, see Nineteenth av 
TWENTY-FIRST — From the 

bay bet Twentieth and 

Twenty-second west to Grand 

View av 
Cross Sts N S 

Bay of S F. . . . 100 101 
Massachusetts . . 2 1 

Vermont 2400 2401 

Potrero ay 2600 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3050 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

San Carlos .... 



Valencia 3300 3301 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks 


Dolores 3500 3501 

Chattanooga . . . 

Church 3600 3601 

Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Castro 3900 3901 

Collingwood . .. .4000 4001 

Diamond 4100 4101 

Eureka 4200 4201 

Douglass 4300 4301 


Grand View av. . (e) (e) 

Presidio Keservation south 

to Yorba. For Nos. see 

Nineteenth av 

bay bet Twenty-third and 

Twenty-fifth west to Portola 

Cross Sts N S 

Massachusetts . . 100 101 

Delaware 200 201 

Maryland 300 301 

Louisiana 400 401 

Georgia 500 501 

Michigan 600 801 

Illinois 700 701 

Third 800 801 

Tennessee 900 901 

Minnesota . . . .1000 1001 

De Ilaro 2100 2101 

Rhode Island . .2200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2301 

Vermont 2400 2401 

San Bruno av ..2500 2501 

Utah 2600 2601 

Potrero av 2700 2701 

Hampshire . . . .2750 2751 

York 2800 2801 

Bryant 2850 2851 

Florida 2900 2901 

Alabama 2950 2951 

Harrison 3000 3001 


Treat ay 3050 3051 


Folsom 3100 3101 

Shotwell 3150 3151 

Howard 3200 3201 


Capp 3250 3251 


Mission 3300 3301 

Osage pi 

Bartlett 3350 3351 

Orange al 

Valencia 3400 3401 

Poplar al 

San Jose av . . .3500 3501 

Guerrero 3600 3601 

Fair Oaks 3650 3651 


Dolores 3700 3701 


Chattanooga. ..3750 3751 

Church 3800 3801 

Vicksburg . . . .3850 3851 

Sanchez 3900 3901 

Noe 4000 4001 

Castro 4100 4101 

Diamond 4200 4201 

Douglass 4300 4301 

Homestead . . . . 4351 

Hoffman av . . . .4400 4401 


Burnham 4500 4501 

Portola dr .... (e) (e) 


Presidio Reservation south 

to Yorba. For Nos. see 

Nineteenth av 

TWENTY-NINTH — From we,st 

side Mission bet Valley and 

Day west to Fowler av 

Cross Sts N S 

Mission 2 1 

Tiffany av .... 

San Jose av . . . . 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 

Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman 900 901 

point north of Camino del 
Mar soutli to Vicente. For 
Nos. see Nineteenth av 
bay bet Twenty-first and 
Twenty-third west to Grand 
View a/ 
Cross Sts N S 

Delaware 100 101 

Maryland 200 201 

Louisiana 300 301 

Georgia 400 401 

Michigan 500 501 

Illinois 600 601 

Third 700 701 

Tennessee .... 800 801 
Minnesota . ... 900 901 

Indiana 1000 1001 

Iowa 1100 1101 

Pennsylvania . .1200 1201 
Mississippi . . . .1300 1301 

Texas 1400 1401 

Missouri 1500 1501 

Connecticut ...lOOn KMIl 

Arkansas 1700 1701 

Wisconsin . . . .1800 1801 

Carolina 1900 1901 

De Haro 2000 2001 

Rhode Island . .2100 2101 

Kansas 2200 2201 

Vermont . . . .2300 (cl 
Siin Bruno av. . .24 00 2401 

Utah (c) (c) 

Potrero ay ....2600 2601 
Hampshire . . . .2650 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2851 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3050 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mission 3200 3201 

Bartlett 3250 3251 

Valencia 3300 3301 

San Jose av . . . . 33 2 7 

Guerrero 3400 3401 

Ames 3427 

Fair Oaks 3450 3451 


Dolores 3500 3501 

Chattanooga . . .3550 .3551 

Church 3600 3601 

Vicksburg . , . . 

Sanchez 3700 3701 

Noe 3800 3801 

Ca.stro 3900 3901 

Collingwood . . .3966 

Diamond 4000 4001 

Eureka 4100 4101 

Douglass 4200 4201 


Hoffman 4301 

Grand View ay., (c) (c) 

Presidio Reservation south to 
Y'orba. For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av 
west side San Jose av bet 
Army and Duncan west to 
Stanford Heights av 
Cross Sts N S 

San Jose ay . . . . 2 1 

Guerrero 100 101 

Dolores 200 201 

Church 300 301 

Sanchez 400 401 

Noe 500 501 

Castro 600 601 


Diamond 700 701 

Douglass 800 801 

Hoffman av .... 900 901 

Burnham 1000 1001 

La Place av. . . .1200 1201 
Kenyon av . . . .1300 1301 
Stanford Hts av (e) (e) 
From Sea Cliff av south to 
Yorba. For Nos. see Nine- 
teenth av 

TWENTY - SIXTH — From the 
bay bet Twenty-flfth and 
Army to La Place av 

Cross Sts N S 

Water Front ... 2 1 

Massachusetts . . 100 101 

Delaware 200 201 

Maryland 300 301 

Louisiana 400 401 

Georgia 500 501 

Michigan 600 601 

Illinois 700 701 

Third 800 801 

Tennessee 900 901 

Minnesota . . . .1000 1001 

Indiana 1100 1101 

Iowa (c) (e) 

Hampshire . . . .2800 2801 

York 2900 2901 


Florida 3000 3001 


Harrison 3100 3101 

Treat av 


Folsom 3200 3201 


Shotwell 3250 3251 

Virgil al 

Howard 3300 3301 


Capp 3350 3351 


Mis.sion 3400 3401 

Osage al 

Bartlett 3450 3451 

Orange al 

Valencia 3500 3501 


San Jose av. . . .3600 3601 

Guerrero 3700 3701 

Fair Oaks 3750 

Dolores 3800 3801 

Church 3900 3901 

Sanchez 4000 4001 

Noe 4100 4101 

Castro 4200 4201 

Diamond 4300 4301 

Douglass 4400 4401 

Hoffman av . . . .4500 4501 

Bltrnham 4000 4601 

Portola dr ....4700 

Burnett av . . . .4800 4801 
La Place ave. ... (e) (e) 

Sea Cliff av south to Yorba. 
For Nos. see Nineteenth av 

TWENTY-THIRD — From the 

bay bet Twenty-second and 

Twenty-fourth west to Cor- 

bett av 

Cross Sts N S 

Massachusetts . . 100 101 

Delaware 200 201 

Maryland 300 301 

Louisiana 400 401 

Georgia 500 601 

Michigan 600 601 

Illinois 700 701 

Third 800 801 

Tennessee 900 001 

Minnesota 1000 1001 

Indiana 1100 1101 

Iowa 1200 1201 

Pennsylvania . ..1300 1301 

Mississippi . . . .1400 1401 

Texas 1500 1501 

Missouri 1600 1601 

Connecticut . . .1700 1701 

Arkansas 1800 1801 

Wisconsin . . ..1900 1901 

Carolina 2000 2001 

De Haro 2100 2101 

Rhode Island ..2200 2201 

Kansas 2300 2301 

Vermont 2400 2401 

San Bruno av.. 2501 

Utah 2601 

Potrero 2600 2601 

Hampshire . . . .2850 2651 

York 2700 2701 

Bryant 2750 2751 

Florida 2800 2801 

Alabama 2850 2R51 

Harrison 2900 2901 

Treat av 2950 2951 

Folsom 3000 3001 

Shotwell 3050 3051 

Howard 3100 3101 

Capp 3150 3151 

Mi-ssion 3200 3201 

Bartlett 3250 3251 

Valencia 3300 3301 

San Jose av . . , . 

Guerrero 3400 3401 


Fair Oaks . . 



Quane .... 

Dolores . . . 

. .3500 


Mersey .... 

Chattanooga . 



Severn .... 

Church . . . 



Orient .... 

Vicksburg . . 

Blanche . . . 

Sanchez . . . 

. .3700 



. .3800 


Castro .... 



Diamond . . 

. .4000 


Douglass . . . 

. . .4200 



Hoffman av 

Grand View av. .4500 


Market . . . 

Corbett av . 

. .. (e) 




Lake south 

to Yorba 


Nos, see Nineteenth av 




Carmel and 



and southwest to Burnett av 

ULLOA — From "Woodside av 

north of Portola dr west to 

Great Highway 


AV — From Al- 

Tord bet Thomas anc 


Dyke avs northwest to Third 

UNION — From 

the bay bet 

Green and 

Filbert west to 




The Embarcadero 2 



Battery . . . 

. . . 100 


Gaines .... 

Sansome . . . 

. .. 200 


Calhoun . . . 


. . . 300 



Kearny . . . 

. . . 400 


Genoa pi . . . 

Sonora .... 

Varennes . . 

Grant av . . 

... 500 


Brannan pi . 

Cadell al . . . 

Jasper pi . . . 

Price row . . 

Stock-ton . . . 

... (0) 


Columbus av 

Powell .... 

. . . 700 


Mason .... 

. . . 800 


Taylor .... 

. . . 900 


Marion pi . . 

Jones .... 

.. .1000 


Black pi . . . 


. .1100 



. . .1200 


Eastman . . . 

Moore pi . . . 

Larkin .... 

. . .1300 



. . .1400 


Van Ness av 

. . .1500 


. . .1600 


Gough .... 

. ..1700 


Octavia . . . 

. . .1800 


Laguna .... 

. . .1900 


Charlton ct . 

. . .2000 


Webster . . . 

. . .2100 


Fillmore . . . 

. . .2200 


Steiner . . . 

. . .2300 


Pierce . . . 

. . .2400 


Scott .... 

. . .2500 


Divisadero . 

. . .2600 


Broderick . . 

.. .2700 


Baker .... 

. ..2800 



. (e) 


UNION SO — Bet Geary, 


Stockton and Powell 

UNIVERSITY — From Silver av 
bet Colby and Princeton 
south to Mansell 

UPLAND DR — From Darien 
way bet Kenwood dr and 
Crasnront dr 

UPPER TER — From Buena 
Vista av southeast of Pied- 
mont southwest to Olympus 

URANUS TER — From Seven- 
teenth bet Mars and Clay- 
ton south to Doming 

URBANO DR — Oft Pico av bet 
Ocean av and HoUoway av 

UTAH — From Division bet San 
Bruno av and Potrero av 
south to Twenty-fifth 

UTILITY LA — From Treat av 
west bet Precita av and 

V A L D E Z A V — North from 
Greenwood av bet Colon and 
Hazelwood avs 

VALE AV — From Sloat blvd 1 
blk west Crestlake dr north 
to Trocadero dr 

VALENCIA — From south side 
Market bet Mission and 
Guerrero south to Mission 

Cross Sts W E 

Market 2 1 

McCoppin .... 100 101 

Duboce av .... 200 201 

Clinton Park . . . 


Fourteenth .... 300 301 

Fifteenth 400 401 


Sixteenth 500 501 

Seventeenth . . . 600 601 

Clarion al ... . 


Eighteenth .... 700 701 








Nineteenth .... 800 801 

Cunningham pi . ■ 

Twentieth .... 900 901 


Twenty-first . . .1000 1001 


Twenty-second ..1100 1101 
Twenty-third ...1200 1201 
Twenty-fourth ..1300 1301 
Twenty-flfth ...1400 1401 
Twenty-sixth ...1500 1501 

Army 1534 1535 

Twenty-seventh . 


Tiffany av ....1620 

Mission (e) (e) 

VALLEJO — From the bay bet 
Broadway and Green west to 
Cross Sts N 

Davis and The 
Embarcadero . 2 

Front 100 

Battery 200 

Cowell pi 

Sansome 300 

Prescott ct . . . . 

Hodge's al .... 


Montgomery . . . 400 

Kearny 500 

Pollard pi .... 
Margrave pi ... 

Grant av 600 

Columbus av . . . 

Tracy pi 

Stockton 700 

Emery la 


Powell 800 

Washoe pi .... 

Mason 900 

Vallejo ter . . . . 

Alta VisU .... 

Taylor 1000 1001 


Jones 1100 1101 

Leavenworth . ..1200 1201 

Hyde 1300 1301 


Larkin 1400 1401 

Polk 1500 1501 

Van Ness av. . . .1600 1601 

Franklin 1700 1701 

Gough 1800 1801 

Octavia 1900 1901 

Laguna . . 
Buchanan . . . 

Webster 2200 2201 

Fillmore 2300 2301 

Steiner 2400 2401 

Pierce 2500 2501 

Scott 2600 2601 

Divisadero . . . .2700 2701 

Broderick 2800 2801 

Baker 2900 2901 

Lyon (e) (e) 

VALLEJO TER — From south 
side Vallejo bet Mason and 
VALLEY — From west side San 
Jose av bet Twenty-eighth 
and Twenty-ninth west to 
Fowler av 
VALPARAISO — From west side 
Mason bet Filbert and 
Greenwich west to Taylor 
and from Roach to Jones 
VAN BUREN — West to Dia- 
mond from Susses south to 
VANCE — From 850 Genesee 

west to Ridgewood av 
VANDEWATER — From west 
side Powell bet Francisco 
and Bay west to Taylor 
VAN DYKE AV — From Alvord 
south to Underwood av 
northwest to Third 
VAN NESS AV — From south 
side Market bet Polk and 
Franklin north to the hay 

2000 2001 
.2100 2101 

Cross Sts E 

Market and Oak 2 


Fell 100 


Hayes 200 




Fulton (o) 


McAllister .... 500 


Golden Gate av. 600 


Turk 700 


Eddy 800 


Ellis 900 


O'Farrell 1000 1001 


Geary 1100 1101 


Post 1200 1201 

Sutter 1300 1301 


Bush 1400 1401 


Pine 1500 1601 

California 1600 1601 

Sacramento . .. .1700 1701 

Clay 1800 1801 

Washington . . .1900 1901 

Jackson 2000 2001 

Pacific av 2100 2101 

Broadway 2200 2201 

Valleio 2300 2301 

Green 2400 2401 
















.1000 1001 
.1100 1101 

. isoo i:;oi 

.1300 1301 
.1400 1401 
.1500 1501 


Union -'500 2501 

»-ilb«rt 2««« ■-'.''! 

Ommwlch . . . .27 00 ■-Ml 

I^mtMld 2800 280 

Chwtnul 2000 210 

FraoclMO . . ..SOOO 3001 

Bm 3100 101 

North Point ..S200 o) 

llwicli S300 o 

Jcfffi^oii 3400 o 

M«nn« Mvil . . .3500 ol 

Itay o( S K. . . . (o) (el 


tiliiialiotl of Vftil Nos,s RT (iiul 

Howard (rom Market south 

to Ann} 

OroM 611 W 

Market '% 

Mission 100 

Tllirteonth .... 200 

Erie — 

Fourtwjnth .... 300 

Fifteenth 400 


SiJtccnth BOO 

Kcvlwood ct . . . 

SoTente*nth . . . 000 
Eiclitoenth .... 700 
Nineteenth .... 800 

Twentieth 900 

Twenly-Ilrst . . 
Twenty-flfth , 
Twenty-sixth . 

Army (e) 

VARENNES — From north side 
tureen liet Kearny and Grant 
av north to Filbert 
VARNEY PL — From west side 
Center pi bet South Park 
and Braunan southwest to 
VASQUEZ AV — From Wood- 
side av southea-';t of Merced 
av southwest to Kensington 
VASSAR PL — From south side 
HaiTisou bet Second and 
VELASCO AV — FromSchwerin 
.and County Line west to 
VENARD AL — Bet Powell and 
Mason south from Chestnut 
VENTURA AV — From south- 
west side Linares av south 
and east to Castenada av 
V E N U S — From Thornton av 
south of Neptune to Wil- 
liams av 
VER MEHR — From east side 
Kearny bet Post and Sutter 
VERDI PL — From west side 
Montcomery bet Pacific av 
and Broadway 
VERDUN WAY — From Clare- 
mont blvd bet Taraval and 
UUoa northwest to Lenox 
VERMONT — From Division bet 
Kansas and San Bruno av 
south to Army 
VERNA — From Teresita blvd 

north to Kenyon av 
VERNON — West of San Jose av 
nr County Line from Wor- 
cester to HoUaway av 
VERONA PL — From east side 
Third bet Folsom and Har- 
VEST A — From Williams av 
north of Bancroft to Thorn- 
ton av 
VICENTE — From Portola drive 
through Forest Hill to Four- 
teenth av thence south of 
tJlloa west to the ocean 
VICKSBURQ — From south 
side Twenty-second bet 
Church and Sanchez south 
to Twenty-flfth 
VICTORIA — From Palmetto av 
west of San Jose av 

VIENNA — From Silver av west 
of Athens southwest to Ge- 
neva av 

VIEW AV — From 3400 Mar- 
ket east to Romain 

VILLA TER — From Clarendon 
av southwest to Font av 

VILLAMAR AV — Changed to 
Twenty-flfth av north 



VINTON OT — From went aide 
Or«T\t •¥ bet Pine and Cali- 
V I R Q I L — From south aide 
Twenty llftli bet Howard and 
VIROINIA AW — V^om east side 
.\li>si,m nr Thirtieth to El- 
sie and Kusenia av 
llruno av nr County Lino to 
La tlrande av 
VON 8CHIVIIDT — I'Yom Water 
r'ront southwest to County 
VULCAN — From point west of 
<^r\l to Levant north of 
IvOwer ler 
W A Q N E R AL — From south 
side Kddy bet Jones and 
I'ortola dr bet Lamma Hon- 
da blvd and Kensington way 
northwest to Ulloa 
WALBRIDGE — From 709 
lloiph southwest to County 
WALDO TER — From west side 
Leavenworth bet Broadway 
and Vallejo 
WALL — From Jackson bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
WALLACE AV — From Alvord 

northwest to Williams av 
W A L L E R — From junction 
Market and Octavia w^t to 
Cross Sts 

Market and Oc- 


Buchanan .... 



Steiner 500 


Pierce 600 


Scott 700 

Divisadero .... 800 


Broderick 900 

Buena Vista pk . 
Buena Vista av.llOO 1101 
Central av ... .1200 1201 
Masonic av ....1300 1301 


Ashbury 1400 


Clayton 1500 


Cole 1600 

Shrader 1700 

Stanyan (el 

WALNUT — From Pacific av bet 

Presidio av and Laurel south 

to California 

Cross Sts E 

Pacific av 2 

Jackson 100 

Washington .... 200 

Clay 300 

Sacramento .... 400 
California (el 

WALTER — From south side 
Duboce av bet Sanchez and 
Noe south to Fourteenth 

WALTHAIVI — From west side 
Alabama nr Esmeralda av 

WANDA — From north side On- 
ondaga bet Cayuga and Ot- 
sego av north to Ocean av 

WARD — From west side San 
Bruno av nr County Line 
south to Sparta 

WARE — From Paul av bet 
Wheat and San Bruno av 

WARNER PL — From east side 
Hyde bet Green and Union 

WASHBURN — From south side 

Mission bet Ninth and 

Tenth southeast to Howard 

WASHINGTON — From the bay 

bet Clay and Jackson west 

to Arguello blvd 

Cross Sts N S 

The Embarcadero 2 1 

Drumm 100 101 

Davis 200 201 


Front 300 301 

Battery 400 401 

Custom Hospital. 

Sansome 600 501 

Jessop pi 

Montgomery . . . 601 













. .. 700 (ol 

. . 800 801 

Columbus ftT 
Dunbar pi 
Kearny . . . 
Itrenham ul 
Wentwortu pi, 
Grant av ... 

Waverly pi . . . . 

Uos-s al 

Cnnveron al .... 


Stockton DOO 001 


llopeton ter . . . 


Powell 1000 1001 

Codtuan pi ... . 

Wetmore pi .... 

Mason 1100 1101 

Taylor 1200 1201 

Jones 1300 1801 



Leavenworth ...1400 1401 

Hyde 1500 15(11 

l.arkin 1600 1601 

Polk 1700 1701 

Van Ness av . .1800 ISOl 

Franklin IfiOO 1001 

Gough 2000 (0 

Octavia 2100 (ol 

Lagima 2200 2201 

Buchanan . . . .2300 2301 

Webster 2400 2401 

Fillmore 2500 2501 

Steiner (c) (c) 

Alta Plaza .... 

Scott 2800 2801 

Divisadero . . . .2900 2901 

Broderick 3000 3001 

Baker 3100 3101 

Lyon 3200 3201 

Presidio av . . . .3300 3301 

Walnut 3400 3401 

Laurel 3500 3501 

Locust 3600 3001 

Spruce 3700 3701 

Maple 3800 3801 

Cherry 3900 3901 

Arguello blvd . . (el (el 

Union. Filbert. Stockton, 
Columbus av and Powell 
WASHOE PL — From north side 
Vallejo bet Powell and Ma- 
WATER — From west side Ma- 
son bet Chestnut and Fran- 
cisco west to Taylor 
WATERLOO — From east side 

San Bruno av to Loomis 

WATERVILLE — From Helena 

east of Elmira south to 

Thornton av 

WATSON PL — From Ocean av 

west of Mission southwest 

WATT AV — Off 200 Hanover 

nr County Line 
WAVERLY PL — From north 
side Sacramento bet Grant 
av and Stockton north to 
WAWONA — From 151 Taraval 
southwest to Fifteenth av 
thence west to Great High- 

WAVLAND — From Charter 
Oak av south of Bacon west 
to LaGrande av 

WAYNE PL — From north side 
Pacific av bet Powell and 
Mason north to Broadway 

WEBB PL — From west side 
Mason bet Green and Union 

WEBSTER — From north side 
Duboce av bet Buchanan and 
Fillmore north to the bay 


100 101 


Cross Sts 
Duboce av . 
Hermann . 
Germania . 
Waller . . 
Laussat . . 

Haight 200 

Page 300 


Fell 600 601 

Linden ■ 

Hayes 600 601 


Grove 700 701 

McAUister .... 900 901 
Golden Gate av .1000 1001 

Turk 1100 1101 


Eddy 1200 1201 

Ellis 1300 1301 


O'Farrell 1400 1401 

Geary 1500 1501 

Post 1600 1601 

Sutler 1700 1701 

Bush 1800 1801 


Pino 1900 1901 

California . . . .2000 2001 
Sacramento . . . ,2100 2101 

Clay 2200 2201 

Wa.shington . . .2300 23111 

Jackson 2400 2401 

Bromley pi . . . . 

Pacific av 2500 2501 

Broadway . . . .2000 2601 

Vallojo 2700 2701 

Green 2,S00 2801 

Union 2000 2001 

Filbert 3000 3001 


Greenwich . . . .3100 3101 


Lombard 3200 3201 

Chestnut .... (o) 3301 

Boy 3500 3501 

Beach 3700 3701 

Marina blvd . . .3800 3S01 
WELDON — West of San Bruno 
av nr head of Islais Creek 
WELLS CT — From south side 
Lombard bet Grant av and 
WELSH — From west side Zoe 
bet Bryant and Brannan 
west to Fifth 
WENDELA WAY — South from 
Wawoiia thence southwest, 
west and northwest to Wa- 
wona bet Sixteenth and 
Eighteenth avs 
north side Washington bet 
Kearny and Grant av north 
to Jackson 
WEST CLAY — From Twenty- 
second av north of Lake 
west to Twenty-fourth av 


Twenty-second and Twenty- 
fourth avs from Presidio and 


from Portola dr nr Sloat 

blvd west to Ulloa 
WESTGATE DR — From Ocean 

av 1 blk west of Pinehurst 

way northwest to Monterey 

WESTWOOD DR — West and 

north from Miramar av 
WETMORE PL — From north 

side Clay bet Powell and 

Mason north to Washington 
WHEAT — From Paul av bet 

Crane and Ware south to 

Salinas av 
WHEELER AV — From Vista 

av nr San Bruno av south 
WHIPPLE AV — Prom Mission 

northwest to San Jose av 

nr County Line 
WHITE — From north side Val- 
lejo bet Hyde and Larkln 
WHITE'S PL — From east side 

Jones bet Sutter and Bush 
WHITING — From east side 

Grant av bet Lombard and 

WHITNEY — From Thirtieth 

east of Sanchez south to 


WHITTIER — From 5701 Mis- 
sion southeast to County 

WIELAND — West of San Bruno 
av nr County line 

WIESE — Prom south side Fif- 
teenth bet Mission and Val- 
encia south to Sixteenth 

WILDE — From west side San 
Bruno av bet Campbell and 
Harkness avs to Oneota 

WILDER — From point east of 
Carrie south of Chenery west 
to Diamond 

WILDWOOD AW — From point 
east of Plymouth av bet 
Greenwood av and San Ra- 
mon way west 

WILLARD — Prom Edward east 
of Arguello blvd south to 
Fulton and from Golden 
Gate Park west of Stanyan 
south to Woodland av 

WILLIAMS AV — From Third 
nr Van 

WILLIAR AV — From Niagara 
to Mt Vernon av bet Gets 
and Howth 

WILLOW — From west side Lar- 
kln bet Eddy and Ellis to 
point west of Buchanan 

WILMOT — From west aide 
Webster hot Bush and Pine 
west to Steiner 

WILSON AV — South of Goethe 
from San Jose av west 

WINDING WAY — From Rolph 
and South Hill blvd south- 
east and west to Prague 

WINDSOR PL — From north 
side (ireen bet Montgomery 
and Keaniy 

WINFIELD — From Ooso av 
bet Prospect av and Elsie 
southwest to Cortland av 

Vernon av west of Mission 
southwest to Itegent 

WINTER PL — From east Bide 
Mason bet Green and Union 

WINTHROP — From north side 
Lombard bet Montgomery 
and Kearny north to Chest- 

WISCONSIN — From Sixteenth 
bet Arkansas and Carolina 
south to Army 

WOLFE — Changed to Mullen av 

WOOD — From Laurel Hill 
Cemetery bet Masonic av 
and Collins south to St 
Rose's av 

WOODLAND AV — From Par- 
nassus av bet Stanyan and 

WOODSIDE AW — From Portola 
dr 1 blk northeast Laguna 
Honda blvd southwest to 
Dewey blvd 

WOODWARD — From south 
side Duboce av bet Mission 
and Valencia south to 14th 

WOOL — From Powhattan and 
Bocana south to Cortland av 

WOOLSEY — Prom Charter Oak 
av south of Wayland west 
to LaGrande av 

San Jose av nr County Line 
from Palmetto northwest to 
Junipero Serra blvd 

WORDEN — From north side 
Francisco bet Stockton and 

WORTH — From 21st west of 
Douglass south to 22d 

WRIGHT — From HoUaday av 
south of Peralta av 

WYANT — Bet Hoyt and Sever- 
ance from Campbell av north 
to Oneota 

WYOMING (South S F) — 
From Islais south to Arthur 

YALE — Prom Silver av east of 
Cambridge south to Bow 

VERBA BUENA — From north 
side Sacramento bet Mason 
and Taylor north to Clay 

east side Santa Clara dr 
parallel with Terrace dr 

VORBA — From Orestlake dr 
south of Wawona west to 
Porty-flrst av 

YORK — From Division bet 
Hampshire and Bryant south 
to Peralta av 

YOSEMITE AW — From Water 
Front northwest to Williams 

YUKON — From Caselli av east 
of Danvera south to Grand 
View av 

YUMA — From Sixth south of 
Barstow southwest to Six- 

ZENO — From south side Fol- 
som bet Beale and Fremont 

ZOE — Prom south side Bryant 
bet Third and Fourth 

Your City Directory 

whould be Trade Marked 

tinables buyer to meet seller 

Ixenders a public service 

Veritable Text-Book of local facts 

Cmphasizes, increases and insures 
your business 

Serves many millions 

Yields a valuable public service 

^•ffers guide to buyer and seller 

Unsolicited testimonials prove its 



Bcct accountant 

adv ndvertlstnK 

agrl agricultural 

ast ascnt 

al alley 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt architect 

asmblr assembler 

Assn Association 

asst assistant 

atdt attendant 

atty attorney 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

bdff boardinft 

bet between 

bgemn baegaireman 

bkbndr bookbinder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

biksmlth blacksmith 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr bricklayer 

brkmn brakeman 

cbtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

chauf chauffeur 

Chi chief 

civ civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

collr collector 

com commission 

coml commercial 

comr commissioner 

compt comptometer 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

cons consulting 

contr contractor 

cor comer 

cors correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dept department 

dep deputy 

dicta dictaphone 

dist district 

dlr dealer 

dmnstr demonstrator 

dispr dispatcher 

do ditto or same 

dom domestic 

drf tsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

e or E ...East 

elec electrical 

electn electrician 

electro electrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

emp employee 

emp agcy employment ai^cncy 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

e s east side 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp expressman 

flnshr finisher 

flgmn flagman 

f ormn foreman 

forwn forewoman 

frt freight 

ft foot 

ftr fitter 

furn furniture 

furng furnishing 

furn rms furnished rooms 

gasf tr gasfitter 

gdnr gardener 

gds goods 

genl general 

govt government 

gro grocer 

h householder 

hairdrsr hairdresser 

hd hand 

hdqtrs headquarters 

hdw hardware 

hlpr helper 

hngr hanger 

hosp hospital 

implts implements 

imptr importer 

inc incorporated 

ins insurance 

inspr inspector 

instr instructor 

Int rev Internal revenue 

jwlr jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lieut lieutenant 

lino linotype 

litho lithographer 

Ibr lumber 

Indrs laundress 

Indymn laundryman 

ltd limited 

mach machinist 

nidse merchandise 

mech mechanic 

nier merchant 

Met Metropolitan 

nifr manufacturer 

inf B manufacturing 

^8r manager 

nikr maker 

mkt market 

midr molder 

mlnr milliner 

nin man 

msngr messenger 

mstr mech master mechanic 

mtrmn motorman 

inut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

n e northeast 

"r near 

n s north side 

n w northwest 

(o) property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

Pdlr peddler 

pharm pharmacist 

photog photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

Pkwy parkway 

pl place 

Plmbr plumber 

Plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postoffice 

pres president 

prin principal 

prod, produce 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr pressfeeder 

prsmn pressman 

Ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub publisliing 

publr publisher 

purch purchasing 

r roomer or resides 

R D Rural Delivery 

rd road 

real est real estate 

rec receiving 

rep representative 

repr repairer 

fcstr restaurant 

ret retail 

Ry Railway 

RyMS Railway Mall Service 

5 or S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

sch school 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

seret sergeant 

ship shipping 

slsmgr sales manager 

slsmn salesman 

slswn saleswoman 

smstrs seamstress 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

sq square 

ss south side 

sta station 

sta eng stationary engineer 

sten stenographer 

stereo stereotyper 

stmftr steamfltter 

str steamer 

supt superintendent 

supvr supervisor 

surg surgeon 

sw southwest 

swchmn switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmkpr timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

twp township 

undtkr undertaker 

uphol upholsterer 

US United States 

USA United States Army 

USMC. United States Marine Corps 
USN United States Navy 

vet veterinary 

vulc vulcanizer 

w or W West 

whol wholesale 

whsmn warehouseman 

wid widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

ws west side 

wtchmn watchman 

ydmn yardman 

ydmstr yardmaster 

Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred Alf 

Andrew Andw 

Archibald Arch 

Arthur Arth 

August Aug 

Benjamin Benj 


Catherine Cath 

Charles Chas 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Eliz 

Eugene Eug 

Frederick Fredk 

George Geo 

Katherine Kath 

Margaret Margt 

Michael Michl 

Patrick Patk 

Richard Richd 

Robert Robt 

Samuel Saml 

Solomon Sol 

Stephen Steph 

Theodore Theo 

Thomas Thoj 

William Wm 

*''' Tr Co American Trust Co 


Chicago, Burlington & Qu'incy Railroad Co 
CRI&PRy. Chicago, Roclt Island & Pacific Railway 

C W Paper Co Crown Willamette Paper Co 

C&HSR Corp 

..California & Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corp 

DC&HCo Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co 

Eureka SD&M Mills 

Eureka Sash Door & Moulding' Mills 

Fid & Dep Co of Md 

Fidelity & Deposit Co of Maryland 

GA&P Tea Co. .Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co 
GECo General Electric Co 


GMAC General Motors Acceptance Corp 

ICS International Correspondence Schools 

LASSCo Los Angeles Steamship Co 

Luckenbach SS Co Luckenbach Steamship Co 

MSRyCo Market St Railway Co 

Mun Ry Co Municipal Railway Co 

NBC National Broadcasting Co 

NPRyCo Northern Pacific Railway Co 

NWPRRCo Northwestern Pacific Railroad 

NYK Line Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line 

PW A. Emergency Administration of Public Works 

Pac SS Co Pacific Steamship Co 

PG&ECo Pacific Gas & Electric Co 

PT&TCo Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co 

PO Post OfBce 

PT-C Co Postal Telegraph-Cable Co 

RFC Reconstruction Finance Corp 

Ry Exp Agcy Railway Express Agency 

SERA... State Emergency Relief Administration 

SFPD San Francisco Fire Dept 

SFPD San Francisco Police Dept 

SOCo Standard Oil Co 

SPCo Southern Pacific Co 

Santa Pe Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co 

UOCo Union Oil Co 

UP System Union Pacific System 

USA United States Army 

USN United States Navy 

WPRRCo Western Pacific Railroad Co 

WUTCo Western Union Telegraph Co 


l:<.^fm.^l:<!<!JL>(t«i T ill:iill:<J:<> ' ilJ»tM> 'Jl^f>S!<!l'i(tlJ 

Covering the Entire Field of Engineering and Chemistry 
from Top to Bottom 

Suite 71S, 57 Post Street 

See Page 1718 

SUtter 1684 




\ 1935 

For List of Abbreviations See Opposite Page 


TION (See California State Automobile 
Association) 150 Van Ness Av, Tel HE m- 
lock »00 

, B C Cigar Co D R Shaw pres, Fred Wel- 
spiei v-pres, J S Rising sec, office 207 9th; 
branches 33 and 75 Battery, 351 Calif, 
199 5th. 681 Market (lobby), 896. 2005 
and 2552 Mission, 209, 235, 315 and 405 
Montgy, 118, 204 and 343 Sansome and 450 
. B C Coffee Shop 75 Battery 113 Sansome 
, D Apartments 2710 Market 

, P W PAPER CO, C J Allair Pacific Coast 
Mgr, Toilet Paper and Paper Towels, 1011 
Balboa Bldg, 593 Marltet, Tel SU tter 2533 
, & B Mfg Co Irma R Armanet mgr silk pil- 
low mfrs 171 2d R201 
. & D Tavern (P T Dunleavy, Frank Ring. 

E W Stehn) liquors 482 Castro 
. & H Bakery (O B Hoetzel, H J Augsburger) 

501 O'Farrell 
. & P Produce Co Inc E A Beber pres, C A 
Arata v-pres, E L Johnson sec, 426 Front 
flbel Agnes L elk r64 Delano av 
Jane N r64 Delano av 
Paul O (Mary) ironwkr h64 Delano av 
agaard Viktor M J (Pay) x-ray techn St 

Francis Hosp hSlO 45th av 
agard Hans cook h2513 Bush 
M H hll9 Haight 
agin Thos r427 Stockton 

alberg Christina M Mrs mach opr rl336 Calif 
alona Edna cook r442 Scott 
altio Edw W (Anna) masseur h2671 16th 
alykke Emanuel lAnna) lab bl947 15th 
amman Elsie h775 Post 
amodt Albt W (Louisa) carp h2188 Sutter 
anerud Birgitte social wkr Waterfront Rescue 

Mission rl66 Steuart 
arem Carrie Mrs h639 Waller 
Esther sten r639 Waller 

Ragheld sten Poster & Kleiser Co r639 Wal- 
arnes Ole r331 Douglass 
aroe Glen E elk SOCo r Okld 
Mary B (wid Henry M) rSO Beaver 
ARON, See also Aron 
Alf (Mary) cond h352 Hermann 
Edw S lawyer 465 Calif R725 r940 Sutter 
Elsie Mrs h344 12th av 
Geo elk r2238 Mission 
Gustav (Goldie) drltsmn h562 19th av 
Jacob hl535 Green 
Jos r274 4th 

Jos T (Lillian) h68 7th av 
Julius cloctr r4116 Geary blvd 
Leopold knit wear 154 Sutter 4th fl h940 do 
Lillian actor r801 Junipero Serra blvd 
Louis r940 Sutter 
Moses r940 Sutter 
Oscar plmbr 243 6th 
R (Sicke & Aaron) r344 12th av 
Robt r940 Sutter 
Robt (Lincoln Service Station) 
Victor (Pauline) (Victor Aaron, Jones & 

Sutter) h2201 Sacto 
Victor Jones & Sutter (Victor Aaron, G P 

Jones) accts 405 Montgy R1210 
Virginia actor rSOl Junipero Serra blvd 
Wm E lEdythe W) dentist 450 Sutter R2330 

hSOl Junipero Serra blvd 
arons Jack lab rSl 3d 
Aaronson Philip V (Zoe N) osteo 323 Geary 

R806 h333 Santa Ana av 
ARREBERG, See also Arreberg 
Lawrence elk r44 Bradford 


" Lawrence L elk r65 Bradford 

" Marjorie E r65 Bradford 

" Olaf iMargt) chauf h65 Bradford 

" Thobia I wid Lauritz) h44 Bradford 

" Thor (Anna! millmn r44 Bradford 

" Vera M mlnr r65 Bradford 

Aase Esther v-prin John Muir Sch hl255 

Aaseng Bernard (Beulah) buyer Owl Drug Co 
h567 29th av 

Aasland Ingeborg (wid John) r925 Prague 

" Thor ilrma O) cigars 3233 22nd h925 Prague 

Aasman Meta elk r209 Santa Rosa 

Abacot Apartments 685 Haight 

Abad Charles (Leonor) gdnr hl800 Anza 

" Genaro (Pelipa) restwkr hl435 O'Farrell 

" Jos (Jennie) mach h436 Vallejo 

" Louis elk r436 Vallejo 

" Mauricio r427 Stockton 

Abadie Geo hl020 Union 

" Henry M lEstelle R) hl901 Franklin 

" Irjne r66 Cook 

" Matilda r76 El Sereno ct 

" .Simon (Helen) Indywkr h66 Cook 

Abadine A C (Natalie) hl725 Van Ness av 

Abagnale Michl A (Lydia) barber 4376 Mission 
h36 Curtis 

Abalos Inez h866 Grove 

Abapo Nacian factywkr h636 Natoma 

Abarca Florencia (Helena) restr 1350 Powell 
h31 Auburn 

" Lena waiter r31 Auburn 

" Odily waiter r31 Auburn 

" Salvador waiter r31 Auburn 

Abare Geo A iMargt L) hl24 Edna 

Abarta Robt V (Myrtle) slsmn Borden Print- 
ing Co r449 Rich 

Abas Cora Mrs elk rl79 Delmar 

Abasetti Ernest h324 Bartlett 

" Frances M elk r2465 25th 

Abata Jas r23D7 Taylor 

Abate Caesar (Market Barber Shop) rl51 26th 

" Jos (Mary) jan Pub Sch hl639 23d av 

" Leo J dentist S F Hosp r261 Valencia 

" Louis h261 Valencia 

" Nino (Lucy) barber 111 Clement h285 11th 

" Thos (Elvira) v-pres Swiss-American Wine 
Corp h342 20th av 

" Vincent barber 503 Montgy h251 26th av 

Abaurrea Martin (Anguelita) furn rms 723 

" Martin jr elk r723 Bway 

Abaya Jas cook rl624 Octavia 

" Jos cook rl624 Octavia 

" Walter cook rl624 Octavia 

Abballo Louis (Pauline) lab hl813 Greenwich 

Abbate Lucy Mrs hl214 18th 

Abbaticola Frank (Maryj barber h60 Rice 

" Josephine r60 Rice 

" Letitia elk r60 Rice 

Abbatto Michl slsmn hl332 Shotwell 

Abbay Estlier compt opr r940 Sutter 

Abbe Fredk P (Agnes) mfrs rep Buflalo Foun- 
dry & Mach Co h256 Oneida av 

Abben Cath D Mrs elec contr 509 Washn r 

Abbenseth Ellamay Mrs r2735 Clay 

Bonded Detectives, Secret Service in All 
Cities, Information Without Publicity, 
Members of International Associations, 
618 Dc loung Bldg, 690 Market. Phone 
DO uglas 0214, Night Phone EX brook 
3328 (See front cover and page 1716) 

ABBENS SID M (Abbens Confidential Service) 
618 De Young Bldg, 600 Market, Phone 
DO nglas 0214, Night Phone EX brook 3328 

Abbett Geo W (Aileen) electn hl26 Sears 
Abbey Albt S chauf r301 Vincente 
" Apartments 450 Jones 
" Garage R A Duclos mgr 550 O'Farrell 
" John P (Ethel) lab hl447 O'Farrell 
" Lacey E (Lucille) elk hl585 Waller 
" Lola Mrs with Danl Baccarat r698 Bush 
" Robt tele opr h706 Polk 
Abbolbock Louis baker r229 Natoma 
Abbot Alice waiter r795 8th av 
" Allan A elk rl Hillway blvd 
" Roofing Co Bruno Mink mgr 2076 O'Farrell 
ABBOT S L JR CO (S L Abbot Jr) Industrial 
Chemicals, Oils, Naval Stores, 203 Cali- 
fornia, Tel SU tter 8803 

Saml L (Jeanie O) h2118 Vallejo 

Saml L jr (S L Abbot jr Co) r San Rafael 
Abbott A A (Ethel) teleg opr h395 31st av 

Abr pntr rl273 Golden Gate av 

Agnes Mrs furn rms 1064 McAllister 

Albt stevedore rl390 Ellis 

Allan H (Mary M) ticket agt Santa Fe rl325 

Alvera r3255 Laguna 

Anna Mrs r26 Bronte 

Ben W (Marie) auto mech rl434 22d av 

C H hl655 Golden Gate av 

C W lino opr S P News r575 O'Farrell 

Caroline (wid Elmer) h65 Minerva 

Carroll B pres Water Works Supp Co r Bkly 

Cecil heating eng rl085 Vallejo 

Cecil V imptr 510 Battery R207 r2019 Calif 

Chas bellmn r610 Leavenworth 

Chas T (Georgia) h2538 15th av 

Clara E Mrs hl712 Bush 

Clarence r346 Sutter 

Clark hl709 22d av 

Doris E sten Mass Mut Life Ins Co r2506 
16th av 

Elith dentist rl250 Calif 

Edith M copywriter Botsford, Constantine & 
Gardner r Sausalito 

Edw A (Leonora I cond Mun Ry h575 35th av 

Edw H rl657 17th av 

Edwin pharm h26 Bronte 

Edwin F elk rl306 Cortland av 

Edwin R ins agt 461 Market R419 r400 40th 

Elbert V (Bonnie) slsmn Sunset McKee 
Salesbook Co r69 Vicksburg 

Eliz L sten U S Bur of Pub Roads r460 
Van Ness av S 

Ellen drsmkr 372 Hayes 

Frank H (Margt) h69 Vicksburg 

Frank H jr (Viola) pres Sunset Press h3090 
Pacific av 

Fred E (Doris) picture framer r26 Bronte 

Fredk P (Laura) slsmn hl755 San Jose av 

Geo h2845 Van Ness av 

Geo L rlOO 9th av 

Geo R h627 Page 

Georgia B nurse City & County Dept Pub 
Health r2538 15th av 

Gertrude C mach opr r265 Duboce av 

Goldie Mrs rl207 Chestnut 

Grace Mrs h349 Banks 

Grace Mrs hll78 Eddy 

Hazel beauty opr r242 Turk 

Helen maid 2926 Franklin 

Helen M tel opr r3255 Laguna 

Herbt A (Faith) phys 2588 Mission r467 

Irene P h3255 Laguna 

J D Mrs r Hotel Whitcomb 









Market St. 
Near Powell 

DO uglas 3517 






r*V^ - 









S " 3 



rt) 3 « lP 


??s W 



r ?59 


^ - M 



o " 


f r'3 39 


1-3-^ tg 


L'S 3 


t-rt ^^ ^— 


3 3a 

w <« w 


s S s 





(t) <» (D 

















Ames Harris 
NeviDe Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1703 



Telephone MI ssion 0150 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 








534 Fourth 

DOuglat 6616 

(See Page 1735) 


•• Jus P rl048 Union 

" Jns H iMIldri'di longsliorcmn h348 Byxbee 

" Jns S (Mnrion Li hU9 Mndrone av 

" Jennie Indywkr rl332 Shotwell 

" John E rl4 Siintft Pnviln nv 

" John L iMsry El elk rl270 25th »v 

" John L mess tttdt Veterans' Administration 

•■ Laboratories A E Snyder mgr pharm chem- 
ists 612 Howard 4th fl 

" Leila P stcn SCXJo r729 Fillmore 

" Leo J lEllzi elk h460 Van Ness av S 

" LeRoy C iMargtl phys 384 Post R403 h2725 

" Lester stevedore r3016 Mission 

" Lois Iwld Bert) hl683 Oak 

" Lucius C spl agt Aetna Ins Co r Okld 

" Mavme O mgr Pilcher Apts hl618 Polk 

- Mlc'hl E elk r2840 Harrison 

■■ Mlddleton H (Cath) hU9 Jules av 

'■ Norma B stcn Assoc Oil Co rl444 Vallejo 

" Ollvnn W r24 Cerrltos av 

" Patricia D r3090 PacKIc av 

" Paul elk Rathbone. King & Seeley Inc r 

•• Paul M barber r380 Eddy 

" Ralph H (Martha Hi br mgr Shell Oil Co 
hl4 Santa Paula ov 

" Raymond E iSara) USA h3501 Plllmore 

" Robt soda dispnsr C P Hull 

" Robt R slsmn Dictaphone Sales Corp r Bkly 

" Rov chauf hl230 Octavia 

" Soph clrc library 2314 Mission rl95 Lexing- 

ABBOTT STEWART C, Mgr City Dept Hart- 
ford Fire Insurance Co. 441 California, 
Tel SlI tter 7680, r2112 CarmeUta Av, Bur- 
lingamc, Tel Burlingame 6714 

" Virgil T (Lillian Ai auto repr 717 Filbert 
h215 Congo 

" W LIndlev (Betty) lawyer 220 Montgy R801 
h840 Lake 

•- Walter G h795 8th av 

" Walter G (Eliz) slsmn B F Goodrich Rub- 
ber Co h325 9th av 

" Wm r51 6th 

" Wm chauf rI230 Octavia 

" Wm M (Anna S) hlOO 9th av 

ABBOTT WILLIAM M, V-Pres and General 
Counsel IVIarket Street Railway Co and 
Attorney-at-Law. 58 Sntter B623, Tel SC t- 
ter 3200, r Bohemian Club, Tel EX brook 

" Wm T (Doris) h3669 18th 

" Winifred slswn Nathan-Dohrmann Co r440 

Abbott's Mrs Cakes J L Stickler mgr 608 Pul- 

Abbuhl Jurd I J brklyr h409 Felton 

Abby A N elk r447 Eddy 

Abconia Apartments 2341 Market 

Abderhalden John r443 Paris 

" Louis h443 Paris 

Abdilla Dominick (Pauline) lab hl725 McKln- 
non av 

Abdullah Sulman chauf hl22 Eugenia av 

Abe Margt Mrs hI820 Bush 

" 8 gold flish 1810 Post rl810'/2 do 

" T hI623 Sutter 

" W S ]an h2107 Pine 

Abecq Jennie M cook r785 Bway 

Abel Agnes sten r214 Hoffman av 

•' Arth S (Martha) garagewkr hl832 Page 

" Cecil H (Libbie) mgr Coast Radio Co hl95 

" Eldred C (Anna B) asst sec Capital Co 
hl255 Taylor 

" Elmer D (Agnes) Jan h40 Olmstead 

" John J elk r655 Larkin 

" Margt r438 Flood av 

" Mary L Mrs h2559 Sutter 

" P Max (Hazel) pntg contr 534 8th av 

" Paul (Eliz I h667y2 Shotwell 

" Ralph H elk Am Tr Co r686 8th av 

" Robt (Cath I carp h3835 20th 

" Robt R (Josephine) elk h222 Leavenworth 

" Sigmund A (Johannah) slsmn Harry Lever- 
idge h686 8th av 

" Virginia P (wid W R) r450 27th av 

" Wm C elk h205 28th 

" Wm M treas Swayne & Hoyt Ltd hl735 Van 
Ness av 

Abela John (Mary) lab hl579 La Salle av 

" Paul barber 1681 Oakdale av rl748 McKln- 

" Reno (Antoinette) lab hl538 Thomas av 
Abelein Marie Mrs corsets 212 Stockton R452 

h548 Olive 
Abeles Jessie (wid Henry) hlD26 Pine 
Abeling Aug C ]wlr W J Hesthal rH12 Potrero 

" Frank jwlr rlH2 Potrero av 
" Geo (Rose) pres Geo Abeling Co hH25 Ca- 

" Geo Co Geo Abeling pres, J S Greenlaw sec, 

dried fruit 16 Calif R501 
" Lucy typist rlll2 Potrero av 
" Mary (wid Clemence) hlll2 Potrero av 
Abell Gertrude tel opr r4276 23d 
" Henry A (Gertrude) h4276 23d 
" Victor tractor opr r4276 23d 

Abella Peter lab rl451 O'ParrclI 

" Victoria r3099 Jackson 

Abelleira Frank M (Opal) h585 Filbert 

Abrllo Anna mnld 2636 Filbert 

" B sugarwkr r'J368 3d 

" ChaHredo iLudovlcai h929 Stanyan 

" Fred cementwkr r740 Bway 

Abels Clarence I (Bernlcel flremn SFFD h71 

San Juan av 
" Genevieve r32a Rlngold 
" Hazel (Wid H J) h32a Rlngold 
" Henrv J printer rl35 Fair Oaks 
" Henry L (Cathi pkr U S Customs hl35 Fair 


" Herman C (Eva) flremn SFFD hll Bruce av 

" Lillian waiter h755 Bush 

Abelseth Donald B rl319 39th av 

" Knute B (Selma) carp hl319 39th av 

" Ole r345 Lincoln way 

Abelson J J r Hotel Whltcomb 

Abenanti Frank meats 4001 Balboa rl324 York 

Abend Adolph Inrivwkr rl262 Turk 

" Alf (Lottie) mech Bush Elec Corp h722 22d 

" Fannie sten rl480 Ellis 
" Harry (Mae) clo cinr 159 4th hl290 Turk 
" Jack (Mollle) elk hl395 Golden Gate av 
" Nathan (Paulina) shtmtlwkr 1482 Ellis 

hl480 do 
" Saml (Rose) printer 672 Larkin h826 28th av 
Abendan Marciano factywkr r636 Natoma 
Abendroth Gus H (Abendroth & Lawler) Bur- 
" <fe Lawler (G H Abendroth, E J Lawler) 

Jwirs 133 Geary R314 
Abendschein Marie precious stones 704 Market 

RI012 h845 Sutter 
Abenes Cairo atdt St Joseph's Hosp rl614 

Abenhelm Fred B (Edna) v-pres Galland Mer- 
cantile Lndy Co h313 Maple 
" Peter r313 Maple 
Abenroth Robt h'916 Pine 
Aber Jas C (Doris E) h305 31st av 
ABERCROMBTE LEE R. Resident Comptroller 
Hartford Fire Insurance Co and Hartford 
Accident & Indemnity Co, 720 California, 
Tel SV tter 7680, rl(l29 Paloma Av, Burlin- 
game, Tel Burlingame 2R.55-J 
Aberdeen Apartments 1224 Hvrie 

Aberg Neil (Mary) waiter hl205 4th av 
Aberle Clara Mrs rl49 Belvedere 

Aberman Doreen Mrs hl036 Polk 

Abernathy Bernice sten Smith-Rice Co rlll9 

" Edw mch hd h 2065 Sutter 

" Frank pres Allied Independent Mchts & 
Home Owned Businesses of Calif r Ban 

" Harrv h 3015 Van Ness nv 

Abernethv Eliz sten rl63 Naples 

" Jas hl306 Fillmore 

" Jas (Nellie) plstr hl63 Naples 

" Jas jr rl63 Naples 

" Nellie r 163 Naples 

" Robt orsmn L A Miller Label Co r 163 Naples 

" Ronald R elk h3407 24th 

" Wm S (Clara M) brass wkr h43b Sussex 

Aberti Alice Mrs elk r2575 Washn 

Abes Sandy porter r524 Clement 

Abev Harold R elec eng Hotel Mayflower r975 

Abeyta Cora priv sec Brunckhorst Sons & Co 
r85 Woodward 

" Eloy (Helene) chauf h85 Woodward 

" Lee (Mary) tmstr rl423 Kansas 

Abigana Florentina (Purl) h795 Vienna 

Abiko Yasuo W sec Japanese American News 
r650 Fills 

Abinanti Bruenhild M tel opr hI536 Shrader 

" Clara Mrs nurse G H Boskowitz 

" Prank gro 501 Hayes h 1324 York 

■' H S hll26 Bush 

'/ Pearl Mrs elk rl324 York 

" Peter (Kath) shoe repr 105 Broad 

" Stanley tmstr r879 Florida 

85 McAllister. Tel MA rket 0072 

Abitsch Geo (Hanny) ironwkr hl97 Downey 

Abizaid Josenhi auto mech r836 Broderick 

Abla John (Jennie) hl534 Thomas av 

Ablamovicz Dina musician rl784 Page 

Ablasa L A Mrs hl69 7th 

Able Harry seamn r995 McAllister 

" Obie furnace wkr r273 Hickory 

Ablers Geo Mrs hl234 Jones 

Abies Peter H rSS 6th 

Abney Bert uphol r216 London 

" Chas L dairy wkr h56 Vesta 

" Helen Mrs h945 Golden Gate av 

" Jacob K (Eugenie) collr PT&TCo h370 11th 

" Lillian Mrs smstrs r216 London 

" Louis r56 Vesta 

Abo Chas (Cesarina) hl023 Florida 

Aboites Ernest (Elisa) lab hl534 Mason 

Abou Ben Adhem Lodge No 112 (lOOFl 26 7th 

Aboudara R J Sol Aboudara mgr men's furngs 
20 The Embarcadero 

" Sol mgr R J Aboudara r Okld 

Abraham Andw H with US Coast Guard r Okld 

" Anita elk r623 37th av 

" Bella Mrs rl75 Commonwealth av 


" BenJ (Stella) (Myer Cloak & Suit Co) hl4M , 
l''ulton 1 

" Bcnns M (Mnrion I elk h795 Sutter 

" Carl rl350 Pine 

" Carl II mgr Washington Natl Ins Co rllOS 

" Chas (Rlnal meat ctr h378 4th av 

" Christ plmbr rlC93 Polk 

" Clara (Wid Louisi apt mgr hl455 Leaven- ; 

" Dave asst nlte supl A Crosetti Bro & Co r950 

" Fannie cash Raphael Weill & Co r212 Have- 

" Flora 68 Jordan av 

" Frances R r2026 Santiago 

" Frank (Rose) barber h72 5th av 

" Fred W elk r378 4th av 

" Gabriel reed wkr 1^ 456 43d av 

" Gaylord B eng PT&TCo r Ala 

" Geo (Anna) lab hl288 Eddy 

" Harold J (Renee) lawyer 690 Market R1016 
h474 40th av 

" Harry dritsmn Calif Pkg Corp r Ala 

" Harry D h337 Hyde 

" Isador (Dora) barber h950 Fulton 

" Jeanne r68 Jordan av 

" Josephine elk r68 Jordan av 

" Lincoln Council No 2 (Jr Order United Amer- 
ican Mechanics I 3450 20th 

" Margt Mrs r6 Anza 

" Marv boxmkr r2207 Bryant 

" Milton (Rachel) v-pres Nathan Abraham Co 
and sec N Abraham Co h670 30th av 

" Minnie elk r623 37th av 

• Miserap tailor Roos Bros rl415 Steiner 

■' N Co Inc Nathan Abraham pres Milton Abra- 
ham sec genl mdse 1054 Mission 

■' Nathan (Carrie) h343 5th av 

•' Nathan (Rose) pres Nathan Abraham Co and 
N Abraham Co h687 8th av 

" Nathan Co Inc Nathan Abraham pres Milton 
Abraham v-pres Mervyn Rudee sec-treas 
army gds 1133 Market 

" Ray (Wid Jacob 1 r456 43d av 

" Ric'hd (Prances I v-prin Francisco Junior 
High Sch h2025 Santiago 

" Robt (Gertrude I mgr Max Lewis h2954 Baker 

" Wm H (Marion Gl auto mech hl45 Allison 

" Wm J (Edith Al hsmn hl45 Allison 

Abrahamian H Indywkr r705 Van Ness av 

" L kitchenwkr r705 Van Ness av 

" Nazar (Ruby I h705 Van Ness av 

Abrahams A r Alexander Hamilton Hotel 

" Archie lab r51 Silliman 

" Dorothy elk r51 Silliman 

" Ellen (Wid Harry l h286 Div'sadero 

" Geo (Rose I wtchmkr h 1852 Golden Gate av 

" Gertrude h775 Geary 

" Harry (Eva I carp h51 Silliman 

" Henrietta Mrs r609 Sutter 

" Hyman (Helen) hl921 Lake 

" Irving I elk r51 Silliman 

" Jos (Julia) apt mgr h740 Leavenworth 

" Kate Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl449 Sutter 

" Lillie Mrs r940 Sutter 

" Lloyd rl499 Sutter 

" Mary J h695 3d av 

" Mary J (wid Philip) h73 Naples 

" Max Inc R D Abrahams pres whol Iwlrs 160 
Post R301 

" May buyer Gantner & Mattern Co rmO 
Pacific av 

" Oscar J (Mav) hl770 Pacific av 

" Paul D lab r73 Naples 

" Richd D (Beatrice) pres Max Abrahams Ino 
hSO Palm av 

" Sarah (wid Nathan) rl702 McAllister 

Abrahamsen Adolph coremkr h956 Post 

" All J (Helen) drftsmn City & County Bur 
of Engineering r72 Central av 

" Ansgar (Hulda) longshoremn hl655 Baker 

" Antone E deckhd State Bd Harbor Comrs 
rl675 Sanchez 

" Chas dredge opr rl039 Mission 

" Chas (Irene) pntr h520 Foerster 

" Gunlek O (Margt I sta eng 287 h710 leth av 

" Helga Mrs clo prsr h757 Treat av 

ABRAHAMSON, See also Abramson 

" Albt hI275 Greenwich 

" Alex buyer O'Connor Moflatt & Co r309 

Maple ,. 

" Alf J asst surv Dept Pub Wks r254 Juanlta 

" And (Minnie) gro 2601 McAllister h2603 do 
" Benj P (Rose) h845 Hyde 
" Carl J (Elfreda) mariner hl767 8th av 
" Elmer E asst sis mgr Hammond Lbr Co r 

" Gustave (Sarah) hl275 Greenwich 
" H auto mech Pageo Truck & Coach Co 
" Herman slsmn Gray's Inc r306 Maple 
" Ira slsmn rl275 Greenwich 
" Jack H v-pres Top Notch Products Co r San 

" M G h22 Cervantes blvd 
" Peter G (Florence) stevedore h437 Staples av 
" Richd W (Winifred) trader Conrad Bruce A 

Co h768 27th av 
" Rose tchr h306 Maple 
" Ruth slswn Nina Foley rl275 Greenwich 




Potrero Avenue 

Phones MA rket 0687-0688-0246 

See Page 1713 

hm Ruth H sten rl65 18th av 

ml (Sadie) iKarsky & Abrahmi hl65 18th 

hms Harry W rll63 Pine 
ura Mrs maid r242 Turk 
m Isidore M (Flora) printer 58 2d 2 fl 
15546 Pulton 
5 baker r867 Bway 

ster D bkpr 1 M Abram r5546 Fulton 
wis E (Myrtle I gro 700 Page h401 Steiner 
rlam labty techn r5546 Fulton 
isalind sten S H Friend r5546 Pulton 
ml Emilio (Pia) h318 Bowdoin 
mo Carmelo (Josephine) flshermn h2052 

minic (Rose) flshermn h874 Lombard 
mopoulos Christos A iCath( phys 1182 
.larket R420 h886 25th av 
i slsmn r886 25th av 

movitz Betty elk Krout & Schneider rl231 
ith av 

a elk r649 Baker 

jry pharm M T Agnew rl231 6th av 
i (wld Harrvi h649 Baker 
iry sten r649 Baker 
se elk rl231 6th av 
ml (Pauline) hl231 6th av 
ml (Sayde) clo mfr 1137 Howard h600 Pell 
mowltz Esther elk r935 McAllister 
Try elk r935 McAllister 
5 L (Yetta) men's clo 247 3d h935 McAl- 

ms A Louis (Rita) h2101 Pacific av 
W h2200 North Point 
a C slswn H Llebes & Co r490 Geary 
in r2101 Pacific av 
th J mach h879 38th av 
rbara Mrs rl320 Guerrero 
mice h 1801 Calif 
jrence L electn SPCo r Okld 
*MS CO THE J L Abrams Prop, Men's 
ind Women's Wearing Apparel. 210 Powell, 
Cel GA rfleld 4925 

vid (Irene) (Abrams Jewelry Co) r Alex- 
ander Hamilton Hotel 
nald elk r2526 21st av 
rothy P elk Calif Pkg Corp r Okld 
uglas slsmn rl320 Guerrero 
1th Mrs smstrs h3497 16th 
nice nurse r783 6th av 
h2421a Post 

jrence J typist r207 Gough 
o hl70 Duboce av 

I (Frances) pharm K S Cook h2345 

,nnah Mrs h735 Geary 
,rrv (Florence) elk h2526 21st av 
Try E (Estelle) inspr V S Customs h6356 

nrietta Mrs do clnr 819 Cole h821 do 
nry M (MaeT r405 Taylor 
ward L iLevv-Abrams Co) r940 Sutter 
dore H (Henrietta! mgr Robt E Miller Inc 
15010 Calif 

Lewis (Belle) (Abrams Col h 563 10th av 
ck (Hilda I elk h639 9th av 
:ob h5907 Geary blvd 
cqueline rl70 Duboce av 
5 S (Miriam) h920 Leavenworth 
ne sten H S Crocker Sc Co rl79 Girard 
*MS JEWELRY CO (David Abrams) 
'Sells For Less On Credit." 206 Phelan 
Mdg. 760 Market. Tel GA rfleld 1398 
s r44 5th 

s (Blanche A I prsmn Atthowe & Co h28 
iala ter 

s slsmn J B Roxburgh h924 Fulton 
! slsmn hl087 Golden Gate av 
5 slsmn Tonkin Distributing Co r Gaylord 

s B emo Eastern Outfitting Co h207 Gough 
5 H I Miriam! delicatessen 1068 McAllister 
1783 6th av 
5 S h625 Ashbury 
11a (wid Max) h218 Shotwell 
ura L tvDist Calif Pkg Corp r Okld 
elk Nathan Abraham Co r 1445 Shrader 
uis (Fannie I pres Metropolitan Furn Mfg 
yO and pres Hebrew Funeral Assn h338 
?\inston av 

uls soda fountain dlr 369 Ellis r661 O'Far- 

uls iHelene! tailor 243 Turk hl807 Cabrillo 
Mrs r345 Taylor 

jret office sec G S Courvoisier r Okld 
IX (Frances I slsmn Raphael Weill & Co 
11755 Van Ness av 
ehl h640 Post 

idred E nurse r915 Filbert 
nnie Mrs h315 lUh av 
Innie Mrs mgr Flanders Apts hl668 Washn 
3nto (Jessie! printer Peroxide Mfg & Spe- 
;lalty Co r3330 22d 

arris (MoUiei men's furngs 2420 Mission 
15450 Fulton 

irris J (Rose) tailor h2301 Francisco 
jrry (Delbyi elk hn9 Girard 
jrray chemist S Sommer rl540 Ellis 
ithan (Annie I lab hl79 Girard 
ircy C (Harriet Ml acct h80 7th av 
lilliD (Fannie) hl916 Balboa 
ilph P (Anna) chauf hl846 21st av 
;ne h4719 Geary blvd 
iuben (Grace) h940 Hayes 


" Reuben (Grace) ice cream 46 West Portal av 

h30 Prado 
" Robt B (Caroline) slsmn Richter & Druhe 

h229 19th av 
" Rose rl916 Balboa 
" S h780 Post 

" Saml ins broker 149 Calif R 208 hl809 do 
" Sarah r5 Parsons 
" Sidney H (Maydee) spl agt Mut Benefit Life 

Ins Co r2901 20th av 
" Sol A (Sally! lawyer 333 Montgy R306 r3256 

" Sylvain S (Selma) whol underwear 520 Mis- 
sion h2969 Jackson 
" Thelma elk r783 6th av 
" Walter (Ida G) hl401 Jones 
" Wm (Gladys) slsmn S S Abrams h3S38 Web- 
" Wm C rl755 Van Ness av 
" Wm Q elk r3204 24th 
" Wm R h463 8th av 
ABRAMSON. See also Abrabamson 
" Chas (Mollis) men's furngs 162 Sd h420 

Punston av 
" Harry ladies' tailor 697 Sutter rl582 32d av 
" Helen L sten SPCo hl077a Bway 
" Howard W r222 El Camino Del Mar 
" Irwin P elk Chas Abramson r42D Punston av 
" John (Selma) carp h2073 Bush 
" Mason elk r300 Roosevelt way 
" Mlchell N (Edna! slsmn Trevor & Co hl30 

San Benito way 
" Saml carp rl264 Howard 
Abras Harry r2127 Fill more 
" Jack (Ella) firemn SFFD h2474 36th av 
" Roger (Marie) barber 2251 Fillmore h2127 

Abrasheff Jacob (Paula) mech rl398 McAllister 
Abrego Alma carbon paper 580 Market R338 

rl226 17th av 
Abreo Manuel D Ueut SFPD hl331 19th sv 
Abreu Carmen mach oor rl63 StlUman 
" Joaquin with Redlick-Newman Co r Menlo 

" Manuel I (Mary M! lab hl79 Alpine ter 
Abrew J H h724 Leavenworth 
" Jos r3081 16th 
Abrie Geo (Luoilei slsmn C A Glass Co h371 

Abrll Prank (Annie) Jan h309 Anza 
Abrio Carmen smstrs r2124 Sutter 
Abrons Robt office mgr Paris Beauty Parlor 

Supp Co hll59 Clay 
Abrosimoff H china rear h2232 Geary 
" Konstantine N (Eugenia) auto mech h545 

" N kitchenwkr r2232 Geary 
Abrosinl Jos (Lenai h746 Capp 
Abrott A L slsmn Simon S Passer r San Lean- 

" Bernard J elk Bankruptcy Court r Bkly 
" Melvin E (Esther) (Christie & Abrott) h3942 

Abruzzo Ignaclo lab r2232 Jones 
" Jos lab r2232 Jones 
" Mario (Josephine) lab r2232 Jones 
" Mary (wid Santo! h2232 Jones 
" Tony lab r2232 Jones 

Abry RalDh M sta atdt Texas Co r San Bruno 
Absalon Porfirio i Julia i clgarmkr hl71 Bocana 
Absaredell Chas (Supreme Fruit Stand) 
Absetz Jos gro 497 Vermont 
Absolute Science Center J W Cook mgr 1369 

Abt Desire G (Dona) h700 Darien way 
" Dona Mrs tchr Pub Sch noo Darien way 
" Louisa (wld Morris) h'499 9th av 
" Rose Mrs nuts 2584 Mission r2595 Clay 
" Victor meat ctr r2595 Clay 
" Wm (Rose) h2595 Clay 
Abzald Ernest r836 Broderick 
" Jos auto mech r836 Broderick 
" Martha Mrs h836 Broderick 
Acabes Lorenzo (Trinidad) hl2'/a Hill 
" Ruth rl2i/2 Hill 
Acaccia Antonio (Paultina) slsmn hl762 Palou 

" Caesar A elk r246 McAllister 
" Ereo elk rl762 Palou av 
" John elk 1762 Palou av 
Acacia Apartments 1700 Golden Gate av 

(Washington. D C) S R Bowman Branch 

Mgr. 25 Taylor, Boom 404, Tel PR-ospect 

Acacio Felix pantrymn rl043 Kearny 
" Jov folder Robertson Draperies Inc 
Academy of the Sacred Heart 2700 Jackson 
Acalin Prank r2314 18th 
Acanthus Apartments 120 Pierce 
Accampo Albt J paints 1131 Polk r2030 Pell 
" Baptist (Adelaide) slsmn h2030 Fell 
" Emma sten Am Tr Co r2030 Pell 
" Nellie r2030 Fell 

Accetta Antonio (Mary) lab h28 Valparaiso 
" Dominic (Gelorna) flshermn hl325 Columbus 

Acclaoli Louis lab Royal Liquor Products r 

Acciari Evelyn bkpr A Paladini Inc r38 Lynch 
" Fortunato couch fnshr r438 Laurel 

Accident Prevention Bureau (Pac American 
Steamship Assn, Shipowners Assn of the 
Pac Coast and Waterfront Employers 
Assn) B O Pickard mgr 256 Mission 

Acciuga Adolph (Virginia) Jan h423 Edinburgh 

Accordion Publishing Co Mrs Blanche Cam- 
pana mgr magazine 1521 Stockton 

Accornero Albino lab r244 Richland av 

" Angelo sausagemkr rl25 Park 

" Armando chauf rl326 Grand av 

" Baldo (Ivy) ptrnmkr h310 Richland av 

" BenJ (Carena) h912 Crescent av 

" Ernest (Mary) (Capri Buttet & Restaurant 
h772 Union 

" Frank (Eleanor) lab hl84 Harvard 

" Giovanni waiter Lick Grill 

" Glulio (Adelaide) wines 114 The ESnbarca 
dero r961 Bayshore blvd 

" Jennoro (Mary) Ironwkr h2 Harris pi 

" John r772 Union 

" Louis cook r2100 Jones 

" Louis (Prances) factywkr hllST Tennessee 

" Louis (Mary) lab h842 Brussels 

" Renato (Maria) fndywkr hl25 Park 

" Saml electn r874 Van Ness av S 

" Saml restrwkr Geo Bobblo 

Director. David L Smith Registrar, 220 
Golden Gate Av. Tel TU xedo 1416 (See 
page 1739) 

Accurso J factywkr rill Felton 

" Rosalie mattress mkr h641 Silllman 

Ace Apartments 99 Jersey 

Herbert Bnllis Pres, H C Coffee V-Pres, 
P J McNeill Sec-Treas. Rent a New Ply- 
mouth Six U Drive, Philco Radio Equipped 
as Low as S2.50 per Day. Also Trucks of 
All Sizes, Open Day and Night, 23 11th nr 
Market, Tel HE miock 1261 

ACE DYE WORKS, (Frank J Yerbary, Frank 
G Hubener) Exclusive Dyers, Office and 
Plant 69 Duboce At, Tel HE mIock 7473 

" Electric Refrigeration Service Co (C F Voss 
L A Ortzi 315''b Sanchez 

" Garage (Walter Purrer, Ell J Francescnlnl) 
445 Fillmore 

" Ornamental Iron Works (E R Dozlere. Hans 
Brand) 159 South Park 

" Paper Co M M Baer pres. Max Baer sec, 
504 Davis J . „ „ w 

" Sheet Metal Works (W M and I T Derby- 
shire! 444 Clementina 

Aceboche Maxlme r848 Kearny 

Aced Edw (Carol) elk hl506 Cabrillo 

" Harry bkpr Herman Elsbach & Sons r64e 
16th av „ ... 

" Jas P with Braun-Knecht-Helmann Co r646 

" M Jas P (Ada) gas sta 4301 Calif h646 16th 

•' Marie Mrs r3621 Broderick 
■' Natalia M tchr Pub Sch r3621 Broderick 
Accra Pablo (Narcls) pntr Fort Mason h58 

Langton , „ _, 

Acerbl Giotto hair drsr City of Paris Dry Gds 

Co r335 Stockton 
Aceret Emil (Kath) hl321 14th av 
" Herbt P (Annei chauf hl319 14th av 
" Mae elk rl321 14th av „,,,., 

Acers Geo D (Mary) carp h833 Arguello blvd 
" Roy A mgr Cudahy Pkg Co r Burllngame 
Aceto Ernest (Marie) Indywkr hl649 Filbert 
" Josephine rl649 Filbert 
" Pietro (Caroline) Jan h713b Clementina 
Acevas Jos (Trana) factywkr h30Bl 23d 
Acevedo A J (Celia) bartndr h847 Girard 
Aceves Arth (Annie! pkr hl31 Eureka 
" Augustin mattress mkr r3169 22d 
" Augustine rl031b Alabama 
" Earl elk rl31 Eureka 
" Edythe tchr Pub Sch h870 Elizabeth 
" Ernest A elk rI31 Eureka 
" Helen Mrs rl039 Alabama 
" Henry barber r2862 23d 
" Jose mattress mkr rll48 Van Ness av S 
" Jos (Tomasai h2862 23d 
" Jos mattress mkr 2774 22d 
" Rafael hl031b Alabama 
" Theo eng Hayes Pk Lndy r Daly City - 
Ach Russell gas sta 995 Post rl845 Franklin 
Achard Chas S (Ruth) office mgr J D Stern 

r2735 Green , ... . „ 

" Eliz (wid Chas) dept mgr Elworthy & Co 

h2735 Green 
Achartz Emma (wid Jacob) r246a 11th 
" Jos C slsmn Madera Wine Prod Co h246a 

Achefl Alex restrwkr Mrs Caroline Rlsso r712 
Battery „, 

" Konstantl A (Nadla) elev opr hl330 Pierce 

Achenbach Arlo rl063 Cayuga av 

" Jule F (Helen) hl063 Cayuga av 

" Leo H formn Am Seating Co rl063 Cayuga 

" Moore S (Hazel) v-pres McCann-Erickson 
Inc h2618 Buchanan 

Acherman Carl sausage mkr rlOO Highland 



Van Ness 

Ave. at 


GR ayttone 

See Page 1702 










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Il onlj 




/ wit 
s foi 
to p 


h we 

> inst 


- ^s- DS = 

^ l^l 5°? 

e ■ r»> «>•< O 

wn p 











to c< 


=" ■< s 

S« ^ 


3 ■ m 

o X -n ca 

5g < 

aS " 3 

D 3 m 1° 

Royal-Liverpool Groups for Security and Service 

Royftl Insurance Company. Ltd. 

Queen Insurance Company of America 

The Newark Pire Insurance Company 

American & Foreign Insurance Company 

Capital Pire Insurance Company ol Calif. 

Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Ltd. 

(See Page 1726) 

Star Insurance Company of America 
Federal Union Insurance Company 

Ray Decker, Manager Pacific Department 

201 Sansome St., San Francisco 

Phone DO uglas 5855 

.ACIICSO.N. See also AtrhlnsoD and Atchison 

" Ann Mrs h'-*655 Pino 

" Barbara K tclir Pub Sell h2833 Brodcrlck 

" Bertha Mrs h2275 Sutter 

" Darwin P (Helen El msngr Bd of Educ h419 

" Esther H Mrs h840 Van av 
" Geo (Ellcenl elk h2340 Balboa 
" Wm J (Vlolctl osst mgr Bldg Materials & 

Machy Exhibition h2306 29th av 
Achew Filomena Mrs hl639 Jerrold av 
AchlUc Antonio (Cornelia) sismn Occidental 

Life Ins Co r519 29th av 
Achlson Jos garagewkr hl751 Market 
Achlson Thco M elk r254 San Carlos 
Achor Arth slsmn Eastern Outfitting Co r 

" Doris Mrs rll7 Delmar 
Achstetter Beatrice maid 2405 Octavla 
" Bertha r417 Gough 
" Edw (Efflc M) plstr h57 Morse 
Aciberros Jos baker rl29 Silllman 
Aclmovlch Florentine (wid Louis) hl724 Jen- 
Ackel Jas fAdele) clo clnr 4705 Geary blvd 

h4431 do 
Ackemann Walter P dept mgr Butler Bros r 

Ackenheil Melchor (Beatrice) h876 Waller 
" Paul F (Duslne) hl8 56 11th av 
" Peter J flremn SPPD r876 Waller 
ACKER. Sep also Aker 

■' Chas L dlv mgr Shell Oil Co h2210 Jackson 
"EI hl450 Greenwich 
" Edw (Annlsi h2578 Lombard 
" Franz stitcher Simmons Co r2104 Larkln 
" Helen M sten John P Forbes & Co r44 Cer- 
vantes blvd 
■' Karl tailor r573 Fillmore 
" Ralls C tkt elk Pac Greyhound Lines r Okld 
Ackergreen Julia beauty opr rlOOS Powell 
Ackerlnnd Chas A (Lena) barber hlOO Poerster 
ACKERMAN, See also Akenaan 
"AC rl247 Chestnut 
" Albt D (Grace) chf elk By Exp Agcy hl214 

31st av 
" Alf L (Ann) Jwlr 2030 Chestnut h3325 

" Beatrice Mrs sten Hotel Plaza r775 Geary 
" Caroline (wld Albt) h811 33d av 
" Chas elev opr r2778 Polsom 
" Chas sausagemkr rlOO Highland av 
" Chas A pres-mgr Ellis Mills Mfg Co h508 

" Clotilda sten rl711 Leavenworth 
" David elk rl481 Eddy 
" Ellz (wid Herman) h2778 Polsom 
" Elsie H sec LeRov Brooks r811 33d av 
" Evelyn h520 Geary 
" Forrest J r530 Staples av 
" Frances E slswn O'<!;onnor Moffatt & Co 

r781 O'Parrell 
" Frank slsmn h775 Geary 
" Pred elk h743 Polk 
" Pred W (Fisher & Co) asst to pres Pac 

Greyhound Lines r Piedmont 
" Geo (Sallie) h2502 Cabrillo 
" Geo M examiner State Banking Dept r Bur- 
" Hans (Alvce) chf eng Cereal Products Re- 
fining Corn h2101 Pacific av 
" Harry elk rl481 Eddy 
" Harry j (Gladys) slsmn W A Muller Co 

r291 Surrey 
" Horace P elk hl034 Page 
" Irving C (Gertrude) mgr Casino Theatre 

h2900 Bwav 
" J H rSt Francis Hotel 

" Jacob furrier 163 Sutter R42S hl481 Eddv 
" Llovd s (Louise) (Ackerman. Waylan(i & 

Mathews) h3D80 Pacific av 
" Llovd S 1r elk r3080 Pacific av 
" Marguerite A t.vnist hi 67 Alpine ter 
" Maurice teller Wells-Pargo Bank & Union 

Trust Co r Ala 
" Nellie pub sten 481 Market R483 r335 Stock- 
" O.scar R (Ethel P) bkbndr h652 16th av 
" P F rlOS 4th 

" Rov G elev opr hl474 Sacto 
" Saml furrier rl481 Eddy 
" Stanley P mgr Payne Furnace & Supp Co 

hl895 Chestnut 
" Theo G pipeftr rl754 O'Parrell 
" TlUie (wid I S) r2100 Pacific av 
" Victoria elk rl352 23d av 


S Ackerman, Chas B Wayland. Philip S 

Mathews) Lawyers, lU Sutter E1500, Tel 

SU tter 3920 

" Wm B (Mary) phonographs 604 Mission 

R605 hl353 23d av 
" Wm G (Melba C) slsmn Westinghouse Elec 

Supp Co h766 25th av 
" Wm S (Carroll C) with Assoc Oil Co h530 

Staples av 
Ackers Fred J elk H W Gossard & Co r Okld 
Ackerson Amelia r473 Ellis 
" Chas H slsmgr WUTCo r Burlingame 
" Kath Mrs Jan Pub Sch r2330 Cabrillo 
" Jeannette sten McCann-Erlckson Inc rl477 


" Mury Mrs hH77 Geary 

" Myrtle M sten Pac Pub Serv Co rl477 Geary 

Ackcrt Arden elk SPCo r Ala 

Ackler Paul hl310 Turk 

Ackley Anna B Mrs sten Fidelity & Casualty 

Co of N Y r2030 Jones 
" Edw collns 127 Montgy R204 r Burlingame 
" Elmer elk Collf Pkg Corp r San Rafael 
" Emory R (Hellen) garagemn Raphael Weill 

& Co h735 Laguna 
" Geo r727 Howard 
" Mary (wld S P) h2030 Jones 
" Norman L (Matilda) h448b Vallejo 
" Vivian r2851 Fillmore 
" Winston L (Anabeli acct r2030 Jones 
Ackman Michl mgr Mlchl Ackman & Co rHotel 

El Cortez 
" Mlchl & Co Michl Ackman mgr Inv sec 333 

Montgy RIOOO 
Ackor Doris smstrs rll7 Delmar 
Ackroyd Janet nurse h2015 Laguna 
" John (Rosaliei steward h664 41st av 
" John W (Edith) elk Bank of Montreal h35 

" Rolland elk r664 41st av 
Acme Battery Co (Paul Laufenberg Pred 

Brand! 628 Gough 
" Bedding Co S A Estus mgr 157 10th 
" Bottle Co Harry Wendell mgr 516 Townsend 
" Building Craftsmen Service & Display Jos 

Novella mgr 26 Ocean av 
" Building Maintenance Assn Louis Ferraro 

pres 483 Bway 
" Code Co A P Thane pres publrs 311 Calif 

Milton Blumer Manager, 110 Sutter R503, 
Tels EX brook 1662 and 16G3 
" Equipment Co (P P Slater Geo Albury) con- 
veyors 355 Fremont 
" Past Freight Service H M McEwln v-pres, 

R O Baird mgr, 244 Calif R702 
" Floor Co (Paul Sabella Arth Ruger) 1051 

" Grill (Louis Gverovich, Mitchell Pranusich) 

rstr 700 14th 
" Hotel 819 Mission 

Loans, 711 Glaus Spreckels BIdg, 703 Mar- 
ket, Tel SU tter 7553 
ACME LUMBER CO. Hcxberg Pres, A I Her- 
mann Sec, H Freese Mgr, Redwood, Pine 
Lumber and Mill Work, Office and ITard 
6th and Channel, Tel SU tter 6170 
" Machine Works (R J and F E Pflster) 19 

" Manufacturing Co Chas Monson pres plan- 
ing mill 345 Bay Shore blvd 
" Multigraphing Co Jas McDonald mgr 693 

Mission B205 
" News Pictures Inc P J Sinnott mgr 814 Mis- 
sion R211 
" Paper Box Co A L Schooley pres, S P Hlg- 

gins sec 53 Beale 
" Press (G G and Nathan Herzberg) printers 

907 Clement 
" Radiator & Pender Works (Robt Luscher 

Conrad Kowell) 348 Golden Gate av 
" Realty Co C P Jacoby pres 544 Market R506 
" Retinning Co Pred Latter mgr 1310 Harrison 
" Roofing Co 260 Ocean av 
" Sales Products Co (P E Levy Predk Squires) 

mfrs agts 156 8th 
" Steel Co of Calif R W Chaffee mgr 202 

ACME STUCCO CO, Manufacturers of Exte- 
rior and Interior Stucco, 201 Utah corner 
15th, Tel MA rket 3798 
" Theatre R L Marks mgr 1249 Stockton 
" White Lead & Color Works J A Warren mgr 

454 2d 
Acornero Arth P (Helen) hl42 Alpine ter 
Acosta Al whsmn h2 Alharnbra 
" Eleazar slsmn V Morris rl700 Bway 
" Elvia factvwkr r3036 Market 
" Ezequlel (Maria) lab h3036 Market 
" Fernando shoe shiner 2810 24th h2816 do 
" Predk (Evelyn) hl812 Webster 
" Geo r2275 Calif 
" Graciola factywkr r3036 Market 
" J M h374 5th 

" Jas (Helen) waiter h2338 Franklin 
" John r392 3d 
" Jos r2338 Franklin 

" Tedora C (wid Lucaino) hl9 Woodward 
Acostini C Mrs h2514 Greenwich 
Acoustical Engineering Co R L Cramer mgr 

557 Market R206 
ucts Co Inc, G Bernard Merritt Mgr, 
Electrical Aids for the Hard of Hearing, 
Private Consultation Rooms, 457 Powell, 
Tel DO uglas 2656 
Acquadolce Andw (Andrea) hl310 Church 
Acquilina Jos (Mary) lab hll20 Phelps 
Acquistapace Edw lab r456 6th 
" Furnia &rrs tchr Pub Sch hl09O Eddy 
" Leo elev opr rl986 Filbert 
Acqulsti Henry (Grace) lab h770 Bay 
Acrebl Grotto r335 Stockton 

Acree Madeline Mrs h536 Leavenworth 
" Wm C (Ellzi barber h815 O'Farrell 
ACROPOLI.S GRILL (Gust Karavas) The Bed 
Plate to Eat, ■.W.i-Hr, :id. Tel GA rrteld 98M 

" Lodge No 350 K of P 240 Golden Gate av 
Actls A with Shrevo & Co r279 Munich 
" Albt mach r701 Vienna 
" Chas (Mathilda) lab h7Dl Vlcnno 
" Dominic slsmn r701 Vienna 
" Jos (Mary) lab hlB3 Prague 
" Louis (Edith) lab h754 Athens 
" Norma M teleg opr WUTCo rl83 Prague 
" Ray auto mech r701 Vienna 
AGENCY, THE, (A T Acton) 6«0 25th Av, 
Tel BA-yview 5854 
" Albt T (Gladys) (Acton Adjusting & Col- 
lecting Agencyl h660 25th av 
" Augusta E Mrs private sec CB&QRR haes 

" Bessie L bkpr Johnson & Johnson r Okld 
" Edith E (wid John) h795 8th av 
" Edw leather wkr Vlsalla Stock Saddle Oo 

rl365a Valencia 
" John P (Zaleme) slsmn SOCo h748 20th av 
" Levi (Ena) h855 Pine 
" Louis (Elsie I elk h2590 Pine 
" Mabel E Mrs slswn Bon Ton Bakery h678 

" RIchd hl365a Valencia 
" RIchd S elk rl365a Valencia 
" Rita smstrs h769a 6th av 
" Robt B hallmn SOCo r756 24th av 
" Thos (Ann) h2034a Pine 
" Wm B (Lillian G) (O'Brien, Dlbert & Ac- 
ton) h850 25th av 
Acuff B H loans 544 Market R601 r555 Jones 
Acuna Cora maid 15 Presidio ter 
" Danl (Theresa) lab h232 Mississippi 
" Delia wrapper h62 Pearl 
" Everett (Esther) elk h925 Bway 
Acvarez Julio h995 Pacific 
Ada Apartments 20 Adele ct 
" Apartments 2647 Mission 
Adaian Albt (Mary) lab h473 Oak 
Adair Andw G (Lillian) cond hl015 Pierce 
" Arth W (Helen) longshoremn h824 Brussels 
" Bertha (wid Jos) hl245 Laguna 
" Bonnie r926 Powell 

" Clarence E (Amelia) marine eng h410ea ITth 
" Chflord (Hattlei fl fnshr hl806 Scott 
" Court Apartments 460 Van Ness av S 
" Edna r2329 Mission 
" Edw (Martha) slsmn hl842 18th av 
" Ellen (wid G O) rl938 10th av 

" Emilia Mrs h380 31st av 

" Esther waiter hll79 Hayes 

" Frances D baths 555 Sutter R202 

" Fred J hl93R 10th av 

" Harold C (Valeria) dentist 870 Market R862 
hl349 17th av 

" John r459 Turk 

" John P pntr r285 Divisadero 

" Josenh (Hazel I police hl68 Santa Ynez av 

" Katie rl245 Laguna 

" Leslie G (Juanita) slsmn h3001 Harrison 

" Lucille A elk Pac Coast Aggregates Inc 
San Anselmo 

" Wm H (Clara) pharm Broemmel's Preset 
tion Pharmacy hl75 San Leandro way 

Adam Antoan W (Ida El steward h3781 23d! 

" Antoan W jr msngr SPCo r3781 23d 

" Benj M (Phyllis) h840 Hayes 

" Chas bronze wkr Federal Ornamental Ird! 
& Bronze 'Wks r2326 21st av 

" David driver Calif Lndy & Supp Ltd r Daly 

" Elmo C (Barbara) mtrmn h3287a Mission 

" Erna B clo clnr hl674 22d av 

" Grant Bldg 114 Sansom 

" Herman v-pres Calif Card Mfg Co r Mill 

" Jas h3759 Fillmore 

" Jas G T I Marat I blksmth hl603 Dolores 

" Jessie r2084 Pine 

" Peter M mfrs agt 244 9th r Okld 

" RIchd mgr Calif Gem Co r882 31st av 

" Robt P r88 6th 

Adamczyk Andw techn E S Parks r449 O'Far- 

Adami Alesantro (Virginia) h860a Greenwich 

" Alesandro jr elk r860a Greenwich 

" Bernice r66 Lyell 

" Chas H plmbr h2272 Union 

" Pred S (Dorothy) chauf h270 Whitney 

" Gabriel P (Geraldine) driver hl422 25th aT 

" Geo (Lila) tile setter hl8 Dartmouth 

" Henry P (Louise) cook hl415 Shatter av 

" Henry W photostat opr Dep Pub 'Wks h4U 
Duboce av 

" Kath (wid Philip) hl321 Quesada av 

" Lillian bkpr Albers Bros Milling Co rl321 
Quesada av 

" Phil (Louise) restr 3754 Geary blvd rSl 

" Rafael h522 Green 

" Sabastain (Rafael) sugar wkr h418 Ivy 

" Walter (Esther) tUe setter h4905a Mission 

" Wm meats 381 9th r 769a Tehama 

" Wm J (Violet) flremn SPPD hl619 29th aT 

" Wm J (Mary E) tile setter hes Lyell 

" Wm J Jr r66 Lyell 


Buold J do PTET 3104 Fillmore r3115 

» Jos (Maryi clo rlnr 735 Biish h2115 io 

m jB«epha» M Eten Nstl Aato Ttieft Bar 

rtlla Bosi . _ 

Adamls Icalo 'Uargt' 'AUas ifeul Spuming 

Col hUo Manor dr 
• Manllo (Angelina f Atlas Metal filming 

Co I hl437b Mason 
ft itamg A r44 3d 
Ace T (Ethel I ballplsrer h5333 Mlsslan 
Adelben rl26« 5ti av 
Adrian cDc rlS52 Halgiit 

Aa>t Ttn «tii 

Aat hl844 Fclsom 

Albt (Paaline: elk rl*57 Cljestant 

Albt L acct Consolidated Pkg Co rl852 

Alex 111520 Goagfc 

All J 'Mvrtle K cond h245 La-ossa-. 

Alf T 'Huth brnshmir hl576 Golden Gate 

Alice r::a:d 1935 Lafce 

Alice 'TT.t S "Wi 111335 Jactson 

Allien hl2iO B-ljt 

AHar s Aura ii2427 Larkin 

AlTin E P.j;e sta eng hl21 Baden 

Ana Mrs tiir CTarl Raiss & Co r MlBbrae 
Highianis " 

And« cl; clrr h6S2 Van Ness ar S 

Anita A nurse h2511 Sacio 

«"na mgr Eagle Hotel nl201 Webster 

Anna M t"S3 14tl2 

Anna M di SPCo r Okld 

Annette A ' =ld Mark' la-rer 465 Calif 
R1006 h 165T 17th ar 

Annie A (wid G J' r771 41st av 

Ansel E 'Virginia' photcg 131 24th av 

Araile Mrs art eds 907 Irving r5D9 do 

Armen J lAraxle) sign pntr 734 Turk h909 

Ar-i r235 Eddy 

Arts A Lizzie I lab h301 Chestnat 

Art!! C flda E' slsmn Cereal Prodocts Re- 
fining Coro hl49 Santa Monica way 

Axe: asst P J McCarthy rl520 Gough 

B F 'an CallJ Pig Ccrp r Bkly 

Bearrice Mrs —zr Adrian Apts hl928 Snttei 

Belle Mrs fc32 Pamassas av 

Ben C Zetta' barber Ji25 Kingston 

Bernard M iLeda mlH-s-kr h330 Page 

Bemice mach opr r735 Haight 

Bemice Mrs hi:23 Ellis 

Bertha nurse r:543 Fulton 

Bertha J Mrs h742 Green 

BeSiie Mrs h-tEr h259 Hyde 

Betty r Gavlord Hotel 

Bettv rS36 Mason 

BettT mach opr r535b Jones 

Beclah biller riea Alpine ter 

Beulah ili rl533 Fell 

Beulah E Mrs h655 Post 

Blanche Mrs 2igr Ardeu Acts hl005 Laxkln 

Blvth C Frances teller Am Tr Co ti3801 

Bcnnie maid r2C32 Pine 
C E hS«5 Gearv 
C E h820 Jones 

C Edgar treas Hromada Candy Co r701 Pine 
C G hI234 Jones 

C W dept mgr Call? Pkg C^rp r Ckld 
Carrie ''s^ii John' li265 Lanssat 
Cashes C mldr hlpr Liberty Brass & Bronze 

Fndy r Okld 
Cassie G cDc Natl Anto ClQb r CHcld 
Cath A '-B^d P C h2514 29th av 
Cath E ttpT PG&ECo r323 Panst<Ki av 
--::. steelvrkr h326 Eddy 
l: rlOTO Green 
^: plstr rl231 Eddy 
^-is iMargt c".str li2305 24th ar 
Chas slsmn r493 Eddv 
Chas 'Claire' slsmn h2507 25th av 
Chas jr r2305 24th av 
Chas A elk SOCo r Bkly 
Chas A (Margti lawyer 785 Market R1018 

hl63 14th av 
Chas P (Elizt h300 Pennsylvania av 
Chas P Jr iRnby v-pres Pa- States Sav & 

Loan Co hSol 17th av 
Chas H r84 Anderson 

Chas H agt Conn Mat Lile Ins Co r Okid 
Chas H 'Olive sec Merchants Exchange Inc 

hl29 24th av 
Chas J hl745 Paciac av 
Chas J P.obln auto mech h40S Teresita 

Chas J 'Geraldinei lino opr S P Se-s h400 

Chas p. rl337 Calif 
Chas R BEtr h7<)8 Gearv 
Chas P. 'Ailine' slsmn M Seller Co h290 

ieth av 
Chas W rl30 Booth Park 
Chas W pres Savage Dlstnbatlng Co r Ala 
Clara L Mrs li617 Steiner 
Clarence r2305 24th av 
Clarence H (Clara' mtrmn lil283 Florida 
Clarence W (Marie G> phys 450 Batter 

P.2339 hl39 Lunado way 
Claade (Agnes M dk h201 San Marcos av 
Claude H slscm rl441 Jones 
Claude M El^ elk hi 104 Irving 
Clem I Edna bottler h213 Amazon av 
Cleo waiter r2CS4 Pine 
Coleen hkpr r3258 23d 
Curtis B Emma B' dk hSSS Octavla 
D Paye elk h62S Bash 
D L orderly U C Hasp r980 Hayes 
Darwin J mgr Universal Travel Assc r2410 

Pacific av 
David hl26 Chester av 
David flsabelli carp h33 Cassandra ct 
David dk hlOCS Golden Gate av 
David Indywkr rSlO 3d av 
D<mald G hSo Palm av 
Dorothy dk hl360 Pine 


' Dorothy Mrs slswn Mrs Stella Hatfleld r300 

16th av 
"EC h2075 Calif 
" Earl ( Bonnie f driver i3083 Pine 
" Eda D sten Lcose-WIles Biscuit Co r30S 

" Edson r20S9 PaciSc av 
" Edw L (Jane elev opr h241 Judson av 
•• Ed— P mgr Wonderllte Neon Prodocts Oo 

r Bkly 
" Ed"- H 'Asnesi printer Prands-Valentlne 

Co h:430 Pulton 
" Edw S 'Annie Psc Caast claim agt Lacken- 

bach 5 S Co hl201 12th av 
» Edwin elk Dept cl Motor Vehides r2430 

" Egbert H adv slsmn Call-Bulletin Pub Co 

r Okld 
" Eleanor E Mrs r757 14th 
" v-"^ hT:9 Fillmore 
" Eliz '— id A C' h 1121 Hampshire 
" Ell2 A hS35 3d av 
" Hiz S asst mgr Gregg Publishing Co r2411 

" Ellen L .•«ld L TV. h4725 17th 

- Ellen T r4725 17th 

" Elmer H ' Cora B > pastor Central Seventh 

Dsv Adventisi Ch h2953 Calll 
" Elnora elk r2242 Polk 
" Elsie (wid L M' r222 Webster 
" Elsie C compt opt SERA r248 15th av 

- Elsie M bkpr r5i7 Morse 

" Emerson W compositor Marshall Adams Prtg 

Corpn rlllS Ocean av 
" Emery S Col USA r Presidio 
" Emi] A Atirelia' oSce r^.^ Cal-Penn Oil 

Co hl2Sl 12th av 
" Emma r328 punston av 
" gmmg r2109 O'Parrell 
" Emma 'wid Saml h35 Brunswick 
" Emma H Mrs r2721 Anza 
" Emma L iwid J W' h901 Calif 
" Enhratm la-wver 625 Market R902 r3506 Calif 
" Ernest (Gladvs' hlS35 Page 
" Ernest F clt r719 Rllmore 
" Ernest H Ij(rui=e ' hl5i 24Tb av 
" Ernest L (Eliz M' h293 Edgewood av 
» Ernest T 'Olive' car» h22I3 21st av 
" Ernestine rCiDSS PaciSc av 
" Ethel B cash O'Connor Moffatt & Co r490 

" Everett W 'Myrtle' h363 29th av 
" P h245 Leavenworth 

" Pay T Eten Geo W Prising Co r82 Parnassus 
" Florence Mrs r:45 3d av 
*• Florence M sten h431 Octavia 
" Flovd h734 Bush 

" Floyd A Eupt of serv Clift Hotel r84S Sutter 
■» Forrest 'Teddvi h2343 20th av 
■• Francis E with Fred H Tibbetts r Bklv 
' Prank rl68 Eddv 
" Prank r952 Eddy 
" Prank r235 3d 

- Prank ' Marie i fnilt pkr 1503 Post hl428 do 
" Frank Joyce i restr 2092 Divisadero rl719 

■» Frank (Gertrude* slsmn rl665 Haight 

- Frank H h'es: Filbert 

" Frank J (Ruth E' slsmn h63 Haight 

- Prank M (pjtai chauf h722 Larkin 

" Prank W i^athi slsmn Cobbledlck-Kibbe 
Glass CJo hl437 7th av 

- Frank X h340 Eddy 

" Prankie office sec Warehousemen's Aasn r 

" Fred A formn Simpson & Ksher Inc r Okld 

" Fred J atdt Jesse Dee r3933 22d 

» Predk r2030 Pen 

" Predk G mfrs agt 717 Market Pw509 r Ala 

•• Predk T h584 23d av 

" Frederic M acct Hood & Strong r Okld 

' G C h2360 Mission 

" G S hl525 Filbert 

" Geo h3852 !3th 

" Geo 'The Breakers' 

" Geo elk Glnn &: Co r Okld 

" Geo lab r3752 Army 

" Geo mach Union Machine Co r Okld 

" Geo B office asst SPCo r San Leandro 

" Geo E mgr Am Anto Ins Co r San Mateo 

" Geo E (Amelia' mtrmn hl975 McAllister 

" Geo P 'Minnie R' auto mech h41 Mt Ver- 
non av 

~ Geo P 'EliZ' lab hl442 47th av 

" Geo H h3447 18th 

" Geo I 'Aletha B sec-treas Marshall-Adams 
Prtg Corp hi 15 Ocean av 

" Geo M h'870 JeSerson 

" Geo M 'Nms R. chf elk SOCo hSS Aptos av 

" Geo M d'^ SPCo r San Anselmo 

" Geo O 'Fl^e' steel wkr h3057 San Bruno 

- Geo W 'Marie L' h2755 UUoa 

" Geo W mech White Motor Co r Burlingame 

" Georgia L Mrs acct rl355 Calif 

' Geraldine A Mrs Indy hlpr Veterans' Ad- 
ministration Facility rl277 Geary 

" Gertrude rll31 Green 

" Gertrude L chiropractor 222 Webster 

" Gideon H (Margt ' servmn Leo J Mevberg 
Co h475 32d av 

" Glen r 345 Taylor 

" Graham G asst mgr 20th-Taraval oSce Am 
Tr Co h2290 Francisco 

" Gus (Sadie M) clq^n h3G42 Market 

" Gustave H r2612 Market 

•> Gustave P (Amallai elk h2612 Market 

- H M h33a Rondel pi 

"HP mgr Martin-Copeland Co r Bkly 

" Hanna maid r415 O'Parrell 

" Harold elk Florence Stove Co rl332 Geary 

" Harold J lab rl42 Sears 

" Harold R buyer Cltv of Paris Dry G<is Oo 

rl214 31st av 
" Harriett smstrs r44 MeAUlster 
" Barry b844 Central av 


" Harry r407 Tehama 

" Harry lab r585 Turk 

" Harry slsmn JacobsOTi Relmers Co 

" Harrv A h205 Jones 

" Harrv c 'Rose' hdw fl Ivr hl723 Steiner 

~ Harry G 'Mildred elk fci446 Washn 

" Harry H sec Kennedy Mining <b Milling Co 

h3201 Octavia 
" Harrv J 'Frances' hl946 Baker 
" Harry J (Isabellei Hie setter h3922 Calif 
" Hartz C slsmn J A Adams rlOlO Capitol av 
" Hazel T Mrs elk M S Ry Co r20O0 Chestnut 
" Helen sten rl01>8 Goldsn Gate av 
" Henry fender reT}r 453 Pulton 
" nenry P 'Pearl new bus rep Bank of Am 

h32S Funston av 
" Henry p jr elk Zellerbach Paper Co r325 

Funston av 
"Herb! 'Hilda ■ cook h705 Clavton 
" Herbt B 'Zaidee' depi mgr J J Moore & Co 

hl455 16th av 
" Herbt G dk SPCo r Okld 
" Hfrbt J rl019 Pranklin 
" Herbt L sec-treas Savage Distributing Co 

r Ala 
" Herkimer E 'Dorothy' elk h318 Rockdale dr 
" Hilma cik rlS95 Jackson 
" HoUis 'Margt' hl730 Sacto 
" Hope D nurse S F Hosp r406 Teresita blvd 
" Horace T t?res-mgr Famsworta Electrical 

Wis r Piedmont 
" Howard w ' Julia ' printer hl95 Eureka 
" Ine: h526 Po-ell 
" J Bruce Marie' golf supp 143 Bush hl20 

Parnassus av 
" J D Co D E Ho3man br mgr road machy 

230 Utah 
" Jack Fl^^i Swift & Co r San Jose 
" Jack E Bemice N' slsmn h511 Howard 
" Jack R rll59 Masonic av 
" Jas '"Louise' mech h384 3d av 
" Jas benmn rl27 Ellis 

" Jas elk Schmidt Litho Co r Redwood City 
ADAMS JASrES A (Bosa Bi Paints. Wafl Pa- 
per. Supplies and Painters Equipment. 901 
Clement. Tel ET errreen 6311. hlOlO Cap- 
itol Av. Tel RAndolpta 0745 
" Ja? B Cora B deot mgr Federal Reserve 

Bank r!644 Taylor 
.ADAMS JAMES I) (Kathcrine) (TIcCntchen. 
OIney. Mannon A- Greene* Attomev-at- 
Law. iDth Floor Ballonr BIdg 351 Califor- 
nia. Tel DO uelis 3131. r Boss 
" Jas E (Sadie' hl451 Larkin 
" Jas J acct M S Rt Co h366 ArgueUo blvd 
" Janice nurse r2O30 Pell 
" Jaye 'Roiie' r839 Golden Gate av 
" Jean phvslo-therapist 2511 Sacto 
" Jesse r265 Laussat 
" Jessie cook h22'!2 Pine 
" Jewel nurse r970 Post 
" Jewel slswn The Majestic h43 Eamona av 
" John h555 Jones 
" John r2343 20th av 
" John carp rl42 Sears 
" John 'Yvonne' lab rl59 Russ 
" John mach r684 Polsom 
" John A 'Alice' mgr Hotel New h730 Eddy 
" John B reporter S P Examiner r825 Sutter 
- John C hS34 Bush 
" John c rSOO Pennsylvania 
" John D slsmn A Crocker & Co r213 7th av 
" John E 'Marie' hSO ShotweH 
" John E 'Hazeri barber h2010 Chestnut 
" John H elk SPCo r Okie 

bhn H credit mgr John Davis r Brisbane 
H dept mgr SOCo r Okld 
H ■F'jossie' Hno our h874 38th av 
J rSOl Golden Gate av 
" John K mCT Mrs C P Kicola rl886 Market 
" John Q teller Am Tr Co T7127 Geary blvd 
" John W (Mary hl4S0 Larkin 
" John W 'Louise' brkmn hl60 AvUa 
" John W iT)orothy,' social wkr hl212 Po- 

trero av 
" Johnnie slsmn rl428 Post 
" Jos r640 Clay 
" Jos buttermkr r333 Noe 
" Jos c!k r520 Van Kess av S 
" Jos hat clnr r23C5 Sacto 
" Jos waiter r75 3d 

" Jos C lab r427 9th 

" Jos I (Lillian K' firemn SPPD h54€ Joost av 
" Josephine slswn Columbia Oufitting Co 

r2360 Mission 
" Josah K (Eliz) flrving Lundborg & Co' 

h2507 Bwav 
" Julia D Mrs h28T5 Green 
" Justin J electn r353 Naples 
" Kenneth M s^smn Baker HamiKon & Pacific 

Co h2924 2€th av 
" L D slsmn Union Cartiide Sal^ Co r Ala 
" L J r259 7th 
"LP h400 Duboce av 
" Laura h30 Fairfield wav 
" Laura Mrs hl803 Scott 
" Leda Indrs S P Hosp r830 Page 
" Lee S slsmn Leo J Mevberg Co r Ban Jose 
" Leland C 'Meltmde.i 'Charles R Barry Co' 

512408 Green 
" Leiand D 'F'lorence) T-pres Leslie-Calif Salt 

Co hl96!) Vallejo 
" Leo E 'Charlotte I office eqtiiD 525 Market 

E210 h3101 Scott 
" Leon D (Cortnne' h272 16tli av 
" Leonard 'Florence' hl960 Vallejo 
" Leonard C (Constance' sigmTi McKaie's Inc 

hl822 18th av 
» Letmard O (Rnberta' USN h700 CParrell 
" TfffJie orderlv s P Hosp rl3D Laguna 
" Leslie P 'Mary Aj Eismn M WaUerstein Co 

hi 125 Francisco 
" TrTTIIan B sten Rossana & HoSman r San 

" T.TTrtA maid rl42 Sears 

" John 
" John 





A complete, 


and efficient 


service at 



Krout and 



260 OTarreU 

San Francisco 

EX brook 4661 

See Pag 



We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

United States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 

of California 

604 Mission St. 
San Francisco 



ESTAB. 1890 


Advances on 

Kearny St. 
















MARKET 5400 

Pacific Pump & Supply Co. 

420 Bryant Street 
San Francisco 

(See Page 1736) 



Water Gasoline 

Systems Engines 

SPRAYERS (Hand and Power) 


■ louLi elk r736 HnlRht 

■ I uolllf M bemitv opr rSOl Jones 

■ Lucv P h30'44 Gough 

• M hlO.=iO Post 
■' M bnrber supplies 1134 Market r San Mateo 

• Mabel sten til040 Leavenworth 
" Magdalene slswn O'Connor MoHatt & Co 

r Okld 
■■ Man.son R sec-treas Ohlson & Holmes r 

" Margt Mrs hn30 Sacto 
■' Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2070 Pacific av 
" Marlon D Mrs r2360 Chestnut 
" Marjorie Mrs beauty opr h250 McAllister 
" Marjorie A sten rl451 Larkln 
" Mark waiter r324 Bartlett 
" Marvin O with Ci-HSRCorp r Los Altos 
" Marvin O Jr elk C&HSRCorp r Los Altos 
" Mary asst sec Native Sons & Daughters r 

" Mary Mrs h725 Capp 
" Mary Mrs restr wkr E J Clinton & Co r 

" Mary iwld Geo i r3752 Army 
" Mary A Mrs hl42 Sears 
" Marv E h6n Steiner 
" Marv E Iwid W HI h3042 Oough 
" Mataldla A Iwld Z Bl h465 32d av 
" Maud elk rl005 Golden Gate av 
" Maude E Mrs smstrs h930 Hayes 
" Maurice B iHedwIg) hl55 Hyde 
" Maxine r765 Geary 
" Melbert B lawyer 785 Market R714 h2360 

" Merritt r584 23d av 
" Mervyn S field eng NBC hl060 Bush 
" Mildred M bkpr Knight Boland & Riordan 

r Burlingame 
" MoUie G buyer O'Connor Moffatt & Co 

rll35 Francisco 
" Nellie Z Mrs h869 Eddy 
" Nelson rl470 Haight 
" Nick rI831 18th av 
" Norman r2343 20th av 
" Oliver C (Maryi cbtmkr h74 Crane 
" Ollie V Mrs mach opr hl51 Valencia 
" Orville D slsmn Hercules Powder Co r Bklv 
" Oscar r286 2d 
" Otto I Ida I pntr h825 Lisbon 
" Otto B ctr Ralphs-Pugh Co rl49 Bronte 
" P D lieut USA r Presidio 
" P J jr Mrs r400 Duboce av 
" Parker rl544 Calif 
" Parley (Beverly! printer Call-Bulletin Pub 

Co hl985 Grove 
" Patsy Iwid F ci nurse hl050 Post 
" Paul R elk SPCo r Okld 
" Peter A r363 Naples 

" '''i'Jifio ',^'y'=^" '='^''" '■eP 210 Post R917 
hl212 Leavenworth 

" Phillip (Anne I tel opr h 1159 Masonic av 

" Q chauf r725 Ellis 

" Ralph lab r681 Harrison 

" Ramona E typist Calif Pkg Corp r El 

" Ray r422 Valencia 

" Raymond F (Carmen J) cond hlO Floren- 
tine av 

" Reta r Gaylord Hotel 

" Robt hI224 Hyde 

" Robt r635 3d av 

" Robt asst gen aud SPCo r Okld 

" Robt (Florence) elk hSll Turk 

" Robt plstr r2305 24th av 

" ^LwkEi ^'*'' ^''^ Brown & Sons rl451 

" Robt F elk rl271 35th av 

',', §°K L 'Gertrude! tailor hl831 18th av 

h-nJ^n^^fi^" "^' "' "Sr Assoc Oil Co 
n2070 Pacific av 

',', §°5f ? personnel SOCo r Burlingame 

?,9ni? '^I"^,\ ^'^"™ Sommer & Kaufmann 
h2015 Cabnllo 

',', 5°"^' ^r.f^'V ?"^'' °°° ^«s In<: r Belvedere 

" Rose r591 Lisbon 

" Roy r929 Divisadero 

" Roy r477 Harkness 

" Roy r62 Santa Marina 

" Roy msngr r2246 Mission 

" Ruby r276 3d av 

" ^blvd" ^ iDorothy) slsmn hl725 Monterey 

',', S"!^^'',,^ (Grace! h644 Masonic av 
" Ruth elk rl355 ■Willard 

',', i^'^'f J.^*^" '"^Pr ^ S Customs r350 Geary 
" Saml hieoo Golden Gate av ' 

" Saml A iKathi hll74 Portola dr 
'' Sam D (Edith Pi pntr hlO Florentine av 

faaml J (Sophie! spl agt Bank of Am r3006 
" Sarah Mrs hl665 Golden Gate av 
" School 750 Eddy 
" Sidney chauf rl235 Post 
" SteUa (wid N L) hlOSl Sanchez 
" Stuart R elk r270 Turk 
" Ted r306I 16th 

Thayer C mfrs agt 833 Market R809 r Bkly 

Theo (Grace) auto mech rl750 Pine 

Thos r20 6th 

Thos (Molliel rl019 Franklin 

Thos F elk 11730 Sacto 

Thos F (Judith! music tchr 2225 Green 


" Thornburn C elk Call! Pkg Corp r Bur- 
" Thorstcn C dairy wkr r213 Amazon av 
" Vada Mr.s r229 18th av 
" Verne (Mabel! dyer r313 Judah 
" Virginia elk rl09 Clement 
" W L hl875 Sacto 
" W W & Co W W Adams mgr stock brokers 

465 Calif R1004 
" Wallace mech rl898 Geary 
" Wallace C iLllliani h840 Hayes 
" Walter slsmn r25I4 29th av 
" Walter F pumps 605 Front r43 Ramona 
" Walter H cash R P Gross rl730 Sacto 
" Walter J r80 Shotwell 

" Wesley J slsmn Arco Co rlOlO Capitol av 
" Wm (Viola! h755 Bush 
" Wm hl644 Taylor 
" Wm h3730 26th 
" Wm elk SPCo r35 Brunswick 
" Wm elk r208 Frederick 

ADAMS WM. General Insurance Broker, 423 
Kearny, Tel EX brook 1418, rSKl Grant Av 
" Wm A rl337 Calif 
" Wm C prsmn r617 Morse 
" Wm C (Mabel I teleg opr Maekay Radio & 

Teleg Co hl28 Stanvan 
" Wm E (Caroline Wi cam hl32 Linoard av 
" Wm F see Cereal Products Refining Corp 

r Palo Alto 
" Wm H bkpr h954 Ashbury 
" Wm H traf mgr Shell Oil Co r3042 Gough 
" Wm H office mgr Calif State Chamber of 

Commerce r Bklv 
" Wm I (Louise) tile setter h25 Lapidge 
" Wm J (Bertha! mtrmn h617 Morse 
■' Wm L (Anna K! slsmn Lang Realty Corp 

hl441 Jones 
" Wm M (Telma) pntr hl5 Whitney 
" Wm O (Jean F! USMC h3674 16th 
" Wm R mgr Consolidated Press Clipping Bu- 
reau hll55 Jones 
" Wm R (Clara) slsmn Ace Sht Mtl Wks 

h2270 31st av 
" Wm T slsmn Doane Paper Co rl423 

" Wm V mech Geo W Prising Co r82 Parnas- 
sus av 
" Wm W elk AT&SFRv h89a Stillman 
" Wm W (Marie Li mgr W W Adams & Co 
and Westrope Bros Grain Co h2366 Bway 
" Willis K elk rl005 Larkin 
" Winifred waiter rlOOS Larkin 
Adamsen Jas J drftsmn State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h540 Stockton 
Adamson Agnes Mrs h21 West Portal av 
Alex (Mamie! hl06 Guerrero 
BenJ P (Lilas) ironwkr h951 O'Farrell 
Cath maid r21 West Portal av 
Chas tan r273 Nevada 
Christopher r21 West Portal av 
Edw A adj McEnerney Morris Glllen & 

McEnerney r Larkspur 
Eino M I Merle I elk h628 Capp 
Gertrude sten Bristol-Myers Co r Okld 

Henry J compositor E L Gregory h920 

Jas lab r456 6th 

Jane elk rl06 Guerrero 

Janet C beautv our r45 Dorland 

Johann A iHilma! h772 Noe 

John E USA h2 Cervantes blvd 

Madeline elk rl06 Guerrero 

Mary beauty opr h625 Leavenworth 

Mary (wid Alex! waiter h45 Dorland 

Oscar hl719 Broderick 

Peter F (Florence) midr hl440 Kansas 

Robt elk AT&SFRy rSll Turk 

Robt H (Theresa! hl982 17th av 

Robt M deot mgr Shell Oil Co r Burlingame 

Rose D elk rl06 Guerrero 

Sonhie iwid Martini hS Latona 

Violet K (wid Riehdl h4049 Anza 
Adamv Alva Mrs h770 Calif 
Adamzick Andw dental tech h449 O'Farrell 
Adan Benito M mach F G Dyer r842 Hayes 
" Michl (Mary! lab h404 Union 
" Michl fnshr Simmons Co rl942 Mason ' 
Adanza Herman E (Hazel) barber 1055 Stock- 
" Margarito barber rl055 Stockton 
Adar Prank window clnr hl027 Golden Gate av 
Adatte Violet L elk Am Tr Co r5236 Geary 
Adcock Alice G elk Bank of Am r93 Walter 
" Chas (Agnes) h573 10th av 
" Edmund L elk r281 Frederick 
" Geo W flremn SFFD r32 South Hill blvd 
" Russell J (Alice! slsmn Bonestell & Co h93 

" Wm N jwlrywkr r93 Walter 
Adda Henry J tchn Pac Dental Laboratories 

rl725 Chestnut 
" Umberto (Letitia A) baker hl725 Chestnut 
Addad Tony pastrymn r486 Geary 
Addenbrooke G polshr rl53 Market 
Adderley Doris typist r2366 26th av 
" Florence (wid Stanley) h2368 26th av 
Adderson Geo W (Edna! mech eng h3838a 

Addeson Dora slswn Peggy Shoppe Inc ni5 

Addicott Predk rl333 Waller 

" Jas E (Ottilia! prln Polytechnic High Sch 

hl333 Waller 
" Kenneth K rl333 Waller 
" Robt rl333 Waller 

Addle L Ballou Tent No 28 Daughters of 
Union Veterans of the Civil War War 
Memorial Bldg 
ADDIEGO, See also Adlego 
" Alt r762 Edinburgh 
" Alice elk rl432 Washn 
" Angelo (Josephine! shoe shiner 150 Battery 

h762 Edinburgh 
" Anthony elk rl478 Washn 
" Anthony USA r625 3d av 
" Antone r762 Edinburgh 
" Battieste (Rose! lab hl260 Jackson 
" BenJ (Addlego & Dito) rl934 McAllister 
" Frank hl923 Hyde 
" Frank S (Lena) lab hl48 Foote av 
" Giuseppl (Jennie! hl070 Clay 
" Harry (Mary! printer hl452 Hyde 
" Jas V clo clnr 740 Sutter rl460 Bway 
" John shoe repr 1320 Castro rl260 Jackson 
" Jos (Madeline) lab h22 Glover 
" Jos shoe shiner r61 Ottawa av 
" Marie B sten r625 3d av 
" Mary sten rl432 Washn 
" Mary G Mrs h625 3d av 
" Nancy examiner M & S Simon r2239 15th 
" Pasquale shoe shiner 7 5th 
" Salvatore (Rose) lab h2239 15th 
" Saml J printer rl48 Foote av 
" Slmeone hl242 Kearny 
" Vincent (Laura) ]an hl432 Washn 
" Wm (Marie! slsmn M K Harris h491 4th av 
" & Dito (Benj Addlego Peter Dito) shoe 

shiners 599 Calif 
Addig Jos h2844 Lyon 

Addimando Ernest (Marie) carp hl328 Sanchez 
" Mario G barber h506 41st av 
" Mary garmt fnshr rl328 Sanchez 
Addington Earl r447 Bush 
" Earl S barber 29 Sacto rl44 Eddy 
" Jean N model rl35 Buena Vista av 
" Mable B (wid Edw) hl35 Buena Vista ftv 
" Thelma h235 8th 
Addis Thos phys Stanford Unlv Hosp r Sausa- 

Addison Beulah G sten Calif-Coml Union- 
Ocean Group r732 9th av 
" Cecil (Lila! mldr h608 Haight 
" Dora r715 Seott 
" Frank H pharm Tonkin Dlstr Co r220 

Golden Gate av 
" G D mech U C Hosp r880 Walnut 
" Guy L (Nannette! gripmn Calif St Cable 

R R Co h732 9th av 
" Jas L pkr Fort Mason h2526 Van Ness av 
" Jerome R slsmn Paris Beauty Parlor Supp 

Co r477 25th av 
" Loretta r4372 17th 
" Nellie r2432 Taraval 

" Raymond M (Rita M! artist hl63 Alpine ter 
" Sadie hlOOS Larkin 
Addleman Edith R Mrs sten r642 Monterey 

" Fred elk Fort Mason r Albany 
" Jos A (Esther M) mgr A J Reach Wright & 

Ditson h40 Cerrltos av 
Addleston Howard F (Evelyn) cash Merchants 

Parcel Delivery h3636 Seott 
Addlestone Alan elk r651 Uth av 
" Fred (Sarah! (Merchants Parcel Delivery) 

h643 18th av 
" Herman (Annie) clo prsr h201 5th av 
" Rose (wid John! h651 Uth av 
Loomis Shaw Sales Ag^nt, 45 2d, Tel GA r- 
field 6943 
Addy Alf O (Lillian) hl57 Ocean av 
" Alf W rl57 Ocean av 
" Bernice rl57 Ocean av 

" John izana) art goods 3228 16th h3220a 16th 
" Sybil rl57 Ocean av 

" Walter E (Vivian! lab r2141 Golden Gate av 
Ade Godfred (Freda) plstr hl222 Laguna 
Adela Carl (Johanna) whsmn h396 Judson av 
Adeley Vivian Mrs cook 2110 Seott 
Aden David (Ethel! supt Lloyd-Pacific Dis- 
tributing Co h571 Geary 
Adelphian Apartments 820 O'Farrell 
Adelsdorter Adele r901 Powell 
Adelseck Prank M (Pearl! agt Prudential Ins 

Co hl918 Judah 
Adelson Esther beauty opr h940 Hayes 
" Jos (Annie! pdlr h466 Sanchez 
" Lena elk SPCo r okld 
" Saml (Anna) h5940 Calif 
" Saml slsmn r466 Sanchez 
Adelstein Charlotte (wid Louis) h638 Uth av 
" Prank W bkpr City & County Controller 

r638 nth av 
" Heyman S (Amelia) adj Bd of Trade hl66 

" Jean D sten Assoc Oil Co r638 Uth av 
" Josie slswn C A Munroe r717 6th av 
" Saml hl834 Baker 

" Vera L office sec F W Callison rll6 Clayton 
Aclelt Burton (Eloise! elk h3600 20th 
Aderholdt Anna Mrs h655 Stockton 
Ades Albt N (Rose) v-pres Ades Bros Inc h221 
25th av 



" Annie Mrs hl802 Anza 

" Bros Inc S N Ades pres A N Ades v-pres 
F W Williams sec Imptrs 540 Mission 
branch 272 Post 
" Jos N elk rl802 Anza 
" Saml B elk h618 18th av 
" Saul N pres Ades Bros Inc h747 Geary 
Adev Jas C rl678 22d av 
" Mary Mrs dental nurse hl678 22d av 
Adge Bernice E elk r4226 18th 
" Ernest D (Anna) billiards 470 Castro h4226 

" Ernest G r4226 18th 
" Leland ( Grace i elk hl6I Randall 
Adhesive Products Inc P W Shattuck pres W P 
Harrison v-pres W L Shattuck sec 430 
ADIEGO, See also Addiego 
" Frank (Hilda! pntr hl932 Leavenworth 
" Kate (wld Jos) hl037 Filbert 
Adje John r730 Eddy 
Adjemia Mihran (Paris) rill 4th av 
and Bonded, Collections Everywhere, "We 
Collect — We Pay," 515 Pacific Bldg, 881 
Market. Tel SU tter 4387 
THE, Jack B Brill Manager. Collections. 
110 Sutter B804, Tcis SU tter 7583 and 
" Service Inc E T Maneusco sec-treas collns 

5 3d R931 
ADKINS. See also Atkins 
" Albt J (Mary) sta eng h4126 Anza 
" Albt W (Hilda) elev opr h545 26th av 
" Alf B (Lena) h306 Wile av 
" Amos (Elizi paperhngr hl343 4th 
" Arth W asst mgr Alesco Foods Co r351 Turk 
" Astur elk rI548 Market 
" Carl (Thelma) chauf hl004 Filbert 
" Clara Mrs h46 Farren 
" Earl R (Alice) elk h3729 17th 
" Grant (Ruth) meatctr h342 27th av 
" Laura J (wid G A) r2841 Sacto 
" Maylo Mrs h930 Post 
" Monica P tchr Miss Burke's Sch h3099 

" Owen P civ eng SPCo r Okld 
" Walter slsmn r46 Farren 
Adkisson Saml D (Nellie SI hlioo Bush 
Adland Mary Mrs hl035 Fell 
Adlao Pete lab rl390 Ellis 
Adler A hl550 Hayes 
" Adam N (Lucv) hl347 4th av 
" Adeline r952 Sutter 
" Alex I Lillian I elk h4346 Fulton 
" Amiel (Pearl) hoi Wood 

" Annabelle slswn Harry Wallach rl437 Chest- 
" Arnold (Vera) lab h331 Edna 
" Bertha R (wld A S) notary 82 Sutter h559 

14th av 
" Carl h625 Bush 

" Carl L (Mildred) slsmn hl328 6th av 
" Chas D pkr r396 Judson av 
" Chas H elk SOCo r Okld 
" Edw auto meeh hl025 Jackson 
" Eleanor G bkpr Raphael Weill & Co rl550 

" Ernest stevedore h47 Lucky 
" Esther Mrs slswn rl449 Sutter 
" Esther (Wid A A) h222 Walnut 
" Ethel E Mrs mach opr hlOll McAllister 
" Fannie with Bowman-Deute-Cummings Inc 

r Bkly 
" Frances (wid Max) r3526 Sacto 
" Grace D elk WPRRCo r407 41st av 
" Heine slsmn Berger's Ine hl437 Chestnut 
" Henrietta Mrs rl380 Tavlor 
" Harry A wtehmn rl020 Ellis 
" Homer L dist mgr Natl Shirt Co rll50 Union 
" Howard F r222 Walnut 

" Hyman (Fannie) uniform mfr 1814 Clement 
" Jack (Margt) pkr hl734 Turk 
" Jacob L Mrs rMark Hopkins Hotel 
" Jas h771 Turk 

" John H dist pass agt Matson Nav Co r Bkly 
" John S Mrs rMark Hopkins Hotel 
" Jos h3100 Fulton 

" Jos eollns 220 Montgy R1002 r Bkly 
" Klaus (Rose) h425 22d av 
" Louis (Ann) real est 214 Front R300 h467 

17th av 
" Louis H (Grace D) elk h685 Halght 
" Mabel Mrs notions 1439 Taraval 
" Mae hl380 Taylor 
" Mannie L elk SPCo r3100 Fulton 
" Martha Mrs clo clnr 1020 Pine rl460 Golden 

Gate av 
" Matthew M (Leila) with State Life Ins Co 

hl89 Commonwealth av 
" Max elk rl021 Laguna 
" Morris (Eva) hl43 Buchanan 
" Moss (Mabel) musician hl439 Taraval 
" Muriel M cash Eisenberg's r4346 Fulton 
" R r556 Cahf 
" Ralph elk r2245 Sutter 
" Rose h952 Sutter 
" Ruby r609 Sutter 
" Sally typist rl380 Taylor 
" Smithson rl281 Geary 
" Sol bkpr E C Levey r870 Fell 
" Theresa Mrs h726 Hayes 
" Victor mldr r726 Hayes 
" Wilfred W elk New Fillmore Hotel r434€ 

" Wm (Martha) mgr Mrs Martha Adler hl460 

Golden Gate av 
Adlin Abr (Edith) formn Lester's Ltd h619 

" Marty r619 Webster 
Adlock Martha maid UCHosp h884a 14th 
Adlon Apartments 1778 Mission 
" Hotel 438 O'Farrell 
Admire Jas E waiter r516 O'Farrell 


Adney Arth J cond Mkt St Ry hl776 O'Farrell 

Adolfo Arehetti r563 Pacific av 

Adolfson Algot asst sec Alaska Fishermen's 

Union hl853 Webster 
" John B iRuth) ironwkr hl83 Bocana 
Adolph Jack F (Hulda) bkpr rl20 Aptos av 
" Rose artist Gensler-Lee Jwlry Co r840 Calif 
Adolphson Adolph (Annie) mach h2714 Calif 
" Gustave (Amy) mstr mariner h2904 25th 
Adomat Carl (Pauline) meatctr hl550 Kirk- 
" Marie Mrs h57 Riteh 

Adonis Andw V (Emma) prsfdr rl248 Montgy 
Ador Hildo Indywkr r242 Myrtle 
Adorador Eug h650 Oak 
Adorni Ottavio cook r615 Union 
Adoudor Eug C restrwkr Raphael Weill & Co 

r650 Oak 
Adragna Albt (Annie) fishermn h2230b Jones 
" Evelyn rll77d Chestnut 
" Frances Mrs drsmkr hll45 Green 
" Mary rin7d Chestnut 

■' Peter barber 1183 Columbus hll77d Chestnut 
" Saml (Lily) fishermn h784 Greenwich 
Adrian Apartments 1100 Jackson 
" Apartments 1928 Sutter 
" Hotel 493 Eddy 
" Louis waiter Kostos Bros 
" Paul rl44 Eddy 
" Paul V h430 Hyde 

" Will consulting eng 417 Market R321 r Okld 
Adriana Alma E Mrs h460 Pell 
Adrlano Fatina Mrs hl230 Turk 
Advance Post No 266 American Legion War 

Memorial Bldg 
Advertising Building 809 Mission 
" Cheeking Bureau J C Kendrick mgr 500 San- 
some R716 
(F R Sanchez) Process Engraving, Print- 
ing. Greeting Cards, Invitations and Ad- 
vertising Novelties, 218 4th, Tel DO uglas 
Ady Nora Mrs rl693 Polk 
Aeberhard Paul (Germaine) watchmkr 210 

Post R713 hl247 Clay 
Aebl Eliz elk U S Intl Rev h740 Leavenworth 
Aebli Ada F tchr Pub Seh r2825 Filbert 
" Paul A (May) jan h2825 Filbert 
Aeek Valere firemn h649 Avalon av 
Aegerter Emil E (Julia) h374 6th av 
" Evelyn (wid Harrv) smstrs h2201 44th av 
Aeharn T h795 8th av 
Aehlers Adele r662 38th av 
Aehnlleh Eug R rl920 Golden Gate av 
" Mae E elk rI849 Golden Gate av 
" Paul E (Emilie) instrmkr Dept of Electricity 

hl920 Golden Gate av 
" Rudolph P slsmn Baker Hamilton & Paelfle 

Co hl849 Golden Gate av 
Aeillo Chas rl315d Stelner 
Aenson Alvina r2709 Larkin 
Aeppll Jessie C elk rl034 Anza 
Aer Herman C (Eliz) stevedore h21 Sanchez 
Aerial Lodge No 2442 Grand United Order of 

Odd Fellows 1545 Steiner 
Aeroil Burner Co A J Hautt whs mgr 469 

Aeschbach Wm (Marion) slsmn Stone & 

■youngberg hl200 Sacto 
Aetna Apartments 1410 Taylor 
" Bldg 333 Pine 

Bonner Mgr, 333 Pine, Tel GA rfleld 2626 
" Finance Corp Elie Hain mgr 25 Taylor R312 
" Garage L A Baeciocco mgr 525 Jones 
AETNA INSURANCE CO (Hartford, Conn) 
H F Mills Mgr, Fire and Automobile In- 
surance, 220 Bush, Tel SU tter 3010 
Liability Dent, Claude A Banner Mgr, 333 
Pine, Tel GA rfleld 2626 
ford. Conn. F Crook Whatley Genl Agt, 
Life, Accident. Health, Group and Pension 
Insurance. 1150 Kuss Bldg, 235 Montgom- 
ery, Tel SU tter 6073 
" Securities Corp E A Chaix pres A P Chaix 

v-pres T S Stealey sec 853 Valencia 
Afan Geo N (Anna Si hl0O6 Tennessee 
Afanasieff Herman garmtctr rl640 Lyon 
" L Mrs waiter h2174 Bush 
" Olga P elk rl812 Divisadero 
" Peter E (Klaudia) photog 1812 Divisadero 
" Pola labtry asst McKesson cfe Robbins Ine 

rl36a Post 
Afendras John C musician h2415 18th 
Aft Louis W (Louise B) mach 231 9th h'l840 

" Wm E (Amelia E) compositor Marvin Cloyd 

h390 Bartlett 
Affanso Frances h655 Steiner 
Afield Arth with Columbia Steel Co r Bkly 
Affeldt Jessie H Mrs elk h2400 Van Ness av 
Affiliated Catholic Charities Eliz R Lewis exec 

sec 995 Market R812 
" Wine Companies of Calif Pierre De La Mon- 

tanya pres 704 Sansome 
Affleck Ann h980 Bush 
" Geo M underwriter Fidelity &: Casualty Co 

of N Y r Okld 
" Thaddeus with Pae Finance Corp r Okld 
" Wm stevedore r286 2d 
AfEolter Bros (J J and J W) meats 2283 

" Clara tchr Pub Sch rl250 Washn 
" Erwin (Augusta) auto trmr h256 17th av 
" Florence R sten Stecher-Traung Litho Corp 

rl601 Treat av 
" Herman F (Mae E) credit mgr Calif Pine 

Box Distrs h50 Lopez av 
" John J (Emma) (Affolter Bros) h43 Duncan 
" Jos W (Affolter Bros) r43 Duncan 
" Mae Mrs (Affolter & Cowden) r50 Lopez av 
" Paul H pres Garland Affolter Eng Co r Okld 


" Wm meatctr hl601 Treat av 

" &: Cowden (Mrs Mae Affolter Mrs Elsie 
Cowden) confrs 233 Post 

Affonso Fernando R pntr r655 Steiner 

" Frances A sten r2501 Gough 

" Joaquin J agt Klitgaard Agcy Ine r655 

Afkey Geo hl242 3d av 

Afong Mary rl664 Larkin 

Afragallo R hSOlO Fulton 

Afram Benj ontr r646 Ashbury 

Aftergut Milton slsmn hl900 Jefferson 

Afton Hotel 964 Howard 

" Jas rl22 Lisbon 

Aga Eulalia mlnr r555 12th av 

Agadoni Chas (May) slsmn Nardi Bros & Co 
rl374 Bway 

Agamian T r325 Sutter 

Agan Wm F (Mary P) slsmn h209 18th av 

Agans Elene slswn S & G Gump Co r San 

Agapoff Fred (Augustine) h720 Rhode Island 

" Jas shipydwkr r813 Carolina 

" Jas W (Gussie A) mtlplshr h728 Wisconsin 

" John h813 Carolina 

" John (Toots) hwdflrlyr h812 Carolina 

" Mary r720 Rhode Island 

" Nicholas lab r813 Carolina 

Agar Harry J (Juliette) mach hd hl466 New- 
eomb av 

" John M (Martha M) slsmn hllo 8th av 

AGARD. See also Aagard 

" Nellie Mrs h2101 Van Ness av 

Agasta Alda waiter r812 Guerrero 

Agatha Apartments 701 Pine 

Agati John (Marie) radio techn h52 Man- 

Agaton Alex H inspr State Dept Industrial 
Relations rl038 Church 

" Emile R inspr State Dept Pub Health rl038 

" Madahne (wid Emile) rl038 Church 

Agawim Hortense Mrs hl924 Filbert 

Agazzi Albt rB59 Wisconsin 

" Anita M sten Wentz & Erlin r975 Wisconsin 

" Aug cook r801 Bway 

" Bartolomeo (Jennie) beer 300 Connecticut 
h975 Wisconsin 

" Fortunato (Dominica) Jan h3461 nth 

" Geo J r975 Wisconsin 

" John h859 Wisconsin 

" John (Mary) baker h20 Harris pi 

" John J uphol r975 Wisconsin 

" Mary labeler r859 Wisconsin 

" Stella L boxmkr r975 Wisconsin 

" Victor r859 Wisconsin 

Agbayani Arc T porter r225 Ellis 

" Nicholas restrwkr Trocadero French Restr 

Agcaoili Arcadio hsmn Ramona Apts r260 Mc- 

Agcoili Robt hl854 Sutter 

Agdiogos Wm chauf rl617 Pine 

Ageavili Sebastian V emp Hobbs Battery Co 
rl061 Laguna 

Agee Elsie manicurst rl534 Sacto 

" Monroe T elk r354 O'Farrell 

" Norvell N (Florence Ml florist Pelicona- 
Rossl Floral Co h3319 Oetavia 

Agell Frank (Jane I lab h340 Carl 

Agency Exchange Building 163 2d 

Ageno Cath r51 Russell 

" Fred elk r51 Russell 

" Jos r51 Russell 

" Manuel (Rosie) baker rl427a Mason 

" Steve (Freda I baker h51 Russell 

Agents Official Steamship Guide Inc Oliver 
Bainbrldge pres R C Anthony v-pres 
publrs 681 Market R973 

AGENZIA FUGAZI, Albino Zullo Mgr, 634 
Montgomery, Tel SU tter 3742 

" Torchia W G Torchia mgr ss agts 40 Co- 
lumbus av 
Ager Mary (wid Fred) hl25 Lily 
Ageresti Jos (Bessie) chauf h5164 3d 
Agers Robt J (Mabel O Ingshrmn hn40 

9th av 
Agerup Marie A (wid Richdl hl827 8th av 
Ages Peter (Marie) lab hn20 Revere av 
Ageson Carrie bkpr h580 McAllister 
Agezelow Oscar h2558 Clay 
Agfa Anso Corp A S Hofmeister br mgr photo 

supp 548 Mission 
Aggeler Ann Mrs h903 Pine 
" Marguerite C Mrs tchr Pub Sch h787 44th av 
Aggens Adam bartndr r3711 22d 
" Henry M (Ida) butcher h3 Laussat 
Aggergann Chas J r397 4th 
Aggesen Carrie K bkpr Poultry Producers of 

Central Calif r580 McAllister 
Aggmar Agnes hl902 Broderick 
Aggopardi Sam J millwkr rSOl Mendel 
Aggressive Collection Bureau Frank Cohen 

mgr 25 Taylor R 720 
Agguras Geo O barber G K Miller 
Agich Paul barber r2521 "Clement 
Agide Fortunato shoe shiner 5545 Geary blvd 

r679 Clay 
Agius Nazareno restrwkr rll Freeman ct 
Aglietti Clementina cash Roxie Theatre r355 

Crescent av 
" Enrico h923 Ingerson av 
" Paul (Marie) mgr Roxie Theatre h355 

Crescent av 
Agmar Albt R (Lillian) phys 450 Sutter R2315 

h2715 Cabrillo 
" Lillian A sten Rollins Hosiery Mills Co r2715 

" Paul pntr h2264 Bush 
Agnes Apartments 1760 Broderick 
" Eusebio r848 Kearny 

" Howard L (Frances) pntr hl250 O'Farrell 
Agnese Jos tile setter r3238 Scott 
" Mario aviator r3238 Scott 
" Peter (Margt) cook h3238 Scott 



Lumber Co. 

and Retail 



Market St. 


DO uglat 


Pearl Assurance Company, Ltd. 





Telephone DO uglas 8400 



Assistant Manager 

Asnew Alan S i Esther! seamn h75 Capra way 

" Albt C iHaeel Hi (Agnew & Boekel) and 

counsel Federal Reserve Bank of S F 

" Billie Mrs niRr Devonshire Apts rl086 Bush 
" Calh iwid ChasI h53 Walter 
" Cecil slsmn P M Wilson Co r Okld 
" David W liquors 2276 Chestnut r545 Green 
" Ellen (wid Hught h540 Bryant 
" Prank searcher Calif Pac Tile & Tr Co r 
Redwood City „ . ,, j 

AGNEW FRANK J, Asst Sec Fireman's Fund 

Insurance Co. r Alameda 
" Isnbell apt mgr hl545 Green 
" Jas blksmth hl67 Vicksburg 
•• Jas L elk r567 llth av 
" John H I Florence J) stovemounter nl634 

" Kathleen r53 Walter 
" Marian cashr Local Loan Co r53 Walter 
" Melvln T (Allie Mi drugs 2298 Chestnut 
hSSai Fillmore , ^. ,^ ^ 

" Ralph E (Billie El slsmn Humboldt Malt & 

Brewing Co hlDS6 Bush 
■■ Robt E (Marcella) elk h2250 27th av 
-' Theo R elk Dean Witter & Co r Okld 
" W newsvendor r66 Clay 
" Walter J iNelli h370 29th av 
" Wm A (Hal musical mdse 431 Clement 
" Wm H sis msr Mltchum Tully & Co r Bkly 
AGNEW & BOEKEL (Albert C Affnew. Wm A 
Boekel) Lawyers. 004 Federal Reserve Bank 
Bldg. 400 Sansome, Tel DO uglas 7940 
Agnini Armando h2301 Scott 
Agnone Carmine (Lena) shoe shiner h34 

" Frank elk r34 Bronte 
" Peter (Elizl stevedore h36 Bront« 
Aghem Rosa V smstrs rll44 Florida 
Agorastos Christopher asst cash Bank of Am 

r Burlingame 
" Demetruis garage 1001 Polsom h52 Clayton 
" Marie Mrs elk r52 Clayton 
" Takis night mgr Steph Kappatos r Bur- 
Aeosti Anselmo (Romilda) hl220 Union 
"^Geo L (Jean Ii elk h2420 IBth 
" Louis poultry drsr rl049 Montgy 
" Peter A lAnnai driver hl490 Quesada av 
Agostine Jules J jr (Momai slsmn David D 

Bohannon h3715 Calil 
" Peta (Wid Frankl rl849 Clay 
Agostini Aladino (Asunta) slsmn Sunrise Prod 

Co hl319 Shatter av 
" Eduardo h64 Majestic av 
" John r64 Majestic av 
" Marianna garmt fnshr rl39 Jasper pi 
" Paul rl570 Greenwich 
" Zelinda r64 Majestic av 
Agostino Peter B elk Crocker First Natl Bank 

r918 Union 
Agras Antone (Caroline) beer 135 6th hl256 

Agraz Jos restwkr rl953 HaJght 
Agress Wm E do clnr hSl Mirabel av 
Agresti Deno F slsmn City Ice Del Co r Colma 
Agricultural Commission W F Carroll Comr 

Agricultural bldg 
" Insecticide & Fungicide Code Authority P 

C Skinner reg sec 220 Montgy R740 
Agriculture Building The Embarcadero It Mis- 
Agrillo John barber r3055 Laguna 
Agrimonti Harry r326 Vienna 
" Jas T (Regina) slsmn City Ice Del Co hl554 

Thomas av 
Agringo Ray restwkr Honorio Chicaino 
Agrusa Chas (Doris El barber hllSl Guerrero 
" Doris E cash Bankers & Shippers Ins Co 

rll81 Guerrero 
Agsch Marie smstrs Livingstone Bros r2521 

Aguado Carmen elk r241 8th av 
" Saml (Zelma) auto mech h241 8th av 
Aguayo Leonora A elk rll90 Pine 
Agueret Martin (Emilie) slsmn Peoples' Dairy 

Co hl215 Sanchez 
Aguero Anita Mrs elk rl316 Leavenworth 
Agugha Mimi artist r615 Union 
Aguiar Anthony mach h362 San Carlos 
" Carmen r664 Waller 
" Wm ( Frances 1 electn h569 Hayes 
Aguiiar Albt (Santos) carp h45 Salmon 
" Alfredo lab rl202 Fairfax av 
■' Amano M cook r2217 Van Ness av 
" Antonio (Constance) lab hl59 Tucker av 
" Arth hl381 Filbert 
" Edmund J (Christine) mech Sherman Clay 

& Co h545 Balboa 
" Enrique E lab r760 Haight 
" Gabriel h2446 Polk 
" Hermy h332 Presidio av 
" Jesus rl040 Mason 

" Jos (Josephine I mach opr hll52 
" Julia Mrs hl202 Fairlax ay 
" M r848 Kearny 

" Marcus (Susanal lah h380a Capp 
'» Marie Mrs h7 Hallam 
" Mirmie C lino opr hll30 Union 
" Pedro (Maria) lab hl007 Carolina 
" Robt r2442 Polk 
" Salvador (Francesl h2442 Polk 
" Salvador jr r2442 Polk 
" Sebastian (Conception) hl71 Naples 


" Thos h296 Lisbon 

" Tobias r387 Coleridge 

Aguilara John dsobel) lab h926 Minnesota 

Aguilera Antonio (Mary) mach hd h310 Bow- 

" Antonio jr lab r310 Bowdoin 
" Felix (Bessie I h3425 19th 
" Henry mach hd r310 Bowdoin 
Agullina Thos uphol rl807 Newcomb av 
Aguillar Alice Mrs hl333 Stevenson 
" Antonio restwkr rl74 9th av 
" Carmen beauty opr rl74 9th av 
" Concepclon fctywkr h3145 Steiner 
" Maria rl333 Stevenson 
" Ramon h301 12th 
" Santiago (Concha) lab h65a Gilbert 
Aguirre Adeline iwid M J) h3525 Pierce 
" Alex M (Margt) drugs 801 Bush h2058 

" Antonio (Elbal lab h306 Shotwell 
" Aug M (Margt) slsmn Occidental Life Ins 

Co h388 15th av ,j „ . 

" Benj S (Josephine Ei sec-treas Golden Gate 

Finance Co hl534 Plymouth av 
" Camllle A nurse r3525 Pierce 
" Cira Mrs r2784 Bryant 
" E hl95 2d av „ , 

" Edw mattress mkr rl562 Vallejo 
" Eug factorvw-kr r306 Shotwell 
" G Y chauf 25 Sea Chfl av 
" Harry R (Altheai leather ctr h3915 Calif 
" Helen Mrs hl562 Vallejo 
" Helen I elk rl662 Vallejo , , „ „^ ^ ,, 
" Humberto (Marcella) uphol h38 ShotweU 
" Jesus (Rosariol restr 1567 Ellis 
" Juan M (Evelyn E) credit mgr Firestone 

Tire & Rubber Co h2954 Franklin 
" Julia drsmkr 133 Geary R502 rl95 2d av 
" Leonor C Mrs rl433 Washn 
" Louis M pres Drug Exchange r798 26th av 
" Manuel (Rose) h3269 19th 
" Mario rl662 Vallejo 
" Maxine B elk r3525 Pierce 
" Mercedes A sten Am Surety Co rl272 Bway 
" Peter A (Muriel E) elk h2401 Chestnut 
" Peter A (Anna) interpreter hl272 Bway 
" Robt elk rl562 Vallejo 
" Salvadore (ConcepcionI lab h834 Florida 
" Ynez B sten Morgan & Allen Co hl433 

Agur Philip B with Johnson & Higgms r San 

Agurrie Jos r437 5th 
Agustinovich Thos (Arma) cook hl438 Leaven- 

Aguttes Jacques v-consul France hll20 Jack- 

Aguzin Patk (Kath) (Mosich & Aguzin) hie68 

Ah Jung h952 Stockton 
Ah Sam chair fepr 802 Stockton 
Ahaburn Ulca (wid Wm) r327 19th av 
Ahart EUse sten h720 Jones 
" J L slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co r Oild 
" Warren C br mgr ABC Cigar Co rlOSO Eddy 
AHEARN, See also Ahern and Aherne 
" Dennis F (Mary N) acct hl314 Cole 
" Eliz slswn r530 Sanchez 
" John rl370 47th av 
" John (Maryi sta eng h719 Elizabeth 
" Nonie (wid J Gi r330 Sanchez 
" Nora Mrs atdt City Parks Dept r312 Liberty 
" Wm F (E Margt) aud Rolph Landis & Ellis 

h24 Keystone way 
Ahearne Laurence elk Geo A Hormel & Co r 

San Bruno 
Ahedo H mech West Coast Lndry Mach Co 

rl40 San Carlos 
Alier T E buyer CofBn-Redington Co r San 

AHERN, See also Ahearn and Aherne 
" Agnes J hl308 Laguna 
" Amelia C Mrs elk SPCo r830 Sutter 
" Andw rl55 Coleridge 
" Andw B ( Delia 1 jan Pub Sch hl41 College av 

" Anna nurse hl350 Pine 

" Annie (wid Patki hl55 Coleridge 

" Arth P (Agnes) hl90 Borica 

" Bernardine elk Dept of Motor Vehicles rl29 
Commonwealth av 

" Chas J elk r2363 Van Ness av 

" Chas V (Gertrude) car distr Pac Fruit Exp 
Co h3018 Mission 

" Clarence A (Murtes) slsmn Pac Plumbing t* 
Heating Supp Co hl877 nth av 

" Danl (Annie) carp h71 Winfleld 

" Danl (Marvl h30 Bay View 

" Danl (Katel lab hI63 Jersey 

" Danl F inspr U S Customs r810 Lyon 

" David M lab Dept Pub Wks r7 28th 

" Dennis J h847 Baker 

" Denny i Sarah) h7 Seymour 

" Edw rl29 Commonw-ealth av 

" Edw T elk r847 Baker 

" Eileen M mach opr r3825 21st 

" Eliz Mrs jan Pub Sch rl60 Lexington av 

" Emmett J (Vivian) slsmn Western Asbestos 
Magnesia Co h309 Phelan av 

" Ethel M Mrs h2363 Van Ness av 

" Eug hl395 10th av 

" Eug (Grace Ai mot plot opr hl554 Alemany 

" Francis rl29 Commonv/ealth av 


" Francis J (Gertrude I) police hl907 Mari- 

" Fred W slsmn H S Crocker As Co 2363 Van 
Ness av 

" Gertrude rl314 Masonic av 

" J R r242 San Jose av 

" J S elk Associated Oil Co 

" Jack r55G Utah 

" Jas mech rion Capitol av 

" Jas A hl028 Bay Shore blvd 

" Jas A tile setter haiO Lyon 

" Jas B r245 Elsie 

" Joanna (wid Timothy) hl503 Dolores 

" John (Mary) h3825 21st 

" John elev opr rl55 Coleridge 

" John P elev mech rl6U 23d av 

" John J lab h20a Cumberland 

" John M r3825 21st . _ , 

" John M lab City Parks Dept r847 Bakir 

" John P seamn r601 Fell 

" John R (Eliz) beer 2631 Mission hl017 Do- 

" John T (Mary) elk SPCo h618 41st av 

" Jos electn r312 Fill more 

" Jos W hydrantmn SFFD h671 Page 

" Madeline sten W P Horn r530 Scott 

" Mae (wid Danl) h308'/2 Andover 

" Mary r847 Baker 

" Mary elk r242 San Jose av 

" Mary E hl314 Masonic av 

" Maurice formn State Bd Harbor Comrs r577 

" Michl lab h704 Moultrie 
" Morris (Nellie) lab h577 Guerrero 
" Owen (Lavinai h341 Plymouth av 
" Patricia E h320 Willard 
" Patk rl55 Coleridge 
" Patk usher r312 Fillmore 
" Patk M (Hannah) h325 Santiago 
" Peter stevedore r331 Avalon av 
" B B emp Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co n846 

" Raymond W elk Hibernia Sav & Loan Soc 

ri29 Commonwealth av 
" Richd (Mildred) elk h620 6th av 
" Ruth Indvwkr hl522 Howard 
" Theresa Mrs rl337 Grove 
" Theresa Mrs h550 Utah 
" Thos (Anne) hl29 Commonwealth av 
" Thos lab r704 Moultrie 
" Thos P (Margt) estimator Jacks & Irvine 

h2458 18th av 
" Willard h85 Ramona av 
" Wm slsmn h242 San Jose av 
" Wm A (June E) chauf h2502 30th av 
" Wm J (Anna CI elk h530 Scott 
" Wm J (Alice) editor Coast Shoe Reporter 

h778 30th av „ , „^ 

" Wm R (Helen) assoc editor Coast Shoe 

Reporter hl472 Filbert 
Aherne Eug P (Rose) wtchmn hl953 Turk 
" Geo B (Emma I veastwkr h67 Justin dr 
" Leo (Griselda) elk h651 33d av 
" Marjorie A sten Pillsbury Flour Mills Co 

rl953 Turk 
Aherns Edw M (Edith) plmbr h4164 2bth 

■' Harold r4164 26th 
Ahert W C hl080 Eddy 
AM Chas L r50 Clay 

" Einar T mstr mariner r24 Sacto 

" Geo elk rl253 Eddy 

" Gustaf E (Marie) bldg contr hl60 av 
Ahlbach Albt (Zelinda) coUr Marin Dairymen s 
Milk Co rl035 Sutter 

" Cecile r63 Diamond ^„„ _ 

" Jos (Eliz) (Ahlbach & Mayer) h78 Bu- 
chanan „ ^ no 

" Marion E sten Continental Can Co ns 

" Wm J lawyer 5 3d RlllO r63 Diamond 

" Wm J (Aiinie A) slsmn Taco Popular CIng 
& Dyeing Co h63 Diamond 

" & Mayer (Jos Ahlbach Chas Mayer) plmbrs 
85 Dorland 

Ahlberg Carl E (Dorothy) appraiser Am Tr 
Co h858 26th av 

" Chas oiler r630 Mt Vernon 

" Ernest A (Irene) stevedore hl418 Larkm 

" Florence M artist hl565 Clay 

" Louis A lab rl418 Larkin 

" Ruth E bkpr Tiedemann & Harris Inc rl985 
Pacific av 

Ahlborn Aug W (May) hl25 Clipper 

" Chas A porter r2407 Clay 

" Ethel L elk r411 Pierce 

" Geo C (Grace Pi jan h220 Divisadero 

" M J Mrs h3435 24th 

" Maude E (Wid A W) h411 Pierce 

" Otto h535 Stockton 

" Otto slsmn Roos Bros r Bkly 

Alilbrandt Richd H mach r208 Silliman 

AHLERS. See also Ehlers 

" Adalee Mrs manicure r444 Mt Vernon av 

" Cecil E (Qladysi candler h2010 Chestnut 

" Estelle J Mrs sten SOCo hi 890 Jefferson 

" Grace Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl234 Jones 

AHLERS H C CO (Granat Bros Successors), 
Importers of Diamonds and Precious 
Stones, Fine Watches, 474 Post, Tel 
MI ssion 1580 

" Henry C (Amehal li3876 Clay 

" Irene' M acct rl890 Jefferson 

" Lillian r3876 Clay 


Ahlf Fred M (Lena) chauf h53 Ottawa av 

" Pred W acct SPCo r Okld 

" Predk F (Hannah i cooper h3928 20th 

" Henry J bkpr Hibernia Sav & Loan Soc 

r3928 20th 
" Herman rll44 Fairfax av 
" Herman (Emma) lab hl318 Hudson av 
" Herman jr lab rl318 Hudson av 
" John P I Mary) tmstr hl60 Pope 
" John W meat ctr rl60 Pope 
" Margt (wld Henry I hi 144 Fairfax av 
" Wm msngr r3928 20th 
" Wm Uquors 1199 Evans rll44 Fairfax av 
Ahlfl Henry A (Gladys) h248 Laurel 
AHLGREN. See also Algren 
" Albt F (Barbara) asst credit mgr Johns- 

Manville Sales Corp hl970 18th av 
" Herman E (Julia) mgr Westn Hardwood 

Floor Co h21 Capistrano av 
" Marcia tchr Pub Sch r2300 Van Ness av 
Ahlgrim Robt F (Doris E) elk h63 Cassan- 
dra ct 
Ahlheim Laurent bkpr h2242 Polk 
Ahlin Julius G (Edna) h3818 18th 
" Karl A sec-treas S F Stevedoring Co r Bkly 
" Mary F Mrs h44 Niagara av 
Ahlman Olga nurse SFHosp r480 Geary 
Ahlmen Carl A (Hilda I carp h36 Woodland av 
" Elsa O prlv sec SPCo r36 Woodland av 
Ahlquist Martin (Rosel h2355 Bush 
Ahlstrand Cath Mrs h792 32d av 
" Chas J firemn rl485 Florida 
" Gustave A tailor r792 32d av 
" Walter H sta atdt Bohemian Garages rl485 

Ahlstrom Andw P (Hilda O) stevedore h20 

" Emil seamn rll38 Mission 
" Gunnar A slsmn r20 Curtis 
" Melba emp H & L Block rl595 Clay 
" N E hll40 Pine 
" Violet sten Langendorf Bakeries Inc rl595 

Ahlswede Edw H slsmn O'Connor Moffatt & 

Co r Ala 
Ahlund Chas r37 Woodward 
Ahman Amandes r3577 22d 
Ahnden John D (Norma) frt agt SPCo h390 

29th av 
" John H (Martha) archt h822 39th av 
AHNEFELD EDW. Asst Cashier and Asst Sec 

American Trust Co, rn21 Madera, Berke- 
Ahnikon E h784 Harrison 
Aho Ina h400 Duboce av 
Ahokas Gustav F CEleanor) stmilr h846 

36th av 
Ahomen Tauno A (Bumper Fender & Body 

Service) r Bkly 
Ahonen John C barber Wm Jelt rl941 Mission 
Ahpel Cora Mrs rFairmont Hotel 
Ahr Walter pntr rl2 De Wolt 
Ahren Joaquin A elk DN&E Walter & Co r 

Menlo Park 
Ahrenberg Irving B (Estelle) waiter h358 21st 

Ahrendes Alvin L (Dorothy L) cond Mkt St 

Ry h3171 Calif 
Ahrens A W h4221 Moraga 
" Albt H elk r674 Shotwell 
" Anna (wid A N) h854 Capp 
" Annie rl60 San Pablo av 
" Aug plmbr h250 Randall 
" Bros whol bakers 5636 Geary blvd 
" Bros Pie Stores 2220 Chestnut 1456 Polk 

and 252 Powell 
" C W rlll2 Market 
" Edw G dried fruit 214 Front R307 r787 38th 

" Prank M sis mgr G W Hume Co r San 


" Fred rl38 San Carlos 

" Geo F (Alice flremn SFPD h2803 16th 
" Geo N (Maude) formn PO hl255 42d av 
" Harold E r3470 25th 
" Harold E asmblr Pac Elec Mfg Corp rl941 

" Henry pntr h674 Shotwell 
" Henry poiter r72 Guttenberg 
" Henry swtchmn AT&SPRy r Richmond 
" Henry J (Alma I driver h230 Central av 
" Henry W elk rl25 Pope 
" J Henry (Alice El elk hl25 Pope 
" Jacob (Editorial Buffet) 
" Jakob (Hotel Cordova) r521 Post 
" Jeannette L elk rl255 42d av 
" John (Elsie) brewerywkr h2960 Fillmore 
" John (Kitty) eng Natl Ice & Cold Stge Co 

hl26 Cabrillo 
" Lina dancer rl26 Cabrillo 
" Mabel tchr Pub Sch hl60 San Pablo av 
" Marie B sten U S Bureau of Pub Roads 

r Bkly 
" Martin r674 Shotwell 
" N ins broker 220 Montgy R505 
" Norman baker Aug Helwig 
" Richd M supt Pac Greyhound Lines r San 

" Ruth dancer rl26 Cabrillo 
" Wilken (Augusta) h778 Pulton 
" Wilken jr chauf r778 Fulton 
" Wm elk r854 Capp 
Ahrensberg Roy (Helen) h24 Liberty 
Ahrinke Hans P eng Creamery Package Mfg 

Co r Bkly 
Ahronheim Cornelia r508 18th av 
" Ulrich (Corinne) mgr Ahronheim & Co h508 

18th av 
" & Co tJlrich Ahronheim mgr imptrs 49 4th 

Ahtanin John fOlga) clo psrs h2461V2 Lombard 
Ahtye Allen (Alice) bkpr Anglo-Calif Natl 

Bank h2408 Washn 
" Sidney (Jennie) h2406 Washn 
Ahumada Arth (Mary) h2018 Buchanan 


" Arth R emp Glidden Co r2624 Bush 
" Geo L (Angelol millmn r394 Dolores 
" Henry (Aurora C) lab hl356 Scott 

" Juanita drsmkr r2018 Buchanan 

" Zef restrwkr Bernstein's Fish Grotto 

Ahwashte Tribe No 89 (Redmen) 240 Golden 
Gate av 

Aicardi Mary Mrs factywkr rl742 Mason 

Aicardo Anita stein J St C Garnett r3048 

" John (Asunta) elk h3048 Pierce 

Aicega Michl (Tomassa) hl555 Mason 

Aicher A John h2003 Bway 

" John F with PG&ECo r Burlingame 

Designers and Builders of Special Machin- 
ery, Specializing in Printing Presses, 1634 
Stockton, Tel KE arny 2505 

" Selma r2023 Bway 

Aide Evelyn hl951 Sutter 

Aidelberg Dena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2819 Cab- 

" Harold elk r516 Church 

" Leon (Annette) br mgr Pub Food Stores 
hl431 Grove 

" Saml S (Sarah) (Modern Mattress Co) h516 

" Sigmond (Dena) h2819 Cabrillo 

Alello Aileen M liquors 1301 Polk and 1501 
Divisadero r544 Cordova 

" Prank (Mamie) fishermn hl70 Hale 

" Jerry (Virginia) mach h949 Capp 

" Jos h7 Rutland 

" Katie smstrs rl70 Hale 

" Lena inspr O'Bryan Bros r2336 Jones 

" Michl A (Prances) ins agt h216 4th av 

" Nino (Patrina) fishermn h862 Greenwich 

" Pauline D teleg opr WUTCo r3286 San Jose 

" Salvatore (Arline M) h544 Cordova 

" Victor (Jennie) elk hl31 Wilson 

" Vincent gro 1461 Grant av 

Aigeltinger Edw H (Anna M) hl764 Ellis 

" Edwin C (Virginia! lab h420 43d av 

Aigner Elsie (wid Leo) h524 Faxon av 

" Felix auto mech rl380 Sutter 

" Frank mech rl380 Sutter 

" J liquors 1561 Ellis rSOl Fillmore 

Aihman Chester W (Margt) elk PO r846 42d av 

Aikaa John (Mandai carp hl920 Post 

AIKEN, See also Aitken and Akin 

" Arth slsmn Standard Sta Inc r Okld 

" Douglas S elk r779 7th av 

" Jas H (Emma E) hl25 Brunswick 

" June r976 Chestnut 

" M hl644 Clay 

" Maud hl660 Sacto 

" Nelson P (Garcia Bros & Aiken) r Okld 

" Percy C (Lillian) slsmn h2325 Van Ness av 

" Rose r976 Chestnut 

A'kenhead Jessie r860 Sutter 

Aikins Bronte M (Alice) (Gavin McNab (1891- 
1927) Schmulowitz Wyman Aikins & 
Brune) h2335 Pacific av 

" Grace (wid Thos G) h562 28th av 

" Iva Mrs h363 Page 

" T J prsmn Call-Bulletin Pub Co r610 Geary 

Aikman Chester W (Margt) elk h846 42d av 

" Frank r461 Bway 

" Paul h48 Miraloma dr 

Ailand John (Lena) paste mixer hl81 Ocean av 

Alme Mateo jan SPCo r401'/4 Columbus av 

" Peter E busmn rl325 Mason 

Aimo Jos waiter h741 Green 

" Nino (Edith) restr 2092 3d h391 Pennsyl- 

" Steve (Louise) hl072 Gilman av 

Almonetti Antone A (Irene M) chauf h559 

Ainbinder Michl W (Irene) printer 545 San- 
some 8th fl h417 41st av 

" Rebecca rn5 Alhambra 

" Sallie nurse hl75 Alhambra 

" Sema (wid Eli) gro 1352 Irving hl355 Uth 

Alnge Chas A hosp atdt Veterans' Administra- 
tion Pacility 

Ainnann Wm E brushmkr rl853 Webster 

Ainsa Geo (Ray) mach h3009 Gough 

Ainsley Apartments 640 Turk 

" Helen r33 Mars 

" Robt E elk hl218 4th av 

" Thos furn mover h33 Mars 

Ainslie Edw L (Jennie) rll97 Sanchez 

" Fred G ins 1405 Bush rl824 Green 

" G Mrs h250 McAllister 

" Mary rl336 Clement 

" Ralph C (Louise) pharm P W Maloney h31 
Pilgrim av 

" Robt rl79 Jessie 

" Sarah (wid Geo) rl438 Jackson 

Ainsworth A W auto mech r73 Chula la 

" Albt rancher rl995 Newcomb av 

" Alice rl072 Page 

" Alma Mrs h2395 Pacific av 

" Apartments 1240 Calif 

" Bessie Mrs r2283 28th av 

" Clarence J (Phyllis) h914 Hayes 

" Courtney maid 2570 Jackson 

" Don emp Paterson Pac Parchment Co r 

" Donald D (Eliz) lawyer h2559 Clay 

" Doris h400 Duboce av 

" Elijah sorter s F Assn for the Blind hl072 

" Emmett emp Patterson Pac Parchment Co 
r Menlo Park 

" Frank H (Lucy) office 235 Montgy R1656 
h2609 Fillmore 

" Frank H jr lawyer 235 Montgy R1657 r2609 

" Goldah (wid F H) r444 42d av 

" Harry C CS pract 166 Geary E76 

" Howard S marine eng rl742 Bush 

" J C slsmn Chocolate Sales Corp 


" John (Niga) h3904 Clay 

" Melaine Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2609 Fillmore 

" Roy W r3489 16th av 

" W S hl225 Clay 

Air Mail Service A O Willoughby in charge 

240 Post Office Bldg 
" Reduction Sales Co C M Bloodgood Pac 

coast mgr 220 Bush R1813 
" Reduction Sales Co R E Labagh supt oxygen 

45 Clementina 
Aird Hugh rl90 3d 
" Robt B phvs hl730 Jones 
Airey Rose h36S5 17th 

" S Eliz Mrs mgr Barbara Apts r580 Mc- 
" Wm C (S Eliz) h580 McAllister 
" Wm L elk h2761 Scott 
" Wm L solr r3685 nth 

Pres-Mjr. Mattress Mfrs, 1687 Market, 

Tel UN derhill 4532 
Airflo Sedan Service G D Wafford mgr 871 

Airo Arnold r4012 22d 
" Oscar (Rosie) stevedore h4012 22d 
Airoldi Arnold J (Claudine) elk Anglo-Calif 

Natl Bank h950 Pacific av 
" Jos (Elva) nntr h43 Child 
" Lillian M elk Bank of Am r43 Child 
Air-Way Branch of San Francisco H S Taylor 

br mgr vacuum clnrs 681 Market R559 
Airways Hotel 452 Drumm 
Airy Jack r447 Bush 

Aisa Francois (Maria) Indywkr h2243 Bay 
" Henry (Eloisa) Indy 1083 Pine hl096 Pine 
" Maria Mrs Indy 431 Jones r2243 Bay 
Aisenbrey Edmond (Lavelle) pharm Bastianl 

Drug Co il632 Clement 
Aiseon Leroy J elev dir Russ Bldg r Okld 
Aissa Emil P service sta atdt r246 2d av 
" Grace librn French Hosp r246 2d av 
" Marcel J barber r246 2d av 
" Peter (Theresa) barber 4102 Geary blvd 

h246 2d av 
Aissen Bernard P (Rebecca) elk hl431 Grove 
AITCHISON, See also Acheson and Atchison 
" Alice elk rl206 Valencia 
" Arth P jr (Kathleen) emp Tonkin Dlstr Co 

h340 Edinburgh 
" Clara Mrs hl206 Valencia 
" Harold iBeatrice) mech G H Leathurby Co 

hl43 Victoria 
" Helen office mgr Gardner-Denver Co of 

Calif r Ala 
" Mary (wid Geo) rl43 Victoria 
" Nadine B elk PGcS^ECo r Ala 
" Robt L (Leona E) lab hl967 O'Farrell 
" Robt W (Grace M) teller Am Tr Co h2319 

25th av 
" Stanley C slsmn Jones & Laughlin Steel 

Corp r Mill Valley 
" Tillie (wid F Ml hl883 Sutter 
AITKEN, See also Aiken and Akin 
" Andw A r6 Coso av 
" Edw S firemn SFPD hl723 25th av 
" Ernest flremn SFFD r3558 San Bruno av 
" Geo (Mabel) bkpr Milonas & Sons r244 

26th av 
" Geo J (Mildred) pntr rl06 Carl 
" Grant lab r37 Elsie 
" Henry rl392 Geary 
" Jas r528 Kearny 
" John J mtlwkr rl317 Hampshire 
" John W (Aurora) mach h465 Dolores 
" Julian M h3831 Cabrillo 
" Mollie H elk rll67 Munich 
" Robt r835 O'Farrell 

" Sarah Mrs slswn Ransohoffs h27 Jolce 
" Stanley J carp r593 Waller 
" Svdney jan War Memorial r37 Elsie 
" Thos D (Marion) lawyer 220 Montgy R308 

hl321 27th av 
" Thos D jr (Crocker & Aitken) rl321 27th -av 
" Wm millmn Calif Mill Co 
" Wm B (Rose) carp h47 Fair Oaks 
" Wm V (Pauline) mach hl723 Lincoln way 
Aitman Matilda fur fnshr r641 Post 
Alton Medford F acct Pac Car Demurrage Bur 

r Burlingame 
" Wensley T carp r54 Webster 
Aiuto Cath (wid Vincent) rl345 Silver av 
" Peter fruitwkr rl345 Silver av 
" Victor (Prances) fruitwkr hl607 Silver av 
Aizawa Kanamitsu (Pusa) hl714 Buchanan 
Aizenberg David A msngr rl834 McAllister 
" Manuel (Ethel) hl834 McAllister 
" Martin (Lena) pharm Keek's Prescription 

Pharmacy r284 I6th av 
" Saml elk rl834 McAllister 
Aja Dionisio (Argentina) h76 Bernard 
" E mach opr r555 12th av 
Ajaislay Wm A stevedore r995 Harrison 
Ajamin Tatos (New England Picture Frame 

Co) r514 Bush 
" Zephyr sten V W HalUaan r Bkly 
Ajax Ellen waiter r60S O'Farrell 
" Foundry (R P Berkenkamp) 63 Tehama 
" Garage (Erwin Borgfeldt Eug Knauss) 2035 

Ajuria Frank (Sophie) lab h945 Hayes 
Akaloff Nicholas porter r74 6th 
Akard Ethel slswn rl950 15th 
" Fannie S (wid D B) h2545 Irving 
" Jas H (Mary) carp hl950 15th 
" John F (Freida) carp hl327 25th av 
" W Clyde (Bessie F) h225 Cervantes blvd 
Akashi D (Y) hl730 Laguna 
Akateff Michl mach r41 South Park 
Akbav Ruflno (Victoria) jan hl43 Peralta av 
Akberdin Ismagil (Marie) h2564 Sutter 
Aken Barney r47 McCoppen 
" Ethel r47 McCoppen 
" Harry (Hazelbelle) mgr Hotel Regent r562 



H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., Jun^ral itortnra 

H. FRED SUHR, Pretident 

(EttabUahed 1884) 
Finest ChapeU in City 

Sec Page 1720 

Phone: Mission 1811 

Aker Q elk hl670 Market . „ , , 

Akergren Julia beauty shop Fairmont Hotel 
rlOOS Powell 

Akerly Anna B Mrs library 2848 Washn 

AKERMAN. See also Arkorman 

" Edna H sten P H Meyer r851 Calif 

" Emil senmn r419 Drumm 

Akermann Ellsa R iwld Brunot apt mgr hl635 

Akern Prank r3491 20th 

Akers All W (Mary A) restr 1422 Ocean ay 
r266 Granada av 

" Amanda llorlst hl630 Dlvisadero 

" Ellz tchr Pub Sch hl421 Guerrero 

" Frank police r679 3d nv 

" Pauline Mrs h679 3d av 

" Stephen P elk Cosgrove & Co r Okld 

" Walter W (Lois Bi spl agt Guardian Agen- 
cies hl257 23d ay 

" Willard B acct Lester Herrlck & Herrick 
r Bkly 

Akerson Albt ijosephlnei carp hl619 O Parrel) 

" Alt (Madellnei police h25 Edna 

" M h776 Bush 

Akery Pauline Mrs r463 Madrid 

Akev Chas J lab rl880 Turk 

" Geo iMargti expsmn h480 9th av 

" Harvey chauf r3462 16th 

" Irene r480 9th av 

" Olen M eng PT&TCo r Burllngame 

" Rose L Mrs teleg opr PTCCo r3452 16th 

" Ruth sten Milton Bradley Co rl646 Sutter 

" Wm (Rosel chauf h3452 16th 

Akl Prank iHarui clo clnr 2363 Sutter 

" Hotel 1651 Post 

Akimasa Fujll clo clnr 1731 Ocean av 

Akimoff V h2112 Pine 

Akimoto T with Pacific Trading Co r Bkly 

Akin Bee rl382 Hayes 

" Chas E miner h611 Minna 

" Harry lab r2247 Sutter 

" Pauline (wid J Di slswn hl008 Larkin 

Aklns Douglas (Minnie) lab hl519 Scott 

" Harold T (Elene) wtchmn h329 24th av 

" Mary E Mrs maid 62 Castenada av 

" Thos h558 Hemlock 

" Wm H (Ella) jan r558 Hemlock 

" Zula clo prsr rSlS Divisadero 

Akiona Jos r37 Columbus av 

Akivis Henrietta sten r3463a 17th 

Akiya S hl972 Union 

Akkerman Pred (Kathrynl adv h873 Capp 

Aklostisheff Dimitrl pkr rl411 Divisadero 

Akonen Alma maid rl32 Douglas 

Akre Jas A (Fern) carp hl009 Innes 

Akron Casing Co Gullo Blandinl mgr 425 

" Dairy Lunch restr 2475 Mission 

AKRON FEATHER CO (Max O Kingstone) 
Manufacturers and Jobbers of Feathers, 
Downs, Pillows, Cushions, OfBce and Fac- 
tory 1168 Bryant bet 9th and 10th, Tel 
HE mlock 8430 

Akselsen Albt emp A Crosetti Bro & Co r3506a 
Mission « „ ,. 

" Haakon elk Norweigian Consulate r825 Bush 

" Harry O carp rl450 6th av 
" Ivar (Anna) hl450 6th av 

Akstinon Vladimir h951 Eddy 

Akstrom Antone (Annie) lab h358 London 

" Gus lab hl60 Haight 

Akzan Chas (Mabel) jan h372 6th av 

" Geo r372 6th av 

" Jos r372 6th av 

Al's Repair Shop (W A Smith Alvln Palken- 

stein) 3233 Geary blvd 
Aladdin Apartments 866 Jackson 
Aladola E Mrs r730 Eddy 
Alaimo Jos (Angle) hl78 Park 
" Jos F (Daisy) drftsmn Assoc Oil Co r222 

" Laurence J (Rose) hl49 Eureka 
" Leo (Prances) h5 27th 
" Rose Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores rl49 

Alkaza Frank mlUmn r248 Golden Gate av 

Alaman Jos restr 84 8th 

Alameda John M (Gloria) chauf h2685 Bryant 

" Jos S (Mary) mach h320 Virginia 

" Jos V (Helen) slsmn Freed Teller & Freed 

h566 Moscow 
" Manuel mach rl020 Cortland av 
" Mary E (wId Manuel) h404 Andover 
" Tonv (Lena) mach hl020 Cortland av 
" Transportation Co Christian Hageman mgr 

Pier 19 
Alamo Apartments 930 Hayes 
" Court Apts 508 Scott 
" Hotel furn rms 821 Kearny 
" Market (Eug Giaccai Ansano Plerl) gro 599 

" School 240 23d av 
" Square Pulton and Hayes 
" Terrace Apartments h573 Scott 
Alan Geo B (Helen) escrow officer Calif Pac 

Title & Tr Co hl433 21st av 
Alandy Prank r30 Pleasant 
Alano Epifanio K (Josephine) busmn rl718 

" Eusebia U cook r246 Myrtle 
Alanson Bertram E (Mabel) (Alanson Bros & 

Co) r828 Francisco 


" Bros & Co (BE and L M Alanson) stock 

brokers 486 Calif R1109 
" Fannie (wId Alex) r2266 Bway 
" Lionel M (Euijcnle) lAlanson Bros & Col 

r2100 Pacific 
" Milton R phvs h2265 Bway 
Alapl Hans J (Rosa) restrwkr hl227 San 

Bruno av 
Alarcon Andw (Jennie) elk Geo De Makas 

r790 Madrid 
Alarid Carmen L credit mgr Automotive Serv 

Inc r Okld 
" Jose lab r335 Chestnut 
" Manuel R sugarwkr r335 Chestnut 
" Marie (wId Amado) h29 Hartford 
Alarle June C elk SPCo r Okld 
Alarlo Innocenzo (Salvatora) pdlr h941 York 
" Josephine (Progress Mfg Co) r941 York 
" Mamie factywkr r941 York 
" Mary beauty opr r941 York 
Alaro Roy (Juanlta) barber h47 McCoppen 
Alarte Hector elk rl027 Golden Gate av 
Alary Adolph (Helen) hl746 Revere av 
" Celestine Mrs cook 2418 Pacific av 
" Geo rl746 Revere av 
Alasandro Antone (Dollv) utility mn Raphael 

Weill & Co rl036 Brunswick 
" Saml shoe repr 5674 Mission rl036 Bruns- 
Alasla Guldo r393 )tJnlon 
Alaska Cannery Workers Union 1083 Mission 
" Commercial Bldg 310 Sansome 
" Commercial Co W L Gerstle pres genl mdse 

310 Sansome RlOOl 
" Fishermen's Union Andw VIgen sec 49 Clay 
Bradley Pres, J W Crosby Sec, 1()32 Crock- 
er Building, 620 Market. Tel SU tter 0414 
thold Chairman, Wm Timson Pres, L E 
Wood V-Pres. A K Tichenor V-Pres, C A 
Iverson V-Pres, B R Hart V-Pres, W D 
Motts Sec-Treas, 111 California, Tel GA r- 
fleld 7360 
" Salmon Co C P Hale pres 141 Clay 
" Water Filter Co (C B Lancaster J S Lavell) 

136 Freelon 
Alaskaza Prank carp r248 Golden Gate av 
Alaux Helen glove fnshr T Thomas Dyeing & 

Clng Wks r Redwood City 
" Jean p tailor hl649 Webster 
" Jeanne sec-treas Fred Beniofl hl895 Chest- 
" Louis clo clnr rl730 McKlnnon av 
Alaxender Ida r362 Noe 
Alba Apartments 3255 Sacto 
" Hortense r225 Missouri 
" L mattress mkr Simmons Co 
" Marcus r225 Missouri 
" Wm (Jennie) lab h225 Missouri 
Albach Frank P r627 Lincoln way 
" Henry E (Alice E) stmshovel opr h627 Lin- 
coln way 
" Louis wtchmn r219 14th 
Alban Steve (Cath) hl243 Quesada av 
Albanese Leo waiter h450 Jones 
Albano Albino B (Cecelia) pantrymn h31 Har- 
Jackson Pacific Coast Branch Mgr, A J 
Penfleld Branch Sec. 1025 Adam Grant 
Bldg, 114 Sansome. Tel DO uglas 5261 
Albarella Gulseppe barber hl4 Hill 
Albarello Jennie (wid John) h25 Francis 
Albea Erna h341 Woolsey 

Albedl Consuelo M sten Capital Co r730 42d av 
" Louis M (Rosemonde) elk Bank of Am h730 

42d av 
" Rosamonde Mrs tchr Pub Sch r730 42d av 
Albee Anna (wid Edw) hll6b Carl 
" Cath Mrs rl61a Lundys la 
" Fannie (wid Lincoln) h222 Prague 
" Florence Mrs h4639 Lincoln way 
" Harriett L Mrs elk h2419 30th 
" Lloyd L seamn r856 42d av 
" Maja tchr r2185 Pacific av 
" Matthew (Dorothy) dairymn r950 Pine 
"Walter (Bernlce) h22 2 Prague 
" Ward H firemn SFFD r25 Napier 
" Willis h950 Pine 
" Winifred h3225 24th 
Albemarle Apartments 375 Eddy 
Alben Adolf W (Rose) mech Lambert Sales 

Corp rl215 Laguna 
Alber Adolph (Evelvn) eng r520 3d av 
" Arth F (Genevieve) barber r2584 3d 
" Erna maid 1268 UUoa 
" Gustav H (Edna) teller Bank of Calif 

h2267 25th av 
" Harold E aud U S Int Rev h3800 Scott 
" Herbt L slsmn h40 San Felipe av 
" Wm H h3219 22d 
Albera Antonio auto mech h338 Park 
" RInaldo (Mary) beer 1759 Mission r338 Park 
Alberg Cath F (wid D J) hSOD 9th av 
Alberlgi A h2370 Filbert 
" Abel h9 Fallon ter 
" Angelo (Irene) lab hn5 Collins 
" Barth (Rose E) mgr Westn Spring Co h257 

Colon av 
" Evelyn elk Earle C Anthony Inc r Richmond 
" G hl025 Scott 


" Geo A (Rose) (Elite Produce Col h2224 

" Helen E h571 Vienna 
" Mary labeler rl75 Collins 
" Peter J (Beatrice) eng Crowley Launch & 

Tugboat Co hl62 Judson av 
" Richd elk Elite Prod Co 
" Tonv rl75 Collins 
" Yolnnda rl75 Collins 
Alberlssi Alvera h81 9th 
ALBERS. See also Alpers 
" A chauf r364 9th 
" Albt E musician hl72a Belvedere 
" Albt H (Julia) warrant officer USA h297 

27th av , „ , 

" Bros Milling Co E L Dial mgr fiour Vallejo 

cor Davis 
" Clement photog hl240 7th av 
" Emma A Mrs nurse rl368 Utah 
" Geo elk rl005 Powell 
" Geo R (Margt) hl007 Sutter 
" John gro 1001 Castro 
" Margt Mrs sec Christian Science Church 

rl0O7 Sutter 
" Walter (Elsie) chauf h315 Prospect av 
" Zoil Mrs smstrs h645 Bush 
Albert A slsmn r467 Turk 
" Alt (Marie) mtrmn h78 Gladys 
" Annie (wid Jack) h568 Polsom 
" Apartments 2027 Hvde 
" Bruce W bkpr Dohrmann Coml Co rl045 

" Chas tailor rl259 Market 
" David sugarwkr Westn Sugar Refinery r85 

" Edw J (Evelyn) elk SPCo h71 Cora 
" Emmy B Mrs slswn Marks Bros h2580 Polk 
" F Wm slsmn h461 Central av 
" Genevieve elk r568 Folsom 
" Harry personnel techn SERA r78 Gladys 
" Harry J elk r568 Polsom 
" Henry C mfg jwlr 760 Market R954 hl244 

31st av 
" Henry J (Frieda M) waiter h270 Parker av 
" Herman W (Maude) examiner State Bank- 
ing Dent h700 Steiner 
" Hermann (Frances) hl251 18th av 
" J H elk r568 Polsom 
" J P (Jewel) h300 Buchanan 
" Jay C (Theresa) elk r45 6th av 
" Jewel Mrs r300 Buchanan 
" John r920 Montgy 
" John (Constance) jan hl5 Abbey 
" John C h81 7th av ^ ^ >,,,.„ 

" John M with Chas E Bedaux Co hll50 

" Jos C (Helen) lab h53 De Wolf 
" Lawrence J lab r568 Polsom 
" Lea (Carrie) pntr h37 Liebig 
" Leo L (Mary) chauf hl427 McAllister 
" Louis h726 O'Parrell 
" Louis A (May) asst mgr Drummond Apts 

h685 McAllister 
" Lyie K (Myrtle) roofer hl89 Parnassus av 
" Mark C (Lucille) barber 3012 Fillmore hI692 

" Maud E sten Wulft Hansen & Co noo 

" Michl (Emily) h6 27th 
" Mildred A Mrs hll9 Haight 
" Myer L br mgr Shumate's Prescription 

Pharmacy rl308 3d av 
" Nicholas (Alice) stevedore h61 Valley 
ALBERT OF THE PALACE (Halvor Willsrud) 
All Branches of Beauty Culture, Suite 
2060 Palace Hotel. Tel KE amy 7389 
" Pike Chapter 284 UED 2135 Sutter 
" Rose rl5 Abbey 
■' Ruth E elk Federal Hdw & Implt Mutuals 

r Ala 
" S Eliz Mrs drmkr 5037 Geary blvd 
" Sidney designer Lester's Ltd h3892 Sacto 
" Zeta elk h909 Laguna 

Albertazzi Alf elk AT&SPRy r515 Connecticut 
" Angelo (Lena) h228 Connecticut 
" Bros (Louis and Victor) auto reprs 407 

" FeUx (Rose) tmstr h515 Connecticut 
" Guido r615 Connecticut 

" Louis (Myrtle) (Albertazzi Bros) h256 Con- 
" Nora factywkr r515 Connecticut 
" Victor (Amelia) (Albertazzi Bros) hl50 Con- 
Albert! Domenico A h543 4th av 
" Elena mustic tchr 543 4th av 
" Frank J (Grace) mgr Granada Theatre h827 

Joost av „ 

" Geo F (Cath) dent mgr Atlas Assurance Co 

h398 West Portal av 
" Jos hll Hallam 
" Josephine elk r5712 Mission 
" Lawrence B with London & Lancaster Ins 

Co r Bkly 
" Vincent (Clara) restrwkr h2578 28th av 
Albertieri Celestine (wid Vincent) h2031 

Alberto D V 2402 Bway 
" Jas mach opr M Greenberg's Sons r634 

Albertoli John (Augustine) mach 1197 Colum- 
bus av hllOl Francisco 



Albertolli Emil S (Rose) ]an h449 Andover 
Pres, Mendes M Gross V-Pres, li>7 Sut- 
ter. Tel GA rfleld 1567 and 2200 Chestnut, 
Tel WA Inut 0119 
Albertoni Jos iMargueritel lab h2241 Bryant 
Alberts Caesar iRosel lab h514 Munich 
Fred rigeer r364 9th 
Fred L chiropractor 392 4th 
H C driver Bekins Van & Stge Co r San 

Henry F r936 Mission 
Jas R chiropractor 948 Market R505 
Albertsen A G h2650 Baker 

Albt G (General Travel Service) r Palo Alto 
Albt H beer 2280 Chestnut r3300 Scott 
Albertson Andw F iMargt) seamn h348 5th 
Arth (Mary) stevedore h34 Lyell 
Edwin E (Kathleen) (Albertson-Kemper Co) 

h40 piedmont 
Geo (Delia) carp h339 Plymouth av 
Howard (Elsie) ironwkr h209O Grove 
John loader Highway Transport Co 
John S h218 Hollowav av 
-Kemper Co (E E Albertson Lucrezia Kem- 
per) adv agncy 155 Sansome R7Q9 
Margt hl751 Market 
Max (Anna) mach opr h555 Masonic av 
Rovce W dept mgr Shell Oil Co r Fairmont 
" W R h790 Calif 

Albertus Alex (Eliz) tailor hl67 Vienna 
Albery W E sis eng Westco-Pump Sales Co 

r Sacto 
" AIbi Onorlo r526 Jackson 
" Piero Dhys 384 Post R315 h796 Pine 
Albin Chas rl450 Clay 
" Cornelius V r585 Geary 
" John hl809 Page 
" Maurice Jan r2217 Post 
" Milton (Yvonne) (Albin & Rush) r2194c 

" & Rush (Milton Albin Roger Rush) printers 

3250 Fillmore 
Albini Elsie maid 1651 Beach 
Albino Prank hl379 Sutter 
Albinson Albt H lab hll Latona 
Albion Aoartments 108-118 Albion 
Albisetti Ely (Eva) butter mkr h723e Green 
Albizo David (Alberta) h59 Bovce 
Albon Howard J elk Union Lbr Co r Palo Alto 
Albonico Kath Mrs r2133 Larkin 
Albonsky John (Edna) clo prsr Century Dyers 

& Clnrs r Daly City 
Albora Rudolph (Mary G) cht elk City & 

County Tax Collector h7100 Geary blvd 
Alborough Irene G Mrs restr 123 Post h621 

Albert N deckhd US El Aquario r61 Valley 
Albouze Achille (Madeline) personnel dlr 

SERA h2996 Calif 
Albrecht Al H elk r731 Anza 
" Arth C elk U S Customs h552 28th 
" Bernard (Cath) collr h312 Richland av 
" Bertha Mrs hl8 Tiffany av 
" EUz r753 34th av 
" Prank (Martha) marble str hl5Il McKln- 

non av 
" Freda Mrs rl225 Taylor 
" Fredk W (Irene) tmstr hSI States 
" Geo W (Anna B) millmn h236 Harold av 
" Grace A sten r236 Harold av 
" Henry baker rl917 Mariposa 
" Herman pntr rl740 ElUs 
" Irene bndrywkr r51 States 
" Jos E sten r236 Harold av 
" Kath (wid E J) h380 Waller 
" Lloyd A (Mildred W) batterymn hl881 

" Lucille C r236 Harold av 
" Margt C box fnshr rll37 Treat av 
" Maria R smstrs rn37 Treat av 
" Michl (Esther C> eng hll35 Treat av 
" Mildred Mrs h665 16th 
" Wm wtchmn Dept Pub Wks 
" Wm P acct Fairbanks Morse c& Co r San 

" Wm P police r236 Harold av 
Albrechtsen John R (Margt) cond h324 Toco- 

loma av 
Albrechtson Chris L auto mech hl883 Church 
" Helen M elk rl883 Church 
Albrett Jas stmftr Dept Pub Wks r2766 Mission 
Albright Arth marble str rll38 Mission 
"BE elk Fort Mason r Okld 
" Chas (Ethel) dentist 450 Sutter R1728 h2606 

" Cleaners (A L Hoganson Mrs Vera Hogan- 

son) clo clnrs 327 Taraval 
" Dorothea M elk Hills Bros r Okld 
" E mach opr r382 Diamond 
" Earl E mech eng Am La France & Foamlte 

Corp h2911 16th 
Albright Edith (wid A S) hl42 Newton 
" Edmund P (Marie) h234 Faxon av 
" Ernest A (Estella M) carp h4654 18th 
" Evelyn S artist r737 Buena Vista av 
" Frank elk SPCo r Ala 
" Pred G h520 Geary 
" Fred (May) cook h8 St Roses av 
" Gertrude P tchr Calif Sch of Pine Arts 

r737 Buena Vista av 
" H Oliver (Gertrude P) sec S P Art Assn 

h737 Buena Vista av 
" Llewellyn gas sta opr hl015 Van Ness av S 
" Nina elk P W Woolworth Co r San Bruno 
" Phillip A (Bernice) elk h720 Cole 
" Saml (Annette) dep U S Marshall h063 

" Thos L auto electn Merwln & HoltZ'm h415 

" Vera Mrs (Albright Cleaners) rJ27 Taraval 
Albring Marie Mrs h494 Kansas 
Albritton Walter L (Alice) boatswain h219 

Albro Cordelia r2046 Beach 

" Maxine artist h2046 Beach 

Albugasio Arth (Angela) electn hlpr hl33Mi 

Alburn Attilie (wid Bert) h2472 Vallejo 
Alburtus Minerva Mrs r4405 Kirkham 
Albury A Alice (wid Robt) hl362 Valencia 
" Adele L mlnr r81 Rudden av 
" Ernest G (Loretta) pres Occidental Plating 

Works h81 Rudden av 
" Pred G (Christine) mldr hl362 Valencia 
" Geo (Florence) (Acme Equipt Co) hl29 

Capistrano av 
" Wm plater rl362 Valencia 
Albuschkat Karl (Annie) delicatessen 2929 

Alcaire Cruz Mrs drsmkr r524 Baker 
Alcala H Higuera r2261 Mission 
" L H h2128 Van Ness av 
" Maria Mrs hl827 Eddy 
Alcalde Alfonso (Josephine) slsmn Brock- 

hoff's h2759 Harrison 
" Frank h296 Union 
" Parlor No 154 NSGW 414 Mason 
Alcamise Prances C maid 441 Castenada av 
Alcantara Isabel R elk r3161 Folsom 
" Jos h56 Center pi 
" Jos R (Anna) elk hl652 Dolores 
" Lawrence (Mary C) h316l Folsom 
Alcara Frank lab h2578 Folsom 
Alcaraz A ptn mkr Steiger & Kerr Stove & 

Fndry Co r Daly City 
" Benj restrwkr r62 Moss 
" Esther boxmkr rl51 Irvington 
" Jos r936 Mission 

Alcatraz Circle No I (PGS) 625 Polk 
" Vincent E mgr Hotel Dora r2515 24th 
Alcayaga Alf A auto mech rl73 Randall 
" Guerrero emp Prank La Haye 
Alcazar Prank h79a Delmar 
" Gregory (Florence) h758 Naples 
" Improvement Co J W Preston pres T T 

Taylor sec-treas 350 Post R208 
Alch Michl H women's clo mfr 49 4th R419 
Alchera Emil (Veronica C) (Sunnyhill Wine 

& Liquor Co) h259 Avila 
Alchimistl Ciro (Pauline) lab h3133a Folsom 
Alciati Chas D (June) (Colombo Market 

Shaving Parlor) hl459 Oakdale av 
" Chas J (Eva I h434 5th av 
" Maria (wid John) r434 5th av 
Alcira Apartments The 1849 Page 
" Court Apartments 840 Hayes 
Alco Crime Prevention Law Inc Pred Parr 
pres Walter E Hettman sec and atty 680 
Market R515 
" Flour Inc G P Neuwald dist mgr 461 Market 

" Juhan H (Elsie S) mem State Bd Prison 

Directors and C S pract h2147 Union dr 
" Leather Mfg Co Ltd Jos Bechelli pres A G 

Ludeman v-pres 583 Market 5th fi 
" Mary Mrs rl920 Cahf 
" Products Co R S Danforth mgr oil refinery 

equip 116 New Montgy R821 
Alcock Raymond J elk USPO inspr r3e4 Eddy 
Alcola Manuel lab r684 Folsom 
Alcorn Alice M tchr Pub Sch h555 Taylor 
Delina Mrs hl408 Golden Gate av 
Leo J (Hattie) carp h650 Lakeview av 
Mary mlnr rl664 Larkin 
Nelda 650 Lakeview av 
Wm J millmn r2621 18th 
Aldana Alicia R r3U6 16th 
Apartments 2927 Sacto 
Carmen rl733 Jackson 
Elena Mrs h3116 16th 
Henry M (Stella) mfrs agt 165 Post R-S13 

hnoo Bway 
Laura rl733 Jackson 
Lucia (wid E M) ,"11733 Jackson 
Aldeen I h665 Pine 
Alden Albt H pkr r2828 Octavla 
Anita G Mrs typist r3819 Anza 
Barbara dom 3835 Jackson 
Bertram (Leone) phys 1195 Bush R2u9 

h3835 Scott 
C A elk Port Mason r Bkly 
Chas (Helen) tmstr r30'5 Foevster 
Dora hl216 Laguna 
Dorothy elk Emporium rl231 Grove 
Edw J (Lillian M) chauf h2212 29th av 
Holt W (Florence) dentist 490 Post R1655 

h45 21st av 
Inez designer r828 Ashbury 
J S dock seamn r250 Fell 
John (Harriett) phys hl560 8th av 
Lloyd porter rl620 Hayes 
Martha Mrs elk hl231 Grove 
N shtmtlwkr rl215 Versailles av 
Oliver hl250 5th av 
Ralph A spl agt Hartford Steam Boiler 

Inspection & Ins Co r Okld 
Saml B (Mary) hl620 Hayes 
Shirley sten rl402 Sacto 
ALDENHAGEN WM G (Louise) V-Pres and 
Sec-Treas Western Pipe & Steel Co and 
Jones Gas Process Corp. h65 Merced av 
Aldenkortt Carl (Albertina) whsmn h956 

Aldenn Byron (Ceclle) h512 Fi'ederick 
Alder Adolf V asst struc eng Port Mason 

r3302 Calif 
" Chas E slsmn hSlO Green 
" Clara E (wid Chas E) r810 Green 
" Edgar W with Rolph Landis & Ellis r Okld 
" Jack (Lila) restwkr hl77 Germania 
Aldera Jeanette T beauty shop 1411 18th rt''34 

" Jos (Theresa) restwkr h634 Connecticut 
Aldercroft Apartments 1134 Hyde 
Alderman Lee rl701 Grove 
" Max (Bessie) fctywkr hl701 Grove 
" Saml h249 Eddy 

Alderson Arth W (Nell) tile setter hl930 Grove 
" Eleanor B elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank rl360 

20th av 
" Frank slsmn R B Clark r76 3d 
" Harry E (Cordelia) phys 490 Post R320 

h2649 Green 
" Jack J (Emma) pipe ftr h548 Linden 
" Jay K pntr r552 Linden 
" John B (Eleanor) acct hl360 20th av 
" Louise F r552 Linden 
" Wm H eng Natl Park Service r Okld 
Aldinger Albt R elk SOCo r Okld 
Aldon Nora Mrs h2828 Octavia 
Aldona Mary mach opr rll09a Treat av 
Aldonen Abel (Abanda) stevedore h3B35 23d 
" Sylvia sten r3835 23d 
Aldous Richd (Nellie) furs 133 Gearv R423 

r341 Santa Anna av 
Aldreto Tara bxmkr r2268 Bryant 
Aldrich Agnes Mrs tchr Pub Sch 'i2;i27 Hvde 
" Dunbar elk h765 59th av 
" Edw M (Bessie) carp hi 55 Oak 
" Edw M carp appr rl21 Henry 
" Edw R (Emily J) h238 24th av 
" Emma (wid J L) rl28 28th av 
" Fred D (Lizzie) h3324 Divisadero 
" G h20 Monroe 
" Gordon r2485 Chestnut 
" Harry J Rev h750 O'Parreil 
" Helen sten Wickwire Spencer steel Co r238 

24th ay 
" Howard M asst sec S P Real Est Board r 

" Kenneth N (Jane) checker h571 Edinburgh 
" M Donald elk r20 Monroe 
" Mina manicurist r520 Scott 
" Philip H musician h520 Scott 
" Ralph N mgr Standard Staions Inc r3324 

" Robt E bkpr Crocker First Natl Bank r238 

24th av 
" Ruth labeler r3173 Turk 
" Stella Mrs r765 39th av 
" Stuart (Florence) h737 Hyde 
Aldrldge Carl (Florence) cond hl324 McAllister 
" Chas E litho Western Can Co r40 Shrader 
" Earl W (Pearl W) slsmn hl535 Green 
" Frank (Lucille) jan h4221 23d 
" Prank (EUz) jan h550 6th av 
" Helen (wid Peter) r930 Potrero 
" Jos Jan r550 6th av 
" Lillian Mrs h503 Bartlett 
" Lucille C elk r40 Shrader 
" Margt Mrs h40 Shrader 
" Marion H sten Washn Natl Ins Co r'84 

Potrero av 
" Milton sawmkr h930 Potrero 
" Peter h784 Potrero 
" Thos (May) h552 6th av 
" Wm stevedore r550 6th av 
Aldusley E slsmn r310 Post 
Aldwell Alan B law elk Morrison. Hohfeld, 

Foerster, Shuman & Clark r3295 Clay 
" Mollie M bkpr Bank of Am r3295 Clay 
Aleazer Apartments 1441 Taylor 
Alebertini Teresa clo prsr hl635 Filbert 
Alef Lorna Mrs hi 195 Guerrero 
Alefas Geo (Dorothy) cook hl362 48th av 
Alegre Albt (Mary) elev opr Raphael Weill 

& Co r60 Ney 
Alegretti Anna hl648 Great Highway 
" Clorinda rl648 Great Highway 
" Georgia sten r2211 16th av 
" Lenore M sten Pac Fruit Exch r2211 16th av 
" Margt r2211 16th av 
" Mary (wid Jos) h2211 16th av 
" Sylvio V (Margt) hl308 Minna 
Alegria Antonio (Sarah) Indywkr h2241 Lom- 
Aleidi Alec fruits 3299 16th rl710 Church 
Alejandre Mariano jan New Mission Market 
" Marion r606 Precita av 
Alejandro Nepomucero A factywkr rl072 

Alekian A E mech h251 Parnassus av 
Aleman Horace (Jean) sprayer Golden State 

Lamp & Shade Co hl65i Market 
" Marie mach opr h2878a Folsom 
ALEMANY COAL CO, Primo LoUa, Mgr. Wood, 
Coal, Chicken Feed, Loam and Manure, 
210 Onondaga Av, Tel EL krldge 4!>20 
" Emergency Hospital 45 Onondaga av 
Alemite Co of California G R Ritzer sis mgr 

lubricants 925 O'Parreil 
Aleo John (Lena) gro h820 Diamond 
Alert Spring & Fender Service (Thos Gilmore 

Jas O'Herne) 830 Valencia 
Ales Jos h2332 Jones 
Alesei Paul barber r5310 Mission 
" Tony (Mary) barber 5312 Mission h5310 

Aleshian Demitri rl717 Broderick 
Aleshin Juha Mrs mach opr h2430a Calif 
" Peter lab rl812 Page 
" Vera rl812 Page 

" Victor artist Kindel &" Graham rl812 Page 
Aleshire Olan C col USA r Fort Mason 
Alessandrelli Bigin h764 North Point 
Alessandri Alf (Pasquina) h678 Vienna 
" Angelo h2050 Jones 
" Prances Mrs hl629 Alabama 
" Jos (Cath) plstr h567 Vienna 
" Renato (Fern) lab hl58 Lisbon 
Alessandro Alen fruitwkr r2709 Laguna 
" Cimarelli h527 Filbert 
Alesseo Jos r916 Pacific 
Alessio Battista cook rll2 Columbus av 
" Louis A (Adele) tailor h21 Theresa 
Alevizos Andw D h317 Clementina 
Alex Angelo (Ola) (Alex Bros) r957 Mission 
" Bros (John and Angelo) restr 76 6th 
" Gustave (Hilda) baker r2321 Judah 
" Jas beauty shop 2385 Mission rll5 Blan- 

ken av 
" John (Alex Bros) 


"On Your Eyes Depends Your Future" 

D E S C H L E R'S 


81 O'Farrcll St. 


DO ugla« 2057 


" John (Zlnka) bnkpr hlSlla Alnbnma 

" Tann liIOO Clldord tcr 

Aloxnkls Gus icstwkr h321b Clementina 

Alexander A emp ITonch Hosp n459 24th av 

" A DeWltt (Robinson Nowell & Col r Bkly 

" A Q elk Mene Geneteko 

" Abr hl269 Silver av 

" Abr J (Isabel Si slsmn hl28 Genesee 

" Adolph (Rose) drugs hl66 3d h472 Fun- 

ston av 
" Al mill hd r4681 18th 
'• Albt A (MnrRti elk h724 16th 
" Albt E (Cathi carp h701 Clayton 
" Alden H phys 291 Geary R601 h85 Moun- 
tain Spring av 
» Alex elk Constnntlne Alexander r2548 Calll 
" Alex G (Martha) liquors 302 Hyde hl3B2 

23d av 
" Alice R sten rl44 Juanlta way 
" Alma r6(M Capp , , 

" Alonzo E elk rl200 Arguello blvd 
" Amasa R (N Florence) slsmn Sherman Clay 

& Co h2535 Balboa 
" Anna M mach opr r604 Capp 
" Apartments 500 7th av 
" Archibald M (Elslel sales rep Dohrmami 

Hotel Supp Co h2045 16th av 
" Arnold hl083 Union 
" Arth P dvitsmn rl90 O'Farrcll 
" Asllley A (Sally) elk C&HSRCorp rl083 

Union _ 

" Augusta M elk Bank of Calif r Bkly 
Pres, M A Elliott V-Pres, Coffee Boasters 
and Distributors, 99 Beale cor Mission, Tel 
SU iter SSIO 
" Basil (Hamburger Shop) rl979 Union 
" Belle Mrs elk Geo Delleplane r261',2 Jersey 
" Benj lab r792 Lyon 
" Bernice h520 Geary 
" Bernice elk r3 Commonwealth av 
" Bernice nurse h2519a Sacto 
" Bert musician h391 Valencia 
" Birdie (wid G Wi h738 34th av 
" Blanche Mrs h4124 Judah 
" Bobbie J photog Bear Photo Serv r Bris- 
" Building 155 Montgy 
" C B hl950 Sacto 

" Carl pntr r26 Chatham Pl „ ^ , . „,.„. 
" Carol M (Maurine) dentist 460 Sutter Rlb2b 

hl547 Anza 
/' Cecile r4349 18th 

" Center C (Louise I carpet clnr h4349 IBth 
" Chas carpet lyr h4681 18th 
" Chas A slsmn David D Bohannon r92 7th 
" Chas E rn39 Pine 
" Chas E (Anna I h3990 18th 
" Chas M (Eliz) h651 Scott 
" Chase D (Mary) candy mkr hl478 Page 
" Chris (Elsie) litho h6244 3d 
" Christine rUlBVa Scott 
" Clarence D (Lily) dairywkr h706 Grove 
Pres The Anglo Califorma National Bank, 
hiss Lunado Way 

" Constance H writer rl865 Calif , „,,„ , 

" Constantine (Ray I gro 2499 Calif h2548 do 

" Constantine ITilliel litho hl203 HoUister av 

" David (Margt) wtchmn hll6 Persia av 

" Dora (wid Clay) hl048 Pulton 

" Dorothy Mrs slswn r952 Sutter 

" Douglas C (Leib, Keyston & Co) r Hills- 

" Earl L slsmn A Crocker & Co r Okld 

" Earle R (EUz) h709a Clayton 

" Edgar W phys 135 Stockton R411 r Palo Alto 

" Edith bkpr r311 Douglass 

" Edw E r3480 Clay 

" Edw P (Margt) assmblr W N Moore Dry Gds 
Co h267 Hearst av 

" Edwin A dentist 450 Sutter R932 r2a52 Green 

" Egbert acct Bd of Trade r Burlingame 

" Elinor J typist rl429 Oak 

" Eliz Mrs hl940 Washn 

" Eliz (wid G W) rl430 12th av 

" Eliz H elk SPCo r709a Clayton 

" Elmer (Anna) cond hl76 Julian av 

" Emma B Mrs h3480 Clay 

" Eric L wtchmkr Anna Steften r Okld 

" Ernest (Mignon) ins agt h 1580 Beach 

" Ethel tchr Pub Sch r940 Powell 

" Ethel Mrs elk rl430 12th av 

" Evelyn Mrs r713 Laguna 

" P sugarwkr r258 Missouri 

" Frank rl078 Howard 

" Frank jan r684 Polsom 

" Prank P hl055 Mason 

" Frank L mech r2400 Van Ness av 

" Frona M Mrs waiter h611 Laguna 

" Geo r74 Turk 

" Geo B 300 Wawona 

" Gertrude M Mrs baker 3249 Scott h3316 

" Gidalena (wid Ellas) r93 Cowden 

" Gordon T with Alexander & Baldwin Ltd 
r Palo Alto 

" Grace hl472 Filbert 

" Grace enameler r324 Bartlett 

" Grace sten hl219 Vallejo 
" Grace Mrs sec-treas Ray Alexander Inc 
rl528 Broderick 


" Grace J sten rl940 Washn 

" Grace T rl231 Market 

" Grant Y sec Real Estate & Development Co 

r Union League Club 
" Gussle Mrs hail Capp 
" H H h2265 Lombard 
" Hale J slsmn Hales Display Sales r5566 

" Hamilton Apartment Hotel 631 O Parrell 
" Harrv lAnnal Jan h42B Presidio av 
" Harry C h2519 17th av 
" Harry C (Grace! (Reliable Auto Parts & 

SuDO Co) hl216 32d av 
" Harry H res surg Shriners Hosp 
" Hattie r3299 Washn 
" Hazel J tchr Pub Sch r738 34th av 
" Helen M typist Federal Reserve Bank r 

" Hiram H (Eliz T) pntr h2312 Greenwich 
" Houston lab r750 8th av 
"IN musician rllOO O'Farrell 
" Ida M.Mrs h46 Beideman 
" Irene nurse r701 Clayton 
" Isaac h2335 Pacific av 
" Isaac W slsmn r2052 Green 
" J C h337 Hyde 

" J D mgr La Model Apartments hl225 Jones 
" Jas r256 Juanita way 
" Jas adj Bd of Trade h3299 Washn 
" Jas B elk r860 Sutter 
" Jas P pharm P A Molflno r2i98 17th av 
" Jas J elk rl200 Arguello blvd 
" Jane rl528 Broderick 
" Janet (wid Jas) r256 Juanita way 
" Jeanne H r2052 Green 
■' Jennie P Mrs r375d Ivy 
" Jennie L sten Railroad Com rll05 Larkm 
" Jesse J slsmn Weinstein Co h940 Bay 
" Jesse R treas Inlaid Floor Co r Burlingame 
" Jessie elk hl664 Larkin 

" Jewel (Judith) (Redman, Alexander & Ba- 
con) hl09 Walnut 
" John h505 Church 
" John (Eliz) h955 Lombard 
" John h2507 Pine 
" John (Rhea I elk r3823 Army 
" John (Mary) cond hl200 Arguello blvd 
" John stamper Granat Bros h324 Bartlett 
" John W trucker AT&SFRv r Richmond 
" Jos atdt Sutro Baths rl459 14th 
" Jos hl25 Stlllman 
" Jos chauf Art Rattan Works r Okld 
" Jos I elk r3010 Franklin 
" Jos J (Mary A I hSOlO Franklin 

" Josphine bkpr r2838 Washn 

" Josephine A Mrs h557 Dolores 

" Karl L elk rl6e4 Larkin 

" Karl M (Margt) cond h45b Costa 

" Keith O (Bessie) eng Enterprise Diesel En- 
gine Corp 

" Leila J tchr hi 140 Sutter 

" Leo E hI201 Calif 

" Leona (wid Thos) Jan h750 8th av 

" Leonard E lab h860 Peralta 

" Lillian E comp oor rl05 18th av 

" Lilly hlOOO Diamond 

" Lois elk r58 Retiro way 

" Lottie (wid A E) h3 Commonwealth 

" Louis (Dolores) hll43 Kearny 

" Louis L flmn Raphael Weill & Co rl499 

" M C h464 43d av 

" Mabel C nurse Veterans' Administration 

" Manuel (Beulah) restr 501 Sansome hnOl 
26th av 

" Manuel J electn r629 Van Ness av 

" Margt h2275 19th av 

" Margt Mrs hl251 44th av 

" Margt (wid Robt) r4622 17th 

" Margt M Mrs hl459 24th av 

" Maria beauty opr r850 Leavenworth 

" Maria sten hia91 Busih 

" Marie rlOOl Diamond 

" Marie M (wid Ernest R) hl536 Balboa 

" Martin P (Gussiei crpt lyr h25 Brighton av 

" Mary E rl265 27th av 

" Mary J (wid John I r318 Genesee 

" Mary V elk hl471 30th av 

" Maude E soclalwkr Travelers Aid Soc rl430 
12th av 

" Max (Edna) hl459 Dolores 

" Max mach Am Can Co r Ala 

" May C h3284 Mission 

" Mervin H (Helen) dial swtchmn PT&TCo 
rl41 Ashton av 

" Minnie (wid E A) h426 22d av 

" Mitchell rl979 Union 

" Monte C chf examiner State Compensation 
Ins Fund r Okld 

" Naomi J with S P Bank r738 34th av 

" Nora maid 1168 Washn 

" Ora Mrs rl048 Oak 

" Paul E techn Am Can Co r Burlingame 
" Philip (Veda) blksmth h383 Munich 
" Philio W (Ethel) hl430 12th av 

" R rl500 Sutter 

" R kitchenwkr rll43 Kearny 

" R Alex Indy 756 Bway r906 Vallejo 

" Rachel nurse SFHosp rll20 Hampshire 

" Ralph delmn r4349 18th 


" Ray (Grace) pres Ray Alexander Inc hl528 

" Ray Inc Ray Alexander pres. Grace Alexan- 
der sec-tr'eas garasc 2375 Post 
" Rebecca (wid Abr I h2052 Green 
" Robt (Mary) hn37 Pierce 
" Robt wtchmn r442 8th av 
" Roberta r2535 Balboa 
" Rose E sten r915 Dolores 
" Roselyn M Mrs elk r2276 Greenwich 
" Roy tmstr rll70 McAllister 
" Roy B iKathi whol rep Jas W McAllister 

Inc hl277 28th av 
" Rov N (Lois) restr 117 New Montgy h5(l 

Retiro way 
" Ruby E Mrs h79 Eastwood dr 
" Russell A sec F E Booth Co r Pled 
" Ruth Mrs rl27 Ellis 
" S Craig slsmn h512 Van Ness av 
" Sadie (wid Jack) bkpr J J Dederlch hl429 

" Saml r814 Calif 
" Saml porter r335 Stockton 
" Sarah hl760 Broderick 
" Sarah (wid Abr) h311 Douglass 
" Savone beauty ODr r3480 Clay 
" Sidney elk r898 Fell 
" Spero (Marian) lab hl203'/2 HoUister av 
" Stanley W adJ Field-Ernest Envelope Co 

rl70 Trumbull 
" Stella waiter rl203y2 HoUister av 
" T h999 Bush 
" Teresa A bknr Greenebaum Weil & Michels 

r2519 nth"av 
" Terrance M repairmn Am Writing Mach Co 

rl664 Larkin 
" The Great Post V of P W War Memorial 

" Theo cook h2548 Post 
" Thos r675 Howard 
" Thos hlOOT Sutter 
" Thos cook r284 Golden Gate av 
" Thos F (Aidal hat clnr 438 Kearny and 96 

Market hl007 Sutter 
" Thos J lab rl56 3d 
" Vera rl366 Hayes 
" Vera C sten PT&TCo r Okld 
" Victoria C (wid Frank) h24fl0 Van Ness av 
" Viola M tel opr r79 Eastwood dr 
" Wallace J drftsmn r588 5th av 
" Wallace M chmn of bd Alexander & Baldwin 
Ltd v-pres Matson Navigation Co r Pied- 
" Walter C lab h223 Lexington 
" Walter C (Irmal vulc h520 Scott 
" Walter P (Annie E) mfrs agt 7 Front H146 

hl44 Juanita way 
" Wayne (Kathryn) br mgr Doherty Bros h335 

Miramar av 
" Wilbur B elk r557 Dolores 
" Wm hl09D Eddy 
" Wm r351 Turk 
" Wm G h733 Fillmore 

" Wm G pres Alexander-Balart Co r Saratoga 
" Wm G slsmn Royal Typewriter Co r562 Sut- 
" Wm P (Alice) USA h2471 Lombard 
ALEXANDER WM S, Auditor California Pa- 
cific Title & Trust Co, r650 Bush 
" Wilson T hl340 Lombard 

ander Chairman of the Board, John Wat- 
erhouse (Honolulu) Pres, H A Baldwin 
(Honolulu) V-Pres, R E Mist (Honolulu) 
Sec, J P Cook (Honolulu) Treas, J W 
Speyer S F Mgr, Sugar and Pineapple 
Factors, 13th Floor Matson Bldg, 215 
Market, Tel EX brook 4150 
Alexanderian Albt slsmn Herbt Alexanderlan 
" Herbt rugs 2475 Sacto r Okld 
Alexanderson Ernest pntr r4434 23d 
" Madlyn sten N W Ayer & Son r642 Jones 
Alexandre J Mrs hl381 Union 
" Paulette S (Maison de Beaute) rl219 Vallejo 
Alexandres Nicholas r389 3d 
Alexandria No 531 (F & A M) Masonic Temple 
" Theatre 5400 Geary blvd 
Alexandrofl Basil restrwkr r4317 24th 
Alexeefl Paul slsmn Tesluck Co r3021 Pine 
Alexender Margt rl40 Mason 
Alexich Angeline (wid G G) h220 19th av 
" Danl elk r220 19th av 
" Geo G elk r220 19th av 
Alexietf Angelo I kitchenmn SFHosp 
Alexiff Pred (Dorothy) gro 801 Kansas h959 do 
" Robt J (Caroline) bkbndr hl013 Vermont 
" Vera elk r969 Kansas 
Alexion Alex hl560a Howard 
" Alex J barber 153 Hyde 
" Gus (Mary) mgr Mrs Julia Berman hl372 

Alexiou Gus porter r321 Clementina 
Alexopulos John P (Sophie) meatctr hll50 

Silver av 
Alezomondo Frances Mrs r893 38th av 
Alfanettl Wm S h245a Chestnut 
Alfansief Leta garmt fnshr r2134 Post 
Alfaro Bernardo lab r2924 23d 
" Jos (Trinidad) lab h2924 3d 
" Manuel (Ida) pntr hl385 Clay 
" Rudolph lab r2924 23d 
Alfau Wm G (Erna) pkr h322 14th 

AUerieff Alex L (Olga) steward h3167 Calif 

Alfleld A R (Esther) mattress rnkr li992 Page 

Alfiere Addle (wid J S) h43 Persia av 

" Louis S carp r43 Persia av 

Alflerl Club Inc 4551 Mission 

Alflnso Alex I Emma I h930 Carolina 

" Nicholas r930 Carolina 

AUonsi Jos (Mary) formn A Crossettl Bro & 

Co hl200 Brussels 
Alfonso Alt factywkr Superba Pkg Co 
" Eugenia B sten r3141 Franklin 
" Frances L factywkr r327 Union 
" Jose H I Minna CI interpreter 785 Market 

R402 r25 Dorantes av 
" Josephine L sten ScoviU Mfg Co r3141 

" Mary B (wid Michaelangelo) h3141 Franklin 
" Minna C Mrs with PT&TCo h25 Dorantes av 
" Thos J (Edith) asst cash S F Examiner h501 

7th av 
Alford Edna Mrs cash Edgewater Beach Restr 

h32 Belvedere 
"HE tchr Glad Tidings Bible Inst 
" Nell elk r32 Belvedere 

" Lawrence C emp Lachman Bros r San Mateo 
" Thos F hl25 Mono 
Alfred Wm H pub acct 326 Jackson 
" Zepher maid 2306 Vallejo 
Alfredson Wm F lab hl214 Polk 
Alfreft Alex lOlEa) steward S P Golden Gate 

Ferries r3167 Calif 
Alfrev Grover C (Zoe) v-pres-treas J L Ash & 

Co hl461 23d av 
" Harry (Essie) h322 32d av 
" Lois J beauty opr rl461 23d av 
Alfs Walter W (Ora) elk hll49 Capp 
Algar Lulu J sten City Retirement Bd rll76 

Algarini Robt mill hd rl720 Newcomb av 
Algas Pedro r553 Van Ness av 
Algee Wm h238 Leavenworth 
Algeo Alice V elk r314 12th av 
" Frank A (Mary) mach h314 12th av 
" P mach r209 18th av 
Alger Aug J (Eva N) mech eng h3E94 2l5t 
" Benj starter Yellow Cab Co hi 120 Jackson 
" Eldon H (Caroline) eng hl726 24th av 
" Harold A slsmn Mercury Press h272 Roose- 
velt way 
" Irving G (Josephine El tchr Pub Sch h488 

46th av 
" Martin J vulc h2060 Sutter 
" Wells L (Juanita) chaut h2576 Folsom 
Algeri Peter (Jennie) flshermn h850 Filbert 
Alghlerl Antone A hll75 Francisco 
Algle Geo D slsmn R & L Myers Co h417 

Lincoln way 
Algier Harry E (Marie A) mach h425 Prentiss 
" Tony shoe repr 642 Shrader 
Algieri Salvatore h380 Union 
Algio J G porter rlOlS Florida 
Algoma Apartments 1050 Post 
Algren G A chauf h556 Larkin 
" Wm W constr eng 5 3d R1120 hlOD Laguna 

Alhadeff Saml florist r971 Mission 
" Victor florist r971 Mission 
Alhambra Anartments 195 Alhambra 
" Apartments 860 Geary 
" Cake Shoo 2310 Polk 
" Drug Co (Chas and Harold Cohon) 2300 

" Pood Center pub mkt 2135-39 Polk 
" Theatre 2330 Polk 

Pure Spring Water, 322-326 Ritch, Tel 

EX brook 2288 
Alhers Marie beauty opr h2242 Polk 
Alhf w J hi 600 Fell 
Alholm John (Anna) lab h430 Gates 
Alhona Anthony (Frances I lab h44 Price row 
Allaga Michl (Anna) waiter h2563 31st av 
Aliamus Aug I (Lena) stevedore hl39 Crescent 

" Florence B nurse rl39 Crescent av 
" Gerard C elk Met Life Ins Co r Burllngame 
" Ray (Loretta) h378 Golden Gate av 
Allano Anthony elk r24 Gerkes al 
Allavdln Nlcolai V (Seraflma I) vice-consul 

USSR h2563 Divisadero 
Allbertlni Evarlsto lab rl635 Filbert 
" V Minnie tchr Pub Sch rl635 Filbert 
AUbrando Remolo slsmn rl53S Union 
" Roberti (Costentina) fruits hl588 Union 
Allcati Eva Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores r434 

5th av 
Alice John (Lucy) jan h2518 San Bruno av 
Alietti M chauf r2647 Harrison 
Alikasonich Todor (Elite Cleaners & Tailors) 

r317 Leavenworth 
Alimonda Pete» (Angela) winewkr hSOld Union 
Alin Andreas chauf rl491 Van Ness av S 
" Carmel I elk r401 Holly Park cir 
" Edw emp White Sewing Mach Co rl391 Van 

Ness av S 
" Leon (Viola) slsmn Murray Benton hl389 

Van Ness av s 
" Louis A (Juanita) slsmn h401 Holly Park cir 
" Marie (wid Ferdinand) hl491 Van Ness av S 
Alings Augusta Mrs h2578 28th av 
" Jack (Johanna P) baker hll2 Foerster 
Alino Carolina (wid Saml) h972 Jackson 
" Saml lab r972 Jackson 
Alloshin Dmitri G statistician Pac States Sav 

& Loan Co rl717 Broderick 
Alioto Angelo elk r872 Lombard 
" Angle r360 Francisco 

" Anthony J (Rose) steelwkr h512a Chestnut 
" Carlo (Dorothy! elk h888 Lombard 
" Carlo (Virginia! flshermn h755 CaroUna 
" Carlo ]r elk r2216 Mason 
" Cath L fctywkr r2I2 Francisco 
" Frank (Inez) auto mech hl208 19th 
" Prank barber 2754 Taylor 
" Frank elk r578 26th av 



" Frank (Prances) elk h872 Lombard 

■ Frank (Josephine) flshermn h212 Francisco 

" i-Yank (Mary) flshermn h360 Francisco 

" Prank (Conchetta) mgr S F Internatl Pish 
Co h538 Lombard 

" Frank Jr fish cinr r2216 Mason 

" Prank jr lab r360 Francisco 

" Giuseppe netmn hl425 Francisco 

" Giuseppe (Domenica) pres S P Internatl 
Pish Co and Assoc Fisheries Inc h572 

" Giuseppi netwkr hl54 Ocean av 

" Ignatius (Frances) pres Consol Fisheries Inc 
h963 Lombard 

" John elk r2119 Powell 

" John (Rose) flshermn h359 Chestnut 

" John E (Lena) stevedore h2165 Mason 

" John G (Inez L) lawyer 870 Market R963 
hl572 Chestnut 

" Jos (Daisy) h222 Bocana 

" Jos A elk Nunzio Alioto r641 Chestnut 

" Jos (Prances) net repr h870 Lombard 

" Josephine r890 Lombard 

" Kath fctywkr r360 Francisco 

" Lawrence lab r360 Francisco 

" Linda h574 Filbert 

" Margt r872 Lombard 

" Michl P (Evelyn! h455 28th av 

" Nina r870 Lombard 

" Nunzio elk r870 Lombard 

" Nunzio (Grace) ftsh 2758 Taylor h2429 

" Nunzio (Rose) fish 8 Fishermen's Wharf 
rl073 Filbert 

" Peter elk r872 Lombard 

" Peter (Josephine) confr h890 Lombard 

" Rose mattress mkr r360 Francisco 

" Rose (wid Nunzio) hl073 Filbert 

" Salvatore (Grace) flsh 2770 Taylor h2350 

" Salvatore lab r359 Chestnut 

" Salvatore (Prances) v-pres Consol Fisheries 
hSO Toledo way 

" Sebastine B (Rose M) flshermn h641 Chest- 

" Sebastian© (Mary) driver h675 Arkansas 

" Thos (Lucy) lab h771 Union 

" Wm (Palermo Bakery) 

Aliphant Harry A (Beatrice) slsmn H O Har- 
rison Co r377 Marina blvd 

Aliphat .AJicia r2016 Buchanan 

" Manuel r2016 Buchanan 

" Manuel C (Trinity) acct GUdden Co h2016 

Alipranti Vincent (Amelia) pntr h239 Chatta- 

ALISON. See also Allison and Ellison 

" Albt B (Bertha) h828 Francisco 

" Evelyn A bkpr r2935 Van Ness av 

" Isobel M sten Bank of Calif r2935 Van 
Ness av 

" Mary Mrs h2935 Van Ness av 

Alissio B C elk rll2 Columbus av 

Alitertini Peter h305 Chestnut 

Alitto Amile A (Eleanor) emp A Levy & J 
Zentner Co hl521 Balboa 

Aliverti Chas (Pearl) shoe repr 4230 18th 
h4221 18th 

Alivoid Luke r670 Eddy 

Aljets Philip slsmn Geo T Gerhardt Co r2535 
Van Ness av 

Aljian Geo W purch agt C&HSRCorp r Bkly 

Alkalay Betty (wid Jos) h42 Henry 

" Evelyn J sec Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md 
rl85 San Felipe av 

" L Normand dentist 3402 26th rl85 San 
Felipe av 

" Leopold J (Bertha L) diamond setter hl85 
San Felipe av 

Alkeire Leo hl42b Central av 

Alkorn J W (Maria! elk hl664 Larkin 

Alksne Fred (Mary) h2215 Van Ness av 

All Hallows Church Rev E J Motherway pas- 
tor 1490 Newhall 

Milk Products Co) Chris Bernhard V-Pres 
and Sales Mgr, Al! Pure Milk (Evapor- 
ated), Goat's Milk, Ice Cream Mix, 383 
Brannan, Tel SU tter S461 

" Saints Episcopal Church Rev A J Child 
pastor 1350 Waller 

" Star Features A S Cohn mgr mot pic 298 

AUado Andy lab rll39 Turk 

" Moises lab rll39 Turk 

" Romy restwkr hll39 Turk 

Allaert Albt meat ctr r2397 Bryant 

Allaf Grace h535 Stockton 

Allain Roy K runner J Barth & Co r Daly 

Allair Christopher J Pacific Coast mgr A P W 
Paper Co r Okld 

Allam Edw r789 Howard 

AUaman Jos F h798 Post 

" Yvonne hair drsr r798 Post 

AUamand Marie (wid Frederic) rl879 18th av 

Allamprese Ann A bkpr Gaines-Walrath Co r 

" Florence elk Marcus-Lesoine Inc r Okld 

" Lou sten Wesson Oil & Snow Drift Sales 
Co r Okld 

ALLAN. See also Allen and Allyn 

" Alf D appraiser City and County Assessor 
rl354 Bway 

" Andw (Emma) h2 Lenox way 

" Annie L tchr Pub Sch r536 Octavia 

" Arth R auto mech Wm L Hughson Co r Ala 

" Automotive Export Co P P Morse pres K M 
Morse v-pres C A Kelley sec-treas 163 1st 

ALLAN CLARENCE E. Manager Pacific Dept, 
Northern Assurance Co Ltd (of London), 
London and Scottish Assurance Corp and 
Scottish Metropolitan Underwriters Agen- 
cy, 114 Sansome, Tel DO uglas 8044, r 


Doris C elk Raphael Weill & Co rl700 Bway 
Douglas N (Elmira) (Jas Allan & Sons) 

h2134 Pierce 
E (Mabel) sten Am Tr Co rl551 Larkin 
Edith G Mrs slswn Nahan-Dohrmann Co 

rl542 McAllister 
Elsie D nurse h2418 Washn 
Edw R spring mkr r2219 Van Ness av 
Elmer r374 5th 

Emma Mrs music tchr 2 Lenox way 
Ewart R slsmn h945 Haight 
P P rll54 Gough 
Predk driver r825 Van Ness av 
Geo barber rl270 Guerrero 
Geo B chf elk MSRyCo r930 Fillmore 
Grace rl602 Revere av 
Henry A (Service Engraving Co) r Corte 

Herbt S h395 Hazelwood av 
Home Apartments 364 9th 
J brasswkr r3816 Irving 
Jas mgr Westn Calif Products Co 
Jas (Jane) millwkr h20 Wolfe 
Jas Mrs h2921 Washn 
Jas jr exp 1022 Bush rl49 Mullen av 
Jas & Sons (John, D N and J H C Allan) 

whol meas 1501 Evans av 
Jas G mach r752 Carolina 
Jas H C (Ethel) (Jas Allan & Sons) h2251 

15th av 
Jas W plmbr r502 Irving 
Janet M biller rl275 10th av 
John (Florence) (Jas Allan & Sons) hl634 

John (Pearl) bkpr hl951 Sutter 
John (Patricia! elk h74 Chenery 
John (Louise M) eng hl275 lOth av 
Jos waiter rl41 Eddy 
Judith r459 Turk 

Laura Mrs office mgr Danl Buegelelsen r292x 
" Patricia r74 Chenery 

ALLAN PERCY E (Charlotte M) Domestic 
Sales Mgr Associated Oil Co, h340 Hazel- 
wood Av 
" Ralston W (Harriet L) with J B Reader 

hlO San Andreas way 
" Ramsay slsmn C A Glass Co 
" Richd (Elleni entertainer h516 Ellis 
" Robt B (Hazel) bkpr R N Nason & Co h635 

" Robt E sec S P Scottish Rite Bodies rl499 

" Roy barber W J Parker 
" Soslma (wid Alf) h2280 Greenwich 
" Thos A (Anna H) (Manson & Allan) h225 

San Benito way 
" Thos B slsmn r65 Terrace dr 
" Thos (Belle) h536 Octavia 
" Wallace V elk r2771 Polsom 
" Wm P lab r4220 Cabrillo 
Allander Earl C elk Gt Northern Ry r San 

AUar Judson B (LlUiani h303a Cabrillo 
Allara Carl r4 Mullin av 
" Jasper artist Adolph Lehmann r617 55th 
" Jos (Lena) (Powell Auto Wks) r638 Naples 
" Josephine M bkpr Am Box & Drum Co r 

" Lawrence h4 Mullin av 

" Louis (Alice) music tchr 511 Columbus av 
ALLARD, See also Ellard 
" Albt J driver rl618 19th av 
" Alice Mrs with Braun-Knecht-Helmann Co 

r423 30th av 
" Edw (Ruth) mtrmn hl8 Dearborn 
" Henry r426 Uth av 
" John (Alice) auto mech h423 30th av 
" Jos A (Louise! glove mkr h2195 Bush 
" Maurice hl033 Guerrero 
" Mollie Mrs smstrs h426 11th av 
"SI Mrs h2111 Hyde 
Allardyce Margt C nurse Harvard McNaught 

r838 Hyde 
" Wm rl27 Ellis 
Allari Everett C (Virginia) elk Crocker First 

Natl Bank h2401 Chestnut 
" Herman (Clarice M) h2840 Pine 
" Louis G (Georgette) h624 Cabrillo 
" Louis G (Ellen) meats 5507 Mission h4725 

" Virginia D elk r2401 Chestnut 
" Vivian sten Cahill Bros r4725 Mission 
Allasia Giovanna h2031 22d 
" Vincent sugarwkr rl350 Stockton 
Allbaugh C D h2402 Calif 
" Lucy E (wid P M) r2227 Cabrillo 
Allbin Kathryn W Mrs office sec Thornton 

& Watt r2610 Lake 
" Wayne D ( Kathryn i asst claim agt Swayne 

& Hoyt Ltd h2610 Lake 
Allcutt Alice P tchr State Teachers College 

r735 Taylor 
" Clementine C sten Fidelity Mutl Life Ins Co 

rl200 Calif 
" Geo P elk Marin Lbr & Supp Co r Okld 
Alldack Jos elk rl358 Waller 
" Rosa (wid Predk I hl358 Waller 
Allden Prank A (Helen) multi opr rl866 Geary 
" Helen Mrs hl71 Page 
Alldis H mach Am Can Co r San Mateo 
" John R (Jean) lab r33oy2 Pell 
Alldredge Francis B br mgr Occidental Life 

Ins Co r Bkly 
Alldrin Richd D mech Dreudell Trumbull Elec 

Mfg Co hl501 19th av 
Allec Geo lab hl781 Revere av 
Mgr, 1360 Mission, Branches 3467 Mission, 
2205 Fillmore, 1410 Polk, 33 Powell and 
255 Grant Av, Tel HE miock 3131 
" Jean (Rosine) hl20 Upper ter 
" Marguerite O rl20 Upper ter 
" Seraphin dyer rl781 Revere av 


SU Iter 3181 

935 Market St. Kre». Bldg. 


'__, Telephone Message Service 
r7\^ General Information 

24-Hour Service 

Mail Received 
Telephone Secretarial Service 



Circular Mailing 

Alice Ella M Mrs hl818 Page 

" I llUnn J 113249 Jackson 

" Montlnp slswn Welnsteln Co rl303 Waller 

" Rftv rl818 Page 

AlloBaort Alice M compt opr r4066 18th 

■• Amcdoe J iMamlei hSOO Douglass 

"Leo iMargti Inspr Trans - Continental 

Freight Bureau h4066 18th 
•' Raymond iPrancesi h2236 16th 
Allegart Ray R (Thelma) doormn hl040 Guer- 
Allegra Isabel h47 Jasper pi 
Allegre Louise nurse SPHosp 
Allcgrettl Anthony J iLeona Mi lab h527 

" Prank Jan rl314 Kearny 
" John candy mfr 4305 18th rS Lee av 
Allcgri Fred Imptr 323 Grant av r308 29th av 
Allegrlnl John porter h4B0 Valley 
" Julia (wld Mateoi r480 Valley 
" Rose A r480 Valley 

Allegro Peter A (Jesslel barber h281 14th 
Alleman Mildred rl426 Washn 
Allemand Chas h325I 20th 
" Constance ilrma) h765 34th av 
" Frank P teller Bank of Am hno Shotwell 
" Henry J (Helen i h rear 1429 Castro 
" Malvina iwid P Al clo prsr rlVO Shotwell 
Allemandl Jos J elk Ry M S r Okld 
Allemann Rudolph C (Loretta) with Rolph 

Landis & Ellis hi Fair Oaks 
Allemant Barbara H elk rl965 Grove 
" Fredk H iHeleni msngr hl965 Grove 
AUemany Vincent (Abigail) h243 Seneca av 
ALLEN. See also Allan and Allyn 
"AC slsmn A J Ruhlman h579 21st av 
" A Co K S Eastman mgr whol hosiery 526 

Mission 2d fl 
" A M r435 Hayes 
" Ada H I wld Wm) r563 44th av 
" Agnes h2543 28th av „,„„ 

" Aileen M priv sec Am Opical Co r2409 

" Albt r71 WaUer 

" Albt asst chf eng Palace Hotel ra933 Cle- 
" Albt E r36 Prague 
" Albt L firemn SFPD r3033 Clement 
" Albt R lAlicel lab r2643 Mission 
" Alex hl045 Mason „,„,. ^ 

" Alex S lEliz M) acct 405 Montgy R1216 and 

sec Lindgren & Swinerton 
" Alphonse (Frances) h327 Union 
" Alice r722 Van Ness av S . „ ^ 

" Alice C typist State Compensation Ins Fund 

r482 4th av 
" Alston C acct Railroad Com r Ala 
" Alta L r44 McAllister 
" Alysse W rlSOO Gough 
" Amelia (wid Wm) h46 Plxley 
" Amos G (Estellel hdw 1935 Ocean av hl61 

Brighton av 
" Anna (wid Melville) h20 Carmel 
" Annabell E Mrs mgr Pearl Apts hl205 Pierce 
" Anne r3579 Jackson 
" Anne Mrs r2250 Van Ness av 
" Annie J (wid S J) h442 Scott 
" Anthony elk r2474 Washn 
" Apartments 291 Broderlck 
" Apartments 1437 Polk 
" Archie P knitter Howard Knitting Mills r 

Menlo Park 
" Arms Apartments 15 Hermann 
" Arth A (Eliz) h210 San Benito way 
" Arth B (Mabel) trans Inspr SPCo nl233 

Arguello blvd , , . 

" Arth B jr elk SPCo rl233 Arguello blvd 
" Arth C r457 Guerrero 
" Arth E (Audrey) h435 2d av 
" Arth F treas Morgan & Allen Co r San 

" Arth W mgr S P Stove Works rl245 Bway 

" Arth W (Hazell with SPCo h646 Ellis 

" Audrey Mrs slswn Mrs M C Archibald r630 

" Austin K (Grace) dept mgr Houghton Mif- 
flin Co h690 Darien way 
" B florist h949 Capp 
" Barbara hl900 Bway 
" Barbara mach opr r2350 38th av 
" Barbara E r590 Darien way 
" Barbara Jo actor NBC r Bkly 
" Bernice sten V W Halllnan r2409 Green 
" Bertha C cash Eureka Mut Life Assn r 

" Bertie H (Anna) belt mkr h244 Parker av 
" Bess sten Theo Seibold r645 Leavenworth 
" Bessie L elk hl480 Larkin 
" Betty r715 Bush , 
" Betty Mrs r3801a 26th 
" Bob music tchr 935 Market R600 
" Bruce M (Blanche) ins broker 333 Pine 

R403 h295 26th av 
" C E rll05 Larkin 
" C F r2230 Geary 
" C J h2195 Green 

" Burress S (Cath) mach hl53 Preclta av 
" Calvin H elk r69 Buena Vista ter 
" Carl E elk Ry M S r Okld 
" Carl G (Ethel) sta eng hlSO Page 
" Carl H lawyer 465 Calif R631 r Okld 
" Carl J (Dorothy I asst frt traffic mgr Ham- 
mond Lbr Co h28 Cole 


" Carol Mrs sten F E King rl434 22d av 

" Carol F iDoloresi tchr hll3S Stanyan 

" Cath A r465 Post 

" Chas hl045 Leavenworth 

" Chas rI575 Washn 

" Chas dcp County Clerk r400 Octavla 

" Chas mailer r2963 Pine 

" Chas servmn Rudolph Wurlltzer Co r Okld 

" Chas M atdt Lurllne Ocean Water Baths 
rl262 5th av 

" Chas M lab h357 11th av 

" Chas M printer r46 Pixley 

" Chas R elk J J Moore & Co r Ala 

" Charlotte elk r566 Waller 

" Cheslev M (Effa Bi elk Wells-Fargo Bank 
& Union Tr Co h329 Wawona 

" Chester B mining eng Minerals Searatlon 
North Am Corn r Bkly 

" Clara F rl333 Page 

" Clarence E lab r3562 20th 

' Clarence W (Cathi h695 Castro 

' Claude slsmn rl53 Preclta av 

' Clayton A (Anna) hl801 Tujk „ 

' Clifford J (Carol) serv supt Lathan Bros 

rl434 22d av 
' Colin artist r422 33d av 
' Cyrus electn r2245 Sutter ^,, ,„ . „„o 
' Darwin A (Edith L) printer hl4 Westwood 

' David (Agnes Tl h2'792 Calif 

' David F elk r3033 Clement 

■' David L (May) wtchmn h250 Casselll av 

' Dean rl054 Howard 

" Delphia r431 Mississippi 

•' Denzel C chemist Calif Pkg Corp r Bkly 

" Dorothea sten Wells-Fargo Bank & Union 
Tr Co r9ia Bay 

■' Dorothy A elk r28 Cole 

■' Douglas G elk rl79 Douglass 

" Dury (Rose) h2610 Sutter 

" Earle M slsmn h20 Bon View 

" Edgas S r3I49 Calif 

" Edith R elk r305 16th av 

" Edna checker r4748 25th 

" Edna Mrs waiter h336 Edna 

" Edw h41 Rotteck 

" Edw h414 Tehama 

" Edw A (Elsie) v-ores Allen & Dettman Lor 
Co h339 20th av .... 

" Edw J mattress mfr 411 10th r816 Avalon av 

" Edw J (Addie) uphold h221 Vienna 

" Edw M mech r357 11th av 

" Edw V (Mary) h5 Montecito av 

" Edwin J (Marlon) chauf h349 Carl 

" Egbert (Thankfull) mariner rl67 Key 

" Eleanor K musician hll67 Bush 

" Eleanor M Mrs tchr Pub Sch h606 7th av 

" Elevator Co W L Allen mgr 210 Post R9n 

" Eliz rl346 Hyde 

" Eliz elk r200 Woolsev 

" Eliz sten Calaveras Cement Co h2645 Van 
Ness av 

" Eliz Mrs h516 Ellis 

" Eliz L Mrs h629 33d av 

" Eliz M Mrs r342 Grant av 

" Eliz R Mrs hl947 Pine 

" Ella r411 O'Farrell 

" Ella M elk U S Lighthouse Serv r Okld 

" Ellen T Mrs apt mgr h952 PoweU 

" Ellis W (Hazel) factywkr hl77 Elsie 

" Elred -rl346 Hyde 

" Elsie B Mrs tel opr h926 Jones 

" Emma M elk SPCo r20 Carmel 

" Eric A slsmn h245 Leavenworth 

" Ernest B (Audrey) slsmn L A Miller Label 

Co h630 Cole , „.^ 

" Ernest E mfrs agt 1216 Mission r Daly City 
" Ethan elk Ry Exp Agcy r Ala 
" Ethan J G asst eng SPCo r Ala 
" Ethel Indywkr rl631 Cabrillo 
" Eug radio assmblr Remler Co r Bkly 
" Eue C office 465 Calif R1031 h357 11th ay 
" Eugenie Mrs beauty shoo 1821 Baker 
" Evelyn beauty shop 166 Geary R45 rl20 

Arguello blvd 
" Evelyn M usher r55 Herman 
" F Clark elk rl458 Green 
" F Clilt (Ola) slsmn hl905 Laguna 
" Fannie r2066 Pine 
" Fern K elk SPCo r Okld 
" Fern K Mrs compt opr SPCo r Okld 
" Flora garmt fnshr r553 Belvedere 
" Florence sten NBC rlOSO Franklin 
" Florence M r360 Staples av 
" Prances asst cash Rosenberg Bros & Co 

rl912 Green 
" Frances P (wid Parker) h2563 Diamond 
" Francis J elk r360 Staples av 
" Prank (Barbara) h947 Bush 
" Frank B ironwkr hl6D 8th 
" Frank E (Luxor Cab Co) r4117 Judah 
" Frank J (Balboa Super Service) r46 Plxley 
" Frank J chauf r270 Andover 
" Prank J (Marie) Ueut SPFD h432 Laurel 
" Frank L (Louise) (Luxor Cabs) hl294 33d av 
" Frank M r2324 Northpoint 
" Prank P (Jennie HI h3033 Clement 
" Frank S meatctr r2071 Sutter 
" Frank W drugs 1636 Thomas av h3270 2l8t 
" Frank W (Jean) lecturer hl515 Clement 
" Prank W Jr elk Santa Pe r Bkly 
" Pred h254 11th 


" Fred (Maude) lab h449 9th 

" Fred (Zanonal musician h795 8th av 

" Pred window wshr rll7 Klssllng 

" Fred Ir lab hll80 Bay Shore blvd 

" Fred H (LiUlanI electn hl523 31st av 

" Fred W (Emilv) emp MSRv Co hl29 DeSoto 

" Fredk D slsmn Atlas Heating & Ventilating 

Co h81 Parker av 
" Fredk W (Irene) h515 Russia av 
" Genevieve h965 Union 
" Genevieve rI425 Taylor 
" Geo h2314 25th av 
" Geo (Marian) r3701 Broderick 
" Geo barber Herbort & Lammerer 
" Geo (Nettle) dravmn h67 Rolph 
" Geo (Glennette) flremn h226 3d av 
" Geo (Emmellne) flremn r3115 San Bruno av 
" Geo (Mary) genl contr h520 3d av 
" Geo B r950 Fillmore 
" Geo F flremn SFFD rl420 Galvez av 
" Geo H (Florence) hl87 Cora 
" Geo H slsmn S PAssn for the Blind rl39 

" Geo L (Penelope J) ins hlT Scott 
" Geo P (Emma Ci phvs 421 Ellis 
" Geo R mldr rl245 Bwav 
" Geo S (Dorothy P) electn hl54 Westwood dr 
" Geo V mech rl496 Oakdale av 
" Geo W clo clnr 3816 Irving 
" Geo W staff asst PT&TCo r Okld 
" Gerald appr S P News r586 5th av 
" Gertrude Mrs hl637 15th 
" Glenn tchr Pub Sch r Cupertino 
" Glenn B (Helen) elk h824 Hyde 
" Gordon gro 800 Hayes 
" Grace Mrs hl09 Fillmore 
" Graham (Genevieve) mgr Alexander Hamil- 
ton Hotel h631 O'Parrell 
" Graham L elk rl28 nth av 
" Guy rl712 Steiner 
" Gwendolyn tchr Pub Sch rl947 Pine 
" H Earl (Mary) USA h306 26th av 
ALLEN H F. Asst V-Pres, Asst Trust Officer 
and Asst Sec American Trust Co, r2787 
Grande Vista. Oakland 
"HP Estate Co Leonard Chenery sec 245 

" H J h4115 Lincoln way 
" Harry bartndr h650 Post 
" Harry (Ella) elk h213 Preclta av 
" Harry sign pntr rl50 9th 
" Harry B hll43 Oilman av 
" Harry B (Winifred) mgr John Brlckell Co 

and pres Allen & Co h290 Sea CHS av 
" Harry E [Lillie) apt mgr hl34 Duboce av 
" Harry I mgr Emerson Drug Co r Okld 
" Harry L cond h405 Broderick 
" Harry P (Helen R) h35 Lyell 
" Harry S (Alice) genl mgr Allen's Press Clip- 
ping Bur h957 Clayton 
" Harry W (Edna M) slsmn H V Jansen h3009 

" Hattle (wid Wm) garmt fnshr h200 Woolsey 
" Helen h72 Macondray 

" Helen R compt opr Crane Co r Okld 

" Helen T blUer r824 Hyde 

" Henry (Efflie) elk rl262 5th av 

" Henry P (Nellie H) lab h917 Ingerson av 

" Henrv G (Imogen L) dentist 209 Post R12U 
hl2"8 17th av 

" Henry G (Wanda M) harbr mstr City Parks 
Dept h534 Mangles av 

" Henry L (Flora) elk h553 Belvedere 

" Henry L (Meta) steelwkr h619a Minna 

" Herbt hl626 Turk 

" Herbt D sec-treas S H Frank & Co r Okld 

" Herbt W (Gertrude) phys 384 Post R918 
hl816 Bway 

" Herbt W Jr rl816 Bway 

" Homer J mgr Pittsburgh Paint Store r4115 
Lincoln way 

" Howard M rl8 Walter 

" Howard W (Anna M) Hremn SFPD hl8 

" Huber L USCG h745 43d av 

" Hubert elk h947 Bush 

" Hugh asst librn S P Law Library rl317 4th 

" Hugh S (Theresa) atdt SPHosp hl627 Jack- 

" Ida M h628 Montgy R336 

" Ira N aud P T Carroll r Okld 

" J Clifford (Carol) slsmn hl434 22d av 

" J Coit elk rl802 Haight 

" J H slsmn Calif Pkg Corp rl21 Balleta av 

" J J supvr Phillips-Jones Corp h935 Hyde 

" Jack r7a9 Howard 

" Jack slsmn r62 Turk 

" Jack J mgr Bernstein's Pish Grotto 

" Jas (Josephine) h25 Pearl 

" Jas (Ann) elk hl24 Lower ter 

" Jas A (Loreta) elk r3718 24th 

" Jas B Mrs rl901 Pacific av 

" Jas E (Anne) h701 Pine 

" Jas P (Frieda) reporter h85 Diamond 

" Jas H dlst mgr Modern Woodmen of Am 831 
Market R518 h285 Turk 

" Jas M (Carrie) stockrm supt Lathan Bros 
hl458 Green 

" Jas M slsmn Pac Abrasive fiupp Co r Palo 

" Jas R (Sally) cond hie33 Divisadero 


" Jas W (Grace C) plmbr h502 Irving 

" Janet fwld C K) h2635 25th av 

" Jean rI344 Ocean av 

" Jean N Mrs siswn Raphael Weill & Co h438 

" Jennie mailr Harvey Miles & Co rll73 Palou 

" Jesse (Cath) elk hl352 Bway 

" Jessie r2279 32d av 

" Joel T lAlbertal hl246 Castro 

" John lEdlthl rl542 McAllister 

" John h587 37th av __ ^,. . 

" John (Ruby I auto parking 751 Mission r6 
Torrens ct 

" John pntr h554 Guerrero 

" John B iMabel) hdw 1520 Fillmore h276 
Yerba Buena av 

" John B (Geraldlne) mgr Little Auto Parts 
Co hl46 Lenox way 

" John C elk SOCo r Bkly 

" John C (Lillian) prlntr 662 Chenery h680 do 

" John D (Helenel eng hl281 26th av 

" John D (Cella V) h3101 Castro 

" John E rl28 3d 

" John E (Mvrtle) carp hl251 Eddy 

" John E slsmn O'Connor Moffatt & Co r 

" John P (Mabell caretkr City & County 
Recreation Dept h53 Bannock 

" John P ]r bkpr Morgan & Allen Co r3100 

" John H glass bndr <3RS Neon Coip r Ala 

" John J (Margt J) shtmtlwkr h2409 Greeii 

" John M (Marlal office mgr Group Dlv Met 
Life Ins Co hl990 Green 

" John P (Oarollnei h468 Ellabeth 

" John R r342 24th av 

" John W r480 Pine 

" John W slsmn Ernest Ingold Inc rl376 32d 

" Jos elk r3101 Castro 
" Jos cook h795 Turk 

" Jos slsmn G S Courvodsler r Mill Valley 
" Jos P (Clara) elk h2472 14th av 
" Jos O elk MSRy r Okld 
" Jos H (Plorencei financial wrtr S F News 

hl050 Franklin 
" Jos R (Anna) h480 Natoma 
" Josephine E nurse Instr St Luke's Hosp 
" Joshua D (Harriett C) flremn SFFD hSS 

" Juanlta M fruit Juices 2100 Folsom r Ala 
" Kate E (wid Lawrence) rl651 8th av 
" Kath cash Singer Sew Mach Co r32 6th av 
"LA h605 Scott 
"LB rl563 Lyon 

" L W lawyer 582 Market R714 h781 O'Farrell 
" Lambert A elk r2446 34th av 
" Latham H cash W H Allen r Bkly 
" Laura cook hl040 Bush 
" Laura hl379 10th av 

" Lawrence R (Florence) h6340 Geary bivd 
" Lee h249 Eddy 
" Lee r2595 Washn 
" Lee Mrs h605 Jones 
" Lee M (Kathleen) hl230 46th av 
" Lee M (Muriel I auto mech h628 O'Farrell 
" Lee W (Rosa F) elk Hotel Glenburn r246 

" Lee W (Elsie) garage 640 O'Farrell h628 do 
" Leland C (Anna) typewrtr repr r435 Gough 
" Leo P slsmn Hard & Rand rl346 Hyde 
" Leo J (Ethel) stmftr h466 Elizabeth 
" Leona B Mrs elk Veterans' Administration 

Faculty h3830 Balboa 
" Leslie auto mech r65 Vicksburg 
" Leslie (Eliz) elk h54 Marston av 
" Leslie (Gay) longshrmn rl737 Pierce 
" Leslie A plmbr State Bd Harbor Comrs r758 

38th av 
" Leslie B eng PT&TCo r Bkly 
" Leslie W hoist eng r20 Carmel 
" Lewis C frmn City Parks Dept rl234 12th av 
" Lewis L (Norahi supt Republic Engrav & 

Designing Co rl250 5th av 
" Lewis M (Dorothy) exec Allen's Press Clip- 
ping Bur hllOO Lombard 
" Lida A Mrs r445 Octavla 
" Lillian A r240 Jones 
" Lloyd R (LucUlel slsmn Bowman Plmbg & 

Supp Co h2787 Calif 
" Lorenz elk r702 Vallejo 
" Loretta Mrs elk h491 Frederick 
" Lorlmer D (Grace) restr 100 Market r4024 

" Louis (Gertrude) asst v-pres Bank of Am 

h2070 Pacific av 
" Louis L elk hl234 12th av 
" Louis W civ eng SPCo r Ala 
" Louisa V Mrs hl074 Union 
" Louise Mrs rl912 Green 
" Louise B Mrs hl245 Bway 
" Lucile beauty shop 381 Bush R405 r Sau- 

" Lucile with RFC r Pied 
" Lucy (wid Wm) hl273 McAllister 
" Luther M (Mary) barber h306b Lily 
" Mabel sten r2619 22d 
" Margt hskpr 2240 Hyde 
" Margt Mrs r79 Parnassus av 
" Margt E typist Calif Pkg Corp r Bkly 
" Margt R (wid P H) h2446 34th av 
" Marie Mrs nurse rlOOS Larkln 
" Marie Mrs waiter r215 Crescent av 
" Marion C bkpr Acme Paper Box Co r Red- 
" Marjorie hl300 Golden Gate av 
" Marjorie nurse r2740 Union 
" Marjorie sten Calif Pkg Corp r Okld 
" Martha P (wid J G) h286 Monterey blvd 
" Mary A (wid Frank A) h4575 18th 
" Mary E priv sec Met Life Ins Co r4575 18th 
" Mary F hH26 Bush 
" Mary P Mrs hl346 Hyde 



" Mary L (wid M T) rl370 Guerrero 

" Mary R (wid Wm P) rllOS Lake 

" Mattle (wid T T) rl60 8th 

" Maud (wid S Di r3579 Jackson 

" Maude Mrs r3349 22d 

" Maxine Mrs elk rl346 Hyde 

" Melvin meat ctr rlO Flora 

" Meta Mrs Indywkr r619a Minna 

" Michl (Johanna) h522 Lisbon 

" Millie Mrs restr 1414 Turk r Okld 

" Milton R elk r69 Buena Vista ter 

" Montie cond rl262 5th av 

" Nellie Mrs h2579 Bush 

" Nellie (wid F W) h695 Castro 

" Nora elk r2543 28th av 

" Nlta rl947 Pine 

" Norman asst formn Wesem Can Co r3321 

" Norman W r502 Irving 

" O C slsmn hl334 Van Ness av 

" Orah K phvs 135 Stockton R522 

" Paul A (Alice) elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank 
h2275 19th av 

" Pauline smstrs Raphael Weill & Co rl75 

" Pearl B dancing tchr h2495 27th av 

" Pearl Raymond rl4 Williar av 

" Phil G dep City & County Tax Collector 
rl234 12th av 

" Phillip N acct Price Waterhouse & Co r San 

thur O Eppler) Passport and Identlflcation 
Photos for Travelers, Govemment, Busi- 
ness and Seamen, Service and Quality, 30 
Minute Service, 2%2 Market, Tel DO uglas 

" R Emmett (Virginia) phys 909 Hyde R519 
hl75 Dorantes 

" R Milton elk r69 Buena Vista ter 

" Ralph H (Beulah) acct WPRRCo h89 Buena 
Vista ter 

" Randall F (Ruth M) acct hl097 Green 

" Rawley C (Cath) elk U 8 Customs h2230 

" Ray (Edna CI mgr Bowman Plbg Supp Co 
r2787 Calif 

" Ravmond E (Rosemary) adv 235 Montgy 
R1546 h840 Rockdale 

" Raymond J (Mary) coail Supvr PT&TCo 
h2430 26th av 

" Ravna dancing r2787 Calif 

" Rebecca (wid N B) h33 Hlllway av 

" Richd archt rl217 Jones 

" Richd S elk MSRyCo r905 Ashbury 

" Rita Mrs apt mgr rl424 Filbert 

" Rita E sten Calif Lands Inc h887 Bush 

" Roba M elk r826 Ashbury 

" Robt 1528 Sutter 

" Robt elk h645 Bush 

" Robt (Rita) musician hl424 Filbert 

" Robt E (Anna) rl499 Sutter 

" Robt E chauf r'i58 Haight 

" Robt E elk r630 Cole 

" Robt H (May) printer E G Cassldy h5709 

" Robt J lieut SFFD hl55 Oak 

" Robt O (Frances) furn mover hl55 Prospect 

" Robt T (Mabel F) advmn h3018 Calif 

" Robt W rl79 Douglass 

" Robt W hl40 Duboce av 

" Robt W (Margt) slsmn hl80 Mallorca way 

" Roland F (Emihel mfrs agt 1499 Market 
R204 rl097 Green 

" Roy E (Mildredi chauf h5431 Calif 

" Roy F hl250 Hvde 

" Roy V mldr r671 Willow 

" Ruth A Mrs h3699 Clay 

" S J restr h62 7th 

" S M hl742 Larkin 

" Sadie Mrs hl358 Pulton 

" Saml r221. 3d 

" Saml (Mae) pntr h46 Dearborn 

" Saml D (Anna B) mfrs agt 163 2d hl592 

" Saml D slsmn Flin-tan Leather Co 

" Sarah (wid Harry) r4022 24th 

" Scotty r240 O'Farrell 

" Sherwood J (Adeline) music tchr 79 Haight 

" Sidney h2595 Washn 

" Stanley E (Honora A) elk h2311 25th av 

" Tedford L elk SPCo r50 3d 

" Thelma Mrs rl550 Ellis 

" Theo (Josephine I sta eng h2933 Clement 

" Theo M (Laura) roofer h4305 nth 

" Theophilus C S pract 166 Geary R162 

" Theresa r271 Arleta av 

" Theresa M atdt SFHosp rl627 Jackson 

" Thos h484 Oak 

" Thos r255 O'Farrell 

" Thos rl75 3d 

" Thos mech Sherman Clay & Co r Okld 

" Thos E (Anna Si h288 Tingley 

" Thos E (Ada I stevedore hl717 Eddy 

" Thos W ( Violet 1 furn Inshr h2350 38th av 

" Tony J purser r2311 25th av 

" Torsten B ilrmai printer hl93 14th 

" Ulysses S I Nora 1 wtchmn h379 Haight 

" Vera waiter r2350 38th av 

" Verner mgr Yankee Pork Dredging Syndi- 
cate r Redwood City 

" Vernon A (Lelia) mtrmn hl040 Steiner 

" Veronica M waiter r3101a Castro 

" Vincent E paint mkr r412 Broderick 

" Viola elk rl53 Preeita av 

" Viola E elk City of Paris Dry Gds Co r579 
21st av 

" Virginia rl816 Bway 

" Virginia shoewkr r3349 22d 

" W wholslr Call-Bulletin Pub Co r3532 Calif 

"WD r250 Fell 

"WD hll8 Taylor 

" Wager C (Margt) elk hl370 Guerrero 


" Waldo P (Eliz I acct Pelton Water Wheel 

Co h3919 Calif 
" Walter ( Margt i elev mech h462 Funston av 
" Walter Indywkr r468 Elizabeth 
" Walter C (Alice! elect eng hl34 32d av 
" Walter C priv sec SPCo r Ala 
" Walter L mgr Allen Elevator Co 210 Post 

" Walter L (Gussle) musician h525 Rockdale 

" Walter R (Helen R) dep City and County 

Assessor hlO Capra way 
" Walter T garage r69 Keystone way 
" Webster florist rl29 De Soto 
" Wesley (Ruth) mgr Haight Hotel hl865 

" Wilbur J (Sophie) news dlstbtor h3532 Calif 
" Will A elk Ry M S r Okld 
" Wm h637 Pacific 
" Wm h3718 24th 

" Wm (Genevieve) chauf hl77Va Fair Oaks 
" Wm elk rl918 Franklin 
" Wm elk Hockwald Chemical Co 
" Wm msngr rl447 Valencia 
" Wm (Anna Li solderer h44 Plxley 
" Wm wtchmn r2140 Pine 
" Wm B h580 McAllister 

" Wm C (Nellie) bkpr PG&ECo h826 Ashbury 
" Wm C (Elsie B) carp hl31 Cora 
" Wm P elk r627 34th av 
" Wm G (Bothilda M) hl24 4th av 

Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Cor Powell and 

Sutter, Tel EX brook 7755 
" Wm H h27 Alhambra 
" Wm H rl947 Pine 
" Wm H labtywkr r 578 Noe 
" Wm H (Myrtle) slsmn City Ice Del Co 

hl225 Athens 
" Wm J h2120 Grove 
" Wm J (Hetty) carp h200 Corbett av 
" Wm K swchmn h2748 McAllister 
" Wm M slsmn r630 Cole 
" Wm S hl036 Polk 

" Wm T city frt agt CRI&PRyCo h878 38th ftv 
-' Wm W (Miriam I elk hl006 Pine 
" Wm W (Louise) prsmn Beaver Ptg Co h535 

" WiUis R hotel wkr h824 Hyde 
" Winifred Mrs maid r440 Eddy 
" Wyatt H (Alysse) grain 245 Calif hl800 

" Xeno L (Eleanor) slsmn Bowman Plmbg 

Supp Co h5533 Calif 
" & Co H B Allen pres. E H Moltenei sec, real 

est 154 Sutter 5th fl and 101 30th av 
" & Dettmann Lumber Co P L Dettmann pres, 

E A Allen v-pres 2000 Evans av 
Allen's Press Clipping Bureau H S Allen genl 

mgr 255 Commercial 
Allenand Aug (Lucy) cook hl514 York 
" John rl514 York 
'- Rene rl514 York 
Allenbach Alice hl324 Leavenworth 
Allenberg Cora E (wid Chas) apt mgr hl940 

" Leo (Florence) asst genl mgr Natl Serv Co 

h519 26th av 
" Rosalie dramatic tchr r519 26th av 
" Theresa Mrs rl40 20th av 
" Theresa M (wid E L) slswn Alex Reubtn 

h372 29th av 
Allenby David h425 Oak 
" J R rl462 Page 
Allendale Apartments 646 Ellis 
Allender Forest J (Nellie) slsmgr Jamieson- 

Towle-Willoughby Corp h729 4th av 
" Glen C (Marjorie) auto mech hll35 Bush 
" Julia E Mrs beer 1784 Haight hl753 Page 
" Lucille rl70 Flood av 
" Percy J (Kath I mach h3284 Folsom 
" Raymond T elk rl753 Page 
" Ronnie beauty opr hSOO Hyde 
Allendorf Jos R lAnn) adv Eastman Kodak Co 

hl24 Baker 
Allene Alban mgr Westchester Hotel h74 3d 
Allenfort Paul O (Adelai baker h3826 19th 
Allensby Floyd D r4n Stockton 
Allenwood Agnes slswn Sommer & Kaufmann 

rl345 4th av 
" Hazel A hl431 Francisco 
Aller Hannah smstrs r350 Gough 
" Harry lab r2259 Sutter 
" Lee (Doris) hl51 Laura 
" Paul R printer rl51 Laura 
" Pauline draperywkr h350 Gough 
Allernard Constant clo clnr r765 34th av 
Allera David driver r2135 Lombard 
Ailericl Louis mattress mkr r481 Greenwich 
Allers Mark h51 Turk 

AUes Edw A slsmn Karl's Shoe Stores r88 6th 
Allessandro Juha (wid E M) h90 Lobos 
Alletson Lillian F sten Shell Oil Co r San Ma- 
Alley Beulah Mrs designer Bell Hat Co h285 

" Edw lab r2583 Post 
" Edw H porter rl244 Eddy 
" LilUe M Mrs hl818 Fillmore 
" Nellie C Mrs rl955 Jackson 
" Toronto L Mrs h2583 Post 
" Vernon lab r2583 Post 
Alleyne C M hSOl Jones 
" Chas (Juanitai hl657 Scott 
Allgeyer Alberta Mrs hl519 Calif 
AUgire Jennie A Mrs r442 Ashbury 
" Otto I Winifred) elk h637 Capp 
Allgoewer Alf H (Allgoewer & Co) h48 Dlvl- 

" Alf H r3155 Scott 
" John H furs 2138 Fillmore 
" & Co (A H Allgoewer) furriers 251 Post 3d fl 

Allgood BenJ H lElli D) hl701 Beach 

" Thos (Ollitl h3073 Sutter 

Alliance F^ancnlse 4U Mason o.,.t«r 

" Lire Ins Co D E Mooney genl agt 111 Sutter 

Alllbert Jean elk rl050 Pine 
" Marguerite (wld Oustav) apt mgr hlOSO 

Allle Albt J h955 Leavenworth 
" Jos H (Elslei agt Prudential Ins Co n338D 

" Spencer J P elk r955 Leavenworth 

Allied Adjusting Bureau Ins adj 465 Cam 

" Appliance Co (L J OMalley Edw Bellanll 
hsehld gds 2794 Mission ... . ^ „ ^ 

" Automotive Industries o( Calif A T Brand- 
hoter sec 1182 Market R422 

" Box & Excelsior Co (David and Leon 
Straussi 521 10th _k.i.„.,> 

" Chemical Co IC P Dixon Paul M Fritsch) 
245 6th „ ., , „„,,h 

" Furniture Manufacturers Council of North- 
ern Calif O P Olsen sec 180 New Montgy 

" Grocers of California Ltd J L Cattermole 

" Independent Merchants and Home Owned 
Businesses of Calif Inc Frank Abernathy 
pres A L Walters mgr 580 Market R510 

" Industries Inc W S Greenfield pres C A 
Shepard sec-treas mfrs agts 455 2d 

" Petroleum Corp J B De Maria pres 114 San- 
some R525 ,, „,_ 

" Pictures Corp P W McManus mgr 247 
Golden Gate av 

AUlger Elna (wid O Fl h305 Jules av 

Alllguie Alf J Indywkr rl957 Sutter 

" B Paul (Irene) slsmn Leigh Mercantile Co 

" Firmin (Angilel (Hotel Harcourt) h967 Jack- 
" Leon (Octavia) (Hotel Harcourt) h555 Eddy 
" Manus (Sophie) (Grand Pacific Hotel) hl331 

" Roger r555 Eddy 
" Simone bkpr r555 Eddy 
Allin Geo H (Maude) dept mgr Chas Brown 

& Sons h2160 Fell 
" Ray L lErmai hydraulic Bur of Engineering 

r'70 Northwood dr , „ ,. „,i. 

Ailing Mark asst mgr RKO Golden Gate The- 
atre r Okld „ „ „ , » 
AlUnger Omar W elk Wells-Pargo Bank & 

Union Tr Co r Ala 
Alllngton Lee mach opr r332 Presidio av 
Allino Marino emp Jos Buchwald r344 Scott 
" Pierino mattress mkr r344 Scott . „,., 

Allio Francis M (Mary) eng Lamson Co li25fKi 

15th av _ 

" Maria (Wid Pietro) hl072 Geneva av 
" Rena S sten State Div ol Corporations rl072 
Geneva av , ,_,nfT^ 

Allione Milton V (Thelma) stevedore hl074 

Ingerson av . 

Mgr San Francisco District, Machinery, 
-45 Rialto Bldg, 116 New Montgomery, Tel 
DO uglas 83M 
" Edmund C (Louisa) office 735 Market R1306 

hlo60 Sacto 
" John P waiter r391 Leavenworth 
" Stanley h579 Birch 

Allisetti Ely (Eva) dairy wkr r723 E Green 
ALLISON, See also Alison and Ellison 
" Alex (Jessica) slsmn h3838 Scott 
" Anita Mrs maid r335 Larkin 
" Ann A factywkr r925 Jones 
" Anna R (wid John B) h8045 Geary blvd 
" Auburn A elk r636 46th av 
" CecUia Mrs rll28 Pine 
" Ceil cash Owl Drug Co rll28 Pine 
" Chas B h2038 Divisadero 
" Clarence ( Clara i auto mech h345 Chenery 
" Claxton A elk r636 46th av 
" Clyde E elk h625 Bush 
" Earl (Vina) cbtmkr h668 Ivy 
" Edmund L hl320 Lombard 
" Edw F ins broker 240 Sansome 
" Edw F slsmn Hanan & Son h2360 Chestnut 
" Evelvn bkor Alex Coleman 
" Prank (Effle) uphol h260 Coleridge 
" Frank C delmn r260 Coleridge 
" Fredk H sergt U S A r Presidio 
" Geo lab r2412 Webster 
" Grace A Mrs elk rl320 Lombard 
" Harry A (Ruth G) mfrs agt 604 Mission 

R506 hSOl Sutter 
" Harry L slsmn Tay-Holbrook Inc h2355 Polk 
" Helen elk r2360 Chestnut 
" Hugh shoe repr h925 Jones 
" Ivan J busmn r3955 17th 
" J E h2412 Webster 
" Jas W (EUz) asst mgr Met Life Ins Co h833 

" John elev opr r235 O'Farrell 
" John slsmn h2149 North Point 
" Jos (Bobbie) h595 3d av 
" Lillie r534 10th av 
" Lionel M (Eugenie) h2100 Pacific av 
" Margt r978 Valencia 
" Marjorie nurse hl355 Willard 
" Martha M270 CaUf 

" Mary E ofBce sec Maskey's rl355 Willard 
" Mary L tel opr r2283 45th av 
" Mildred rl655 Golden Gate av 
" Mildred elk r227 Sanchez 
" Mildred cook 2310 Broderick 
" Miller elk SERA r636 46th av 
" Olive G (wid E R) h534 10th av 
"PA Mrs h965 Geary 
" Ray bldr r216 Eddy 
" Robt (Thelma) carp hl235 Bush 
" Rov R (Edith) photog engr Am Engr & 
Color Plate Co r3627 Sacto 



" S D elk Calif Pkg Corp r Okld 

" Saldee J (Wld Thos) garmt marker h4440 

" Saral H slsmn rl94 Brentwood av 
" Saroh rl610 24th av 
" Sarah P tel opr h2235 Castro 
" Steph O vlollnmkr 45 Geary r Okld 

" Svdney acct Z H Harris 

" Viola M elk Postal Telegraph rl260 Calif 
" Walter pntr h215 Valencia 
" Wni L lOrai elk hl25 Granville way 
AUmncher Albt tailor O'Connor MoHatl & Co 

h5930 Calif 
" Alf r5930 Calif 
" Charlotte elk r5930 Calif 
ALLMAN, See also Allemun, AUmon and Al- 

" Albt h626 Pine 

" Buford L sergt U S A r Presidio 
" Carl W genl supt Crane Co r Burllngame 
" Chas (Virginia I bellmn h2018 Clement 
" Geo L (Madelinei confr 281 23d av 
" Grace ( wid Roger I h24 Dorland 
" Jas M iMattlci lab Dept Pub Wks h837 Capp 
•• Ralph H (Marvl cond h521 3d av 
" Roger E usher h22 Dorland 
" Thos M elk r22 Dorland 
Allmers Emma F elk rl035 Plymouth av 
" Laura (wid Fred) hl035 Plymouth av 
ALLMON. See also Allman and Almon 
" Agnes Mrs tchr Pub Sch r864 44th av 
" Hazel boxmkr r322 14th av 
" Robt (Agnes) slsmn P E O'Halr & Co h864 

44th av 
Allmond Angus (Damphe) hl92 2d av 
Allmoras John h871 Turk 
Alio Aoartments 1067 Valencia 
Allora Lawrence (Anna) window clnr h844 

Allotti Marie Mrs r388 Park 

Pres, M H Newell V-Pres, H S Shney Sec, 
343 Sansome, Tel SU tter 8280 
Allphin Richd L r2137 North Point 
Allred Alice rl486 Waller 
" Eug hl706 Grove 

" Glenn A (Stella) chaut h790 Girard 
" Helen Mrs h301 Moultrie 
" Kenyon P (Fannie i with State Fish & Game 

Com h34D Hayes 
" Louis R h560 Castro 
"ML slsmn h945 Golden Gate av 
" Mack A (Emma) printer h420 Head 
" Mary A sec Stonford Univ Hosp r2250 Bay 
" Melvin (Laurai mach hl486 Waller 
" Shirley H rl358 Fulton 
" W Lyle (Mary) phys 450 Sutter R1739 
" Wallace N (Ella) baker h353 Peninsula av 
" Wm cook rl90 O'Farrell 
Allschulter Levi rl200 Washn 
Allsebrook Alf M (Josephine) elk h751 Lisbon 
" E Stanley millmn rll27 Munich 
" Edwin (Emily) slsmn hll27 Munich 
Allshouse Chas H (Peggy) pntr h2443 Calif 
Allsman Danl W (Cath) h2244 Kirkham 
" Paul r 2244 Kirkham 
ALLSOP, See also Alsop 
" Agnes S (wid Thos) h51 Reddy 
" Alf D I Susan) chauf h2550 Bryant 
" Marv E sten r2550 Bryant 
Allstott Danl E swchmn h3164 22d 
Allstrum Mildred sten Berger's Inc hl770 Pine 
Alltucker Eggo (Wilhelmina) hl71 Chattanooga 
" Geo r 2954 Van Ness av 

" Helen sten Liberty Gold Fruit Co rl71 Chat- 
" Lloyd L pharm M T Agnew rl71 Chatta- 
Alluisa Marguerite r 2935 San Jose av 
" Vincenjo (Maria) lab h2935 San Jose av 
Allum Leroy M (Cordelia) optom 370 Geary 

h2107 EUis 
AUumbaugh Harry E (Amelia) carp hll87 Va- 
Allvarez Margt Mrs rl99 Mississippi 
Allwardt Roy M (Margt) sten SPCo hl495 

Golden Gate av 
Allworden Cath (wid Carsten) mgr Hotel Com- 
modore h245 Brentwood av 
ALLYN, See also Allan and Allen 
" Albt C (Josephine) 1150 Haight 
" C C h940 Post , , 

" Clvde P (Hazel) slsmn Western Loose Leaf 

Co rl360 Lombard 
" Florence cash Davies Theatre r 556 Larkin 
" Hall Apartments 2201 CaUf 
" Harriett V h3809 20th 
" Ira L (Lillian) v-pres-sec-genl mgr Western 

Loose Leaf Co h2090 Green 
" L L hl526 Filbert 
" Lawrence G lawyer 564 Market R219 r342 

27th av 
" Whitney exec asst Redwood Empire Assn 
" & Bacon B F Hemp br mgr publrs 560 Mis- 
sion 6th fi 
Allvne Edith r2609 Gough 
" Lucy H h2609 Gough 
Allyson Apartments 1250 O'Farrell 
Aim Anna E Mrs (Erickson & Swenson) 
" Apartments 2230 Steiner 
" Carl r752 4th av 
" Fredk r245 5th av 
" Jos (Anna) toolmkr hl250 Taylor 
" Victor stevedore r668 Clay 
Alma Court Apartments 337 Hyde 
Alma's Millinery (Alma Comstock Marguerite 

Brandlein) 177 Post R510 
Almada Frank flremn r645 Hampshire 
" Frank V (Mary Fl millmn h2000 19th 
" Louis ballplayer r34 Turk 
Almadas KaU hl466 Powell 

Almadova Manuel (Carmen) lab h562a Filbert 
" Manuel IMargt) lab hl416 Grant av 
Almarel Apartments 1025 Sutter 

Almazoff John h44!) Connecticut 

Almcrants Alex rl31 Mlramar av 

■• John H I Hilda I auto mech hl31 Mlramar av 

Aimed Wm restr 560 OParrell r570 do 

Almeda Trllla sten Blanchl & Hyman r Okld 

Almeida Jack r2072 Mission 

" John h640 Arkansas 

" Jos S (Mary) shopmn Bodlnson Mfg Co r320 

Virginia av 
Almerico Jaquellne elk r880 33d av 
•' John (Leoniel barber h880 32d av 
Almero Emll waiter rlll7 Geary 
Aimers Carln A nurse h829 Leavenworth 
Almestad Alf J (Josephine) h878 Dolores 
Almgren Karl K (Marguerite E) stevedore 

h2936 22d 
Almlrol Eplmaco (Louise) h560 olive 
Almlle Harold flremn rll2 Divisadero 
" Oliver S (Grace Ml genl contr 60 Sussex 
Almon Eavl U S A h2 Cervantes blvd 
" Jos h820 Ingerson av 
" Margt maid St Mary's Hosp 
Almond Clifford r524 Noe 
" Edw h524 Noe 

Almos Adoloh mtrmn Mun Ry r21 Guerrero 
Almquist Frances tchr rl630 24th av 
" Prank drftsmn rl63D 24th av 
" Frank E (Eva) carp hl630 24th av 
" J H barber h331 Octavia 
" Ocean D hl86 Granville way 
" Peter E elk rll46 Mission 
" Rav E (Edith) slsmn hl07I 14th 
" Ted M slsmn Certain-teed Products Corp 

r2490 Greenwich 
" Theo (Sarah) r744 McAllister 
Almskog Oscar (Annal carp h760 14th 
Almstead Fredk N office 690 Market R526 

" Kath maid D C Hosp rl460 5th av 
" Kath Mrs hl368 Arguello blvd 
Almuete Geo A restrwkr r346 Sutter 
Almvig Donald h626 Pine 
Almvik Anna Mrs (Almvik & Campbell) r2001 

Pierce , „ 

" & Campbell (Anna Almvik, Jessie Camp- 
bell) beauty shop 166 Geary R30 
Almv Bessie r2209 Broderick 
" Etta (wld Thos) r69a Walter 
" Geoffrey (Mary R) slsmn hl841 Leavenworth 
" Harold "V elk r580 Geary 

" Henry T elk h69a Walter ., , „ 

" John H supt of agencies Met Life Ins oo 

r San Mateo , „,,, 

Almvra Apartments 741 Douglass and 4296 24th 

Alolia Chapter 206 O E S 126 Post R307 

Aloi Matthew cook r7 Russian Hill pi 

Aloise John A (Agnes) lab hl36 Avalon av 

" Jos (Thelma) h425 Valley 

Alon Hotel 215 O'Farrell 

Alonso Amanda r30 Fatten 

" Frank L lab r 1470 San Bruno av 

" Jose (Carmen) lab hl660 Florida 

" Laura r559a Minna 

" Manuel (Margt) h559a Minna 

" Manuel musician hl224 Hth av 

" Manuel (Margt) nntr r30 Patton 

" Manuel A elk rl470 San Bruno av 

" Pelair rl224 11th av 

Alonzo Arth E (Mabel) elk hll35a Van Ness 
av S 

" Fredk (Anita) (Beranek & Alonzo) hill 

" Jos (Carmen) elk hl660 Florida 

" Jos seamn rl72 Columbus av 

" Maurice (Mary) jan h358 Green 

Aloojian Esther sten A S Newburgh h655 

Aloshire Olan C It col U S A r Fort Mason 

Alot Sophie Indywkr r2448 Folsom 

" Stanley cbtmkr r2448 Folsom 

" Walmenty lab h2448 Folsom 

Alotto Antone (Rose) hl364 Kearny 

" Jos rl364 Kearny 

" Rose rl364 Kearny 

Aloyan Lawrence (Amelia) florist 1461 Polk 

Alparone Mary Mrs h3491 16th 

Alpatoff Nicholas P (Valentina) factywkr hl086 

Alnav Feling drsmkr 133 Geary R505 r9021a 

Aloe Jas cook hl467 Lombard 
Alpen John W mech Blake Moffltt & Towne r 

Alper Ida Mrs h3355 Octavia 
Alpern Isidor tailor 25 Jackson r Fairfax 
ALPERS, See also Albers 
" Claus (Helene ins agt h333 Laurel 
" Fred R (Martha) wtchmn hll5 Edna 
" Henry J (Lucille E) slsmn h621 Lincoln way 
" Herman hl50 Haight 

" Herman O (Wilhelmina) elk h636 Diamond 
" John Dolice r547 Alvarado 
" John B (Dorothy) chauf h72 Ottawa av 
" Louis mgr Home Apts h835 Octavia 
" Marjorv r975 Bush 
" Peter r333 Laurel 
" Richd W rll5 Edna 
" Wm G meat ctr rl334 Stockton 
Alpert Abr (Alpert Packing Co) r San Mateo 
" G R hlOl Parnassus av 
" Harry M asst mgr Alpert Pkg Co r San 

" Louis A chauf r696 McAllister 
" Packing Co Richd Keseberg mgr meats 1536 

Evans av 
Alperth Celia Mrs 2d hd furn 708 McAllister 

r580 37th av 
" Nathan (Celia) mgr Mrs Celia Aperth h580 

37th av 
Alpha Importing Co Mario Dl Grazla pres 

liquors 1900 Van Ness av 
" Kappa Kappa Fraternity 100 Judah 
Alphern Max rl500 Sutter 
Alphin Benj E (Elsie) eng h949 Steiner 
Alphone Fanlde rlQ39 Mission 

Alphonse Alf L (Eval lab h4158 20th 

" Duront P (Josephine) flrmn D B Crosby 
r2440 Polk 

Alphonso Adolph lab r381 Bway 

» D h318 London 

Alpi Bernice (wid John) r6442 Geary blvd 

" John v-pres Union Transfer Co r545 O'Far- 

Alpine Apartments 863 Waller 

" Arth elk rll25 Webster 

" Grove No 108 (U A O D) Roma Hall 1524 

" Jos (Esther) hll25 Webster 

" Realty Co L H Moise pres 365 Market 3d fl 

Aloini Grove U A O D 1524 Powell 

Alpino C (Mary) hl656 Leavenworth 

Alponce Jose r657 Clay 

Alporone G lab r85 11th 

Alquist Lois E sten Rolph. Landis & Ellis 
hl439 Leavenworth 

Alquizola Juvenico C r663 Natoma 

Alsace Lorraine Society 44 Page 

Alsap Genevieve M bkpr rl040 Bush 

" Margt B hl040 Bush 

Alsberg Bertha r329 6th av 

Alsebin Prank barber h275 Turk 

Alsen Antoinette N office 486 Calif R715 

Alstord Chester H (Evelyn I trafSc mgr Dolli- 
ver & Bro h2835 Van Ness av 

" Evelyn Mrs tch Pub Sch r2835 Van Ness av 

" Harold W guard U S Customs rH41 Leaven- 

Alsgood Nadine elk rI952 15th 

Alsheimer Barbara (wid John) r869 Alvarado 

Alsina Arth hl209 Palou 

Alsing Amos N {EIla( slsmn h265 Brighton av 

" Prancesca music tchr 2085 Ocean av 

" Predk W r2085 Ocean av 

" Henrv E cht elk SPCo r Okid 

" Stanley H elk SPCo r Okld 

" Walter D elk SPCo r Ala 

Alsleben Frank P barber rl75 Turk 

ALSOP. See also Allsop 

" Alex W (Daisy( hl445 Baker 

" Chas L pimbr h371a 3d av 

" John bartndr Club Casa Alta 

" Robt B (Lavaum) bridge eng h3720 Scott 

" Thos iBirbara) mailer S F News h671 33d av 

Alspaugh Grover C Indywkr h3620 18th 

" Ralph elk h3664 20th 

" Tom bellmn r210 Ellis 

Alstead Laura maid 2217 North Point 

Alsten Mirian Mrs rl528 Sutter 

Alston Benj r927 Eddy 

" Florence sten H S Crocker & Co r337 Pulton 

" Malcolm W paints 1229 Fillmore r686 Oak 

" Margt J (wid H D) hlOOl Pine 

" Paul W chemist Western Sugar Refinery r 

" Paul W jr sugar wkr Western Sugar Re- 
finery r Bklv 

" Sidney h337 Fulton 

Alstrand Wm D carrier P O r Bkly 

Alstrom Alf J eng SOCo r Okld 

" Arth A with State Fish & Game Com r 

Alsuo Chas Dlmbr r371 3d av 

" Earl E (Edith) h407 Bosworth 

" J h601 Leavenworth 

" Theresa hskor YMCA r407 Bosworth 

Alt Emile elk r2307 Sacto 

" Harold M (Vera) slsmn Met Life Ins Co h22 
Seminola av 

" Helen Mrs h549 Pell 

" Leslie E (Clara Bl hl993 8th av 

Alta Apartments 2751 Clay 

" Apartments 630 Mason 

" Apartments 1270 McAllister 

" Casa Apartments 897 Calif 

" Lodge No 205 I O O F 26 7th 

" Motor Service (A E and J M Borg) 177 Va- 

" Nana Wine Co (J T Chevrei and John Oro- 
JOn) 2953 Folsom 

" Parlor No 3 N D G W 414 Mason 

" Pine Apartments 960 Pine 

" Plaza Apartments 2500 Steiner 

" Roofing Co Antone Hemi, J w Lanlgan, Saml 
Sankovich. J L Delaney 976 Indiana 

" Super Service (A S Kellogg. Norman Baltor) 
gas sta 1401 Eddy 

" Vista No 464 (P & A M) Masonic Temple 

" Vista Wine Co F A Busse mgr 243 Fremont 
and 704 Sansome 

Altair Apartments 621 Stockton 

Altamirano Albt mach L W AfT r Stockton 

" Alwin (Edna I mach h214 Chenery 

" Clarence meat ctr h851 Chenery 

" Jos (Margt) carp h926 Pierce 

" Jos A (Cora Gl fireman SFFD h44 Pope 

Altamont Court Aoartments 1610 Sutter 

" Hotel 3048 16th " 

Altamori Saml (Alvina) brklyr hll5 Pixley 

Altar A r447 Bush 

"LB chauf Eagle Cab Co 

Altarant Jos h55a Brosnan 

Altbayer Henry (Helen H) ins agt hll27 Hyde 

Altemus Annie Mrs rl542 Grove 

" Chas P ins agt 87 Pleasant 

" Pelicitas r87 Pleasant 

Alten Harry G (Edna V) slsmn h2307 30th av 
" Thelma C r562 Sutter 

Altenbach Helen sten hl375 Green 

Altenbernd Beatrice Mrs elk rl266 5th av 
" Dorothy n266 5th av 

Altenburg Albt (Pauline) h2890 Calif 

" Aug elk Raphael Weill & Co r2890 Calif 

" Wm slsmn h611 Guerrero 

Altendorf Willie elk r82 Sanchez 

Alter Pred S (Laura) dept mgr Cahf Pkg Corp 

hl245 Calif 
" Harry K (Marion) ins adj 354 Pine R606 

h2022 Beach 
" Herman (Idai 2d hd furn h636 Clayton 
" Marcus (Sophie) pres Commercial Paper 
Corp h623 20th av 



" Wm r281 Page 

" Zalman S slsmn Coml Paper Corp r623 

20th av 
Altermyer Audrea Indywkr rl407 Gough 
Alterton Guv E mfg jwlr 760 Market R865 

h406 Faxon av 
Altervogt Martha maid 3529 Clinton av 
Altfield Benj (NeUie) pres Calif Notion & Toy 

Co Ltd hl237 8th av 
" Danl (Vera I) elk P O h431 32d av 
" Norman slsmn Calif Notion & Toy Co rl237 

8th av 
" Robt slsmn Calif Notion & Toy Co rl237 

8th av 
Althamos Tribe No 87 (Redmen) 240 Golden 

Gate av 
Althaus Anna nurse hl338 Pacific 
Althausen Natalie Mrs h951 Eddy 
" Theo L phys hl224 Taylor 
Althiemer Jerome M clo prsr hl660 Sacto 
Althof Carl (Mary) electn h2720 McAllister 
ALTHOF & BAHLS. H H Bahls Pres. R W 
Batals V-Pres. E W Bahls Jr Sec-Treas. 
Printers, Bookbinders. Blank Book Mfrs. 
605 Battery. Tel EX brook 7449 
house (Los Angeles) Pres, E W McAfee 
(Los Angeles) Sec-Treas. Alice E Hawkin- 
son Office Mgr. Insurance Brokers. 333 
Montgomery. Suite 1010-1011. Tel GA r- 
fleld 4S1S 
" W L P pres Althouse-McAfee Co r Los An- 
Altick Bernard P slsmn Pibreboard Products 

Inc r San Mateo 
Altier Raymond A (Myrtle) h2827 Folsom 
Altieri Frank J baker r738a Union 
" Inscentina Mrs Indrywkr r738a Union 
" Louis A ( Maggie i chauf Dept Pub Wks h571 

11th av 
" Patk (Anita) mtrmn h473 4th av 
Altimus Otis E (Almal civ eng h77 Otsego av 
Alting Elfle sec J C Williams r7522 Geary blvd 
Altist Anna D (wid John) hl24 Valley 
Altizio R emp Sussman Wormser & Co r Okld 
Altizer Ray H (Anna) lab r55 30th 
Altland Edwin N (Daisy) stockmn Natl Lead 

Co h2566 28th av 
Altman B M cash Royal Liverpool Group 

r Sausalito 
" Claude R aud U S Int Rev 
" Esther I wid Chas) h533 Arguello blvd 
" Pred R (Margt) inspr Hartford Steam 
Boiler Inspection & Ins Co h281 Juanita 
" Herbt G (Jeannette) pntr hSO Granada av 
" Ira agt Equitable Life Assur Soc hl33 19th av 
" Ira r533 Arguello blvd 
" John sec Chas Brown & Sons 
" John C (Goldman & Altman) r Hillsborough 
" Jos mfrs agt 18 1st r Bkly 
" Lloyd gdnr City Parks Dept r225 11th av 
" Mark (Minnie) ins broker 311 Calif R627 hll 

Cedro way 
" May rll Cedro way 
" Saml garmt ctr r34 Turk 
Altmann Aaron tchr Pub Sch h2728 Baker 
" Paul W (Maryl drftsmn G W Price Pump 

& Engine Co hl333 Balboa 
Altmark Blanche hlll2 Larkin 
Altmayer Hannah (wid Bert) rl940 Sacto 
" Moe W (Nora) mgr Argonaut Club and 

treas Lewis Inc hl991 Calif 
Altmeyer Walter factywkr r San Bruno 
Alto Apartments 238 Leavenworth 
" Building 381 Bush 
" Wm (Alvina) stevedore h303 Sweeny 
Altofer Marie nurse r2215 Scott 
Altomare Mike mech Pac Greyhound Lines 

r Okld 
Alton Eliz Mrs smstrs rlOl Boutwell 
" Genevieve sten r3471 Pierce 
" Harry E (Golden Gate Recreation Co) 
" Helen maid rlOl Boutwell 
" J D h747 Ellis 
" John elk hl589 Sacto 
" John R h2961 Washn 
" John W (Lucie) pkr h4543 Lincoln way 
" Mabel Mrs h381 Turk 
" Margt sten r3471 Pierce 
" Warren (Sally) shtmtlwkr h5232 Mission 
" & Southern Railroad W W Smith genl agt 

681 Market R601 
Altona Rudolph J acct Hills Bros r Ala 
Altonen Carl h665 Eddy 
" Sylvia E sten Prima Vista Wine Co r3B35 

Altorfer Hans J r534 Liberty 
" Jean J (Annai chauf h534 Liberty 
Altpeter May (wid E A I h463 Wilde av 
Altrack Hedwig inspr Palace Hotel rl617 Pine 
Alts M B h745 Pine 
Altschul Bert slsmn r2624 Van Ness av 
" Robt r2245 Sutter 
Altschuler Herman (Esther) gro 667 Monterey 

" Saml (Mary) lab hl414 Baker 
Altshul Kate Mrs h347 Frederick 
" Gerald slsmn Himmelstern Bros r347 Fred- 
Altshuler Madeline Mrs hl915 Calif 
" Saml ins broker 372 Pine h2845 Van Ness av 
" Saml B h847 32d av 
" Sol r441 24th av 
" Sol litho r2955 Clay 
Altura Mary Mrs h3037 26th 
Alturas Apartments 3116 16th 
Altvater June T playgrd dir r335 St Francis 

" Matilda T (wid Wm) h335 St Francis blvd 
" Virginia P sten Assoc Indemnity Co r335 
St Francis blvd 

Aluminum Co of America H W Flye mgr 116 

New Montgy R709 
" Industries Inc R E McGill div mgr auto 

parts 731 Polk 
Alumni Association University of San Fran- 
cisco M J Buckley pres F P Hughes sec- 
treas 760 Market R445 
Alva Angela Mrs h439 Van Ness av S 
" Antoinette r70 Stillings av 
" Dominga (wid Louisf r49 Hayward 
" Jesus (Kath) lab h327'.; Crescent av 
Alvan Julio (Bertha) lab hl031 York 
Alvaney Dorothy J sten Lyon Furn Mercan- 
tile Agcy rl446 Cole 
Alvarado Amelia elk rl272 Guerrero 
" Anthony chauf Paul Venezio 
" Antonio (Dolores) slsmn hl812 Silver av 
" Chas A (Micalai pntr h52 Langton 
" Clorine slswn Irving Bartel r40 Toledo 
" Gerardo (Rebbeca) lab hll33 Tennessee 
" Hotel 3254 Mission 
" Hotel 606 Post 

" Humberto (Mercedes) pntr h480 Guerrero 
" Joe (Maryl lab hl944 Mason 
" John slsmn Harms Bag Co r328 4th 
" John B stock broker 235 Montgy R1647 

r San Rafael 
" Lawrence mtrmn h726 Treat av 
" Mary Mrs h3 Varennes 
" P E hl466 Powell 
" Pedro lab h265c Clara 
" Pete (Nana) hl72 Jersey 
" Robt J (Emmal (James & Alvarado) h81 

" Sarah (wid L D) r726 Treat av 
" School 631 Douglass 
" Silvio lab h891 Post 
" Silvio (Velma) appr uphol Jacob Langsam 

hl372 Pine 
" Suzanne h537 Haight 
" Thos N hl624 Filbert 
Alvardo Henry restrwkr rl341 Ellis 
" Margt L rl410 Van Ness av S 
Alvares Peter restrwkr Goodfeilow's Coffee 

Shop r236 3d 
Alvarez Albt electn rl225 Taylor 
" Antonio (Annai h404a Union 
" Antonio lab r671 Minna 

" Aurora elk rl322 Scott 

" Aurora (wid Jesus) hl322 Scott 

" Dolores Mrs mgr Mt Vernon Apts hl225 

" Dorothy rl446 Cole 

" Eno M (Isabel VI h572 Victoria 

" Felepe lab h22 Cleveland 

" Frank millmn r41 Jones 

" Harold H (Violet) dentist 177 Post R702 
h75 Yerba Buena av 

" Ignacio rl660 Bush 

" Irene r405 Union 

" Jack hll41 Post 

" John clo prsr r416 Turk 

" Jos (Josie) baker h466 Oak 

" Juan S hat clnr rll04 Harrison 

" Julio pres Los Hispanos Inc hl563 Mason 

" Leo prsmn H B WiUats 

" Leon (Mary) pntr h2758 21st 

" Lola restr 840 Sansome 

" Lucille elk rl446 Cole 

" Luis B slsmn Moritz Feibusch r2272 Geary 

" Max (Auroral lab h2976 23d 

" Matilda rl482 Sutter 

" Phillip r236 3d 

" Silvio lab h879 Capp 

" Violet dentis r75 Yerba Buena av 

" Wm (Marie) lab hl886 Folsom 

Alvario Miguel barber 637'/2 Paclflc h637 

Alvaro Antonio cook r2018 Webster 

" Cosmo dishwasher r2018 Webster 

Alverado M r335 Stockton 

Alverez Cecil (Mary) glasswkr h331 Richland 

" Francisca Mrs h980 Jackson 

Alverio Albt rl662 Bush 

" Jesus lab h344 Austin av 

Alvernaz Bobbie r450 Vallejo 

" Jesuina (Garcia & Alvernaz) rl450 Vallejo 

Alvers Prank E (Jewel) driver h3859 26th 

Alverson Herbt L (Alice) ins agt r240 9th av 

" Janet E sten r240 9th av 

" Peyton Y (Elsie W) ins agt hl215 Bay 

" W Mrs rlOOO Powell 

" W Brinkley dept mgr Rathbone King & 
Seeley Inc r Ross 

Alverti John rl33''2 Diamond 

Alves Agnes M tchr Pub Sch r735 Taylor 

" Anabel R bkpr Nestle's Milk Products r3714 

" Arth E elk Ry M S r425 Hyde 

" Carolyn sten h855 Pine 

" Cypriano A (Maria) lab h39 Burnside av 

" Dorothy dental nurse r815 26th av 

" Dorothy G waiter rl294 9th av 

" Gertrude r478 Dewey blvd 

" Henry L (Eva L) chemist U S Customs h799 
Faxon av 

" John L (Dorothy) litho J J Mitchell hl294 
9th av 

" Jos (Christine) firelighter h948 Rutland 

" Lloyd T elk Anglo-CaUf Natl Bank h3714 

" Manuel lab r667 Green 

" Margt Mrs hl818 Fell 

" Peter (Lenore) h2 Sonoma 

" Thos (Evelyn) slsmn h40 Seward 

" Ventura J (Rose) lab h510 Oak 

Alvigi Albt fur ctr rl82 Lisbon 

" Fred rl82 Lisbon 

" Louis (Carrie) lab hl82 Lisbon 

" Nita rl82 Lisbon 

Alvjlos Wm r991 Lane 

Alvin Apartments 1560 Hyde 

" Carl cook h604 Castro 

" Elsie elk Sir Francis Drake Pastry Shop 

Alvlim ApBrimenU isaa Howard 

AlvlnB Oeo C iMiirgti pntr hlOa Mnynard 

" \Vm W dk Oenl Pet Corp r Okld 

Alvlrlou ApBrlments 840 Cnpp 

Alv<s hTfd iPrt'ietJi-n" li855 HampslUre 

" Hilda iiursf lil415 PrnnkUn 

" Muble E Mrs h570 18th «v 

Alvlso A ll5^ Polk ^. „ 

" Artli M (Miuuti'i tmstr h34 Bnnnock 

" Frank L lAUoeni nuto pntr hl435 43d nv 

" Henry ra301 Taylor 

" Raymond A lEdythi Jan r55 Polk 

" Salt Co V S Hardy pros 235 Bush R615 

Alylstur Oscnr elk r220 Golden Gate av 

Alvord Luke printer Cnll-Bulletln Pub Co 

r670 Eddy , „ 

" Raymond M iGeneyleyei mgr General Elec 

Co h373 Santa Clara ay 
ALVORD VERNON M (Edna W) Asst Cashier 
Crocker First National Bank of San 

Francisco, r Ross. C.ilif 

Alyorsen Soren P iMnryi restr\ykr h3666 21st 

Alyy Alice r901 Calif .„» „ . , j 

Alwen John S iGortrudei elk hl009 Portola dr 

Alvce Apartment.s 1144 Larkln 

Alyward Gerald iPranclsi rl25 Parnassus ay 

" kathryn sten r44 McAllister 

" \Vm P' (Nina A) elk h65 Carmelitn 

Alyworth Ada emp Marys Help Hosp r967 

AlJamora Agnes Mrs r888 Pell 
Amoble J elk rll46 Cole 
" Wni iRenei hat tnshr h214 Fillmore 
Amacher Fred iLenal beer 61 3d hl437 Oal- 

vez av 
Amacio Arson S cook r808 Kearny 
Amack Frank steyedore rl251'-.- Eddy 
Amadci Ansano (EUzl fruits 1758 Fillmore 

h325 Haight 
Amadeo Philip pistr State Bd Haxbor Comrs 

r2129 Greenwich 
Amadio Chris iMabel) mech Slmonds Saw & 

Steel Co hi 19 Eugenia av 
Amado Albt I brewer r2609 Irving 
" David I Angelina I brewer h2609 Irving 
" Demand restrwkr r668 Clay 
Amador Albt iMariel slsmn r250 12th av 
" Andw I Lillian 1 do cinr h391 Valencia 
" Carmela h250 12th av 
" Elvira wrapper rni4 Greenwich 
" Manuel E elev opr r218 Stockton 
" Tobias M (Mildredl chauf hl257 Vermont 
Amadori Angelo (Arm) lab hl814 Mason 
" Rose rl814 Mason 

Amaler Steph (Louise) cook hll60 Bway 
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America 
Local No 266 Prank Becker sec 1141 Mar- 
ket RlOO 
" Lithographers of America No 17 732 Har- 
•' Sheet Metal Workers No 104 224 Guerrero 
Amand Silvester lab h670 Willow 
Amandes P Frederic (Nelliel aroht hl879 18th 

Amandola Thos barber hl430 Calif 
Amaninni Louis (Theresa) lab hl326 Alabama 
Amano K clo clnr 1322 Grant av 
Amans Denver Mrs h33 Arleta av 
Amantea Prank barber r615 Bway 
" Peter (Prances) shoe repr hl362 Florida 
Amaral Guilherma A v-consul of Portugal 

hll53 Filbert 
" John (Rose I prsopr hl240 Jackson 
Amarian Marguerite elk r340 6th av 
Amarilla Alfonso (Marguerita) stevedore n32 

Amarillas Alice forwn Pibreboard Products 

Inc rl538 Jones 
" Jesus (Antoinette) rl538 Jones 
Amarillo Remegio hsmn 3230 Jackson 
Amark Edwin F (Leah) emp Porderer Cornice 
Wks hl048 Cole 

" Predk L (Sophie) wtchmn h826 Cole 

" Predk L jr (Selma) reprmn hl725 Fulton 

" Helen G singer r826 Cole 

" Walter R radio opr r826 Cole 

Amarosi Vincent (Rose) hl050 Greenwich 

Amaroso Ralph (Comllle) hl418 Pacific 

Amarotti L M couch fnshr h6 Scotland 

" Pietro lab r742 Filbert 

Amason Gus porter r238 Townsend 

Amass G E h765 Geary 

Amate Andw (Dolores) prsmn Eastman Tag 
& Label Co h246 Langton 

" Tony lab r246 Langton 

Amateis E hl83 14th av 

Amatl Bettlna sten rl92D Leavenworth 

" Kath Mrs hl920 Leavenworth 

" PhylUs cash S F Symphony Orchestra rl920 

Amato Emanuel fishermn r864 Lombard 

" John jan rl642 Hyde 

" Jos (Ida) barber hl728 Stockton 

" Jos bottler r847 Lombard 

" Lucrezia fctywkr rl471 Quesada 

" Mario r37 Varennes 

" Mauro (Stella I lab hl363 Revere av 

" Orazio (Lucrezia) lab hl471 Quesada av 

" Saveiro rl471 Quesada av 

Amatore Frank (Isabel) carp h2716 Polsom 

Amava Bemice manicurist r707 Stockton 

Amazon Allied Independent Grocery (Jos Gll- 
lio Leonard Perez w H Blythe) 5 Cordova 

" Social Club 1400 Geneva av 

" Theatre 965 Amazon av 

Ambanta Luciano porter rl911 Page 

Ambassador Apartments 1053 Bush 

AMBASSADOR HOTEL, Heck Church Mgr, 55 
Mason cor Eddy, Tel PR ospect 6300 

Amber Ann elk r204 Lee av 

" Apartments 640 Polk 

" Dorothy sten r2446 Pulton 

" Harry chauf r2446 Pulton 

" Helen C r204 Lee av 

" Lena M Mrs h40 Ashbury 


AMBER ^ ^ , 

" Leon (Ray) clo olnr 530 Kearny h3446 iPul- 

■• Maude pres Blake & Amber r249 Eddy 
AnibiTd Francis (Laurcna) (Malson de Oolf- 

liirei h825 Pine 
Amborg Ernest H ( Amberg-Klrth) hll26 Tay- 
" -Hlrth (E H Amberg H M HIrth) art gds 

165 Post R605 
" Wni J (Emmo A) leather wkr h72 Concord 
Ambor.son Edw V (Cheryl) sales supt SOCo 

h612 f^inston nv 
" Minnie (wld John) r77 Ramona av 
Ambert Alvln H (Ethel) slsmn ll438 43d av 
Ambiel Louis waiter r291 Sickles av 
Ambjornson Algol (Marie) hl38a Hancock 
" Karl rl38a Hancock 
" Roy rl38a Hancock 
Ambler A Hawkins hl950 Sacto 
" Archer C (Bessie) slsmn Seagram-DlstlUera 

Corp hl510 Union 
" Ben with Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co r Bur- 

" Bessie G slswn O'Connor Moftatt & Co rl51D 

" Harry J (Georgia) ironwkr r935 Hyde 
" Hubert C acct S P Examiner r Okld 
Ambodin Armador h543 Castro 
Ambolini P .shoeshlner h214 Ellsworth 
Ambord Albion F (Josephine) wtchmn hl641 

Bayshore blvd 
Ambos Gustav furn rms 553 Van Ness av 
Ambra Harry r705 Vallejo 
" Henry r705 Vallejo 
" Mario (Sarah) carp h3845 Folsom 
" Mary L bkpr r406 Anderson 
" Rinaldo r705 Vallejo 
" Sebastian r3845 Folsom 
" Sebastian B auto mech r405 Anderson 
" Tony (Grace) pntr h406 Anderson 
Ambrldge Euphemia ofc sec Atlas Supply Co 

h820 Jones 
Ambriska Mary (wld Michl) h434 Vicksburg 
Ambrogio Fabiano poultry 4555 Mission r355 

Ambrose Agnes D tchr Pub Sch r4214 Fulton 
" Arth E (Clara) hostler SFPD h281 14th 
" Chas (Martha K) meats 1398 9th av hl259 

" Everts B forester U S Forest Serv r Bkly 

" Flora rl36 9th av 

" Florence Mrs hl641 Larkin 

" Fred lab Larkin Transp Co 

" Herman E (Lillie) investigator h907 Valen- 

" Irene T rl259 6th av 

" John A (Rose) hl65 Clipper 

" Jos D (Prances) marble str h707 Page 

" Josephine N Mrs hl620 Leavenworth 

" Luella Iwid Albt) h370 30th av 

" Margt Indywkr r67a 13th 

" Marguerite tel opr Crocker First Natl Bank 

" Peter (Maxine) mtlwkr r327 Holly Park clr 

" Philip h68 Curtis 

" Rose K rl259 6th av 

" Ruth multi opr Calif State Chamber of 

Commerce r okld 
" Thos B elk Atlas Elev Co r Bkly 
" Thos E mgr Atlas Elev Co r Bkly 
" Vernon G (Annabell) slsmgr A Schilling & 

Co hl70 San Leandro way 
" Victor H elk PG&ECo r Burlingame 
" Wm B (Maxine) lab h87 Woodward 
" Wm R (Sarah) bkpr Coffln-Redlngton Co 

h95 Granada av 
Ambrosetti Emil (Caroline) restr 2296 3d hl551 

Quesada av 
Ambrosi B h672 Prentiss 
Ambrosia Albt tmstr h690 Guerrero 
Ambrosinl Camille (Dorothy) waiter h2543 

26th av 
" Dante (Minerva) marble wkr hl55 Salinas 

" Jos (Lena) fruits 2661 Mission n48 Capp 
Ambroslo Domiiuc (Mary) lab h225 Vsrhltney 
" Thos musician NBC r Okld 
Ambrosius Anna C Mrs bkpr Irvine & Jachens 

r421 Scott 
" John M h2121 Sacto 

Ambrosli Frank L office mgr Winchester Re- 
peating Arms Co r Burlingame 
Ambuhl Harry R restr 405 Eddy and mgr Ho- 
tel Allen h573 8th av 
" Norman elk rl807 Fillmore 
Ambul Martha E hl206 Fell 
Ambulia M r3081 16th 
Amburn Ralph R hl720 Pacific av 
Amco Mfg Co A E Anthony mgr underwear 

mlrs 837 Mission 
Amdahl Olaf K slsmn Scott Paper Co r826 

Amdor Manuel (Rose) porter hl370 Calif 
Amedeo Philip J (Mary) plstr hlpr h2129 

" Rose R tchr Pub Sch r2129 Greenwich 
Amelio Jos (Mary) lab h73 Pomona 
Amen Geo A (Betty) elk hl715 Ellis 
Amend Carroll C elk r3140 Webster 
" Dessa (wid G H) h3140 Webster 
" Jacob J (Elaine E) police hl90 27th 
" Maurine V elk r3140 Webster 
Amendola Antonio (Theresa) lab h631 Andover 
" Chas rl220 27th av 
" Chas lab r531 Andover 
" Guiseppe jan hl786 Newcomb av 
" John lab r631 Andover 
" L hl269 6th av 
" Lissette mlnr rl220 27th av 
" Ralph (Adeline) shoe shiner 299 6th av h838 

" Saml tile str rl220 27th av 
" Vincent (Concetta) hl220 27th av 

Amcno I clo clnr hl333 Grant av 

Anient Albt (Rhodo) hl531 Octavia 

" Lsabel D mach opr r219 Clinton pk 

" L J wtchmn r2024b Brodcrlck 

" Minnie E smstrs r2024b Broderick 

" Wm F elk Reynolds Metals Co Inc r Okld 

Amenta Antone lab i7B8 Lombard 

" Gerolamo (Mary) lishermn h788 Lombard 

" Louis elk r2852 'octavla 

" Victor elk r2852 Octavla 

" Vlto (Santa) h2862 Octavla 

Amer Wm R (Margt) eng h2160 Pell 

Amercon Club Margery G Phillips mgr restr 
■2ri6 Sutter 6th II 

Amerlan Gladys elk r340 5th av 

" John (Ellz) (Krikorian & Amerlan) hSlO 
5th av 

" Marguerite elk r340 5th av 

" VIrglia r340 6th av 

General Insurance Agents, S76 Pine, Tel 
GA rncid 0646 

N Y. Clifford Conly Mgr, 233 Sansome 
Tel EX brook 0360 

" Ambulance Co Gus Soher mgr 146 Central av 

" Apartments 1972 Sutter 

" Appraisal Co A W Crump dlst mgr 235 
Montgy R1547 

" Art Tile Co (D B Newton W P Costello) 
231 Franklin 

" Assn of University Women 609 Sutter R1200 

(See California State Automobile Associa- 
tion) 150 Van Ness Av. Tel HE mlock 3400 

" Automobile Ins Co G E Adams mgr 114 San- 
some R301 

" Bakery Equipment Co H W Sterling pres 
U R Sterling v-pres-treas D P Shcpard 
sec 1061 Howard 

" Bank Check Co H L Hutson mgr printers 
261 8th 

H Maskell. Pacific Coast Representative, 
Engravers and Lithographers, 1000 Crocker 
First National Bank Bldg, 1 Montgomery, 
Tel GA rfleld 0351 

Bayless Agency Sec, Bibles in All Lan- 
guages at Cost, 234 McAllister, Tel HE m- 
lock 6080 

Smith Pres, Manufacturers and Dealers 
Emulsified Asphalt, 200 Bush, R1002, Tel 
GA rfleld 6653 

" Blower Corp L H Cochran mgr 116 New 
Montgy R702 . ^ , J. . 

Ellis General Agts, 345 Sansome, Tel 
GA rfleld 4860 ^ „.„,^ 

■' Book Co L E Armstrong mgr 121 2d R400 
Johnson Pres, Chas T Gruenhagen Sec, 
201 Crocker First Natl Bank Bldg, 1 
Montgomery, Tel DO uglas 2060 
couillat Pres-Mgr, Manufacturers Boxes, 
Drums, Pea Hampers, Crates and Shocks, 
eso Front, Tel SU tter 7088 
" Brass Co A W Gruss agt metal gds mlrs 
235 Montgy R1530 , _ ^^ 

Pres, W L Andrews V-Pres, G F Shea Sec, 
M F Barbieri Treas, Members San Fran- 
cisco Stock Exchange, 485 California, R509, 
Tel EX brook 3478 
M Rosenberg Pres, World's Largest Jani- 
torial Contractors, Janitor Service, Win- 
dow Cleaning, Buildings Cleaned by 
Steam, Painting and Decorating, 467 
O'Farrell, Tel OR dway 5338 
" Bureau of Shipping P H Evers agt Marine 

Surv 25 Market R220 
" Burglar Alarm Co H R Lee mgr 49 Geary 
van V-Pres and GenI Mgr, 16tli Floor, 111 
Sutter, Tel DO uglas 4730 
" Can Co (S F Machine Shop) J O Malmqulst 

supt 499 Alabama 
" Car (& Foundry Co D W Dodge rep 116 New 

Montgy R513 
" Cast Iron Pipe Co W R Blair mgr 55 New 

Montgy R324 
Griffiths Jr and J C Bunyan, Mgrs, A N 
Lindsay, F H Spencer Asst Mgrs, 315 
Montgomery, Tel DO uglas 0170 
" Chain Co Inc E O Johnstone mgr 650 3d 
" Chicle Co P J Kelly slsmgr chewing gum 
3402 16th , ^. „„„ 

" Civil Liberties Union Geo Hedley dlr 220 

Montgy R434 
" Commerce Co Inc J L Lewin pres imptrs 
214 Front R602 , , „ „ 

" Commercial Alcohol Corp of Calif W E 

Buck pres L N Stover sec 369 Pine R705 
V-Pres, Management Trust, 454 Califor- 
nia, Tel EX brook 2652 
AMERICAN CRAYON CO, Frederic W Corson 
Western Mgr, Makers of "Old Faithful 
Products and Publishers of "Everyday 
Art," 304 Rialto Bldg, 116 New Mont- 
gomery, Tel SU tter 5801 
Volkmann Pres-Genl Mgr, 100 Bay, Tel 
SU tter 5357 
Clifford Pacific Coast Mgr, Joe C Boggs 
Mgr Service and Collection Dept, Credit 
Insurance, 2710 SheU Bldg, 100 Bush, Tel 
GA rfleld 6920 



" Dental Laboratory (W R Barnes G S Tre- 

main) 870 Market R686 
" Diesel Engine Co C A Cadman pres Leon 

Sloss sec J P Gilmore mgr 2949 18th 
" Distilling Co The W E Buck pres L N 

Stover sec 369 Pine R705 
11 Distillers Corp S P Elliott mgr 110 1st 
" District Telegraph Co Abel Gooch mgr 150 

Post R201 
" Dredging Co M C Harris pres R S Harris 

v-pres N R Harris sec 255 Calif R202 
" Druggists Syndicate E A -Preitel office mgr 

153 1st 
NEW YORK. Edwin Farrish V-Pres. C V 
McCarthy. Sec, John A Carlson Sec, Harry 
W Nason Asst Sec. 60 Sansome, Tel GA r- 
field 8200 (See right side lines and pag:e 
" Electric Co H K Huppert mgr 2425 17th 
" Engraving & Color Plate Co H J Griffith 
pres C A Rebitt v-pres Wm Civiello sec- 
treas 333 Fremont 
Mgr. World Wide Financial. Travel and 
Foreign Shipping. 253 Post. Tel EX brook 
1083. Branches Palace Hotel and The Em- 
" Express Co foreign dept 593 Market R 418 
LULU) Pierce A Drew Mgr San Francisco 
Branch. Sugar Factors, Wholesale and 
Commission Merchants. 1115 Matson Bldg, 
215 Marliet, Tel EX brook 3760 
" Federation of Human Rights 414 Mason 
Manager (License 55856LA) Open 9AM 
to 5 P M, Saturdays 9 A M to 1 P M, 610 
Bank of America Bldg, 635 Market, Tel 
GA rfleld 3228 
" Fire Equipment Co 9 Mission 
" Fish & Poultry Co I Peter and Antone 

Cresci Frank Cannizzaro) 1175 Market 
" Florist Emil Stappenbeck mgi 1217 Polk 
den Food Products Corp. W K Hughes 
Pres, D P McEwen V-Pres. P A Bidstrup 
Sec, Importers and Dealers in Fertilizer 
Materials, Poultry and Stock Feeds, 626 
Merchants Exchange Bldg, 465 California, 
Tel GA rfleld 7928 
AMERICAN FORGE CO, Joseph Eastwood Pres 
and Mgr, Oscar Johnson V-Pres. Frank 
R Knippenberg Sec-Treas, Forgings of 
Every Description, 25-37 Tehama, Tel 
SU tter 2998 
" Fruit Growers Inc L S Woolery br mgr 510 

Battery R206 
" Garage (Milton and Marius Righetti) 444 

" Gear & Parts Co Ltd J A Peyton pres Leo 
Jacobs (Los Angeles) v-pres Fred Sauers 
sec-treas 628 Ellis 
" Groceteria Dominic Trevison mgr 3029 Cle- 
" Hall 3450 20th 
" Hall Association 3450 20th 

(Baltimore, Md) Office and Warehouse, 
1445 Bush, Tel OR dway 0402 
Freight Service Between Boston. Philadel- 
phia, New York and Pacific Coast Ports 
Via Panama Canal, 80O Matson Bldg, 215 
Market, Tel SU tter 5841 
" -Hawaiian Steamship Co Piers 26 and 28 
porters of European and Oriental Manu- 
factured Products, 62 1st, Tel GA rfleld 
Texas), Theodore P Strong Co Genl Agts, 
317 Holbrook Bldg, 58 Sutter, Tel DO ug- 
las 5336 
" Institute B O Lauerman pres corres school 

1182 Market R430 
" Institute of Banking (S P Chapter) J S 

Wilson sec 58 Sutter 2d fl 
" Institute of Steel Construction W E Emmett 

rep 235 Montgy R972 
" Insurance Agency P R Stoller mgr 461 Mar- 
ket R419 
Geo O Hoadley Manager, Mills Bldg, 224 
Montgomery, Tel GA rfleld 2400 
" Investment & Realty Co 343 Sansome 
Hepp) Full Line of Equipment, Mops, 
Brooms and Brushes Made to Order, 
Floor Oil and Sweeping Compound, Auto 
Wash Rack Supplies, New Discovery Li- 
quid Wax, Wholesale and Retail, 1781 
Mission, Tel HE mlock 0612 
" Knights 414 Mason 
" La France & Foamite Corp Chas Forse mgr 

fire apparatus 2829 16th 
Pacific Sales Division, H E Hoes Sales 
Mgr, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Machin- 
ery, Sales office. Warehouse and shops 
1600 Bryant Cor 15th, Tels MA rket 7611, 
7612 and 7613 
" Legion Auxiliary Department of California 

Ethel M Flynn sec War Memorial bldg 
" Legion Department of California Jas K Fisk 

dept adjutant War Memorial bldg 
" Legion San Francisco County Council C W 

Miles commander War Memorial bldg 
" Legion War Memorial Commission J C 

Claridge 101 War Memorial bldg 
" Licorice Co C M Kretchmer mgr 65 Federal 
" Locker Co Lloyd Pfeifer mgr 65 Market R2U 


" Locomotive Co M D Raymond mgr 116 New 

Montgy RS21 
" Machine Mfg Co D A Driscoll pres C H 

Lungren sec 425 Folsom 
" Marble Co A P Edwards pres 582 Market 

Pres. F W Blanch V-Fres, C M Botts Sec- 
Treas, Mfrs Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Fouling, 
Copper and Industrial Paint, 927 Robt 
Dollar Bldg, 311 California, Tel GA rfleld 
0606, Factory Location 329 Bryant 
" Meat Co Inc P N Kuvalis pres Kath J Pan- 
ages sec-treas 780 Folsom 
" Medicinal Spirits Co Inc E N Richardson 

mgr 631 2d 
" Merchandise Co (P W Rusch W B Hegeman) 

mfrs agts 12 Geary R807 
Pacific Coast Mgr, L E Archer Pass Traf- 
fic Mgr, B J Ringwood Freight Traffic 
Mgr. 687 Market, Tel DO uglas 8680 
" Merchant Marine Information Service 447 

Sutter R623 
WORKS. Kenneth C Tomlinson Asst Mgr. 
Gas Meter Manufacturers. 495 11th, Tel 
MA rket 4295 
" Milling & Mining Co C H Payne sec-treas 

486 Calif RS03 


Poquet Genl Mgr, Granite, Marble. Bronze 

Monuments of QuaUty, Main Office and 

Showrooms 1464 Valencia nr 26th, Tel 

AT water 3784. Works at Lawndale opp 

Woodlawn Cemetery. Tel BA ndolph 7576 


Norman Mgr. 902 Pacific National Bank 

Bldg. 333 Montgomery, Tel DO uglas 4423 

" Novelty & Mfg Co P P Await mgr 86 3d 

" Optical Co of S F, G S Johnson mgr 25 

Kearny R200 
tryman Mgr, M C Godfrey Asst Mgr, 2S4- 
246 Sansome. Tel EX brook 0840 
Paper Goods Co W D Brooks rep envelope 

mfrs 681 Market R444 
Pattern Works (L F Pollock, G B Suber) 

772 Bryant 
Pharmacists Assn Inc A C Kasper pres E C 

Berwick v-pres 25 Taylor R201 
Poultry Co (John Belluomini, John Incroccl. 
Lawrence and Carlo Panattonl) 340 Davis 
Pulley Co A B Fairhurst mgr 220 1st 
Push Broom & Brush Co R M Prazier mgr 

75 Essex 
Radiator Co R M Clark br mgr 690 4th 
Red Cross (Pacific Branch) A L Schafer 

mgr 300 Exposition Auditorium 
Red Cross (San Francisco Chapter) Mrs 
A V D Marrin exec sec 305 Exposition 
Rescue Workers Inc J M Herman mgr 1180 
Van Ness av S 
FORNIA, H O Stevens V-Pres and Genl 
Mgr. Rust Resisting "Armco*' Ingot Iron 
and Specialty Sheet Products, 540 10th, 
Tel MA rket 3495 
" Russian Institute Mrs Rose Isaac sec 68 

Mgr, Theatre and Church Furniture and 
Supplies for Schools and Post Offices. Of- 
fice and Warehouse. 521 Mission. Tel 
GA rfleld 5010 
" Seedless Raisin Co P P Nutting pres A C 

Wyckofl v-pres 310 Calif R212 
Resident Manager, Insurance Inspectors 
and Adjusters, 519 California, R609, Tel 
EX brook 0879 
" Shipmasters Assn 24 Calif R417 
" Shipmasters J J Carey sec-treas 82 Golden 

Gate av 
" Shipping & Forwarding Co (Home Transfer 

Co I 586 Eddy 
" Smelting & Refining Co A H Richards genl 
mgr Jesse Seaman br mgr 405 Montgy 
" Society of Composers Authors & Publishers 

Delores Lawrence sec 785 Market R1302 
" Society lor Psychical Research 609 Sutter 

" Soda Fountain Co W V Dennis mgr 1915 

(Consolidated with Lasker Sc Bernstein 
Inc) Sam C Ness and G M Leser (Los 
Angeles) Paciflc Coast Mgrs, Importers, 
Exporters and Manufacturers of Sponges 
and Chamois, 809 Montgomery, Tel 
DO uglas 5350 
" Steel Warehouse Assn R D Cortelyou mgr 

905 Mission R218 
" Stevedore Co H J McPhee mgr 1200 3d 
VISION, E P MiUikan Mgr. Mfrs of 
"Magic Chef". "Clark Jewell", "Direct Ac- 
tion", "Dangler", "New Process", "Quick 
Meal", "Reliable" Gas Burning Appli- 
ances, 301 Hawley Terminal Warehouse, 
274 Brannan, Tel GA rfield 8489 
" Studios (F E Turner) 657 Market 3d fl plant 

1060 Folsom 
" Surety Co of N Y R D Weldon mgr 340 Pine 

" Tansul Co C S Ash pres chem mfrs 405 
Montgy R1501 

W Behnke Pres, Mrs K Behnke V-Pre», 
Loretto M Behnke Treas, Mrs Elsa Bar- 
rett Sec. Awnings, Tents, Couch Ham- 
mocks and Truck Covers, 1132 Mission, Tel 
MA rket 2194 
" Theatre 1226 Fillmore 

" Thermos Co J V St Clair mgr 311 Calif R408 
" Thread Co R J Doyle br mgr 536 Mission 

" Tobacco Co of Pacific Coast Inc P E Wayne 
v-pres W H Curtis sec W W Dunlop treas 
1 South Park 
" Trading Co (J N Raymond A W Morrill) 

imptrs 212 CaUf 
464 California Tel DO uglas 7411, John D 
McKee Chairman of Board, Fred T Elsey 
Pres. B C Gingg V-Pres. Jas K Lochead 
V-Pres. W B Bakewell V-Pres, J C Bovey 
V-Pres. N B Campbell V-Pres, Edw H 
Clark Jr V-Pres. P A Dinsmore V-Pres, 
J E Drew V-Pres, H D Friman V-Pres, 
Gerald D Kennedy V-Pres, P A Kinnoch 
V-Pres, Harris C Kirk, V-Pres, E V Krick 
V-Pres and Cashier, Russell Lowry V-Pres, 
Wm A Marcus V-Pres, E F Moffatt V-Pres. 
Jos A Murphy V-Pres, B M Sims, V-Pres 
and Trust Officer, B B Brown, Sec, W L 
Power Auditor, Chas A Smith, Controller, 
San Francisco Offices: Savings Union Of- 
flce — Jos A Murphy V-Pres and Mgr, G L 
Stradley Asst V-Pres; B S Robinson Asst 
V-Pres and Mgr Russ Building OtBce; J 8 
Lundin Mgr Broadway-Grant Av Offlce; 
D S Manuel Mgr Civic Center Offlce; E B 
Jerome Mgr Clay and Front Offlce; J D 
Mitchell Mgr Eighteenth-Castro Office; 
J S Jory Mgr Fifth-Mission Offlce; J P 
Mallery Mgr FUlmore-Californla Office; 
H E Saunders Mgr Fillmore-O'Farrell Of- 
fice; E L McCargar Mgr Geary-Eighteenth 
Av Offlce; W W West Mgr Halght-Ashbury 
Office; D B OdeU Mgr Haight-Fillmore Of- 
fice; E F Moffatt V-Pres and Mgr Market 
Ferry Offlce; A F Wall Mgr Market-Van 
Ness Office; E E Galatoire Mgr Mission- 
Ocean Av Offlce; P E Williams Mgr Mis- 
sion Savings Bank Offlce; C E Ward Mgr 
Nob HiU Office; C C Bradley Mgr Palace 
Hotel Office; E W Genberg Mgr Polk-Cali- 
fornia Offlce; C J Benson. Mgr Post-Pow- 
ell Offlce; N C Post Mgr Presidio Av 
Office; O W Frleberg Mgr Seventh Av- 
Irving Offlce; C W Bond Mgr Sixth Av- 
Clement Offlce; J H Clay Mgr Tbird-Palou 
Offlce; V L Thompson Mgr Third-Town- 
send Offlce; P E Davis Mgr Thirty-seventh 
Av-Balboa Offlce; W T Ott Mgr Twentieth 
Av-Irving Offlce; E C McMillan Mgr 
Twentieth Av-Taraval Office; P L Scheer 
Mgr Twenty-second-Mission Offlce; M J 
Stuparich Mgr Twenty-fourth-Castro Of- 
fice; L J Davitt Mgr Twenty-ninth-Mission 
Office; V I Mooney Mgr Union-Fillmore 
Offlce; D M Sylvester Mgr West Portal 
Office; D Meherin Mgr Westwood Park 
Offlce (See page 1704) 

" Type Founders Sales Corp F C Braden mgr 
500 Howard 

H W Fores Genl Agt, 201 Sansome, Tel 
KE arny 4699 

" Weekly E M Swasey Pac Coast rep 681 Mar- 
get R222 

" Wine Co P J Pigonl eng 240 3d 

" Wiping Materials (Morris, J R and Mayer 
Hirsch) 1022 Mission 

" Woodlite Corp C P Craig treas 785 Market 

" Writing Machine Co Wm Reinhelmer mgr 
522 Market 

" Writing Paper Co Inc W J McCormlck rep 
503 Market R602 

(Fire Branch) Ray Decker Mgr, 201 San- 
some, Tel DO uglas 5855 

" & Orient Co (Chas W Carter Co) Imptrs 
525 4th 

Amerio Dario soapmkr r630 Kansas 

" Prank (Theresa) soapmkr h630 Kansas 

" Jennie hl233 Kearny 

" Saml (Reno) Jan h845 Florida 

Amerlux Steel Corp L B Parker v-pres-mgr 
J A Bennett sec 74 New Montgy R633 

Amerman Guy L collr C I T Corp r Okld 

Amerose Michl J chauf r626 Polk 

Amerotti J fctywkr r6 Scotland 

Amery Grace power opr Simmons Co r Okld 

" Reginald J W mfrs agt 22 Battery R418 
r Ala 

Ames A P r321 Fulton 

" Alan H with Ames Harris Neville Co r Bur- 

" Albt J grain 465 Calif R838 r Bkly 

AMES ALDEN (Maude) Municipal Judge Dept 
3, City Hall, h3028 Clay 

" Alden Jr r3028 Clay 

" Alice Mrs h839 Golden Gate av 

" Alma Mrs with P E Compton & Co rl235 

" Alvin C (Annie) chemist hl454 20th av 

" Ambrose N lab h612 Bosworth 

" Annie E rl454 20th av 

" Arleen C elk SPCo r Okld 

" B Wm (A Gae) electn h363 Richland av 

" Bee waiter r38 Washburn 

" Benj H mining 235 Montgy R1264 h895 

" Brewster F (Kath) lawyer 690 Market R309 
h2019 Paciflc av 

" Chas r556 Judson av 

" Chas E (Emily L) elk 137 Beulah 

" Chas S (Ina) mach h656 Judson av 

" Chester A sec-treas J R Hanify Co r Pied- 


Royal-Liverpool Groups for Security and Service 

Roynl Insuranco Company. Ltd. 

Qurrn Insurnnce Compniiy o( Amprlca 

The Newark Plre Insvinince Company 

American & ForclRn Insurance Company 

Capital PIre Insurnncc Company o( Calif. 

Liverpool & London * Globe Ins. Co.. Ltd. 

(See PaKe 1726) 

Star Insurance Company of America 
Federal Union Insurance Company 

Ray Decker, Manager Pacific Department 

201 Sansome St., San Francisco 

Phone DO uglas 5855 

AMES , , „ 

" Dale D Evelyn) br mgr Wakelee Drug Co 

h3090 Beach ., „ 

» Edunr P drfismn Arth Brown ]r rI35 Pre- 
sidio av ., . 
- Elbert N ofnce 405 MontRy R520 r San Mateo 
" Eleanor L h3350 Jackson 
•' EUlston R musician h347 Waller 
" Everett E with Ames Harris Neville Co r San 

" Fannie (wld A H) r lOO'l Palou av . , . 
« FItz-Oerald I Florence) lawyer 690 Marlcet 

R309 h3I Woodland av 
AMES FLETCHER. V-Pres Ames Harria Ne- 
ville Co. r Palo Alto 
" Florence r Hotel Cecil 
" Frances atdt U C Hosp r316 18th av 
" Frank A iMarcellal sec Monotype Co of 

Calif hl565 34th av 
" Geo (EUzi cook h304 Waller 
» Gertrude r222 Leavenworth 
" Grace Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl80 11th av 
" -Hard Co (R W Ames. B S Hard) adv 138 

" Harold F elk r997 Dolores 

and Cotton Bags, Tents. Awnings, Im- 
porters Baffs and Burlap. Ludlow Sales 
Corp Ban Twines. Gcnl OIBcc and Sales- 
room 3S(>0 ITth cor Florida, Tel HE mlock 
8.T00 (See left side lines and page 170S) 
" J B Mrs hl400 Greenwich 
AMES JAIMES H. Pres-Treas Ames Harris Ne- 
ville Co. r Oakland 
" John R stevedore rl47 Park 
" Jos H diamond setter 704 Market R912 r Ala 
" June rl85 Parker av 
" Kathleen r2770 Bway 
" Kathleen maid 2770 Bway 
» Lawrence C slsmn Weeden & Co r Piedmont 
" Louis G (Alice 1 elecn h80 Boyce 
" Lucille rl27 Ellis 
" Luella Mrs h2415 Van Ness av 
" Marct C Mrs rl85 Parker av 
" Mavis r347 Waller 
" May r20 12th 
" Mav M Mrs r321 Fulton 
" Marlon H (wid C Wl hl47 Park 
" Noreen D sec B F Ames r2019 Pacific av 
» Oscar D (Mary) bkpr h360 Arlington 
" Paul (Lindberg & Freese) r Oakland 
" Ralph W (Calista) (Ames-Hard Co) h47 Noe 
" Ruby stcn r304 Waller 
" Ruth mlnr rl454 20th av 
" Supply Co E S White br mgr typewriter supp 

583 Market st 6th fl 
" Thos (Frances! Jan r823 48th av 
" Walter S (Grace G) police hl80 11th av 
" W R Co W R Ames pres. R A Folsom v-pres. 
H E Brown treas sheet metal wk 150 
" Wm P (Tullie) chemist hl454 20th av 
" Wm R pres Wllllams-WaUace Co and W R 

Ames Co r Los Altos 
Amesqulto Alex r458 Van Ness av S 
" Zacarias (Bernardina) lab h458 Van Ness 

av S 
Amev Harrv E dir City & County Recreation 

bent h350a Fulton 
Amezcua Anita smstrs r2804 Bush 
" Emily (wid John) r2804 Bush 
" John G leatherwkr r2804 Bush 
" Marie smstrs r2804 Bush 
Amgwerd Jos h233 Dolores 

Amicarelll Alfonse (Giouvannl) h325 Senecca 
Amick Arth P tech sergt U S Grant 
" Erwin (Florence) sign pntr h261 5th av 
" John r34 Turk 

Amico Jos D (Emllie) stove ftr h3440 24th 
• Amieva Manuel M jr chemist W P Puller & Co 
h2346 North Point 
Amigo G B Co (J L De Matel Jas Cognasso) 

produce 221 Washn 
" Henry J (Winifred I stock broker 235 Montgy 

R1506 h3065 Clay 
" Maria (wld G B) rl25 Del Monte 
AmlkoS H r907 Steiner 
Amlll M jan rSOHi Columbus av 
Amino P elk K Furuga 
" Wesley (Margt) brake adj h4356 23rd 
Aminos Ernest r314 3d 
Amio Nino h391 Pennsylvania av 
Amiot Aug C iMargtJ steward h209 Prospect av 
" John B r552 Greenwich 
" John B jr elk h552 Greenwich 
" Rodolphe (Elsie) (Amiot & Boehm) h 38 

Brighton av 
" & Boehm (Rudolphe Amiot, F J Boehm) 

cbtmkrs 329 Commercial 
Amlrez John r487 Hayes 
Amity Lodge No 370 P & A M 2668 Mission 
" Rebekah Lodge No 161 I O O P 26 7th 
Amling Harold R mgr Coast Whol Florists r 

San Mateo 
Amlong Cecil Mrs hl029 Geary 
" W hl770 Pine 

Amman Marguerite with Calif-Coml Union- 
Ocean Group r210 27th av 
Ammann Chris brush mkr rl20 Hvde 
" Elsie H sten Hills Bros r775 Post 
" Geo (Gerdal h3827 23d 

" Jos A (Elsie) servmn Internatl Printing Ink 
Corp h661 19th av 


" Werner J v-pres Calif Supply Co Inc r Sac- 
" Wm (Cath) (Bates & Ammann) h 741 9th av 
" Wm E brush mkr hl853 Webster 
Ammentl Ollva Mrs hl078 Tennessee 
Ammer Rowena r3155 Divlsadero 
Ammerlch Albt shtmtlwkr r237 3d 
Ammerman Agnes Mrs hl44a Washn 
" Alma beauty shop 1155 Geneva av r639 do 
" Chester plstr h22 Gough 
" M Alva r9 Broderick 
" Margt M Mrs sten Presbyterian Sales Agcy 

r9 Broderick 
" Otis (Alma) plstr h5532 Mission 
Ammesloy Marie maid 2525 Webster 
Ammirati Jos (Josephine) drugs 6295 3d 
" Mary elk rl450 Newcomb av 
Ammiro Frank mach r864 Lombard 
-' Gulseppe mach r705 Hampshire 
Amnion Arth F (Rena) br mgr Lundstrom Hat 

Co h2028 Hyde 
Ammons Bernlta M elk rl249 Willard 
" David C crmrywkr r574 Monterey blvd 
•' Estelle G elk rl249 Willard 
" Irene (wid Johnl hl249 Willard 
" J Harold (Mvrtlel mech Universal Safety 

Co hl246 Biish 
Amner Ethyl sten McCann-Erickson Inc r576 

42d av 
" H Melvin radio techn Coast Radio Co r390 

29th av 
" Lavonia J Mrs hl28 Cora 
Amnwyl Griffith restr wkr rl218 4th 
Amonette Clarence O attv SPCo r Bkly 
Amonini John (Irene) hl915 Filbert 
Amoratis Jas restr 139 6th rl35 do 
Amore Edw (Grace) mach hl049 Pacific 
" Sarino elk r908 Union 
Amoreaux Adrian (Lena) driller hll45 Polk 
Amoree John (Marie) pntr h381a 21st av 
Amarosa Carmel r27 Mdrrell 
" Louis (Maryl Jan h27 Morrell 
Amoroso Angelo carp r2190 Keith 
" Augustine auto mech rl57 Winfleld 
" Edmund r497.5 Mission 
" Prank lab rI480 Church 
" Frank C (Mary) bldg contr 2190 Keith hll36 

" Frank C jr carp rl336 Kearny 
" John B (Marie) clo clnr 1965 Polk h4975 

" Jos (Rose) shoe renr 3297 22d hl57 Winfleld 
" Julio clo clnr 2063 Union rl959 do 
" Linda elk rl57 Winfleld 
" Louis J (Rose) acct Calaveras Cement Co 

hl478 Church 
" Maria (wid Peter) hl480 Church 
" Pearl rl57 Winfield 
" Peter elk r216 Minerva 
" Peter elk rl336 Kearny 
" Philip lab City Parks Dept h327 Holly Park 

" Ralph (Camille) lab hl418a Pacific 
" Salvatore hl344 Mason 
" Salvatore supt P C Amoroso rl336 Kearny 
" Violet r4975 Mission 
" Wm carp rl336 Kearny 
Amorsen Louis (Dagmar) meter rdr hl626 

" Margt C sten Butler Bros r Palo Alto 
Amos Alex C (Theresa) meat ctr h550 Larkin 
" Arnet (Adelaide) singer h388 Corbett av 
" Chas L optom 26 O'Farrell R500 r490 Geary 
" Chas W (Ada) stevedore hl415 Dolores 
" Chauncey M (Doris H) elk h4354 18th 
" David printer rl233 19ht av 
" Emerson W (Kathryn M) dist mgr Massa- 
chusetts Bonding & Ins Co h550 39th av 
" Gilbert B (Helen! slsmn Am Type Founders 

Sales Corp hSlOl Scott 
" Lee (Annie) pntr hl233 19th av 
" Madison T (Mary) hl330 Union 
" Mary L h973 Grove 

Amoss Malcolm E (Dorothy) slsmn h50 Mari- 
etta dr 
" Ruth L rl327 Fell 

Amoto Laverio coil spring opr rl363 Rivero av 
Amouh Najev E tailor r970 Post 
Amparo Diaz h737 Greenwich 
Amnhlett H Mrs h2400 Van Ness av 
" Richd M credit mgr Wm Volker & Co r San 

Ampis Jas h74 Turk 

Amrath Mary E Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl097 Green 
Amrein Louis slsmn Curt Degler 
Amrock Mae E bkpr r676 San Jose av 
" Patk J h676 San Jose av 

Amsbaugh Archie E (Blossom) phys 3173 21st 
" Donna L sten Better Business Bur hll60 

" Sarah C (wld C E) rll60 Clay 
Amsberry Dale C (Helen) dept mgr Federal 

Knuckey Truck Co h346 27th av 
Amsbury Glenn H aud U S Int Rev r Bkl y 
Amsden Clarence E (Irma A) flremn SPFD 

h858 48th av 
" Earle S (Florence) slsmn Barash & Douglas 

hl626 Pacheco 
" Florence D Mrs (Barash & Douglas) rl626 

Amsel Martin B hl206'/2 Divlsadero 

Amslcr Chas L (Alice A I chaut h4430 25th 
" Chas S (Mary Jl shtmtlwkr State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h273 Chattanooga 
" Ethel H Mrs smstrs r264a Octavla 
" Harold V r264a Octavla 
" Henrietta r310 WlUaj-d 
■' Herman elk h310 Willard 
" Irma sten r310 Willard 
" John R (Helen F) hl062 Huron av 
" Margt G Mrs elk h2400 Van Ness av 
" Thelma L coner Maypole Dye Wks r407a 

Amstead A M (Sadie) garage equip 923 Polk 

r556 Geary 

Amstein Allen (Gertrude) flremn SPFD hl385 

" Gertrude Mrs elk Co Agrl Comm rl386 

" Harold M garmt ctr r273 27th 
" Jessie (wid Arnold) h273 27th 
" Lois r273 27th 
" Rudolph pntr r273 27th 
" Stanley elk r273 27th 
Amsterdam Betty R Mrs usher h340 Eddy 
" Edw T musician rSOl Fillmore 
" Emanuel h 940 Post 
" Max (Jennie) musician h801 Fillmore 
Amthor Oscar W (Grace) wallpaper 1138 Sut- 
ter h2760 Polk 
" Wm R slsmn O W Amthor r2760 Polk 
Amtman Nickolaus restrwkr r563 Joost av 
" Rudolph (Julia J) h563 Joost av 
Amtorg Trading Corp J A Lambert mgr Imptrs 

260 Calif R607 
Amundsen Albt (Julia) mariner hll93 Noe 
" Andw seamn rl690 Sanchez 
" Chrlsta J Mrs maid 2110 Scott 
" Earl (Ida) tcty wKr hl445 Oak 
" Prank r2307 Taylor 
" Louis mtrmn Mun Ry r520 25th 
" Nels (Tillie) rigger h214 Harkness 
Amundson Alvln G slsmn Langendort Bakeries 

Inc r706 25th av 
" Arle r785 Folsom 
" Carl hieiO Sutter 
" John rl610 Sutter 
Amunsen Louis (Christine) Mtrmn Mun Ry 

h706 25th av 
Amunson Jack P (Walla) h2185 Bay 
Amuschastegui Jorge consul genl Argentine 
Amyan Geo dental techn rl052 Fulton 
Amyot Jean C (Helen Gl elk h747a Noe 
Anable Rosa G Mrs h2041 Hyde 
" Wm hat fnshr r214 Fillmore 
Anaconda Wire & Cable Co L M Lethlne mgr 

360 9th 
Anacortes Lumber Co R A Mackln mgr 112 

Market R832 
Anagnos Geo (Constidana) lab h78 Sheridan 
Anagnostou Ous waiter r533 Connecticut 
" John baker r533 Connecticut 
" Mary (wid Nick) h533 Connecticut 
Anaheim J D h389 Guerrero 
Anaker John A rl550 Fillmore 
Anallo Louis clo clnr 2934 24th 
Ananos Harry barber HI Sutter R 603 r Okld 
Anariakis Geo r356 3d 
Anasofl Paul mldr r 242 Orient 
Anastasi A tailor r654 Capp 
" Antone (Mary) barber hl933 Mason 
" Antone A (Fannie) formn Haslett Whs Co 

hl32 Bosworth 
" Florence candy pkr rl938 Mason 
" Prank Lorenzia gro 347 Union h345 do 
" Prank P (Teresa) printer Manchester Pub- 
lications h2039 Jefferson 
" Geo J (Sally) elk rl23 Westwood dr 
" Josephine sample girl Pac Coast Candy Co 

rl938 Mason 
"Nick (Mary) slsmn Pac Beverage Distributors 

h64 Cervantes blvd 
Anastole Pete (Sophie) casing mn Union Prod- 
ucts Corn hl56 Lundvs la 
Anaston Gus't barber 2956 26th 
Anava H Arth (Josephine) clo clnr 229 Jones 
" Josephine M sten WPRRCo r229 Jones 
" Marvin (Jean) dftsmn Dept Pub Wks hl427 

11th av 
" Pedro mattress mkr Simmons Co r85 14th 
" Theo (Dolores) h7 San Carlos 
Anberg Edw E (Anna I) deckhd h621 Morse 
" Nettie E elk r435 Gough 
" Winston (Florence) elk SPCo r340 Hayes 
Ancalmi Ernest jwlr rl423 Newcomb av 
Ancell Steven W (Lille El carp h49 Liberty 
" Violet P maid 1816 Vallejo 
Ancelone Frank (Eva) barber hl50 Elsie 
Anchell Addle (wid Jos) r2265 Bway 
Ancher Louis Mrs hl630 Sacto 
Ancheta Graciano atdt St Joseph's Hosp r211 

" Pedro porter rigil Page 
Anchick Gertrude A sten r795 Brunswick 
" Jack C factvwkr 1795 Brunswick 
Ancholi Seraphino (Angela) h538 Paris 
Llndersmith) Manufacturers. Jobbers and 
Repairers of Brass Goods. Expert Gauge 
Testing and Repairing. 145 Steaart, Tel 
DO uglas 8341 
" Cap & Closure Corp Hugh Crawford mgr 

metal caps 230 Calif 
" Chain Safe Deposit Co Sarah G Canty 
pres 11 Steuart 



Mer, S J Marks Asst Mgr, Steamship Line, 

001 Marliet, Tel SU tier 6720 
" Drug Co A L Garibaldi mgr 515 Columbus av 
» Investment Co Ltd P W Hanchett pres, Mrs 

Bessie Tway sec 3440 25th 

R Weinmann Asst Mgr, 340 Pine, Xel 

DO Dglas 6606 
ANCHOR LINE, A B Swezey Mgr, S J Marks 

Asst Mgr, Steamship Line, 501 Market, Tel 

SU tter 6720 
Anchor Packing Co Theo Easier br mgr meat 

packing 674 3d 
" Post Fence Co of Calif W R Mills pres 460 

5 th 
" Vola elk State Dlv of Corporations hi 130 

Anchou Mary r520 Ashbury 
Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots Supreme 

Pyramid Karl Eber supreme scribe 760 

Market R854 
" Order of Foresters office of High Court W J 

Pople genl sec 12 Geary R603 
" Order of Hibernians Division No 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 

17 454 Valencia 
" Order of Hiberians Div No 4, 1st 2d 3d 4705 

" Order of Hibernians Ladies' Auxiliary County 

Board Division 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. 8. 9 and 12 

454 Valencia 
Ancker Abr sec Marks Bros 
" Louis barber Ruge & Gast rl630 Sacto 
Anckers A r875 Post 

Ancoin Wm S hosp atdt Veterans' Administra- 
tion Facility 
Ancona Annie r2639 Hyde 
" Jos mattress mkr r2639 Hyde 
" Leo (Mary) flshermn h829 Lombard 
" Margt Mrs h360 Hvde 
" Peter (Josephine) flshermn h2639 Hyde 
" Wm r2639 Hvde 
Anconetani Angelo (Ida) (Tonsorial Parlor) 

hl5 Heyman av 
" John (Tonsorial Parlor) r3546 Mission 
Anconi John 1r musician h3546 Mission 
Andalft Lillian Mrs hl335 Union 
Andariena E (Carmen) elk hB64 Bway 
Andelsted S E hl54 Mallorca way 
" Sherwood slsmn Golden State Co rl54 Mal- 
Ander Eliz (wid Fredk) h352a Shotwell 
" Fred r352a Shotwell 

Anderberg Arth A (Hilda M) h2187 32d av 
" Aug (Anne) (Anderberg & McCaron) hlBO 

Vasouez av 
" & McCaron (Aug Anderberg, J P McCaron) 

sht mtl wks 2041 Polk 
Anderegg Albt E (Elsie N) glass wkr hl319B 

" Andw A lab rl319a Florida 
" Dewey P (Claudia F) police SFPD rl30 Ge- 
neva av 
" Inga elk SPCo r 3048 Jackson 
" Jos (Dorothy) h938 Santiago 
" Mary Mrs h518a Jersey 
Andereggen A jan r657 Shotwell 
" Camil (Veronica) h67 Florentine av 
" Henry C electn r67 Florentine av 
Anderes Henry A (Mary) auto mech r3j59a 22d 
Anderholm Axel A (Elin A) baker h72 Cordova 
" Edwin r4381 25th 
" Frank E r4381 25th 
" Jay E r4381 25th 
" Lars h4381 25th 
" ROV H r4381 25th 
" Tekia r4381 25th 

Anderle Jos C (Anna) bartdnr h907 Diamond 
Anderlini Andw (Celeste) h443 Pennsylvania av 
" Andy waiter Club Cairo r770 Filbert 
" Elio lawyer 21 Columbus av R205 r443 Penn- 
sylvania av 
" Ermino (Alice) h770 Filbert 
" Julia M typist SPCo r2012 Keith' 
" Lillian L Mrs sten Northam Warren Sales Co 

r443 Pennsylvania av 
" Manuel (Violette) auto mech Merwin & 

Holtzen h909 Church 
" Mary (wid Anton) h2012 Keith 
" Peter R mgr Warehouse Service Co r443 

Pennsylvania av 
Andermahr Frank (Louisa) h946 Eddy 
An Der Mahr Fred (Alice) h845 Balboa 
Anderovich Mariena Mrs hl275 25th av 
ANDERS, See also Andres and Enders 
" Albt L with Shreve & Co r4368 17th 
" Geo (Margt) jan h87 Maynard 
" Mary A (wid A A) h4368 17th 
" Zoe (wid J I h3501 Divisadero 
ANDERSEN, See also Anderson 
" Albt (Gladys L) artist Graphic Arts Photo 

Engr & Color Plate Co h2506 35th av 
" Alf collr h85 Buena Vista ter 
" Alf (Lina) pntr h76 Wolfe 
" Alf L creditmn Western Sugar Refinery 

r Bkly 
" Alice E smstrs h4558 19th 
" Andw (Mary I baker 3695 Sacto h3689 do 
" Andw C safety eng Shell Oil Co r Millbrae 
" Andw G (Clara A) seamn h221 Noe 
" Andy lab r234 Duncan 
" Anna (wid N E) h638 Paris 
" Antine A r3776 22d 
" Anton B (Meryl J) concessionist h4726 Ca- 

" Arth elk Kee Lox Mfg Co r Bkly 
" Arth h450 Haight 
" Arth & Co E C Nelson mgr accts 235 Montgy 

" Arth A acct Howard Auto Co r Okld 
" Arth J (Bertha) mech eng hl266 30th av 
" Arth M (Ruth) bkpr h2090 Fell 
" Arvid V (Emily) artist h585 Buena Vista av 
" Aug seamn r479 3d 
" Avis tchr r46 Cook 


" Blance M elk r2131 Pierce 

" C Fred (Grace E) hl222 39th av 

" Camille E Mrs hl377 Fulton 

" Carl C hll06 Plymouth av 

" Carl H (Henrietta) plstr h956 Cayuga av 

" Chas (Henriette) carp hl50 Granville way 

" Chas (Frieda) jan Shell Bldg 

" Chas J (Sally) carp h470 Campbell av 

" Chas J waiter h2708 Harrison 

" Chris (Emma I h50 Dwight 

" Chris (Adeline A) genl contr h3776 22d 

" Christ (Laura) h328 Cumberland 

" Christian (Anna) h4160 20th 

" Christian (Marie H) carp hl46 Granville way 

" Christine (wid Anton) r837 47th av 

" Christine elk rl50 Granville way 

" Clarence rl409 Noe 

" Clarence R elk r55 Ledyard 

" Cornelius M Jan rl40 Ellis 

" Donald pntr r76 Wolfe 

" Edw L escrow oflcer City Title Ins Co 
r San Mateo 

" Einar pntr r3039 Harrison 

" Eliza A h825 Jones 

" Emma J r714 22d 

" Ethel T elk Veterans' Administration Fa- 
cility r745 Rockdale dr 

" Evla J typist SPCo rl683 Ellis 

" Finn (Olga) carp h4236a 25th 

" Fredk E dried fruits 260 Calif R308 h2286 

" Geo r272 Lisbon 

" Geo I (Jeannette) pres Andersen-Smith 
Milling Co hl580 Beach 

" Geo M (Ruby J) stevedore h714 22d 

" Geo M Jr r714 22d 

" Grover A electn h242 Arguello blvd 

" Gus (Loretta) stevedore h276 Hermann 

" H Andw r242 Arguello blvd 

" Hans (Marian) pntr h271 Flood av 

ANDERSEN HANS H, General Automobile Re- 
pairing and Towing, 1259 9th Av, Tel 
MO ntrose 2986, rl4M 10th Av, Tel MO nt- 
rose 5680 

" Hans M (Hattle) baker h3122 Sacto 

" Hans P hl484 10th av 

" Hans V (Elsa) jwlr 638 Market h2751 Clay 

" Harold A (Harriet) mech h325 Tara 

" Harold M jan rl40 Ellis 

" Harriett C factywkr r2122 Filbert 

" Harry E (Bertha) auto mech h3018 Mission 

" Helen h427 Slst av 

" Helen bkpr r638 Paris 

" Henry E (Mildred) chauf h47 De Wolf 

" Henry S h949 Valencia 

" Herbt P (Kath) slsmn h315 Vicente 

" Hilda (wid Martin) h531 Alvarado 

" Holgar C (Christine) h249 Page 

" Jas M elk Am Tr Co r4109 Judah 

" Jens C (Christina) sta eng h3627 Irving 

" John h689 Florida 

" John (Loretta) rll24 Florida 

" John mtrmn hl370 24th av 

" John A (Margt) (New Orleans Coffee Par- 
lor) rl275 17th av 

" John J elk rl062 Dolores 

" Jonas (Martha) awning repr hl409 Noe 

" Julius (Margt) locksmith h259 Sanchez 

" Kal (Lillian) plstr h956 Cavuga av 

" Knud K (Mary) slsmn h244d Market 

" Lawrence slsmn Proctor & Gamble Distr Co 
r Okld 

" Lena E tchr Pub Sch r242 Arguello blvd 

" Leslie chauf r272 Lisbon 

" Lillian maid 3652 Clay 

" Lillie E hd elk City and County Controller 
r2542 27th av 

" Marie dom h2292 Bush 

" Marie Mrs hl488 18th av 

" Mary Mrs hi 124 Florida 

" Mary s sten M Thompson & Co r Okld 

" Mathias (Andersen & Meyer) rl751 Market 

" Melven C elk rl409 Noe 

" Neil C mach r443 Naples 

" Niels A (Ellen M) chauf h615 Castro 

" Norbeth J (Diane) mach h479 Elizabeth 

" Olaf (Kath) stevedore h454 Jersey 

" Oluf (Caroline) stevedore h55 Leciyard 

" Oscar auto mech r272 Lisbon 

" Oscar pntr r563 Prentiss 

" Otto (Edna) serv sta opr h420 Baker 

" Otto H (Lilly) h3610 Folsom 

" Paul rlOlSa Van Ness av S 

" Paul whsmn Glass Containers Inc 

" Pearl rill Webster 

" Peter (Mariana) pntr hl015a Van Ness av S 

" Peter J r725 Kirkham 

" Ralph elk r76 Wolfe 

" Richd r454 Jersey 

" Richd R elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 

" Robt carp h4082 Army 

" Roy chauf r272 Lisbon 

" Rudolph C (Lulu) pntr h4020 18th 

" S John elk SOCo r Bkly 

" Sally wrapper r47D Campbell av 

" Sanil (Mary) collr J H Wiley h33 Nantucket 

" Segurd (Esther) stevedore h362 Cumberland 

" -Smith Milling Co G I Andersen pres R J 
Smith v-pres L J Petralli sec feed 125 

" Sverre (Frieda) mariner h501 Rolph 

" Theo A (Barbara) mach rl362 Haight 

" Theo S (Jewell) auto mech rl829 Scott 

" Thos (Mabel) elk r31a 40th av 

" Thorwald (Theresa) oiler h737 Faxon av 

" Una C maid h930 Leavenworth 

" Walter N linotyper 50O Sansome R306 r540 

" Walter R shopmn r362T Irving 

" Wm rl06 6th 

" Wm (Andersen & Nilsson) 

" Wm (Vera) carp hl381 Washn 

" Wm tentmkr r474 Natoma 


" Wm C (Agnes E) window shade mkr h208 

Parker av 
" Wm G r714 22d 
" Wm G chauf r2875 Mission 
" & Meyer (Mathias Andersen Peter Meyer) 

gro 6 Valencia 
" & Nilsson (Wm Andersen Waldemar Nils- 
son) restr 597 Turk 
ANDERSON, See also Andersen 
" A A r246 Mason 
" A A Mrs h262a Sacto 

"AC wtchmn State Terminal Co r45e Post 
" A L jwlr Granat Bros r Okld 
"AN mtrmn Mkt St Ry r668 Oak 
" A Otto (Birgit) (Anderson & Rowe) h45 

" Ada C sten Parke Davis & Co rl752 Green- 
" Addie Mrs r203 9th 
" Adler L (Rita) driver h272 Lisbon 
" Adolph h3755 Divisadero 
" Adolph (Nellie) contr h230 Hazelwood av 
" Adolph mstr mariner hllOl Green 
" Adolph wtchmn r2320 Bryant 
" Adolph D (Angelina) elk h201 Sussex 
" Adrien L (Evelyn) safety eng SOCo hsaa 

34th av 
" Agnes priv sec Sherman Clay & Co r Okld 
" Agnes S r3931 Folsom 
" Albt hl77 Elsie 
" Albt r446 Lisbon 
" Albt (May) candymkr rl03 Wool 
" Albt (Bertha) cook hl21 Coleridge 
" Albt drftsmn r941 Ocean av 
" Albt lab D J & T Sullivan 
" Albt (Elma) pntr h2150 Golden Gate av 
" Albt steewkr rl428 Post 
" Albt (Eda) wtchmn h620 21st av 
" Albt with Bancroft-Whitney Co r Okld 
" Albt A (Alice M) tmstr h50 Morse 
" Albt C elk r2115 Scott 
" Albt E elk SPCo r Burlingame 
" Albt F (Lillian) flremn SFFD h96 Cumber- 
" Albt F furn repr r531 Guerrero 
" Albt H (Thelma) elk SPCo h2807 Market 
" Albt J h4719 Geary blvd 
" Albt J Jan rll35 Bush 

" Albt L (Edith C) chauf h508 Monterey blvd 
" Albt L elk rl68 16th av 
" Albt O examiner Atlas Assurance Co rl60 

" Albt W (Winifred) chauf r445 Hoffman av 
" Albertena elk r3234 Missouri 

" Albin seamn r479 3d 

" Albin G (Alma) pilemn h284 Collingwood 

" Aldwin lab rl084 Folsom 

" Alex h2941 Gough 

" Alex (Annie) carp h337 HoUoway av 

" Alex elk rlOlO Bush 

" Alex C (Alexindrina) carp h4775 19th 

" Alex O (Vera) slsmn h99 Clarendon 

" Alex W (Hazel) elk h276 Sanchez 

" Alfaretta (wid Cornelius) hl870 9th av 

" Alf (Isabel) mtrmn h30O8 Harrison 

" Alf seamn r419 Drumm 

" Alf (Irene) stevedore h501 Andover 

" Alf A jr elk Victor Welding Equip Co r Ala 

" Alf E (Florence I) chmn Bd of CJontrol The 
River Lines h2195 Sacto 

" Alf K printer Osborne Prntg Co r Sausalito 

" Alf W eng H J Brunnier r Okld 

" Algot N housemover rl073 14th 

" Alice (United Artists Beauty Salon) r455 

" Alice sten h3591 19th 

" Alice Mrs rl235 Laguna 

" Alice Mrs hl40 Swiss av 

" Alice E r92 Brentwood av 

" Alice E bkpr C M Volkman & Co r6S2 

" Alice H sten rl234 23d av 

" Alice M Mrs hl339 26th av 

" Allen musician r211 Vicksburg 

" Allen (Anna) slsmn hl069 Hampshire 

" Allen C rSOl Baker 

" Alma (wid Knute) r729 Hyde 

" Alma r850 Innes 

" Alma chef Shriners Hosp 

" Alma sten Owens Illinois Pac Coast Co rll4 

" Alma C examiner State Compensation Ina 
Fund hSlO Hyde 

" Alva sten Levi Strauss & Co rl030 Sanchez 

" Alvin T r2 Meda av 

" Alvina I sten Anchor Post Fence Co r2864 

" Alys M sten Genl Cable Corp rl330 Pine 

" Amanda (wid J A) hl30 Precita av 

" Amanda Mrs hll51 Octavia 

" Amy sten Redman Alexander & Bacon rl55 

" Amy Mrs h426 Edinburgh 

" Anders M displaymn Moore Ltd r Okld 

" Andw rl036 Ellis 

" Andw (Rachel) h3828 Market 

" Andw r364 9th 

" Andw r612 19th av 

" Andw rlOO San Pablo av 

" Andw (Rose I carp h55a Divisadero 

" Andw carp Met Life Ins Co r Okld 

" Andw elk Crocker First Natl Bank r Bkly 

" Andw electn h380 29th 

" Andw (Bulena) lab h234 Duncan 

" Andw printer hl325 Green 

" Anclw seamn r214 Jackson 

" Andw seamn rl362 Webster 

" Andw tailor rl045 Leavenworth 

" Andw tailor rl40 Mason 

" Andw woodcarver r531 Guerrero 

" Andw C (Mabel) h733 Castro 

" Andw C (Owl Transfer Co Inc) r787 25th av 

" Andw c (Minnie) carp hl52 Vicksburg 

" Andw F (Clara A) h48 Guttenberg 


ANDERSON „ ^. , . 

» Andw O slsmn Union Oil Co rB9 01»ren- 

don ftv 
" Andw P lUlllei cook liHSS 10th «v 
" Andw P iMnryi waiter Ii3608 Army 
" Aiidw W I Florence 1 teller AnRlo-Callf Natl 

Bank 111 OtseRO av „„,v„, 

» Andv beer 80 Tlie Embarcndero rllS Market 
" Andy checker rllOB Bush 
» Anna h2134 Oeary 
" Anna cook r2512 Pttclflc av 
" Anna Mrs r85 Uth 
" Anna Mrs h787 35lh bv 
" Anna Mrs h675 Willow 
» Anna (Wld Oi r35 Cook 
" Anna iwld Larsi h797 Hampshire 
" Anna (wld Jasi h357 Howth 
" Anna (wld Gusi h4373 25th 
" Anna C (wld C P> maid r213 Clipper 
" Anna J elk SPCo r Okld 
" Anna L rB60 Elizabeth 
" Anna M v-prln Portola Junior High Ben 

.' Annalfc/ M'Js"t''chr Pub Sch h379 20th av 

■• Annabelle h2310 Chestnut 

" Anne Mrs rl357 Clay 

" Annette hI163 Sanchez 

" Annette Mrs h5-14 28th 

" Annie rl745 Bush 

" Annie rl903 Lyon 

" Annie cook 827 Guerrero 

" Annie Mrs me 18th av 

" Annie Mrs sugar wkr rl335 25th av 

" Annie M (wld Julius i h59 Ramona 

" Anton meat ctr hl609 Franklin 

" Anton B concessionlst r4726 Cabrlllo 

" Anton E I Marie I det mer Butler Bros 

" Anton J I Emma Ai U S A h2756 Baker 

" Antone h548 Harrison 

" Arch carrier h753 Waller 

" Arlow L iGenevlevei hl881 Page 

" Arno stevedore h3641 19th 

" Arth (Gracei h2533 Harrison 

" Arth r446 Lisbon 

" Arth carp r318 Foerster 

" Arth carp h564 Waller 

" Arth restr 460 Haight r45a do 

" Arth slsmn hl214 Polk 

" Arth slsmn Dimmer Hdw Co r Daly City 

" Arth sis mgr Lundstrom Ltd 

" Arth A (Aina Ml stevedore h418 Cordova 

" Arth E elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank r2B64 24th 

" Arth E (Gracei reprmn SOCo r2533 Harrison 

" Arth G asst port eng Robt Dollar Co r San 

Do fop] 

" Arth G lab rl43 Brighton av 

" Arth H (Lavinai h845 Pine 

" Arth H photo engr r223 28th 

" Arth H lEbbal slsmn h359 Peninsula av 

" Arth H supt Sheldon Bldg hl492 CaliJ 

" Arth J (Martha HI chauf hl443 Funston av 

" Arth L elk The Gute Co Ltd r San Mateo 

" Arth O r3093 Army 

" Arth R iLila Bi elk h819 44th av 

" Arth T (Alice Wl atdt Sutro Baths h973 

" Arvid E (Estellei pntr hl35 Capp 
" Arvid V (Emilv) artist h3719 17th 
" Arvin H (Pauline) stmftr h309 Elm 
" Ashbv (Evelynl cond h668 Oak 
" Aug hl546 10th av 
" Aug carp r731 Harrison 
" Aug (Charlotte 1 ironwkr h566 Moultrie 
" Aug seamn rl635 21st av 
" Aug A lOlgai gloves 271 Geary hl26 Lenox 

" Aug G (Louise( h30 Surrey 
" Augusta Mrs h4210 Balboa 
" Augusta Mrs h2507 Pine 
" Aurie J elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Axel h649 Haight 
" Axel (Anna) h2115 Scott 
" Axel (Svlviai baker hl313 Bosworth 
" Axel (Dagny) baker hl51 HoUaday av 
" Axel E carp rl227 De Hare 
" Axel c«( Helen 1 mattress mkr h283 Flourney 
" Axel M (Doris) h2085 Hayes 
" Axel R ]an r2115 Scott 
" Axel V (Ellen) lab h775 Chenery 
" B Axel (Hilma) chauf h651 18th av 
" Barbara M (wid Edw) h 117 Delmar 
of Food Machy Corp, Canning Machinery 
Supplies, Dried Fruit Packers Equipment, 
70 Pine, Tel GA rfield 2330 

" Beatrice A elk r201 Sussex 

" Benj S (Sadie) acct Trainer & Parsons hl66 

" Beriger F (Marie) acct Earl Fruit Co hl442 
30th av 

" Bernhard (Eda) USA h870 25th av 

" Bernhard v-pres Braas & Kuhn Co r Fairfax 

" Bernice sten r374 27th 

" Bernice M elk r707 Clayton 

" Bert rl31 Hugo 

" Bert (Bertha) carp h2908 Folsom 

" Bertha (wid Albt) hl77 Fair Oaks 

" Bertha A sten r357 Howth 

" Bertie W Mrs elk r378 Fuston av 

" Bertram L (Millie) ins agt hl61 27th av 

" Bess Indywkr hl41 13th 

" Beth nurse rl660 Dlvlsadero 

" Bettie D smstrs r 2 Hugo 

" Betty rl214 Polk 

" Betty nurse r258 Guerrero 

" Betty sten Pac States Sav & Loan Co rl085 

" Betty W slswn Weinstein Co rlOSO Bush 

" Beulah E elk hl262 40th av 

" Blanche Mrs hl523 O'Farrell 

" Brlger rl4 Clara 

" Bros Planing Mill & Mfg Co H E Anderson 
pres, P S Gavin sec (3uint cor Custer 

" Bruce llsabelle) hl060 Bush 

ANDERSON , „,, „ u 

" Bruce A (Lillian) USA h2731 Bush 
" Byron E (Gertrude) city supt SOCo hl990 

•' Byron J (Gertrude) mach h 3905 24th 
" c" slsmn Met Lndy Co r Palo Alto 
ANDKRSON C A, Funeral Director and Em- 
balmer, I.SS7 Valencia at i.ltli. Tel MI sslon 
ul.%0 (See left top lines and page 1719) 
•• C A pntr hl77a 14th 
" C A pres Anderson-Mattoon Co r Okld 
•■ C E hlOSO Bush 
" C P hlll4 Sutter 
" C Stewart marine eng r870 Sanchez 
" Carl h265 Fell 
" Carl (Olga) h3930 Mission 
" Carl (Anna) carp hl35 Flood av 
" Carl elk r852i2 Treat av 
" Carl driver rl63 Winding way 
" Carl expmn r400 2d av 
" Carl lab rl335 45th av 
" Carl lab rl911 Broderick 
" Carl mattress mkr rlll3 Egbert 
" Carl orderly r2091 Bush 
" Carl (Mariei painting contr rl80 Guerrero 
" Carl porter rl951 Sutter 

" Carl slsmn W N Moore Dry Gds Co r Okld 
" Carl A (Beulah) h92 Brentwood av 
" Carl A elk r574 Valley 
" Carl A iKath) mgr Tiedemann Apts h 493 

" Carl A (Olive) pntr hl475 12th av 
" Carl A (Beulah) prln Presidio Junior High 

Sch h92 Brentwood av 
" Carl A (Margoti steward h815 O'Farrell 
" Carl C violin mkr 948 Laguna 
" Carl E (Judithl waiter h512 Gates 
" Carl G (Anna S) h574 Valley 
" Carl G elk rSOl Baker 

" Carl G H eng Maryland Casualty Co r Bkly 
" Carl H (Hilda) collr Baldwin & Howell r2001 

" Carl I (Violet) carrier P O h2566 34th av 
" Carl J (Jennie) mtrmn Mun Ry h371 Cresent 
" Carl M (Marlon) editor h30 Merced av 
" Carl O mach r326 O'Farrell 
" Carl R elk r351 Turk 
" Carl V (Ethel) Indywkr h87 Diamond 
" Carl W (Emma) mach h3767 Army 
" CaroUne hl457 Geary 
" Caroline (wid Fred) h2038 20th av 
" Carolyn R acct Herberts-Moore Realty Co 

rl347 Jackson 
" Carlos draymn r258 Guerrero 
" Carlyle G drftsmn h2153 15th 
" Carmen (wld Harold) h3120 Franklin 
" Carroll J mgr Kath E Chinberg 
" Carter elev opr rl849 Bush 
" Cecelle A elk r655 Masonic av 
" Cecilia instr State Teachers College h230 

Santa Paula av 
" Chas (Mariei h250a Clementina 
" Chas h53 Landers 
" Chas h927 Plymouth av 
" Chas (Edna) r225 Powell 
" Chas hl951 Sutter 
" Chas jr r2343 29th av 
" Chas asst supt Crowley Launch & Tugboat 

Co r 1233 Fairfax av 
" Chas (Signei chauf h211 Vlcksburg 
" Chas tan rll88 Folsom 
" Chas lab r217 Clara 
" Chas mariner h305 Hyde 
" Chas (Matilda I miner h2343 29th av 
" Chas seamn r219 Steuart 
" Chas stevedore r346 Hale 
" Chas A hl504 Quesada av 

Anderson) 1387 Valencia, Tel Mission 0150, 
h628 Capp, Tel MI ssion 6613 
" Chas A r482 Waller 
" Chas A (Agnes M) bkpr W G Preddey h582 

45th av 
" Chas A (Mary E) elk h67 Lloyd 
" Chas A flremn SPFD h2011 17th av 
" Chas C r254 Staples av 
" Chas C lab h532 Douglass 
" Chas C mariner r25 Clay 
" Chas C sec Assoc Indemnity Corp r3265 

" Chas E (Ellen J) carp h429 Guerrero 
" Chas E (Alice I corp hl08 Montana 
" Chas E elk SOCo r Okld 
" Chas E cond Mun Ry r2489 Harrison 
" Chas E drugs 4754 Mission r426 Edinburgh 
" Chas E (Ella I sausage mkr hl7 Clement 
" Chas E (Hattie) musician hl7n Cabrlllo 
" Chas E jr coppersmth r 429 Guerrero 
" Chas P (Gracei elk hl222 39th av 
" Chas G (FriedaJ jan r2760 McAllister 
" Chas H hl440 Jones 
" Chas H (Marie) seamn h47 Crane 
" Chas J (Kathleen h307 Valencia 
" Chas J (May Li boatbldr h270 Randall 
" Chas O (Natalie Si seamn h215 Clayton 
" Chas R (Florence) slsmgr Rlchd Mackintosh 

h2300 Bay 
" Chas W rl373 7th av 
" Chas W elk h746 Geary 
" Charlotte L Mrs h329 6th av 
" Chris (Emmal carrier p O r50 Dwlght 
" Chris printer Cohen & Haskin 
" Chris (Mary) tool sharpener h772 Clemen- 
" Chris (Marhta) stevedore h3410 Mission 
" Christian (Louisa) Ingshrmn h377 1st 
" Christina (wid Thos) h801 Baker 
" Christina (wid Edw) r4166 25th 
" Christine Mrs maid h200 Anderson 
" Christine (wid Hans) r754 Post 
" Clara hl800 Bway 
" Clara Mrs h63D Fillmore 
" Clara M rl808 Pulton 
" Clara M hl030 Sanchez 
" Clarence A mach opr SPCo r Okld 
" Clarence E (Irene) (Stonebarger- Anderson 
I Co) h2270 North Point 


" Clarence E asst sec-treas Sperry Flour Co 

r Wm Taylor Hotel 
" Clarence H (Svbll H) h2300 Dlvlsadero 
" Clarence P asst v-pres Capital Co r Pled 
" Claude r941 Ellis 
" Claude M (Bertie) slsmn Western Stopper 

Co Inc h378 Funston av 
" Clayton emp Peerless Curtain Mills r Bkly 
" Clayton service mn Typewrltorlum Co r70l 

5th av 
" Clemence (wld C E) hl263 41st av 
" Clifford (Helen I hl79 Oak 
" Clifford r254 Waller 
" Clifford (Edlthi elk h2488 20th av 
" Clifford program traffic mgr NBC r59B Bush 
" Clltlord A (Theresa Ai coml artist hSlS 
O'Farrell , ^ 

" Clifford B (Irene Hi slsmn Pittsburgh Paint 

Store h5833 Mission 
1387 Valencia, Tel Mission 0150, rl883 
" Clifford H (Erma) baker 3722 16th h3718 do 
" Clifford L supvr SOCo r Okld 
" Clifford N (Julia I blrmkr h27 Bartlett 
" Clifford P (Lorraine) printer 545 Sansome 

7th fl hl325 29th av 
" Clinton G elk SPCo r Okld 
" Clyde mill hd r531 Guerrero 
" Clyde A (Margtl h2587 26th av 
" Co'ndie W (Mariei beauty shop 809 Taraval 
" Conrad wtchmn r45a South Park 
" Conrad iRubvi chf elk St Louis S W Ry 

Lines h324 Bartlett 
" Cora slswn Weinstein Co r2560 Polk 
" Cora (wid Henry l h309 29th av 
" Cora B hl320 Lombard 

" Curtis C (Dorothy I electn hl8 Seminole av 
" D rl40 Mason 

" Dale S (Ellen) slsmn SOCo hl406 6th av 
' Danl P printer H H Rice rl960 Clay 
' David carrier r234 Noe 
' David (Flora) const wkr h503 Franklin 
'' David marine eng h220 Claremont blvd 
■' David J (Gracei slsmn hl585 Waller 
' DePorest G prsmn h2668 Pine 
" Delbert G elk r2255 Mariposa 
" Delia Jan h495 Carl 

" Dema (wid Theo) smstrs rl37 Hancock 
■' Dewey P (Eliz Gi with So S P Pkg & Provi- 
sion Co hl658 Revere av 
■' Dolores Mrs elk h3207 Army 
" Don restr wkr r465 Ellis 
•' Don L (Winifred) lab hl353 5th av 
" Donald D elk Wells-Pargo Bank & Union 

Trust Co r Burlingame 
■' Donald L (Winifred) lab hl09 Lexington 
" Doris R sten S O Co r Okld 
" Dorothy elk r3609 23d ^ „ 

" Dorothy E elk Monroe Calculating Mach Co 

r Bkly 
" Dorothy H sten SERA r Okld 
" Duane A elk SOCo r Ala 
" Duncan chemist hl35 4th av 
" E r444 Hyde ^ ^ „„,^ 

" E Belle Mrs mgr Carmel Rms h55 30th 
"EC r765 Geary 
"EC dist mgr Equitable Life Ins Co of Inwa 

r Watsonville 
" E P Mrs h545 O'Farrell 
" E Pearl r411 O'Farrell 
" Earl J tchr Pub Sch rl354 27th av 
ANDERSON EARL F, District Manager Auto- 
car Sales &. Service Co of Calif, 1030 Har- 
rison, Tel UN derhill 4545, r Berkeley, Tel 
TH ornwall 1650 
" Earle elk rl224 9th av 
" Edgar L (Ida M) slsmn h96 Carl 
" Edgar S (Edna) tchr Pub Sch h593 Buen» 

Vista av 
" Edith dom rl313 Bosworth 
" Edith (wid C R) hl635 Calif 

Atkins Inc r Berkeley 
" Edith A sten hl040 Bush 

" Edith C Mrs music tchr 508 Monterey blvd 
" Edith L sten Internatl Harvester Co rl257 

6th av 
" Edith M sten A B Berlin r371 Crescent av 
" Edith S tchr Pub Sch r700 Parnassus av 
" Edmond M police r2000 10th av 
" Edmund F eng SOCo r Okld 
" Edmund F (Dorothy) phys 490 Post RSSO 

h2441 Chestnut 
" Edna hl085 Vallejo 
" Edna sten Wm Volker & Co r Bkly 
" Edna M asst mgr Southwestern Pub Co r693 

Buena Vista av 
" Edw r221 3d 

" Edw (Eva) carp h829 Golden Gate av 
" Edw carp r429 Guerrero 
" Edw hlpr Schmidt Litho Co rl367 nth 
" Edw lab r336 Clementina 
" Edw stevedore h342a Hermann 
" Edw vulc 1739 Scott r241 6th 
" Edw A formn Crane Co hl48 Shotwell 
" Edw A printer r4I8 Cordova 
" Edw A stoekmn Scott-Buttner Refrigeration 

Co rl485 Vallejo 
" Edw C sten Assoc Oil Co r574 Valley 
" Edw C supt Christenson Lbr Co r Ala 
" Edw H (Christine) h3326 16th 
" Edw M (Violet) eng PT&TCo h26 Nantucket 
" Edw M (Dorothy L) slsmn h76 Lloyd 
" Edw W (Irene) slsmn Rhine Optical Co hll7 

" Edwin (Carolina) carp h382 Eureka 
" Edwin carp r 2330 24th 
" Edwin C acct Wm Cavalier & Co r Bkly 
" Edwin C city frt agt Santa Fe r Okld 
" Edwin C (Irene B) mech hl20 7th av 
" Edwin E (Wm Cavalier & Co) r Pled 
" Edwin J elk Bank of Am h4 College av 
" Edwin L carp r2330 24th 


" Edwin S aud state Bd of Equalization h347 

21st av 
" Effle H r3931 Folsom 
" Eileen hl506 Lombard 
" Einar C (Beda B» auto mech h75 Lyell 
" Eleanor Mrs h578 Anderson 
" Eliz elk rl20 Pinehurst way 
" Eliz Mrs hl849 Fillmore 
" Eliz Mrs hna 10th av 
" Eliz Mrs with Marsh & McLennan-J B F 

Davis & Son r2011 Vallejo 
" Eliz F Mrs slswn Raphael Weill & Co r42 

" Eliz L sten rl6 Lyell 
" Eliz Y sten Am Tr Co r Bkly 
" Ella L r36 Buena Vista ter 
" Ellen elk r239 Parker av 
" Ellen (wid P Ol r3647 17th 
" Elmer (Alma) slsmn Motor Parts Sales Co 

r Redwood City 
" Elmer O (Ethel) shtmtlwkr h207 Olmstead 
" Elmer W tchr Pub Sch r San Mateo 
" Elof (Coral hl257 6th av 
" Elsa (wid Hans) r860 Elizabeth 
" Elsie sten r52 Douglas 
" Elsie Mrs hl447 18th av 
" Elsie Mrs elk r935 Portola dr 
" Elvida rl75 29th av 
" Elvie factvwkr r4096 18th 
" Elvin A elk SPCo r Okld 
" Elwln baker hlpr r721 Bush 
" Emanuel h36 Buena Vista ter 
" Emil r377 6th 

" Emil (Anna) barber 4327 18th 
" Emil carp r3525 Sacto 
" Emil (Minnie) eng Schlage Lock Co hl69 

" Emil A (Frieda) patternmkr h234 Holyoke 
" Emily A (wid Andw) hl234 23d av 
" Emma (wid Geo) h265 Jersey 
" Emma (wid Wm) rl594 21st av 
" Emma I tel opr r50 Dwight 
" Emma J (wid All) r390 Rolph 
" Emma T sten Valvoline Oil Co rl030 San- 
" Enoch r2507 Pine 
" Eric Ingshrmn r2256 Market 
" Eric shoe repr hl39 West Portal av 
" Eric A (Josephine) cond h236 Roosevelt way 
" Eric A (Elve M) lab hl93 Charter Oal". av 
" Eric C (Agnes A) carp hl5 Lippard av 
" Eric C stevedore r929 Height 
" Eric J (Levina) pntr h573 Scott 
" Eric T (Selma) hl470 Waller 
" Erik A (Mary) carp hll77 De Haro 
" Erma Mrs baker r3718 16th 
" Ernest lab rl898 Polsom 
" Ernest (Alida) pntr h26 Ord 
" Ernest C h87 Central av 
" Ernest P elk SPCo r Okld 
" Ernest J genl agt SL & URRR and OBSi 

WRRCo r Bkly 
" Ervin O rl26 Lenox way 
" Erwin A (Mary) with Jensen & Kessler h53 

Palm av 
" Estelle E elk SPCo hlOlO Hyde 
" Esther beauty opr rl678 Sacto 
" Esther nurse r2645 Buchanan 
" Esther smstrs r2115 Scott 
" Esther elk D S Int Rev r59 Ramona av 
" Esther A elk rl48. Cook 
" Esther C tchr Pub Sch r3098 Army 
" Esther L elk r495 Carl 
" Esther V elk h776 Bush 
" Ethel Mrs h4037 Geary blvd 
" Ethel C office sec Provident Mut Life Ins 

Co r239 Parker av 
" Ethel D elk r50 Morse 
" Ethel M tel opr r347 21st av 
" Eton W r829 Fillmore 

" Etta H prlv sec Threlkeld Commissary Com- 
panies r2140 Hyde 
" Eug singer NBC r Okld 
" Eva Mrs leather wkr rl256 O'Farrell 
" Evelyn r772 Clementina 
" Evelyn D sten John Deere Plow Co r340 

" Evelyn G elk r787 25th av 
" Evelyn L slswn r782 45th av 
" Evelyn L sten Johns-ManvlUe Sales Corp 

r2085 Hayes 
" Evelyn M nurse rI339 23d av 
" Evelyn R techn Stanford Unlv Hosp h2470 

"PL claim mgr Fidelity & Casualty Co of 

N Y r Bkly 
"PL eng SOCo r2134 Van Ness av 
" Paye Mrs h3050 Calif 
" Ferdinand B (Sigrid) marine eng hl27 

" Fern Mrs beauty shop 3766 24th r3768 do 
" Pern E (wid Wm) smstrs rl94 Lippard av 
" Florence (Anderson & Davidson) 
" Florence mlnr rl865 Sacto 
" Florence usher rl069 Brunswick 
" Florence Mrs mgr New Harrison Hotel h456 

" Florence C maid 11 San Leandro way 
" Florence E sten Warmington-Wllllams Oo 

r574 Valley 
" Florence L dental nurse rl325 Lake 
" Florence M beauty opr hl67 Gambler 
" Florence T typist Calif Pkg Corp r Daly City 
" Pordyce M (Avis) cond hl230 Bway 
" Forrest E atty Loyalty Group r Okld 
" Prances nurse r200 San Fernando way 
" Prances nurse S F Hosp hl595 Greenwich 
" Frances H sten Radford & Co r Okld 
" Frances J nurse r2340 Clay 
" Frances M rin7 De Haro 
" Prank r755 Capp 
" Frank r274 4th 
" Prank (Hannah) hl904 Green 
" Prank batterymn r686 Valencia 
" Prank (Stella) Jan hl36a Saturn 



" Frank (Lilly) mldr hl872 Sutter 

" Frank (Sophie) seamn h65 Whitney 

" Frank A (Ingeborg) lawyer 5 3d R304 hl379 

Rhode Island 
" Frank A slsmgr Imperial Color Works Inc 

r Okld 
" Prank A (Elna) stevedore hll3 Wool 
ANDERSON FRANK B (Elizabeth J) Chair- 
man of the Board The Bank of California 
Natl Assn, bI935 Gough 

Frank C hl557b Mission 

Frank E (Hope) slsmn h3251 16th 

Prank H rl7 PoweU 

Frank J (Mary) h3065 Clay 

Frank T eng PT&TCo r Okld 

Fred r51 6th 

Fred (Maryi carp h606 2d av 

Fred cook rl487 Silver av 

Fred mech r3143 Fillmore 

Fred (Anna) piano mover h717 Page 

Fred A h686 Valencia 

Fred A (Marie) mech eng hl6 Laguna 

Fred A printer United Paper Box Co r Bkly 

Fred C news vender h223 Laussat 

Fred E chauf r541 San Juan av 

Fred M carp h815 25th av 

Fred R (Birdie D) shtmtlwkr h610 21st av 

Freda (wid Marcus) hl463 Dolores 

Fredk (Lillian) hl298 Haight 

Predk bottler rl251 Cayuga av 

Fredk R (Vivien) slsmn Brown & Blgelow 
h2709 20th 
cia at 2Sth, Tel MI ssion 0150 
" G electn r415 Jones 
ANDERSON G H (Z H Harris) 698 Market, 

Tel DO aglas 1412 
" G J r435 Gough 
" Gene r79 Bishop 
" Genevieve P sec J M Rittigstetn r62 Toledo 

" Geo h2560 Polk 
" Geo r4n Stockton 
" Geo r50 Turk 
" Geo carp h49 Julian av 
" Geo chauf r702 Haight 
" Geo golf instr rl485 Bush 
" Geo (Mary E) sta eng hl71 5th av 
" Geo stevedore r60 Market 
" Geo (Amanda) waiter h29 Isls 
" Geo Mrs r850 Powell 
" Geo A (Ethel) car repr h40 Harper 
" Geo A (Bertha) elk hl08 19th av 
" Geo O (Alice M) chauf h2513 Lombard 
" Geo E (Etta) h2140 Hyde 
" Geo E editor Assoc Press r Bkly 
" Geo E (Dorma) foot specialist h476'/a El- 
lington av 
" Geo E (Margt) Investments hl201 Green- 
" Geo H rl299 Haight 

" Geo J (May) mtrmn Mun Ry h2421 24th 
" Geo L (Nellie) elk h3829a 20th 
" Geo M mgr Cornelia Hotel Apts h641 O'Far- 
" Geo R lawyer 580 Market R307 r426 18th av 
" Geo R v-pres Walkup Drayage <Se Whse Co 

r Bkly 
" Geo S (Gladys) slsmn H C Wilsey h347 

" Geo V (Julia) br mgr Shell Oil Co h3407 

" Geo W (Helen) claim adj SPCo hl299 Lom- 
" Geo W elk SPCo r Okld 
" Geo W (Martha) cond h2540 San Jose av 
" Geo W (Amelia) hdwd grader h452 Ashbury 
" Gerda physio therapy 693 Sutter R206 r642 

" Gerda Mrs h703a Broderick 
" Gertrude Mrs h71 Walter 
" Gertrude E (wid P E) h2447 San Bruno av 
" Gertrude M compt opr r860 Sutter 
" Gertrude M typist r4373 25th 
" Gilbert M lab r508 Monterey blvd 
" Gladyce L elk r2401 Chestnut 
" Gladys beauty opr rl25D Calif 
" Gladys smstrs r2647 Polsom 
" Gladys I waiter r25 Graystone ter 
" Gladys M sten Twain Michelsen h431 9th av 
" Glen (Julia) leather ctr h224 Duncan 
" Glenn G (Rose) teleg opr hl05S Cole 
" Glenn K br mgr White Log Taverns r250 

" Glenn W chiropodist 166 Geary R54 r Okld 
" Gloria h2339 Market 

" Gordon slsmn City Ice Del Co r260 Kearny 
" Gottfried stevedore r890 Page 
" Grace sten r3591 19th 
" Grace Mrs rl333 McAllister 
" Grace K publicity agt rll76 Green 
" Gunnar Ingshrmn r746 14th 
" Gunnar E (Mildred) hl074 Sanchez 
" Gunnard flrlyr hlpr r30 Surrey 
" Gus r362 Noe 
" Gus h238a Vienna 
" Gus jan r876 Harrison 
" Gus (Clara) lab h596 Natoma 
" Gus (Mia) sta eng rl339 23d av 
" Gus A (Sally) slsmn McKale's Inc r215C 

" Gus A (Olive A) slsmn Central Supply Co 

r2355 28th av 
" Gust r259 The Embarcadero 
" Gust (Louise) window clnr h77a Hoff 
" Gustaf (Hilda) lab hl227 De Haro 
" Gustaf A (Sally A) gas sta atdt h2523 27th 

" Gustaf F (Rosalie) auto mech hl409 Geary 
" Gustav restrwkr r449 Vermont 
" Gustava r Hotel Whitcomb 
" Gustava tchr Pub Sch rl231 Market 
" Gustave hl320 O'Farrell 

" Gustave (Gustina) carp 134 Halleck h2330 


" Gustave (Evelyn) transferer Stecher-Traung 
Litho Corp h20 Flood av 

" Gustave (Stella) stevedore h352 Spruce 

" Guy (Peggy) inventor h922 Post 

" Guy stevedore r839 Golden Gate av 

" Guv C eng H L Worthington 

" H h84D Geary 

" H r819 Mission 

"HA Mrs rl626 Chestnut 

" H C lab r320 Valencia 

" H Chester (Irene i printer h706 35th av 

" H J asst sec Calif Sardine Prod Institute 
r Okld 

" H R r335 Grove 

" H T bkpr Cork Insulation Co r Belmont 

" Hamilton H (Jeannette) phys 350 Post R308 
h390 Corbett av 

" Hammond A (Helen) emp Call-Bulletin Pub 
Co hl54 Carmel 

" Hannah hl59 Central av 

" Hans (Bertha E) h489 Day 

" Hans h415 Lyon 

" Hans (Ida) hl285 5th av 

" Hans C r2627 21st 

" Hans O (Augusta J) elev opr Dept Pub Wks 
h2825 Pine 

" Hansen stevedore rl504 Franklin 

" Harold (Myrtle) h520 Buchanan 

" Harold hl50 Haight 

" Harold (Ruby) hl274 43d av 

" Harold (Lillian) elk h258 Staples av 

" Harold mariner r200 Anderson 

" Harold E elk Swayne & Hovt Ltd r Okld 

" Harold E (Grace) police SiPPD h2217 18th 

" Harold E (Florence K) serv sta atdt h285 

" Harold F elk rl31 5th 

" Harold L asst buyer Baker Hamilton & Pa- 
cific Co rl274 42d av 

" Harold M (Estrid) slsmn Cleveland Twist 
Drill Co h350 Staples 

" Harold R auto mech r349 Kensington way 

" Harold T (Ethel G) carp h2222 25th av 

" Harold T (Lillian) elk h254 Staples av 

" Harold W (Celeste! slsmn Everett Pulp & 
Paper Co h2240 Balboa 

" Harriett Mrs r2122 Filbert 

" Harry r663 Valencia 

" Harry (Elsie) bx spring mkr h2345 Washn 

" Harry (Mary) bkpr Genl Potato & Onion 
Distributors h768 Clayton 

" Harry elk r3326 16th 

" Harry (Luise M) oil burner mech h552 

" Harry (Ruby M) servmn White Motor Co 
hl50 Page 

" Harry (Marie) tailor h655 Masonic av 

" Harry A r333 Pulton 

" Harry A h27 Norton 

" Harry A solr r376 Oak 

" Harry P (Mary T) hl43 Brighton av 

" Harrison P (Jessie) sales mgr NBC h2341 

" Harry G (Margt) baker hl6 Cumberland 

" Harry J (Hester) h345 Vicksburg 

" Harry J (Time Clock Service Co) r Brisbane 

" Harry L bkpr Am Cream Tartar Co rl63 

" Harry L (Eleanor) eng hl562 Vallejo 

" Harry R (lolanthe) slsmn City Ice Fuel Co 
hl530 Balboa 

" Harrv S western rep National Union Assur- 
ance Society r Okld 

" Harry T (Mina) dry gds 3298 Sacto h3296 do 

" Harry T (Jessie) longshoremn hl23 Majes- 
tic av 

" Harry boat bldr h850 Innes 

" Hattie clo prsr r3132 Sacto 

" Hattie nurse rl286 Calif 

" Hazel h585 Van Ness av S 

" Hazel baker r607 Waller 

" Hazel Mrs slswn Weinsteln Co r3070 Jackson 

" Heath coml artist 16 Beale r Ala 

" Helen maid 85 Linares av 

" Helen Mrs slswn h532 Stelner 

" Helen E elk r345 Pulton 

" Helen E sten Kops Bros Inc h2020 15th 

" Helen V sten Crocker First Natl Bank 
r Fairfax 

" Helena sten r2864 24th 

" Helemnarle usher r618 Bush 

" Helge W mariner h251 Parnassus av 

" Helma S priv sec S F Chamber of Commerce 
rl861 Scott 

" Helmer carp hl020 Post 

" Henry hl041 Minna 

" Henry rl500 Sutter 

" Henry (Selma) slsmn City Ice Del Co h788 

" Henry stevedore r3377 26th 

" Henry Q (Arllne) chf elk SPCo r2033 Leav- 

" Herbt r651 18th av 

" Herbt (Anderson Sheef Metal Wks) r278a 

" Herbt J (Anna) h802 Fulton 

" Herbt S auto mech Wm L Hughson Co 
r Burlingame 

" Herbt S spl agt N Y Life Ins Co r Sausallto 

" Herbt S (Ellen) woodwkr Erikson & Wagner 
h201 Eureka 

" Herm asst mgr The Edlphone Co r Sausallto 

" Herman (Eva) h2757 Golden Gate av 

" Herman r2507 Pine 

" Herman (Henrietta) mariner h65 Winfleld 

" Herman A (Louise) lab hl850 O'Farrell 

" Herman P drftsman PT&TCo r212a Chatta- 

" Herman T (Olivia) mtl plshr h53e Harri- 

" Hertha beauty shop 644 Hyde h891 Post 

" Hilda instr Heald College r Presidio 

" Hilda maid 1100 Sacto 


» Hilda V prlv sec SOCo rl935 Leavenworth 

" Hildrgard maid 1898 Bway 

" Hildi-unrd tailor h-167 Qlrnrd 

" Hildini; iMnrvi porter lUl Knox 

» Hllrtur 111312 6tl\ liv 

" Hlldur iwld Albt) ll393l Polsom 

" Hlldur M Ichr Pub Sch rIS'JO Lake 

" Hllirni Mrs r2627 31st 

" Hllmer A much r24l Pierce 

" HJiilniar lABdm piltr ll223 aSth 

" Hlnlniar E (Hnzel El pres Anderson Bros 

Planing Mill & MfR Co lil50 Upland dr 
" Homer E iBettv El li925 Sutter 
" Hoplev (Plorcncei li977 Clayton 
" Howard acct r539 Baker 
" Howard elk rSUO Sutler 
" Howard E bkur Am Tr Co rl283 1st nv 
" Hubert lab r703n Broderlck 
" Hugh C tmstr rl635 Calif 
" HuKh V tax reo Capital Co r Okld 
" HuRo lab r30 Surrey 
" Hulda Mrs rl390 Ellis 
" Ida M (Wld A Cl h2864 24th 
" Idel J tchr r733 Castro 
" Iiiga slswn rl3I3 Bosworth 
" lona R scalp specialist 133 Geary R738 rl405 

Van Ness av 
" Irene rll55 Leavenworth 
» Irene mach onr rSOl Andover 
" Irene maid 460 Dewey blvd 
" Irene A Iwld A Ji h471 Rolph 
" Irene H bkor Bauer-Schweltzer Hop & Malt 

Co r241 Jones 
" Irving J asst veterinarian U S Bureau of 

Animal Industrv rl298 Halght 
» Isabel elk Rose Collins 
" Isabella L elk PT&TCo r Okld 
" Isador chauf r2064 Golden Gate av 
" Iver F optician J P Wooster Co hl55 Wilson 
" Ivv M sten h2267 Hayes 
" J r2042 Mission 
" J A hl408 Geary 
" J B h340I Clov 
" J B hl086 Post 
/' J E rl44 Eddv 
" J H elk r41 Jones 

" J Hunter (Ftheli ad] Firestone Tire & Rub- 
ber Co h486 Funston 
" J Marvin (Dorothea) elk h605 Jones 
" J W h957 Hayes 
" Jack (Ellai mariner h347 Holyoke 
" Jack M atdt S F Hosp r2323 23d 
" Jacob lab r286 2d 
" Jas rl034 Ellis 
" Jas r259 4th 
" Jas hl309 19th av 
" Jas elk h4109 Judah 
" Jas (Marvl galvanizer h918 BroderioK 
" Jas (Sophie) lab h55 Halght 
" Jas (Edith A) slsmn h9 03 A shbury 
" Jas (Marv V) sta eng SFFD h4241 21st 
" Jas C elev dir h2336 16th av 
" Jas C (Marv A) slsmn h3366 Pierce 
" Jas E (Jeniiie A) driver h855 40th av 
" Jas E (Enidi slsmn rl097 Green 
" Jas H (Amelia Vt ins agt hll9 23d av 
" Jas H ]r rll9 23d av 
" Jas K hl309 19th av 
" Jas L hl695 12th av 
" Jas L (Fern) whol rep Earle C Anthony Inc 

h3766 24th 
" Jas R r685 Ellis 
" Jas R (Priscilla) slsmn Plant Rubber & 

Asbestos Wks h2500 Chestnut 
" Jas S (Mary) mech Pac Coast Rubber Co 

hl462 28th av 
" Jane h2425 Fillmore 
" Jane beauty ODr r760 Geary 
" Jane A h2180 Green 
" Janette V tel opr r793a Valencia 
" Jean mgr Santa Clara Apts h2127 Fillmore 
" Jean K tchr r4241 21st 
" Jeannette Mrs h9I8 Minnesota 
" Jennie rll63 Sanchez 
" Jennie maid 2434 Bway 
" Jennie waiter Bit of Sweden 
" Jennie A mach opr r238 Paris 
" Jennie B (wid T H) hl35a Duboce av 

" Jennie E r36 Buena Vista ter 
" Jennie N Mrs r720 38th av 
" Jessie G Mrs rl642 21st av 
" Jesse J (Edith) (Tabulating Service Co of 
Calif) hl340 Lombard 

" Joel (Elna) carp h481 Jersey 

" Johanna (wid Mons) h787 Head 

" John h27 Alhambra 

" John r87 Bway 

" John rl39 Drumm 

" John r505 8th 

" John rl828 15th 

" John rll47 Polsom 

" John (Christina) h339 Holloway av 

" John r939 Mission 

" John (Anna) h410 Pierce 

" John r241 6th 

" John r3325 23d 

" John baker rl406 Guerrero 

" John (Emily) carp h3098 Army 

" John (Matilda) carp h686 Guerrero 

" John carp r2270a Market 

" John (Amanda) carp h347 Prospect av 

" John cement fnshr rl428 Steiner 

" John clo clnr 142 Fillmore 

" John (Agnes) lab hll42 Treat av 

" John Ingshrmn r2256 Market 

" John millmn r345 Prospect av 

" John miller Sevin-Vincent Seed Co r Ala 

" John pkr r792 Haight 

" John restr wkr r238 Eddy 

" John restr wkr r364 Eddy 

" John restr wkr r564 San Jose av 

" John (Hulda) rigger h55 Godeus 

" John (Anna) seamn h67 Carl 

" John seamn r2117 23d 

'» John A (Helen) h308 Guerrero 



■' John A (Margt) hia75 nth av 

" John C 1 Annie E) stevedore h019 Persia av 

" John E h375 Eddy 

" John E h320 Wnyland 

" John E ad] Fire Companies' AdJ Bur r Bkly 

" John S (Mary Ml auto mech h2462 33d av 

" John E photog 973 Market R601 r San 

Rafael . ^ 

" John E (Margt) tanner h2642 21st av 
" John P mach Western Can Co r Okld 
" John P (Madeline) slsmn 8 H Frank &; Co 

hl823 8th av 
■' John H fruit wkr r30 Surrey 
" John J lEthcll h3n7 24th 
" John J iHannai stevedore h87 Seward 
" John K lab r403 1st 
" John M cook r085 Ellis 
" John M musician rll4 Cole 
" Jolin N (Anna K) guard h2361Vi Lombard 
" John P r286 2d 

" John R (Bertha) seamn h2208 Filbert 
" John S h412 Shrader _, , 

" John S I Ethel I slsmn Occidental Life Ins 

Co hSOl Stockton 
" John T (Nellie) (Anderson & Lamottee) 
hl218 39th av , . „„ 

" John V (Vivian) drftsman PG&EOo hl578 

" John V mgr Petaluma & Santa Rosa Exp 
" John w br mgr Sausallto-MlU Valley Exp 

r Sausalito 
" John W (Ida) lab h406 Courtland av 
" John W (Amelia C) millhd h941 Edinburgh 
" Jonathan (Anna M) h423 16th av 
" Jos rl65 3d 
" Jos I Bertha) elk r54 4th 
" Jos (Juanita B) lawyer 111 Sutter R630 

h270 22d av 
" Jos porter r2437 Post 
" Jos A (Ruth) carp h2321 Cecelia av 
" Jos D (Edith) asbestos wkr h4051 25th 
" Jos E instr Heald College rl325 Lake 
" Jos J appr eng r4241 2l5t 
" Jos R Mrs hll92 G'Farrell 
" Josephine elk r760 Geary 

" Josephine Mrs mgr Celtic Hotel h977 Pol- 
" Josephine (wid Aug) h4096 18th 
" Josephine (wid Andw) hl40 Richland av 
" Josephine (wid John) rl294 Valencia 
" Joyce r Hotel Whitcomb 
" Juanita M tel opr rl441 Hayes 
" Judith nurse Laguna Honda Home 

" Judyth Y private sec T M Foley h2341 

" Juha (wid John) mach opr h78 Pair Oaks 

" Julia N nurse 2750 Bway 
" Julius millmn r59 Ramona 
" Julius C (Alma) tailor 717 Market R315 
h351 Ralston 

" June h754 Post 

" Just'ne Mrs h623 Van Ness av S 

" K hl263 6th av 

" K Edw (Florence) mstr mariner h456 Har- 

" Karl (Florence) h2467 Bryant 

" Karl B (Ella) h78 Page 

" Karl D shoe reor 4226 Calif 

" Karl E (Marv E) mech eng h782 45th av 

" Karl G (Marie) eng hl339 23d av 

" Karl J (Gladys) tchr hl354 27th av 

" Karl R prsmn r782 45th av 

" Kate elk rll40 Sutter 

" Kath r473 10th av 

" Kath cash Del Monte Meat Co r315 Vlcentee 

" Kath suDt Community Day Nurserey 

" Kath Mrs labtv wkr r2 Curtis 

" Kath A sten Bank of Am rl070 Green 

" Kathleen J sten r3122 Sacto 

" Kenneth elev oor Chancery bldg r Okld 

" Kenneth B eng Pac Pub Serv Co r Okld 

" Kenneth N elk r707 Clayton 

" Kenneth R oharm W S Gassaway 

" Kerbv T elk Libby. McNeil & Libby r Bkly 

" Knute L (Emma) carp h36 Gladys 

" L h725 Van Ness av 

" L Helen r2540 San Jose av 

" Lage (Marie) seamn h4248 20th 

" Lamar R (Ireta) carp h70 Brussels 

" Lars T (Frances) seamn hl48 Cook 

" Laura (wid John) h341 7th av 

" Laurie (Doris) mach opr SPCo r725 Van 
Ness av 

" Lauritz mach h470 Campbell av 

" Lauritz C J (Kath) h2 Curtis 

" Laverne restr wkr r261 Chattanooga 

" La Vora waiter rl610 Sutter 

" Lawrence r77a HofI 

" Lawrence waiter rl54 Carmel 

" Lawrence welder r505 8th 

" Lawrence G (Carlina) chemist hl251 33d av 

" Lawrence H (Helen) underwriter Assoc In- 
demnity Co r739 29th av 

" Lawrence T deck hd r463 4th av 

" Lena (wld N E) h3530 22d 

" Leo mech rl239 Oak Grove av 

" Leona rSt Francis Hotel 

" Leonard K underwriter Great Am Indem- 
nity Co r855 40th av 

" Les lab r272 Lisbon 

" Leslie C photog 233 Post R308 r379 20th av 

" Leslie A slsmn Allen A Co rl30 Precita av 

" Lester E tmstr r347 Holyoke 

" Lillian elk r655 Masonic av 

" Lillian sten MacGregor & SoUie r Alcatraz 

" Lillian Mrs hl830 Beach 

" Lillian Mrs h2542 27th av 

" Lillian J elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 

" Lillie T elk r595 22d av 

" Lilly elk h929 Pine 

" Linus E (Vera M) printer h71 Pierce 

" Lita R elk r201 Sussex 

" Lloyd A (Alice) elk hl388 45th av 

" Lloyd H elev opr h860 Elizabeth. 

" Lloyd T elk r801 Baker 


Lollttt C slswn r201 Sussex 

Lorna D Mrs tchr Pub Sch h370 Valdcz av 

Lorraine tchr The Irene Studio r San Mateo 

Lottie T r223 Laussat 

Lou (Marv Lou Hotel) hl746 Geary 

Lourcna Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl46 18th av 

Louis r241 6th 

Louis (Pearl I elk h2759 Golden Gate av 

Louis Ironwkr hl60 Bemls 

Louis (Helen! lab h267 Madrid 

Louis A (Blanche) hamboner h225 Anza 

Louis E r351 Church 

Louis E(Hattle) slsmn h725 Leavenworth 

Louis p (Eliz) stevedore h206 Andover 

Louisa smstrs rl58a Yukon 

Louisa C h2861 Calif 

Louise hlGlO Sutter 

Louise nurse rl701 ValIe]o 

Louise Mrs nurse r85 Buena Vista ter 

Louise iwld H HI rl804 Market 

Louise C Mrs hl925 Pierce 

Louise O oriv sec Home Owners' Loan Corp 

rl320 Lombard 
Lorraine Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl325 29th av 
Lucile rl090 Van Ness av S 
Lucille (wld O E) h668 Page 
Lucille C sten r238 22d av 
Lulu bkpr Erlanger. Reed. Meyer cfe Fried- 
man r Redwood Citv 
Lydla (wld Wml h446 Lisbon 
Lyle electn rl49 Alexander av 
Lyle Z hn63 Plymouth av 
M hl467 Lombard 
M hl751 Market 
M rl482 Sutter 
MAP r516 O'Farrell 

M O treas Pisco Punch Ltd r Salada Beach 
Mabel nurse h29a Parker av 
Mabel A lawyer r870 25th av 
Mabel E r335 Stockton 
Mabel E (wid J T) r2844 Lyon 
Mabel E bknr M J Purcell h313 Castro 
Mabel E with Edw Brown & Sons r21 Costa 
Madeline M elk SPCo r79 Bishop 
Magnus r241 6th 
Mamie E S r961 14th 
Marcella rl030 Post 
Margt elk r3032 Pulton 
Margt Mrs h446 Silliman 
Margt Mrs cook 1946 Post 
Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch r83 Madrone 
Margt (wid A T) h2 Meda av 
Marie h609 Ashbury 
Marie r618 Bush 
Marie r959 Powell 
Marie usher rSOl Jersey 
Marie Mrs r843 40th av 
Marie Mrs mach oor r501 Jersey 
Marie (wid J F) h475a 26th av 
Marie C (wid Aug W) h3576a 20th 
Marie G elk Bd of Educ r7I Walter 
Marie G sten Rv Exp Agcv r48 Goethe 
Marie S (wid Carl) h240 Holyoke 
Marion dentl asst r30 Merced av 
Marion A Mrs elk rl04 Bosworth 
Mariorie asst libr r 168 16th av 
Mariorie dental nurse r459 Fell 
Mariorie nurse h2474 Washn 
Mark G elk Bank of Am h805 Bush 
Marquette D with S F Bank r San Mateo 
Martha elk h760 Geary 
Martha (wld John) rl869 Ellis 
Martin C furn finsh h3444 Pierce 
Martin h254'! 21st av 
Martin L (LUa) h300 Stanyan 
Marvin O clo clnr 1044 Hyde 
Mary r901 Calif 
Marv elk r2706b Mission 
Marv elk rl257 6th av 
Marv elk Sherman Clay & Co r Okld 
Marv Mrs rl403 Octavla 
Mary Mrs hl355 38th av 
Mary Mrs h254 Waller 
Marv (wid Al h531 Guerrero 
Mary (wid E A) rl312 6th av 
Mary (wld Chas) r701 Taylor 
ANDERSON MARY (wid Chas A) (C A Ander- 
son) hl383 Valencia 
" Mary B sten Creamery Package Mfg Co 

hll40 Sutter 
" Mary E (wid Gustav) h62 Toledo way 
" Marv F Mrs rU63 Plymouht av 
" Mary J Mrs r301a Octavia 
" Mat J (Ruth) formn Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co 

h2101 North Point 
" Mathilda (wid Jacob) r313 Castro 
" Matilda (wid Andw) h239 Parker av 
Anderson Pres. Customs Brokers. Freight 
Forwarders. Cargo Surveyors. Steamship 
Agents, 203 Commercial Block, 149 Cali- 
fornia. Tel SU tter 7074 
" Maude H B Mrs h300 Corbett av 
" Maude V (wid G«o) hlOt San Aleso av 
" Mauritz G (Maude A) exp 4041 Geary blvd 
" Mav rl268 Alemany blvd 
" Maybelle D sten Tonkin Distr Co r Bkly 
" Maybelle V office sec Pioneer Rubber Mills 

r2310 Chestnut 
" Melvln J bkor r21 Costa 
" Mertha rlOSO "Ellis 
" Mervln A elk r347 Holyoke 
" Mervyn H (Evelyn) physical instr h287 Carl 
" Michl lab r403 1st 

" Michl (Jennie) restrwkr h449 Vermont 
" Michl restrwkr r520 Buchanan 
" Mildred sten rl958 Sacto 
" Mildred sten Agnew <Sc Boekel r Ala 
" Mildred M elk Crum & Forster 
" Miller mtrmn Mkt St Ry r930 Fillmore 
" Milo (Sarah) r2699 Calif 
" Minnie (wid F A I h212a Chattanooga 
" Minnie (wid Christian) h2647 Folsom 
" Minnie (wid Jas) h4122 20th 
" Miriam B elk r390 29th av 


" Moody ma Hoft 

" Morgan i Bessie i lab r906 McAllister 

" Muriel Mrs slswn Carroll's Dress Shoppe r305 

San Carlos av 
" Mvrtle adj mgr City of Paris Dry Gds Co 

hl096 Pine 
" Myrtle A sten h701 Taylor 
" Myrtle M sten E W Newcomb 
" Myrtle V tchr r410 Arguello blvd 
" N formn Henry Steil Corp r787 Head 
" N C toolmkr r443 Naples 
" N P (Anderson & Ringrose r Okid 
" N Walter lEmmai carp h2427 24th av 
" Nancy E waiter rlo60 Sacto 
" Nannie Mrs iiH76 Green 

" Naomi sten Natl Carloading Corp rl325 Lake 
" Narcie Mrs hl752 Greenwich 
" Natalie h63 Duncan 
" Nathaniel r641 O'Farrell 
" Neil serv sta atdt Union Oil Co 
■ " Neils (Mary Fi h 707 Clayton 
" Nellie iwid O C) h219 Jersey 
" NelUe E rl534 Sutter 
" Nels r785 Folsom 
" Nels stevedore r826 McAllister 
" Nels waiter r648 Fillmore 
" Nels D (Jennie) h218 12th av 
" Nels G (Lilliei sawver h941 Ocean av 
" Nels O enameler 252 9th r Okld 
" Nelson iRusselli h27 Scott 
" Nelson A h55 Hermann 
" Neolla nurse S F Hosp r4241 21st 
" Nicholas (Dogma L) h5432 Calif 
" Nicholas (Astars) shoeshiner h846 Kansas 
" Niels (Almai stevedore h814 Moultrie 
" Nils h21 Costa 

" Nils bartndr Manuel Gouveia r46 Jackson 
" Noelle M nurse r4241 21st 
" Norbert O (Ruthi hl020 Post 
" Norma Mrs h2782 Folsom 
" Norman P elk r2085 Hayes 
" O r937 Ellis 
" O E hl455 Leavenworth 
" O G elk Fort Mason r Ala 
"OP millwright r]93 4th 
" Olaf lab r3355 Mission 
" Olaf pntr rl51 Holladay av 
" Olaf A (Amy I firemn hlO Temple 
" Olaf T (Marie) tailor h519 Guerrero 
" Olga sten r432 Missouri 
" Olive r940 Haight 

" Olive (wid Alvin) waiter h258 Guerrero 
" Oliver R (Olava) slsmn Poultry Producers 

of Central Calif h329 6th av 
" Olof (Ellen C) Indv wkr r82 Ramona av 
" Olof (Christine) plshr hl60 Valdez av 
" Olof P (Charlotte M) hl325 Lake 
" Orvid (Amelia) lab h223 Theresa 
" Osbiirn eng S Bur of Pub Roads r Bkly 
" Oscar r221 7th 
" Oscar rl56 Tehama 

" Oscar (Bertha) chauf h917 Van Ness av S 
" Oscar (Margt) deckhd h501 Jersey 
" Oscar lab r479'2 Sanchez 
" Oscar (Jean Fi mariner r710 Ellis 
" Oscar (Adelina) pantrywkr hl29 Fair Oaks 
" Oscar (Esther) shoe wkr hl245 Guerrero 
" Oscar A (Theresa Ci (Art Tile & Mantel 

Co( r335 Valdez av 
" Oscar A mech Federal Reserve Bank r Ala 
" Oscar F (Margt) (Anderson & Nichols) h655 

" Oscar F elk r222 Havelock 
" Oscar P (Martha) slsmn h263 Staples av 
" Oscar G carp r286 2d 
" Oscar J t Frances* driver h265 Chenery 
" Oscar L (Ida) seamn h431 Goettingen 
" Oscar S h3149 Calif 

" Oscar S (Hazel K( mariner h2295 Geary 
" Oscar W (Mabel! ironwkr h435 Gough 
" Oscar W (Charlotte) slsmn h3070 Jackson 
" Otto r32: Grant av 
" Otto rl274 O'Farrell 
" Otto rl228 7th av 
" Otto (Madse( jan r218 Gambler 
" Otto lab hl232 Willard 
" Otto E (destine) h483 15th av 
" Otto E Jr r483 15th av 
" Otto H (Sophia M) carp h2259 Geary 
" Otto H (Olga I car r520 Plymouth av 
" Otto H (Gertrude) dental labty 995 Market 

R1002 hl334 18th av 
" Otto H pkr Heyman Co r Bkly 
" Otto L electn State Bd Harbor Comrs r 

Mountain View 
" P Arnold exec sec Munv License Tax Assn 
" P Douglas h718 28th av 
"PL rl215 Laguna 
" Paul r653 Van Ness av 
" Paul Ingshrmn r37 Woodward 
" Paul meat ctr r855 40th av 
" Paul D (Marjorie) with Stark-Rath Print- 
ing & Pub Co hll46 Taylor 
" Paul H (Gertrude I credit mgr Zellerbach 

Paper Co h701 4th av 
" Paul K (Evelyn) h359 Athens 
" Paula Mrs apt mgr hl485 Vallejo 
" Pauline emp Granat Bros 
" Pearl Mrs h618 Bush 
" Pearl Mrs sten r630 Moultrie 
" Pernila (wid Anders) r324 Holyoke 
" Peter r37 Columbus av 
" Peter rl20 10th 
" Peter r345 3d 
" Peter (Eliz) carp r4084 Army 
" Peter gdnr rl718 Steiner 
" Peter (Huldai Indywkr h3239 Brvant 
" Peter A (Mary) cbtmkr 757 Sacto h5920 

" Peter G (Selma A) hl4 Brumiss ter 
" Peter N (Maryi marine eng h870 Sanchez 
" Philip A (Muriel) elk hi Mateo 
" Phyllis dicta opr Foster & Kleiser Co r647 

38th av 
" Porter F (Margt) elk h22D7 Cabrillo 



" Pyrtle emp sec City of Paris Dry Gds Co 
rl096 Pine 

" R hlOl Gough 

" R G hl59 7th 

" R G elk r536 Mason 

" R R h2942 Franklin 

" R W genl mgr L A-S P Nav Co Ltd r Okld 

" Rachel P hl200 Fulton 

" Ragnar (Annai mstrmariner h3530 18th 

" Ralph B serv stn atdt r420i Cahf 

" Ralph C photog J K Piggott Co hl39 Hazel- 
wood av 

" Ralph C (Lourena) tmstr 146 18th av 

" Ralph K (Alma) brklvr hl012 Capp 

" Ralph P (Mary I) police h2522 34th av 

" Ralph P (Betty) printer Broadside Printing 
Co r519 Ellis 

" Ranger E (Napa Transp Co) r Napa 

" Rav r206 Frederick 

" Rav rl362 Post 

" Ray busmn r923 Eddy 

" Ray (Paula) cond h8D0 Buchanan 

" Ray electn rl516 Larkin 

" Ray fllyr r73 Dorland 

" Ray (Carrie I stevedore h243 Broad 

" Ray C (Carmen) auto mech hl214a Stanyan 

" Ray D (Myrtle I) flremn SFFD hl55 Del 

" Rav G asst buyer Baker Hamilton & Pacflc 
Co r3987 17th 

" Ray W lab r357 Howth 

" Raymond r347 Prospect av 

" Raymond (Betty) musician hlloO Portloa dr 

" Raymond D r245 Powell 

" Raymond M ( Carrie t truck wshr r243 Broad 

" Rebecca Mrs hll55 Leavenworth 

" Reinhold L (Serena) hl68 16th av 

ANDERSON RENO F (Christina) (C A Ander- 
son) 1387 Valencia. Tel MTssion 0150 h898 
Guerrero. Tel AT water 4868 

" Reuben B elk rl325 Lake 

" Rex A hl347 Jackson 

" Richd elk r473 10th av 

" Richmond R (Frances) sten Internatl Bitu- 
men Emulsions Corp r2942 Franklin 

" Robt (Sylvia) h2101 Beach 

" Robt r20 Flood av 

" Robt (Claire acct h429 9th av 

" Robt lab r252 Tehama 

" Robt (Elma) notary pub h730 O'Farrell 

" Robt porter S F Hosp 

" Robt (Elsie) stevedor hll4 Girard 

" Robt B rl75 Castenada av 

" Robt C (Mae) elk h3420 26th 

" Robt Q (Alma) tmstr h647 Shotwell 

" Robt L jr slsmn Cosgrove & Co r253Q Fran- 

" Robt R (Mary) carp h330 Douglas 

" Robt S (Charity E) civ eng Bur of Engi- 
neering hl605 20th av 

" Robt W (Bertha) printer Call-Bulletin Pub 
Co h263 Prague 

" Robt W slsmn Rath Pkg Co r San Jose 

" Roland J (Eleanore) linemn h80 Duncan 

" Rollo P (Lee) cook h82 Theresa 

" Romelia Mrs hskpr 1643 Beach 

" Roscoe W elk SPCo r Okld 

" Rose sten rl257 6th av 

" Ross baker h3125 Castro 

" Ross B v-pres T A Strobridge Inc r Ross 

" Roy chauf rl525'2 Geary 

" Roy C transmission mn PT&TCo r371 Cres- 
cent av 

" Roy E eng PT&TCo r Ala 

" Rov E teller Am Tr Co h2401 Chestnut 

" Rov p (Cloetta) drftsmn Pac Elec Mfg Corp 
hl071 Portola dr 

" Rov M (Gertrude) lather h2422 18th av 

" Rov N slsmn r417 Spruce 

" Rov R (Loretta M) clerk hl327 Cole 

" Roy (Tola) slsmn D H Rhodes & Co h420 

" Rubv E sec K F Terwilliger rl274 43d av 

" Rudolph F pro-asst cash Bank of Am r Okld 

" Ruth h665 Pine 

" Ruth elk r512 Gates 

" Ruth maid 2651 Pierce 

" Ruth sten Cannon Mills r32 Rivoli 

" Ruth Mrs h2540 Hvde 

" Ruht C tchr Pub Sch rl546 10th av 

" Ruth E r281 Lowell 

" Ruth M governess rS70 Sanchez 

" Sadie A dept mgr Marks Bros r2336 16th av 

" Sadie V elk r611 6th av 

" Saml (Sophie) h2432 Larkin 

" Saml (Hazel! tmstr h338 Fell 

" Saml A hl066 Potrero 

" Sandra choc dipper r2152 Sutter 

" Sanna Mrs r297 30th av 

" Sarah elk r258 Staples av 

" Sarah mach opr rl504 Quesada av 

" Seymour A (Nell) waiter r61a Carmelita 

" Sheet Metal Wks (Herbt Anderson. E J Doh- 
erty) 323 Washn 

" Shelljv C (Marie) cook h37 Winfleld 

" Sidney G (Edna) formn Mundet Cork Corp 
rl237 10th av 

" Signe W sten rl562 Vallego 

" Sigrid beauty shop 1701 Hyde 

" Sigrid maid 1355 Portola dr 

" Sigrid smstrs r51a Walter 

" Sigrid E sten P W Kant r3098 Army 

" Silvana E ns Fair Oaks 

" Sophie r3177 24th 

" Sophie sten Weinstein Co r2276 Cecelia 

" Sophie (wid J M) r4846 17th 

" Sophie (wid Aug) r213 Vicksburg 

" Stanley G millmn rl339 26th av 

" Stanley W r587 Haight 

" Steph D shoes 447 Market h617 Steiner 

" Sterling garage 3135 24th 

" Sven B asst treas Genl Elec Supp Corp rlOOO 

" Swen r481 Jersey 

" Swen R (Amanda) carp hl435 7th av 


" Sybil A Mrs dept mgr Raphael Weill & Co 

r2300 Divisadero 
" Sydney G hl237 10th av 
" Sylvester usher r345 Vicksburg 
" Sylvia slsw'n Roos Bros r2101 Beach 
" T J bkpr h750 O'Farrell 
" Tabytha r25 Cook 
" Thelma office sec J Walter Thompson Co 

r Okld 
" Thelma waiter rll39 Geary 
" Thelma P musician hl594 21st av 
" Theo driver rl361 Noe 
" Theo (Barbara) mach hl362 Haight 
" Theo C (Thelma) slsmn h3570 Pierce 
" Theo E (Evelyn) chauf h376 San Carlos 
" Theo G (Nancy) acct Ernst & Ernst h78 

Parker av 
" Theo S (Jewel) auto mech hl829 Scott 
" Theresa rll63 Sanchez 
" Theresa M h934 Persia av 
" Thos (Yvonne) h795 8th av 
" Thos h5 Montecito av 
" Thos deckhand h25 Wanda 
" Thos (Suzanne) jan rl916 Ellis 
" Thos meat ctr rl516 Dolores 
" Thos A hl59 Fair Oaks 
" Thos B (Gertrude) r476 Noe 
" Thos B (Feme) elk h575 Eddy 
" Thos H elk h2844 Lyon 
" Thos H (Nancy) hlSIO Jackson 
" Thos H slsmn E R Mather rl770 Bway 
" Thos M jan Earle C Anthony Inc r Bkly 
" Thos M v-ores Western Securities Research 

Corp rl46 McAllister 
" Thos T (Mabel E( elk rl231 40th av 
" Thurl r2059 Market 
" Thuve (Linnea) stevedore h890 Page 
" Tillie Mrs cook C P HuU r926 Powell 
" Vehna rl870 Jefferson 
" Velma rlOl San Aleso av 
" Ven (Margt) stevedore h2517 Post 
" Vera Mrs tchr Pub Sch r99 Clarendon av 
" Vergie A elk r36 Gladys 
" Verner sign pntr rl313 Bosworth 
," Vernon B elk Wells-Fargo Bank & Union 

Trust Co r Fairfax 
" Vernon G (Dorothea) shtmtlwkr h5334 

Geary blvd 
" Victor h250 Benton av 
" Victor (Mary) furn rms 2284 Mission hl868 

" Victor seamn r466 Brannan 
" Victor A agt Equitable Life Assur Soc 

r Okld 
" Victor A carp r801 Golden Gate av 
" Victor F (Ruth) hl400 Greenwich 
" Victor J flremn SFFD rl59a Chattanooga 
" Victor M slsmn r287 Carl 
" Viola bkpr Aetna Life Ins Co r309 Magel- 
lan av 
" Violet E r26 Nantucket av 
" Violet H sten McCutchen Olney Mannon & 

Cireene rl50 Joice 
" Virgil J elk r30 Surrey 

" Virgil O (Pehcia) seamn h20 De Montf ord av 
" Vlademar rl204 Geary 
" W stdt nurse St Joseph's Hosp 
" W C slsmn Mitchum Tully & Co r Okld 
" W M barber 1804 McAllister 
" W R credit mgr H S Crocker & Co r Okld 
" Wallace R die cutter r238 Paris 
" Walter r850 Innes 
" Walter lab h2159 Mission 
" Walter (Lena) stevedore hl43 Hancock 
" Walter techn r493 Haight 
" Walter A r2 Meda av 
" Walter A (Anderson & Cristofani) r Bur- 

" Walter A (Edith J) Jwlr Granat Bros h959 

" Walter E cash Blyth & Co rlOl San Aliso av 
" Walter E flremn AT&SFRy r San Pablo 
" Walter E (Vera) stereo Western Newspaper 

Union rl375 27th av 
" Walter G lab r240 Holyoke 
" Walter G Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 
" Walter H pass agt Westn Pac Ry r Piedmont 
" Walter J (Ann) stmftr h244 Dorland 
" Werner E mfrs agt 683 Howard r Burlingame 
" Wigo C M (LydiaA) steamftr hl073 14th 
" Wilhelmina Mrs tchr Pub Sch rlOl Brent- 
wood av 
" Wm (Rebecca) hl880 Pacific av 
" Wm r392 3d 

" Wm auto mech Sterling Anderson 
" Wm carp h804 Alvarado 
" Wm chauf r403 1st 
" Wm elk h855 Waller 
" Wm (Mary) eng hlllB Buchanan 
" Wm flremn Crocker Old People's Home rd 
" Wm (Hattie) inspr City and County Bur of 

Engineering r200 Gates 
" Wm Jan rl650 Calif 
" Wm jan h2384'3 Greenwich 
" Wm jan Crocker First Natl Bank r San An- 

" Wm (Rae) plstr h312 Crescent av 
" Wm (Gladys) slsmn I S Cohen's Sons r25 

Graystone ter 
" Wm A elk r374 27th 
" Wm. C (Lucille V( slsmn Universal Rubber 

Corp hl328 Anza 
" Wm D mgr Paciflc H B A Steel Co Inc 

r Burlingame 
" Wm E (Sadie B) printer h611 6th av 
" Wm F h771 Turk 

" Wm H (Edith) elk SPCo r2322 25th av 
" Wm H (Jennie) ironwkr h238 Paris 
" Wm J r22 Turk 

" Wm J (Jeanette) chauf h79 Bishop 
" Wm J tmkpr W R Ames Co r Okld 
" Wm M (Eliz J) marine eng h43 Granada av 
" Wm M (Marjorie) hlOl Brentwood av 
" Wm P (Margt B) elk h83 Madrone av 

ANDERSON . „ „,„ 

" Wm P underwriter Carl R Corwin Co raSS 

" Wm R (Ellti h4a Denrborn 
" Wm R lARncsp pntr h55 Curtis 
" Wm S chaut ria42 24th av 
" Wm W optom 209 Post R632 Mil Cherry 
" WUma sm.sirs rl3<IO Kills 
" WUmer iMazeli flremn SFFD h367 Qoet- 

" Yarda Mrs elk r3398 Clny 
" & Crlstotanl (W A Anderson Alfd Crls- 

tofanli boat bldrs 890 Inncs 
" & Davidson (Florence Anderson Juanlta 

Davidson I liquors 366 3d 
" ti Donnelly H S Curry mgr tailors trmgs 

as Kearny R506 . . 

" Ss Lamotte iJ T Anderson Louis Lamottei 

real est 1948 Irving 
" tc Mlskln Ltd P T Tattersall mgr exporters 

260 Calif R302 . . ^ , 

" ts Nichols lO P Anderson C H Nichols) 

electro platlnu 361 Hayes 
" 8c RIngrose iN P Anderson Jas Ringrosei 

bldg contrs 320 Market R305 
■' & Rowe I A O Anderson W A Rowel plmbrs 

45 Belcher 
lencia at Sjth, Tel MI ssion 0150 
Andes M E hl553 Larkln 
Andcrton John H iFrances) pres Thebo-Starr 

■S: Anderton hl29 Westwood dr 
" Robt flrmn Post St Garage 
Andichou John J lab hl283 Hudson ev 
" Jules P (Anna I mach hd hl344 (3uesada av 
" Marv (»'ld Johni rl282 Hudson av 
" Max (Eugenie) mgr Hotel De Pau hl516 

Hudson av 
Andino Enrico (Louisa) scavenger hn2a Grant 

" Leon rn2D Grant av 
Andker Emil elk r720 Duboce av 
" Frances iwid Andw) h72D Duboco av 
Andler Alexis carp h971 Sanchez 
" Josephine (wid J V) h316 Parnassus av 
Ando Nakajiro house clnr hniO Webster 
Andrack Wm busmn r355 Eddy 
Andrada Paul A elk Ry M S r Sacramento 
" Thelma S nurse rl41 Alhambra 
Andrade A bargemn rl5 Lansing 
" A clo clnr rl297 18th 
" Adella Mrs h514 9th 

" Albt H (Margt) dentist 4824 3d h5269 3d 
" Albertlne M Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl040 Van 

Ness av 
" Alvin (Margt) mgr Hotel Stetz hl273 Golden 

Gate av 
" C Gaxiola lawyer 625 Market RlllS 
" Chas W (Kath) cook h3727a 25th 
" Delbert A (Violet) emp Asher Metal Co h58 

" Joaquin slsmn J B McDonald 
" Jos wtchmn rl75 6th 
" Jos F (Inez P) (Post Office Barber Shop) 

rl542 Church 
" Julio pntr r514 9th 

" Lawrence (Olive i lab h254 CoUlngwood 
" Louis lab h373 Francisco 
" Lucy Mrs hl3D6 Minna 
" Mamie tchr Pub Sch rl542 Church 
" Manuel (Theresa) lab hl639 Quesada av 
" Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch r5269 3d 
" Orvetta hl700 Octavia 
" Paul A (Stella) mtlwkr hll9 Rae av 
" Pedro (Carmen) auto mech h49 Gaven 
" Peter r344 4th 

" Peter A (Maude) chauf r208 21st av 
" Ray mech Am Tr Co r219 Genesee 
" Sera&na h906 Bway 
" Thos C driver r450 Leavenworth 
Andrakin Alice (wid Wm) h347 Liberty 

" Frank (Vaudisi flrlyr h2725 20th 
" Nicholos r347 Liberty 

" Tonya r347 Liberty 

" Victor r347 Liberty 
Andre Alf r220 6th 

" Anthony A (Evelyn) elk h564 5th av 

" Arth r707 Shrader 

" Axel F (Astrid) slsmn F O Renstrom h707 

" Ben jr iCathi meatctr h86a Sanchez 

" Carl J elk r63 Alpine ter 

" Clare elk h760 Geary 

" Clarence serv sta opr Union Service Sta 
r349 14th av 

" Edw J (Beatrice) hl340 6th av 

" Evelyn F biller r564 5th av 

" Prank X (Viola) slsmn Herbt D Bell h242 
Winding way 

" Halmer H h2245 Cabrillo 

" Harry confr 184a Clipper hl245 Sanchez 

" Harry P (Freda E) mtrmn h870 Huron av 

" J Louis eng Golden State & Miners Iron 
Wks r Okld 

" Jos auto mech Jas Flora 

" Jos (Lottie Ci metalwkr hl33 29th 

" Leta I (Wid Wm) rl683 Oak 

" Noble boxmkr hl59 7th 

" Patk (Winifred) sign pntr h731 5th av 

" Peter J (Bridget Ai tmstr h948 Naples 

" Wm mtlwkr r61 Ridgewood av 

" Wm A lab hl683 Oak 

Andrea Benj (Kath) meat ctr r86a Sanchez 

" Freda fnshr r 1748b Stockton 

" Jacob rl276 Palm av 

" Mary Mrs hl276 Palou av 

Andreas Edw V (Mildred) barber h562 Hayes 

" John restrwkr h57 Shipley 

Andreasen Arne H (Adeline) mariner h4006 

" Carl S (Nelliei baker h84 Dorland 

" Jas (Ruth I waiter hl343 Sacto 

" Mogens (Martina I mariner h683 5th av 

Andreaskin Jane Mrs maid rl624 Octavia 


Andrcuson Anne F tchr Miss Burke's Sch h2«3a 

" Prodk (Anna) ehauf h442 15th av 
" Vlggo lEsthcri boker h827 Wisconsin 
Andreasson Hans (Margt E( auto mech h2530 

" Peter (Eiia) lab h59 McCoppen 
Andreath Ernest elev opr Stanford Court Apt 
Andrentta Oactano h455 Union 
" Ouldo hn23a Stockton 
" Domlnlck (Rltai Jan Federal Reserve Bank 

h42 Elizabeth 
Androattl Mollv faetvwkr r538 Mississippi 
Andree Agnes M tel opr rl767 Union 
" Albt whsmn hl50 Goethe 
" Chas cook rl53 Russ 
" Gustav R iSelmn) uphol hl36 Foerster 
" Harold hl767 Union 
" Hllma Mrs h616 Halght 
" Hotel 1661 Market 
" Kathrvn Mrs cigars 1518 Union 
" Marie elk rl400 Washn 
" Paul r619 Haight 
" Paul lab rl53 Russ 

" Robt G (Dorothy M) chauf hl2 Tioga av 
Andreen Carl mech Sherman Clay & Co r Okld 
Andregg Alf (Carol) welder rl514 Waller 
Andreini Aldo J elk Bank of Am r621 Banks 
" Arth (Bruna) asst cash Bank of Am r914 

" Doris V emp W P Fuller & Co r621 Banks 
" G rep Assoc Am Distributors Inc r Bur- 

" Louis L (Grace) gro 4499 17th 
" Louis B uphol r621 Banks 
" Nareisco A (Evelyn i lab hlOOl Key 
" Svlvio C (Adele) ]an h621 Banks 
An(jreinnl Amerigo (Giovannoni & Andrelnnl) 

hl708 Filbert 
Andren G Henry (Edith) eng hl69 Alpine ter 
" John A (Amy) tailor 12 Geary R705 h649 

15th av 
" Wm (Toldai shtmtlwkr h5a6 5th av 
" Wm Jr slsmn Banco Corp r506 5th av 
Andreotti Guiseppe fruit 1329 Chestnut rl365 

" Marv Mrs r3019 Geary blvd 
" Natale A (Norma) elk Bank of Am h92 

Andreozzi Albt (Julia) butcher hl926 Palou av 
" Eug (Jennie) (Blue Ribbon Market) h924 

Andres Felix O glazier 468 Hayes r619 Belve- 
" Felix O ]r glazier P O Andres r619 Belvedere 
" Jennie C Mrs rl737 Larkin 
" Jewel C inspr Universal Film Exch h378 

Golden Gate av 
" Juan restr wkr r266 22d 
" Julian (Nora) h736 Girard 
" Leonard bartndr r736 Girard 
" M Apolinar Jan h2186 Calif 
" Theresa n22 Shotwell 
" Vincent (Lucia) lab h208 Winfleld 
ANDRESEN, See also Andersen and Anderson 
" Andreas (Clara) formn Farnsworth & Rug- 

gles hl201 San Bruno av 
" Anker (Mina) h455 Capistrano av 
" Arth h619 Belvedere 

" Arth J mach hd Cal Barrel Co r San Mateo 
" Eliz M tchr Pub Sch r3648 22d 
" Gyda M h848 Haight 
» Harold B r3648 22d 

" Harrv P (Sarah l elk hl038 Plymouth av 
" Henry P elk rl038 Plymouth av 
" Henry V (Pearl) auto repr rl67 Gambler 
" Ida (wid Andw) h2147 Revere av 
" Julius C sunt Calif Barrel Co r San Mateo 
" Lillian C elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 
" Louis P C (Elisel meats 3800 22d h3648 do 
" Niels A slsmn h271 Richland av 
" Peter lab r2447 San Bruno av 
" Richd A (Cecelia L) h4a pinehurst way 
" Robt L r3648 22d 
" Vernon (Pearl) hl67 Gambler 
" Walter E h3543 24th 
" Warren S field eng NBC r Bkly 
Andreson Howard driver r711 Leavenworth 
Andress Oliver G (Beatrice C) h636 Presidio 
Andresson Michl h663 Monterey blvd 
Andretta Jos (Mary) jan h266 Octavia 
" MoUie laetywkr r266 Octavia 
Andretty Anna sugar wkr r65 Seneca av 
" Eunice r316 Chestnut 
" Jas (Rita) elk Western Sugar Refinery h316 

" Jos (Anna L) mtrmn h65 Seneca av 
" Louis r316 Chestnut 
" Rita Mrs power opr r316 Chestnut 
Andreu John E safety supt Am Can Co r Okld 
Andrew Adam (Ethel) pres Shasta Water Co 

hl900 Pierce 
" Andw restrwkr rl40 4th 
" Carol rl900 Pierce 
" Chas B (Mary) h836 McAllister 
" Chas E (Genevieve) bridge eng S P Okld 

Bav Bridge h2001 Calif 
" Edwin J r749 27th av 
" Geo lab r38 Washburn 
" H D hl5 Lyell 
"■ Ivan hl629 Lake 
" John (Madaline) pres Golden Eagle Coffee 

Co r749 27th av 
" Laura N Mrs tel opr rl087 Market 
" MadaUne Mrs h749 27th av 
" Manuel v-pres Golden Eagle Coffee Co r749 

27th av 
" May P dk hl890 Washn 
" Prentis E v-pres Shasta Water Co rl900 

" Saml rl72 Columbus av 
" Walter B wtchmn r314 Kearny 
" Wm (Zatira) slsmn Golden Eagle Coffee Co 

r749 27th 
" Wm E elk r541 Divisadero 

Andrews A h2960 Fillmore 

A r Hotel Alexander Hamilton 
A tailor O'Connor Mollatt & Co r San Ra- 
A W h605 Jones 

Ada I (wid Lincoln) h986 Guerrero 
Agnes elk rl445 Larkln 
Albt E (Veta) photog r3145 Turk 
Alice P (Wid W J) h757 Sutter 
Alice R bkpr Jas W McAUster Inc rsas 

Andw (Grace) ehauf r507 Webster 
Anita mlnr rI431 4th av 
Ann h2295 Prnneiseo 
Ann elk Marks Bros r Okld 
Anne pkr rlOlO Post 
Arth bkpr rl41 Brompton av 
Arth T (Cathi paperhngr h379 Frederick 
B K h500 Buchanan 
Benedict C (Mary J) hl548 Haight 
BenJ T (Theresa M) pres Andrews-Breed- 
ing Co h47 Eastwood dr 
Betty C tel opr hl346 Pine 
Bonnie tchr Pub Sch r3337 Octavia 
H A Breeding Sec-Treas. Mail Advertising 
Service, .'iOS Market, Tel DO uglas 7314 
" C mtrmn Mkt St Ry r730 22d 
" California P rl265 Guerrero 
" Cath elk rl805 Eddy 
" Cecil (Bernicel chauf h2620 Sacto 
" Chas emp Herbst Bros r763 Hayes 
" Chas A h4420 Irving 

" Chas A (Jean) rtmn h361 Richland av 
" Chas H elk r447 Eddy 
" Chas H guard U S Customs r Okld 
" Chas S r2624 Van Ness av 
" Chas W elk Met Life Ins Co r Palo Alto 
" Chas W (Mildred A) dir City & County 

Recreation Dept h255 Valdez 
" Chester E (Billy) printer h466 Scott 
" Chester L ofc 220 Montgy R220 hl600 8th 

" Claire M sten Zellerbach Paper Co r Bkly 
" Clarence A slsmn Westinghouse Elec & Mfg 

Co r San Mateo 
" Chftord C slsmgr James W McAlister Inc 

r San Mateo 
" Earl (Pearl) elk h45 Landers 
" Edwin H (Lily) (West & Andrews) hl431 

45th av 
" Eliz dom 2258 16th av 
" Elvira smstrs h2319 24th av 
" Emilv (wid Uly) rl250 24th av 
" Emma E (wid Rudy) h3443 20th 
" Emma F (wid J S) h2270 Bway 
" Emmett C r986 Guerrero 
" Ernest A (Mary K) carrier PO h29 Pearl 
" Ernest L slsmn E I duPont deNemours Co 

r San Mateo 
" Ethel r411 O'Farreell 
" Ethel A Mrs r592 Greenwich 
" Eug (Bettle) pntr h2718 San Jose av 
" Eug V elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank r Bkly 
" Evelyn M music tchr 1640 9th av 
ANDREWS F T & CO (Frank T Andrews, 
Everett O Vaughan) Certified Public Ac- 
countants, H13 Buss Bldg, 235 Mont- 
gomery, Tel SD tter 0832 
" Florence typist r322 Parnassus av 
" Florence D Mrs sec T H Kelly r2315 Bway 
" Floyd (May B) hlll5 Taylor 
" Frank h348 Scott 

" Prank D right of way agt SOCo r Bkly 
" Frank F (LiUian) aect hl242 22d av 
" Frank G Jr (Joan P) musician hl982 19tn 

" Frank J (Edith) slsmn Sussman. Wormser 

& Co h7421 G eary blvd 
" Prank L lieut SFFD rl803 Castro 
" Frank S (Lillian) slsmn h2544 Hyde 
" Frank S slsmn Jas W McAlister Inc r3055 

" Frank T (F T Andrews & Co) hl298 Sacto 
" Prank W (Florence) service atdt h3139 

" Franklin C (Eugenia) elk r906 Divisadero 
" G r340 Hayes 
" G r902 Howard 
" Gail I tchr r540b Page 
" Gaylord E (Cora) chauf h319 Pope 
" Geo hI717 Webster 
" Geo elk Alex Pinegold r Okld 
" Geo lab r582 Grove 
" Geo (Inez) lab h318 Harriet 
" Geo lab r573a Minna 
" Geo slsmn hI303 Minna 
" Geo (Fannie) sta eng hl749 Lyon 
" Gerald police hl534 Sacto 
" Gilbert (Irene) hl805 Eddy 
" Gladys tel opr rSSO Larkin 
" Gladys W Mrs hll50 Union 
" H ice puller rl5 Lyell 
" H R h20 Monroe 

" Harry delicatessen 141 Gough hl45 do 
" Harry wtchmn rl095 Mission 
" Harry M (Olive) formn Concrete Engineeer- 

ing Co h776 Cayuga av 
" Heater Co Lindsey Warford mgr gas appli- 
ances 2231 Market 
" Helen Mrs beauty opr h610 Hyde 
" Henrietta Mrs hl570 Divisadero 
" Henrietta (wid R S) hl41 Brompton av 
" Henry C (Kath) elk h200 Funston av 
" Hotel 1018 Mission 
" Ina M tchr Pub Sch r43n 23d 
" Isabella A (wid J M) hl275 45th av 
■■' Jack P lab r728 Page 
" Jas wtchmn r30 College av 
" Jas P slsmn h795 Pine 
" Jas P (Irene) slsmn h3607 Folsom 
" Jas R sign pntr h716 Waller 
" Jean r555 Baker 
" Jerold C spl ofBcer Seamens Church Inst 

rl534 Sacto 
" John h276 Day 


" John h2825 Pllljert 

" John hn Hodges pi 

" John baker rl568 Divlsadero 

" John (Florence) chef hl051 Page 

" John (Nelli marine eng h4317 23d 

" John S (Mabel C) elk h728 Page 

" Jos rl039 Mission 

" Jos porter rl017 Stockton 

" Jos elk hl650 Cahf 

" Jos D r2 Meda av 

" Jos J elk rlll4 Sutter 

" Jos S electn hl309 Octavla 

" Josephine Mrs rl600 8th av 

" Josephine (wid Jas) hl201 Treat av 

" June h488V2 Grove 

" Kath (wld Chas) h270€b Mission 

" Kenneth r528 Valencia 

" Lasatta sten Federal Reserve Bank r Okld 

" Laura h3555 Broderick 

" Laura nurse rWhitcomb Hotel 

" Laura sten Joslvn Co of Calif 

" Lee (Mary) h931 14th 

" Leila Mrs beauty opr r3035 Gough 

" Leonard mech r580 Valencia 

" LeRoy hieei Leavenworth 

" Lew r707 Van Ness av 

" Lucille (wid John) cook hl928 Sutter 

" Lydia L r716 Waller 

" M Geo mech r539 Octavla 

" M J h3535 Fillmore 

" M T hl360 Lombard 

" Margt r2270 Bway 

" Margart Mrs hl201 Calif 

" Marine A (Adelene E) cbtmkr hl640 9th av 

" Marion E mach opr h908 Treat av 

" Mark rl018 Webster 

" Mark T confy 1598 Church 

" Martindale F Ins broker 114 Sansome R(I17 
r Pied 

" Mary M elk rl201 Treat av 

" Mary M Mrs h507 21st av 

" Matilda P rl265 Guerrero 

" Milton G (Irene! photog rl805 Eddy 

" Minnie Mrs rl039 Mission 

" N L r20 12th 

" Nellie M elk r530 Larkln 

" Nelson (Bowers & Andrews) r Redwood City 

" Newell C (Ferol! asst dtst mgr Maryland 
Casualty Co hl080 Eddy 

" Nicholas J (Evalynn) slsmn Keuffel & Esser 
Co r429 Bush 

» Orville V beauty shop 133 Geary R706 h3036 

" Paul M (Diamond Tavern) 

" Pauline A compt opr r226 Valencia 

" Pearl Mrs (The Helbing Co Ltd) rl360 Lom- 

" Ray rice supt MJBCo r San Leandro 

" Ray serv sta atdt hll Dolores 

" Robt E asst chf eng Natl Board of Plre 
Underwriters r Bkly 

" Robt L (Winnie) cook hl306 2l5t av 

" Rosa (wid Jos) h583 Munich 

" Ross tchr Western Women's Club r609 Sut- 

" Russell C (Elsie) elk h2955 Leavenworth 

" Saml A chiropractor 226 Valencia 

" Sanford r465 Page 

" Sarah P r716 Waller 

" Sarah H (wid Jasi r716 Waller 

" Stewart B elk C&HSRCorp r Okld 

" Susie S (wid F HI h2588 San Jose av 

" Thaddeus W (Maud Bi uphol h218 Flood av 

" Theo C (Amy) hl340 20th av 

" Theo H (Gertrude) lab hl253 46th av 

" Thos waiter hl90 Day 

" Thos H (Birdie) USA h2837 Greenwich 

" Thos P (Matilda) real est 690 Market R403 
hl265 Guerrero 

" Thos W elk rl201 Treat av 

" Tlllie Mrs h865 Girard 

" Tom P (Kath) slsmn Ruud Heater Co rl234 
6th av 

" Tony broom mkr hl65b 14th 

" Violet masseuse h709 Geary 

" W G r528 Kearny 

" W K h272 9th 

" W T cook rl39 Drumm 

" Walter E mach hl54 5th av 

" Wilber G mfrs agt 7 Front R218 r2998 21st 

" Wilfred C elk Wells-Pargo Bank & Union 
Trust Co r Okld 

" Wilfred L (Rowena C) v-pres Am Broker- 
age Inc asst sec-asst treas Transamerlca 
Corp hl49 Alhambra 

" Wm A lawyer 785 Market R300 

" Wm E (Ann) driver hl67 Alhambra 

" Wm E (Emily I slsmn hl280 Page 

" Wm E (Helen Li tchr Pub Sch h530 Lake 

" Wm G wtchmn r570 Calil 

" Wm I I Constance ( teller Wells-Fargo Bank 
& Union Trust Co h2100 Bay 

" Wm J (Helen) supvr announcer NBC r901 

" Wm S lawyer 260 Calif R1006 r Bkly 

" Zula tchr Pub Sch hl270 La Playa 

Andrewsen Andw P (Eliz) h3325 21st 

" Elsie Mrs r822 Alvarado 

Andrewson I D elk Calif Prune Control Board 
r Mountain View 

Andrezzi A cook hl030 Post 

Andri Vivian c fctywkr Boflnger cfe Kllngler 
r Bkly 

Andrian A mgr Will King's Grill r430 Hyde 

Andriano Cornelia typist r4695 18th 

" Jas (Margtl caretaker h4695 I8th 

ANDRIANO SYLVESTER (Leonora) (Andriano 
& Lowery) Lawyer, 550 Montgomery R703, 
and Attorney for Consulate General of 
Italy. Tel DO uelas 3443, h2674 Filbert, 
Tel Fl llmore 5077 

ANDRIANO & LOWERY (Sylvester Andriano, 
Wm R Lowery) Lawyers, 550 Montgomery 
R7ft'3, Tel DO uglas M42 


Andriatto Anton factywkr rl334 Revere av 
Andrieh Prank elev opr Terminal Whse r 

Corte Madeira 
Andriese John pntr Stanford Court Apt 
Andrieu John M (Margt) (Hotel Lyric) h3S48 

" Paul N (Mary) elk h867 Hampshire 
Andrieux Harvey r254 Clementina 
" Jos F cash Atlas Heating & Ventilating Co 

rl242 22d av 
" Ray P servmn Les Vogel Chevrolet Co rl24a 

22d av 
Andrlnne Louis lab h272 Randall 
Andrino Lorenzo (Sonna) lab h582 Madrid 
Andriola Miehl (Mary) produce 518 Front hM 

Andriotto Jos Jan r538 Mississippi 
Andripoulous Chris r389 3d 
Andro Chas h339 Teddy av 
" Sam restrwkr r397 4th 
Andronicos Theo (Smyrnos & Andronlcos) 
Andronis Magdalena Mrs elk rl309 19th av 
Andronoff Alex (Lucile) pntr h2870 Sacto 
Andros Anthe rB60 Waller 
" Geo J bottler r3336 Army 

stler. F W Dorr) Attorneys-at-Law. 719- 
734 Kohl Bldg, 486 Calttornla, Tel SC iter 
" Jos N (Asnasla) flremn h4914 Sd 
" Peter lab rl47a Stillmann 
" Richd restr 60 6th 
Androsa Frank lab hl32a Russ 
Androsettl Florence r295S Laguna 
" Gene slen pntr 1205 Turk 
" Jos (Delia) Ddlr h2956 Laguna 
Androttt Nathan (Stella) h3360 Army 
Androvlch Mary Mrs rl212 Willard 
Andrulls Anton h706 Polk 
Andrus Chas (Jessie) police h474« 17th 
" Chas H (Bernlce) with Braun-Knecht-Hel- 

mann Co hl850 Green 
" Chas W carp h967 Haieht 
" Geo L techn (Marv) h99 Jersey 
" Geo M (Marv) mach h30 College av 
" Gordon W I Marie BI aect Auto Elec Supp 

Co h4S5 Hvde 
" Harry M (Bessie G) barber hl20 Carl 
" Jas J elk r30 College av 
" Jean elk r30 College av 
" Jessie B cash City of Paris Dry Ods Co 

r4746 17th 
" Lee B h3490 Scott 
" Leiand W (Corrinne) service mgr Wholesale 

Radio & Elec Supp Co h833 Balboa 
" M Loraine typist Federal Reserve Bank r3624 

" M Willard (Bernlce B) stevedore hlO Curtis 
" Marv Mrs mgr Ace Ants r99 Jersey 
" Theo (Gertrude) police h1579 Thomas av 
" Tonv (Augustine) Ian h3$ Brant al 
" Vaile S dept mgr SPCo r Ala 
" Wm (Marie I prsmn SFNews h4748 nth 
" Wm N (Gertrudei h759a 6th av 
Andrus^ Geo L (Evelyn) clock repr h3039 

" Julia J tchr Pub Sch r82 Jordan av 
" Merrill E (Florencel carrier PO h338 Ortega 
" Thaxter H r82 Jordan av 
" Wm mach r82 Jo'*dfln av 
" Winnifre'1 I, (wld Newton) elk State Ins 

Com h82 Jordan av 
Andrv Adele maid 2833 Valleio 
Andrvsiack Miehl J eatemn SFHosp 
Anduha Henry raviola mkr rl208 Egbert 
" Mateo (Carmen) lab h41 Hnmer 
And^'a Menelo meat^tr r2Dl Missouri 
Andzan John M (Hermine) stevedore hl55 

Anelli Jos window elnr r74 Nlaeara 
Anello Jos J (Carmel D) spring mkr hl55 

Anes Conrado rl660 Bush 
Anestis Anestis J slsmn Milo Coffee Co r759 

Aneyer Walter J elk Chas J Schmltt Co r 

Anfenger Max B (Mary) eng SOCo hGOl Stock- 
Anfenson Jean sten Wesson Oil & Snow Drift 

Sales Co r3i25 Washn 
" Margt r3125 Washn 
" Sarah J sten r3125 Washn 
Anflbolo John L with DC&HCo r San Anselmo 
Anflndsen Arth E (Anna) (Post-Hyde Garage) 

h2727 Harrison 
" B h2504 Sacto 

Anfinson Anfin (Anna) hl680 11th av 
" Clarence fruitwkr rl680 11th av 
" Evelyn bkor Lvons-Magnus Inc rl580 11th 
" Leslie slsmn Met Lndv Co rl680 11th av 
Antsten I M hl750 Washn 
Anganio Jesus lab hl540 Howard 
Angeh Frank form mkr rl950 Taylor 
An<?el Alex restrwkr r622 Hyde 
" Hilario restrwkr r427 Stockton 
" Jack (Eva) hS-isO Broderick 
" Jas (Daphne) elk h725 Grove 
" Jose V (Lilv) butler h333 Presidio av 
" Lucy W (wid R M) rlTOO Beach 
" Peter T (Hazel M) dentist 1182 Market R420 

h850 40th av 
" Wm (Sadie) florist 2204 Chestnut hl8 Lucky 
Angela Emanuel (Marice) h2922 Octavia 
Angelbeck Anita H ofHce sec R K Pierce r359 

23d av 
" Fred (Nellie) h359 23d av 
" Grace elk r359 23d av 
" Ida sten Wells-Fargo Bank & Union Tr Co 

r359 23d av 
Angeles Gust (Bessie) driver h742 Kansas 
Angeleseo Dave lab rll9 Winfleld 
" Mario rll9 Winfleld 
Angelevieh Jos h635a Mason 

Angell Alex (Josephine) h682 Tennessee 
" Apartments 830 Bush 
" Arth r676 Tennessee 
" Assunta h80 Goethe 
" Aug (Stella) h676 Tennessee 
" Egisto (Lena) fruit 4621 Mission h3825 26th 
" Frank model mkr rl755 Stockton 
" Prank J (Lucelle) slsmn SOCo hl863 Jeffer- 
" Hector r609 Tennessee 
" Jos wtchmkr H F De Maria r Fairfax 
" Laurence (Jennie) meatctr h971 Greenwich 
" Lily elk r26 Vandewater 
" Lydia Mrs mgr Angell Apts h830 Bush 
" Nick (Caroline) (Empire Produce Co) h3137 

" Sebastian (Eliz) shoe repr 930 Taraval 
" Vincenza (Josephine) cook hl741 J ones 
Angelich Luke (Romllda) flremn SFFD h53 

" Nicholas (Claire) dentist 450 Sutter R1626 

h2335 26th av 
" Peter (Anna) plmbr hl246 Leavenworth 
Angelides Ethel Mrs hl230 Jackson 
Angelin Chas A (Mary M) carp hl354 15th av 
Angelini Attlllio A (Malvlna) h2554a Gough 
" L starter Yellow Cab Co r231 Gough 
Angelinich Dorothy r2422 Polk 
" Louis (Cath) h2422 Polk 
Aneells Ethel sten r2418 Fulton 
" Henry C (Bertha G) h2418 Fulton 
" Robt mech rl380 Church 
" Rudolph W (Elsie) washing mach 1070 

Howard hl380 Church 
" V Mrs h565 Page 

Angelius Anna D Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl299 Ale- 
many blvd 
" Chas (Christina) h963 Hampshire 
" Edwin H (Anna) hl299 Alemany blvd 
" Eliz M elk City St County Purch Dept rBS4 

47th av 
" Lincoln (Lillian M) elk h890b 47th av 
" Theo E asst genl agt French Line r2439 ISth 

Angell Agnes sten Telautograph Corp 
" Agness sten Calif State Brewers Assn ras 

ANGELL ALGERNON R, Asst Mgr Foreign 

Dept Crocker First National Bank of San 

Francisco, r Oakland 
" Eileen M elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Finn J (T-ulu) printer Knlght-Counlhan Oo 

hl590 12th av 
" Harry M pharm h228 Capistrano av 
" Irene sten PT&TCo r Bkly 
" John o (Myrtle) dep City and County Cot- 
oner h663 Joost av 
» Philip H lawyer 593 Market R723 r Bkly 
" Thos slsmn Gatls Yates r Palo Alto 
" Winifred L sten Calif Ink Co rl590 12th «v 
Angelo Apartments 2061 Mission 
" Ben) (Thelma) hl552 Jackson 
" D'Acquisto (Antoinette) flshermn hll08 Ca- 

" Gus mgr Pacific Pie Co r2738 Cabrlllo 
" Heath (Angelo & Son) r Mill Valley 
" Henry nharm r827 35th av 
" J amsblr r4002 18th 
" Josie r742 Divlsadero 
" M hl618 Turk 

" Miehl Playground 1055 Greenwich 
ANGELO & SON (Heath Anselo) Basket Mfr», 

Excelsior Pads. Mos«», Packing Materials, 

398 Bay. Tels DO nelas 1995 and SOW 
Angelotr Saml (Eliz) lab h611 Minna 
Angeloni John J garaeemn h604 Vermont 
" Victor paste mkr r62 Valley 
Aneelos Andw gro 101 Lakeview av 
" Antone J iRose R) barber 23 6th h923 14th 
" Chris (Marie) slsmn h776 Haves 
" Prank barber 2370 Mission h275 San Carlos 
" Geo cigars 2370 Mission r3424 19th 
" Gust (Proso) h2738 Cabrlllo 
" Helen r275 San Carlos 
" Peter barber r275 San Carlos 
" Victor rl87 3d 

Angelosante Ben.1 lab rll57 Wisconsin 
Angelosanto Frank Jan rl818a Sansome 
An^elovich Geo slsmn rl394 McAllister 
" J R slsmn A Nash & Co r63 5a Mason 
" Jos W (Hedwig) eapt SFFD h640 Polk 
Angelus Apartments 645 Bush 
" Apartments 978 Ellis 
Angenent Linda Indywkr h3884 22d 
" Wilhelmus J sta eng Dept Pub Wks hl327 

25th av 
Angenete Carl B slsmn Napa & Sonoma Wire 

Co r okld 
Anger Chas R (Alice) mech h978 Valencia 
" Gustav (Ann) cbtmkr hl495 Shotwell 
" Maurice asst mgr Foreign Dept Am Tr Co 

r Bkly 
ANGER WENZEL E. Asst Sec American Trnst 

Co. r Box 353, Belmont 
Angerbauer Anton (Vera) hl32 Ellsworth 
" Wilfred (Helen) cook h451 Somerset 
" Wm (Marv) cook h248 Miramar av 
Angermann Alvin R meat etr rl7 18th 
" Elsa maid 230 Sea Cliff av 
" Oscar A (Louise) meats 1598 Guerrero hl7 

Angermuende Pauline (wld W C) music tchr 

351 11th av 
Anehinetti Ernest elk r70a Gilbert 
" Jos (Assunta) lab h70a Gilbert 
" Nora fctywkr r70a Gilbert 
Angin Chas N jr (Eleanor) elk hl845 Larkln 
" Eleanor R slswn Roos Bros rl845 Larkln 
" John G (Grace G) asst mgr Polk-Callf ofBce 

Am Tr Co rl427 5th av 
Angius Peter J mill supt Pac Vegetable Oil Co 

r Okld 
Anglasay Henry elk r280 Day 
" Richd E (Eva) beer 391 29th h280 Day 
Angle Prank C sis rep Allis Chalmers Mlg Oo 

r Okld 

Anglemeyer Prank L (Oath) Imbrmn hU80 

» Oeo atdt Lurllnf Ocean Water Baths r487 

Joost av 
" Rov J plantinn Saninrknnd Co rl280 Noc 
AnRllm CUItord C dlst dlr Fsderal Housing 

Administration r Richmond 
" Ellen Mrs hI-H4 Vallejo 
" Jas J hOOO Fell 
" Jas J (EllEi hS'H 30th av 
" Louise C elk rl444 Vallejo 
AngUn Grace Mrs beauty opr hl66i.ii Chatto- 

" Nellv E elk h3641 Bryant 
» Wm r3169 Calif 
" Wm P rl335 OFarrell 
AnRlo-Amerlcnn Direct Tea Trading Co Alan 

McKnv mirr imotrs ?.e» Market RaS6 
CY. Rav Docker Pae Coiust MRr, 801 San- 
some, f el DO URlas fiSM 
" Mining Corp Ltd W L Brown pres. H W 
Kllnstein v-pres L M Davis sec 220 Montgy 
Anslo Bank BldK 510 Montcy 
" Bank BulIdlnR 830 Market 
'• Bcautv Studio (Arlln Dnrllnc. Irene Shoe- 
maker. Helene Stoddardl 830 Market mez fl 
" BulldhiK 3004 16th 

Mortimer Fleishhacker Chairman. Herbert 
Flelshhacker Pres. H L Machen V-Pres. 
J S Curran V-Prcs, T C Tllden V-Pres, 
Louis Sutter V-Pres. Victor Klinker V-Pres. 
Mortimer Flelshhacker Jr V-Pres. Herbert 
Fleishhacker Jr V-Pres. R D Brigham V- 
Pres. A N Baldwin Jr V-Pres. Harry Coe 
V-Pres. J Friedlander V-Pres. C F Hunt 
V-Pres. Leon Sloss Jr V-Pres. Geo A Van 
Smith V-Pres. P C Hoover V-Pres. Fred 
V VoIImer V-Pres. Paul B Kelly V-Pres, 
Cl.Tude H Alexander Asst V-Fres. Wm H Ar- 
nold Asst V-Pres. C E Baen Asst V-Pres. E J 
Berpes Asst V-Pres. A L McRowe Asst V- 
Pres. W E Burns Asst V-Pres, Grant Cord- 
rey Asst V-Pres. H F Fletcher Asst V-Pres. 
B J Frankenheimer Asst V-Pres. H Kanter 
Asst V-Pres. J M McCarthy Asst V-Pres. 
Henry C Muller Asst V-Pres. B Neustadt 
Asst V-Pres. Fred F Ouer Asst V-Pres. 
Dwight K Tripp Asst V-Pres, Dario Righettl 
Asst V-Pres. Wm H Owen Asst V-Pres. 
Carl Troppmann Asst V-Pres. Frank L 
Moss Cashier. J J Cambridge Jr Auditor, 
M J Creech, Walter Graf. Charles C Kutz. 
Otto C Schulte. W G Scott. A M Wickland, 
C L Youngdale, Irene M Otto Asst Cash- 
iers, Frank H Lougher, Geo D Lundy, 
Laurence H Tharp Trust Officers, Main 
Office 1 Sansome; Sea-Board Branch. 101 
I^Iarket; Montgomery Street Branch Mont- 
gomery and Sacramento; Market-Ellis 
Branch. Market, Ellis and Stockton; Mar- 
ket-Jones Branch, Market, McAllister and 
Jones; Fillmore Branch. Fillmore and 
Geary; Mission Branch, Mission and leth; 
Richmond District Branch, Geary Blvd at 
20th av; Potrero Branch, 3d and 20th: 
Marina Branch. Fillmore and Chestnut; 
Member Federal Reserve System (See page 
" California Securities Co C C Kutz mgr auto 

financing 1235 Van Ness av 
" Dorothy sten r216 4th av 
" Hotel 1550 Fillmore 

Anglus Jos J (Theresa) cond r929 Lincoln way 
Angnos Geo elk Gust Pistas 
Angonnet Bernard (Lillian) (Angonnet Bros) 

h331 31st av 
" Bros (P P and Bernard) coal 220 Beale 
" Emma pleating 1427 Halght r350 27th av 
" Peter F (Angonnet Bros) r331 31st av 
Angove Jessie M Indv wkr r3790 21st 
" Thos R (Jessie M) Indymn h3790 21st 
Angstead Lucille D sten rl370 Pine 
Angulatos Peter barber 228 6th 
Angulo Belllta r281 Miramar av 
" Belllta (wld M R) h281 Miramar av 
" Carmelita Mrs elk I Magnin & Co r2452 

'' Manuel D (Carmen) printer Pernau-Walsh 

Printing Co h2452 Washn 
" Rlchd J (Pearl) facty wkr h595b Dolores 
Angurlan Geo barber rl42 Sanchez 
Angus Anatol r2520 Union 
" Byrd H Mrs h2480 Washn 
" Elspeth r2520 Ualon 
" Fred B (Rhoda) slsmn hl230 Hyde 
" Geo R asst cash Calif Pkg Corp r Atherton 
" Jas r20 12th' 
" Jas (May) h2522 Union 
" John N (Molly E) constn wkr h238 Point 

Lobos av 
" Mary S Mrs tchr Pub Sch h252D Union 
" Rhoda J Mrs elk rl230 Hyde 
" T H h2211 Calif 
Angwin H R civ eng U S Bureau of Pub Roads 

r Pled 
" Henry B 1ns B80 Market R410 r Burllngame 
Angyal Ludwlg J Inventor rl350 Pine 
Anheuser-Busch Inc San Francisco Branch 

Rlchd Kinley mgr brewers 1650 3d 
Anholt Otto (Fredai hllS Hancock 
Anibbia Milano elk rSlO Green 
Anichkov Anatol h668 Punston av 
Anldo Frank elk r77 Glover 
" Henry msngr r77 Glover 
" Josephine mach opr rl972 Sutter 
" Renedos Mrs h77 Glover 
Anlmo Andw lab U S Custodian Serv r2087 

Aninger John h443 7th av 
Anlno Grace r777 22d av 

" Juan (Grace) consul Costa Rica h777 22d av 
" Robt r777 22d av 
Anita Apartments 1261 6th av 


Anltchkotr V P books 1661 O'ParrcU 668 Fun- 

Anivale Josephine Mrs hl915 Stockton 
Anlxter Anna iwld Harris) hSSOO Sacto 
" Ben) (Henrietta) v-pres Borden's Dairy De- 
livery Co h2377 Bay 
" David L dalrvwkr h2332 Post 
" Isaac H IE1I7.I h2155 Bay 
" Julian iLlIllani dairy wkr hl670 28th av 
" Leo slsmn Borden's Dnlrv Del Co r975 Bush 
» Lou K (Adelei solr r2950 Van Nses av 
" Louis H lEvclvni h2112 Lake 
" Mnrv r2377 Bay 
" Max (Marlel baker h3079 Calif 
" Raymond T (Isnl>cllei lawyer 235 Montgy 

R1904 1)2329 North Point 
" Simon D lawyer 235 Montgy R0I5 r2377 Bay 
" TllUe B slswn Raphael Weill it Co 440 Geary 
Ankele Carl L Ins agt hUOO Hyde 
" Ida W (Wld J H rl360 Hyde 
" John H jr (Madeline I lawyer 220 Montgy 

R696 h728 Mason 
" Verna B sten Pac Lighting Corp r2040 Jef- 
Ankener Fred (Re-Nu Window Shade Co) r 

Redwood City 
Anker Andw ]an 1958 Vallejo 
" Axel L lab rl570 10th av 
" Emil A elk Bank of Calif r720 Duboce 
" Geo P (Martha) carp hl570 10th av 
" Hattle G sten rl523 Calif 
" Jennie r2207 Pine 
" Lewis (Mae) agt Equitable Life Assur Soc 

hl523 Calif 
" Morrey (Marian) (Marian Mfg Co) h233 32d 

" N hl755 Franklin 

" Slgmund iRavl musician h3142 Gough 
Ankers Harry ( Winifred i ntr h22 Lexington 
Ankersmit Jo'han (Dorothy Plchauf hl916 Lyon 
Ankjar S r2126 Mission 
Anlauf Anna maid rl676 Fulton 
" Max (Anna) jan hl27 Naglee av 
Anley David (Inez) lino opr h4427 Irving 
Anliker Sophia B Mrs h408 Hugo 
Anmuth Mandel (Helen) shoe repr 773 Howard 
Ann & Belle (Ann Pitzsimmons Belle Leach) 

beauty shop 150 Powell R305 
Annadown Emilv h35 Caine av 
Annan H H auto repr r447 Valencia 
" Merriem mach opr rl058 Ellis 
Annancv Court Apartments 1642 Larkin 
Annand Chas W (Mary L) dentist 2395 20th av 

h641 Los PalmOS av 
" Sarah A h2315 Sacto 
Annandale Albt L (May) slsmn h658 Van 

Ness av S 
Annarumi Alberico (Augusta) musician r298 

Casitas av 
Annasohn Conrad (Louise) sausage mkr 1086 

Howard h2691 17th av 
Annear Eleanor compt opr rl83 Pairmount 
" Herbt W (Alma) r2 Linares av 
" John A (Ray M) lieut SPPD h32 Linares 
" John M (Eleanor) slsmn Brunswick Record 

Corp hl83 Pairmount 
Annello Jos cook Gene Compton's Corp 
Annenkoff Abr pdlr r2217 Post 
Annetta Apartments 1040 Pulton 
Annette Althea key punch opr Bank of Am 

r Ala 
" Hazel Mrs restr 398 Ellis r424 Jones 
" Helene (wld A V) rl478 Masonic av 
" Louis L mech hl478 Masonic av 
" Millinery Co (Jack Rosen Hyman Baerson) 

717 Market R700 
Annex Apartments 1522 Chestnut 
" Hotel (Mrs Jennie TryonI 1612 Fillmore 
Annibaldi Pablo A (Kath) bkpr J D Sabatelll 

h2134 Green 
Annigonl Armando r405 Green 
" Masaniello (Lidia) cigars 432 Columbus av 

h770 Filbert 
" Menotti (Margt) h405 Green 
Annln & Co H W Pollock mgr flags and ban- 
ners 363 Clementina 
Anninos John P sten W A Henrichsen r686 

ANNIS, See also Ennis and Innes 
" A E traffic mgr Haslett Whs Co rl39 Rich- 
land av 
" A E Mrs hl9 Chenery 
" Arth (Beatrice J) h325 Cabrillo 
" Chas E (Florence) slsmn h3426 21st 
" Chas H (Mary Bl elk h3426 21st 
" Florence C bkpr H Liebes & Co r3426 21st 
" Fred H (Kath) prsmn hl656 Leavenworth 
" Harry musician r942 Pine 
" Ruth L sten Robt Dollar Co r Bkly 
" Vera R sten Am Bltumuls Co hl2 Marne av 
Annunzzio Kathryn mach opr M & S Simon 

r Okld 
" Rachel mach opr M & S Simon r Okld 
Annuzzi Louis shoewkr r561 Moultrie 
Anolin Manuel elk r890 Bway 
" Peter (Valentine) restrwkr h890 Bway 
Anomeritis Jas h223 Dore 

Anowitz Herman (Sarah} clo clnr 5023 Calif 
Anquello Rudolph (Doris I reporter h640 Post 
Ansak Jos h2659 Lombard 
Ansaldi Chas (Emily B) window wshr hl914 

" Fernando elk r2626 Clement 
" Giovanni B (Sophie) tish 3601 Balboa and 

poultry 547 Clement h2626 do 
" Stefano (Tillie) hl967 Oakdale av 
" Uboldo (Nellie A) fruits 5298 Mission hllO 

" Valdimar elk r2626 Clement 
Ansaldo Adele (wid John) h2614 Gough 
" Gemma (wid John) h2222 Larkin 
" Louise B sten h2618 Greenwich 
" Natto (Delia) pntr he247 Calif 

Ansara Alt (Bebe) pres-genl mgr Dclray Corp 

h«46 30th 
" Allci- Mrs 1)2811 Calif 
" Mnrv elk r2811 Calif 
Ansbach Percy M mgr Hotel Manchester 

h70 3d 
Ansbro Arlington C (Loretta) h597 17th av 
Ansel Elmer J cas sta atdt rl30 Gough 
" John E (Cathl hl30 Gough 
" Jos (Mary Li bottler liOOl Kansas 
" Marv wrapper r691 Kansas 
" Walter C slsmn Budd *: Vot»w r Ala 
Ansell Emily (wid Edw) hl36b La Playa 
" Prank elk RvMS r Pacific Grove 
Anselme Mario (Agata) lab h3519 Jennings 
Anselml Albt trunk mkr rl41 Goethe 
" Albt W (Mildred I br mgr Nelson Meat Co 

r Okld 
" Andw lab U S Spring & Bumper Service Co 
" Andw J elk h824 Lombard 
" Carmela sten W N Moore Dry Gds Co rl41 

" Ernie J watch mkr Granat Bros rl423 New 

" Frank (Mary) r824 Lombard 
" Jennie with DC&HCo rl41 Goethe 
" Laura elk rl41 Go?the 
" Lena sten rl41 Goethe 
" Millie sten rl41 Goethe 
" Nicola (Jenniel lab hl41 Goetlie 
Anselmo Anthony (Madalene) (Anselmo & 

von der Mehden) hl432 36th av 
" Armondo lab r555 Kansas 
" Ernest meatctr r555 Kansas 
" Frank lab hl350 Vallejo 
" Prank (Rosa) lab h902 Filbert 
" Gabriel (Rose) lab r9n2 Filbert 
" Jos (Stella) slsmn H S Crocker & Co h2129 

" Julio msngr r267 Dolores 
" Louis (Arelia) lab h555 Kansas 
" Monte porter SPHosp 
" Nick (Theresa! car repr h267 Dolores 
" Ralph r267 Dolores 
" Rose lactywkr r902 Filbert 
" Vincent J hl350 Vallejo 
" Wm factywkr r555 Kansas 
" & von der Mehden (Anthony Anselmo P G 

von der Mehden) beer 147' Powell 
Ansgar Danish Evangelical Lutheran Ch Rev 

J H Vammen pastor 150 Church 
Ansgarius Owe (Helen) lab h3892 22d 
Anshutz Esther A typist r940 Powell 
" Mary (wid Harry) h766 Pell 
Ansley E Banks (Nina) h47 Palm av 
" Homer designer 609 Sutter r Los Altos 
" John A hSl 9th 
Anslinger Benj (Prances) longshoremn hl5H 

" Edw Jan 2164 Hyde 
" Prank rl511 Scott 

Ansok Gerhard (Helen H) carp h51 Mizpah 
Anson Blanche H Mrs sten SPCo r259 Randall 
" Cath (wid Henry) r419 Laurel 
" Conrad (Ruth) Jan hl603 Broderick 
" Evelyn biller rl621 Page 
" Harvey M elk r308 Eddy 
" Jas A (Irene J) h579 Kansas 
" Jos lab r2437 Post 

" Melvin P (Evelynl restrwkr rl621 Page 
" Wm O (Marie) hl621 Page 
Anfonia Anartments 1080 Bush 
Ansotegui Paul emp Am Meter Co rl309 Kearny 
Anspach Dorothy A sten McKale's Inc rl66 

" Grover (Irene) auto mech hl66 CoUingwood 
" Julius rllO 15th av 
" Wm restrwkr rllO 15th av 
Anspacher B h918 Haight 
" Carolyn reporter r795 Sutter 
" Philip B jr (Fritzie) slsmn Century Neck- 
wear Co 113045 Jackson 
" Selma Mrs r795 Sutter 
Anstead Ambrose M (Sarah J) h566 Geary 
" Sarah J Mrs mlnr 566 Geary 
Ansten Chas (Mary) lab h708 Waller 
Anstensen H Norman slsmn S P Examiner 

hl224 Sacto 
Anstey Edw (Grace) plstr h530 41st av 
" Fred A slsmn E R Squibb & Sons r Okld 
Anstrahenseff Alex h2385 Calif 
Antanni Lucille slswn City of Paris Dry Gds 

Co r226 Miramar av 
Antczak John (Evelyn) carp hl65 Parker av 
Antell Edla rl555 17th av 
" Pi-ed stevedore r2908 Folsom 
Antella Johanna Mrs tchr Pub Sch r39 Key- 

Antenucci Nunzio ■ (Agnes) blksmith hl723 

Chestnut , „,^. 

" Thos A (Lucille) slsmn J C Conner h600 

Antetomaso Gateon r275 Raymond av 
" Matilda mach opr r275 Raymond av 
" Raymond (Matilda) chauf r275 Raymond av 
" Victoria Mrs h275 Raymond av 
Antesdel Pauline r27D0 Calif 
Antfolk Albt ptrnmkr rl03 Winfleld 
Antgaelatos P rn5 6th 
Anthenien Ann maid 2518 Buchanan 
" Leo furrier h37 Capp , „^ 

" Rudolph (Theresa) slsmn Les Vogel Chev- 
rolet Co h35a Capp 
" Teresa E elk SPCo r35a Capp 
Anthenisen Leo meatctr rl74 3d 
Anthes Louis H (Amelia) elk h61 Pair av 
" Peter (Florence) elev opr r266 27th av 
Anthoine Harry M hll05 Bush 
Anthon Anna mach opr r70 Lloyd 
" John mech r956 Ellis 
ANTHONY, See also Antoni and Antony 
" A E & Sons (A E, G A and R A) women's 

clo mfrs 49 4th R428 
" All (Jessie) artist Schmidt Litho Co h795 

" Alf J (Amy) mach h346 24th av 


" Alice L (wid J H) h6a Downey 

" Azeez E (Mateal) (A E Anthony & Sons) 

and mgr Amco Mfg Co h3846 Pulton 
" Bell hat cinr 1925 PUlmore hl912 Fillmore 
" Berkeley (Harriette) sten Southwestern Pub 

Co rl057 Bway 
" Bernard W (Eliz) elk rl058 Portola dr 
" Betty bkpr r3846 Pulton 

" Bros Inc C E Anthony pres E A Anthony 
v-pres J E Anthony treas underwear mfrs 
1130 Howard 
" Carrie nurse r811 Geary 

" Chas E (Lucy) pres Anthony Bros h784 30th 
" Chas J pntr h781 O'Parrell 

" Dave pntr r340 O'Farrell 

" David A (Amanda) hl59 Edinburgh 
" Donald (Zeldai lab h530 Scott 

" Dorothy rl014 Montgv 

ANTHONY EARLE C, Pres Earle C Anthony 
Inc, r Los Angeles 

Pres, Packard and Hudson-Terraplane 
Motor Cars, 901 Van Ness Av at Ellis, Tel 
PR-ospect 0444 

" Elolse Mrs r William Taylor Hotel 

" Ernest A (Delia) v-pres Anthony Bros h3844 

" Geo A (A E Anthony & Sons) r3846 Pulton 

" Geo H (Geraldine) h860 Bush 

" Grace Mrs aud h2186 Geary 

ANTHONY H M. Attorney-at-Law, 1404 Hum- 
boldt Bank Bldg, 785 Market. Tel DO-ug- 
las 38«5, h 1060 Bush, Tel PR ospect 6323 

" Harry E (Maude i snl officer Wells-Pargo 
Bank & Union Tr Co h453 21st av 

" Helen S drftsmn r63D 29th av 

" Henry (Laura) h2301 24th av 

" Henry L pntr r781 O'Farrell 

" Herbt musician r956 Post 

" lone Mrs h2340 Union 

" Jas F iPlorencei collr hll56 Plymouth av 

" Jennie Indywkr hl35 Capp 

" John elk r452 Haight 

" John tchr rl286 3d av 

" Jos E (Thordis) treas Anthony Bros h39 
Roekwood ct 

" Kate (Maryetta Beauty Shoppe) rl427 

" L rl75 6th 

" Manuel hl340 Sanchez 

" Mark elk rl819 Oak 

" Mark radio techn rlOl Noe 

" Mary Mrs r2085 Sacto 

" Mary E r630 29th av 

" Meyer paper ctr hll2 Dolores 

" Parmella M sten Eastman Kodak Stores 
his Clement 

" Ramona Mrs h2174 Calif 

" Richd A (A E Anthony & Sons) r384e 

" Richd C (Florence K) v-pres Agents Of- 
ficial Steamship Guide h2969 Jackson 

" Robt L (Cora) cigars 605a Market h873 

" Ruth A actor r4730 Balboa 

" Sidney (Madeline) h909 Page 

" Theresa hl550 Fillmore 

" Theresa typist rl351 Calif 

" Wm clo elnr rl912 Pillmore 

" Wm P (Edna I tchr Pub Sch hl430 Fran- 

Anthony's Garage (F W Fenton A A Cataldo) 
399 Golden Gate av 

Anti Edw J (Anne) whsmn h24 Magnolia 

" Herman (Emily) meat etr h2955 Webster 

" John elk r2955 Webster 

Antich Victor h646 Lisbon 

Anticevich Chester (Irma) h970 Bay 

" Irma elk r970 Bay 

Antifae John N (Mary) cooper h431 Connecti- 

Antilla Arnold A (Johanna T) eng h39 Key- 
stone way 

Antinolfi O'Neil (Nora) carrier PO h606 5th av 

Antior Abr A I May I mtl fnshr h951 O'Parrell 

Antipa Aug r718 47th av 

" Ellen (wid Alex) restr 798 Great Highway 
r719 47th av 

" Geo A lEdwina G) bkpr Anglo-Callf Natl 
Bank h718 47th av 

" Leo (Golden Gate Innl r611 25th av 

" Louis (Cath) fruit 63 McAllister h60 Leaven- 

" Marion waiter r60 Leavenworth 

Antipas Theo confr 2301 Clement r748 24th av 

Antipovich Victor mach opr rl59 Capp 

Antisdel Arth E inspr Bank of Am r400 Hyde 

Antisto Antonio r916 Pacific 

Anti-Uric Co C J Huebel mgr medicine mfrs 
32 Front 

Antiveros Vincent h59'3 Manchester 

FRANCISCO, Office 616 Balboa Bldg, 593 
Market, Tel DO nglas 2850 

Antle Nathan C ILova) slsnin h3701 Divlsidero 

Antognoli Silvio (Louise) (Louis' Restaurant) 
hlO Aladdin ter 

Antoine Clela P slswn O'Connor Moffatt & Co 
rl565 Green 

" Francis J sten SPCo r423 Kirkham 

" Maurice (Clela i radio mech hl565 Green 

" Shirley Mrs rl009 Castro 

" Sylvain (Maria) hl565 Green 

Antoinette Apartments 515 Octavla 

Antoinioli Leon (Henrietta) chauf h21 Hill 

Antolini Beatrice factorywkr r3024 Buchanan 

" Tony (Delphine) carp h3024 Buchanan 

" Virgil emp Paterson & Koster Iron Wks 
r3024 Buchanan 

Antolla Fred (Annie) auto mech hl750 Sacto 

Anton Jas chauf r3254 Mission 

" Marie elk Pyramid Inv Co r Ala 

" Nicholas (Sophie) meat ctr h835 Bush 


" Paul whsmn rll48 Montgy 
" Queena r571 Geary 
" Thos coffee pkr r934 Divlsidero 
" Wilbur S barber h40 Buchanan 
Antonchuk Alex (Jena) h691 Geneva av 
Antone Alf E factywkr h436 Page 
" Aug (Valentinal lab r436 Page 
" Caesaire mach opr r331 Lisbon 
" Cath B elk r436 Page 
" Douglas B slsmn h929 Pine 
" Florence E r436 Page 
" John (Cesira) carp h331 Lisbon 
" John (Myrtle) shtmtlwkr h2259 3lEt av 
" Peter N (Freda A I drugs 595 Potrero av 

h593a Potrero 
" Sebastin (Mary Gi lab h574 Moscow 
" Wm (Isabel) lab r410 7th av 
Antonenko Basil (Veril deck hd hl989 Eddy 
Antonetti Edw R elk h4245 25tll 
" Edw R jr lab r4245 25th 

Antongiovannl Angelo (Jean) uphol h564 Lom- 
" Carlo box mkr r766 Union 
Antoni Aldo leatherwkr rl06I Oak 
" Bruno mach hd rl061 Oak 
-' Prank hl061 Oak 
" Hugo (Fannie) waiter h871 Turk 
" Lawrence L (Adeline) emp Hobbs Battery 

Co rl063 Oak 
" Olimpio (Judith) elk h2643 Greenwich 
" Wm ilsabelle) fetvwkr h419 7th av 
Antonietti Frank pritr hl685 Lombard 
Antonini Edw A (Bernieej florist Avansino 

Mortensen & Co r353 Prospect av 
" Frank pntr 2385 Lombard r2390 Lombard 
" Giovanni B pres Livermore Winery Ine 

(Senator's Garage) r798 Green 
" Jas L chauf r226 Harold av 
" John (Josie) plstr h224 Paris 
" Jos (Rosa) Jan h472 Greenwich 
" Margt r224 Paris 
" Paul (Cath) plstr h226 Harold av 
Antonio Alfonso (Augustine) barber hl953 

" Eddie lab rl402 Bwav 
" Harry msngr hl363 (3'Farrell 
" Milivoy choc refiner rl402 Bway 
" Oscar wtchmn h2383 Calif 
" Stella sten SOCo r!328 Calif 
Antonioll Frank (Anna) h223a Francisco 
" Leon driver r2l Hill 
Antonion J h949 Capp 
Antoniou Nick porter r39 Moss 
Antonis John (Paula I lab h2749 Baker 
Antonius Anna Mrs hskpr rl327 Jackson 
" Michel J (Annai hl327 Jackson 
Antonoff A rll45 Hayes 
" Agnes beauty shop 1397 Jackson 
Antonvleh Anna M (wid D G) hl365 Green 
" Gilbert barber G M Bernard r Daly City 
" Mary I wid Plorlo) hl23 10th av 
" Tony restwkr Big Ben Fish Grotto 
" Wm G lawyer 604 Montgv R209 rl23 10th av 
Antons Martin S (Marie F') seamn h761 14th 
Antonsen Einer (Jennie) stevedore h578 

" Fredk (Minnie) stevedore h45 Mt Vernon av 
Antonson Morris seamn r419 Drumm 
Antonucci Jos (Consolata) printer Cohen & 

Hoskin h533 28th 
Antonuecio John J (Anna) Ins agt hl58 

" Vlrgilio J h200a Ellsworth 
Antony Pranels slsmn r381 Haight 
" Fred H (Virginia) candy mkr hl490 Van 

Dyke av 
" Fred H Jr candy mkr rl490 Van Dyke av 
" Mary C elk SPCo h381 Haight 
" Rose r381 Haight 
Antonys S C whsmn r43 Verona pi 
Antorini Jos (Erminiai lab h709 Green 
Antrim Constance r44 McAllister 
" Earl h2645 Sacto 
" Eva elk r44 McAllist-er 

" J Caroline mgr The Evangeline h44 Mc- 
" Walter E hl437 Montgy 
Antrobus E V hl727 Chestnut 
Antrocoli Mateo (Katrina) lab h554 Naples 
Anttila John (Warmal tailor h3744 16th 
Antz Chas R labtry asst Eastman Kodak Co 

r Ross 
Anunciacion Saml lab h44 Rausch 
Anus John (Helma) h4255 18th 
Anuzza Jos (Flora) h3609 Folsom 
Anvanities Nicholas hl457 Geary 
Anvenza St«ve h216 Thornton av 
Anwiler Electa beauty opr r62a Sheridan 
" John (Electa) mldr h62a Sheridan 
Anwvl Geo steward rl218 4th av 
" Griffith steward rl218 4th av 
Anyan Geo dental labty 450 Sutter R1634 

rl052 Fulton 
Anza Geraldine O corsetiere City of Paris Dry 

Gds Co r860 Bush 
Anzac Apartments 854 Fell 

Anzalone Anthony (Christina) hl36 Winfield 
" Ciro barber 1131 Ocean av 
" Dominic elk r2262 Filbert 
" Frank J slsmn Chain Belt Co r2262 Filbert 
" Jennie elk r2262 Filbert 
" John elk hl36 Winfield 
" Jos h302 'Virginia av 
" Rose (wid Dominie) h2262 Filbert 
" Salvatore lab rl36 Winfield 
Anzar Geraldine elk h860 Bush 
Anziek Anthony mgr Franklin Hotel hl380 

" John (Sophie) clo elnr 599 San Bruno av 

h2240 18th 
Anzini Clementina F clo prsr r66S Andover 
" Danl I slsmn CECo r San Mateo 
" Jos (Rose) lab h668 Andover 
" Rose Indywkr r668 Andover 

Anzion Chris (Margt) sausagemkr h346 Park 

Anzonl Agnes (wid A L) h35 Germanla 

" Wm r35 Germania 

Aoki Aloysius r686 Lombard 

" Churgro (Hana) clo elnr 2100 Mason h68S 

" Xwao (Setsuke) elk hl534 Octavia 
" Kei (Fuji) mgr Aoki Taiseido Book Co 

hl534 Octavia 
" Miehitsugu pres The New World Dally 

News (Aoki Taiseido Book Co) rl534 Oc- 
tionary, 1656 Post, Tel WE st 5361 
Aonzo Candida knitter r68 Sanchez 
Aotouhova Barbara I mach opr r2685 Bush 
Aoyagi K hl507 Buchanan 
" Yoshimori Indymn h46 Middle 
Aoyama T hl855 Bush 
Apanasevich D r2495 Sutter 
Apartment House Owners & Managers Assn 

Russell S Ward sec 580 Market R604 
" & Hotel Owners & Lesses' Assn Harry 

Rosenberg gen mgr 26 O'Farrell 
Apathy Francis compositor Phillips & Van 

Orden Co rlOOO Diamond 
APEL, See also Appel and Apple 
" Hedwig (wid Perdinandl h3541 Sacto 
" Peter (Gertrude) batterymn h76 Rey 
Apex Auto Sales Co M J Soldavini ingr 690 

Van Ness av 
" Distributing Co (I L and W S Karsky) whol 

liquor 595 Mission R301 
" Products Co Dayton Wynne mgr liquors 655 

Apfel Wm A (Irene) lab hl695 Filbert 
Apfelbaum Ann hl446 34th av 
" Bernard elk rl237 McAllister 
" Prances dental nurse rl237 McAllister 
" Jos iCarrtel hl446 34th av 
" Jewel barber 1134 McAllister rl237 do 
" Walter printer h4719 Geary blvd 
Apgar Chas H solr Industrial Assn r Bkly 
" Harold A elk h947 Bush 
Apigo Anastaeio porter r2508a McAllister 
Apilado Santiago rl660 Bush 
Aplin Irene I wid Johni h276 19th av 
" Thos J (Adele A) tiremn hl68 Harold av 
Apman Robt R elk r715 Bush 
Apodaca Jos (Margt) chauf hl355 Mason 
Apollo Lodge No 123 lOOF 26 7th 
Aponte David M (Emma D) glass etr hl258a 

Apostalopaulos Constantlne blUiards 406 Kear- 
ney r244 Balboa 
Apostalopoulos Chris r73 Toledo way 
" Steph r73 Toledo way 
Apostle Geo (Josephine) lab h2699 Bryant 
Apostol John restr 1010 Market r533 Duboce av 
Apostoles Paul h89a Shipley 
Apostoli Emile (Maryi carp 1447 Vallejo 
" Fred elev opr rl447 Vallejo 
" John elev opr rl447 Vallejo 
Apostolic Church 365 3d 
" Faith Mission 111 3d 
Apostolides Emanuel M (Alexandra) phys 995 

Market R412 h743 6th av 
Apostolopolos Gus (Kearny-Pine Restr) h244 

Apostolos Harrv (Kathi (New City Restr) 

hl278 Golden Gate av 
" Paul florist 1091 Market r91 Shlplev 
" Steph (Ida! (New City Restr) hl280 Golden 

Gate av 
" Wm rl87 3d 

Appairius Florence elk r38 Fair av 
" Henry (Frieda) gas sta atdt h38 Pair av 
Apparel Center Building 49 4th 
Appan D h2495 Sutter 

Apparius Fred V (Jean L) electn hl75 Ken- 
wood way 
APFEL. See also Apple 
" Aug (Eliz I furn mover h47 Mars 
" Bertha sten Saml S Perry r47 Mars 
APPEL CYRIL (Margaret) Attorney Market 

Street Railway Co and Attorney-at-Law, 

58 Sutter, R(H3, Tel SU tter 3'200, h318 

26th Av. Tel EV ergreen 4563 
" David collr Borden's Dairy Del Co r2590 

" Helen rl540 Ellis 
" Jas J auto mech r33 Mars 
" Nathan M (Sadie l collr Borden's Dairy Del 

Co h333 Fillmore 
" Richd (Bertai int dec h47 Mars 
" Robley (Jessie) slsmn hl486 19th av 
" Rose maid 278 29th av 
" Wm A (Prances N) slsmn h321 2d av 
" Wm B printer r753 Athens 
Appelbaum Alex dentist 870 Market R582 

r2590 Sacto 
" Cecil (wid Mack) h2590 Sacto 
" Jos H (Goldiei pntr hl885 Golden Gate av 
" Walter (Grace) hl552 Guerrero 
Appelbv Preston (Dorothy) eonstwkr h347 

20th av 
Appelgren Fred W mfrs ag't 557 Market mez fl 
Appelman Emil pntr hl224 Hyde 
Appelson Deborah E Mrs elk Pub Seh r439 

20th av 
■' Michl (Deborah) h439 20th av 
Appelt David collr r2590 Sacto 
Apoelton Louise elev opr rl860 Pulton 
Appenrodt Felix W (Blanche) restrwkr bl308 

6th av 
Appenzeller Helen K sten Luckenbach SSCo 

r282 Flood av 
" Rineholt waiter r422 Arguello blvd 
Apperly Delia Mrs hl247 15th av 
" Delia A tel opr rl247 15th av 
Apperson Esther elk rl201 29th av 
" L stdt nurse St Joseph's Hosp 
" Louise mlnr 233 Post R608 r431 10th av 
Appert Eug C (Mary) ins agt h376 Hill 
" Kurt r376 Hill 
" Richd pntr r376 Hill 

AppUrlus Edw electro Am Engr is Color Plate 

Oo r Okld 
" Henry h793 Ashbury 

■' Louis M asst buyer Sloas & Brlttnln r Okld 
ApplBs Irene K sec K R FerRuson rl27 Ooronn 
" W«lt-r T iRosel sismn Mls-ilon Dry Corp 

hl37 Corona 
APFLE, See »l»o Appel 

" Alda mach opr Well-Knlter Mfg Co r Okld 
" Ben) (Lillian I pliys 870 Market R905 11048 

" Dunna M emp Am Chicle Co r Ala 
" Oeo A elk h643 Mason 
" Harrv slsmn Poo Point & Wall Paper Co 

r710 Ellis 
" Helmon rl30 Locust 
" Isldor (Lflurai hl80 4th av 
" Jesse (Annai Indvwkr hI034 Anza 
•' Julius (Besslei slsmn Macev's h2350 Union 
" Llovd \V (Lenoi slsmn Old Homestead 

Biikerv hseso Franklin 
" Louis M asst cash Pac States Sav & Loan 

Co r Okld 
" Peter H iHelen> nlpeJtr h383 Hill 
" R L elk r556 Calif 
" Robt M r648 Waller 
" Wm B (Bettyt waiter h478 28th av 
Applebaum Annie Mrs 2d hd clo 1269 Golden 

Onte av rl350 Turk 
" Frances dental asst W W Willis rl237 Mc- 
" Jos (Grace! slsmn Sommer & Kaufmann 

r493 15th av 
" Louis (Proncesl 2d hd gds 1291 Golden Gate 

av hl350 Turk 
" Saml clo clnr 1258 Golden Gate av 
" Wm hl350 Turk 
Appleberg Fred cond hl355 Pine 
Appleby Bettv h368 Patte 
" Erne<;t (Margt> supplymn PTcfeTCo h2039 

" Ora (Mariel chauf h270 Nevada 
" Roy (Jeslnei auto mech h47 Germanla 
Appleford Clarence A (Ida) slsmn V Traverse 

Co h3135 Baker 
Applegarth Geo A (Gwendolvn) archt 235 

Montgy R672 h2775 Vallejo 
Applegate Alf musician r684 Polsom 
" Ben) S acct exec Foster & Kleiser Co r Bkly 
" C C photoK hl859 Page 
" Ellz (wid W Ji h912 Alvarado 
" Ellz with Pac Natl Fire Ins Co r Bkly 
" Ellz R Mrs sten Natl Park Serv r350 Geary 
" Evelyn R tchr Pub Sch h3337 Octavla 
" Geo B h69 Carl 
" Hannah F sten r69 Carl 
" Jos P electn r453 Franklin 
" Mae C Mrs bkpr Calif Nautical School rl215 

" Oliver C (Mae C) adv SOCo hl215 Bay 
" Roy h925 Geary 
" Thos J r912 Alvarado 
" Wm (Sophie) printer h550 14th 
" Wm P office mgr McCrea Eng Supp Co r912 

Appleman Homer L elev opr O'Connor Moflatt 

& Co rl5 Hermann 
" Saml (Rose) 2d hd gds 858 McAllister h840 

Apolestone Ethel E r2417 Franklin 
" Herman (Esther) tailor 2006 Chestnut h24I7 

" Irvin F slsmn r24n Franklin 
Appleton Abr (Hilda) (Hyman & Appleton) 

h9537 Larkin 
" E B Mrs h3146 Dlvlsadero 
" Edith elk r715 14th av 
" H hl5 Hermann 

" Horace Indywkr r433 Bellevue av 
" John brasswkr Oscar Krenz Copper &. Brass 

Wks r Burlinffame 
" Lauren E (E Velda) elk h47 West Portal av 
" Louis E (Ethel) eng Shell OH Co h2345 


" M Ruth Mrs h230 Lowell 
" Margt sten Farmer Bros r3970 19th 
" Wm A cigars 1418 Haight hll35 Masonic av 
" Wm E (Laura) slsmn Baker Hamilton & 

Pac Co h3970 19th av 
" Wm H (Alice) glass 1733 and 5234 Mission 

hl08 Naglee av 
Applewood Camp No 696 WOW 44 Page 
Appleyard Jas sec Pac Car Demurrage Bur 
Appraisers Building Sansome cor Washn 
Apps Albt E h571 43d av 
Appy Frederika H (wid Fredk) rl588 Pell 
" Jos electn hl588 Pell 

April Salvador (Amy) stevedore hl82 Naples 
Aprile Saml r723b Howard 
Apte B E r2845 Polk 
" John J (Esther) stmftr h69 Mill 
" Rose Mrs h287 Arleta 
Apter Francis R (Millicent A) br mgr Colyear 

Motor Sales Co hl725 Sanchez 
Apthorpe Alf chauf h4156 22d 
Apton Apartments 407 Tehama 
" MichI S (Nell I tailor h2037 15th 
Aptos Junior High School Aptos av cor Upland 

Aquilar Jos baker r452a Clementina 
" Mary Mrs r452a Clementina 
Aquilina Geo (Rose M) bakery 1667 Revere av 
" Jos (Carmella) lab rni5 Revere av 
" Thos elk rl807 Newcomb av 
Aquino Lauro (Marie) electn hl301V2 Lyon 
Aquistapace Ann M factvwkr hl539 Larkln 
Aquive Julian lab hl326 Van Ness av S 
Aquzaroft Paul (Mary) barber 103 5th r737 

Arabe Jos (Evelyn) butler 2050 Jackson 
Arabin Michl S (Kate) restr 198 8th h716 

Araboglou Anthony (Irene) tailor 2147 Cle- 
ment h2145 do 
Arabolou Harry (Zafiro) cond h360 11th av 
Arack CeceUa (wid Emll) h785 Arguello blvd 


Arocne Rose D office sec Borden's Dairy Del 

Co r Okld 
Arodo Leslie L elk Poc Fruit Exp Co r Ala 
Arndo Olovnnni iNlnal gdnr h96 Otsego ov 
ArnRnll L hl32 Clinton Park 
Aragnl John (AuKUstai Ins hOO Cumberland 
" Leo H (St Jnmcs Market! rOe Cumberland 
Arago Cefcrino A pantrymn h26 Pleosant 
" Jooquin ( Josephine 1 cook h208a Bush 
Aragon Apartments 540 Leavenworth 
" Camlllo (Bertha I spinner rI42 Lawrence av 
" Jose 1)43 Auburn 

" Justlno (Thereso) spinner h923 Dolores 
" Rullslo h2255 Pulton 
Aragona Antonio (Clotilda) tailor 633 Montgy 

r453 Lombard 
" Ben) barber rl722 Grant av 
" Frank (Colombo Barber Shop) r918 Pacinc 
" Jos P (EUzi tailor h310 London 
" Louise sten h3270 21st 
" Robt (Lillianl tailor hl39a Varennes 
" Wm r310 London 

Aragone Carrnello (Morv) lab h726 Naples 
•' Chas E chauf rl422 Van Ness av S 
" Clotilde Mrs hl422 Van Ness av 3 
" Constance rl422 Van Ness av S 
" Frank hl318 12th av 
" Jos barber r726 Naples 
" Leo barber 4663 Mission r726 Naples 
Aragues Justine Mrs rl653 Baker 
Arals Frank H eng h49 Mullen av 
Arakel Jack (Marian) slsmn h359 19th av 
Arakelian David H (Rebecca) mgr Madero 

Wine Prod Co h795 41st av 
" Jack D slsmn Madera Wine Prod Co n95 

41st av 
Araldl Alf lab rll91 Revere av 
" Delflno (Martina) lab hll91 Revere av 
Araldo Chas J chauf r858 Bway 
Aram Harrv h2007 Buchanan 
Aramblte Mamie r2000 Calif 
" Olvmpla h2O00 Calif 
Aramburn John J ITomasa) marine steward 

hl489 11th av 
" Ramiro A mgr Brocklebank Garage rJ489 

11th av 
Arana Alf (Thelma) hl84y2 Preclta av 
" Anna R enameler Irvine & Jachens r Okld 
" Clarence (Eleanor) bkpr h2620 21st 
" Edw J (Mollie) v-pres-treas L A MlUer 

Label Co h55 Palm av 
" Estelle M Mrs h2843 Bryant 
" Evelvne F elk r2843 Bryant 
" J printer r60 3d 
" Juana Mrs h2835 Laguna 
" Marguerite E elk h900 Oak , , ^ , 

" Melvin J (Estelle) prsmn L A Miller Label 

Co r2843 Bryant 
" Steph P (Myrtle) cond h665 Geary 
Aranguena Frank (Lucy) hl323 Mason 
Aranguren Santiago (Cataline) treas 

Hlspanos Inc rl563 Mason 
Arano Albt R (Ada H) slsmn h930 Scott 
Arant Edw waiter rl67 Ellis 
" Enos (Reginal welder h26 Brighton av 
" Frank (Ruth) mlllmn r372 Frederick 
" Horace H (Dorothy) hl536 Palou av 
Aranzas Lucia (wid Cesar) h86d StiUman 
Araral Theo hsemn 45 El Plazuela 
Araso Matto (Jennie) lab h354 Francisco 
Arat Michl fndywkr Alax Pndv 
Arata Adele A sten C&HSRCorp hl271 Calif 
" Albt L (AdeUne) trucking 38 Sacto h884 

" Albt M (Eleanor) florist h4475 Mission 
Andrew J real est 26 Montgy R311 h3010 

Angelina M Mrs mach opr r2907 Diamond 
Anthony rl335 Noe 

Antonio (Angelina) lab hSee Chestnut 
Aui»ustino I Adele) gdnr h204 St Roses av 
Bertha r201 Justin av 
Bertholomeo (Clara) nurserymn h46 Ocean 



" Chas pres Pompel Macaroni Facty r2435 
Francisco „ 

" Chas A (Lee) v-pres A & P Produce Co 

h2555 Larkin 
■' Charlotte K elk U S Int Rev r Redwood City 
" Claude (Anne) h2223 25th av 
" Clorinda (wM Anrtw) h536 Green 
" David Q flremn SFPD r3827 26th 
" Delia Mrs h695 London 
" Edna sec W V Freeman r251 25th av 
" Edw J (Marjorle) mtrmn Mun Ry hl253 

Potrero av 
" Edw L h2311 17th av 
" Eleanor sten r24 Day 
" Prances J sten Pac Am Co r2113 Jones 
" Prank rl469 Kearny 

" Prank gas sta 1290 Bay Shore blvd r Bklv 
" Fred (Edith) servmn Internatl Printing Ink 

Corp r2435 Francisco 
" Fred J (Theresa Rl tmstr hSOl Cordova 
" Fred N (Millie) mach h2113 Jones 
" Geo rHotel Whitcomb 

Geo bartndr r2 Santa Isabel 

Geo civ eng r2113 Jones 

Geo C (Dora) (Fletcher & Arata) h85 
Estrada ct 

Geo P nres Geo P Arata Co rl231 Market 

Geo P Co G P Arata pres whol produce 537 

Geo J hi 814 Filbert 

Geo T (Marie PI Indywkr hS53 Lombard 

Gladys Mrs h2159 Mission 

Harry deckhd State Bd Harbor Comrs n39 

Hazel L sten Standard Brands rl52 Steiner 

Henry lab r2907 Diamond 

Henry P (Amelia) sec Joe Manglnl Draylng 
Co ■h432 43d av 

Isabel M tchr Pub Sch rl025 Hyde 

Jack K auto mech r3639 16th 

Jas F (Jennie S) whol candies 1025 Hyde 

Janice M Mrs h601 Leavenworth 


" John r3827 26th 

" John (Leno Ml )an hl333 Hayes 

" John h833 York 

" John K h3639 16th 

" Jos (Louise Cl h28 Day 

" Jos elk r636 Green 

" Jos waiter r639 Bway 

" Jos P (Emma) gdnr h6356 Collf 

" Jos V asst cash Bank of Am r Ross 

" Josephine R r]339 Noe 

" Julia (wid Andw) h357a Bway 

" Lena sec Bv Block Service Inc rl89 OoUIni 

" Lillian R elk r432 43d av 

" Linda M sten rSOO Mlramar av 

" Louis rl4G9 Kearnv 

" Louis (Marvl hl329 Noe 

" Louis gro 670 Chenery h673 do 

" Louis J lab rl335 Noe 

" Louisa elk r695 London 

" Louisa Mrs h500 Mlramar av 

" Louiso Mrs h3827 26th 

" Marco r342 Grant av 

" Mnrgt factywkr rl243 Potrero 

" Marie bkpr Tiedemann & Harris Inc rB38 

" Mario P dental labty 450 Sutter R2128 r RoH 
" Mario J (Claire) chauf h479 Paris 
" Mary elk r538 Green 
" Marv Mrs hl469 Kearny 
" Michelle (Mary) gdnr "hl69 Collins 
" Myrtle M elk rl901 Donner av 
" Paul (Mary) gro 156 Steiner hl52 do 
" Peter B chauf rlB49 Powell 
" Ramona sten Shippers Traffic Serv Co r31 

" Raymond J (Marie) atty Tobin ib Tobln 

h'!360 Union 
" Reda elk r695 London 

" Ria H forwn Geo Hasa & Sons r695 London 
" Rose (wid Paul) ha290 Filbert 
" Stanley D elk r695 London 
" Steph R (Angelina) prsmn Mlller-Mlller 

h2459 Francisco 
" Susie Mrs h255 Bartlett 
" Sylvia J elk r229 21st av 
" Valentine J rep Assoc Am Distributors Ine 

r San Mateo 
" Victoria (wid Nicholas) garmentwkr b390T 

" Walter L (Delia) elk Bank of Am h201 

Justin av 
" Wm lab r357a Bway 
" Wm H cond Mun Ry r3245 Broderlck 
Araug Antonio r69 Jackson 
Araujo Jas B (Alberta) asst land appraiser 

SPCo h2100 Post 
Araya Jos (Bertha) mach opr hl908b Polsom 
Araz Edwlger (Angella) restrwkr rl384 N»- 

Araza Juan (Elutlrla) mgr Barcelona Apt« 

h959 Jackson 
Arbanldes John lab r381 Shotwell 
ArbasettI Carlo (Rose) gdnr hll94 HolUster ttv 
" David (Lola) gdnr hl205 HolUster av 
" Louis lab rll94 HolUster av 
" Peter gdnr rll94 HolUster av 
Arbea G punch press opr r341 Woolsey 
Arbelaez Alfd barber rl459 Eddy 
" Mary Mrs hl459 Eddy 
Arbera Jos (Lena) lab hlI8b Connecticut 
Arberry Ina B Mrs hl212 Uth av 
" John J dentist rl212 11th av 
Arbic Wm F (Bernlce) formn O L Mlspley 

h44 Hollywood ct 
Arbine Jack rl323 43d av 
Arblnl Ambrose ontr rlOSO Jamestown av 
" Aurelia rl080 Jamestown av 
" Chas (Jaromina) pntr hlOSO Jamestown 87 
" Dino r665 Hampshire 
" Domenlc (Marv) h665 Hampshire 
" Prank printer Chas J Schmltt Co r Albany 
" Hugo auto mech rlOBO Jamestown av 
" John (Rose) mach h2712 Harrison 
" Robt (Mary) hSOl Sutter 
Arbios E E inspr State Bur Plant Quarantine 

r Bkly 
" Harry B (Theresa) hl939 Fulton 
" Louis T rl939 Pulton 
Arboco Emanuel hl38 Raymond av 
Arbogast Aaron A dentist 870 Market R8S2 

h536 Mason 
" Ernest D (Valerie) hl5e 27th 
Arboledo Peter r848 Kearny 
Arbor Hotel furn rms 837 Montgy 
Arbuckle Arth O (Leonora) sta eng h647 

18th av 
" Eva C buyer Raphael Weill ,Ss Co r Cllft 

" Fredk C (Letta) hl39 Brighton av 
" Marie r748 Divisadero 
" SalUe (wid J E) h748 Divisadero 
" Wm slsmn Pac Portland Cement Co r Pled 
Arbues Mariano (Mariei Indywkr h76 Blake 
" Saturnln (Anna) chauf h213 4th av 
Arbulich Chas restr 398 6th 
" Thos S (Prances V) ' restr 546 Bway hl5 

Sotelo av 
Arbunich Antonio r60 Gladys 
" John (Prances) cook h725 Paris 
" Mary (wid Martini h60 Gladys 
" Pearl smstrs r6() Gladys 
Arburua Jos M (Eleanor) (Arburua & Mc- 

Innesl h58 Forest Side av 
" & Mclnnes (J M Arburua John Mclnnes) 

vet surgs 26 PeU 
Arbuthnot Robt h732 Anza 
Area John bartndr r461 Bway 
" Mary Mrs elk r731 Vienna .,., , ^ ^, 
Arcade Hotel (Louis Delagne Alfd Ladrech) 
66 Clay .„„, „ .. 

" Pharmacy Inc C J Maher v-pres 1094 Busn 
Arcadia Apartments 522 Hyde 
Arcadio Ribuca waiter rl466 Sutter 
" Tony rl660 Bush 
" Vincent rl662 Bush 

Arcaro Pasquale (Lenai lab h53 Glover 
Arce rortunato G elk Wells-Fargo Bank cfe 

Union Tr Co h2101 Van Ness av 
" Josephine Indywkr New S F Lndy r So San 

" Julio G elk r2101 Van Ness av 
Arcebal A r830 Post 

Arcee Gilbert lEmily) lab hl8 Woodward 
Arcemont Wm S inspr Burroughs Add Mach 

Co r Santa Rosa 
Arch Mileh cooper r431 Connecticut 
and Children (Sommer & Kaufmann Inc) 

838 Market and 119 Grant Av, Tel SU tter 

Archambault Geo A formn Pac Coast Candy 

Co r Okld 
" Henry P (Laura) slsmn h542 42d av 
" Jalma F (Altai stevedore r542 42d av 
Archbold Predk G surv Lloyd's Register of 

Shipping r Okld 
" John A hosp steward City & County Dept 

Pub Health rl272 12th av 
" John D whsmn Dohrmann Coml Co r Okld 
" Mark J (Elsie I eng hl551 10th av 
Archer Adelphia Mrs slswn Bette Frances 

h319 31st av 
" Albt S hlSOl Calif 
" Allen (Elizi police hl463 30th av 
" Aubrey Mrs h534 34th av 
" Carlton H crane opr SPCo hl434 Post 
" Clarence B mach Simonds Machy Co r 

Lomita Park 
" Danl rll55 Leavenworth 
" David eng Simonds Machy Co r Okld 
" Douglas woolens 433 Calif (lobby! 
" Edw J (Maryi elk h606 Diamond 
" Eliz nurse Crocker Old People's Home 
" Eliz (wid Culleni h2700 Bush 
" Elsie bkpr A A Levy rl645 Filbert 
" Frank investigator State Bd of Equaliza- 
tion h860 Geary 
" Prank M iNaseo Sales Service) r Ala 
" Frank W slsmgr Beldlng Hemingway Cor- 

tlcelll hl246 Saeto 
" Geo E (Margti autos 5900-5960 Mission 

hl068 Huron av 
" Geo E cigars Pier 40 r Daly City 

" Geo L h879 27th av 

" Gerald R (Cora) flremn SFFD h21G Mal- 

lorca way 
" H Lester (Bertha D) slsmn h360 Hazel- 
wood av 
" Harold W (Janet) pkr h4109 20th 
" Helen nurse r319 31st av 
" Jas W (Virginia) lawyer 351 Calif R810 

h2230 Leavenworth 
" Juliette Mrs h604a Shotwell 
" Lawrence J Jr (Helen) civ eng City & 

County Bur of Engineering hl64 East- 
wood dr 
" Leo E pass traffic mgr Intl Mere Marine Co 
" Marie Mrs beauty shop 1340 Haight 
" Martha J r360 Hazelwood av 
" Martin hll5D Union 
" Mary J iwid Wmi rl075 Portola dr 
" Nathan hl645 Filbert 
" Richd W slsmn h599c Dolores 
" Rowlett T (Mary) gas sta 2800 San Jose av 

h2805a do 
" Ruth B elk r2301 Bay 
" Viola rl068 Huron av 

" W Harry cons eng 564 Market R423 r Bkly 
" Wm hll55 Leavenworth 
" Wm J r2301 Bay 
" Wm J meeh eng hl075 Portola dr 
Archerd Russell H chf elk Pearl Assurance Co 

Ltd r Bkly 
Archibald Albt W (Zalda) agt Prudential Ins 

Co hl37 Sickles av 
" Alex rl431 McAllister 
" Anita Mrs slswn h50 Edgar pi 
" Cecelia Mrs tehr Pub Sch r2101 Sacto 
" Clara L elk r244l Francisco 
"PS hll63 Pine 
" Florence J elk rl390 Washn 
" Francis B (Florence Ri elk Anglo-Calif Natl 

Bank h3038 Ulloa 
" Geo B slsmn Par West Exchanges rl455 

30th av 
» Glenn A (Vera) h2123 Hyde 
" Hildur Mrs with Marsh & MeLerman-J B F 

Davis & Son r Okld 
" Jas T (Dorothy) hl463 Punston av 
" Jasper msngr Calif Prune Control Board r 

" John (Mary) mach hl272 I2th av 
" Leila M Mrs sten r2557 Filbert 
" Lewis R (Pearl) slsmn SOCo h2441 Fran- 
" Madeline C Mrs mlnr 1692 Haight rl463 

Punston av 
" Neil ( Leila 1 waiter h417 Pulton 
" Percy A (Eliz) elk h768 47th av 
" Robt A icecile) ins agt h2101 Saeto 
" Saml D sec-treas S F Theological Seminary 

r Okld 
" Saml M mgr Pac States Forwarding Co r 

" Sarah rl37 Sickles av 
" Tressa forwn Remler Co 
" Walter violin repr 244 Kearny R306 r Bkly 
" Walter H (Mary) hl390 Washn 
" Wm (Eva) estimator A G Raisch hl568 

46th av 
" Wm P mgr United Calif Theatres hl455 

30th av 
Archie Geo V (Mary) chauf hl926a Golden 

Gate av 
" Lena waiter r210 Page 
ArehiUa J R h998 Divisadero 
Archinal Emma Mrs drsmkr h381 Pulton 
" Louis O (Gertrude) carp h36 Shakespeare 
" Ralph V asst cash Royal Typewriter Co r 

Daly City 


Archini Angelo (Eliz) window trmr hl30 Ma- 
jestic av 

" Mario (Florence) hl60 Majestic av 

" Susie elk rl30 Majestic av 

Architect & Engineer Inc The W J L Klerulfl 
pres magazine 68 Post R621 

GenI Mgr. Daily Building Reports, 657 
Market, Tels SU tter 4307 and 4308 

Archivique Jos V restrwkr r91 Turk 

Archut John L (Anna I bartndr hl651 Oak 

Areidiaeona Salvatore hl336 Minna 

Areo Co The T J Phipps mgr paint mfrs 1559 

Arcona Apartments 851 Calif 

Arconi Chas meats rl069 Union 

" Mary Mrs hl069 Union 

" Silvio (Martha I chauf r836 Alabama 

Areonti Hercules dairywkr r248 San Carlos 

" Luther (Marie) lab h248 San Carlos 

Arctic Chemical Sales Co (S W Curtis W A 
Martin) 187 Steuart 

" Pur Co V P MeNallv mgr 1201 Market 

Areuri Gioaechino barber 64 2d h457 Fillmore 

" Henry barber r821 Divisadero 

" Jeannette sten r457 Fillmore 

" John (Lucille) electn hl036 Shotwell 

" Lucille clo prsr rl036 Shotwell 

" Mary r457 Fillmore 

" Michl barber 821 Divisadero 

" Philip barber Hector Nichols 

" Theo C (Olive I hl08 Congo 

Arcus Geo pilot Ala Transp Co r3921 25th 

Arey Cosme (Rosemary) meat ctr h54 Fair av 

Ardanas Jos (Amparo) elev opr hl758 New- 
comb av 

Ardelean Dumitru slsmn Liberman-Rosen- 
erantz Co rl392 Plymouth av 

Ardell Apartments hl740 Pacific av 

" Robt eng Link Belt Co h920 Leavenworth 

Arden Apartments 1005 Larkln 

" EUzabeth Ltd of New York W A Flanagan 
mgr toilet preps 1201 Folsom 

" Protected Farms Inc E M Basio mgr 1107 

Schilling Pres, A Aldwyn Hewitt V-Pres 
and Genl Mgr, 615 Standard Oil BIdg, 
2-J5 Bush, Tel SU tter S217 

Ardena Chas E (Bridget) h2449a Harrison 

Ardent! Salvatore (Anni lab hl74 Lisbon 

Ardeto Aug rl876 Donner av 

" Josephine smstrs rl876 Donner av 

" Louis lab rl876 Donner av 

" Margt Mrs hl876 Donner av 

Arding Marv M h74 Genebern way 

" Nick E r336 Hugo 

" Wilfred E cigars 605 Market rl287 Noe 

Ardlsson Alld A(LeIah Mi elk h236 Rldge- 

wood av 
" Lelah M elk r236 Ridgewood av 
Ardito Andrean (Theresa i lab hl921 Donner av 
" Andw ranehwkr rl921 Donner av 
" Annie R bkpr rl921 Donner av 
" Aug (Eleanor) hl32 Arleta av 
" Aug shtmtlwkr rl876 Donner av 
" John B (Marguerite) gdnr hl876 Donner av 
Arditto Mary rl937 2l5t av 
Ardltty Albt elk r72 Coleridge 
" Saml elk r72 Coleridge 
Ardlzzone Carlo lab rl649 Powell 
" Giovanni (Anna) emp Italian Dally "L" 

Italia hl649 Powell 
" Theresa elk rl649 Powell 
Ardlev Harry M ehf elk WPRRCo r Okld 
Ardmore Apartments 1525 Clay 
" Candy Co 1215 Paelflc 
Ardo Wm actor hl008 Larkln 
Ardoin Edw rl85 Parker av 
" Eleanore G elk Federal Reserve Bank rl8S 

Parker av 
" Victor (Irma) cook hl85 Parker av 
Ardolse Apartments 1791 Pine 
Ardourel Alphonse (Alice) hl645 Larkln 
" Marcelene (Genevieve) meat ctr tilS4e 

Shafter av 
Arduser Paul bartndr rll38 Mission 
Arebrogl Guiseppl (Huberto) lab h367 Chest- 
Arecton Mary E waiter rl739 Pine 
" Nick (Maryi waiter Steph Gouletos 
Arees Alf E aect Golden State Co r4725 Calif 
" Jean Ins broker 110 Sutter R505 h845 Sutter 
" Jean D notary pub Bank of Am rllO Sutter 
" Marv Mrs h4'725 Calif 

Areflefl Vaeilel N (Antonina) ]an h43o Scott 
Aregetti John jan rll2 Columbus av 
AREGGER DAVID C, Asst Cashier and Asst 

See American Trust Co, r43 Pastorl Av, 

Arelius H N drftsmn Calif Pkg Corp r San 

Arellanes Laura hskpr 22 Presidio ter 
Arellano Aith h336b Capp 
" Benj mach r725 Lisbon 
" Bernard T (Lillian) (Arellano & Nlceollnl) 

h67 Arago 
" Chas R (Beryl I acct Genl Cigar Co h401 

43d av 
" Erlinda Mrs sugarwkr r74 Angelica 
" Fred gdnr r624 Masonic av 
" Isidro iFermina) elk h2464 Calif 
" Jos (Josephine) Indywkr h73 Tioga av 
" Jos A (Angelina) elk Wells-Fargo Bank & 

Union Tr Co h269 26th av 
" Lillian pkr r67 Arago 
" Martin C (Erlinda) lab h74 Angelica 
" Maurice S h72 Angelica 
" Ramon lab rl660 Florida 
" Raphale (Lupei timekpr Am-Hawalian S 8 

Co r2325 Bush 
" & Nieeollnl (B T Arellano G A Nlceollnl) 

trucking 944 Folsom 

Arena Arth r824 Elizabeth 

" Ceclle slswn Rousseau & Co 

" Danl M elk Anglo Calif Natl Bank rl3a7 
21st av 

" Emil r824 Elizabeth 

" Ernest news vendor r2967 33d 

" Guldo (Rebecca) lab h2967 23d 

" Jas (Mildred! r342 Pair Oaks 

" Jos (Carolina) h2820 Clay 

" Jos A elk Pac Coast Paper Co r Redwood 

" Jos P slsmn Genl Pet Corp r Okld 

" Josephine waiter r 1728 O'Parrell 

" Marian r824 Elizabeth 

" Petronius F ( Ellen i barber hl327 2l5t av 

Arenas Henry rl395 O'Parrell 

" Jose (Rosa I h43 Homer 

Arend Ben) r689 Folsom 

Arendale Theo C (Eula) swehmn hlOlO Fell 

Arendes Lawrence F ( Anita i elk hl487 39th av 

" Walter (Genevieve) miUmn h440 Lily 

Arends Marguerite tel opr hl50 Downey 

" Max (Sally) hl382 5th av 

Arendt Altd (Amyi slsmn h2335 Washn 

" Bertram G elk Wells-Fargo Bank & Union 
Tr Co r22 Darrell pi 

" Geo h861 Post 

" M J r861 Post 

" Max (Helene M) hl457 Page 

Arens Linda Mrs h7 9th av 

" Paul batteries 4720 Geary blvd 

Arensberg Bert W elk r785 Arguello blvd 

" Wm slsmn Levin's Auto Supp Co r785 Ar- 
guello blvd 

Arensburg H Dorothy sten Wells-Fargo Bank 
& Union Tr Co r2631 21st av 

" Plorieu B (Beatrice) radio opr h2370 27th »t 

" Oscar C (Ruth) h2631 21st av 

Arenson Aaron food broker 24 Calif R414 
h783 21st av 

" Irving pharm G P Preund r783 31st av 

Arent Ralph W cool^ h3465 25th 

" Roscoe P restrwkr rl273 Golden Gate 

Arentsen Andw E (Cathi seamn rl271 4th ar 

" Elmer A (Alicei elk hl83'i Hancock 

Arentz Jean B tehr r394 Pair Oaks 

" L Herman (Hilda i h2499 34th av 

" Libbie Iwid Wm) r394 Pair Oaks 

Arenz Mary Mrs mgr Windsor Apts hoas 

Areola Moses (Emilia) lab h3737 22d 

Arequlpa Sanatorium Clara C Donnelly «c 
909 Hyde R401 

Aresdakesian Juliet maid 342 Arguello blvd 

Aretta Phihp (Eliz) barber 94 Market 
hl637 Haight 

Areuri Theo C (Olive) porter rl08 Congo 

Arevalo M J hl452 Divisadero 

ARET, See also Airey 

" Harry W (Ruth) layer out mn Calif Steel 
Products Co hl358 Filbert 

" Hope compt opr Richfield Oil Co r Okld 

" Ruth F choc dipper rl358 Filbert 

" Thos R (Edna) emp Ry Exp Agcy h 3132 

Arfachir Jos lab r995 Harrison 

Arfsten Hans (Marie) mach h217 9th av 

" Irvin M (Juanita) asst sta mgr McKale'a 
Inc rl750 Washn 

" Lafrenz H (Margarite) acct SPCo h39!l 
31st av 

" Otto J (Maria) fuel 695 'A Castro h253 Ool- 

" R W Mrs welfare supvr Met Life Ins Co 
r700 Anza 

" Rudolph W (Adelheid) elk h700 Anza 

Argabright Geo V photo frshr 1278 Market 
r4127 20th 

Argall Francis Q (Mildred M) slsmn hH58 

" Geo B (Dolores L( photog r520 46th av 

" Marsden slsmn hl220 Montgy 

Argella John lab r2 Desmond 

Argenal Jos (Pelipa) waiter h700 Octavla 

" Olympla drsmkr r700 Octavla 

Argender Rose Mrs h3528 17th 

Argens Albt W (Mabel) police h2423 29th av 

" John C (Ruth) cartoonist hl907 Leaven- 

Argenta Carlo h253 Plxley 

" Eleanor L inspr RCR Mfg Co r2463 Lombard 

" John lab r253 Plxley 

" Jos P slsmn Golden State Co rl246 Kearny 

" Vincent (Fannie) slsmn h814 Filbert 

Argentl Adele (wld Jerome) hl35 Belvedere 

" Aldo (Adele) eoneretewkr h789 Athens 

" E Nellie h2972 Mission 

" Edw (Emma! h2283 14th av 

" Edw h92 29th 

" Frank J electn h88 29th 

" Irma L sten Pub Sch rl401 Grove 

" Jerome sten h2283 14th av 

" TuUio A asst cash Bank of Am rl35 Belve- 

Argento Salvatore (Gulstfna) furn fnshr h260 

Argetsinger Albt H (Madge) barber 317 San- 
chez r653 Minna 

Argiewicz Artur (Louise) musician h2963 Pa- 

" Frieda Mrs h2116 Post 

Argiris U5anla sten Seymour Show Case Sb 
Fixture Corp r519 San Bruno av 

Argiros Spiro (Twin Peaks Restr) rll51 Do- 

Argnee Jos h801 Fillmore 

Argo Hadley window trmr r759 Waller 

" John (Mary) hl42 Lawrence av 

" Nick elk r4596 Mission 

" Walter D (Floral elk WPRRCo h759 Waller 

" Winifred rl42 Lawrence av 

Argonaut Club M W Altmayer mgr 421 Powell 

" Council No 597 Royal Areanum 625 Polk 

" Hotel 44 4th 

ARGONAUT ,„. ., ^ . 

" MiniiiB Co Ltd J B Smith sec 785 Market 

" No 461 IP & A Ml 2135 Suitor 
" Publishing Co publts The Argonaut 544 

Murkrl K303 
" The lArgonuut Publg Col W W Chapln 

publr 544 Market R303 
Argonina Edw il380 Sutler 
Argonne Hotel 995 Howard 
" Hotel 2228 Union 

" No 514 (P A A Ml Masonic Temple 
" Playground 18th bet Anza and Oenry 
" School l7th at cor Cabrillo 
" Van * Storage Co iW L Carpenter (Los 

Angeles) mgr 2524 nth 
Argoud Al I Gwendolyn I serv mn hI258 22d av 
" Rose iwld Jos I r527 3d av 
Arguel Louis Indywkr rl477 15th 
" Louis iRosei tanner hl487 Revere av 
Arguello Albt R musician r44 Vlcksburg 
" Alex L hl250 Grove 
" Edw pantrymn rl42 23d av 
" Geo lab rl53 Russ 

" Gonzalo (Mary I shoe opr hl487 Guerrero 
" Louise (wid C PI r2779 Bush 
" Octavlo (Ellzl pntr h2174 Bush 
" Parlor No 257 NDGW 414 Mason 
" Rudolph rl261 Pine 
" Sarah E (wld A R) h44 Vlcksburg 
Argulnzonls Marie R cash O'Connor Moffatt 

& Co r916 Pacific 
Argunoll Nicholas pipeftr hl366 Turk 
Argury Jeannette r863 Haight 
Argvle Apartments 146 McAllister 
" Frank H iMartha) acct City Ice Del Co 

hl595 Greenwich 
Argyres Peter G (Kath) h27 Woodward 
" Theophilis (New Post Office Candy Store) 

r314 Kearny 
Argyrls Nick florist hl020 Post 
Arhanceta Geo (Anna I mgr Metropole Hotel 

hll05 Golden Gate av 
" Jennie Mrs Indywkr r 1210 Dlvlsadero 
" Simon meat ctr rl210 Dlvisadero 
Arhontis Harry (CathI restrwkr h38 Ringold 
Aria Emma facty wkr r38 Price row 
" Manuel r38 Price row 
" Trinidad iwid Manuel) h3a Price row 
Arian Bess Mrs elk r2761 Mission 
" Frank (Bessie) h303 28th av 
" Henry (Mutual Provision Co) 
" Isaac E (Helen) floor coverings 1163 Mar- 
ket and 2705 Mission h2201 Pacific av 
" Matt hdw 2761 Mission 
Ariani Louis (Barbara) soft drinks 736 Cle- 
ment hl715 Filbert 
" Pauline elk rl7I5 Filbert 
Ariara Rose R cash Bercut Bros r Okld 
Arias B stm ftr rl5 San Mateo 
" Jos L elk rl207 Lane 
" Justo (Lupe) stmftr h57 Carmelita 
" Narciso T (Precilla & Co) r939 Hayes 
" R hlSlO Page 

" Rafael (Matilda) hlpr hl73 Ankeny 
" Ralph florist rl73 Ankeny 
" Ralph L lab hl207 Lane 
" Refugio lab r80 Shotwell 
" Robt h51 Vienna 
" Ruben clo clnr 1588 Market 
" Yoisto r354 Columbus av 
Aribage Henry Indyv/kr r401 Steiner 
Arie Vanvliet (Betronella) mach hllO Hale 
Arieta Aug elk rl320 Taylor 
" Prank S (Evelyn) elk hl765 Hyde 
" Geo (Isabel) candymkr h3I4 Union 
" Jas G (Henriettai elev dir hl76 Diamond 
" Martin (Phyllis M) elk hl324 Taylor 
" Natale (Caroline i with Fugazi Steamship 

Agcy hl320 Taylor 
" Phyllis elk rl320 Taylor 
" Salvatore elk rl320 Taylor 
" Saml lab rl263 Vallejo 

Arietta Alfd (Josephine) chauf h226 San Car- 
" Carl (Sarah) barber 757 Naples h722 Edin- 
" Comilla (Rose) shoe shiner hl263 Vallejo 
" F^ank (Roseanna) hl4 Bernard 
" Jos elk rl263 Vallejo 
" Pasquale (Rose) h25 Auburn 
" Philip (Angelina) pkr hl8 Bernard 
" Phillip lab rl263 Vallejo 
" Salvadore (Mary) h726 Edinburgh 
" Saml h964 Bway 
" Saml (Angelical h726 Edinburgh 
" Saml driver r961 Bway 
" Vincent pkr rl4 Bernard 
Arighi Angelo bartndr rl045 Russia av 
Arignardello Mary C rl27 Concord 
Arikawa M oriental gds 1532 Post 
Arildi Chas (Josephine) lab hl63 Corbett av 
Arillago Rose Mrs hl079 Bay Shore blvd 
Arima H (Post St Cbt Shop) hl568 Post 
" H jan hl608 Baker 

" T (Miye) (Nippon Drug Co) hl629 Webster 
Arimborgo Jos elk Grace Line r San Bruno 
Arimoto Henry (Suzu) house clnr h3 Cottage 

" Kano slsmn h3 Cottage row 
Arington Anna r481 Noe 
" Marie r481 Noe 
" Sarah Mrs h 481 Noe 
Arishen Steve (Hazel i lab h883 Carolina 
Arismendi Chas A (Louise) h730 30th av 
Arista Madeline hl254 Pacific 
Aristide Wm lab r574 3d 
Aristo Painting Co (A E Gordon C J Frisk) 

473 Bryant 
Aristocratic Cleaners (G E Correvon M E 

Coleman) clo clnrs 901 Irving 
Aristotile Gemma h736 Francisco 
" Nunzio couch mkr r736 Francisco 
Arith Wm M (Lileth L) auto mech hlSlO 


Arlto Josephine smstrs rl876 Donner ov 

" Manuel li 1906a Folsom 

Ari/.ola Moses h526 Hickory 

Arlzu Pedro (Lopez & Arlzul rI933 Webster 

Arjo Mervln N chaut r31 Ellington av 

" Norbcrt A Jr (Veronica M) chauf h31 Ell- 
ington av 

Arkadi Saml (Marv) cook 11750 Van Ness av S 

Arkatov Alex (Tina) photog 577 Geary 

Arke Agnes nurse h729 Jones 

Arkebauer Arth B (Sclma) bldg supt Assoc 
Oil Co h553 Frederick 

Arkeder John P (Marie I beer 1499 Valencia 

Arkenberg L P hl438 34th av 

" Maude sten Stale Div of Corporations rl438 
34th av 

Arkerder Marie Mrs i-estr 2931 16th 

Arkos Geo barber 1402 Irving 

Arkush Ellis J Inv 235 Montgy R1015 r San 

Arkwrlght Anne E (wld I B) r406 Arguello 

" Wm I (Levina) flremn SFPD h2594 21st av 

Arland Sarah elk rl230 Turk 

Arlberg Prltz V h5415 Calif 

Arlett Apartments 1586 Folsom 

" Grace H instr Cogswell Polytechnic Coll r 

Arlie Antone (Arlle & Arlle) rll2 Austin 

" Louis (Renee) elk Bank of Calif hl618 

Palou av 
" Marinette (Arlle & ArUe) rll2 Austin 
" & Arlie (Antone and Marinette) hdw 787 

Arline Apartments 715 McAllister 
Arlington Apartments 410 Bartlett 
" C (Loretta) examiner Northern Assur Co 

r250 22d , , 

" Chemical Co L L Greene br mgr 576 Mission 
" Jane (wid Jas) hl565 Jackson 
Arlom Alvin (Dorothea) mariner hl329 6th av 
Arlotta Thos (Helen) lab h707 Edinburgh 
Arlstrom Gustav (Edna) hll44 Mission 
Arluck Esau r6 Somerset 
" Henrietta tel opr r6 Somerset 
" Morris lather r 6 Somerset 
" Nathan A h6 Somerset 
Arm A M hl40a Russ 
Armacost Grace V elk h795 Geary 
" Harold elk rl849 Fillmore 
Arman Gwendolyn sm.strs r971 Mission 
" Wm (Mary) h247 Missouri 
Armanasco Aug r259 6th . 

" Domato restr 2295 Powell r655 Greenwich 
" Helen elk rl553 Powell 
" John (Clara) hl553 Powell 
" Jos (Sarah) beer 493 Bway h350 Green 
" Jos (Katie I h436 Rolph 
" Mary Indywkr r665 Greenwich 
" Wm' beer 752 Vallejo rl553 Powell 
Armand Alice J elk rl47 Boyce 
" Andre (Emilie) driver r3729 Geary 
" c cook St Francis Yacht Club 
" Jos (Alice) chauf h224 17th av 
mand Piasgl), Member of Florists Tele- 
graph Delivery Association, Flowers Tele- 
graphed Anywhere, Flowers of Distinction 
for Weddings, Parties, Funerals, etc. "Say 
It With Flowers, Sav It With Ours" Pal- 
ace Hotel Lobby, Tel EX brook 1466 
Armandls Louis (Olga) elk hl239 Jackson 
Armando Diaz Lodge 1502 Sons of Italy 4793 

" Salvatore (Annie) lab h682 Castro 
Armanet Irma B mgr A & B Mfg Co hll05 

Armani Bemo baker r2162 Mission 
Armanine Natalie hl649a Newhall 
Armanlnl John beer 500 Gough 
" Lena bkpr Union Special Mach Co r Rich- 
" Linda draper La Parisienne r442b Vallejo 
" Lorenzo (Marie) rancher h4764 Mission 
" Mae (wid Alfonsei hll83 Bway 
Armanino Albt A (Margt) tmstr h2764 24th 
" Angelo (Lena) jan Federal Reserve Bank 

h571 Union 
" Attillo (Amelia S) mgr Bay View br Bank 

of Am hnSO Quesada av 
AEMANINO D 0, Asst Cashier and Asst Sec 
American Trust Co, r6037 Chabot Road, 
" Edna elk Bank of Am rlOl Peabody 
" Edw J elk rlOl Peabody 
" John (Mary) paste mkr r822 London 
" Jos elk r826 Paris 
" Lena nurse S F Hosp 
" Lorenzo (Annie) hlOl Peabody 
" Louis nurserymn hl75 Peabody 
" Nicola r330 Ellington av 
" Rinaldo (Elsie M) nursery 330 Ellington av 
" Silvio (Lorenei h357 Ellington av 
" Vincent (Adele) mech h4630 3d 
Armanlo John (Louise) scavenger h3631 17th 
Armantopas Saml r220 6th 
Armas Ida nurse r2470 Washn 
" Mary ian r579 19th av 

Armato Angelo (Angellnai tailor h519 Silver av 
" Frank with Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co 

r519 Silver av 
" May with Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co r519 

Silver av 
Armbrust Adolph C (Ada E) hll28 Noe 
" Elsie (wld Philip) hl403 WlUard 
" Walter R (Bertha) mach hl814 Pacific av 
" Wm emp L C Jensen 
Armbruster Annie Mrs delicatessen 1621 Polk 

hl714 Clay 
" Chas J collr r770 40th av 
" Doris V slswn O'Connor MofCatt & Co rl679 

21st av 
" Edw P sec Armbruster Engraving Co h20 


" Engraving Co Ltd R H Armbruster pres R 
C Gardner v-pres E P Armbruster sec 
82 2nd 
" Geo W lawyer r3661a 18th 
" Iris K elk rl436 Calif 
" Louis musician rl824 Green 
" Madeline Mrs hI824 Green 
" Ray restr wkr rl436 Calif 
" Rudolph H (Mae) pres Armbruster En- 
graving Co hl679 21st av 
" Wm F elk r770 40th av 
Armbuster Edw J (Anna R) farmer hl436 

Armen Vahan (Alvlna) phys 291 Geary R204 

h350 Cumberland 
Armendariz Ezequiel lab rlOOl Harrison 
ArmeiidluKOr Hedwlg Mrs hl56 Thrift 
Armcnini John (May) lab h822 London 
Armenlo Delia elk r374 Delano av 
" Elmo (Joy) slsmn Colma Veg Assn h3220b 

" Prank (Louise) pres Colma Veg Assn h374 

" Joy elk r3220b 22d 
Armenia A L Mrs h359 Jersey 
" Anthony doormn r359 Jersey 
" Delflna r359 Jersey 
" Isabel r359 Jersey 
" Josephine r359 Jersey 
" Manuel hl242 Pacific 
" Mary D r359 Jersey 
" Victor (Isobel) h361 Mississippi 
Armentano John (Theresa) lab h58 Bernard 
Armentla Roque h871a Vallejo 
Armer Belle r3224 Washn 
" Benj (Leonie) credit reports 681 Market 

R231 h2368 Bway 
" Evelyn tchr Pub Sch r3224 Washn 
" Henry A elk h2539 Polk 
" Josephine tchr Pub Sch h3224 Washn 
" Louise slswn E H Brownstone rl708 9th av 
" Ruth tchr Calif Sch of Pine Arts r2363 Bway 
Armes Geo A (Kath) pres Genl Engineering 

& Dry Dock Co hllOO union 
" Harry B mgr El Dorado Limestone Co r 

" Iris rllOO Union 
" John rllOO Union 
" Wm E (Louis) pntr hl327 45th av 
Armg Kal h771 Jackson 

Armida Constantlne (Borella) hl632 Leaven- 
Armljo Mariano elk rll90 Pine 
Armin Paul (Laura) barber 180 The Embar- 

cadero h623a Natoma 
Armington Wm E (Ruth) pharm Jas Warnock 

h859 36th av 
Armlnini Antone h2836 Larkin 
" Jos r2936 Larkin 

Arminino Nicola nursery 330 Ellington av 
Armlnlo Delia sten Anaconda Wire & Cable __Co 

Armlrez Martin (Transito) Indywkr hl337a 

Armlstead Amy I tchr Pub Sch r839 Post 

" Hubert McL (Ida) mech eng 78 Natoma 
hl67 Evelyn way 

" Kirk rl67 Evelvn way 

" Wm (Alice) slsmn hl450 46th av 

Armitage Alba (wid W HI r260 Winding way 

" Arth cash E I du Pont de Nemours Co r 

" CliHord (Dorothy L) claim adj h736 41st av 

" Dale S (Roselene) elk r2247 47th av 

" G R rl75 eth . , 

" Geo A (Theresa M) Indymn h336 Mississippi 

" Geo T sec Hawaii Tourist fiur r Honolulu 

" Geo W capt USA h2455 Union 

" H M assoc chf State Bur Plant Quarantine 
r Bkly 

" Herbt D frt traf agt WPRRCo r Okld 

" Johanna (wid Arth) h521 Clipper 

" Jos D eng Raphael Weill & Co rl67 O Far- 

" Mary E Mrs meats 3274 Sacto hl563 Fran- 
cisco . _. 

" Mathew J (Clara) asst sec Hearst Corp h33 

" Rosaline beauty opr r278 Turk 

" Susan maid 230 Sea Cliff av 

" Victoria A elk hl44 Carl 

" Wm H (Mary V) archt h2218 Webster 

Armknecht Louis F (Tessie) meats 3318 Mis- 
sion hl837 San Jose av 

" Paul F (Helen Vi meatctr r424 Octavia 

Armo Alex (Mabel) h2447 Chestnut 

Armon Constantlne J (Lillian) auto mech h214 

Armond Alice rl47 Boyce 

" Andw slsmn rl47 Boyce 

" Fred seamn rl471 Guerrero 

" Gus flmn Peter Ellis 

" J cook r50 Himmel 

" Leona Mrs Indvwkr hl47 Boyce 

" O h2600 Van Ness av 

Armondson Evan pntr rl310 Sanchez 

Armory Bldg 14th and Mission 

■' Market (Morris Krasow Isaac Feldman) gro 
2070 Mission 

Armour A C Mrs h363 Page 

" Adallne h2600 Van Ness av 

" Aden sten r205 8th av 

" Anna (wld G Wl h205 8th av 

" Arth S r4008 18th 

" Donald elk r305 Lake 

" Herman meatctr h3465 25th 

" Louise r825 Sutter 

" Louise M r4008 18th 

" Mamie E typist r363 Page 

" Mary J (wld JosI h4008 18th 

" Wm J (Josephinel h36 Sharon 

" cfe Co P K Wlnchell br mgr whol meats 1050 

Armrlch John lab h215 Francisco 




Headquarters for Professional Engineers, Chemists 
and All Technical Men 

Suite 715, 57 Post Street 

See Page 1718 

sutler 1684 

Arms Anna A emp USMint rWhitcomb Hotel 

■' Chas S (MoUie) slsmn Cutler & Co h348 

16th av 
:■' Geo H (Ruby) stevedore hl251 Hyde 

'» Leland J dept mgr Sanitary Products Corp 
r Burlingame 

■' Max irno Calif 

Sjmsby Edwin R hllOO Lombard 

■' Gordon S customers mn Slaughter & Rus- 
sell rPac Union Club 

v Jeffrey K slsmn Calif Pltg Corp r San Mateo 

Armseder Eliz h355 Eddy 

Armstrong A sergt USA r Fort Baker 

' Ada N (wid J HI r2835 Van Ness av 
>» Agnes Mrs mgr Villa Marina Apts r520 46th 

,' Albt chauf rl345 16th av 
ii' Albt newsvndr r804 Bryant 
i' Albt slsmn Genl Paper Co r Burlingame 
Ir' Albt E elk rni5 Castro 
ii» Alden T (Eliz) elev opr h429 Eddy 
li' Alf C (Bessie) waiter hl715 Castro 
'i' Alf J (Georgia) tmstr hl4 Arlington 
i' Alice elk r2786 Sacto 
iL' Alice Mrs hl369 47th av 
l' Alva E (Martha) pntr h449 Anza 
l' Amelia (wid Edw) h437 Flood av 
;i'' Arth C (Vina) phys 400 Brannan h2645 

,1' Arth E Indywkr r845 14th 
\f Augusta restrwkr r704 Bush 

I' BenJ A (Bertha) slsmn H R Baker & Co 
hl900 Vallejo 

' Beth (Armstrong Carter Kenyon) r807 Fran- 

' Bud musician r730 Eddy 

' Carmel B sten Grinnell Co rl5 Dolores 

' Carter Kenyon (Beth Armstrong Mrs J L 
Carter Nora Kenyon) Int dec 275 and 281 

' Cecil W (Helene H) elk Federal Reserve 

Bank r418 9th av 
■' Chas ins agt r2245 Sutter 
:' Chas lab r906 McAllister 

.' Chester rl037 Fillmore 

:' Chester C acct Hood & Strong r Redwood 

• City 

' Chester K (Helen G) elk h845 14th 

' Chester K jr mech r845 14th 

' Christy P rl80 Bonview 

' Clare bkpr Lloyd Livingston r925 Geary 
.:< Clarence T chiropractor 525 Sutter Rl r San 

::< Clayton r7I2 Kearny 
y Cora maid 2501 Buchanan 
:".' Cork Co D D Davis mgr linoleum mfrs 180 
New Montgy 

' Craig (Ruth) lab h454 London 

' Curtis W h860 Bush 

' David C (Madge) lab h4210 26th 

' Dena cash The Unique r Okld 

' Donald ptrn mkr r681 Bryant 

' Douglas J with Hanni & Girerd r437 Flood 

' E R hl280 Grove 

' Eben (Carolyn) hl550 Divisadero 

' Edna beauty opr r809 Noe 

' Edw rl335 Bay 

' Edw r417 Kearny 

' Edw lab hl7 Osgood pi 

' Edw (Nellie) slsmn h925 Geary 

' Edw tire chngr r728 44th av 

• Edw A (Margtl h619 11th av 

' Edw M r44 4th 

■ Edw W r750 Sutter 

: Edwin W (Gertrude) slsmn Reliance Life 

Ins Co rl200 Calif 
■f Elbridge R spl agt N Y Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Eliz Mrs hl272 42d av 
■' EIlz A tchr Pac Audit & System Co r827 


■ Eliz D Mrs h369 Missouri 

■ Ella (wid A El hl307 20th av 

■ Ella G (wid W J) hl285 28th av 

■ Ella R (wid Chas) r)542 9th av 

Elma model Ransohoffs h2621 Divisadero 

■ Elmer (Agatha) h823 Turk 

' Elmer (Clarice) chauf Dept Pub Wks h2670 
17th av 

■ Emmett A marine eng r224 Precita av 
Ernest R (Louise) driver h559 18th av 
Eunice E sten hl320 Lombard 
Fannie Mrs h765 36th av 

' Florence bkbndr Progress Printing Corp 
r Bkly 
Prances Mrs r750 Sutter 
Francis B elk SPCo r262 19th av 
»*ank bkpr hl38 Hyde 
"rank A (Nellie) patrolmn WPRRCo h701 

I Taylor 

; Frank C rllll Pine 
Frank L (Lula) metermn hll8 Clinton Park 
Prank R bkpr K W Trowbridge rl36 Hyde 
Fred (Eliz) carpet lyr h796 Monterey blvd 
Fred G (Maria) garage 1540 Pine hl950 

17th av 
Fred R chauf r24I San Jose av 
Freda L sec H M Newhall & Co rl097 Green 
Predk N flremn SFFD r520 46th av 
Pritzie astrologist 690 Post R332 
Genevieve A nurse r241 San Jose av 
Geo r765 36th av 
Geo lab rl412 Van Ness av S 
Geo A (Dora) typewriter mech r2531 15th 


" Geo H (Lottie) electn hl388 Van Ness av S 

" Geo H sta eng h38 Nantucket av 

" Geo L elk r241 San Jose av 

" Geo T elk Wells-Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r Palo Alto 
" Geo W A watchmkr Wm Glindemann & Son 

rll6 Pair Oaks 
" Gertrude H typist Federal Reserve Bank r 

" Gladys Mrs h652 18th av 

" Gordon L (Armstrong & Marks) r730 Eddy 
" Harold T (Juanita) real est 25 Sutter h2417 

" Harold W (Mildred) elk hl62 Madrid 
" Haiel S Mrs h2536 Clay 
" Helen elk SPCo r Okld 
" Helen G sec E P Stadtherr r845 14th 
" Henry B slsmn Eastman Kodak Strs hl299 

" Henry M (Roberta) chauf h2911 16th 
" Herbt D lawyer 400 Sansome R604 r Bkly 
" Herbt G (Sarah) tailor 908 Market R308 

h24 Whitney 
" Hilma hl'll Pine 

" Howard W with Fireman's Fund Ins Co 
" Ivor C (Alice) used cars 15 Valencia and 

1215 Mission h499 Hofifman av 
" Ivor P r499 Hoffman av 
" J Chester (Eiith) adv mgr Westn Purn 

Retailing h81 AUston way 
" Jack baker h538 19th 
" Jas E (Isabell) tmstr h289 Joost av 
" Jas L wraoper hl536 Steiner 
" Jas V (May) chauf h792 Lyon 
" John cook r538 19th av 
" John B slsmn h2546 Hvde 
" John O r220 Golden Gate av - 
" John P (Lillian J) mfrs agt hl430 Francisco 
" John P (Kath) marine eng State Bd Harbor 

Comrs hl80 Bonview 
" Jos (Wantia) r947 Geary 
" Jos (CathI tmstr hl880 Church 
" Jos R (Gladys) crane opr h252 Leland av 
" Julia mach onr rll28 McAllister 
" Justin r418 9th av 
" L h834 Bush 

" L R supt Pullman Co r Bkly 
" L V hll83 Dolores 
" Laurain M Mrs sten Wm Cavalier & Co 

r707 Stockton 
" Laurence R (Norah B) bkpr City & County 

Controller h84 Buena Vista ter 
" Leon D (Belle) eng h446 41st av 
" Leroy E mgr Am Book Co r Okld 
" Louis hl097 Green 
" Louise (wid J W) rl424 Jones 
" Lucille A mgr Weinstein Co rl50 Oak 
" Luther B (Lillian) elk Federal Reserve Bank 

r641 Post 
" Luther H mgr Travelers Indemnity Co r 

" Mae Indrs SFHosp r557 Van Ness av S 
" Mae L sten Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
" Margt S tel onr h846 Bush 
" Marianna nurse Mary's Help Hosp 
" Martha (wid Wm) r4271 24th 
" Mary r2069 Bush 
" Marv maid r3337 Clay 
" Marv Mrs hl5 Dolores 
" Marv (wid F P) h2805 Greenwich 
" Mary (wid L R) h241 San Jose av 
" Marv C r2805 Greenwich 
" Mary C (wid G G) slswn Rosenthal's hl075 

" Maud (wid John) rl490 Jefferson 
" Mershleen bkpr r21 Frederick 
" Mildred E bkpr rl490 Jefferson 
" Mildred V elk rl62 Madrid 
" Myron restr 426 Market 
" Myron R slsmn Mrs Gretchen Bender rl601 

" Mvron W h729 Mason 
" Myrtle sten h3700 20th 
" Niobe M Mrs bkpr Butte Elec & Mfg Co 

r2815 Filbert 
" Norman (Agnes) flremn h520 46th av 
" Otto H (Mae) asst storekpr Fort Mason 

h2390 Lombard 
" Paul asst dist dir U S Immigration & Natur- 
alization Service r Burlingame 
" Paul V instr S P Coll of Chiropractic rlI22 

" Pearl J Mrs sten E M Walls rl626 Turk 
" Peagy h320 Turk 
" Ralph P (Mariel chauf h422 Noe 
" Ralph R (Niobe) mgr Butte Elec & Mfg Co 

h2815 Filbert 
" Ray W bellmn rl320 Lombard 
" Richd auto mech r265 Page 
" Richd P (Mildred) bkpr Wulft Hansen & 

Co hl840 Jefferson 
" Robt (Hattiei carp hlOO Laguna 
" Robt A (Lucille) slsmn A M Gordon hl50 

" Robt slsmn Eug Dietzgen Co r Okld 
" Robt W elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank r Bur- 
" Rose M (wid E W) hl850 Clay 
" S S rl49 3d 

mgr Stanley Works r750 

Saml V (Kath) 

Okld av 
Sarah (wid Wm) 
Sebastian (Cora) 

h89 6th av 
h418 9th av 


" Silas M (Alice) h408 Teddy av 

" Stanley E (Rebecca M) cartoonist hll30 

" Steph B (Eleanor) mech hl05 Shakespeare 
" Theon Mrs h524 Guerrero 
" Thos L h3610 Army 
" Thos L elk rll86 Geneva av 
" Veda B Mrs bkpr Standard Coal Co r860 

" Vera G blUer h2265 Larkin 
" Viva asst office mgr Calif Pkg Corp rl441 

" Walter (Edith) slsmn Langendorf United 

Bakeries h2363 20th av 
" Walter B mgr Embassy Theatre h371 Turk 
" Walter H acct JD&ABSpreckelsCo r Bkly 
" Walter S (Eliz) Indywkr h85 Caplstrano av 
" Warren H (Marion) slsmn ParalEne Com- 
panies hl345 16th av 
" Wilfred W (Lillian A) h87 6th av 
" Willard (Lucille) USA h4320 Calif 
" Wm (Margt) h2786 Sacto 
" Wm r236 3d 
" V/m (Leila) h3465 25th 
" Wm pntr h3031 16th 
" Wm C elk PT&TCo r Okld 
" Wm D (Anna Bi elev starter h953 Golden 

Gate av 
" Wm P tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
" Wm J (Mildred) carrier PO h2471 31st av 
- Wm M ri2a6 Calif 
" Wm W (Muretta) h562 8th av 
" Winner S (Naomi) slsmn h409 Laguna 
" & Marks (G L Armstrong H C Marks) 

liquors 305 Kearny 
Armuth Jack flv boy Stecher-Traung Litho 

Corp rl714 Clay 
" Lois hl714 Clay 
Army F Geo buyer Sterling Furn Co r2594 

28th av 
" Street Carpenter & Cabinet Shop (Louis 

Hengel John Shoffa) carp 3155 Army 
" and Navy Club J A McGee pres Wm P Her- 

ringshaw v-pres Lewis Mesherry sec-treas 

Fairmont Hotel 
Arnado D artist r50 Turk 
Arnal Albt restrwkr r740 Bway 
" Fred (Gladys) Indywkr hl601 Sacto 
" Prosper (Julia) friiitwkr rl212 Innes 
" Raymond rl212 Innes 
Arnaidi Arnold porter rl214 Polk 
Arnaldo Angelo h950 Rutland 
" Primo r950 Rutland 
Arnall Dorothy sten r2222 46th av 
" Elmer (Gertrude) h2222 46th av 
Arnando Chas P welder rl769 Hyde 
" F Indywkr rl769 Hyde 
Arnarez Marie (wid John) Indywkr h2127 

Arnason Mildred waiter rl291 Pine 
Arnaud Alf meatctr r2531 Gough 
" Chiaflreda (Basllide) gro 3206 Scott h2531 

" Edw (Bessie) electn h2141 nth av 
" Felix r688 Commercial 
" Louis E h250 Point Lobos av 
" Luc (Ambrosine) clo einr h3032 Laguna 
" Ovide (Rachel) hl245 Washn 
" P dairywkr Borden's Dairy Del Co 
Arnaudo Bart (Irma) waiter h654 38th av 
" Chas hl769 Hvde 
" Fred rl769 Hyde 
" John shtmtlwkr hn8 Maynard 
" Olda (wid Dominic) h60 Cordova 
Arnault Gustave W (Mabell h725 27th av 
Arnautoff Victor M (Lydia) artist 722 Montgy 

R3a h47 White 
Arnautou Cyril J rl811 Leavenworth 
" Cyril J mgr Henrietta Apts h445 Octavia 
" Ferdinand N (Alice) asst mgr Met Life Ins 

Co h776 32d av 
Arnberg J G emp Paterson Pac Parchment Co 

r Walnut Creek 
Arnberger Herbt P (Elaine I elk h659 4th av 
" Richd C underwriter Wallace-Phipps Genl 

Agey Inc r Burlingame 
Arndt Agnes A waiter r735 Laguna 
" Bernice M emo Mt Zion Hosp rl690 Beach 
" Chas W (Kath) h675 Alvarado 
" Donald P elk h237 Balboa 
" Evelyn rl528 Sutter 

" Florentina (wid John) rl61 Charter Oak av 
" Fred L (Lorena) elk City & County Bar of 

Eng hl540 Ellis 
" Gertrude manicurist r956 Sacto 
" Henry A (Paulina) barber h442a 31st av 
" Herbt C (Sophie J) dental techn h835 30th 

" Jane Mrs tchr Pub Sch r835 30th av 
" John H formn Plant Rubber & Asbestos 

Wks rn50 Clay 
" Margt Mrs hl650 Halght 
" P jr tech sergt USA r Presidio 
" Pearl A (wid R L) h3795 Army 
" Rose waiter r333 Presidio av 
" Rudolph (Marie) mach hl61 Charter Oak av 
" Sigmund C (Bernice) hl690 Beach 
" Wm A (Julia A) lab h32 Seville 
Arnedt Gus housesmith Keystone Ornamental 

Iron & Bronze Wks r Okld 
Arnelfo Jas C h661 Mississippi 
Arneline Chas chauf r2307 Bush 
Amemann G W Jan h3028 Clement 









Market St. 

Near Powell 

DOuglas 3517 




rMW _ 









2 <» s 
C ... 't' 

^S2 H- ^ 



51 §► 

'-'9 = k^ 

i s i S 

5?S W 








2.(t r^ 


o St 







N^ nr H^ 


3 S 3 
» » w 


c 5 e 

'^ S "< 


ta » V 


3 g 3 

o 2 " 
a ™ (B 





O o 















Ames Harris 
Neville Co. 

17th St. 

Cor. Florida 


HE mlock 


See Page 1703 



Telephone MI ssion 0150 

1387 Valencia Street at 25th 








534 Fourth 

DOuglai 6616 

(See Page 1735) 

AniiT Clins H spl offlcor Wells-Pargo Bunk & 

Union Tr Co rI107 Ellis 
" Eur restrwkr r26 Chntlinm pi 
Arncson Hownrd B elk Wells-Pnrgo Bank & 

Union Tr Co r40 Lundys la 
" Jacob H r44 ^th 
" May bkpr P Thomas Dyeing & CIng Wks 

r40 Lundys la 
" Odlno iwld H B) h40 Lundy's la 
Arncson Aug plstr lil410 Golden Gate ay 
" Augusta i\yld S Ji nurse SFHosp lil507 

" Edvy seamii r456 Harrison 
" Elias T (Jcani tclir State Teachers College 

h275 Pacheco 
" Elmer iMargti USA h690 24th av 
" Isaac seamn r456 Harrison 
" Margt Indywkr r690 24th av 
" Mary (wid Martini r770 Darien way 
" Oscar seamn r456 Harrison 
Arnest Chester J ( Eunice t carp h640 Polk 
" Fillmore carp hl276 25th av 
" Peter J I Arnest & Chibidakis) h336 Lath- 

rop av 
" & Chibidakis (P J Arnest S D Chibidakis) 

beer 139 Ellis 
Arnesto Peter J h47 Salmon 
Arnet Henry lab r522 Pell 
" Mildred sten hl55 Hyde 
" Sarah Mrs h522 Fell 
Arnett Benj meat ctr r58 Belcher 
" Clifford L sugarwkr r391 Valencia 
" Edith sugarwkr r391 Valencia 
" Frank lab rll23 Laguna 

" H J dist mgr Assn of American Railroads 
and Pacific States Advisory Board r San 
" John mariner r308 Eddy 
" Llovd auto mech E B Bridgett 
" Paul G iMargti eng hl030 Post 
" Robt bottler rl394 Golden Gate av 
" SaitU r58 Belcher 
" Wm C (Gladys) slsmn Howard Auto Co 

hl633 Calif 
Arnette Luella manicurist h650 Post 
" R M h520 Geary 
" W Julian mgr Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co 

rI4 6th av 
Arney Elsie nurse D M Ervin 
" Ferris G (M Thelma) slsmn h2594 28th av 
" Neil (Pansy) h652 Presidio av 
" Neil E hl023 Franklin 

" Vorie W acct Pineapple Producers Co-opera- 
tive Assn r Okld 
Arnhardt Parker car washer Lawrence Barrett 

r Temple Hotel 
Arnhart Clarence (Mabel) elk rl507 Calif 
Arnhold Bertha Mrs r Mark Hopkins Hotel 
Arnholt Chas (AUcei stationary 233 Fillmore 

h210 Laussat 
Arnke Henry A (Theresa) hll52 Shotwell 
" Henry A ]r mgr Popular Elec & Hdw Co 

rlI52 Shotwell 
" Jos r42 Park 
" Jos A (Josephine! Ironwks 780 Brannan 

hH50 Shotwell 
" Rudolph P (Helen) slsmn Popular Elec & 

Hdw Co h369 12th av 
Arno Anne Mrs drsmkr h745 Hyde 
Arnodo Jas slsmn Jos Cimino jr r Okld 
Arnold A V Mrs elk Fort Mason rl835 Vallejo 
" Albt (Irmai slsmn Rosenberg Bros & Co 

hl25 Northwood dr 
" Albt H (Anna) (Arnold & Dunn) hl26 Al- 
pine ter 
" Alice hl619 Gough 
" Alice Mrs hl422 Waller 
" Alma B Mrs hl835 Vallejo 
" Anatole A (Margal cook h287 Juanlta way 
" Antone (Edith I slsmn Peoples' Dairy Co 

h28e Richland av 
" Apartments 1821 Polk 
" Augustus B bkpr James Graham Mfff Co r 

San Mateo 
" Bevtrand L (Ester) elk SPCo h245 Hazel- 
wood ay 
" Byron (Vera) lawyer 220 Montgy R709 hl205 

22d av 
" Carlos P (Bertha) mach h355 Jules av 
" Chas G (Elsa M) h369 Arhngton 
" Claire r629 Los Palmos av 
" Clement H phys 490 Post R521 r Palo Alto 
" Con B (Irene) atdt Pac Greyhound Lines 

h4679a 18th 
" Gale elk rl257 Eddy 
" David E (Grace) phys h389 17th ay 
" E r44 3d 
" Earl rllOO Gough 
" Edw W slsmn Coldwell Cornwall & Banker 

r San Mateo 
" Emil T hl052a Ellis 
" Ernest (Kainz & Arnold) h347 Stockton 

4th fl 
" Eug (Grace) chiropractor 1145 Polk rl884 

" Eugenie (wid Fred) h227 Sanchez 
" Forrest asst blueprinter r67 Mill 
" Prank A (Rose E) carp h790 Kansas 
ARNOLD FRANK D. Asst Cashier and Asst 
Sec Savings Union Office American Trust 
Co, rl448 Cabrillo Ay, Burlingame 
" Prank W (Grace) electn Dept Pub Wks h67 


" Fred r333 Pierce 

" Fred R ( Lucille i elk h366 31st av 

" Preemond C (Ellzi elk h815 York 

" Geo n220 Geary 

" Geo G lAlieei eng hl840 McAllister 

" Geo H r927 Eddy 

" Geo J (Agnesi mtrmn Mun Ry h2632 24th av 

" Geo L (Ethel) elk RvMS h3D34 Balboa 

" Geo S lawyer 41 Sutter R621 r Kentfield 

" Geo T asst cash SPCo r San Anselmo 

" Glenn (Myrtle Li mach h2218 20th 

" Glenn (Daisy) slsmn h404 Cole 

" Gloria r335 Stockton 

" Grace r517 Bway 

" Grace slswn O'Connor Moffatt & Co r624 

" Grace sec C D Wilbur hi 674 Washn 

" Grace (wid Leei h232 San Jose av 

" Grace (wid Sanfordi h 1796 Ellis 

" Gretchen r335 Stockton 

" Halton C slsmn S F Salvage Shop r876 

" Harold W (Tessiei USA h3370 Army 

" Harriet h2355 Leavenworth 

" Hartley Indywkr r220 Bennington 

" Hazel A bkpr Belkin-Zelan Co r235 Surrey 

" Helen M elk rl26 Alpine ter 

" Henry G (Maryi lab h6911 Calif 

" Howard H (Dorothy HI slsmn h525 Clayton 

" Hubert R (Maryl phys 450 Sutter R1402 
h3460 Clay 

" Imogene N priv sec "YMCA r Okld 

" Irene (wid Chas) slswn S & G Gump Co 
h2339 Union 

" J h245 Leavenworth 

" J dairywkr Borden's Dairy Del Co 

" Jas entertainer r626 Polk 

" Jesse eng U S Geological Survey r Bur- 

" Joan C compt oor hill Sinto blvd 

" John swchmn h26 Steiner 

" John E slsmn L S Simons r Burlingame 

" John P dairywkr rl31 Bennington 

" John R lawyer 235 Montgy R1260 

" John w ( Grace 1 hoist opr h624 Andover 

" Jose h220 Union 

" Jos (Minnie I h2527 Harrison 

" Jos h2324 15th 

" Jos meat ctr r343 San Carlos 

" Jos A caster r614 Fillmore 

" Jos P photostat opr rSOO Bush 

" Katie R (Wid J Hi rl700 Bway 

" Kenneth r220 Golden Gate av 

" L R r340 Stockton 

" Laura E nurse r555 Baker 

" Laura R apt mgr hl828 Anza 

" Lawrence (Thelma) h241 Silver av 

" Lee hl631 Chestnut 

" Lloyd R (Marian) sec-treas Pacific Empire 
Holdings Inc. sec-treas Associated Sales 
Corp, sec Assured Thrift Inc. treas Mer- 
chants lee & Cold Stge Co, h3655 Fillmore 

" Lottie (wid W P) h6102 Geary blvd 

" Louis r20 12th 

" Louis E elk YMCA r Okld 

" Louise tchr Pub Sch h500 Hyde 

" Lulu B printer hl04 Chattanooga 

" Mae nurse SFHosp 

" Maehose Mrs h903 Pine 

" Mfg Co (A J Liechti Fred Evert) store fix- 
tures 1693 Mission 

" Margt Mrs sten h50 Laguna 

" Maria hl221 Union 

" Maurice (Eliz) ship carp h345 Prentiss 

" Mayme elk r2378 33d av 

" Mercy E tchr Dorothy Durham Sch for Sec- 
retaries hl329 Clay 

" Morton C credit mgr Albers Bros Milling 
Co r Bkly 

" N E hl895 Pacific av 

" N S h980 Bush 

" Norbert rl221 O'Parrell 

" Oleta B (wid A M) h2817 Lincoln way 

" Ord W with PT&TCo r Okld 

" Orville J (Hazell sten B&ORRCo h3233 Scott 

" Pauline smstrs Livingston Bros h901 Fell 

" Ray J printer h235 Surrey 

" Raymond r262D 20th 

" Roy (Alycej ins 1182 Market R306 h3342 

" Ruth (Hirsch & Arnold) r Hillsborough 

" Sada Mrs ladies clo 307 Sutter r Okld 

" Saml W (Eliz) slsmn h491 Frederick 

" Sid W hallmn SOCo rl544 Waller 

" Spencer elk Equitable Life Assur Soc r Bkly 

" Stanley D with Fred H Tibbetts rl087 

" Stuart slsmn Weinstein Co r50 Golden 
Gate av 

" Sybil sten Roy Arnold r Okld 

" Thos J printer Clitt Hotel r235 Surrey 
" W M restrwkr r649 Jones 

" Walter r819 Mission 

" Walter (Stella) chaul hl247 Green 

" Wilbur E (Mayme Pi elk SPCo h2378 33d av 

" Willard R teller Anglo-Calif Natl Bank 

r6102 Geary 
" Wm sta eng r227 4th 

ARNOLD WM H (Thelma) Asst V-Pres The 
Anglo California National Bank, h^SOl 
" Willis shtmtlwkr r870 Page 


" & Dunn (E I Dunn A H Arnold) gro 1400 

Arnolfo Jos gro 3530 20th r661 Mississippi 
Arnone Carmine F imptr 584 Washn 
Arnontou Saturna r251 9th 
Arnos Chris waiter r480 Ellis 
Arnot Eug N (Ethelyni eng Elec Stge & Bat- 
tery Co h75 Lunado way 
" Jas S archt Natl Park Service r Okld 
" John P (Hope Bi pkr hl200 15th av 
" Phihp H (Ruth I phys 490 Post R530 hl31 

Santa Ana ay 
Arnott David (Beatricel h47 Pilgrim ay 
" David (Martha) carp h388 Wilde av 
" Jas real est 1824 San Jose av 
" Jas (Matilda) ijas Arnott & Son) h711 

Allston way 
" Jas & Son (J A and Jas) bldg contrs 63S 

" Jas A (May) (Jas Arnott & Son) h2268 

16th av 
Arnoult Prances Mrs h379 Frederick 
Arnoux Hotel 545 Turk 
Arnovick Mary Mrs h263 Edinburgh 
Arnowitz Anna Mrs mgr Santa Cruz Apts 

rn02 McAllister 
" Saml (Anna) tailor hl702 McAllister 
" Vera bkpr Ahronheim & Co rl702 McAllister 
Arnquist Agnes nurse SPHosp 
Arns Max A (Arns & Arnsi r Ross 
ARNS & ARNS (Max A Arns) Life Insurance 
Analysts and Counsellors to Policy Holders 
and Brokers, 155 Sansome, Suite 714, Tel . 
SU tter 3838 
Arnsberg Ben] slsmn h750 O'Parrell 
Arnschey A r210 Ellis 
Arnsek Mark (Gertrude) h2734 20th 
Arnson Henry M (Grace El auto mech h630 

Arnst W P chf elk to supt AT&SFRy rS538 

Arnstein Adolph (Rosie) shoe repr 506 Gough 
" Alice (wid Walteri gifts 535 Sutter h22H 

" Cassie sten r2211 Washn 
" Hugo (Ermal h2370 Washn 
" Lawrence (Flora) pres Arnstein, Simon & 

Co h3660 Clay 
" Rlchd (Rosalie) slsmn D N & E Walter & 

Co h2211 Washn 
ARNSTEIN. SIMON & CO, Lawrence Arnstein 
Pres, Abraham Stein V-Fres, Jacques La- 
fitte Sec, Importers, Woolens and Trim- 
mings, 6th Floor Aronson Bldg, 86 Sd, Tel 
KE arny 467'i 
" Walter Mrs mem State Probation Committee 
Arnt Roscoe elk rl273 Golden Gate av 
Arntoft Anna elk Helmuth Petersen 
Arntsen Eleine (wid H A) h940 Post 
" Inga (wid Hans) r2751 Clay 
" Wm auto mech r940 Post 
Arntz Juhan P (Margt) hl927 Fulton 
" Robt W slsmgr Mohawk Carpet Mills Inc 

hl925 Jefferson 
Arntzen Agnes compt opr Libby McNeill & 

Libby r Okld 
" Kenneth V with Wm R Staats Co r Bkly 
Arny Richd rl023 Franklin 
Aro Chas r76 3d 
" Paul C r76 3d 
Aroise Apartments 1791 Pine 
Arollo Adrian (Frances) gro 4048 3d 
ARON, See also Aaron 
" A Leslie (Marie) slsmn h2324 Francisco 
" Belle Mrs apt mgr hl645 Filbert 
" Hans (Helen) hl571 11th av 
V-Pres, Coffee Importers and Jobbers, 141 
California, Tel DO uglas 7188 
" Jack C (Esther) slsmn h839 34th av 
" Jacob rectifier Keystone Distilling Corp 
" Maurice E (Belie) ins hl645 Filbert 
Arona Apartments 776 McAllister 
" Rooms 776 McAllister 

Aronab Products Co Henry Bonora mgr saus- 
age casings 580 Bryant 
Arone Elaine labeler r39a Cook 
" Mary L (wid Jos) h39 Cook 
Aronian Albt (Ahce) fruit dlr hl200 17th av 
AronofI Louis (Sarah) hll25 Webster 
" Sarah Mrs 2d hd gds 1508 Ellis rll25 

Aronscet John h434 10th av 
Aronsen Arth (Sigridi marine sury 311 Cam 

R508 h283 Mallorca way 
Aronson Abr (Nettie) real est 86 3d R804 

h2170 Pacific av 
" Arth cigars 2203 Polk rl485 Vallejo 
" Aug A (Anna B) electn hl312 Shrader 
" Benny stockmn r216 3d av 
" Building 86 3d 
" Chas S hl90 Funston av 
" Chester R aud Chas R McCormick Lbr Co 

r Okld 
" Danl ins 86 3d R804 hl370 Jackson 
" Danl jr rl870 Jackson 
" Ernest T (Jennie) hl031 Broderiek 
" Hedwig rll76 Vallejo 
" Hedwig Mrs rin6 Vallejo 
" Isabel M sten Crown Zellerbach Corp rlBO 

Funston av 
" Jacob (Nellie) lab h2818 San Jose av 





In 5^-Gallon Jugs for Parties, Picnics, and Home Use 
Kansas and Division Streets. 

Tel. MA rket 5663 


" Julius D slsmn Arth Aronson rmoa Golden 

Gate av 
" Leon (Rose) slsmn h40 Capra way 
" Marcus L (Eliz) elk SPCo hmo Golden 

Gate av 
" Marvin I slsmn Horsford Bros Co r Okld 
" Max (GertI tailor 101'= 3d h216 3d av 
" Robt (Alice! collr J J Brilliant h287 Avilla 
" Rose M slswn Livingston Bros r40 Capra 
" Ted r bkpr Tledemann & McMorran r Palo 

" Wm M (Josephine) elec supps 479 O'Farrell 

h495 10th av 
Aronstein Estelle h2001 Pierce 
Arotca Felice (Mary) Indywkr hl457 Mason 
Aroujo Geo compositor Marshall Adams Prtg 

Co rl970 Fell 
Arouxet Marie Indy r434 10th av 
Aroza Rafael (Justina) h762 Treat av 
Arp Chas W h2233 Larkin 
" Emerson rl62 Taylor 
" May apt mgr hl310 Turk 
" Paul pharm Owl Drug Co rl310 Turk 
" Pauline sten r771 14th av 
Arpadus Christian M (Domenlca) Indywkr 

h3656 nth 
" Julia bkpr r3656 17th 
Arpin Lizzie Mrs h823 Eddy 
" Melvin r823 Eddy 
Arps Amanda J Mrs r988 Bway 
" Rudolph G (Mabel) batteries 1000 Golden 

Gate av h647 Fell 
Arques Camello S barge bldr hl020 Lombard 
" Donald rl020 Lombard 
" Jas rl02O Lombard 
Arragon Louise Mrs hl53 Russ 
Arraille M J h2931 Buchanan 
Arran Apartments 285 Clara 
Arrancio Romelo (Theresa) gro 5214 Mission 
Arrarjo Eug Mrs Indywkr r519 44th av 
Arras Adam (Margti concrete contr 4008 18th 
" Adam (Emma) lab h435 London 
" Edith M elk r4008 18th 
" Ernest E r4008 18th 
" Geo (Louisa I carp hSl Montezuma 
" Geo jr (Barbarai concretewkr hll5D Van 

Ness av s 
" Henry auto mech hll52 .Van Ness av S 
" Margt E sten r4008 18th 
" P Wm (Margt) lab h3305 Army 
" Philip meatctr r81 Montezuma 
" Phillip (Elsie) meat ctr h781a Guerrero 
" Wm (Margti cementwkr h3301 Army 
" Wm H (Rose HI carp hl481 Dolores 
Arrasmith Don slsmn H S Crocker & Co r 

Palo 'Alto 
Arrati Maria Mrs rl953 Taylor 
Arratti Peter r402 Bway 
Arre Motto ranchhd rll2 Columbus av 
Arreberg Olaf driver r65 Bradford 
Arreger Leonard F elk SPCo r Fairfax 
ARREOLA. See also Arrlola 
" Danl r36 Loehr 
" Grace r36 Loehr 
" Lupe (wid Michli h414a Bryant 
" Salvador A barber rl730 Sutter 
" Santos J (SoledadI h36 Loehr 
Arribage Henry h401 Stelner 
Arribas Bessie sten r339 Brazil av 
" Escolastica Mrs r339 Brazil av 
Arribere Henry G (Mary) Indy 1977 Union 

hl979 do 
Arrlck Alita r562 Sutter 

" Donald S cash Atlas Paper Co h207 Gough 
" John R I Helen I elk Bank of Calif h75D 

Arrico D crew mgr S F Examiner r371 Turk 
Arrieu Peter (Mary) Indywkr h2417 Bryant 
Arrlghi Angelii:ia (wid Senesei r852 Union 
" Ann tel opr r427 Burk 

" Chas (Isabel) (Danvers Market) h4579 18th 
" Emil J (Mae Vi butcher h3028 Laguna 
" Guido (Renal plmbr hl43 Sickles av 
" Henry G (Gemmal pdlr h216 17th 
" Paris lab r303 Green 
" Peter (Erlnai auto mech hl949 Taylor 
" Vasco meatctr rl949 Taylor 
" Victor L (Kathleeni chauf hl562 Shatter av 
Arrlgo Jos pdlr h2066 Sutter 
Arrigoni Arth i Doris M) formn General Radio 

Co hnSa Hartford 
" Ben] (Antoinette 1 hl722 Greenwich 
" Ceasar (Lilliani (New Fair Oaks Mkt) h629 

" Edw A (Agnes I coml artist hl224 Cole 
" Glno (Elsai (Henry's Fashion Restr) h2445 

" Hugo canner h242 Hartford 
" Hugo (Charlottei sound techn rl41 Eureka 
" Hugo jr servicemn rl41 Eureka 
" Lena bkpr r242 Hartford 
" Matthew (DenisI (Milano Sausage Mtg Co) 

hl736 Grant av 
" Peter waiter rl717 Mason 
" Torrello (Coral elev opr hl664 Mason 
Arrigorn Edw A artist Whitney Bros rl224 

Arrlgotti Anthony (Augustine i pntr hl400 

Shafter av 
" Antone Jan hll45 Pacific 
" Henry baker r540 Greenwich 
" Lewis (Angela) tailor h540 Greenwich 
" Theresa elk rll45 Pacific 

ArriUaga Eug slsmn r233 Presidio av 

" Leo (Rosalie) city frt agt Santa Fe h233 
Presidio av 

Arrington P D Mrs hl485 Waller 

" Gertrude Mrs h2441 Post 

" J Ray (Florencei bkpr Anchor Post Fence 
Co hl401 Chestnut 

" Nicholas T (Louella) h6210 Geary blvd 

" Wm E (Gladys) Jan Pub Sch h714 25th av 

ARRIOLA. See also Arreola 

" Alf (Margt) supvr of music Mun Ry h554 
3d av 

" Anna M r764 North Point 

" Ben] (Nellie) shopmn hU48 Washn 

" Pedro V Jan h526 Ellis 

" Violet Mrs h467 11th av 

Arripe Edw G tmstr r721 Geary 

" Ernest L stevedore r721 Geary 

" Peter (Christine) apt mgr h721 Geary 

Arris Florence Mrs sec Herbt Choynskl r2489 
19th av 

Arrobblo Edith L elk SPCo r Okld 

Arroll Albt J elk h540 Leavenworth 

ARROW GARAGE (Harry J Daniels). Service 
and Courtesy Assured, 1701 Sutter, Tel 
WA Inut 0802 

" Hart & Hegman Electric Co S B Gregory 
mgr 617 Howard 

ARROW OIL CO. Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, For- 
eign Bunkering, 2 Pine, Tel SU iter 3700 

" Radio Service O C Moon mgr 4350 Calif 

Arrowsmith Beauty Salon (Edith and Vina 
Arrowsmithi 669 O'Farrell 

" Cecilia slswn Weinstein Co r444 Ellington av 

" E Bert office mgr Lincoln Elec Co r San 

" Edith (Arrowsmith Beauty Salon) rll98 Ellis 

" Floyd R (Cecelia) brkmn h444 Ellington av 

" Saml r957 Mission 

" Thos G I Florida I sis mgr Ruud Heater Co 
h2459 Larkin 

" Vina (Arrowsmith Beauty Salon) rl490 

Arroy Julia mlnr rl44 Pine 

Arrovo Alex (Marvl auto pntr hl083 Noe 

" Alice dancing tchr 5745 Geary blvd 

" Carlos auto pntr Jack Ranis 

" Jos P (Eugenia) chemist Haas Bros h519 
44th av 

" Louis (Sophie) restrwkr hll37 Mendell 

" Louis H (Lottie) printer Bowles Printing 
Corp r442 Linden 

" Manuel (Isabelle) restrwkr h77 Pomona 

" Manuel shoe repr 4427 Calif 

" Rafael emp F J Grimlev 

" Seco Gold Dredging Co W W Johnson pres 
351 Calif H910 

Arruda Wm r740 Bway 

Arsanis Abr Jan hll04 Fulton 

" Eshu h26'2 Chenery 

" Jacob B (Gozali Jan hl431 Steiner 

" Judith nurse r26>'2 Chenery 

" Katie elk rll04 Fulton 

" Robt elk rl'D4 Pulton 

" Sadie Mrs pillow mkr r629 Arguello blvd 

Arsanora Sara smstrs r2248 Bush 

Arsenau O A compliance ofttcer Natl Recovery 
Administration r Okld 

Arsenault Edw J (Hildegarde) butcher hl827 

" Edw R butcher rl827 Ingalls 

" Stanlev G elk rl827 Ingalls 

Arseneault Frank hl329 Laguna 

Arsenio Eva smstrs O'Connor Moffatt & Co 
h765 Geary 

" Lillian rl425 Taylor 

Arslan E M hl74 Russ 

Arsneau Alice Mrs h845 Pine 

Art Beauty Shop Larisse Lushnikoft mgr 691 
14th St 

(W F and H F Graff) Metal Spinners, 
Sheet Metal Works. Bronze Tablets. Rail- 
ings and Grills, Metal Drawlne, Polishing 
and Platine, 37 and 53 Shipley, Tel 
KE amy 8260 

" Center Gallery Mrs Harriet Whedon dlr 730 

" Floral Co (Pelicano-Rossl Floral Co) 247 

" H W elk r88 6th 

" John pntr r2447 Sutter 

" M h2Q Monroe 

O W Berber Pres, M R Finley V-Pres. P D 
Bentlev Treas. Manufacturingr and Repair- 
ing, industrial Dies. Metal Stamping, 
Brass, Aluminum, Machine Work, Gold, 
Silver, Chromium Plating, S4 Page, Tel 
HE miock .i!)13 

" Press Co The (T P Shufelton W C Tuckett) 
printers 418 Turk 

" Rattan Works Inc J F Preltas mgr furn 422 

" Students League of San Francisco R S 
Strong dir 655 Commercial 2d fi 

" Thos (Lilliani dipper h2508V2 Bush 

McGowan, Oscar A Anderson) Contractors 
and Dealers in Tile of Every Description, 
221 Oak, Tels HE mlock 0616 and 0647 

" Vera tchr r2508',i Bush 

" Wun (New President Cafe) h860 Kearny 

H Heins) Ignition, Specialists, VolcanizinK 
and Repairing, New and Used Tires, 4122 
Geary Blvd, Tel SK yline 9192 

Arts & Crafts Building 500 Howard 

Artal Albt iRaphealai exp hl056 Pacific 

" Chas expmn rl056 Pacific 

" Louis h835 Pine 

" Saml elk rl056 Pacific 

Artau Wm (Susie) lab hl318 Egbert av 

Artavia Jos servicemn r517 Webster 

Artaxet Victor (Louise) gro 1355 Washn h95» 

Arteath Philip restr 169 Jessie rl81 do 

Artegianl Frank sausagemkr rl325 Stockton 

Artellan Alphonse W (Elizl paperhngr hl2«3 
21st av 

" Alphonse W Jr elk rl263 21st av 

Artemis Circle No 120 Companions of the 
Forest 3009 16th 

Artemofl Jack Jan hl377 Ellis 

Artemus Thos T (Helen I Jan r2508'/2 Bush 

Arter D Gordon elk rl530 Green 

" Harold R I Sara I chf elk Pac Fruit Exp Co 
h2112 Santiago 

" Nina G Mrs hl530 Green 

■' Norman C elk rl530 Green 

Arterer Norman (Arlene) h224 Camlno Del 

Arteru Irma hl22D Pacific 

Artes Chas sackmkr r876 Harrison 

" Sarah hskpr 1100 Union 

Arteseros Jas (Josephine) barber h463'/4 San- 

" Jas L (Helen) circ dlv mgr Call-Bulletin Pub 
Co h232 Howth 

" John r463''2 Sanchez 

" Josephine M sten r463V2 Sanchez 

" Lawrence J ( Dixie i circ div mgr Call-Bul- 
letin Pub Co h260 San Jose av 

" Theo h379a Clementina 

Arth Helmuth W (Theresa) bkpr r54 Wood- 
land av 

" Kath Mrs rl07 Belvedere 

" Theresa sten P R Ruben r54 Woodland av 

Arthur Apartments 691 Post 

" Chas (Amelia I barber hl449 Washn 

" Chester h620 Post 

" Corrie L aud USIntRev r Burllngame 

" Doris W compt opr I Magnin & Co r226 
Parnassus av 

•' Earl E (Fern M) dist rep Weyerhauser Sales 
Co h350 Dorantes av 

" Edna Mrs rl357 Clay 

" Edw flremn PG&ECo r Okld 

" Ethel G sten Klnnear Mfg Co r226 Par- 
nassus av , ,^.„ 

" Frank E (Helen) (Arthur & Johnson) h315 

" Fred S lab rl475 Quesada av 

" Gertrude (wid Chas) hl74 22d av 

" H hl080 Eddy 

" Ida hl863a Ellis 

" Jack H (Viola Ml slsmn h696 Fulton 

" Jennie h770 Pine 

" John B elk UOCo r Burlingame 

" John H serv sta opr r226 Parnassus av 

" Kenneth (Frances I acct hl295 I5th av 

" Laverna Mrs hl501 Leavenworth 

" Luvena Mrs tel opr h920 Leavenworth 

" Mary (wid Andwi rll85 Pine 

" Mary J (wid L J) hl230 Arguello blvd 

" Minnie (wid Sidney) hl475 Quesada av 

" Noel bkpr G R Barth r San Mateo 

" Orla carp rl242a 2d av 

" Philip J radio repr rl475 Quesada av 

" Robt (Bertha Ml acct h226 Parnassus av 

" Robt M (Gladys) mgr Marcus-Lesolne Inc 
hl5 Herman 

" RoUa W acct SOCo r San Mateo 

" Sarah E (wid Chas) hl242a 2d av 

" Susan typist SPCo hll85 Pine 

" T G rl79 Jessie 

" Watkins Apartments 55 Hermann 

" & Johnson (P E Arthur Aug Johnson) gro 
2680 22d , , . 

Arthurs Eliz Mrs phys 490 Post R1252 h570 
Camino del Mar 

" John T sugarwkr Westn Sug Ref r Brisbane 

Articary Arth musician r4042 18th 

Artichoke Farm Sales Assn (E J CassinelU 
Giovanni Petrocchi Assuero Lucchesl) 240 

Artieres Louis A mdse mgr O'Connor Monatt 
& Co hH25 Taylor 

Artificial Flower Shop (Myrtle M and Anne 
L Levy) 347 Geary 

Artlga Rlchd A (Mercedes) bkpr Gantner & 
Mattern Co hl35 Hearst av 

Artigalas Prank (Nelliei driver hll5 Clipper 

" Nellie drsmkr 1350 Church rll5 Clipper 

Artigianl Edw (Mary) h465 Union 

" Jos hl324 Kearny 

Artigue J Louis (Abby P) sign pntr 1059 Mis- 
sion hl740 Lyon 

" Jas N (Helen El sign electn h278 Fair Oaks 

■' Waldo L elk rl740 Lyon 

Artigues Achille L music tchr h225 21st av 

" John L (Violettel supt Bayle Lacoste & Co 
hlOOl Portola dr 

" Jos C (Mildred) chauf h39 Cordova 

" Louise M (wici Mariusi h914 Lake 

" Nellie (Wid Chas) h275 Claremont blvd 

" Paul M mot plct opr r376 Claremont blvd 


Royal-Liverpool Groups for Security and Service 

Roynl Insurnncc Company. Ltd. 

Qiit-rn Insurnncc Compiiny of America 

Tlu- Ncwiirk Plrc In.surnnce Company 

American *: KorelBn Insiurnncc Company 

Capital Plre Insurance Company of Calif 

Liverpool & London * Globe Ins. Co., Ltd. 

(See Page 1726) 

Star Insurance Company of America 
Federal Union Insurance Company 

Ray Decker, Manager Pacific Department 

201 Sansome St., San Francisco 

Phone DO uglas 5855 

ArtlniK rnblo cigars 101 Cloy rl39 Drumm 
Artlnl Snbatino lab Monte Carlo Wine Co 
Artlnlan Armen iMargtl clo clnr 647 Hyde 

h246 Dlvlsadcro 
" Geo h381 Clementina 
Artls Beverly W iLoulsei billiards h2399 Fol- 

Artist Tailors (R I and L A Levy) 755 Mar- 
ket 3d fl 
Artist's League of San Francisco 507 Montgy 

3d tl 
Artiste Cafe (Tony Pappas Jas Collins) 436 

Artistic Plant Preserving Co T H Segall pres 

3125 Bush 
Artists Building 535 Sacto 
" and Writers Union 325 Kearny 
Artol Saml (Auroral tmstr h666 Preclta av 
Artot Mnrle (wld Augi hl600 Waller 
Artoue Geo chauf li2203 Broderlck 
Artoux Emll Indywkr hl813 Baker 
" Gaston (Irma) chauf hl279 McAllister 
" Gaston A mgr Santa Pe Hotel h684 Polsom 
" Geo C jr elk Bank of Am r2203 Broderlck 
" Jules {Helen) mgr St Thomas Apts h524 

" Lezln (Clemence) slsmn hl806 Larkin 
" Lucien lab rl813 Baker 
" Yvonne sten rl806 Larkin 
Artra Pump Co IR W and R H Campbell E V 

Sackett Jack Stranglandi 75 Fremont R12 
Artru .'Voartments 1220 Pacific 
" Camille H (Helen! sec C J Hendry h24I5 

Lincoln way 
" Eug A r2415 Lincoln way 
" Henrv shlpsmlth r2415 Lincoln way 
Artunoff Leon lOeassa) gro 2176a Sutter 
Arturo Peter J lElda) elk h530 Moultrie 
" Polettl sprtngmkr rl629 Grant av 
Artus Fredk J elk Crocker First Natl Bank 

r Bkly 
" John mach Cyclops Iron Wks r Bkly 
Artusio Jos (Genevieve) lab hl875 Lombard 
" Lucile M waiter rl875 Lombard 
Artvogue Neckwear Co (Irving and Saml 

Levini 552 Mission R209 
Artz Ethyl Mrs rl392 Punston av 
" Wesley wellwkr rll40 Howard 
Arundel Ethel adv solr Call-Bulletin Pub Co 

r675 O'Parrell 
" J rl75 6th 

Arundell Apartments 526 Ellis 
Arustos Nahtan r236 3d 

Arvalez Francisco (Angela) lab h245iya Har- 
Arvan Geo elk hll44 Larkin 
Arvanites Dennis (Geary-Larkin Grocery) r549 

" Gust elk Gearv-Larkin Grocery 
Arvanltis Theo (Versailles Grill) r684 ElUs 
" Theo cook r68 6th 

Arvant Steph cook K Rebel r2342 Clement 
Arvedl Edw j (Grace) elk Bank of Am h74 

Cervantes blvd 
" Robt r3236 Baker 
" Rose (wid Italo) h3236 Baker 
Arvesen Jennie G Mrs maid h633 Irving 
Arvezia Frisco news vendor rl46 8th 
Arvidson Alvin B (Delia) h445 38th av 
" Ajtel (Ellen) h4945 Calif 
Arvie John P orn sculptor h210 Church 
" Mary E slswn r210 Church 
Arvigi Mary (wid Jos) rll42 Van Ness av S 
" Sidney A (Frances) Ins agt hll42 Van Ness 

av S 
Arvigo Steph car repr rl38 Arleta av 
Arvjs Nicholas (Carmella) mgr Goodfellow's 

Coffee Shop rl353 Scott 
Arvizu Armando R cook 2130 Leavenworth 
Arvo Aarne lab r73 Mansfield 
" Amil E (Hilja) stevedore h73 Mansfield 
Arvonen Alfd E lab r3284 Mission 
" Ann elk rl42 Curtis 
" Doris M Mrs smstrs h800 San Jose av 
" Geo (Anna) stevedore hl42 Curtis 
" Geo P dentist 3284 Mission 
" Ina (wid Isaac) r3284 Mission 
Ary Preston (Molly B) lab rl650 Ellis 
Arzac Danl N (Davies Arzac & Co) r709 11th 

Arzaga Manuela J (wld Jos) r69 Joost av 
Arzalem Pausteno hsboy 2728 Union 
Arzave Esther R h709 11th av 
" John A (Beatrice) chauf h783 Castro 
Arzberger Jos slsmn rl70 Diamond 
Arzegovich Anna smstrs rl423 17th 
" Eug (Teresa) sta flremn hl423 17th 
" Geo prsmn rl423 17th 
Arzie Wendel K (Mazie) butcher r4991 Tru- 

Asabel Agnes elk r64 Delano 
Asadon Eustaquio restrwkr r242 Myrtle 
" Permln restr wkr h242 Myrtle 
Asakawa Kazuo purch agt NYK Line r Bkly 
Asakuma Prank restr wkr hl647 Post 
Asakura Prances bkkpr Masajiro Sugowa rl425 

" Riku barber 1521 Geary hl425 Baker 
Asano Kohei collr Japanese Am News Pub Co 

r522 Hemlock 
" Mark (Kaka) h69 Blake 
" Shlchinosuke editor Japanese Am News Pub 
Co h3060 Calif 

A.sanovlch Chas M restr 1543 Market r20 12th 

" Mitchel (Mclva) cook h3933 24th 

Asaro Angelina Mrs h411 Edinburgh 

" Angolo (Leona) tCompagno Sz, Asaro) hl439 

lath av 
" Antono (Edith) elk Compagno & Asaro h755 

28th av 
" Ben) (Mamie) h265 18th ov 
" Jerome (Angelina) chicken picker hll88 

Palou av 
" Jos (Lena) elk Compagno & Asaro hl363 

18th av 
" Maria (wid Ben) r755 28th av 
" Nicholas (Sophie) lab hll86 Palou av 
" Philip Jan rlI39 Market 
" Victor (Josephine) lab h2010 18th av 
" Viola r265 18th av 
Asay Edw (Madeline) elk h265 Pell 
" Le Roy A bkpr Pisco Punch Ltd r662a 4th 

Asbach Jos E elk SOCo r Ala 
Asberg Effle hSOO Leavenworth 
Asbestos Co of California P L Keser mgr 1184 

" Contractors' National Assn R M Scott mgr 

21G Pine R312 
" Gus restrwkr Nick Landls 
Asbill Charlotte h951 Eddy 
" Prank P mtrmn h876 Halght 
Astaorno Geo B (Lucille) hl666 Palou av 
A.sbury A Mrs h5S5 Clayton 
" Archie T r939 Mission 
" Luther S elk rl834 Sutter 
"ME Church Rev R C Stahl pastor 4301 

Gearv blvd 
" Roy ■W (Cleo M) USA h220 Baker 
" Wesley D (Mary K) musician hl90 Alham- 

Ascani Louise S emp Cudahy Pkg Co rl444 

Ascariz Ferdinand (Angelina) lab hl61 Morris 
Ascello Chas prsmn The Mission Press rn07y2 

Rhode Island 
Ascension Ralph r539 Vallejo 
Asch Alice C Mrs hl990 Beach 
" Edith M elk r745 Halght 
" Fred H (Flossie) slsmn h2508 Lake 
" Fredk J bkpr rl990 Beach 
" Jeannette sten Norwich Union Fire Ins Soc 

h78 Buchanan 
" Louise R compt opr rl990 Beach 
" Marv hl637 Clay 

" Melville (Tillie) slsmn h2336 3()th av • 
" Paul^ r78 Buchanan 
" Robt elk SPCo r2336 30th av 
Asche F L sec Lohmann & Nowell 
Aschen Virgil (Sarah) lab h934 Union 
Ascher Abe (Edith I) slsmn h206 Grattan 
" Albt (Mary) pharm h844 Cabrillo 
" Edw elk r415 O'Parrell 
" Florence I Mrs mgr Hillvlew Apts h2085 

" G mtrmn Mun Rv r65 Duncan 
" Morris h2486 Washn 

Asrhero Albt J (Theresa) bottler h825 Filbert 
" Guide (Adele) marmn h65 Duncan 
Aschman P r246 Mason 
" Prank F gro 3004 San Bruno av 
" Ludwig J (Frieda) eng City Parks Dept 

hl23 Winding wav 
" Wm S USN r2562 27th av 
ASCHIWANN, See also Aschman 
" Arth P (Aschmann Bros) r3000 San Bruno 

" Bros (A F and H M) hdw 3026 San Bruno av 
" Fred plmbr r835 Bush 
" Henry M (Aschmann Bros).r3000 San Bruno 

" Wm (Eliz) eng h25S2 27th av 
Aschoff Anthonv J (Elka) h218 Juanlta way 
" Leo (Pearl) hl813 Fillmore 
Aschwanden Jos hl235"2 York 
" Leo electn r267 Collingwood 
" Michl G (Anna) glazier h267 Collingwood 
Ascida Thos (Amelia) cook r940 Jackson 
Ascmekf* John cook r3286 Mission 
Asdrubale Perdinando (Josephine) tailor h2no 

Aseiutto Jos (Antoinette) flshermn h2708 Hyde 
Asencio Pasquel shoeshiner rl935 Excelsior 
Asensio Edw (Nilda) waiter h4187 26th 
Asension Prank h539 Vallejo 
Asereto Angelo (Somerset Nursery) rSOO Som- 
Asersky Alex M (Lillian) slsmn O'Connor Mof- 

latt & Co h695 35th av 
Asfragous Julia elk r3656 17th 
ASH, See also Asch and Ashe 
" Amelia slswn Mrs A M Gary r565 Pierce 
" Archie h2195 Sacto 

" Chas S (Cora) pres Am Tansul Co and Ta- 
hiti Joint Venture and Chemist Calif Pkg 
Corp h210O Green 
" Cyril R (Henrietta) asst br mgr Gllmore Oil 

Co rl26 Ashton av 
" E K Mrs rWilliam Taylor Hotel 
" Edna (wid W H) r206 Golden Gate av 
" Prancinia H rl706 Baker 
" Prank E wtchmn State Bd Harbor Comrs 

r478 44th 
" Gertrude sten Wells-Pargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co r2195 Sacto 
" Gwendolen M rl4 6th av 


" Henrietta elk r507 Cordova 
" Herbt W (Helen LI apt mgr h450 Ellis 
ASH J L & CO INC. ,Ias L Ash Pres. G C 
Altrcy V-Prcs and Trcas, Louise M Sulli- 
van Sec, Dealers in Wall Paper and Paint, 
lUf,i Mission, Tcls IVIA rket 0GC5, 0C66 and 

" Jas stdt nurse St Joseph's Hosp 

" Jas E USA h3993 Washn 

" Jas L (Sara) pres J L Ash & Co hl73 Ken- 
sington way 

" Julian S elk Federal Outfitting Co r405 

" La Mctta K r405 Taylor 

" Lon P (Peggv) chauf hl817 Lyon 

" Milton (Elizabeth) hl668 10th av 

" Peggy tel opr rl817 Lvon 

" Percy W (Mary G) hl4 6th av 

" Rachel L phys 490 Post R1130 hl60 Dor- 
chester way 

" Robt (Ruth I mech r282a Guerrero 

" Snml lab r293 San Carlos 

" SIgna r3993 Wa.shn 

" Walter (Virginia) carp h229 11th av 

" Wesley O (Nelle) exec asst Natl Recovery 
Administration h63 20th av 

" Wm hl201 Greeenwich 

A.shbaugh Bella (wid Geo) rl440 Sutter 

Ashbee Jos L (Emma I) hl232 Morse 

Ashbev Mel slsmn r340 O'Parrell 

Ashbrbok Howell J (Cath) slsmn r901 Powell 

" Kath Mrs waiter rl035 Bush 

Ashburn Bertha Mrs r2423 Sutter 

" Esther biller rl06 Sanchez 

" Robt T hl06 Sanchez 

Ashburner Ralph sec Castro Valley Ranch 

" Violet r2312 Webster 

" Violet sten Stanford Univ Hosp rl400 Washn 

Ashbury Apartments 609 Ashbury 

" Harry (Lucy E) inspr U S Customs h273 
Joost av 

" Heights Advance Inc Irving Townsend pres 
A L Bentley mgr printers 1672 Halght 

Ashby Chester B (Violet) barber h741 An- 

" David M hl082 Union 

"EG office Westn Construction News r Ala 

" Frances L (Marcelle) (Natl Ornamental 
Iron & Bronze Co) h53 Marston av 

" Geo rl565 Kirkwood av 

" Gertrude h515 Russia av 

" HoUis R (Aimee I) elk MSRy Co h728 9th 

" Inis ofc sec B J Older & Co h775 Geary 

" Rov elk rl850 21st av 

" Shirley dentist 209 Post R1204 r Okld 

" Thelma comptr opr rl850 21st av 

" Thos r432 Geary 

ASHBY THOMAS, Attorney-at-Law, 315 Mont- 
gomery R721. Tel DO aglas 15»0, r Berkeley 

" Thos L (Rebecca) slsmn h53 Marston av 

" Viola N (wld L D) h410 Webster 

" Walter H mach rl565 Kirkwood av 

" Wm C (Ruby) hl880 Jackson 

" Wm S (Hilda M) mech hl850 21st av 

Ashcraft Alta sten Stark-Rath Printing & 
Pub Co hl690 Filbert 

" Frances B elk SPCo r Okld 

" Josephine T elk r3474 17th 

" Neal (Josephine) cooper Calif Barrel Co 
h3474 17th 

" Robt B elk SPCo r Okld 

Ashcroft Jas driver Consumers Compressed 
Yeast Co r3232 21st 

" Jerry h3232 21st 

" Julia (wid James) h980 Bush 

" R R r321 Fulton 

ASHE, See also Asch and Ash 

" Cath maid ■r663'/2 San Jose av 

" Cath Mrs nurse rl619 Dolores 

"EH h2315 Sacto 

" Prances sten Sausalito-Mill Valley Exp r350 

ASHE FRANCIS L (Mary I) Lawyer, BSD 
Montgomery. Tel DO uglas 5733, h3514 
Lake, Tel SK yline 8527 

" Helen Mrs tchr r622 26th av 

" John P teller Crocker First Natl Bank r 

" Lawrence M slsmn E A Steele r20 Lunado 

" Margt r22 Hancock 

" Margt Mrs mgr Seven Forty Five Sutter 
Apts h746 Sutter 

" Park S (Bridget) lab h663'/2 San Jose av 

" Patk (Cath) lab hl619 Dolores 

" Percival L (Jeanne N) h20 Lunado way 

" Randolph C (Margt) slsmn h745 Sutter 

" Thos A (Hazel) dep registrar Dept of Elec- 
tions h550 Judson 

Ashell Solomon dry goods 1906 Fillmore r950 
McAllister , „ , 

Asher Albt (Jean) (Albt Asher Co) hll2 Jor- 
dan av 

" Albt drugs 700 10th r844 Cabrillo 

ASHER ALBERT CO (Albert A.sher) Wholesale 
California Dried Fruits, 240 Drumm cor 
Merchant, Tel EX brook 6745 

" Arth R (Alice) slsmn Livingston Bros hT4 

" Chas formn H L Dahneke 

" Chas D h853 Halght 


If Charlotte (wld Jacob) h5809 Calif 

" Danl (Minnie) lab 1)957 Pell 

" Donald K clli r932 Cabrillo 

" Ernest F acct Sanborn Map Co r2240 North 

» Geo R (Suzu) staty 1211 Sutter rl53« Web- 
" Grant W asst aud Hammond Lbr Co rl434 

>' Harold r5809 Calif 
" Harrison J (Doris) chiropodist 291 Geary 

R614 h2160 Pell 
" Isaac slsmn Sterling Furn Co r444 12th av 
" Isadore r302 Silver av 
" Jacob C h2390 Calif 
II John R aud State Div of Corporations r 

" Joy W Mrs sten Assoc Oil Co r2240 North 

" Louis (Mariel cli: hl40 Eureka 
" Maude C sten Western Sugar Refinery r 

" Maurice (Esther) sec Pac Coast Dry Dock 

Assn h650 29th av 
II Max A (Lillian) (Asher & Thomas) h932 

ASHER METAL CO <Wm Asher, C A Wester- 
feld). Solder, Babbitt, Type, Foundry and 
Scrap Metals, 755 Brannan, Tel HE mlock 
" Minnie (wld C L) h2165 Larkin 
" Rachel elk h205 16th av 
" Rose r5809 Calif 

II Ruth H slswn Livingston Bros r205 16th av 
" Wm (Gladys F) (Asher Metal Col h516 

39th av 
" Wm radios 2804 Mission r5809 Calif 
" Wm slsmn Lundstrom Hat Co rl499 Sutter 
." & Thomas (M K Asher J A Thomas) cigars 
21 'd and 149 New Montgy and liquor 371 
Asheta rrank hl241 Bush 
Ashford Anna Mrs delicatessen 2246 Polk 
" Anna P (wid W Ji h2033 Leavenworth 
" Jas E cooper r3014 Buchanan 
" Jas E ]r seamn r3014 Buchanan 
" Jas P (Minnie) hl360 Green 
" Sidney h722 Tavlor 
" Snowden r220 Golden Gate av 
" V hl845 Mission 
" Wm A (Nettle) hl360 Green 
Ashlon Harrv (Helen) acct h580 5th av 
." Harry P hl005 Hvde 

" Hazel F tynist Veterans' Administration Fa- 
cility hl082 Union 
Ashizawa Geo (Suyu) hl536 Webster 
" M (Naka) hdw 1883 Post 
" Susumu (Matsukor) mgr Sumitomo Bank 

h2310 Washn 
ishjian Eurka hl542 Jackson 
" Jessica beauty shop 177 Post B438 rl542 

'' Jos elk rl542 Jackson 
■' Richd rl542 Union 
\shkenaze Walter D traf mgr L H Butcher Co 

h2655 Pine 
ishkins Nathan (Clara) h2245 Beach 
\shland Clayton R cash Whitney Bros rl036 

' Louis E (Selma S) mariner h2026 10th av 
Uhley Chas P (Bernlce) grinder r29 Lapldge 
ISHT.ET CHAS H (Ellen M) Prcs Ashley & 
McMnllen Inc, h45 Sutro Heights Av, Tel 
SK yline 6067 
' Chester C eng Shell oil Co r Redwood City 
' Dexter C (Annie E) elk hl07 12th av 
' Ellz B (wid H M) hl901 Pierce 

■ Ernest elk rl368 Geary 

' Eva M (wld J W) h763 Pine 

' Pern Mrs r378 Oak 

' G Frederic archt 525 Market R421 

■ Geo H (Amy M) hl06 Edna 

ISHLEY GUT E (Rose B) Sec Ashley & 
McMnli-n Inc, h3674 FiUmore, Tel WA 1- 
nut 5930 

■ H lab rl06 Edna 

■ Harry L (Theresa W) r2834 Baker 

■ Hllas C drjtsmn Hammond Lbr Co r Bkly 

■ Jackson B (Sophie) slsmgr Coffln-Redington 

Co hl425 Taylor 
Julian (Anna) lab h587 Van Ness av S 

■ Lillian sten r2665 Pine 

' Llllle G (wid G W) r73 Hazelwood av 

■ Mabel (wid DeLoss) r2862 Golden Gate av 

■ Martha A Mrs tchr Sarah Dix Hamlin Sch 

r Sausallto 
Owen (Vlrgie) chauf hl334 5th av 
Peter R Mrs h2330 Larkin 
Rea E (Drucllla) phys 384 Post R614 hl6 

5th av 
Robt E bkpr ABC Cigar Co rl07 12th av 
Steve cook r39 Isis 
Waldo rl96e Pacific av 
Wesley auto mech r906 McAllister 
Wm D slsmn rl07 12th av 

Pres, G E Ashley Sec, Funeral Directors, 

383-399 6th av cor Geary Blvd, Tel SK y- 

line »l«3 
shlock Chas asst eng Protestant Episcopal 

Old Ladies' Home r2770 Lombard 
Geo W eng King Sales & Eng Co r Okld 
Louis (Josephine) reporter Assoc Press r2449 

SHMAN, See also Aschmann 
Carl (Helen) carp h662a Valencia 
Clara elk r662a Valencia 
Edith elk r662a Valencia 
Elmer (Cyrillai elk r4080 18th 
Frank T (Eliz) carrier p O h2279 25th av 
Henry E editor Pac Pub Corp r Bkly 
John H elk r2279 25th av 
Louise r662a Valencia 
Helta sten r662a Valencia 



" Rose Mrs drsmkr hl2G9 Eddy 

" Wm H (Lulu) cash SPCo hl830 Beach 

" Wm K (Ada M) port steward Robt Dollar 
Co r2525 Larkin 

Ashmore Alice Mrs maid 245 Marina blvd 

" Geo lab r262 Natoma 

" Jas M mtrmn Mun Ry hl285 3d av 

Ashmun Henry E sec Pacific Publishing Corp 
r Bkly 

Ashner Jack B (Eva) slsmgr Arth R Llnd- 
burg Co r3770 Fillmore 

Ashokananda Swami pastor Hindu Temple 
r2963 Webster 

Ashnole Lester I slsmn h21 Clayton 

ASHTON. See also Aston 

" Abr r410 Peninsula av 

" Albt R USA r Fort Mason 

" Anna mgr Nicholas Hotel h22 Turk 

" Bruce M Mrs agt Conn Genl Life Ins Co 
r3559 Jackson 

" Chas A (Louise) mach hl422 Bayshore blvd 

" Eliz H asst nurse schl officer St Luke's Hosp 

" Eliz M (wid G F) h304 Walnut 

" Frances bkpr hl270 Pine 

" Frank electn r410 Peninsula av 

" Gerard slsmn Victory Washer Co r509 Cen- 
tral av 

" Gladys r509 Central av 

" Helen M sec Masten & Hurd and sec Calif 
Council for Protection of Roadside Beauty 

" Jasper (Agnesl h509 Central av 

" Jos r410 Peninsula av 

" Mary rl422 Bay Shore blvd 

" Mary E (wid A) h410 Peninsula av 

" Paul carrier r509 Central av 

" Raymond (Ann) slsmn John Hancock Mut 
Life Ins Co hll2 Greenwich ter 

" Robt H elk U S Customs r532b Clipper 

" Roland H (Edna) elk h532b Clipper 

" Vahe A dentist 516 Sutter R704 r509 Cen- 
tral av 

" W cht eng U S El Aquario r2455 26th av 

" Wm wtchmn r290 Holladay 

" Wm D elk rl527 Valencia 

•' Wm H (Mignoni sta eng h290 Holladay av 

" Wm J hl527 Valencia 

" Wm J slsmn GECo r Pied 

Ashuchlan Edw S (Irene) elk rID21 Cabrillo 

" Haig S dental labty hl021 Cabrillo 

Ashwell Helen C Mrs C S pract 133 Geary 
R701 r999 Bush 

" Thos C (Eliz) hU26 Bush 
Ashworth E B rl624 Octavia 

" Eva L sten U S Customs hl300 Sacto 

" Flora E Mrs artist rSll Hoffman av 

" Prank r44 3d 

" Fred D (Flora E) dentist 311 Hoffman av 

" Herbt (Mollie) maintenance mn Wells- 
Fargo Bank & Union Tr Co h47 Paulding 
" Katli Mrs h41 Leese' 

" Marguerite office sec Hooker & Lent h665 

" May r47 Paulding 
" Sally B Indywkr rl365 Eddy 
Asia Commercial Co art gds 766 Commercial 
" Hotel 635 Calif 
" Fool Parlor 614 Jackson 
Asiatic East Co Ltd steamships 3d and 

Asimakopoulos Gus (Dimitrula) mtrmn h355 

AsimoDOUlos Geo barber r607 Clayton 
Asinoff David M (Rosaliei elk hl701 Turk 
Askeland Ranveig maid 2461 Gough 
Askenasy Alex mgr Envelope Corp r San Mateo 
Askew Wm D (Cath) (B & R Smoke Shop) 

h295 Tocoloma av 
Askey Geo (Ann) carp hl242 3d av 
" Vernon elk rl242 3d av 
Askins John J slsmn Neal Stratford & Kerr 

r Ala 
Askwe W A r734 Ashbury 
Aslanian Aram A clo prsr rl640 Baker 
" Lee auto mech Ernest Ingold Inc r San 

" Ritchie tailor rl640 Baker 
Asman Geo E h734 Bush 
Asmer Elias baker Oswald Schubert 
Asmus Ernest A r964 Eddy 
" Margt L with Gladding, McBean & Co 

r675 35th av 
" Mattie (wid Theo) h675 35th av 
Asmussen Alfd A (Benitia) plmbr 219 Cort- 
land av 
" Alfd A Jr chauf r219 Cortland av 
" Ann C h626 33d av 
" Anna slswn r219 Cortland av 
" Cath (wid W P) h321 Richland av 
" Cath J (wld Wm P) h422 Haves 
" Dorothea tie shop 210 Post R922 r Larkspur 
" Elmer P r219 Cortland av 
" Elwood r219 Cortland av 
" Felton driver r219 Cortland 
" Fred W (Edna) gro 498 Castro h535 La- 

guna Honda blvd 
" Geo J (Idell) sec United Undertakers hl577 

34th av 
" Mathew F (Anne J) pres Sterling Lndy Co 

h35 Poloma av 
" Norval C chauf r219 Cortland av 
" Thelma P r219 Cortland av 
" Wm F (Hazel) mfg jwlr 210 Post R1104 

hl630 Clement 
" Wm W (Inez) wrapper h609 Cortland av 
Asnard Jos (Louise) Indywkr h69 Walter 
" Remi C (Irene) mgr Sunset Hotel h5941 

Asnell Elmer swtchmn AT&SFRv r2222 46th ay 
Aso S printer 461 Bush 3d fl h568 Cedar 
Asp Elaine r330 15th av 
" Gus L (Vivian) mariner h330 15th av 
" Theo seamn r479 3d 
Aspby Ernest porter r753 Howard 
Aspden Wm S waiter r54 4th 

Aspe Wm J (Harriet) mgr Eagle Van & 
Storage Co h33 Pearl 

Aspell Thos A jr (Helen) office mgr Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer Distr Corp r2655 Polk 

" Thos J h2655 Polk 

Asphalt Institute D B Miller mgr 206 San- 
some RU04 

Aspillaga Octavia h629 Hayes 

Aspinall John H (Lavinai elk h845 Dolores 

" Robt P lab Lyons-Magnus Inc r Redwood 

Aspinoli John (Ruth) mtrmn hll43 Hampshire 

Aspiras Pedro M r553 Van Ness av 

Aspiris A h427 Stockton 

Asplund Doris elk r2740 Filbert 

" Edgar bkpr h3270 21st 

" Edgar G (Erene) tracer Assoc Oil Co h37 
Holly Park cir 

" Erene E elk r37 Holly Park cir 

" Gertrude (wid E O) h2740 Filbert 

" R W serv sta atdt Texas Company 

" Ruth typist r819 Bosworth 

Asposti Primo r26 Chatham pi 

Asprer Louis r315 Turk 

Asquith Lionel (Alice) dept mgr Lachman 
Bros r2351 Green 

" Richd L h2351 Green 

Assalena C L mfrs agt 833 Market R5D3 r 

Assalino Adele elk rei7 Delta 

" Alfd acct r617 Delta 

" Angelo A (Cath) chauf h834 Green 

" Elda r617 Delta 

" Emma C sten Calif Retail Grocers & Mer- 
chants Assn r617 Delta 

" Frank r2231 San Jose av 

" Fred r2231 San Jose av 

" Fred (Celestinel jan hl7 Boardman pi 

" Gaetano (Amelia) macli h617 Delta 

" Gladys C sten r2231 San Jose av 

" Jas (Eugenia) car repr h2231 San Jose av 

Asselin Geo (Raelin Products Co) 

" Homer L (Raelin Products Co) hl025 Jack- 

" Jas (Pearl) h931 Kirkham 

" June Marie r931 Kirkham 

Assello Adera (Louis Ferrari & Co) r500 

Assemblies of God (Spanish) 1419 Howard 

Assenti Louis A (Louise) jan Dept Pub Wks 
h754 11th av 

Assenza Benedict Jwlr 4504 Mission r Palo Alto 

Assinger Anton (Anna) h257 Cumberland 

" Helen actor r257 Cumberland 

Assman Betty r209 Santa Rosa av 

" Carl (Meta) h209 Santa Rosa av 

Assmussen Hazel A rl577 34th av 

Associated Adjusters IN C Cunningham E J 
Scammell) 110 Sutter R306 

(INCORPORATED) L B Keplinger Pres, 
Joseph F Govan Exec V-Pres, Sidney 
Bazett V-Pres and Sec, Frank F Risso 
Treas, Investment Securities, 485 Califor- 
nia, RSOO, Tel EX brook 3410 

" Calfskin Co (Hugo Dannenbaum Hugo 
Breidenbach Henry Thrami 48 Jackson 

" Canners Inc J C Warmington pres 2 Pine 

FRANCISCO, Wm M Cartwright Mgr, 234 
Flood Bldg, 870 Market, Tels GA rfield 
0800 and OSOl 

" Dental Supply Co F D French pres C L 
Ponslord sec-treas 835 Howard 

" Engineering & Supply Co A F Peterson sec 
215 Market RllOl 

" Equipment Co Ltd S S Smith pres W D 

Gunther sec-treas machy 355 Fremont 
" Farm Papers L W Clark mgr 55 New Montgy 

" Farmers of Calif Inc Guernsey Prazer (Los 

Angeles) sec 582 Market R1302 
COMPANY, C W Fellows Pres, 333 Pine, 
Tel GA rfleld 6565 
F T Nedbal V-Pres-Sec, E J Ely Treas, 
Wholesale Fish, 539 Washington, Tel 
SU tter 4670 
" Food Stores office 600 Pulton and 1800 Mc- 
AMERICA (Northern California Chapter), 
Floyd O Booe Sec-Mgr, 805 Insurance 
Center Bldg, 206 Sansome, Tel GA rfleld 
" Glass Industries of Calif 170 Valencia 
" General Contractors of America Central 
California Chapter G E Greenwood pres 
W E Hague sec-mgr 55 New Montgy R706 
" Health Serv H N Duhem mgr 760 Market 

Mgr, Book and Commercial Printing, 138 
4th, Tel DO uglas 5088 
lows Pres, H B Humphry V-Pres, C A 
Prevost V-Pres, W G Voogt Treas, C C 
Anderson Sec, Associated Insurance Bldg, 
333 Pine, Tel GA rfleld 6565 
" Ink Co Ltd H H Behrens pres J I Blayney 

v-pres 523 Folsom 
" Insurance Bldg 332 Pine 

Fellows Pres, Nion R Tucker, V-Pres, W G 
Voogt Treas, C C Anderson Sec, Associ- 
ated Insurance Bldg, 332 Fine, Tel GA r- 
fleld 6565 
II Loan Brokers Mrs O A Shultz cash 693 
Market R209 




A complete, 


and efficient 


service at 




Krout and 



260 O'Farrell 

San Francisco 

EX brook 4661 

See Page 1717 


We Have on 

File in Our 



Copies of the 

Directories of 


Every City 

in the 

Uniteci States 

and Canada 

These are 
for your 

If you want in- 
formation you 
are unable to 
procure else- 
where, call on 

R. L. Polk 
& Co. 

of California 

604 Mission St. 
San Francisco 



ESTAB. 1890 


Advances on 

Kearny St. 













Pacific Pump & Supply Co. 

420 Bryant Street 
San Francisco 

(See Page 1736) 



Water Gasoline 

Systems Engines 

SPRAYERS (Hand and Power) 


V-,-.0( lAlKn MANl r.M'TllKKKS CO. II S 

\\«-Uifhl Mrt. Inipt)rti'rs of t'hinawarc, 
(.li-.N«;irc am! Ilousohold Goods, IWt-n:* 
St.vcn>on. Tel (iA rlicid IKtU 
■• Niwspiipor Color Inc E A Holmnn pres ndv 

i)n,'\ Mission R222 
" Oil Bide 79 New Montgy 

Pres. I. F Baver V-Pres. I, D Jurs V-Prcs. 
E I. Shea V-Pres. W A Sloan V-Prcs and 
Treas. J P Edwards See. Geo Bevan Asst 
Sec. J J Spenker Asst Treas. Bert I 
Graves, V-Pres. Percy E Allan Domestic 
Sales Mcr. .Associated Oil Buildinc 7!l 
New MontKOmery, Tel EX brook 4800 (See 
pajre 4) 
" on Co gas sta Beale cor Brannan 481 Geary 
blvd 999 Divisadero Oakdale nr cor 3d 
2495 Ocean av Plymouth cor Farallones 
3d cor Brannan 11th cor Irving 24th cor 
Noe EI Dorado cor Illinois 
" Paint Manufacturers IM K Statter W J 

Hosketh B P Blackl 754 Polsom 
" Phy.sici.ins Laboratories Ltd J E Colston 

mgr 870 Market R341 
" Press The R H Heppe news editor 905 Mis- 
sion R234 
" Real E.state Corp John Jerome pres 321 

Bush R215 
" Realty Co (Jesse Horn I S Kohn) 4708 

" Reciprocal Exchanges T P Pulling mgr ins 
485 Calif R806 „ „ 

" Retail Credit Men of San Prancisco S E 

Shermantine genl mgr 15 Stockton 
Pres, L R Arnold Sec-Treas, Investment 
Securities, 36 O'Farrell, 3d Floor, Tel 
EX brook 3.")46 
" Sportsmen of Calif Inc A C Harding exec 

sec 821 Market R830 
" Steam Laundry 491 Natoma 
" Terminals Co W E Jones pres John Wynn 

sec stevedores 112 Market R305 
" Theatrical Service Carlton Schammel sec 

989 Market 3d fl 
" Wine Brokers Inc R R Hammond jr sec 1 

Front R135 
" Wineries E W Davies pres 235 Montgy R672 
Association for Advancement of Public Edu- 
cation 465 Calif R323 
" of American Railroads (Car Service Di- 
vision! H J Arnett dist mgr 85 2d R526 
" of Bonded Attorneys E M Berolski rep 465 

Calif R1021 
" of Certified Welders Local No 10 C C Car- 

dno sec 1141 Market RlOO 
" of Retired Federal Civil Service Employees 

150 Golden Gate av 
" of Western Wine Producers H A Cadlow sec 

85 2d R716 
" Western Union Employes (Pacific Division) 

J H Pickett pres 760 Market B311 
Associcao Portuguesa Protectora Beneflcente 

345 Front 
Assolino Angelo (Cath! truckmn r834 Green 
Assoni Attilio (Dora) chauf hl535 Filbert 
A Heer Jr V-Pres, L R Arnold Sec, Insur- 
ance Agents, 36 O'Farrell, 2d Floor, Tel 
EX brook 3546 
Ast Bertha sec A F St Sure r44 McAllister 
" Pred W meat ctr rl350a La Playa 
■' Freda sec F M Lee h729 Jones 
" Gertrude sten rl305 Gough 
" Martha Mrs hl305 Gough 
" Peter seaiiin r419 Drumm 
Astafurofl Nick iDina) plmbr hl412 Broderick 
Astanovich Chas r20 12th 
Aster Chas (Maryi bus boy h632 Fulton 
Asteseno Antone (Johanna) h574 Mississippi 
Asti Jas elk rl662 Filbert 
" Mary Mrs hl662 Filbert 
" Reginald A (Diana Mi hl610 Lombard 
Astigenise Guilurmo hl78 Valparaiso 
Astill Frank T hl735 Van Ness ay 
Astilli Harry (Angelina) lab h690 Precita av 
Astin John D (Grace) bkpr Ernest Ingold Inc 

hl408 Calif 
Astiz Martin J (Maria) (Hotel De Espana) 

h785 Bway 
Astley Mary (wid John) hl046 Shotwell 
Astmos Peter elk hl06 Caine av 
" Steph (Hannah) restr 3286 Mission 

Aston AUd H elk r576 Liberty 
" Alice biller r576 Liberty 
" Bernice sten c A Colvin r7D7 Haight 
" Harry h576 Liberty 

" Julian M (Marjorie R) slsmn hSO Lyall 
" Lena A sten r576 Liberty 
" Sidney A elk r787 Faxon av 
" Thos E (Rose Gi h2961 Pacific av 
" Wm C (Marie C) elk h83 Lyell 
Astor Apartments hl501 Leavenworth 
" Hotel (Wm Bruce) 270 McAllister 
Astoria Louis rl650 Ellis 

Ann enip Granat Bros rl410 





aVF ^OTTTH Astorino Eliz r211 Anderson 

"'■ "J^"-"'*' Astorio Grace Mrs rl921 Diamond 

,,,„,, _m r , r.n Astorqulza Nlck (Mary) printer hlpr hl974 

MARKET 5400 Donner av 

9AN FRANCISCO ^strado Humbert A (Bess H) slsmn h248 


" Nicholas elev opr hl410 Hayes 
A.strau.sbach A Mrs h711 Duboce av 
Astredinoft John S (Prascovial confy 1659 

O'Farrell hl221 Florida 
Astrcdo Blanche Mrs sten Juvenile Court 

rl450 Vallejo 
" Humbert A (Bess) stall exec Calif State 

Chamber of Commerce r248 16th av 
" Jos C (Blanche) asst parole ofBcer U S 

Probation & Parole Office hl450 Vallejo 
Astrella Jos W delmn hl447 33d av 
" Marie C (wid A R) hl447 33d av 
Astren SamI mach r744 Castro 
Astrero Santiago restrwkr r653 Natuma 
Astroff Leo auto mech r739 Haight 
Astronomical Society of the Pacific C H 

Adams sec 465 Calif R318 
Astruc Jos elk rl095 Mission 
Astrue Chas J (Idai civ eng SPCo hl86 Mer- 
ced av 
Astrup Roy E master mech Alaska Pkrs Assn 

r Ala 
Asturias Roddy r3099 Jackson 
" Roderick (EUsal consul general Guatemala 

h3099 Jackson 
Asuncion Faustino (Grace) lab hl570 O'Farrell 
Aswald Anna maid Huntington Apts 
Asvestas Gus (Sophia) waiter h379 27th av 
" Louis r379 27th av 
Atamian Adrian elk rl650 Haight 
" Albt bkpr rl650 Haight 
" Garo (Mary) dentist 1652 Haight 
Atcheson Betty J r20 Joice 
" Pay Mrs h20 Joice 
" Leona Mrs rl753 Eddy 
ATCHINSON, See also Acheson, Atkinson and 

" Wilbur H optom 760 Market R367 r387 Ellis 
Atchison Earl h70I Pine 
" Francis A Mrs r2507 Pine 
" Harry W (Estellal auto mech hl547 Clay 
" Louis h5896 Mission 
" Louise M rlll7 Greenwich ter 
" Thos E (Bertha) adj Spear & Co r535 

" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co main office 114 
Sansome frt office 1001 3d ticket offices 
601 Market and Perry bldg 
" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry ticket office Ferry 

" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co ticket office 601 

" Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co Stock Yards cor 

Fairfax and Quint 
Atcis Angelo (Stella) h279 Munich 
Ateljevich Ilijo iGospava) barber hl38 Clement 
Atell Danl (Frances) h22 Collins 
" Lucy r22 Collins 

Atempa Juan (Christina) lab h626 Grove 
Aten Chas W mach opr SPCo r Ala 
" Wilbur O dentist 133 Geary R7U 
Ater Antonia Mrs clo clnr 3137 Laguna rl6Sl 

Atfleld Frank rl084 Polsom 
Atha Bertha L Mrs h76 Divisadero 
" Miles (Dorothy) slsmn h318 Frederick 
Atlian Anastacia (wid Geo) h623 27th av 
" Andy M driver r62 Lee av 
" Byron A r623 27th av 
" Theodora M Mrs smstrs hl746 Hyde 
Athanacio Anthony elk r25 Bessie 
" Geo (Mary) lab h25 Bessie 
" Sophie elk r25 Bessie 
Athanasatos Michl elk r379a Clementina 
" Peter restrwkr h792 Polsom 
" Spiros gro 295 4th 
Athanaside Alex elk rl93 4th 
Athanasopoulos Nicholas A ( Athanasopoulos 

& Negip) r368 Van Ness av S 
" & Negip (N A Athanasopoulos Ahmet Negip 

restr 509 O'Farrell 
Athanasopulos Geo (Mary) car clnr h401 Ham- 
Athanios A cook r242 Powell 
Athas Koula Mrs h756 Turk 
" Wm (Mary) r756 Turk 
Athearn Alice A sten Am Can Co r Bkly 
Athearn, A E Chandler, M T Farmer) 
Attorneys-at-Law, 723 Balboa Bldg, 593 
Market, Tel GA rfleld 5484 
" Pred G (Athearn, Chandler & Parmer) r 

" Leigh lawyer 593 Market R723 r2222 Clay 
Athel Geo (Kathi (White House Lunch Room) 

h342 Shotwell 
Athenas Nick (Eugenas) cook h368 Van Ness 

av S 
Athenour Aime P (Margt) sergt USMC h841 

Athens Arth W (Alice B) elk P O r2227 27th 

" Geo L (Margt) barber h342 Utah 
Atherley Florence sten r4328 20th 
" Henry h2185 Bay 
" Henry elk r4328 20th 
" J E r537 Hyde 
" Wm H (Myrtle) elk h4328 20th 
Atherly Albt (Ida B) mgr Hotel Ormond r440 

Atherstone Apartments 545 O'Farrell 

Atherton Albt (l/>uise) slsmn Sommer A 

Kaufmann hSll Page 
" Donald H (Mabel) tchr Pub Sch h50 Brent- 
wood av 
" Eleanor Mrs r373 Lexington 
" Eleanor M tel opr h373 Lexington 
" EUlah K (Johannahi cond Mun Ry hSJ 

Elgin Park 
" Gertrude h2101 Calif 
" John E r390 Capistrano av 
" Margt E sten India Tire Co r455 Hyd» 
" Pearl beauty opr h653 Sutter 
" S D r326 O'Farrell 
" Warren H mem State Bd Prison Termi dp 

Paroles r Stockton 
Athes Nick r465 Ellis 
Athey Clyde B sec Kings County Pkg Oo r 

" Mabel J h398 Haight 
" Melvln H with PT&TCo r Okid 
Athias Clarence V elev opr Raphael Weill * 

Co r Mill Valley 
" Lottie (wid John) h53 Cumberland 
Atho Apartments 1220 Pacific 
AthoU Apartments 1175 O'Farrell 
Athos Geo furrier r2793 Mission 
" Gerry restr r493 Eddy 
Atienca Fortunato G (Ruth) hl715a Folsom 
Atienza Jose butler 1020 Union 
Atime Pablo cigars rl39 Drumm 
Atkeson Claudia A atdt S F Hosp 
Atkien Geo (Mabel) bkpr h244 26th av 
Atkin Benj (Eliz) hl9 Brighton av 
" Bertha elk rl9 Brighton av 
" John (Cath) auto mech h440 Chenery 
" Walter J (Josephine) carp h2815 Bush 
Atkind Sidney S (Serina) colln mgr Lachmtn 

Bros h295 19th av 
ATKINS, See also Adkins 
" Alan artist 5 3d R1306 r Okld 
" Albt H rl02 Clifford ter 
" Albt J phys h745 Pine 
" Alice R bkpr rl02 Clifford ter 
" Arth rl055 Green 
" Barron asst dept mgr Zellerbach Paper 0« 

r Okld 
" Bertram C (Frances) baker hl31 Central at 
" Cath Mrs hl941 Leavenworth 
" Chas G (Ethel) h2145 Larkin 
" Chas T (Effle) metalwkr h4000 Polsom 
" David (Mary) (Atkins KroU & Co) hlOBI 

" David H transmitter eng NBC r Pled 
" Dorris B (Velma) elk Federal Reserve Bank 

h3944 Cabrillo 
" Earl rl941 Leavenworth 
" Edna Mrs hl40 Haight 
" Florence E artist hll45 Pine 
" Frances O nurse State Dept Pub Health 

r53D Larkin 
" G Herbt I Atkins KroU & Co) 
" Geo r530 Larkin 
" Geo elk rl376 Chestnut 
" Geo elk hl084 McAllister 
" Geo whsmn hll37 Hyde 
" Geo E cons eng 582 Market R1205 
" Gordon acct City Ice Del Co r Bkly 
"HE r530 Larkin 
" Harold W printer Goodwin <Sc Tasslo rlOlT i 

Capitol av 
■' Helen G rl900 Eddy 
" Jas P (Theresa) h755 Edinburgh 
" John (Minnie) carp h922 Huron av 
" Jos R (Mary) chauf Dept Pub 'Wks h30» 

Wil(le av 
" Kroll & Co (G H and David Atkins J B 
MacKinley C H Kroll) shipping 260 Calll 
" Leroy (Bertha) mach rl708 Webster 
" Marv Mrs rl214 Polk 
" Marv M rl914 Leavenworth 
" Myrtle E elk r739 Capp 
" Robt L (Carolyn Pi h840 Van Ness av 
ATKINS ROBERT S INC, Edith Atkins An- 
derson Pres, Bert C Duncan Sec, Men'i 
Clothing, Furnishings and Hats, Agenti 
for "Stein-Bloch" Clothes, "Stetson" Hats, 
Huilev Shoes, Glass Front Bldg, 150 Sut- 
ter, Tel DO uglas 5440 (See page 1714) 
" Thos cook rl214 Polk 
" Thos F elk rl017 Capitol av 
" Thos Q slsmn Shaw-Leahy Co Inc aiaU 
Wi'shn ,_.„„. 

" Waldemar (Mary) elk Bank of Am hlBas 

" Wm H hl819 Sutter 

" Wm T (Ruth E) dairymn hll61 Dolores 
ATKINSON, See also Acheson, Aitchison ana 

" Albt E r3577 Jackson 
" Albt M variety gds 4337 Balboa 
" Alec r915 Wisconsin 
" Andw D chiropractor 1150 Valencia 
" Andw J rl434 12th av 
" Anna M Mrs hl061 Laguna 
" Asl^ley B (Anna) carp hl57 Alma 
" Augusta C (Wid Frank J) hl850 Gough 
" Befle (wid Edwin) h3069 Calif 
" Building 1150 Valencia 
■' Cath Mrs r355 Highland av 
" Chas asst fornin Pac Eleo Mfg Corp rl48 

8th av 
" Chas L auto pntr h775 Guerrero 



" Cornelius (Annette I waiter hl936 Bush 

" Cyril P elk r357 Day 

" Dora Mrs h208 San Jose av 

" Dorothy W phvs 490 Post R840 hl770 Bway 

" Dorothy W Mrs h2369 Green 

" Douglas G iLeib Keyston & Co) r Bkly 

" E Poster comp Sunset News h839 Leaven- 

" Edmund M U S Customs Agt r Okld 

" Edwin F I Vivian I hl440 Jones 

" Eleanor M sten Calif Pkg Corp h757 Sutter 

" Elsie J elk rl48 8th av 

" Emerson lab Citv & County Recreation 
Dept rl221 2d av 

" Emma rl33 Magnolia 

" Emma M cash Hirsch & Kaye r625 Leaven- 

" Eug E (Helen) police h305 Arlington 

" Everett D chauf r839 Golden Gate av 

" Flora iwld Geo I hl068 Van Ness av S 

" Prank (Rose) h245 Dorantes av 

" Fred (Rosei lab h933 Valencia 

" Geo D elk Ry M S r Albany 

" Geo F cbtmkr 1785 15th hl8761'2 15th 

" Geo H (Guy P Atkinson Co) 

" Grace hl239 40th 

" Grace nurse r2340 Clay 

" Guy F (Guy F Atkinson Co) r San Mateo 

" Guy F Co iG P and G H Atkinson) bldg 
contrs 235 Montgy R658 

" H Bryce tchr Univ of S F r Bkly 

" Harold A (KathI tmstr rl31 Belvedere 

" Harold D music tchr 1150 Valencia 

" Harry C (Cath) hl81 Bartlett 

" Harry L (Marie I bkpr McCutcheon Olney 
Mannon & Greene h45 Southwood dr 

" Helen E hl449 Leavenworth 

" Henry C police r220 Golden Gate av 

" Henry c jr police SFPD r220 Golden Gate 

" Herbt (Novella) electn hl48 8th av 
" Irene sten Natl Bank Examiner h536 Leav- 

" Jas r578 Linden 

" Jas (Mary) carp hl30 Santa Marina 

" Jas formn Calif Pottery Co r226 Hearst 

" Jas E (Josephine I dist sis mgr Chas R 

Mccormick Lbr Co h2310 31st av 
" Jas E (Jeanne) USN hl070 Haight 
" Jesse (Agnes I chauf h344 Dolores 
" John r2439 14th av 
" John A chiropractor 1150 Valencia 
" John D (Florence) dentist 450 Sutter R2507 

rllSO Valencia 
" John D jr r940 Holoway av 
" John H (Rena) slsmn h749 26th av 
" John J elk r357 Day 
" Jos lab hl33 Magnolia 
" Jos millmn hll7 Brazil av 
" Jos (Olive) plstr contr h578 Linden 
" Jos Jr r578 Linden 
" Jos F dentist 136 Stockton R500 r2404 28th 

" Jos H garage atdt r4332 Cabrillo 
" Jos J (Johanna) lab City Parks Dept hl239 

40th av 
" Jos T elk rl239 40th av 
" Kath (wid J W) h901 Calif 
" Laura r639 Hayes 

" Lewis H (Esther) sound techn h2509 Irving 
" Lillian h625 Leavenworth 
" Lillian Mrs hl061 Laguna 
" Lisle I (Alysi corpl SFPD h243 Day 
" Loren D lEdna) shtmtlwkr hlll3 Stanyan 
" Lorena M sten Rees Blow Pipe Mfg Co rlll3 

" Margt rl070 Haight 
" Margt Mrs bkpr r439 Bartlett 
" Margt B (wid John) h357 Day 
" Martha A (wid T E) h2245 Larkin 
" Martha E (wid Herbt) r2622 Greenwich 
" Merlin with Hanni & Girerd r Ala 
" Muriel E sten Bennett & Layton Ino r2245 

" Nina Mrs rlOOO Powell 
" Ora S mgr Regal Shoe Co r Okld 
" Ralph r901 Calif 

" Ralph L (Elisabeth) sergt SFPD h87 Do- 
" Rena Mrs tchr Pub Sch r749 26th av 
" Richd vdmn r680 Brannan 
" Richd H (Suel slsmn hl375 15th av 
" Richd H jr rl375 15th av 

" Robt C (Charlotte I optom 2469 Mission 

h215 Ashton way 
" Robt M plmbg contr rll46 Mission 
" Roy A auto mech h2622 Greenwich 
" Saml (Margt I slsmn W A Reubold hl73 

" Thos r60 Market 
" Una M h2823 Baker 
" Vinnin E (Alma) slsmn Fenger Hall Co 

hl750 Beach 
" Vy H r2714 Calif 

" Wm (Verna) barber h643 Divisadero 
" Wm B (Charlotte I mech h376 30th 
" Wm H pat lawyer 582 Market R704 h2400 

Pacific av 
" Wm R (Cath) pres Atkinson & Maund h2807 

" Winifred elk r416 17th av 
" & Maund Inc W R Atkinson pres Harold 

Maund sec-treas jwlrs 1215 Polk 
Atkisson Oscar (Ada E> h2327 20th av 
Atlanta Birmingham & Coast R R Co H J 

Snyder genl agt 681 Market R 398 
Atlantic Commission Co Inc W J Flynn mgr 

149 Calif R425 
" Pish Co IH M and L J Colety) 201 Davis 
" Gulf & Pacific Co of Manila T Nelson 

purch agt 74 New Montgy R635 
" Sales Corp P E Slaven mgr food products 
383 Brannan 


C Sturges Mgr, 114 Sansome, Arcade 7, 
Tel DO uglas 1533 

H R Jackson Branch Manager, A J Pen- 
field Secretary, 102.5 Adam Grant Bldg, 
114 Sansome, Tel DO uglas 5261 

" Building 604 Mission 

" Casing Co J H Quon mgr 1290 Davidson 

" Distributing Co (Geo and J J Holsten) 479 

" Educational Film Co T L Haines rep 821 
Market R636 

" Electric & Engineering Corp C H Shipman 
pres P W Schultz v-pres E W Lauer sec 
343 4th 

" Elev Co T E Ambrose mgr 34 Harriet 

" Heating & Ventilating Co Ltd G A Tuck 
pres P H Green sec-treas 557 4th 

" Hotel 3377 26th 

" Mfg Co Inc C M Bailey pres Wm Ernst 
sec-treas mach 665 Folsom 

Manilo Adamis, Chas Vanoli) Mfrs of 
Hoasebold Aluminum Ware to Order, All 
Makes of Funnels, Pots, Binnacles, Lamps, 
Flood Light and Lamp Reflectors, Electric 
Fixtures, 880 Pacific Av, Tel GA rfleld 

" Metal & Machinery Co (Henry Cooper Ray- 
mond Hohmani 375 9th 

" Olvmpia Co of Calif A K Humphries pres 
R G Frith sec-treas sand and gravel 525 
Market R209 

" Paper Co (Bessie Friedman Wm Rothschild) 
14 Otis 

" Powder Co R H Rennie genl mgr 1 Montgy 

" Supply Co H W Bowes mgr auto access 200 
Bush R617 

Atly L E r45 Franklin 

Atnip Walter J (Florence) poster hngr h585 

Atolia Apartments 1385 Pine 

" Mining Co A V Udell pres 620 Market R1022 

Atorian Michl r314 3d 

Atow Matsuoka Co oriental gds 627 Grant av 

Atsinger Edw G (Dorothy) h225 Judson av 

Attabit Albt (Odette) wrapper mSl Polk 

" John lAlvidai driver h2775 Bryant 

" Madeline elk r2775 Bryant 

" Mary Mrs r2775 Bryant 

" Odette elk rl739 Polk 

Attard Antony tannerywkr r20D5 Oakdale av 

" Chas emp Doherty Bros r2005 Oakdale av 

" John lab rl810 Oakdale av 

" John (Josephine) wool puller hl812 Oak- 
dale av 

" Jos mech rl657 Newcomb av 

" Jos (Carmella) h2005 Oakdale av 

" Tony J mach opr r2005 Oakdale av 

Atteberrv Jas E elk h3600 20th 

" Willard L lAlice Si mtrmn h3160 26th 

Attebery Aloha M dancing tchr r701 Vermont 

" Louetta J Mrs librn Christian Science Read- 
ing Room r618 43d av 

" Mary N (wid Ervini clo clnr 701 Vermont 

" Otis F (Louetta I slsmn h618 43d av 

Attel Helen manicurist r930 Fillmore 

Attell Alvin rSOl Fillmore 

" Caesar (Anna) jwlr 1203 Fillmore h621 
Lincoln way 

" Claude (Dolores M) r290 18th av 

" Coleman (Juliai jwlr 1513 Fillmore hSOl 

" Dolores M Mrs elk r290 18th aV 

" Gilbert rl230 Turk 

" Jerome (Ann) elk hl440 Steiner 

" Jonas W rl768V2 O'Farrell 

" Jos (Floral salvage 1010 Howard hl324 

" Meyer (Gussiei h375 25th av 

" Monte (Emma I slsmn h424 College av 

" Theo jwlr 19 Powell r801 Fillmore 

" Viola rSOl Fillmore 

Attenborough Winfleld (Margti bkpr Bank- 
america Co hnoo Octavia 

Atterbury Chas B slsmn Western Lltho Co 
r San Bruno 

" Geo B elk Shell Oil Co r Pied 

" La Vada elk h691 Post 

Attewell Wm H pres treas Western Loose Leaf 
Co r310 Vallejo 

Attfleld Harrv appr Stetcher-Traung Litho 
Corp r Bkly 

Atthowe Margorie C tchr Pub Sch rl612 8th 

" Morva sten Sun Tent-Luebert Co r Bkly 

" Wm H (Mayme) elk h234 Linden 

" & Co (N J Biss C L Conlan) printers 344 

Attie Jos M h9ig Franklin 
" Jos M (Gladys I mfrs agt 49 4th R2C2 h601 

Attila Harold J (Edith) elk h805 Page 
Attinger Adolph (Harriett) stereo hl077 Noe 
" Anne Mrs h610 3d av 
" Chas marblewkr r466 Brannan 
" Chas R I Maude I watch repr 704 Market 

R810 hl707 Baker „„,„ 

" Fred H iHlldai mfg Jwlr 704 Market R810 

h325 Wawona 
" J Geo (Ehz) carp h228 Clipper 
" Jas L stereo rl077 Noe 
" John J (Lorraine) h2106 Castro 
" Thelma M Mrs elk h3178 16th 
" Walter (Alice) chauf hl347 O'Farrell 
" Wm mgr Home Comfort Hotel h466 Bran- 
" Wm H (Vera) firemn State Bd Harbor 

Comrs h64 26th av 
Attison Jas A (Cath) window trmr h4939 


Attlx Ulysses S mech eng SPCo r Bkly 

FRANCISCO, SOfi City Hall 
NIA, Ulysses S Webb, 640 State Bide. 

Civic Center 
Attridge Arth J rl40 Madrone av 
" B J h3232 Gough 

" Florence office sec Lane Pub Co rl40 Ma- 
drone av 
" Jas lab r2995 Folsom 
" Nellie rl40 Madrone av 
" Raymond J elk rl40 Madrone av 
" Richd rl219 22d av 
" Thos J rl219 22d av 

" Walter J mach Mun Ry rl40 Madrone av 
Attvater Edw L pres Independent Pressroom 

Inc r Sausallto 
ATTWOOD, See also Atwood 
" C J phys Stanford Unlv Hosp 
" Jack (Adeline) police h746 15th av 
Atwater Frank H r556 Calif 
" Henry K facty supt Muller & Raas r Bur- 

" Herbt G (Hazel I slsmn Wholesale Radio & 

Elec Supp Co hl473 38th av 
" Lloyd A (Esther M) wtchmn hl309 Palou av 
Atwell Alma rl541 Bway 
" Chas B r901 Calif 

" Clyde collr Madison & Burke rl541 Bway 
" Ernest L i Mabel i flremn hl340 Guerrero 
" Geo B teamstr r427 9th 
" Guy r34 Turk 

" H with Shreve & Co r415 O'Farrell 
" Leila (Wld Clyde) hl541 Bway 
" Robt E elk Bank of Calif rl500 Ulloa 
" Vogel & Sterling Inc C G Strube Jr mgr 

accts 369 Pine R823 
" Wm J (Georgia) asst mgr William Taylor 

Hotel h901 CaUf 
Atwill Clarence P I Ella) acct h308 8th av 
ATWOOD, See also Attwood 
" A P rWiUiam Taylor Hotel 
" Alex G I Frances I heating contr 3623 18th 

h315 Urbano dr 
" Alice M (Wid John) hl246 21st av 
" Alva R (Ruby M) slsmn McDonnell & Oo 

h2668 Greenwich 
" Arth R rl4 De Long 
" Austin chauf D R Mosky 
" Cecil ( Lillian 1 mech h2623 15th ttv 
" Chas slsmn UOCo hl329 Ellis 
" Clarence G lawyer r3324 Washn 
" Edw R (Edith) supvr A A Brown Inc h3118 

" Eliz C Mrs elk C G Linnell 
" Fred L (Nell I used cars 1566 Market 1178 

Mission and 59 Oak h2522 Chestnut 
" G Ellen (Wid Geo i h57 Ashbury 
" Geo mfrs agt 180 New Montgy 6th fl r Bkly 
" Gertrude A Mrs elk h819 14th 
" Gladys R elk rl246 21st av 
" H Geo (Alice) h593 21st av 
" Harold A (Jane I musician h2845 Pierce 
" Hugh B auto mech rl73 Dolores 
" Jos C pres A A Brown Co r Los Altos 
" Laura Mrs r2522 Chestnut 
" Leona B slswn Moss Stores Inc r Burllngame 
" Lorraine A elk rl246 21st av 
" Mary Mrs h2811 Harrison 
" Percy R (Ellen i slsmn hl060 Bush 
" Ravola slswn r75 Alviso 
" Romola L slsmn Raphael Weill & Co hl037 

Lincoln way 
" Theo G I Lee Di dentist 870 Market RlOia 

h344 Santa Ana av 
" Thompson I (Annal elk hl4 De Long 
" Wavne M slsmn r825 Sutter 
" Wm" A dentist 323 Geary R806 rl369 Hyde 
Atzenback Geo (Amanda) cook h336 Capp 
Atzeroth H E rPairmont Hotel 
" Marie iwid H PI h591 8th av 
Atzold Fredk (Ida I gro hl334 Jackson 
Au Ernest (Evangeline) h948 Jackson 
Aubel Jos (Marie I jan h3638 Market 
" Louise A tvnist r3638 Market 
" Wm elk r3638 Market 
Auberle Augusta Mrs sten Coates & Herfurth 

r522 23d av 
" Ottman K (Augusta) USN h522 23d av 
Aubert Albt J (Emellnel mgr Hotel Elm h479 

" Albt J ir (Agnes) chauf h36 Hale 
" Arth shoe shiner 165 Eddy r314 6th 
" Edna Mrs r4302 19th 

" Geo A (Aubert's Diamond Palace I h3440 25th 
" Jos E (Gertrude) (Aubert's Diamond Palace) 

h4065 23d 
" Lerov R prsmn Eastman Tag & Label Co 

r Burllngame 
" Louis H (Alzerei (Aubert's Diamond Palace) 

h3219 23d 
" Paul S I Peggy I (Aubert's Diamond Palace) 

h290 Fair Oaks 
" Rebecca W Mrs hl325 Mason 
Aubert's Diamond Palace (GA, JE. LH and 

P S Aubert I 2298 and 2700 Mission 
Aubertin Edw J (Gladys) lieut SFFD h74 

" Georgette elk rl540 Revere av 
" Jules L cook rl540 Revere av 
Aubertine Jos P dentist 291 Geary R 404 r935 

" Miriam Mrs jan Pub Sch r4616 Irving 
Aubrev Alf slsmn Beauty Shop Supp Co rlSOl 

Lincoln way 
" Alrov J slsmn Diamond T Pac Co r Okld 
" Rhoda h2370 Filbert 

" Robt S (Lottie) elk PO hl446 27th av 
" Will musician rWilliam Taylor Hotel 
Aubright Harry P credit mgr A G Spalding 

& Bros r Okld 


Pearl Assurance Company, Ltd. 





Telephone DO uglas 8400 



Assistant Manager 

Aul>vv AH with Uniinl & C.lrcrd r Okld 
■• Friuik W N (Lutle Ml slsiiin hl266 Ply- 
mouth ftV 
" Homer iVlvlnn) apt mgr hll96 Bway 
■' Kittle P iwld Clinsl hlSl Jersey 
Aubiu'lioii Hnrrv J dept siipt Methodist Boos 

Concern r Mill Vnlley 
Auburn Alice sten C A Colvin r Bkly 
" Chns cook r2446 20th av 
" Edw waiter r536 Mason 
Aucher Rene waiter r668 Clay 
Auclair Ancellna sten W N Moore Dry Gds 

Co r Bkly ^ 

Aucoin Chas bkpr Bronson & Franklin rSOO 

" Mary h555 O'Farrell 

" Parry J iSallvi clo clnr 105 5th rl334 Halght 
" RcRiha Mrs lisOO Leavenworth 
Aucorn P hl889 Page , ^„„ „ _ 

Audemard Marie iwid Leon) h26 Sycamore 
" Rooms 2084 Mission 
Audero Frank r848 Kearny 
Audette Edmund iMariel eng n331 Paris 
Audino Ignacio iTheresal indywkr h209 Char- 
ter Oak av , ,. ^ 
Audisk Corp G H Kneiss pres H O Lenhart 

sec elec transcription 149 Powell 
Audistald P H r819 Mission 
AliDITORlUM (CIVIC), Larkin, Polk, Hayes 

and Grove 
Al'DITORII'M EXPOSITION, bet Larkin, Polk, 

Haves and Grove 
Audo Mary r27S CoUingwood 
■' Vincent J lab h278 Collingwood 
Audsley Dorothy sten Lactol Corp rl59 22d av 
" Henry W iBessie) bkpr hl59 22d av 
" Marjorie sec First Management & Finance 

Corp rl59 22d av 
" Richd E drftsmn D A Riedy rl59 22d av 
Audusseau Bertha (wid Henry I r135 nth av 
Auen Paul slsmn SOCo r3500 Baker 
Auer Carl (Kath) h20 Dearborn 
" Carl W eng White Motor Co r Okld 
" Constance elk hl325 3d av 
" John r9n Folsom 

" Jos (Reginal Ingshrmn h236 Willard 
" Otto D electn West Coast Elec Wks r Ala 
" Otto F lEthell elect eng h483 16th av 
" P EUK r483 16th av 
" Richd B r483 16th av 
Auerbach Carrie Mrs rlSOO Sutter 
" E Blauvelt (Lucy F) (E W Coe & Co) 1)2661 

" Henrv uphol supp 334 Sutter 4th fl hlSOO do 
" Irving J (Myrtle) mot pict distr 170 Golden 

Gate av h2001 Calif 
" Maurice H (Rose) mfrs agt 420 Market R503 

h2240 Bav 
" Milton h3536 Clay 
" Nora L chiropodist 2583 Mission 
" S M mgr Sun Liquor Co 
" Sail (Rose) acct 220 Montgy R305 hl61 
Jordan ,„,, 

Auerhammer Prank emp Herbst Bros rl941 

Aufderhide Eliz h312 Page 
Aufort Febv clo nrsr rl410 Lane 
" Harry L (Gabienne) tanner hl410 Lane 
" Lucille Mrs h224 Wheeler av 
" Victorine (wid Wm) r867 42d av 
Augello Angelo boxmkr Pompei Macaroni r 

Augenstein Albt (Pearl> carp hl32 Judson av 
" Marion L sten Pac States Sav & Loan Co 

r241 Church 
Auger Albt C (Grace) sec-mgr S P Remedial 

Loan Assn h2812 Lyon 
" Albt W (Floral pntr hl380 10th av 
" Clair (Olive) bkpr h508 Larkin 
" Constant J (Harriet) member City Board of 
Permit Appeals and jwlr 178 Geary h3819 
" Francis L appraiser S P Remedial Loan Assn 

r2812 Lyon 
" Harry L (Coast Radio Supp Co) r Ala 
" Hazel B sten rl380 10th av 
" Lina artist hlSS Arguello blvd 
" Robt (Lucinda) slsmn C J Auger h280 

Juanita way 
" Willard C custom dept mgr Anderson & 

Mattoon Co h2655 Polk 
Aughinbaugh Florence Mrs slswn r742 Lake 
" Henry C mfrs agt 7 Front R218 rl814 

Pacific av 
" N J h306 Fell 
Augiar Porforio r220 Pierce 
Augnst Ray hll8 Taylor 

Augsberger Albt (Lillian) mach h474 Lisbon 
" Henry J (Anna) (A & H Bakery) h4983 Mis- 
" Lillian bkpr Genl Brewing Corp hl661 Sacto 
Augsbury John C (Mignon) h3799 Washn 
Augspurg Herman H (Ada M) h2321 Clement 
Augst Ann M Mrs hl701 Oak 
Augur Morris C osteo 240 Stockton R709 
" Rhomance sten Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md 

r3380 Army 
August Augustini linemn h615 29th 
" Bernice M elk U S Lighthouse Service rl960 

" Ewald autowkr r72 Belcher 
" Jos rl281 O'Farrell 
" Leila G Mrs rl383 Vermont 


" Margucrlta Mrs h4233 Army 

" Victor Indy markr hl601 Sacto 

Augusta Apartments 154 10th 

AuKustln Roque restrwkr rl660 Bush 

" Snml hnoa Geary 

" Sotero atdt St Joseph's Hosp rl7D8 Geary 

Augustlna Geo R electn Golden Gate Neon 

Sign Co r Daly City 
" Oscelia mach opr Boflnger & Klingler r615 

" Robt L (Maryl hl252 Vallejo 
Augustine Clare jr uphol r22 Isls 
" Emelie (wid Henrv i h856 Shotwell 
" Prank printer r3140 25th 
" Jas (Lenai cook hll21 Clement 
" John W lab rl312 York 
" Jos C ir (Anna) elk h22 Isls 
" Kenneth canmkr r301 Richland av 
" Louis (Mae I brewery wkr h241 Carl 
" Marie S nurse r856 Shotwell 
" Pat (Fannie) barber h463 8th av 
" Robt (Mary) h2384 Union 
" Waldemar atty Attorney General r Bkly 
" Wm hl32D Guerrero 
" Wm H plmbr r856 Shotwell 
Augustini Geo liauors 500 Davis 
Augustino Philip h344 Brazil av 
Augustinovich Thos (Anna) rl438 Leavenworth 
Augustiny Ann (wid Wm J) rlll4 Page 
" Fred E (Virginia) credit mgr H W Gossard 

& Co hl233 Holloway av 
" Wm A (Florence M) mach hlll4 Page 
Au^ustis Nick restr 324 Taylor r913 Capp 
Augustson Carl O (Johanna) elev const hl519 

18th av 
" Hugo M (Connin) buyer SIoss & Brittaln 

h4255 40th av 
" Signe h895 Sutter 
Augustus Chas W r20 Leo 
" Ray (Gertrude! auto mech h621 Alvarado 
" Rosalind hl040 Bush 
Aukamo Carl r1335 45th av 
Aukselis Frank h268a Clara 
Aula John lab r60 7th 
" Jos lab Dept Pub Wks r60 7th 
" Jos A h915 Pierce 
Auld Prank J (Mae) mach Pac Elev & Equip 

Co h401 Gates 
" Geo W (Katiei plmbr hl53 Parker av 
" Harold slsmn Westinghouse X-Ray Co r Ala 
" Harry mach L C Dibert & Co r San Bruno 

" Helen C (wid R L) h89 Westwood 

" Isabel C bond writer Calif-Coml Union- 
Ocean r Okld 
" Oswald A slsmn Stevenson & Son r Ala 

Aulet Amelia h535 Stockton 
Auletti Leona L (Miriam) phys h2425 Bu- 

Aulisio Frank A (Ivvl h507 Shotwell 

Aull Mary c (wid J E) r62 Allston way 

Aullee Louis busmn rll51 Powell 

AULT, See also Alt and Auld 

" John h825 Alabama 

" Jos r528 Valencia 

" Mary (wid Matthias) hl459a 15th 

" S M Mrs bkpr Call-Bulletin Pub Co r79 

" Steward M (Augusta F) transmn Call-Bul- 
letin Pub Co h79 Hazelwood av 

Terreo V-Pres, Industrial Lacquers, Var- 
nishes, Enamels and Coatings, S37 1st, Tel 
GA rfleld 2(130 

Aultman Jack tailor 110 Sutter RS09 r230 Eddy 

Aumend John W (Mary) lab r897 Golden Gate 

Aumer Anna rl36 Palm av 

" Clarence J auto body bldr r840 Hayes 

" Louis H jan UCHosp r324 Scott 

" Louis H (Sarah) meatctr h840 Hayes 

" Verda sten r840 Hayes 

Aumont Lorraine sten Home Owners' Loan 
Corp r25 Mallorca way 

Aune Maren M sten Lloyd's Register of Ship- 
ping rl225 Taylor 

" Marie (wid Peter) rl225 Taylor 

Aurade Leon G (Marie) Indv 1333 Eddy 

Auradou Anthony L h740 Ulloa 

Auradow Mina J Mrs hl215 Bay 

Aurand Geo whsmn h2831 Polk 

Aurandt Richd D (Marian) organist h618 23d 

Aurel Fernand (Therese) whol auto parts 382 
Golden Gate av hl238 38th av 

" Marie Mrs jan rl706 Oakdale av 

Aurelia Prank J (CathI blksmth h2327 Bryant 

Aurelio Roque waiter hl241 Bush 

Aurentz Allen musician rl335 Clay 

Aurich Alt C (Helen K) lawyer 220 Bush 
R1602 h459 22d av 

" Cath Mrs rl751 Pacific av 

" Gabriel (Ruth) credit mgr Pauson & Co 
hl850 Gough 

" Leon S sec-treas Nordman & Aurich r Okld 

Auriera Rene r269 4th 

Auriere Camlle M (Georgette) elk h350 Justin 

Aurnhammer Anton C (Anne) cond hl22 
Staples av 

" Jay rl22 Staples av 

Aurochs John (Mary) h822 Turk 

Aurora Grove No 107 UAOD 441 Bway 

" Hotel Apartments 1951 Sutter 

Aus Cape E (Erla) halrdrsr r863 Waller 

Ausburger Russell r4983 Mission 

Auser CeclUe Mrs store mgr Doctors & NurN8 

Outfitting Co hl235 Bush 
" Emma (wid Fred) hl548 Dolores 
Ausfahl Fred K personnel SOCo r Richmond 
Auslen Wm (Mildred) dentist 516 Sutter R80J 

h246 29th av 
Auslev G S comnt onr r160 Mallorca way 
" Geo C planner Westn Elec Co hl60 Mallorca i 

Ausman Jos (Pearl) h2288 15th 
Aust Etta (wid P W) r863 Fillmore 
" Ruth techn UCHosn rl391 8th av 
Austad Martha E r318a Baker 
" Norman K bkpr Am Tr Co rl078 Green 
" Theodora (wid Engvald) h2740 Bryant 
Austen Wm C (Louise) sten hl430 Buchanan 
Austin A G r701 Sutter 
"AN mattress mkr r3074 24th 
" Addle hn4 Turk 

" Albt P (Florence M) chauf h660 Morse ar 
" Alf elk Swift & Co r Lomita Park 
" Andw D r380 Eddy 
" Anna Mrs hl002 Dolores 
" Anthony N (Ruth) h3074 24th 
" Artell C (Agnes) elk hl29 18th av 
" Arth B tchr r266 Punston av 
" Bert C min eng 220 Montgy R700 hSM 

" Bros Shoe Stores 111 Powell 
" Buddy rl540 Ellis 
" Chas galvanizer rl57 Duboce av 
" Chas A r873 Grove 

" Chas A dept mgr Edw Lowe Jr r Bkly 
" Chas W (Gladys) firemn h907 Valencia 
" Clara M br mgr Poster Lunch System Ltd 

r3501 Divlsadero ! 

" Cl!irence r34 25th av 

" Cliftord M (Ann H) Indywkr hl26 Sanchei 
" Deroy r701 Sutter 
" Deroy ]r r701 Sutter 

" Dorothy slswn O'Connor Moflatt & Co r3504 i 
Geary blvd ; 

'• Dorr (Austin & Co) r26 Jordan av i 

"EC Mrs hl955 Bway 

" Edna mach opr rl679 Alabama 

" Edw lab r538 6th 

" Edw I (Julia) elk h761 Halght 

" Edwin A (Virginia G) h50 Montalvo av 

" Eliz M archt H H Gutterson rll62 Filbert 

" Elva sten H G McKannay 

■' Emily J Mrs interpreter h2250 Van Ness aT 

" Evelyn nurse h835 Hyde 

" Florence C Mrs pennant mfr 2335 Market 
h2333 do 

" Frances rl433 Broderlck 

" Frank (Caroline) hl964 Buchanan 

" Frank (Mabel P) hl32 Gough 

" Frank (Blanche) lab hl433 Broderlck 

" Prank B (Anna) asst atty Railroad Com 
h70 Forest Side av 

" Frank B jr slsmn P E O'Halr & Co h780 

" Frank L (Valet Club) rl369 Sacto 

" Prank L lieut comndr US Coast Guard r 

" Franklyn garmt prsr hl54D Ellis 

" Fred A r rear 621 42d av 

" Fredk P (Valet Club) rl369 Sacto 

" Gene mlnr rl015 Van Ness av 

" Geo h677a Minna 

" Geo r952 Powell 

" Geo E (Dorothea D) real est 105 Montgy 
R606 h38 Hill Point av 

" Geo G slsmn Mission Realty Co r222 Hearst 

" Geo H elk r417 14th av 

" Geo H (Eliz P) inspr US Post OfBce Insprs 
hl240 7th av 

" Geo W slsmn Doherty Bros r2321 Sacto 

" Georgie E Mrs apt mgr hl470 Calif 

" Grace elk r229 Flood av 

" Grace M sten J G Brill Co h833 Jones 

" H Chas elk r561 Elizabeth 

" H H hl939 Turk 

" Harold H elk SOCo r Bkly 

" Harry E (Ellen) radio opr RCA Communi- 
cations Inc h632 Broderlck 

" Helen (wid Harrvl h222 Hearst av 

" Helen Tallant (Tallant & Tallant) r Rosa 

" Ida L (wid Harry) slswn Columbia Out- 
fitting Co h25 Fair Oaks 

" Irene beauty opr rl650 Calif 

" J A hl755 Geary 

" Jack (Ruth) bellmn rl401 Jones 

" Jack T (Alice) elev opr hl451 Sacto 

" Jas A welder rl360 Webster 

" Jeanette (wid Chas) h561 Elizabeth 

" Jennie (wid Jas) hskpr rlOO Wolfe 

" John P chauf hl575 Pine 

" Jos (Edna) pntr hl679 Alabama 

" Jos H (Florence) hl523 47th av 

" Julia Mrs sten Penaat & Penaat r751 Halgm 

" Lauretta Mrs elk Federal Reserve Bani 
h3902 19th 

" Leland E (Anna) mech hl79 28th 

" Lena Mrs r661 Oak 

" Leo mgr San Francisco Art Gallery hSBOO 
Scott _ , 

" Lois actor r226 El Camlno Del Mar 



" Lou Mrs waiter r242 Turk 

" Louise Mrs h851 Post 

" Lucille (wid T El h2827 22(1 

" Lulu hostess E J Clinton & Co r242 Turk 

" Lyman J asst buyer Coflan-Redington Co r 

" M h795 3th av 

"ME Mrs rl26 Joice 

" Mabel cook rl28 Page 

" Mae Mrs r729 14th av 

" Malcolm O (Lillian) medical dlr West Coast 
Life Ins Co and phys 86 Post 5th fl h34 
25th av 

" Malcolm O jr clt Geo H Woodward Ino r34 
25th av 

" Marjorie L rl470 Calif 

" Marshall R with Title Ins & Guar Co rl328 

" Martha h2345 Post 

" Mary elk SERA r795 8th av 

" Mary lab techn r782 9th av 

" Merle T Mrs slswn Livingston Bros hllOl 

" Norman D (Kath) hl591 Page 

" O L h666 O'Parrell 

" Oliver J (EUaj expmn 110 Clay hl41 Jor- 
dan av 

" Paul P (Mignonne) eng SOCo rll24 Chestnut 

" R H h506 Grove 

" Ralph (Josephine) elk h449 O'Farrell 

" Ralph W restrwkr r940 Post 

" Raymond B credit mgr Richfield Oil Co r 

" Rea A reporter rl6I Ellis 

" Saml O (Ellen) slsmn hill Corona 

" Steph H cigar box mfr 718 Natoma h266 
Funston av 

" Studio Marie Stelson mgr photog 833 Mar- 
ket R1106 

" Thelma slswn Raphael Weill & Co hll67 

" Walter H elk SPCo r Bkly 

" Wanda G teller Guaranty Bldg & Loan 
Assn rl96 Yerba Buena av 

" Warren (Mabel) electn hl635 Pierce 

" -Western Road Machinery Co H F Knox 
br mgr 435 Brannan 

" Wilbur G (Wanda G) slsmn M A Semerad 
hl96 Yerba Buena av 

" Wm H (Ruth) hll45 Capp 

" Wm J mach r971 McAllister 

" Willis B (Margt T) h701 Buena Vista av 

" Winthrop P (Tallant & Tallant) r Ross 

AUSTIN & COMPANY (Dorr Austin) Certified 
Public Accountants, 501 Clunie Bldg, 519 
California, Tel DO nglas 7787 

Moore & Co Inc Agts 233 Pine, Tel GA r- 
fleld 7480 

" National Travel Assn A H O'Connor mgr 
450 Powell R406 

" New Zealand American Trading Co Nor- 
man Sondag mgr 214 Front R301 

" Press Bureau A H O'Connor editor 450 
Powell R406 

Austrem H h2S01 Van Ness av 

Austria Harry hsemn r2414 Gough 

" Paul (El cook hl509 Ellis 

Austrian American Benevolent Assn 240 
Golden Gate av 

Autagne Anna h864 Treat av 

" Frank A (May) v-pres-seo Sartorlus Co 
hSOO Huron av 

" Geo L pntr State Bd Harbor Comrs rl49 

Autard Eug J (Lucy) Indy 2424 Van Ness av 
r2420 do 

" Eug J jr pharm r2420 Van Ness av 

Autcault Harry elk United Cigar Stores 

Auten Blanche rl500 Sutter 

" Geo carp r354 Mission 

Auterl Jos (Anna) h2273b Chestnut 

" Paul r226I Chestnut 

" Severio (Sylvia) h2261 Chestnut 

Autey Chas rin 4th 

Auth Eug T slsmn Tay-Holbrook Inc r Okld 

" Henry boxmkr rll97 McAllister 

Autinrieth Neil barber h520 Buchanan 

" Wilma S sten r520 Buchanan 

FORNIA, E P Anderson District Mgr, Di- 
rect Factory Branch Autocar Co, Autocar 
Motor Trucks, Salesroom and Service Sta- 
tion, IWiO Harrison, Tel UN derhill 4545 

" Electric Supply Co (Saml Casper S S Var- 
ney) 543 Van Ness av 

" Fender & Radiator Works W R Oeser W 
H Silberschmidt) 1140 Geary 

" Parts Exchange Co (P L Conlan E M Rob- 
inson) 525 Golden Gate av 

Auto Radio Specialist, Installation, Sales, 
Service, 879 O'Farrell, Tel OR dway 8145 

" Service Shade & Repair Co (A J Garcia 
G U Halsing) window shades 1591 Jackson 

" Sheet Metal Works Jas Babin, C H Christof- 
fersen 711 Golden Gate av 

Mgr. Paging Industrial Fire Alarm, Watch- 
man and Sprinkler Supervisory Services, 
320 Market B314, Tel GA rfleld 0526 

Stone Pres, Sprinkler Systems, 519 Cali- 
fornia R510, Tel SU tter 1174 

State Automobile Association) 150 Van 
Ness Av, Tel HE mlock 3400 

" Code Bureau (Motor Vehicle Retailing 
Trade, Northern Calif) 405 Montgy R12n 

" Dealers Assn of Northern Calif 1714 Market 

FORD CONN, Claude A Bonner Mgr, 333 
Pine, Tel GA rfleld 2626 

Automotive Maintenance & Garage Assn A 

T Brandhofer pres 1182 Market R422 
" Recovery Bureau H C Pomroy mgr 139 Van 

Ness av S 
" Repair and Maintenance Assn 1182 Market 
" Service Inc Frank Edwards pres batteries 

950 Van Ness av 
Autor Danl (Freda) tailor h355 Laguna 
Autzen Helen H ofice sec Riggs Optical Co 

rl084 Bway 
Auxiliam Institute No 631 YLI 1606 Stockton 
Auxiliary No 15 Sons of Union Veterans of 

the Civil War War Memorial Bldg 
Auyong Dick r37 Columbus av 
Auze Alf mgr Calif Cotton Mills Co h655 

Auzerais Anna Z Mrs hI395 Golden Gate av 
Avakian Anne librn rI262 Pine 
" Arakel (Lucy) rl30 8th av 
" Arsen (Ann) elk hl30 8th av 
" Arth A elk rl30 8th av 
" John (Siranoush) radiator mfr 919 Polsom 

hl69 17th av 
Avalos Alphonse elk r8 30th 
" Carmen dom r8 30th 
" Frank rlO Redondo 
" Josephine Mrs h8 30th 
" Louis rlO Redondo 
Avansino A h2735 Anza 
" Henrv A (Eliz) (Avansino Mortensen & Co) 

h3236 Gough 
" John (Theresa) apt mgr h2060 Leavenworth 
" John sta atdt Shell Oil Co 
" John B (Florence A) florist hl21 Avlla 
" Milton (Beulah) chauf h643 34th av 
" Mortensen & Co (H A Avansino P D Mor- 
tensen Albt Dettmer) whol florists 175 5th 
Avant Edna mech opr Everwear Mfg Co x 

San Bruno 
Avanzato Chas (Elvira) fruits 2725 24th 

r3102 26th 
Avanzino Eleanor rl219 Silver av 
" Frederico (Amelia) jan rlB Edith 
" Louis (Amelia) lab hl542 Shaffer av 
" Louis J (Natalie) slsmn Hostess Cake 

Kitchen rl490 Palou av 
" Rita factywkr rl219 Silver av 
Avary Hugh dentist 450 Sutter R2519 
Avdanovich Moi&e h829 Leavenworth 
Ave Ethel (wid Constantine) h311 Rutledge 
" Prank N elk r311 Rutledge 
Avedano Claude A (Annie M) police h2340 

" Helena (wid Ferdinand) h3316 Stelner 
" Lea maid rl510 Pacific av 
Avelino Crlspino (Julia) pntr hl716 Sutter 
Avellan Arth (Lena) Indvmn h771 35th av 
Avellar Lucille Mrs h2580 Polk 
Avello Louis J (Blasa) lab h424 40th av 
Avelon Anton newsmn r43 Verona pi 
AVENALI E, V-Pres Crocker First National 

Bank of San Francisco, r Woodside, San 

Mateo County 
" Linda (wid L M) Int dec 561 Sutter r2174 

" Lorenzo M h2174 Green 
Avendano Chris waiter r457 Pranklln 
" Rafael (Marguerite) lab h465 Duboce av 
Aveni Vincenza J asst sec Gilmore Steel & 

Supp Co r851 Brunswick 
Avenue Aoartments 1028 Golden Gate av 
" Dress Shop (Mrs B B Jackson Mrs Julia 

Chase) 2658 San Bruno av 
" Market (John Moroncelli Saml Brandl) 451 

Cortland av 
" Restaurant (Mrs Cath Rolfl Raymond 

Simontacchl John Schivardi) 156 Colum- 
bus av 
" Sweet Shop (Chris Kourtoylou Costos Boyad- 

zis) 2646 San Bruno av 
" Theatre 2650 San Bruno av 
Aver Carlton T (Margt) slsmn h4346 23d 
" Ellis P elk rl83 28th 
" Rolnh H elk r312 Fillmore 
" Tillie (wid O H) slswn Marks Bros rl83 

" Wm G (Virginia) elk Bank of Am hl6 

Averdieck Erna M elk r730 Fillmore 
Averell E Mrs nurse hi 159 Hyde 
" Harold C (Victoria) cert nub acct 235 

Montgy R758 h355 San Benito way 
Averett Wm (Grace) h2159 Mission 
Averiett Homer L (Vera) auto mech h916 

Averiette Chas L (Irma) electn hl426 46th av 
Averill Blanche E fur fnshr City of Paris Dry 

Gds Co rll50 Union 
" Chas (Landls & Averill) h925 Geary 
" Lvman hll50 Union 
" M r860 Geary 

" Mary R oEBce mgr J Aron & Co hl225 Bay 
Averitt H (Vera) auto mech r915 Ortego 
Averla Tony waiter r393 Silver av 
Averson Rland acct M C Mogensen & Co r701 

Parker av 
Avery Allen C (Emma) Jan h226 Maynard 
" Arth E (Elsie HI auto mech hl379 5th av 
" C E h915 Pranklln 
" Carrie R (wid D R) h708 Broderick 
" Claude bartndr W A Eiland 
" Cornelia slswn Virginia Made Candies rl095 

" Donald L elk rl637 12th av 
" Earl adj Pield-Ernst Envelope Co r Okld 
" Eunice M tchr Pub Sch h4320 19th 
" Florence Mrs h425 Pranklln 
" Frank M v-pres-mgr Fire Assn of Phila- 
delphia r Pled 
" Fred B (Faye) (Exposition Garage) hl637 

12th av 
" Glenn W (Kath) news vendor h72 Bartlett 
" Harold waiter Crocker Old Peoples Home 
" J L inspr in chg Dlv of Chemistry State 

Dept of Agrl r Ala 


" Kasson r Sir Francis Drake Hotel 

" Lydla (wid Walter) r 2749 Union 

" M rll90 Haight 

" Manuel P (Florence) mach h3018 Calif 

" N P servmn Union Carbide Sales Co r Okld 

" Norma Mrs hl535 Leavenworth 

" Perclval A elk SPCo r Okld 

"RE h2009 Divisadero 

" Richd I elk rl035 Pell 

" Robt L chauf h45 Franklin 

" Roderick S br mgr S F Examiner hl035 Fell 

" Ruth S r398 West Portal av 

" Wm H hl999 Bway 

Aves Apartments 576 Guerrero 

Aveson Foss (Ada) printer h580 McAllister 

" Roland (Martha) bkpr h701 Parker av 

Avesta Apartments 876 Guerrero 

Avey Lena Mrs r872 McAllister 

Aviani Dominic P (Nan) asst cash Bank of 

Am h579 39th av 
" Ernest J (Ellen) (Saddle Rock Grill) hll23 

Lincoln way 
" Matteo barber 654 Commercial rll23 Lin- 
coln way 
Aviation Press (L A Thorpe B S Eversale) 

publrs 580 Market R200 
Avico Renato (Linda) pres Crispi Pastry Co 

h2153 North Point 
Avidano Fred (Frances) lab h470 2Bth av 
Avidonia Leah rl682 Bway 
Avies Louis electn r463 6th av 
Avlla Alfd lab hlll4 Tennessee 
" Alice elk r54 Liebig 
" Anna bkpr Poultry Producers of Central 

Calif r910 Union 
" Antonio (Millyl h393 Silver av 
" Emihano cond r578 26th av 
" Eve hl201 Pine 

" Franclsca dancing tchr r2197 Divisadero 
" Gloria M elk Mercantile Acceptance Corp _ 

r Okld 
" Herminia C sten Italian-Swiss Colony rl61l 

" Hortensia Mrs clo prsr rl924 Folsom 
" Jose lab rlll4 Tennessee 
" Jose B lab h449 Anderson 
" Jos (Edith) tmstr hl027 Russia av 
" Jos P (Mary) gro 3682 18th h54 Lleblg 
" Jos G (Rose) cond hl64 Caine av 
" Julio lab hl208 Fairfax av 
" Lester chauf h570 Capp 
" Mabel A (wid A A) social wkr h2197 Divisa- 
" Mae Mrs shoe wkr h3167 23d 
" Mary r449 Anderson 
" Mary I Mrs r2ni O'Parrell 
" R M Mrs hl920 Pine 
" Ray hl036 Polk 
" Veronica M cash Oregon Mut Life Ins Co 

r2171 O'Parrell 
" Violet r570 Capp 
Aviles Alphonso (Carmen) blksmth 112471 

" Michl (Carmen) h790 Pell 
" Philip assembler r43 Homer 
Avilez Danl A (Helen C) wharfinger h49 Lloyd 
Avilla Anthony h2171 O'Parrell 
AvlUa Anthony press opr Simmons Co r Okld 
" Prank bkpr Mercantile Properties Corp r 

" Frank auto blksmth C J De Michel 
" J L uphol hl552 Jackson 
" Jos (Lucy) auto trmr rl552 Jackson 
" Julian jan r900 Pierce 
" Manuel rl416 Webster 
Avlna Prospiero (Louisa) coil spring wkr 

hl6I5 Jones 
Aviiigton Timothy E (Myrle) phys h685 Turk 
Avlno Conception Mrs r49 Bernlce 
" Prospero (Luisa) seamn h907 Greenwich 
Avirlou Apartments 840 Capp 
Avis Arth elk r976 Van Ness av S 
" Marjorie office sec Maurice A Gale r Ross 
" Robt L elk r435 Gough 
Aviva Louise mattress mkr r851 Greenwich 
Avola Nicholas h404 20th av 
" Nunzio N (Rose R) mach hl861 Chestnut 
Avolos Prank J lab r8 30th 
Avon Apartments 420 Jones 
Avondale Apartments 2242 Polk 
" Hotel 236 4th 
Avonmore Apartments 361 14th 
Avoux Marcel Mrs clo clnr h2650 Franklin 
Avrams Lucia Mrs r630 Masonic av 
Avranson E G rl485 Pine 
Avrll Chas W cash Crowe Glass Co h960 Bay 
" Walter R bkpr Challenge Cream & Butter 

Assn r960 Bay 
Avrin Harry (Clara) tailor h2531 27th av 
" Rose sten r2531 27th av 
Avritt Isaac R (Lizzie) hl222 21st av 
" Sarah E Mrs hl650 Clay 
Avroid Ann Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores 

r3356 22d 
Avzaradel Chas (Anna) slsmn hl38 27th 
Awa Ernest L lab r52 Rolph 
" Wm O (Prances) mach Nelson Mach & 

Mfg Co h52 Rolph 
Await Fred E slsmn Northwest Engineering 

Co r Burlingame 
" Hilda Mrs bkpr Am Novelty & Mfg Co rl35 

" Pickens P mgr Am Novelty & Mfg Co hl840 

Awazian Albt (Sarah) cook h767 Haight 
Awbrey Lester B (Dixie) lab hl489 16th av 
Awender Peter (Anna) hl452 Clay 
Axberg A mach Am Type Founders Sales Corp 

r Okld 
Axdal Ella O sten r206 Howth 
" Gertrude A sec E P Delany r206 Howth 
" Olai (Nellie) carp h206 Howth 
" Oil S (Elsie) h2245 16th 
" Severln O slsmn r206 Howth 


H. F. SUHR CO., Inc., Jiw^ral iimtora 

H. FRED SUHR, President 

(Established 1884) 
Finest ChapeU in City 

See Page 1720 

Phone: Mission 1811 

Axdcl clinstme mnid r3255 Paculc iiv 
Axe Ernn E sten Industrial Assn li2186 Calif 
" Pearl with P E Compton & Co n22 Taylor 
Axel Tnmma Y slswn H Llebes & Co li730 

" Terrv iGracc) blrnikr h305 Oak 
Axell Elmer P slsmn J A Axell & Co r Red- 
wood Citv 
" Eug R slsmn r4124 IrvlriR 
" J A «: Co IJ A and J N Axelll wliol florists 

191 5th 
" Jessie N (J A Axell it. Co) r273 Page 
" John A (Jesslei IJ A Axell & Co) h273 

" Vivian Mrs h4124 Irving 
Axelrod Adolph iMollla) dry gds 1682 Halght 

hI640 Waller 
" Albt A (Lucille) lawyer 235 Montgy R2305 

h372 Funston av 
" Alf I Ruth 1 notions 4614 3d 
" Bertram optician Rhine Optical Co 
" Bros iMllton & Jos Axelrod) dry gds 2746 

" Eleanor sten A A Axelrod r830 Sutter 
" Jos (Henrietta) (Axelrod Bros) hl90 Fun- 
ston av 
" Lucille Mrs tchr Pub Sch r517 Anza 
" Marian rl640 Waller 
" Max chaut hB30 Sutter 
" Milton (Axelrod Bros) 

" Nathan asst mgr Welnstein Co r433 21st av 
" S hlOll Bush 

Axelsen Hans (Magdalena) carp h46 Arleta av 
" Jennie bkpr r46 Arleta av 
Axelson E Manfred carp r3337 17th 
" Emil elk Coffln-Redington Co r Mill Valley 
" Herman (Rosei Ingshrmn h2190 Sutter 
" Penny A elk r46 Arleta av 
Axen John p (Nadinei chauf h2911 16th 
Axenmalher Axel rl396 O'Parrell 
Axford Alt C acct S H Lanvon r Mill Valley 
" Allan C (Maxine) (Axford Bros) hl964 

" Alma Mrs (Axford Bros) r2442 Folsom 
" Bros (W J W A A C and Mrs Alma Axford) 

props Mission Foundry & Stove Wks 557 

Treat av 
" Wm (Kathi hill West Gate dr 
" Wm A (Axford Bros! rlH Westgate dr 
" Wm J (Lilliei (Axford Bros) hl82 Delmar 
Axiotis Antonio (Viola) hat clnr h45a Pearl 
Axman Fred R (Lulu) h3145 Octavia 
" Guide r526 Jackson 

" Herman J paints 3277 Mission h3275 do 
Axt R A h990 Bay 

Axtell Mary (wid G M) h2811 Calif 
Axtman Harry H oiler rl310 Broderick 
Axton-Fl&her Tobacco Co The Leona Strauss 

mgr 601 2d 
Ayag Celentina Mrs h64 Harriet 
Ayala Chas (Marguerite I lab hl24 Majestic av 
" Francisco lab r790 Vallejo 
" Francisco watch repr Pedro Maldonado r 

» Gabriel cook h2258 Bush 
" J lab r2384 Greenwich 
" Juanita Mrs h225a Clara 
" Leo cook r2258 Bush 
" R lab r2384 Greenwich 
" Reynaldo Ironwkr r238 Moulton 
" Vicente lab r541 Washn 
Ayalas Amelia h65y2 Manchester 
Ayau Rafael M hl075 Calif 
Ayde Maurice (Florence) barber hl215 Oak 
Aydelotte Alice E asst E V Sutton rSlO Hyde 
" Emma r810 Hyde 
" Emma J h980 Bush 
Ayden Allen A (Hazel) acct Am Ins Co r2120 

" John L elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Walter E (Lois) v-pres-mgr Elec Corp of 

S P hl472 Filbert 
Aye Adolph I miner rl531 Sutter 
" Anna Mrs rll5 Bronte 
" Jas H mfrs agt 7 Front R314 
" Wm M (Normal h3672 17th 
Ayello Carmen Mrs h342 Austin 
" Chas nurse U C Hosp 1315 Steiner 
AYER, See also Ayers, Ayres and Eayers 
" Agnes Mrs r240 Plournoy 
"EG purch agt Envelope Corp r Okld 
" Earl J (Winifred) elk hl22 Carl 
" Eug N sec Bargene Realty Co r Burhngame 
" Fred L (Martha) lab City Parks Dept hl466 

10th av 
" Gerald elk H C Wilsey 
" Harry R cement fnshr Dept Pub Wks rl906 

10th av 
" Jesse C (Myrtle) hl446 30th av 
" Jos S (Emmal h240 St Francis blvd 
" Leland S (Mary) air brake Inspr SPCo h558 

12th av 

Eastman Pacific Coast Mgr, Advertising 

Headquarters, 1910 Russ Bldg, 235 Mont- 
gomery, Tel SUtter 35S4 
" Paul slsmn Jones Bros Asbestos Co r Okld 
" Ray r280 Union 
" Rae C Mrs sten Crowell Publishing Co r 

" Virginia Mrs h805 Leavenworth 
Ayeras Antonio B pantrymn rl748 Geary 

Ayerhardt Lillian A Mrs social wkr h340 17th 

AYKKS. See also Ayres 

" Albt r689 Folsom 
" ^Ibt r315 3d 
" Albt Jan r3254 Mission 
" Anna sten r354 O'Parrell 
" Annie E Mrs mgr Maxine Apts r2850 Frank- 
" Carroll W br mgr B-O Sandwich Shops r 

" Cath rl369 Post 
" Cedric (Anna I h4072 18th 
" Chas E (Clara) real est 3836 24th h3834 do 
" Chas L disp hl006 Page 
" Chas L Jr archt rl006 Page 
" Chester C (Grace) asbestos wkr h761ft 

" Clifford E dentist rlO06 Page 
" Dallas h400 Oak 

" David T car serv agt SPCo r Bkly 
" Dolores Mrs emp Mary's Help Hosp rl24 

" E Townsend trav frt agt N & W Ry Co 

r Okld 
" Ellen E (wid Edwin) r40 Justin dr 
" Erie G slsmn Messner's Inc hia60 Bush 
" Estelle J slswn Raphael Weill & Co r290 

25th av 
" Ethel E rl006 Page 
" Harold S (Ruth) lino opr Alex Duller 

Printing Co hl36 Delmar 
" Harry H mech r50 Grafton av 
" John A mach r2850 Franklin 
" Lester S slsmn R N Nason & Co r Santa 

" Loretta (wid John) rl334 18th av 
" Lysle G slsmn Phoenix Mut Life Ins Co 
" M W (Hallle) hl304 Lombard 
" Mabel L rl006 Page 
" Mary rl041 Franklin 
" Mary (wid SteymanI rl481 17th av 
" Millie Mrs r325 Sutter 

" Milton A (Ruth) mot pict opr h3765 21st 
" Nelson E h409 Peninsula av 
" Ohver L (Dorothy) furn pkr h77 Pearl 
" R G cant USA r Presidio 
" Robt rl68 Eddy 
" Robt B (Annie E) (Ayres cSi Wyman) h2850 

" Rulo P teleg opr AT&SFRy r Okld 
" Thos F phys 1006 Page 

" Viola M furrier Morris Schark hll40 Sutter 
" Vivienne A slswn Welnstein Co r805 Leav- 
" Walter D (Mabel P) cond h212 Arleta av 
" & Wyman (R B Ayers Chas Wyman) beer 

579 Geary 
Ayesten Jean (Marie) sausagemkr h82 Flora 
Ayhens Leon butcher h652 Shotwell 
" Paul chauf r730 Eddy 
Ayles Gertrude F Mrs br mgr Mosse Inc r 

Hotel EI Cortez 
" Gilbert P slsmn Malott & Peterson r Gra- 
nada Hotel 
Aylesworth Bettv beauty opr Mrs G H Oxsen 
Ayhng David elk King & Seeley Inc r Bur- 

Aylor Walter E (Cecelia) staff member U S 

Agricultural Adj Administration h932 Ca- 

Aylott Marguerite Mrs r325 Chenery 
" Raymond M musician r43 Carl 
" Saml (Lillian M) ironwkr h43 Carl 
Avlward Ellen (wid Frank) h243a Henry 
" Mary rll25 Waller 
" Mary I (wid Chas) hH7 Webster 
" MichI lab r243a Henry 
" Wm (Evangeline) bartndr h391 Valencia 
" Wm F r243a Henry 

Aylworth Chas F (lola) elev opr h567 Webster 
" Margt Mrs hl530 Dolores 
Aymaml Michl (Adela) slsmn Union Furn Co 

hl51 Brompton av 
Aymar Cecil F elk U S Rubber Products r 

" Jennie Mrs r375 Douglass 
Aymard Denis (Marie) slsmn Golden State Co 

h723 Anza 
" Prank (Phllllplne) lab h206 Thornton av 
" Paul (Theresa) mgr Ideal Hotel hl334 

Aymeric Geo kitchen hlpr rl535 Hyde 
" Rena elk Louis Panelll rl535 Hyde 
Aynesworth Harry H elk h328 Hyde 
Ayon Mathias A (Eulalia) hl953a Webster 
" Merced with E Goss & Co rl066 Tennessee 
Avoob David gro 694 Tennessee 
" Predk (Annie) gro 2530 3d 
" Geo r704 ISth 
" Philip elk r2530 3d 
" Rodger r704 18th 
" Sarah (wid Sol) h704 18th 
" Waddle T (Martha) tailor hl427 26th av 
" Wadl tmstr r2530 3d 
Avoop Sol (Winnie) gro 2146 3d 
" Wm elk Sol Ayooo r2146 3d 
Ayotte EUz rH44 Eddy 
Ayrer Edwin C (Esther) elk h522 26th av 
AYRES, See also Ayers 
" Aileen bkpr r74 Clipper 
" Albt D Jr elk SOCo r Okld 
" Allen H elk Hawaiian Pineapple Co r Okld 


" Allen W (Marion) chauf h2841 Sacto 

" Apartments 998 Dlvisadero 

" Arth r600 34th av 

" Claude (Mayi plmbr h526 34th av 

" Dale asbestos wkr hl24 Clipper 

" Florence sten rl058 Guerrero 

" H h852 Shrader 

" Harry motorcycle mech r50 Grafton av 

" Harry W (Bosslel elk h74 Clipper 

" Hayward r Sir Francis Drake Hotel 

" Howard H acct Genl Steamship Corp r Okld 

" Irwin W r863 Bush 

" J rl75 6th 

" Jacob (Prances) former G B Torre & Son 

hl058 Guerrero 
" John M (Clara I real est h60O 34th av 
" Larry shtmtlwkr r300 Delano 
" Mary L sec Am Red Cross rl42 17th av 
" Merril S (Rose I slsmn h700 Parnassus av 
" Millie N smstrs r325 Sutter 
" Milton A mot pict opr r3765 21st 
" Nelson B (Melba) serv mgr Warren Boyd 

Co hl465 Alabama 
" O L pkr Bekins Van & Stge Co r Okld 
" Richd E slsmn Los Angeles Soap Co r Bkly 
" Robt W forester U S Forest Serv r Palo 

" Rollin B slsmn Crown Zellerbach Corp r 

" Rollin C adv dlr Zellerbach Paper Co r Okld 
" Ruby E rl900 Eddy 
" Ruth sten Dohrmann Hotel Supp Co rl058 

" Stewart elk McDonnell & Co r Okld 
" Theresa mlnr rl036 Bosworth 
" Thos B elk Western States Gro Co r Palo 

" Thos E elec contr 106 Olive rSOO Delano 
" Thos J (Leah) coml photog hl588 9th av 
" Victoria rl053 Guerrero 
Ayscough Wm H cloprsr r2D5 3d 
Ayton Arth F asst dept mgr Otis McAllister 

cSc Co r Okld 
" Chas D (Ethel) acct 235 Montgy R1360 

h474 5th av 
" Herbt D (Maria) with Balfour Guthrie & 

Co Ltd hll21a Bush 
" Louise Mrs mgr Glenalr Apartments r445 

" Wm M (Louise) eng h445 Webster 
Azalde Alex (Ann) pntr hI140 Van Ness av 8 
" Anna (C-A-L Coffee Shop) rll40 Van Ness 

av S 
" Jos (Maria) printer h3760 20th 
Azar Kareem D (May) barber 4609 Geary blvd 

h570 33d av 
Azarcon Hercules (Albertlna) h722 Golden 

Gate av 
Azarian Nugerditch M (Sarah) printer 210 

Fillmore h396 Waller 
Azaro Aristas r519 London 
" Hilda beauty shop 144 Russia av r519 Lon- 
" Silvio (Irene) shoe repr 4523 Mission and 

144 Russia av h519 London 
Azavedo Caroline J (wid Antone) h454 Fell 
Azbill Henry Jan hl602 Jones 
Azcarate Francisco mgr St Helena Hotel hH04 

Azevedo Amelia elk rl54 Duncan 
" Carl (Lena) mach h35 Ramona av 
" Constantino (Georgina) lab h2280 Bryant 
" Dudley L elk r378 25th av 
" Emily r2989 Jackson 
" Eug H (Ina) mtrmn h532 22d av 
" Frank chauf h25 Gough 
" Prank T (Marie) chauf hl80 Dolores 
" John L (Lorine) acct h40 MontecUo av 
" Jos E (Lillian) chauf h79 Paradise av 
" Jos M sec-treas Norris K Davis Inc r San 

" Joy C sten r378 25th av 
" Julia (wid Jos) rl54 Duncan 
" Loretta p typist USN r378 25th av 
" Lorraine A sten Madison & Burke r Mill 

" Louise E mlnr Lisette Burgl hl344 Geary 
" Marie Mrs waiter h340 Eddy 
" Pete auto mech r25 Gough 
" Robt W watchmkr Albt Gold h741 14th 
" Saml (Lei) h517d Shotwell 
" Simon P driver hl56 Duboce av 
" Wm L (Loretta) h378 25th av 
Azevlda Alice Mrs r2749 Mission 
Azich John E (Jennie) exp h357 Connecticut 
Aziz Toflck A (Annie) gro 999 14th ll991 do 
Azman Cecilia maid 2700 Pacific av 
Azoubel Aaron (Carmella) elk hl071 Sanches 
" Harry elk rlOTl Sanchez 
Azrack Albt slsmn rl40 4th 
Aztec Brewing Co D V Jordan Ralph HoTls 

agts 556 Davis 
Azugar John (Nellie) carp h3220 Jennings 
" John jr r3220 Jennings 
Azuma M hl742 Laguna 

Azzall Biagio (Mary) lab hl87 Brompton ar 
" Eleanor B tel opr rl87 Brompton av 
" Inez D dental nurse rl87 Brompton av 
Azzara Eug (Ceaserlne) waiter hl279 18th av 
Azzarello Angelina M elk rl03 Crescent av 
" Rose (wid Vincent) h244 Anderson 
" Salvatore (Lena M) lab h757 Chenery 

Azzaretti Bacci plantmn Gllmore Oil Co r2245 

" Caroline elk r2245 Lombard 
" Marie (Wid Geol hl638 Quesada av 
" Pauline (wid John I h2245 Lombard 
Azzari Esiglio (Delilial (Diamond Mkt) h84 

Lipperd av 
" Tomano elk r84 Lipperd av 
Azzarini Henry (Graeiai h382 Greeen 
Azzaro Anselmo iRichettal florist hll39 Bay 

" Bros (Massomino and Virgin florists 526 

Columbus av 
" John h590 Lombard 
" John elk Azzaro Bros r916 Pacinc 
" John florist r892 Filbert 
" Marie (wid Angeloi h892 Filbert 
" Massomino (Mary) (Azzaro Bros) r20i08 

Powell ^^ , , 

" Virgil (Azzaro Bros) r Stockton „ , , , 
Azzohno Louisano (Mary) lab hl909 Oakdale 

" Seraflno (Paulinei (Comet Cleaners) hl853 

" Vincent rll77 Pacific 
Azzopardi Anne elk rl686 Oakdale av 
" Carmela bkbndr rl686 Oakdale av 
" Carmelo (Saturiai mtrmn h351 Arleta av 
" Jos (Helen) gro 4726 3d hl686 Oakdale av 
" Jos sugar wkr r2602 Quint 
" Mary A slswn rl686 Oakdale av 
" Paul elk rl686 Oakdale av 
" Paul iLizia) leather wkr hl641 Newcomb av 
" Salvador J printer Crandall Press Ine rl686 

Oakdale av 

Azzorelli Giovanini lab hl*34 Thomas av 


Eaton Pres. John Baeza Sec. Zinc Copper 

and Iron Stamping. Ornamental Work for 

Electric Signs. 337 Langton. Tel Vn derhill 

B-G* Sandwich Shops Ine H = H^Lnnan ™Pf 

office 258 9th restrs 130 Bush 1022 Market 

38 and 250 Montgy 184 O'Parrell 75 and 

464 Sutter 

B & A Steamshln Co (Beadle S S Co Ltd) 

1 Drumm R 1200 , „ , , 

B & R Smoke Shop )W D Askew R L La 

Mark) 1800 Haight 
Baab Marv A~ eompt opr r456 Ri(^ 
" W L diemkr hlpr Dalmo Mfg Co r Okld 
Baack Bros (C W and G Wl hdw 1000 Colum- 

" Claude W ijewel) (Baack Bros) h780 Chest- 

" Geo Vf (Mildred) (Baack Bros) h3330 
Buchanan „ ^ p_. 

" Henry P barber 572 Golden Gate av 572 
Golden Gate av r3484 18th 

Baade Alt (Marv) r2148 Steiner 

BAADER, See also Bader 

" Adolph (Emilei cooper h82 Tmgley 

" Aug (Sybil) h826 Alvarado 

" Carolyn S sten State Compensation Ins 
Fund r826 Alvarado 

" Geo (Vera) with Columbia Steel Co h27 
Rudden av „, , 

" Margt M inspr Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Dlstr 
Corp r3370 Army 

Baagoe Sophia (wid Chrisl hl024 Clayton 

Baak Viola V sten Roy Pellom rl328 Calif 

Baalack Fred (Eleanor) lab h342 Athens 

" Lawrence elev opr r342 Athens 

Baalke Richd C carp h708 Buchanan 

Baalmann J Chemist (Marcel and Mrs May- 
belle Baalmann) 1263 Mission 

" Marcel (J Baalmann Chemist) r630 Mason 

" Mavbelle Mrs (J Baalmann chemist) h630 

Baane Jos L (Anna) whsmn h586 Athens 

Baar Jas L h3804 22d 

" Robt J elk SPCo r San Anselmo 

Baarman Ralph artist r505 8th 

Baars Viola laetywkr rl682 Bway 

Baarseh Otto waiter r3720 Sacto 

Baaser Aug F (Frances) carp hl739 Newcomb 

Baat Jack R (Phyllis E) lab h2395 Diamond 

" Wm P (Kath E) cook hl22 Sussex 

Baba Aug h933 Scott 

" Harry (Kassye) hsmn h708 Cole 

" Kouza (Ume) hl561 Post 

" N hl270 Grove „ ^_ 

Babayan John (Lucy) cigarette mfr 364 Sutter 

h364 19th av 
Babb Geo H ]r h3670 Fillmore 
" Harry R collr Bank of Am r735 Taylor 
" Keith D ass't mgr Am Finance Service r 

Daly. City 
" Victor L (Josephine) USN h529 Bush 
Babbes Geo (Marie) gro 5273 3d h2020 Lane 
Babbick Charlotte elk hl047 Bush 
" Geo stevedore r77 Wlnfleld 
" John L (Lena) emp Cudahy Pkg Co hll9 

" Steoh r77 Winfleld 
Babbieri Dion h725 Hampshire 
Babbinl Elito J bkpr Bank of Am r342 Green 
" Marie Mrs r715 Madrid 
Babbino Henrietta dom 3966 Washn 
" Julius C hl532 Grant av 
Babbitt John M (Nora) h351a Church 
" Lila sec Lovell Langstroth rl440 Sacto 
" May V egg candler r545 O'Farrell 
Babcock Alice Mrs office mgr Curtis Pub Co 

r3730 Scott 
" Arth R (Nellie) teller Crocker First Natl 

Bank h2625 Lincoln way 
" Augustus S (Alice) mgr Noee Rothenburg & 

Jann h3730 Scott 
" Beatrice maid r337 Hyde 
" Bertha (wid F M) hlOl Elsie 
" Building 310 Calif 
" Carleton D (Ida M) lawyer 466 Calif R729 

h41 Woodland av 
" Chas r485 Eddy 


" Chas B (Bertha) mfrs agt 135 Bluxome 

hl40 St Elmo way 
" Chas E elk rl40 St Elmo way 
" F D h2395 24th av 

" Frank F (Jacquelini slsmn hrear 447 Potrero 
" Frank L (Isobel i pntr hl022 Alabama 
" Geo pntr h601 O'Farrell 
" Geo M (Favi elk US War Dept Engineers 

hl422 11th av 
" Georgina M elk r545 O'Farrell 
" Gertrude r764 Pine 
" Jas W elk r2395 24th av 
" Jav (Anne) sta eng hl48 Otsego av 
" John apt mgr h945 Green 
" John G statistician Blyth & Co r3918 Fulton 
" John H (Laura M) carp hl350 24th av 
" John R rl350 24th av 
" Jos H (Helen R) lab h447 Potrero av 
" Maude rl422 Uth av 
" N Kittle hS30 Sutter 
" Nowlan D (Lila Si elk hl261 22d av 
" Richd L restrwkr rl013 Leavenworth 
" Roland (Charlotte) elk hl900 Turk 
" Seymour R estimator Knight-Counihan Co 

h2911 16th 
" Tilman D ( Gertrude i hl267 Filbert 
" V emp Stecher-Traung Litho Corp rl753 

" Wm A (Garnet) guard Federal Reserve Bank 

h731 47th av 
" Wm E (Rose) printer Calif Card Mfg Co 

h2117a 23d 
facturers. 450 Mission, Tel GA rfleld 3484 
Babcoe Edw r603 Fell 
Babcox Elsie G nurse rl77 Germania 
Babel Paul pntr rll74 Ellis 
Baber Bertha M Mrs h529 Page 
■' Chas T (Julia) pntr h4633 Irving 
- Ellouise N tchr Pub Sch rl300 26th av 
Harold r4633 Irving 
Jack r4633 Irving 

John I auto mech r520 Van Ness av 
W Hugh pres Calif Wool Growers Assn r 

" Zula (Wid T H) rl48a Grattan 
Babeux Ludger (Sissie) flremn Westn Sugar 

Ref h206 Allison 
Babian Aram (Josephine) pistr hl415 Scott 
Babich A M (Grace) h2450 Lake 
" Geo tanner h82 Perry 
-' Matthew (Annie Ml elk hll30 Larkln 
" Peter (Vera) jan hl783 Union 
" Rade tailor 980 Sutter r386 Page 
Babies Aid The Minnie Powell mgr 741 30th av 
Babin Chas O radio mech r2342 Sutter 
" Clarence A elk r2340 Sutter 
" Florence Mrs sten h340 Eddy 
" Geo hdw 2948 24th r2946 do 
" Jessie M priv sec NBC rll37 Hyde 
" Jos (Irene) (Auto Sheet Metal Wks) h450 

Masonic av 
BABIN LANDBT C CO Norbert S Babin Pres. 

Cesira M Butin V-Pres, Natalie M Babin 

Sec-Treas, Real Estate, Insurance and Bent 

Collectors, 4S3 Kearnv, Tel EX brook 1418 
" Margt Mrs waiter r2340 Sutter 
" Mary c Mrs elk Bd of Edue 2306 nth av 
" N c Mrs hl801 Bway 
" Natalie M see-treas Landry c Babin Co r43 


BABIN NOBBERT S (Natalie M) Pres Landry 
C Babin Co, h43 Wawona 

" Saml C seamn h2306 nth av 

" Stella r340 Eddy 

Babitsky David (Tonle) uphol 447 O'Farrell 

hllia Webster 
Babitz Jonas elk r755 16th av 
" Milton slsmn r755 16th av 
" Wm (Esther) pants mkr h755 16th av 
Babka Emily mach opr r619 Bosworth 
" Emily J sten Brunckhorst Sons & Co r619 

" John (Bessie) tailor h619 Bosworth 
" Jos (Bessie) tailor 105 Montgy R401 h2n 

Babkirk David steam eng r2971 Calif 
" Fred H gdnr r2378 Greenwich 
" Geo F ironwkr h2378 Greenwich 
" Norman w (Kath) chauf h2971 Calif 
Babow Ben] L (Bernice) optom hSll 3l5t av 
" Jos (Tlihe A) hl675 22d av 
" Paul gro 1057 Market h4303 17th 
Baboza Antone (Antoinette) lab h690 Naples 
Babra Paul (Angelina) wool puller rl322 

Babrofl Evan (Kath) lab h583 Missouri 
" Vera r583 Missouri 
Babski Walter L slsmn hl344 Jackson 
Babtista John (Consuello) h2121 O'Farrell 
Babuder Chas (Gesine) lab h255 Henry 

Importers and Mfrs Babies'. Children's 

and Misses' Wear, 5.5 1st, Tel DO uglas S253 
Babyaco Louis S (Mabel) lab hl529a 15th 
Baeam Jos (Lanida) lab hl215 Webster 
Bacani Ciriaeo N barber r538 Pine 
Bacarro Bonafacio r315 Turk 
Baecala Henry driver Marin Dairymen's Milk 

Co r Lomita Park 
Baccarat Danl collns r 3d R506 r698 Bush 
Baccari Alessandro photog 233 Post rl325 

Baccei Angelo fruit 2190 Union rl966 Union 
" Dino A emp Standard Distributing Co 

rl988 Greenwich 
" Edith waiter rl988 Greenwich 
" Fred (Bianca) barber 78 West Portal av 

h72 do 
" Louis locksmth 275 Columbus av r381 34th 

" Paul (Julia) bottler hl988 Greenwich 

Baccelli Albt (Erina) (Royal Baking Co) h556 

" Anne candler r261 Niagara av 
" Fedele (Delia) waiter hl736b Mason 
" Jos (Virginia) bartndr hl397 Vallejo 
" Mario (Marie) chauf hll81 Green 
" Natahne I wid Frank) gro 200 Filbert r3101 

" Peter (Ella) (Nardi Bros & Co) h312 Lom- 
" Rafael (Mary) lab h6 Charlton ct 
Baceetti Guido (Norma) hll46a Montgy 
" John rll46a Montgy 
" John elk r402 Bway 
" Jos slsmn h2170 Geary 
Bacchi Alf J sta eng r675 Marina blvd 
" Louis (Adele) elk h812 Russia av 
" Marguerita (wid Gus) dry gds 2221 Green- 
" Nancy Mrs r2917 Octavia 
" Paul (Julia) bottler rl988 Greenwich 
" Ray G (Blanche) ins 1906 Union h675 Ma- 
rina blvd 
" Teresa Mrs hlOl Edinburgh 
Bacehini Adolph (Amelia) lab hll51 Fitzgerald 

" Alt h565 Lombard 
" John lab h2218a Revere av 
" Rose Mrs furrier r565 Lombard 
Baechione Egisto lab r615 Union 
Bacchus Geo r2410 Paeiflc av 
" Ronald florist r938 Pine 
Bacci Adolfo factywkr r561 Congo 
" Adolph press oor rll8 Magnoha av 
" Alfredo lab r561 Congo 

" Bros iRenato and Duilio) fruit 2241 Cle- 
" Bruno lab r3062 Buchanan 
" Diogene r381 24th av 

" Duilio (Annie) (Bacci Bros) h267 21st av 
" Emily (wid Reglo) h3062 Buchanan 
" Giosue (Amalia) shoe repr 3100 Pillmor* 

r282 Pixlev 
" Inez r381 24th av 
" Irene E elk rl59I Thomas av 
" Islde smstrs r3062 Buchanan 
" Jos E (Nancy) gro 1380 Quesada av hl591 

Thomas av 
" Leonard (lola) h381 24th av 
" Leonilda elk r2242 Filbert 
" Louis (Lena) h383 24th 
" Mario (Bacci & Biagi) r3062 Buchanan 
" Mario bartndr Amerigo Ferroni 
" Misaelle (Aureliai lab h561 Congo 
" Norma R slswn rl591 Thomas av 
" Oscar (Octavia) h236 Hartford 
" Peter elk rl921 Union 

" R h282 Pixley 

" Renato (Adele) (Bacci Bros) h379 24th av 

" Rubenne (Angelina) lab h2242 Filbert 

" Tulio (Bruna) (Galli & Bacci) h2052 Green- 

" & Biagi (Mario Bacci S P Biagi) gro 25 
West Portal av 

Baccia Fred (Maria) h543 Filbert 

Bacciarini Emma mach opr rl708 Stockton 

" Walter (Emma) pntr h70 Gilbert 

BACCIOCCO. Sec also Bacicco 

" Antone (Martina) ores Golden State Meat 
Co h2230 Francisco 

" Edw (Vera) meatctr hl790 Beach 

" Jos (Kate) (Calif Meat Co) h2400 Filbert 

" Louis (Sophi) fuel dlr 1074 Oak hl585 29th 

" Louis A (Romilda) mgr Aetna Garage r270 
Castenada av 

" Lucca garage 501 Filbert r543 do 

" Margt Mrs hl070 Oak 

" Nicholas J (Dorothy I chauf r566 Scott 

" Tony wholslr Call-Bulletin Pub Co r543 Fil- 

" Wm (Delma) wholslr Call-Bulletin Pub Co 
h3575a 17th 

Baccki Aug hl46 Pixley 

Baceone John J lAIbina) fruit wkr r517 Lom- 

BACCUS, See also Bacchus and Backus 

" Gertrude rl289 2d av 

" Josephine hskpr hl289 2d av 

" Mary P Mrs rl405 Greenwich 

Baceich Chas lab r201 Peru av 

Bacelli Cath Mrs rll33 Florida 

Bacerra P emp H B Priedrichs r82S 8th av 

Bach A C Mrs hl856 Powell 

" A Laurie Mrs tehr Pub Sch r950 Franklin 

" Aaron M h950 Franklin 

" Adolph hd waiter Palace Hotel r312 Mason 

" Al (Ray) slsmn h899 Fell 

" Albt J (Ethel) mach h2286 15th av 

" Alf C h280O Filbert 

" Anna (wid Adam) h362e Pierce 

" Avery F elk rl85S Powell 

" Connie rl870 Sacto 

" Eli Mrs h326 8th av 

" Emma Mrs h580 McAllister 

" Ernest jr bkpr Crowe Glass Co rlia Market 

" Ernest E hl250 36th av 

" Prank M (Cesarie) musician h557 Belve- 

" Fred sign pntr rl250 36(h av 

" Hugo h857 Ellis 

" J C r556 Cahl 

BACH JAMES C. Office 423 Kearny r Lafayette 

" John Mot piet opr r580 McAllister 

" Margt cook rl534 Sutter 

" Margt Mrs hlSlO Jackson 

" Mark elk r899 Fell 

" Max r Hotel El Cortez 

" Mordhel L (Fannie) h899 Fell 

" Morris dental mech r899 Fell 

" Otto E (Ella) (Superior Grinding & Motor 
Parts Co) h610 18th av 

" Philip mot pict opr r580 McAllister 

" Wm barber r556 Calif 

" Wm G (Rosalie) h3640 Fillmore 



EX brook 0232 



Sec Page 1738 

41 Sutler Street 

Bachahcca Eiiw hl370 Palou av 
Bachan Cath btpr rl381 Van Ness av S 
BACH.\-VD EAKU Certified Public Account- 
«nl, KiUiam Dolge * Co. 1313 Balloar 
Bide. 351 CaUfornia, Tel DO oelas 1:288 r 
" Paul R (Grettai elk h770 Oak 
Bache Anna iwld Piegeli r3740 25th 
" Arnold O elk h3740 25th 
" E W I Anna I slsmn R H Moulton & Co h3401 

" Edw E (Elsie) adj Spear &. Co hl290 20tb 

" Elise C elk rl290 20th av 
Bachechi Guido h778 Vienna 
" Luigi (Emmai sugar wkr Western Sugar 

Reflnerv hl934 Donner av 
BACHELDER. See also Batcbelder 
" Beatrice Mrs h515 Anza 
" Bonita G Mrs r525 Octavia 
" Edw M slsmn Bankers Life Co r2025 Polk 
" Frank (Harriet i pntr h2055 Polk 
" NeUie P Mrs biUer rll06 Bush 
" Nutting E (Belle I carp hllO College eav 
» Robt C I June I h645 Hyde 
" Ray slsmn rl645 Hyde 
" Tyler M (Eusebia) slsmn h825 Ashbury 
Bacheller Horace C (Mattie) cbauf h546 Ca- 

" Morton r546 Cabrillo 
Bachelor Geo hl379 10th av 
" Robt W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkl; 
BACHER. See also Barker 
" Frank »I2eene» eng h85 Ottawa av 
" Hazel A cash Bennett. Richards & Co r315 

11th av 
" Ho\(ard opr L K Siversen r Okld 
" Irene slswn The Majestic rSo Ottawa av 
" John rl57 23th av 
" John A (Lilian) phys Stanford Univ Hosp 

hl57 25th av 
" Jos cond r3254 Mission 
" Louis J h315 11th av 
" Marie Mrs hl762 Quesada av 
" Marie (wid Louis) rSo Ottawa av 
" Rudolph auto mech r2530 27th av 
" Wm (Annie El chf elk Luckenbach S S Co 

hl464 Thomas av 
Bachert Gottfried r648 Grove 
Bachetti Antonio (Gina) cablemn h216 Sussex 
" Emily tel opr r216 Sussex 
" Louis C elk" r216 Sussex 
Bachich Caroline A sec Sullivan Machy Co 

hl5 Hermann 
" Nick h220 Texas 
" Peter plmbrs hlpr r684 Folsom 
Bachignani A W mgr iirs I G Mecchi r2231 

Bachikb Johan waiter r345 Fulton 
Bachinl Dante (Marvi biksmth h2123 Jones 
Bachinski Nicholas (Wlady) elk hl23 Hale 
Ba(:hle John S (Victoria) plmbr h213 Thrift 
BACHMAX, See also Backman and Backmann 
" Annette L r238 28th av 
" Antone (Rose) carp hH50 Bosworth 
" Chas G r3161 16th 

" Chris rll38 Mission 

" David Mrs r Fairmont Hotel 

" Edw r230 Eddv 

" Esther r62Sa Shrader 

" Plorine h2265 Bway 

" Floyd G (Mildred) mech h2860a Bush 

" Ira H (Lucy) hl50 Josiah av 

" Jack stevedore hl300 Golden Gate av 

" John (Zelma) sugar wkr hl420 Jones 

" Laurence (Doi-ai hl880 Jackson 

" Mildred A sten Remington Rand Inc r3025 

" Oscar L (Theresa) slsmn h428 <3olon av 

" Philip elk Chas Wolf 

" Walter N (Louise G) h90 Parker av 

" Wilbur B servnm I S Cohen's Sons rl50 
Josiah av 

" Wm auto repr 1609 Pine h3025 Steiner 

Bachmann Elisab3th C elk hl224 Hyde 

" Lena Mrs h344 8th av 

" Mae h21 Guerrero 

" Marie (wid Adolph) r617 10th av 

" P Robt gro 3215 24th r53 Coleridge 

Bachnich Wm C (Jeanette) auto mech bl99a 

Bacho Batista (Candida) shoe repr 1401 Mason 

" Louis (Ella) h997 Steiner 

Bachrach Artb E ins broker 155 Sansome H912 
r Bkly 

" Henry slsmn O'Rourke Eubanks Hat Co 
r Bellevue Hotel 

" Robt A (Kay) elk hlOOO Union 

Bachrack Herman 'A (Goodman, Bachrack & 

Bachtel W B hl755 Van Ness av 

Bachtold Burch r2379 28th av 

" Caspar (Lucy) h2379 28th av 

" Selma hlOlO Hyde 

" Vera rlOlO Hyde 

Bachynsky Mary A (wid W L) sugar wkr 
hl367 Donner av 

Bacich Angela bkpr Enos-Mosher Co r32i 

" Anton (Angie) restr 184 The Embarcadero 
r321 Chenery 

" Geo hl8 Sterling 

" Jack (Mary) lab hSlO Connecticut 


" MiUan lab r590 San Bruno av 

" Steph stevedore r2777 22d 

Bacigalupl Adolph (Elda) florist 4444 Geary 

blvd h2925 do 
" Albt (Louise) pdlr hl43 London 
" Aldo (Mary) teller Bank of Am r2445 Fil- 
" Alexis (Lena) plmbr h979 Bay Shore blvd 
" Alf A phvs 1432 Stockton and 45B3a Mission 

r2015 Stockton 
" Alma C elk Roos Bros r75 Dolores 
" Alma V acct American Red Cross r2425 

" Altamvra tchr r3134 Lvon 
" Andw (Carol! scavenger hl843 Egbert av 
" Angelina bkpr Vulcan Calif Macaroni Co 

r634 Vienna 
" Anna r274 Seneca av 
" Annie Indrs rl43 London 
" Anthony shoe mkr r2012 Palou av 
" Antone "r274 Seneca av 
" Attilio (Mae Ti hl569 Dnion 
" Aug h2502 Leavenworth 

" Augustin (Anna) pres Vulcan Calif Maca- 
roni Co hll50 Clay 
" Barthalomew (Emma) mgr Vulcan Calif 

Macaroni Co h267 Maynard 
" Beatrice Mrs mach r639 Greenwich 
" Benj elk rll32 Hampshire 
" Cath Mrs h761 Union 
" Chas (Kath) li(juors 369 Ocean av r415 

Delano av 
" Clarence J (Renai elk hl943 Tavlor 
" Dante F (Elaine) florist Podesta & Bal- 

docchi h3331 Pierce 
" David E (Alice T) phys 1606 Stockton R304 

h2S60 Filbert 
" David E jr r2860 Filbert 
" Dorothy h3808 Calif 
" Edna E rl571 Chestnut 
" Edw lab rl43 London 
" Edw W (Anita) slsmgr Coml Solvents Corp 

h2460 VaUejo 
" Eldris tchr rl073 Union 

" Elkus & Salinger (T J Bacigalupl C de T 
Elkus H H Salinger) lawyers 485 Calif 
" Erma elk rl943 Taylor 
"■ Ernest (Mary) teller Bank of Am rl072 

" Ethel sten Sam Israel r9 Calhoun 
" E^'elvn fruit wkr r309 Shotwell 
" Filbert (Elizl h642 30th av 
" Pilberta J sten Assoc Indemnity Co r642 

30th av 
" Prances r49 Russell 
" Frank hl731 Grant av 
" Prank (Hannah) hl373 Union 
" Prank gro 2957 Geary blvd r2925 do 
" Prank J (Emma) h725 Douglass 
" Frank J (Edna) elk Bank of Am rl373 

BACTC.ALUPI FRED F (Delia) Asst Sec-Treas 

King Coal Co b2435 Francisco 
" G & Son (John and Maurice) coal 2232 

" Genevieve sten r642 30th av 
" Geo pharm r2445 Filbert 
" Gertrude M slswn Marks Bros r639 Green- 
" Geo C (Kath) lab h2542 25th 
" Giovanni (Angelina) lab h309 Shotwell 
" Giovanni (Ida) scavenger h769 9tb av 
" Gisella (wid Bi h2445 Filbert 
" Guido r49 Russell 
" Hannah L Mrs h2336 Jones 
" Henrietta Mrs h49 Russell 
" Henry L (Florence) h34 Joice 
" Hilda tel opr rl373 San Bruno av 
" Irene r49 Russell 
" Irene r274 Seneca av 
" Irene Mrs (Bacigalupl & Podesta) rl639 

Quesada av 
" Irene bknr Granucci Co r2015 Stockton 
" J L hl040 Mason 
" Jas (Edith) (Bacigalupl & Dagneau) hl073 

" Jas shoe wkr r2012 Palou av 
" Jas A lawyer 220 Bush R1415 r Los Gatos 
" Jas N r3134 Lvon 

" Jas N (Dorothy) elk Bank of Am h415c Carl 
" Jas P (Caroline) cigars 27 Sutter h3134 

" John h459 19th av 

" John (G Bacigalupl & Son) h2232 Mason 
" John auto mech fl43 London 
" John (Irene) police h663 Greenwich 
" John E meat ctr r309 Shotwell 
" John P elk r2336 Jones 
" John P (Marie) dentist hl5 Hermann 
" John P driver h3021 25th 
" John V (Ruby) asst cash Bank of Am h2314 

" Jos h634 Vienna 
" Jos lab r2012 Palou av 
" Jos (Linda) pdlr h274 Seneca av 
" Jos B (Juha A) chauf h2026 Anza 
" Jos J hl2 Dearborn 
" Julio H ( Beatrice 1 elk h639 Greenwich 
" Lena (wid Guisepoi) h2012 Palou av 
" Leo E (Mildred) hl6 Linda 
" Leo J r642 3Dth av 
" Loretta r642 30th av 


" Louis carp r888 North Point 

" Louis (Mary) Jan hll32 Hampshire 

" Louis jr r3615 Broderick 

" Louis A rlOO Hearst av 

" Louis D phvs 909 Hyde R601 hl960 Bway 

" Louis M iCathi elk h3615 Broderick 

" Louis P (Elena I carp h949 Filbert 

" Louise r2925 Geary blvd 

" Louise elk Wells-Fargo Bank cSi Union Tr 

Co r Daly City 
" Luigi I Maria I hlOO Hearst av 
" Mamie smstrs r3021 25th 
" Mamie A Mrs r900 Moscow 
" Marco S (Maggenti, Norza Sc Bacigalupl Co) 
" Margt r432 Geary 
" Maria r274 Seneca av 

" Marie L coner Maypole Dye Wks hS5n 19th 
" Marion i Kathleen i billiards 3096 24th and 

confy 3098 do h2772 Folsom 
" Mary elk r2517 19th 
" Mary (wid John) r2425 Francisco 
" Mary A egg candler r2502 Leavenworth 
" Mary C sten Calif Westn States Life Ins Co 

rll32 Hampshire 
" Maurice (G Bacigalupl & Son) r2232 Mason 
" Melvin J slsmn G H Bowcock h415h Carl 
" Nat (Mamie 1 chauf h2352 Jones 
" Nat ]r r2352 Jones 
™ Peter (Marvi pres Italian-American Paste 

Co Inc r3'l5 Lombard 
" Peter R iMarie F) uphol hll54 Naples 
" Pietro hl373 San Bruno av 
" Rena C elk r2517 19th 
" Rino tchr r2445 Filbert 
" Rita r2517 19th 
" Robt hll54 O'Farrell 
" Romy meat ctr h773 7th av 
" Silvio I Cath) with B Grave Auto Body Co 

h9 Calhoun 
" Silvio (OfeUa) hl571 Chestnut 
" Silvio C (Elanon elk h2142 Leavenworth 
" Stella sten r3021 25th 

" Steph hl629a Filbert ^ „ 

" Steph (Norma) formn City Parks Dept n579 

" Steph (Emma) lab h539a Union 
" Steph lab r3021 25th 

" Sylvia A slswn All Kolner rl571 Chestnut 
" Sylvia M typist State Compensation Ins 

Fund r9 (jalhoun 
" Svlvio A driver hl701a Lane 
" Tadini J (Ruby) (Bacigalupi Elkus <Sc Salin- 
ger t h42 Parker av 
" Theresa elk r95 Navajo 
" Theresa Mrs h2502 Leavenworth 
" Victor (Alma I casket trmr hl459 4th av 
" Victor C (Dorothy) elk r67 Bruno av 
" Virgil spl ofBcer h608 Santiago 
" Virginia (wid Eug) h2517 19th 
" Wm h734 Bush 
" Wm chauf r9 Calhoun 
" Wm J r3134 Lvon 
" & Dagneau iJas Bacigalupi Edw Dagneau) 

shtmtlwks 1339 Union 
" & Podesta (Irene Bacigalupl Virgil Podesta) 

2169 Jones 
Bacil Wm r389 3d 
BACIOCCO. See also Bacciocco 
" Albt J (Florence B) h3254 Octavia 
" Antone (Rose I h3549 24th 
" Eug sta atdt Standard Sta Inc rl808 Junl- 

Dero Serra blvd 
" Fred (Dorothy I shtmtlwkr b3124 Geary blvd 
" Steph (Theresa) h2935 Folsom 
Back Albt (Margt) r2104 Bush 
" Arth F (Phyllis) mtrmn Mun Ry h2619 Bry- 
" Claus hl641 Washn 
" Claus E (Julia M) sec-treas Stylerite Ino 

h2467 26th av 
" Gust lab Dept Pub Wks rl56 Girard 
" J E cS: Co J E Back pres A F Bertelson sec- 
treas whol marble 1533 San Bruno av 
" Julia v-pres Stylerite Inc 
" Juhus E (Adele) pres J E Back & Co hl76 

Edgewood av 
" Juno (Eleanor) carp hl90 Naples 
" Otto brass wkr Oscar Krenz Copper & Brass 

■^Tis r Castro Valley 
Backe Edw U mec h hl lOl Pine 
" Wm R firemn SPFD rl67 9th av 
Backenmeyer Fred collr G H Bowcock r440 

BACKER. See also Bacher, Baker and Becker 
" Abr (Cecelia) uphol 829 Clement h206 18th 

" Bernhardt (Sarah) pdlr hl438 Paclflc 
" Chas elk rl438 Pacific 
" David E (Bertha) elk hl767 Union 
" Gertrude sten r206 18th av 
" Harold elk hl665 Golden Gate av 
" Henry jwlr 314 Eddv h74 Klssling 
" Herman pntr rl438 Pacific 
" John (Gertrude) pntr h219'2 Duncan 
" Michl (Kate) lab hl69a Corbett av 
" Nicholas emp White Sewing Mach Co rl69a 

Corbett av 
Backerud Martin B (Dorothy) drftsmn Westn 

Sugar Refinery h436 Brussels 
" Ruth M r436 Brussels 

Backes Laurence H (Belle W) h2340 Gough 
-' Wm F slsmn J E French Co rl015 Geary 
Backlin Oscar P (Pearl A) Jan h434 Elizabeth 


Backlund Carl A (Anna) chauf h31B Vienna 

" Marie I wid A) r259 Cavuga av 

" Slgne hskpr 2290 Vallejo 

" Sylvia elk rl427 Clay 

Backman Barbara r626 Rockdale dr 

" BenJ T (Prances) beauty shop 77 OTarrell 

2d fl h390 30th av 
" Edith rl953 Pine 
" Edw h2101 Hayes 

" Einar (Frieda C) marine eng hll98 Bos- 
" Ernest B (Anna M) carp h577 Bright 
"' Henry carp r577 Bright 
" J P hl220a Sanchez 
" Lena (wld John) h581 Bright 
" Rosa maid r340 O'Parrell 
" Ruth sten S M Marshall r581 Bright 
" Wm (Mary) elk r436 Judah 
Backmann Gotthard S dentist 1622 23d av 
" Robt h233 Onondaga av 
Backofen Alex with Am Tr Co r2701 Jackson 
Backoff Chas h4340 Calif 
" Marcella nurse r642 Diamond 
" Robt firmn Sansome Pacific Garage 
" Remain L (Caria) carpet lyr h642 Diamond 
Backschies Paul A hSlO Stockton 
Backstedt Henry (Louise) hl006 Stelner 
" Hugh H (Iria) elk hl95 Eureka 
" Robt elk rlOOS Steiner 
" Wm P iMildred) mach opr h650 Church 
" Wm H (Jessie) mach City & County Purch 

Dept hl546 22d av 
Baekstein Perdinand h536 Fell 
Baekstron Axel J M i Emily) h61 Potomac 
BACKUS. See also Baccus 
" Chas I Metal r4331 20th 
" Chas auto mech rl46 4th av 
" Chas T (Stella) elk h4331 20th 
" Elijah (Kath) h842 Pulton 
" Josephine Mrs sten r260 McAllister 
" Marjorie (wid Sanborn) h496 Pacheco 
" Wm G agt Fidelity Mutl Life Ins Co r Bkly 
Backuss Russell (Marie) plstr h221 Ashbury 
Bacoceina Angelo (Dlna) auto trmr h2769 Oc- 

Bacolinl Frank mech rl20 Highland av 
" John mach rl20 Highland av 
" Jos (Joseohine) welder hl20 Highland av 
" Jos Jr rl20 Highland av 
Bacon Alice Mrs h2444 Larkin 
" Alice J Mrs hll25 Francisco 
" Allen P r976 Chestnut 
" Amelia C mach opr rll26 Haight 
" Clifford C elk SPCo r Ala 
" De Alton J (Ria) mfrs agt 833 Market R516 

h970 Chestnut 
" Dorothy L Mrs sten rl935 Pacific av 
" E R Co E R Bacon pres A B Hartleye v-pres 

W P Gouirk sec-treas road machinery 

2101 Folsom 
" Edw L hl345 Taylor 
" Edw R (Estelle) pres E R Bacon Co hl940 

" Ellen sten McCutchen Olney Mannon & 

Greene rlOOO Powell 
" Ernest musician h712 Montgy 
" Evan longshormn h2376 Sutter 
" Ezra M (Harriet E) h52 Carmellta 
" Francis D (Bessalee) auto mech r305 Prank- 

" Prank (Nan) singer h441 Ellis 
" Frank M chemist Cereal Products Refining 

Corp h252 Collingwood 
" Genevieve D iwid K V) h2663 22d av 
" Geo elk r387 Eddy 
" H Edw (Lucille) phys 450 Sutter R2215 h2290 

North Point 
" H Edw jr r2290 North Point 
" Harold E (Eliz) vulc h2002 Hyde 
" Henry c iThelma) confr 624 Dlvlsadero 

hl725 Pulton 
" Ida M r432 Geary 
" J Barrett (Mildred) slsmn h482 Ellington 

" J C jr elk A H Coates Co r Bkly 
" Jas L lab hl523 Laguna 

" Jane W Mrs mgr Marquette Apts h965 Geary 
" Jay D elk SPCo r Bkly 
" John (Emily) diver h3515 Fillmore 
" John A r52 Carmelita 
" John H (Mae) mfrs agt 210 Post R817 h768 

" John W elk Am Tr Co n7 Ventura av 
" Kate D (wid G E) hl651 8th av 
" Lillian M hl800 Leavenworth 
" Mae I slswn Cosgrave Cloak & Suit Co r766 

" Margt Mrs h846 Bush 

" Margt Mrs tchr Pub Sch r252 Collingwood 
" Marion A IMary) h2345 Ocean av 
" Marjorie r2290 North Point 
" Nan Mrs musician r441 Ellis 
" Robt lEliz) h4621b Lincoln way 
" Robt R restrwkr r4446 24th 
" Ruth M seo C W Gawthrop r2345 Ocean av 
" Stanley (Amelia)' blrmkr hll26 Haight 
" Thos h665 Pine 
" Thos E (Cath) customers mn Slaughter cSc 

Russell h2340 Larkin 
" Warren C (Myrtle) auto mech h20 Pxanklln 
" Wm C (Linnie) (Redman Alexander & Ba- 
con) h2435 Bay 
" Wm E (Florence M) carp hl241 Broderiek 
" Wm o (Carrie) elk h4064 17th 
" Wm R (Bacon & Co) rBohemlan Club 
" & Co (W R Bacon F L Wood Rix Maurer) 

stock brokers 485 Calif R923 and 570 

Bacott J R USN h907 Valencia 
Bacotta Peter (Esther) h2042 Mission 
Baetat Juan rl540 Ellis 
" Manuel rl540 Ellis 
Bacungan Miguel atdt St Joseph's Hosp r211 

Bacurto Alf rl834 Castro 
" Alphonso rl834 Castro 


" Prank Jr lab rl834 Castro 
" Prank U (Annie) lab hl834 Castro 
Baeus Peter (Birdie) baker h489 14th 
Bacusmo Paterno factywkr r636 Natoma 
Badagliacco John C (Theresa) elk b993 San- 
" Patk prsmn rl379 Alabama 
Badal Audrey elk rl278 Eddy 
-' Eshaiya (Nancy) Jan hl278 Eddy 
" Jos hl334 EUis 

Badano Albt emp Hobbs Battery Co r713a (Cle- 
Badaraeco Anthony 36 Bay View 
" Carl slsmn F E Kilkeary r San Rafael 
" Prank iLoretta) ehauf h2050 21st av 
" Prank V (Elena) elk SPCo h300l Oetavla 
" Geo W (Marie) eorpl SFPD h438 18th av 
" Leland J elk r920 Powell 
" Paul J (Jeannette M) police h2222 Anza 
Baddeley Benj F (Cath) slsmn hll College ter 
" Harry rll College ter 

Baddell Edw (Layah) brklyr h638 Masonic av 
Baddillo Raymond msngr r279 Flournoy 
" Romona twid Jos) h279 Flournoy 
Baddley John printer r684 Ellis 
Bade Wm r819 Mission 
Badel David A (Susan) fruits 984 Plllmors 

h950 Steiner 
Badella Jos (Amelia) h415 San Bruno av 
" Mario (Mothei elev opr r415 San Bruno av 
" PhiUip lab r722 Arkansas 

" Theresa Mrs h 722 Arkansas 

Baden Henry P (Kath) firemn SFPD h3622 

" Lucy (wid W J) hl08 Valley 
Baden'hop Chris (Emma) formn S F Pkg Corp 

h2591 26th av 
BAOER. See also Baader 
" A r2127 Fillmore 
" Albt elee supp 155 2d r230 Lisbon 
" Elmer (Soledadi meatctr rl308 Leavenworth 
" Ernst L slsmn r903 14th 
" Gertrude (wid Gustav) ftr City of Paris 

Dry G^s Co h460 29th av 
" Gustav mach r460 29th av 
" Hans slsmn Spindler & Sauppe r Larkspur 
" J P h421 Leavenworth 

" Juanita dental asst H C Peters h520 Geary 
" Lillian A compt opr Richfield OH Co r San 

" Lowell P (Jean) chauf h2457 Buchanan 
■' Mary A (wid Ernst) h903 14th 
Badertseher Clara cook r4420 Irving 
" Gertrude Mrs rl270 La Playa 
" Gertrude A maid 1346 30th av 
" Homer elk h59 6th av 
" Walter E (Gertrude) slsmn Cudahy Pkg Co 

h3130 Webster 
Badet Antonio Indywkr rl221 Fell 
Badger Bros (H E and C R) used cars 357 

Gf^lden Gate av 
" C W Ins agt r3143 Fillmore 
" Chas R (Badger Bros) r385 Hazelwood av 
" Clarence V with Pac Employers Ins Co 

h2659 Lombard 
" Flossita B tchr Pub Sch hl048 Union 
" Geo E r660 Castro 
" Geo P (Erma) police h633 8th av 
" Gretehen Mrs h24 Sanchez 
" Harry E (Blandina) (Badger Bros) h385 

Hazelwood av 
" Henry P (Elsa) sec Board of Plre Under- 
writers h2741 Vallejo 
" Homer E countermn B-Q Sandwich Shop 

r3626 24th 
" Jas barber Ruge & Gast r Ala 
" Jas A barber r232 Ellis 
" Martha J (wid Howard) hi 870 Jackson 
" Meter Mfg Co Hartenstein-KIng Co reps 582 

Market RIUO 
" Raymond T (Lily M) transmlsslonmn PT&T 

Co r660 Castro 
" Virginia R r385 Hazelwood av 
" Wm S (Mary) tax consultant Assoc OH Co 

hl020 Union 
Badgias Gus (Dorothy) h863 42d av 
Badgley Dora music tchr 3339 17th 
" Dorothy Mrs r849 Moultrie 
" Edgar W (Prances) h225 Holly Park cir 
" Ella D (wid H PI hl335 Masonic av 
" Gilbert L hl33 Ord 
Badham C K h2200 Francisco 
Badie Fred H (Louise) hl275 Ellis 
" Margt U rl563 Lyon 
Badillo Delfina (wid Pedro) r4185 26th 
" Louis G mach h4185 26th 
" Raymond msngr r283 Flournoy 
Badinelvieh Nicholas elk Purity Stores 
Bading Gustav (Irene) hl350 3'9th av 
Badino Carl A elk Heron & Co r Okld 
Badolato Ralph (Bessie) cook h27 August al 
BadoUet Meredith C elk r2329 Pacific av 
" Perry aud W P p\iller & Co rSOl Mission 
Badono Albt batterymn r713a Clementina 
" Antoinette (wid Bartolomeo) h713a Clemen- 
Badorf E C acct AT&SFRy r Ross 
Badouin Alf (Nora) plmbr h243 2d 
Badovinatz Edith mlnr r353 Wilde av 
" Marcus (Edith) chauf hlOl Balboa 
Badran Manuel A gro 800 Post r851 Post 
" Philip (Rose) gro 381 Laldley 
Hadrian B hl755 Franklin 

Badrick Ethel F teleg opr PT-CCo h575 O'Par- 
" Bug r575 O'Parrell 
Badt Bert A with Univ Match Corp r Bur- 

" Edw A slsmn Levenson Co rl925 Pacific av 
" Jos A cht elk SPCo r Bkly 
" Mel s (Delia T) ins agt hlOO Palm av 
" Percy L (Mildred A) pres Levenson Co 

hl925 Pacific av 

Badura Adolph J (Dene) electn WUTCo rl471 
4th av 

Badvellan Deran elk r232 Ellis 

Badvor A r41 Jones 

Baecher Eugelbert tile setter r351 Outtenberg 

" Theresa Mrs Indywkr h351 Outtenberg 

" Thos r351 Outtenberg 

Baechll Rudolf clo ctr 1603 Hyde 

Baeck Ernest G (Emma) baker's talpr b878 

Treat av 
Baecke L A h307 Bartlett 

Baecker Verna A typist Calif Pkg Corp r Okld 
Baehman Jerome N r238 28th av 
Baehr Linea L (wld Harry) apt mgr b2296 

" Walter H with S F Bank r San Mateo 
Bael r Jack H elk r465 Ellis 
BAEN CLARENCE E (Grace B) Asst V-Pres 
The Anglo California National Bank, hlOOS 
Baepler Otto J drugs 801 Geary r935 Geary 
BAER, See also Baehr, Bahr, Betar and Bare 
" A Edw slsmn Golden Gate Brass Mfg Co 

h2406 Divisadero 
" Adolph phys 516 Sutter R403 r San Mateo 
" Alf (Amelia) office 593 Market R230 hl836 

" Alva R (Eva) musician hl547 17th av 
" B elk r440 Post 

" Camille sec Calf Shoe Dlrs Assn r621 17th av 
" Chas (Mildred) lawyer 703 Market R806 

h2039 Scott 
" Chas H (Genevieve) (Connor Spring Mfg 

Co) hl770 Bway 
" Clara (wid Aug) h621 17th av 
" Elsie Mrs Ins broker 354 Pine R602 rWm 

Taylor Hotel 
" Ernest O (Zilda) (Heltler Bros & Baer) 

r3045 Jackson 
" Erwin slsmn r964 Eddy 
" Fannie Mrs mens furngs 1152 Golden Gat© 

av rl350 Turk 
" Flora E Mrs r2145 Franklin 
" Florence Mrs v-pres Baer Notion 6i Toy Co 

r2334 Lake 
" Prances S r625 Euclid av 
" Frank R (Sarah A) waiter hll8 Duboce av 
" Fredk slsmn hl736 Grove 
" Helen (wid Louis) mgr Corona Apts h2051 

" Henry (Theresa) gro 160O Guerrero hll 28th 
" Henry L (Stella L) v-pres J Aron & Co h273 

29th av 
" Herman wtchmn r652 4th 
" Jerrold H (Dell) auctioneer 25 Fremont 

h3355 Oetavia 
" John V (Virginia) slsmn Walter Hall Purn 

Co h3555 Broderick 
" Josephine r2406 Divisadero 
" Josephine (wid Albt) gro 1299 Pacific hl544 

" Josephine P sten Ry M S rl950 Franklin 
" Laura Indywkr rl841 Ellis 
" Leo porter r417 Spruce 
" Leslie S r625 EucUd av 
" Lewis (Victoria) asst mgr Baer Notion tt 

Toy Co hl950 Clay 
" Llllle Mrs r609 Sutter 
" Louie r609 Sutter 
" Louise hl935 O'Parrell 
" Lueien (Florence) pres Baer Notion & Toy 

Co h2334 Lake 
" Mabel s (wid Julius) h625 Euclid av 
" Maurice M (Florence) pres Ace Paper Co 

h428 Arguello blvd 
" Max (Dorotliyi sec Ace Paper Co h380 Ai- 

guello blvd 
" Notion & Toy Co Luclen Baer pres Florence 
Baer v-pres Norman Eisner see 780 Mis- 
" Oscar Mrs rHotel Alex Hamilton 
" Pola Mrs rl945 Franklin 
" Roger Y rl547 17th av 
" Rose B Mrs tchr Pub Sch r750 Sutter 
" Sylvan slsmn r621 17th av 
" T J elk Am Smelting & Refining Co r Bkly 
Baerne Otto plmbr r539 Waller 
Baerresen Vitto E h256 10th av 
Baerson Harold (Sophie) hl445 Eddy 
" Hyman (Annette Millinery Co) rl445 Eddy 
Baerwald Ernest (Florence) (Max I Koshland 

& Co) hl958 Vallejo 
" Rosamond sten r225 Mallorca way 
Baessler Sylvia off sec ElUott HlUer & Miller 

r411 O'Parrell 
Baetje John p (Johanna) (Albt Meyer & <3o) 

hl284 Guerrero 
Baetz Fred bartndr rll30 Market 
Baez Arth J electro 1602 24th av 
" Chas A draper hl602 24th av 
" Dolores A rl602 24th av 
" RusseU B rl602 24th av 
Baeza Ellsa Mrs h506a Chestnut 
" Isabel h220 Union 
" John (Alice) sec B C Metal Stamping Co 

hl322 Kearny 
" Jos shtmtlwkr rl326 Kearny 
" Louis r506a Chestnut 
Baffa Thos shoe repr r3155 -Scott 
Baffer Morris (Cythia) floormn F 'W Wool- 
worth Co h4238 Judah 
Baffi John rl334 Stockton 
Baffico Albt (May) ehauf Ji417a Frederick 
" Andw D (Cath) chauf h250 Flood av 
" Angelo J chauf r203 Day 
-' Ann Mrs (Snappy Handkerchief Co) r635 

" Dina bkpr Primo Lolla r203 Day 
" Edw hl322 Vallejo 
" Emil (Anna) printer h53S Missouri 
" Ettore cooper rl322 VaUeJo 
" Geo A lab r203 Day 

" Gertrude (wid Albt) tchr Pub Sch r3684 ISth 
" Inez factywkr r335 Missouri 
" Jas lab hD35 Missouri 
" John lab r535 Missouri 
" Louis (Jennie) rancher h203 Day 



14lh «nd Harrison Streets 

San Francisco, California 

Phone HE mlock 3600 


" Rose sten Nntl Adlieslvcs Corp r53S Missouri 

" Theiesi\ rS35 Missouri 

Banndcs Antonio restrwkr Hnrry Lucbs 

Bunco Mnrlon slswn Nntloiial Dollar Stores 

ra-t-tO Sncto 
" Nick elk r662 London 
BallKO Anthonv inb rl6 Wnrc 
" Dlnn C corsottlere r609 Judah 
" Jos A collr r609 Judiih 
" Marie iwld Angelol hl8 Ware 
Bafskv Esther elk r3280 nth 
Bagnd'a Antoinette elk rl226 Fairfax av 
" Carlo lab rl226 Fairfax av 
" Chas lab rl226 Fairfax av 
" Marv factvwkr rl226 Fairfax av 
" Mlclil iMaryi factvwkr hl226 Fairfax av 
BaRala Anna iwld Geo) r2n Paris 
" Bridget (wld Loulsl mgr L B Apts h830 

" Fred P iHelen VI mot plot opr hl36 Whlt- 

" Leo (Christina) chauf h217 Paris 
" Leonard emp Jos Buchwald rl542 48th av 
" Margt iwld Henryl r2l7 Richland av 
" Ruth E sten S P Polytechnic rll39 Potrero 


" Wm A (Ruth VI flremn SPFD hll39 Po- 
trero av 
Bagale Vincent (Loretta) longshorenm hlO 

Bagatelas Peter h360 Shotwell 
" Splro (Athnal car repr hl525a 15th 
Bagbv Leta h535 Leavenworth 
" Oliver auto mech r865 Filbert 
" Wm F elk r825 Sutter 
Bagdad Garabed H (Roxyl shoe repr 2634 

Balboa h2115 Anza 
Bagdagliacco Anthony lab rl379 Alabama 
Bagdasarian Alex h2n Parnassus av 
Bagden Wm r76 Page 

BagdonoS Paul (Mary) Imbr wkr h952 De Haro 
Bagenski Anna maid 173 Parker av 
Eager Lillian Mrs h378 Golden Gate av 
" Robt E h378 Golden Gate av 
Bagg Leo rl685 Sacto 

Bagge A Clifford elk WPRRCo r Fairfax 
" Annie rl902 Broderlek 
" Charlotte Mrs hl355 Calif 
" Ellen Mrs h50 Laguna 
Baggenstos Bernard N (Alma) elk h2534 32d 

" Jos C (Ellz M) elk r32 Grattan 
Baggerly Hyland L pres Pac Coast Baseball 

League r Los Gatos 
Baggett Emma E (wid J E) mgr Hotel Earic 

h284 Golden Gate av 
Baggetta Jos (Josephine) llnemn hl59 Lee av 
Baggianl Alice T Mrs ht60 Newman 
" Dante J slsmn H J Bressl Co rSlO Hill 
" Gino M (Alice) hl5H Thomas av 
" Michl (Julia) lab hl511 Thtkmas av 
Bagglano Marguerite elk rll08 Taraval 
BAGGS, See also Beggs 
" Anne J sec Surety Finance Service Co r895 

" Frank W (Mary V) chauf h658a 8th av 
" Josephine C Mrs h895 Sutter 
" Montgomery ins broker 255 Calif R310 h2546 

34th av 
Baggus Andw Indywkr r611 Chestnut 
" Jack chauf r611 Chestnut 
" John Indy 607 Chestnut h611 do 
Bagls Jas J (Georgia) shoe shiner 103 Ellis 

h838 Giierrero 
Bagles Nich s asst ydmstr State Bd Harbor 

Comrs r249 Eddv 
BAGLEY. See also Begley and- Blgley 
" Ada Mrs maid hl271a Noe 
" Adele music tchr r58 Liberty 
" Albt G (Marlon) h3336 Laguna 
" Alice asst supt of nursing Met Life Ins Co 

r Richmond 
" Ben] H elk SPCo rI398 La Playa 
" Bessie Mrs r738 17th av 
" Elmer E (Mary J) elk rl968 Pacific av 
" Elwln E br mgr Safeway Stores h630 33d av 
" Ferris (Estella) specialist SOCo r3060 21st av 
" Florence M musician rl534 36th av 
" Frank W (Mary K) mgr Nisley Co r524 

" Gilbert B (Gladys) slsmn hl07 Collingwood 
" Glenn W (Alice A) prsmn Stecher-Traung 

Litho Corp h450 Irving 
" Julian guide War Memorial h436 3d. 
" Kath (wid John) hl534 36th av 
" Kathleen R sten E S Browning rl534 36th 

" Marion Mrs tchr Pub Sch r3336 Laguna 
" Mary J prlv sec S & G Gump Co rl966 Pa- 

eifle av 
" Michl h249 Eddy 
" Paige r3957 26th 
" Sadie (wid Chas) r3036 22d 
Baghetto Albt h3250 Webster 
" Albt waiter rl844 Greenwich 
" Alex (Theresa) shoe repr 3253 Pierce r3224a 

" Ambrose h901 North Point 
" Ameha elk r3250 Webster 
" Eug T h2310 Chestnut 
" Geo elk r3224a Steiner 
" Giovata eng hl739 Stockton 
" John electn r3224a Steiner 


" John B (Anna) flremn SFPD flremn hl495 

27th av 
" Mae M Mrs apt mgr hI801 Hyde 
" Marv rn39 Stockton 
" Mary elk r901 North Point 
Baglin Robt H slsmn h28 Parker av 
Bagllon Ben] C (Gladys O) mech h339 5th av 
" Marvlen r339 5th av 
" Ned D acet Natl Lead Co r339 5th av 
Baglioni Armond (Arglel lab h620 VIeotria 
Bagnull Clement H (Maidlel ]wlr h514 17th av 
" Percy R (Edna) slsmn Sommer & Kauf- 

mnnn h422 16th av 
" Walter (Goodby Mtg Co) r San Leandro 
Bagnani Adolph (Susan) beer 3110 Fillmore 

r948 Pacific 
" Armando (Amelia) (Bagnani Bros) hl247 

Quesada av 
" Bros (Armando. Carmellto and Gluseppl) 

produce 430 Davis 
" Carmellto (Rosal (Bagnani Bros) hl326 

Quesada av 
" Dante v-pres Italy Industries Corpn r822 

" Eddy (Alma V) slsmn Bagnani Bros hl334 

Quesada av 
" Giuseppi (Rose) (Bagnani Bros) and pres 

Italy Industries Corpn h822 Montgy 
" Valentino (Kath L) slsmn Bagnani Bros 

hl330 Quesada av 
" Wm chemist Italy Industries Corpn r822 

Bagnasaeco Emil (Fena) waiter h rear 1440 

" Emilio hl440 Vallejo 
Bagnasco Eventino (Cath) window clnr hl885 

Bagnatori Chas elk r915 Bay 
" Theresa (wld Enrico) faetywkr hl39 Olm- 

Bagneschi Corrodo (Christine) seamn h2555 

Bagoon Sarah faetywkr rl481 Eddy 
Bagot Albt W (Edith) police h606 15th av 
" Earle L (Bernicei city mgr Netherlands Ins 

Co 131 Montieello 
" Edw A (Anna) slsmn Santa Cruz Portland 

Cement Co h639 38th av 
Bagott Lulu A (Wid R H) r233 Duncan 
Bagrash Dorothy gro 698 Monterey blvd r746 

Joost av 
" Jos (Myra) mgr Dorothy Bagrash h746 Joost 

" Leon pharm r746 Joost av 
Bagshaw Albt E lawyer 333 Montgy R306 r 

Corte Madera 
" Bernard (Ellen) mech Hoover Spring Co 

hl553 Sanchez 
" Saml G with PT&TCo r Mill Valley 
" Thos P mgr Patten MacKenzie & Co r Mill 

" Wilmer ironwkr r349 Capp 
Baguet Louis (Angelina) r969 Hayes 
" Louis fnshr Ames Harris Neville Co rl474 

Bagus Armen (Rose) gro 601 Balboa h606 do 
Bagwell Lois S apt mgr r2101 Pacifie av 
" Mary matron SOCo h34 St Marys av 
Baharis Athos (Bertha) (Pascalis & Baharls) 

rl32 Alma 
Baher Agnes manicure rl804 Market 
" Alice M r44 McAllister 
" Frances (wid Jos) hl804 Market 
" John baker rl804 Market 
" Victor (Wavelle) stmftr rl804 Market 
Baheryez Victoria A elk rl42 Hamilton 
Bahia Vista Apartments 840 Calif 
Bahitsas Stelio r356 3d 
Bahl Geo (Alma I electn rl270 Vallejo 
Bahler Ida L r317 Santiago 
Bahls Esther S v-prin Commodore Sloat Sch 

r3528 Pulton 
" Fredk J (Harriet A) tuner Sherman Clay & 

Co h3528 Pulton 
" Herman H pres Althof & Bahls r Okld 
" Richd W v-pres Althol & Bahls r Pied 
" Richd W ]r sec-tres Althof & Bahls r Pied 
Bahm Erich aect Weinstein Co r933 Stanyan 
BAHN, See also Bain, Baine and Bane 
" Eliz (wid Albt) hl810 Mason 
" Elvin pharm Nello Grossl rl812 Mason 
" Eug A rlSlO Mason 
" Ines L bkpr Monte Carlo Wine Co rl230 

" John r861 Eddy 
" Robt hl230 Green 
" Robt (Margt) solr hl430 McAllister 
Bahnsen Henry (Amanda) h863 Hayes 
Bahnson Chas r422 Valencia 
BAUK. See also Barr, Barre and Baehr 
" Albt electn r239 Miramar 
" Amanda r240 Benton av 
" Art electn r230 Miramar 
" Christopher H police SFPD r2132 UUoa 
" Fred electn r2132 Ulloa 
" Helen J sten Chas R Mccormick Lbr Co 

r2132 Ulloa 
" Jacob (Amelia! clo etr h761 39th av 
" John mech rl094 Golden Gate av 
" Mae sten E M Epstein r700 O'Parrell 
" Mary Mrs nurse hl036 Polk 
" Olga E sten SOCo r2132 Ulloa 
" Pearl Mrs h700 O'Parrell 


" Theo P (Marlon) locksmth 2210 Mission h64 

" Walter h340 Eddy 
" Walter l Marie I chauf h402 Grove 
Bahrenberg Kath (wid John I r407 Gates 
Bahrs Andw (May E) chauf h7n San Jose av 
" Geo O lawyer 155 Montgy RlOU r Bur- 

" Helen Mrs r56 Pierce 
" Irma tchr S P Continuation Sch r462 nth 

" John flagmn Calif St Cable R R Co 
" Wllhclmina (wid Wml h454 15th av 
Bahrt Fred (EdithI plmbr hll2 Highland av 
" John lab h218 Richland av 
" Martin window clnr r218 Richland av 
Baiar Rickey beauty opr rl661 Sacto 
Baiardo Wm elk Bay View Mkt 
Balden Jas mech rl380 Sutter 
" Oscar hsmn r3225 Saeto 
Baido Angelo (Amelia) fisherman hl294 Re- 
vere av 
Baler A r731 47th av 
" Edw A (Jessie M) h447 23d av 
" Gustav (Margt) cook hl92 Hermann 
" Harry H lawyer 5 3d R1029 hl635 Gough 
" John hl050 Franklin 
" John r819 Mission 
" Phihp (Marie) carp hl013 Shotwell 
Baiger Jos shoe repr 398 Vienna 
Baikie Royal D (Gladys) elk h3425 Scott 
Bail Otto barber John Bobu r4140 Fulton 
Ballard Earl r964 Eddy 
" Pern sec Alex Mooslin r964 Eddy 
" Lucille Mrs h964 Eddy 
Baile Prank O v-pres J McCann Davis Ine 

r Bkly 
Baileau Ann r516 O'Farrell 
BAILEY, See also Bailie, Baily and Bayley 
" A E Mrs r848 Gough 
" Adelaide slswn h685 Geary 
" Albt ebtmkr haW/z Harrison 
" Alt P (Camillel adj W N Moore Dry Gds Co 

h2327 29th av 
" Ann B Mrs sten Presbyterian Bd of Pen- 
sions rl870 Sacto 
" Anna D Mrs mgr Bailey Apts hi 061 Laguna 
" Anna M sten r4032 25th 
" Anna M Mrs nurse rl850 Pulton 
" Apartments 1061 Laguna 
" Arth (lone) drugs 601 Irving hl316 7th av 
" Augusta Mrs h2835 Clay 

BAILEY AVEY T, Representing North British 
& Mercantile Ins Co Ltd. and V-Pres The 
Pennsylvania Fire Ins Co. The Mercantile 
Ins Co of America. The Commonwealth 
Ins Co of N Y and Homeland Insurance 
Co of New York, 31.5 Montgomery, Tel 
DO uglas 1944. rSOll Harrison, Oakland 
" B restrwkr r964 Brunswick 
" Beebe (Emma) h630 Alvarado 
" Bessie S hl8 Clement 
" Blanchard notary 785 Market R501 r887 

" Bonita J Mrs hl233 Pierce 
" Byron B traffic mgr MJBCo r Ala 
"CD r214 6th 
" C Melvin rl41 Pierce 
" C N USA h3501 Fillmore 
" Carel r575 Pierce 
" Carmen M mach opr rl734 SllUman 
" Carrie Mrs r3085 Calif 
" Cecil B (Vivian) sta eng h780 Hayes 
" Chas elk r336 3d 
" Chas A elk rl450 Castro 
" Chas P r3419 16th 

" Chas L (Florence) slsmn h2840 Clement 
" Chas M pres Atlas Mtg Co and O M Bailey 

Co r Bkly 
" Chas M Co Ine C M Bailey pres A J Par- 
sons see eng specialties 667 Folsom 
" Chauncey S artist rl359 Golden Gate av 
" Claire O tvpist r2810 26th 
" Clara B h2300 Webster 
" Clois elk r324 Hyde 
" CoHord r434 7th av 
" Cora (wid L O) r656a Van Ness av S 
" Curtis A (Elaine) br mgr Gallenkamp's 

hl450 Castro 
" David J (Bertha) faetywkr h40 Germanla 
" David P printer 562 Hayes r9 Parsons 
" Dewey rl084 Folsom 
" Dolores rl6 Flood av 
" Dora (wid J Hi hl388 McAllister 
" Dorotha elk r975 Valencia 
" Dorothy beauty opr h340 Eddv 
" Dorothy H Mrs buyer H Llebes & Co h945 

" Dorothy M asst Saml Shapiro r2010 Chest- 
" Douglas (Dorothy) lab h2889a Folsom 
" Dwight O dist mgr Pan-Tex Pressing Mach 

r308 Eddy 
" E J Mrs hl201 CaUf 
" E P Mrs r325 Sutter 
" Earl (Mary) h2200 Leavenworth 
" Earl T elk SPCo r San Leandro 
" Edgar W (Inez) plmbr hl646 10th av 
" Edw S (Anita I traffic mgr Ind Gro Alliance 

Distributors h2240 Balboa 
" Elbridge J (Florence) waiter hl41 Pierce 
" Elijah Jan Pub Sch r40 Eastwood dr 
" Emerson R mgr Bemis Bros Bag Co r Pled 


" Emmett C (Theresa) carp h928 Diamond 

" Ethel N iwid Marcellusl hl233 Masonic av 

" Eug B elk rl595 Clay 

" Eva rl535 Pacific av 

" Florence Mrs r2840 Clement 

" Florence M rl321 Page 

" Forrest H (Adelei trade practice adj Natl 

Recovery Administration h2462 15th 
" Frances L emp John Demartini Co r2542 

" Francis lab rl535 Pacific av 
" Frank J rHotel Stewart 
" Frazer A sec-treas United States Petroleum 

Co rl201 Calif 
" Fred I Kate I lab h2609 Calif 
" Geo chauf r2643 Union 
" Geo D iMarvi police h955 Filbert 
" Geo H Pac Coast mgr Natl Meter Co r Pled 
" Geo L sugar wkr hl682 Geary 
" Geo W I Agnes I hl422 45th av 
" Gertrude E elk r235 Eddy 
" Glenn Mrs sten h503 Franklin 
" Grace hl805 Pine 
" Grace Mrs hl700 Golden Gate av 
" H D h965 Geary 
" Harlan Rev iLou Ml h895 24th av 
" Harrv lab h4025 23d 
" Harry C tel opr h729 Jones 
" Harry E (Clyda h) slsmn h465 Dewey blvd 
" Harry H (Florencei hllos Bush 
" Harrv W acct h366 Douglass 
" Harry W barber r580 O'Parrell 
" Helen sten r656a Van Ness av S 
" Helen Mrs h400 28th av 

" Henry S mfg ]wlr 133 Geary R522 rl51 Hale 
" Herbt elk Emanuel Levy rI407 McAllister 
" Herbert M (Virginia) dept mgr Shell OH Co 

h635 14th av 
" Howard P (Minnie) elk hn9 Alhambra 
" Irene J sten P D Brett r521 Post 
" Ivan Y (Margti agt Prudential Ins Co rlOOO 

" J longshoremn rll6 Mason 
" J C rl528 Sutter 
" J Clyde carp r926V4 Diamond 
" J Earl h951 Eddy 

" J G dentist 450 Sutter R2318 r Palo Alto 
" J H h2810 26th 
" J K elk r85 4th 
" J R r259 7th 

" Jack (Clara) slsmn hl621 Cabrillo 
" Jas (Isabel! eng hl846 15th 
" Jas A elk SPCo rl2I0 GUman av 
" Jas M bldg contr hl456 Clayton 
" Jas P (Eusebia) car repr hl210 GUman av 
" Jas S hl51 Hale 
" Jennie iwld R H) rl246 Ulloa 
" Jessie L beauty opr h3423 16th 
" John (Madeline) chauf hl22 Coso av 
" John D bartndr rl6 Flood av 
" John P (Olgai cook U C Hosp h571 Webster 
" Jos gro 731 Bu sh r 755 Bush 
" Jos H flremn SFFD rl255 10th av 
" Jos P hl340 Turk 
" Jos P (Ellen) hi 255 10th av 
" Jos S rlll2 Larkin 
" Josephine r679 Pine 
" Josephine A (wid O P) r5700 Calif 
" June sten Union Carbide Sales Co r4081 19th 
" Kate (wid A Oi h926'3 Diamond 
" Kemp S cond Mun Ry r632 San Brum av 
" Kenneth M (Susaime; lab h2740 Greenwich 
" L E h945 Larkin 
" Laura (wid Henry) rl088a Capp 
" Laura J (wid J HI h616 Miramar av 
" Lawrence A traffic mgr Borden Sales Co 

r350 Greenwich 
" Lena C Mrs caterer Presidio Dock 
" Leo P (Celia Ml slsmn h69 Balceta av 
" Leonard A (Aileen) sec Warehousemen's 

Assn hllOl Green 
" Leonie (wid F E) hl535 Pacific av 
" Leonore F h575 Pierce 
" Lewis O sawyer h656a Van Ness av S 
" Lloyd C (Margt) dentist 450 Sutter R2332 

h745 Sutter 
" Lois slswn h324 Hyde 

" Louis bldg inspr Dept Pub Wks r4382 nth 
" Louis R (Heleni lab hl82 Flournoy 
" Madge Mrs mgr Verdun Rooms h923 Larkin 
" Margt h79e Pine 

" Margt sten G E Slevin rlOOO Sutter 
" Marie elk r7B Buchanan 
" Marie Mrs smstrs h282 Preelta av 
" Marvin (Bailey & Manning) rl228 Treat av 
" Mary Mrs rl528 Sutter 
" Mary (wid Edw) hl22B Treat av 
" Mary E (wid E Ji h3217 Market 
" Matthew A (Phoebe K) with Edw Brown & 

Sons hll2 nth av 
" Merrill E (Evelyn I barber 3311 Mission h241 

Excelsior av 
" Mildred A Mrs office sec Green's Eye Hosp 

hmo Pine 
" Mildred E typist Calif Pkg Corp r Ala 
" Milton hl840 Franklin 
" Miriam J sten r745 Sutter 
" Mitchell P (Mary I h690 Ulloa 
" Morton Pac Coast mgr Curtis Pub Co r Palo 

" Myrtle mach opr r954 Brunswick 
" Nelson B (Maude Bl music tchr 368 7th av 
" Olive D Mrs nurse rl965 Pacific av 
" Paul L (Ruth H) chauf h650 Chenery 
" Peggy F Mrs elk r271 San Jose av 
" R T rHotel Alex Hamilton 
" Ray J (Eliz) (Petersen & Bailey) hl58a 

Clinton pk 
" Richd rl233 Masonic av 

" Robt (Myrai slsmn McKale's Inc r340 HaySs 
" Robt (Fredai tmstr h68 Meda av 
" Robt J asst genl mgr Union lee Co r Bkly 
" Robt M (Amyl pharm h3155 Octavia 
" Robt S elk rl742 Bush 
" Ruth slswn rl233 Masonic av 



Ruth M elk Phoenix Assurance Co r Okld 

Ruth M Mrs compt opr r2455 31st av 

S P hl410 8th av 

Saml J (Maybellel mtrmn h267 Jules way 

Stanley reporter S F News h2C45 Cabrillo 

Stanley (Salllei waiter h436 3d 

Terry E elk C M Bailey Co r Bkly 

Thelma m Baker 

Thelma sten Calif Retail Hardware Assn 

r2668 Greenwich 
Thelma S elk Met Life Ins Co r San An- 

Thos (Kathi hl200 Washn 
Thos P r4032 25th 

Timothy (Marvi spec police h4032 25th 
Veda (Beaux-ideal Beauty Shoppe) r4463 

Virginia G sten Edgerton, Bourne & Co 

rl200 Clay 
Venna h801 Sutter 
W restrwkr rl750 Pine 
Walter chauf r286 Divisadero 
Walter B acct 519 Calif R521 h95 Cervantes 

Walter R (Anna J) brklyr hllO Hugo 
Warren G (Kathi h2124 15th 
Wilber G (Angela I elk h25 Cervantes blvd 
Wm hl376 Clayton 
Wm (Cecilia I h40 Eastwood dr 
Wm lAdellel h619 9th av 
Wm rl255 lOth av 
Wm elk rl535 Paeifle av 

Wm (Deborah) varnish mkr h628 O'Farrell 
Wm H elk rl319 Market R424 
Wm H used autos 1260 Mission r417 Fulton 
Wilson R mech r268 Thrift 
Zella E bkpr McCoy Label Co r57I Geary 
&. Manning (Marvin Bailey Frank Manning) 

gas sta 2739 24th 
Bailhaehe Arth L h2519 Octavia 

John M consultant Sonotone Corp h2901 

Marjorie Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl340 Lombard 
Preston L hl340 Lombard 
BaiUe Agnes nurse r2031 Fulton 

Jennie C (wid Wm) hll29 Leavenworth 
Margt J r2031 Pulton 
Thos J h2031 Pulton 
Bailiff Frances elk rl73 29th 
Henry elk rl73 29th 
Jas W (Bernlcei barber 380 Sanchez h3909 

John D (Edith Ml meeh T J Topper Co 

1916 Pine 
Louise Mrs hl73 29th 
Bailin Jack h640 Mason 
Bailies d'Err Elise teller Bank of Am r2019 

Oakdale av 
Balllle Jas G cond hl025 Stanyan 

John A (Cath Ai wtchmn hni3 Sanchez 
Kenneth O slsmn E Goss & Co r Bkly 
Wm formn W B Sumner & Co Inc r224 

Bailly Barbara r2222 Hyde 

Dorothy Mrs tchr Pub Sch r612 12th av 

Edw G elk r433 Noe 

Edw S (Julie AI hU7 8th av 

Emma R (wid Albtl hll5 8th av 

Ernest L (Alieel elk hl317 Church 

Geo P (Irene F) h3671 16th 

Jeane r2222 Hyde 

Leo E (Dorothy) elk h612 12th av 

Lucy L (wid Eug) h433 Noe 

Mary (wid LeonI hl65 12th av 

Thos E (Stella I phys 870 Market R1008 
h2222 Hyde 

Wm C electn hl78 12th av 
Bailus Bert slsmn r380 Eddy 
Bally Ada slswn hl92 Duncan 

Elma typist rl686 Fell 

Hannah M (wid A H) hl686 Fell 

Henry orderly S F Hosp 

Hilda M tchr Pub Sch rl686 Pell 

Mary L sten Universal Film Exch r762 3l3t 

Winlfried hl660 Clay 
Baima Jos sugar wkr r903 Minnesota 

L clo prsr r903 Minnesota 
BAIN. See also Baine, Bane and Bayne 

Anita J prin Paul Revere Sch r758 15th av 

Annie sten r758 15th av 

Bruce (Margt I auto mech hl20 Lundys la 

Chas H v-pres Hills Bros r Piedmont 

Christine tchr Pub Sch r758 15th av 

David C mariner hl471 Jackson 

Dolena A matron Crocker Old Peoples Home 

Earl G (Loral elk r816 Divisadero 

Fred B adv 216 Pine R316 r Piedmont 

Geo carp rl25 6th 

Helen tchr Pub Sch r758 15th av 

Hilliard G mgr Crucible Steel Co of Am 
r San Mateo 

Howard A (Meta) cond hl571 Waller 

J Donald Inv 625 Market RIOIT 

Jas P (Mary) slsmn h2136 Stelner 

Jas P jr elk r2136 Stelner 

Lillian A librn NBC r650 Bush 

Llovd M (Agnes I paper etr h548 Central av 

Louis clo elnr 1804 Geary rl037 Fillmore 

M Mrs h2145 Larkin 

M Mrs sten Genl Metals Corp r Okld 

Mary (wid Jas) h758 15th av 

Phyllis sten r3190 Clay 

Robt r2136 Stelner 

Robt C musician r242 Turk 

Wm A slsmn rl336 Willard 

Wm E slsmn hl336 Willard 

Wm H elk hl64 Hermann 

Wm J slsmn L H Butcher Co h2390 Fran- 
Bainbary Danl r241 6th 
Bainbridge Harry millwkr r3234 Harrison 
" Harry A (Flossie) hl801 Calif 
" John A (May G) mot plot opr hI215 Bay 


" Oliver (Martha I pres Agents Official Steam- 
ship Guide hll52 Jackson 

" Thos ship elk Mclntyre Pkg Co r Okld 

Baine Walter P (Ellie AI lab h541 Arkansas 

Haines Arnold J (Lillian I printer hl355 Calif 

" Bertlia (wid Herbt Gl hl473 9th av 

" Florence R eompt opr r773 Castro 

" Geo jan rl030'/2 Kearny 

" Georgia sten r773 Castro 

" Georgin A sten Parke Davis & Co r975 Sut- 

Bainett Newton r2128 17th av 

Bains Bernice waiter rl90 O'Farrell 

Balocchi Adolph (Alvlnal meat etr h23D Hart- 

" Albt beer 391 Bway r379 Vallejo 

" Albt bottler rl781 McKlnnon av 

" Algla Mrs hl445 Mason 

" Angelo (Caroline) h49 Henry 

" Chas bottler r379 Vallejo 

" Danl (Rose) lab hl54a PfelSer 

" Edw R elk rl781 McKlnnon av 

" Francesco porter r247 Naples 

" Frank (Nellie) chauf r247 Naples 

" Guldo (Aurellai chauf hl781 McKlnnon aT 

" Italia Mrs h379 Vallejo 

" Jack auto mech rl919 Larkin 

" Mario r379 Vallejo 

" Meda r379 Vallejo 

" Philip waiter r379 Vallejo 

" Vlto (Vlrginiai h523 VaUejo 

Balr Albt E boxmkr rll63 Van Ness av 8 

" Clarence L r212 Juanlta way 

" Herbt M (Normal mach hlpr hl773 9th »T 

" Ida M Mrs hll63 Van Ness av S 

" Hyrum cook rl967 Hayes 

" Meredith C (Anne M) elk h300 16th av 

BAIRD. See also Beard 

" A E Mrs drsmkr r242 Powell 

" A J (BethI r2119 Ocean av 

" Albt pntr hl499 Guerrero 

" Alex rl466 25th av 

" Allen A jan SOCo r Richmond 

" Bea elk r208 Poplar av 

" Ben] A (Irma O) drftsmn Dept Pub Wks 
hl35 14th av 

" Benj B (Beatrice) slsmn Hastings Clothing 
Co h634 Powell 

" Beulah nurse U C Hosp r330 Parnassus av 

" Bob storekpr Pac Metals Co r Bkly 

" Burdette V (Maxine I) slsmn J C MUlett Co 
hl540 Chestnut 

BAIRD CHALMERS S (Alice) Credit Conn- 
selor. 212 de Young Bldg, 690 Market, Tel 
SU tier 92M, hSSOl Clay, Tel WA Inut 4317 

" Colin (Jessie) slsmn h65 Colllngwood 

" Constance A Mrs elk rl433 8th av 

" David mfrs agt 115 Townsend r Burllngame 

" David A (Harriet) Jan r2D5 Nevada 

" Dolores Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl466 25th av 

" Dudley v-pres Pac Foundry Co and Pao 
Metals Co r Bkly 

"EG hl348 Sacto 

" Edith Mrs with Ames Harris Neville Co h355 

" Edwin C (Florence E) slsmn Llbby McNeill 
& Llbby hl90 nth av 

" Floyd L furn 738 Larkin r Redwood City 

" Fred h550 Stockton 

" Geo elk r65 Colllngwood 

" Gerald (Leota) chauf h880y2 Bayshore blvd 

" Helen C compt opr Roos Bros r281 12th av 

" Herbt (Margt) (Abacot Apts) h685 Haight 

" Herbt C (Dorothy E) slsmn h990 Bway 

" Hugh A (Eolore) hl466 25th av 

" J B r225 Taylor 

" Jack (La Verne) pntr h2741 Clay 

" Jas (Emmai carp h232 Guerrero 

" Jas eng Matson Bldg r Daly City 

" John bartndr r232 Guerrero 

" John lab Larkin Transf Co 

" John C clre dlv mgr Call-Bulletin Pub Co 
h625 46th av 

" John J (Cath) elk hl407 nth av 

" John N mgr Utility Trailer Sales Co r San 

" Josephine Mrs tchr Pub Sch r2201 Pacific av 

" Kenneth E (Pearl) pntr hl951 Sutter 

" Lance asst mgr Alexander & Baldwin Ltd 
r Bkly 

" Lee elk SPCo r355 Bartlett 

" Leroy H r990 Bway 

" Lionel G (Ann I mgr H D Lee Merc Co h29 
San Andreas way 

" Lucille nurse rl499 Guerrero 

" Lvdla M (wid D Jl hlll2 Clay 

" Marion J (Plorencei electn hl591 Page 

" Mary (wid Geol rl573 Grove 

" Mathilda (wid Prior) r359 Diamond 

" May Mrs h275 Turk 

" Patk S acct rll71 Clay 

" R A h2 Cervantes blvd 

" Ray (Emma I mgr Acme Past Freight Serv- 
ice hn5 19th av 

" Robt r65 Colllngwood 

" Ronald N (Vlrgie) pkr rl327 Leavenworth 

" T R h3401 Clay 

" Thos G (Margt) h4I Arguello blvd 

" Virginia sten Equitable Life Assur Soc r 

" Waldo r990 Bway 

" Walter A (Margt) barber r494 27th av 

" Walter E slsmn W T Burney r Ross 

" Walter H (Josephine) v-pres E J Mitchell 
Co h2201 Pacific av 

" Wilbur lab Crown Overall Mfg Co 

" Wilbur E (Mary) h935 Hyde 

" Wm (Rose) garage wkr h892 14th 

" Wm J carp r74 6th 

BAIREUTHER, See also Bayreuther 

" Albt M (Balreuther's Market) (New Electrlo 
Market) h33 Preelta av 

" Ann (Balreuther's Market) r260 College av 

" Annabelle (wid John) h260 College av 


" Chns A (Balreuthefs Market) ra60 College 

» Chns C (New Electric Market) r360 College 

" Harold J inew Electric Market) rS60 College 

» Norman J lOllve Ki (Balrouther's Market) 

(New Electric Market i Ii3018 Mission 
Bslreiillier's Market (Ann Norman Clins and 

Albt Balreullier) gro 35 Preclta nv 
Balros John J cJeannei lillSO HalRhl 
" Mildred nurse S P Hosp h321 Woolsey 
Bais Antone hl209 Bush ,„ , , 

Balsa Jos (Marv) (Superior Plating Works) 

h73a Brunswick 
Balsden Ted L iLols) slsmn h650 Presidio Rv 
BnlslnRer Madeline M sten UOCo r895 Sutter 
" Robt J (Madeline I slsmn Cliambcrlln Metal 

Weather Strip Co li895 Sutter 
BaltlnRCr Co E h-129 Eddv 
" Norman W iClvdai h325 Montlcello 
'< Wallace V slsmgr Sherman Clay & Co r 

Mlllbrae Highlands 
Balx Harry R dentist 2494 Mission rl47 Kings- 
" Peter J ICath) hl47 Kingston 
Balza Nick Jan r258 Page 
Balzer BenJ N iPnnla) teller Bank of Am h915 

" Pearl h745 Fillmore 
Bajada Anthony lEUz J) press opr h2082 

. Quesada av 
" Carlo msgr Goodby Mfg Co 
" Chas (Theresa I lormn Norton Wool Co 

hmo La Salle av 
" Chas lab rl226 Fairfax 
" Connie P Mrs buffer rU26 Phelps 
" M sugar wkr rl226 Fairfax av 
" Saml (Carmelni hl427 (Juesada av 
" Saverio iCarmell hll24 Phelps 
" Splro (Constance) press opr hll26 Phelps 
Bajan W J h947 Bush 
" Wm N singer r947 Bush 
Bajonl Andre r664 Larkln 
Bajuk Edythe elk Index Inx Corp r Ala 
" Jos restrwkr r628 Kansas 
" Louise F sten Am Coml Alcohol Corp r Ala 
Bajurin Antone (Grace) cook hl44 London 
Bak Chum Tung gro 772 Commercial 
Bakafoukias Peter cook r315 Clementina 
Bakalar Arth B (Pauline P) pat atty Shell 

Chemical Co h2638 Lyon 
Bakar Betty bkpr Bloom Bros r Okld 
Bakarich John beer 555 Turk 
Bakeman Delbert H elk Strouss & Co r Bel- 
" Norma elk hlll4 Sutter 
Baken Arth int dec 622 Powell r MIU Valley 
Baker A G slsmn Golden Gate Premium & 

Trading Co hl379 10th av 
"AW lab rl56 3d 
" Abbie M maid rl968 2lEt av 
'' Abe (Mary) mgr New Victoria Importing Co 

hSlO 26th av 
" Adam G (Ethel) tmstr h628 Girard 
" Albt n504 Irving 
" Albt A (Eliz) hl504 Irving 
" Albt A (MerceilJ elk hl312 Jackson 
" Albt A (Alice) prsmn Crandall Press Inc 

rl445 Monterey blvd 
" Albt C mattressmkr r980 Bush 
" Albt H v-pres-genl mgr Simmons Co r Palo 

" Albt J (Marie) slsmn Buckingham & Hecht 

hl929 Cabrillo 
" Albt L (Huddart & Baker) r Bkly 
" Albt R (Audrey) elk hl71 Sadowa 
" Alberta H (wid Albt) tchr Pub Sch hl918 

" Aldrich D mech r348 Hazelwood av 
" Alex hl220 Folsom 
" Alice h400 28th av 
" Alice M Mrs hl285 Oak 
" Alma Mrs sten Natl Ins Securities Co r42 

" Alvin C (Gabrielle) eng h2911 16th 
" Alyce M bkpr I B Kleinert Rubber Co r334 

Faxon av 
" Andw r4125 Lincoln way 
" Andw r87 3d 
" Andw J (Alice C) emp U S Mint h426 19th 

" Ann Mrs tchr Pac Hebrew Orphan Asylum 

& Home Soc rl226 9th av 
" Anna H compt opr hl091 Bush 
" Anne h726 Bush 
" Annie M (wid Jos) h37 Dorland 
" Antoinette emp Hobbs Battery Co r435 

" Arth A mgr Muralo Co r Burlingame 
" Arth C r2460 Punston av 
" Arth E coml artist r4166 25th 
" Arth H (Alice) slsmn Geo W Caswell Co 

hs Wawona 
" Arth H jr slsmn Geo W Caswell Co r8 Wa- 
" Austin elk rl645 Sutter 
"BO r370 Byxbee 
" Bernlce I elk WUTCo r Okld 
" Bert L pdlr rlB69 Fillmore 
" Bert T (Dorothy) treas Surety Finance 

Service Co h78 Wawona 
'' Betty h336 Castro 

" Blanche typist Bankamerica Co r Okld 
" Boyd (Jeanette) mech rl447 McAllister 
" Building 101 Post 
" Byron E r628 Montgy R204 
" C apt mgr hlD47 Bush 
"CD slsmn Baker Hamilton & Pacific Co 

r Okld 
" C E r913 Eddy 
" C E slsmn h359 Hyde 
« C P h2750 Polk 


BAKKR r n SHOES. Bayard Kydcr CenI 
Mcr. Stores — 241 Geary. II Donohuc Mer ; 
HH,-, MiirkrI. W II Shuilz Mgr; .'ill Kearny 
at Post, J Blrnbaum Mgr, Tel DO uglas 
B.v,'li. rrivate Exchange Connecting All 
"CO (Helen) barber h771 Cole 
" C Wesley (Bernlce G) h780 Darlen way 
" Calvin M rl41 Eddy 
" Carrie E h37 Fair Oaks 
" Cath mlnr r913 Market 
" Cath (wld Geo I rl551 Sanchez 
" Cath S mach opr rl058 Ellis 
" Chas r935 Kearny 
" Chas seamn r2419 30th av 
" Chas A (Helene I) civil eng h275 Monterey 

" Chas A teller Wells-Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r Burlingame 
" Chas B (Elolse) hl215 Jackson 
" Chas C loan officer Morris Plan Co hl654 

10th av 
" Chas E .slsmn O'Connor Moffatt & Co r359 

" Chas F elk Wells-Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co rl960 Clay 
" Chas H (Dorothea L) lltho hl845 Franklin 
" Chas W (Nettie El br mgr Prudential Ins Co 

hl44 Lunado way 
" Chas W (Grace) sec Domestic Lndy Co 

r3809 20th 
" Christ lab r3380 26th 
" Christine rl426 Sacto 
" Claire elk Capital Co r Okld 
" Clarence (Anni h2101 Bay 
" Clarence (Vena) slsmn h750 O'Farrell 
" Clarence E reporter Call-Bulletin Pub Co 

h42 Clayton 
" Clarence M (EIlz M) drftsmn 155 Montgy 

R711 h3740 25th 
" Clarence O barber r310 Irving 
" Clark slsmn Westinghouse Elec Supp Co 

r Sacramento 
" Clement E (Marie) purser h2250 Bay 
" Cletus H elk r459 11th av 
"DC h464 Haight 
" Danl C r74 Waller 
" Danl J (Cath) longshoremn h78 Park 
" David rlll7 Judah 

" David (Bemice) grease mech hl651 Market 
" David (Rosie) hdw 33 Leland av hl463 

Thomas av 
" Despard D (Gertrude E) h348 Hazelwood av 
" Diamond bkpr V R Miller rl9 Short 
" Doris elk rlOSO Sanchez 
" Doris entertainer r241 Jones 
" Dorothy Mrs sten Natl Theatre Supply Co 

r737 Bush 
" Dorothy M sec A D McLean ]r r200 Ken- 
wood way 
" E Mrs smstrs David Glassgold 
" E F h25 Capra way 
" Earl J rl623 Moraga 
" Edith Mrs wiater h907 Valencia 
" Edna G social wkr City & County Welfare 

Dept h2415 Van Ness av 
" Edw rl743 Bush 
" Edw r555 Haight 
" Edw h542 25th av 
" Edw carp rll55 Octavia 
" Edw mldr r558 Geary 
" Edw G elk WeUs-Pargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r Okld 
" Edw J h666 O'Parrell 

" Edw J (Maude M) mot pict opr h275 Paris 
" Edw M r2040 Sutter 
" Edw M elk rl501 Noe 

" Edw R inspr Industrial Assn r2300 Van Ness 
" Edwin J (Julia Ei window trmr Levin's 

Auto Supp Co h4166 25th 
" Eliz Mrs r2526 Sutter 
" Eliz Mrs mgr Baker Hotel h260 Kearny 
" Eliz (wid Thos) hSOO Page 
" Ella rl59 Lexington 
" Ella Mrs h3700 20th 
" Ella B rl280 Grove 
" Ellen (wid Predk) hl336 Hampshire 
" Elmer W (Lorraine) liquors 424 Bush r429 

" Eloise Mrs sten US Employees Compensation 

Commission rl215 Jackson 
" Elsa Mrs tchr Pub Sch r550 Lake 
" Emily (wid Geo) h4392 17th 
" Emma r3299 Washn 
" Emmy (wid Prank) h338 Waller 
" Ernest C (Dorothy) bldg contr 86 Fairfield 

" Ethan R elk r635 42d av 
" Etta bkpr hl91 Conk 
" Eug (Bertha) lab h751 Barneveld av 
" Eug L (Rebeca) slsmn hl64 Jules av 
" Eunice Mrs elk r645 Chenery 
" Evelyn jan r325 Cornwall 
" F h4725 Mission 
" F Wayne printer Call-Bulletin Pub Co h495 

27th av 
" Fletcher (Stella) h3145 Baker 
" Florence I elk rl05l Ashbury 
" Frances physio therapist U Hosp hl380 

Monterey blvd 
" Prances sten Gilmore Oil Co rl034 Guerrero 
" Frances H asst buyer I Magnin & Co r2615 

Pacific av 
" Francis J (Prances) pres Tay-Holbrook Inc 

h52 Jordan 
" Frank h381 Turk 
" Frank rl630 Octavia 
" Frank aviator rl50 Oak 
" Frank musician h576 37th av 
" Frank B (Jennie) lab Dept Pub Wks hl23 

" Frank E aud Shell Oil Co rl400 Washn 
" Frank H acct S F Stock Exch r San An- 

" Prank J civ eng 628 Montgy R204 


" Prank J (Eva) slsmn r474 Oak 

" Fred 1)25 San Jose av 

" Fred (Adelaide El ad writer h706 48th av 

" Prcd elk r332 Jersey 

" Fred (Louisa) Ins agt hl999 Post 

" Prcd (Mvrtlel lab h2260 Bryant 

" Fred L chauf Dept Pub Wks h2615 Pacific 

" Fred L elk SPCo r Redwood City 
" Fred T (Gertrude H) emp A Levy cSc J 

Zentner Co h3927 Lincoln way 
" Fred V (Margt) slsmn J E French Co hl25 

" Frcdk A jr trader Wulfl Hansen & Co r 

Fairmont Hotel 
" Frcdk C elk Crocker First Natl Bank r2134 

Van Ness av 
" G Mrs slswn r310 Post 
" Garrett (wid Geo! rl23 Parallones 
" Genevieve Mrs hl079 Lombard 
" Geo r723b Howard 
" Geo hl360 O'Parrell 
" Geo r55 5th 
" Geo h239 11th av 
" Geo cook r876 Harrison 
" Geo delicatessen 1175 Market r350 Grove 
" Geo restrwkr r274 Arlington 
" Geo slsmn r262 Natoma 
" Geo A (Eliz I slsmn h274 Arlington 
" Geo L (Frances) phys 516 Sutter R523 h75 

" Geo T (Lenora) lab h220 Lobos 
" Geo W with RFC r Piedmont 
" Geo W Mrs r Mark Hopkins Hotel 
" Geraldine rl918 Franklin 
" Gilbert E slsmn hl905 Laguna 
" Glenn R elk Wells-Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co r San Bruno 
" Glenn S (Carol B) slsmn hl695 Beach 
" Grace Mrs smstrs rl004 Pine 
" Guy B lens grinder Hirsch & Kaye r Okld 
" Gwendolin r345 Pulton 
" Gwendolyn E sten h766 Sutter 
" Gwyn H (Baker & Wade) r Okld 
" H & Co J P Laughman mgr cutlery mfs 

1499 Market R220 
" H H jr h737 Bush 

" H R & Co H R Baker pres J H Burgess 
v-pres. W J Herrman v-pres, H L Chick 
sec-treas inv 235 Montgy R2200 
" H Ream (Ruby) pres H R Baker & Co rlOOO 

" H S slsmn Omer Cox Co h2455 Union 
lington T Smith Pres, Philip S Baker 1st 
V-Pres, Sec-Treas, Wakefield Baker 2d V- 
Pres and Genl Mgr, Horace Coffin Asst 
Sec, Joseph A Smith Sales Mgr, Ex- 
porters and Jobbers Hardware, Tools, Cut- 
lery, Builders' Hardware, Paints, House* 
hold Goods, Electrical Supplies, Bicycles, 
Pumps and Engines, Iron and Steel Com- 
modities, 7th and Towusend, Tel HE mlock 
" -Hansen Mfg Co S C Kyle rep air compres- 
sors 216 Pine R606 
" Harold (Anna) chauf h727 Douglass 
" Harold pharm Owl Drug Co r478 Punston 

" Harrison A (Lois) v-pres Frank Werner Co 

h2552 Chestnut 
". Harry hl281 Geary 
" Harry elk h391 17th av 
" Harry r Mark Hopkins Hotel 
" Harry slsmn Hamilton's Mens Shops Inc 

r525 Turk 
" Harry D (Nellie) pntr h448 Laurel 
" Harry E (Helen G) USA h23a5 Greenwich 
" Harry L jr (Virginia) elk h20 Palm av 
" Helen sten Del Monte Properties Co r250 

" Helen Mrs beauty shop 5633 Geary blvd 

r576 37th av 
" Helen C hl905 Vallejo 
" Helen C elk r660 Bush 

" Helen N sec Dumbarton Bridge Co r Bur- 
" Helene G sten Hills Bros r250 Kirkham 
" Henry bkpr h332 Jersey 
" Henry O (Lucy) carp hlH7 Judah 
" Henry H hl017 Hyde 
" Herbt C (Veronica C) sec Wisconsin Fum 

Co h345 Magellan av 
" Herbt F (Grace) res mgr Saml F Racine & 
Co and Racine's Western Institute hl623 
24th av 
" Herbt R (Natalie H) elk SERA h2615 Union 
" Homer C slsmn r260 Kearny 
" Hotel 1188 Polsom 
" Hotel 260 Kearny 
" Howard pntr rl912 Fillmore 
" Ida h2578 32d av 
" J rl75 6th 

" J B agt AT&SFRy r Okld 
" J Blair elk r2036 Santiago 
" J Prank h2901 Van Ness av 
" J L elk rl228 Grove 
" J L steeplejack rl93 4th 
" Jack D elk H V Carter Co r Ala 
BAKER JACKSON D (Julia M) Trust Officer 

The San Francisco Bank h22g5 Bay 
" Jackson W (Ruth R) h2121 Sacto 
" Jacob F h2507 Pine 
" Jas r487 Minna 
" Jas A (Lottie) dept mgr Morris Plan Co 

h2419 22d av 
" Jas B agt AT&S?Ry r Okld 
■' Jas C Rt Rev (Lena) bishop M E Church 

h2900 Pacific av 
" Jas D (Ellen) lab hl837 Hayes 
" Jas E hl750 Golden Gate av 
" Jas R (Eliz M) elk h243 Alma 
" Jas T commissary chf The River Lines rl38 

" Jennie h639 Octavia 


" Jennie L (wid Aaron) h633 Cabrillo 

" Jessie Mrs r3345 23d 

" Jessie F Mrs hSOO Hyde 

" Jessie L hl53 Erie 

" Johanna Mrs drsmkr Ji345 Fulton 

" John waiter r228 5th 

" John jr rI285 Oalc 

" John A fAudreyl marine mach h2841 Folsom 

" John B valuation officer SPCo r Bkly 

" John C eng Dept Pub Wks r3318 22d 

" John D I Annie I h2240 Bryant 

" John G (Ruby) slsmn Poultry Producers of 

Central Calif h26 Edna 
" John H asst valuation eng SPCo r Bkly 
" John L (Muriel) stevedore hSO Haight 
" John P rrerni auto repr h516a Diamond 
" John R (Amendai h4115 Judah 
" John W garage 739 Valencia r435 Gough 
" Jos lab r2265 Mission 
" Jos (Ruby E) cook h745 Haight 
" Jos marble wkr H E Miller r Okld 
" Jos B (Annie) wtchmn hl018a Shotwell 
" Jos H r411 O'Farrell 
" Jos W opr supvr NBC r Okld 
" Kath forwn Rosenbaum Cushman & Co 

r226 San Carlos av 
" Katie W hI007 Haight 
" L h828 Jones 
"LA sergt USA r Presidio 
" L L asst supt nurses Stanford Unlv Hosp 

r2340 Clay 
" L Margt rl017 Hyde 
"LB h700 O'Farrell 
" Larry elk Normandin Bros r Okld 
" Lawrence C lawyer 14 Montgy R700 
" Lawrence P (Alice HI chauf h3440 24th 
" Leavitt pres Danner & Baker Inc r San 

" Leavitt jr elk Baker Hamilton & Pacific Co 

r San Rafael 
" Leila sten r937 Leavenworth 
" Lena M solr r2645 Sacto 
" Leo h527 3d 
" Leo florist r354 O'Farrell 
" Leo J factvwkr rlll4 Octavia 
" Leona E (wid W O h390 Liberty 
" Leonard F (Lorraine E) firemn h74 Naples 
" Lester L elk rl557 Clay 
" Lester T rl623 Moraga 
" Lewis h839 Leavenworth 
" Lillian Mrs r310 20th av 
" Lillian M with Ames Harris Neville Co hlSOl 

" London lab r2441 Post 
" Loraine r2042 Grove 

" Louis R (Gladys Ml auto pntr hl4I4 24th av 
" Lucille F with S F Bank r21 Buena 'Vista av 
" Lucille G elk rl623 Moraga 
" Lyie R (Evai cementwkr h951 McAllister 
"MA h2309 Van Ness av 
"ML hl610 Sutter 
" Madge tchr Pub Sch rl426 Washn 
" Mae E sten A Carlisle & Co Dpham & But- 

ledge r778 10th av 
" Marceil elk r2032 O'Farrell 
" Margt sten rl64 Jules av 
" Margt waiter r925 Sutter 
" Margt (wid Ellas) rI625 Clement 
" Margt E sten Brush Slocumb & Co r Bkly 
" Margt S Mrs br mgr MacMarr Stores rl379 

10th av 
" Martha office sec F A King rl336 Hampshire 
" Martin E (Nevart) shoe repr 902 Clement 

hl625 do 
" Mary h237 Leavenworth 
" Mary tchr Pub Sch h2430 Bush 
" Mary Mrs h33 Prosper 
" Mary Mrs r214 6th 
" Mary A (wid E H) hl843 Franklin 
" Mary E sten Chas Prins rl848 Franklin 
" Mary H h834 Bush 
" Mary H pub sten 405 Montgy RlllO hl065 

" Mary K beauty opr h823a Capp 
" Mary L sten Remensperger Bros rl646 Sutter 
" Mary V (wid Alvin) h2911 16th 
" Maude D Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl594 35th av ' 
" Maxine R r26 Edna 
" May Indywkr h2647 Mission 
" May E Mrs r2825 Sacto 
" May M Mrs smstrs rl501 Noe 
" **S'7„"l^ "^ (Irene) asst mgr Gerhard Apts 

h50 Laguna 
" Merten B asst genl mgr CB&QRR r Okld 
" ™"y'° mattress wkr r213a Golden Gate av 
" Milhcent elk SPCo r Okld 
" Millicent Mrs hn70 Bway 
" Milton L asst dept mgr SOCo r Mayfleld 
" Milton R asst supt U S Gypsum Co r2361 

" Minnie Mrs h312 Pioche 
" Miriam Mrs hl858 Fell 

" Morton W (Jeanne I phys Veterans' Ad- 
ministration Facility h25 Sea Cliff av 
" N mach opr CaUf Cap & Cloak Co 
" Napolean E (Satineg) shoe repr 2239 Fill- 
more h339 12th av 
" Nash J lab Dept Pub 'Wks h73 San Jose av 
" NeUie hat trmr r514 Templeton av 
" Nellie sten rl999 Post 
" Norman (Allenei animal kpr City Parks 

Dept hl434 45th av 
" Olyn F (Jacqueline I plmbr hl07 Grattan 
" Ora beauty shop 223 Jones 
" Paul cook 3002 CaUf 
" Paul B (Irene M) printer Marcus Brower 

h674 Elizabeth 
" Paul D plmbr h631 Cabrillo 
" Paul J h2845 'Washn 
" Pauline rl351 25th av 

Representative, Bakers Machinery 905 
Pacific Bldg, 821 Market, Tel GA rfleld 



Peter rl058 Ellis 

Philip J sales eng Soule Steel Co r San 

Phihp S 1st v-pres-sec-treas Baker Hamil- 
ton & Pacific Co r Ross 

R Frank h45 Child 

R Lynn (Marie) Pac Coast mgr J 'Walter 
Thompson Co h2400 Pacific av 

R O r76 3d 

Ralph artist Stecher-Traung Litho Corp 
r Okld 

Ralph C (Bertha R) slsmn Assoc Oil Co 
h543 Moscow 

Ralph J (Elizabeth) elk h415 Lawton 

Ralph R bkpr VI p Fuller' & Co r Bkly 

Ralph W rl566 48th av 

Ray 'W (Anna Ol stmftr h85 Cresio ct 

Reba W rl566 48th av 

Rio D (Pearli elk hlSll 34th av 

Robt inspr Free Employment Bureau In- 
dustrial Assn of S F r2300 Van Ness av 

Robt A paper ctr r44 4th 

Robt B elk r345 Peoria 

Robt B (Geneda) stevedore h914 Broderick 

Robt C lArvilla) aud Pac Car Demurrage 
Bur h632 Cabrillo 

Robt C (Mae I cigar pkr h3644 19th 

Robt C with Columbia Steel Co r Okld 

Robt D (Kath I pres Lassen Lbr & Box Co 
hlOl Cortez av 

Robt E mining eng r759 41st av 

Robt G (Viola I h494 29th av 

Robt L (Lena I gas sta atdt Standard Sta- 
tions h446 Ralston 

Roe H I Mae I field dep U S Int Rev hl335 
12th av 

Rolland G (Maude) mech City & County 
Purch Dept hl594 35th av 

Rose waiter rl463 Thomas av 

Roy actor r34 Turk 

Roy B (Josephinei chauf h230 Rolph 

Roy F chauf rl956 Post 

Roy H slsmn r245 Powell 

Roy P (Cath) auto mech h3534 17th 

Ruby nurse S F Hosp rl266 Utah 

Ruby Mrs mgr Rubaiyat Rooms hM19 
Golden Gate av 

Ruby (wid E El h329 San Carlos 

Ruel (Charlotte A) asst cash Bank of Am 
h2659 Lombard 

Russell D mgr Redwood Sales Co r Bur- 

Russell P mgr J B Inderrieden Co r Ala 

Ruth h625 Bush 

Ruth (wid 'W Ol h75 Mt Vernon av 

Saml h3299 Washn 

Saml r627 Haight 

Saml mattress mkr r947 Steiner 

Saml (Eva I meats 1312 Fillmore h2042 

Saml slsmn r274 Arlington 

Saml tmstr R B Clark 

Sarah (wid A S) h62 Santa Ynez av 

Shelden T (Jessie) h860 Geary 

Shirley (Louise) h385 Capistrano av 

Shirley civ eng 58 Sutter R323 h2242 Polk 

Shirlev H (Mary P) analyst Bank of Am 
h2323 Larkin 

Sidney (Sadiei waiter h4009 24th 

Sidney c (Annie) real est 238 Fillmore h240 

Sophie Mrs rl231 Eddy 

Stanley driver r21 Buena Vista av 

Stanley p h915 Franklin 

Steph baker rl945 Mission 

Susan (wid ArthI hl812 Lyon 

Sylvester A (Fannie i dlst mgr MacBeth 
Evans Glass Co hl900 Vallejo 

T B r723b Howard 

T M Mrs h2257 VaUejo 

Theo r865 Eddv 

Theresa Mrs h2430 Bush 

Verne J elk rll35 Hyde 

Veronica B typist Federal Reserve Bank r345 
Magellan av 

Victor A slsmn hl365 Noe 

Vivian E sten Industrial Underwriters Inc 
r Okld 
BAKER W B CO (Wesley B Baker) Engi- 
neers and Mfrs Motors, Fans and Blow- 
ers, Motor Maintenance and Spring ]\rfrs, 
15 Harriet, Tels HE mlock 7380, 7381 and 
' 'W Chester electn h49 Germania 

• 'W Trevor (Mae) furn 2224 Polk rl375 Green 
' Wakefield (Margt) 2d v-pres-genl mgr Ba- 
ker Hamilton &: Pac h2750 Bway 

• Walter elk h629 15th av 

' Walter C (Elsal purch agt NBC h550 Lake 

' Walter J hl295 15th av 

' Walter J (Mabell hl281 32d ay 

' Warren G slsmn Sea Wall Warehouse r604 

' Wayne E (Lena) electn h3993 20th 
' Wearman G city lept mgr Pearl Assurance 

Co Ltd rl90D Franklin 
' Wendell (Augusta) stockmn Olw Drug Co 

r3317 Jackson 
' Wesley (Bernice G) with S F Bank r780 

Darien wav 
' Wesley B (W B Baker Co) r Gaylord Hotel 
' Wm (Mildred) h20 Parker av 
' Wm rl416 Webster 
' Wm (Ruth) h63 29th 
' Wm chef s P Commissary r364 Eddy 
' Wm lab r36 Bourbin 
' Wm lab hl7 Decatur 
' Wm (Bertha) mach hl90 Douglass 
' Wm slsmn rl938 Buchanan 
' Wm (Margt) slsmn hl742 San Jose av 
' Wm A (Minniei bkpr h365 24th av 
' Wm B rl046 Ellis 

' Wm E auto mech r62 Santa Ynez av 
' Wm E (EpheUne) tchr Pub Sch h2231 16th 



" Wm H (Georgia) eng examiner PWA h5700 

" Wm H dir Ry Exp Agcy r Ala 
" Wm J r895 Brussels 

" Wm J (Anna) slsmn hl650 Plymouth av 
" Wm P (Helen Dl v-pres R gal-Amber Brew- 
ing Co h775 Darien way 
" Wm R (Grace Ml h755 41st av 
" Wm T (Mary) h750 Capp 
" Willis E (Marjoriei chauf hl38a Eureka 
" Winfleld S cond Mun Rv r2502 25th 
" Z mgr Hotel Noble h630 Geary 
" & Co Inc L D Morgan br mgr smelters and 

refiners 760 Market R768 
BAKER & WADE (Gwyn H Baker, Harry M 
Wade) Attorneys-at-Law, 655 Russ Bide. 
235 Montgomery. Tcl GA rfield 4915 
Bakers' Union No 24 2940 16th 
Bakerjean Leo florist 533 Geary 
Bakewell Edw T elk Met Life Ins Co r Bur- 

" Ettie (wid Peter) hl369 12th av 
" Frank elk Met Life Ins Co r Burlingame 
" John jr (Hazel) (Bakewell & Weihe) h855 

" Thos V h224 Cherry 
BAKEWELL W B. V-Fres American Trust Co. 

rSSSl Telegraph Av, Oakland 
BAKEWELL & WEIHE (John Bakewell Jr, 
Ernest E Weihe) Architects, gth Floor 
Charleston Bldg. 251 Kearny, Tel GA rfield 
Bakhroff Lydia elk h760 Divisadero 
Bakis Peter deckhd r925 Post 
Bakke Andw elk rl49 3d 
" Arne K (Rosel pntr h911 McAlhster 
" Edna J bkpr F J Bakke r226 Santa Rosa av 
" Ernest A (Adeline M) chiropodist hl367 8th 

" Fredk J (Mariel auctioneer 1774 Geary h226 

Santa Rosa av 
" Lily L asst buyer I Magnin & Co r2165 Lar- 
" Severin J (Hilda) miner h2165 Larkin 
" Walter J (Erma) slsmn F J Bakke h238 

Staples av 
Bakken Ellis waiter r2815 Steiner 
" Peter A (Edith) Indywkr h834 Treat av 
Bakker Cornelius (Agnesi chauf h3295 Clay 
" Marie G r2815 Van Ness av 
Bakkerud Carl M elk h550 Lake 
" Cnut H (Margti r430 Hanover 
Baklv Gertrude M Indywkr rl063 De Haro 
" John drftsmn hl063 De Haro 
" Nicholas rl063 De Haro 
Bakulich Emma V Mrs h503 Franklin 
" Norman A r503 Franklin 
Hal Masque dance hall 1641 Ellis 
Bal Tabarin (Thos Gerun P L Martinelll) 

restr 1025 Columbus av 
Bala Ereanio (Victoria) lab hl223 Webster 
Balaam Rufus C (Edna E) tchr S F Continua- 
tion Sch h2195 32d av 
Balaba Maxie h2100 Bush 
Balacq Peter r570 O'Farrell 
Baladez Jos lab rl434 Buchanan 
Baladini Dominick cook Silver Fox Inn 
Balagna Carmelo lab r3227 Folsom 
" Fred F (Gussiel shirt ctr h2472 34th av 
" Henry hl655 Mason 
" Mateo (Rose) pdlr h3227 Folsom 
Balagno Chas (Alvinah) Jan 2178 Geary 
Balajadia Emilio barber rl022a Kearny 
Balakhnin Alex N hl658 Eddy 
" LudimiUa Mrs rl658 Eddy 
Balakshin Peter P rl955 Eddy 
Balalier Geo rl90 O'Farrell 
Balanac Nicholas (Helen) h3155 Octavia 
Balance Remy (Claire) indy 258 3d 
Balanesi Domenico (Kath) (Balanesl & Mi- 

louchii hl903 Larkin 
" Guido (Rena) hl622 25th av 
" Jos (Edal rancher h2067 19th av 
" Malouchi (Domenico Balanesi Fred Malou- 

chii gro 1500 Paciflc av 
Balanger Marjorie waiter r3325 Steiner 
" Wm (Marjori ) waiter h3325 Steiner 
Balangero Beulah elk r825 Central av 
" Caesar A mech L N Peter h825 Central av 
" Steph bkpr Bridge & Beach Mfg Co r Okld 
" Steve mech Pac Greyhound Lines r Emery- 
Balanis Peter restr 300 3d 
Balanzino Jos jan hl57 Hartford 
" Laura hrdrsr rl57 Hartford 
Balastriri Lena mach opr r687 Vienna 
Balazs Dezro (Julia Kl leather gds 251 Post 

R402 hlO Punston av 
" John (Mary) h4233 26th 
" Louis (Helen) mach hl46 Bright 
" Louis J chauf rl46 Bright 
Balba Ignacio barber Miguel Mercado 
Balbentin Mary factywkr r76 Natick 
Balbi Antonio (Anna) jan h58 Ney 
" lima C tel opr r214 Texas 
" John (Elma) gro 2609 San Bruno av h363a 

" Jos (Rose) restr 601 Front h631 Naples 
Balbiani Antone (Maddalena) lab h62 Francis 
" Madaline* garmt fnshr r62 Francis 
Balbin Henry lab r624 Redwood 
Balbo Italian Restaurant (Antonio Domlnci 
Italo Pleri Peter Damico Luigi Natalinl) 
256 Columbus av 
Balboa Apartments 134 Joice 
" Auto Renair Co (P Benchassky R Delucchl) 

4907 Mission 
" Building 593 Market 
" Hotel 120 Hvde 
" Hotel 712 Battery 
" Manor Apartments 4210 Balboa 
" Mill & Cabinet Co (Fred Link Geo Nielsen 

G E HoUis) 2800 3d 
" Paint & Wallpaper Co (Jacob and Harry 
Barman) 449 Larkin 


" Park San Jose av cor Ocean av 
" Parlor No 334 NSOW 404 Clement 
" Parlor 34a NDOW 380 18th av 

BALIIOA REALTY CO (J C K'n^J' ,"•"' |.V, 
late. Loans, Insurance. »404 Balboa. Tel 

'• School 1050 Ci>yUB» nv 

(ILirrv L Wiilkor) Stamps. Covers. Cach- 
ets. Approv..! Sheets. Mints Slnele Sets, 
Broken and Complete Sheets. IGSl FlUton. 
P O Boj '.M-M Sla B. Tel WA tout 4104 

" super Service iFrnnk Alien Harry Seller) 
3000 Lomb.ird 

» Theater 3630 Bnlboa „ , ,„ 

'. Tov Shop cPred Cohn Paul Braun) conJy 
3433a Balboa „ . ^ ,.« „„„ 

" Ward Church of Latter Doy Saints 643 Ban 

Balbintm ' Euloglus J mech hl03 Wolto 

" Norman i Florence i shtmtlwkr h70 Prague 

Balbrugge Clara A Mrs rl375 Sacto 

Balbuena Rene h365 Dolores 

Balcera Christina iwld Josi h53 Guerrero 

Balceszak L M serct USA r Presidio 

Balch Prances iwid W Tl h637 Lyon 

" J Leland lAuRUstai lab hS90 Hayoa 

" Jas L porter r60<) HnlRht 

" Margt slswn h750 O'Fnrrell 

" Mvra S (wld G Ti h828 Taylor 

" Orville W elk r750 OTarrell 

" Rita tchr Pub Sch rl365 Grove 

" S Dean hl329 Taylor 

" Thos pantrvmn rl442 Market 

Balck John P I Anna 1 electn h86 Joost av 

" Otto bartndr r504 4th 

" Rov P elk r86 Joost av „ , _ _, „ . 

Balc6m Chas A (Elslel sec Balcom-ainga &■ 

Duncan Inc hlS77 Treat av 
" -Glneg & Duncan Inc E D Glngg pres. B 
L Duncan v-pres C A Balcom sec. welders 
660 Golden Gate av ~„„,„ 

" LueUa M Mrs elk M A Washer r405 Taylor 
" Olive tchr r2221 Baker 
" Wells E (Olive Si h2221 Baker 
Balcomb Leland G cook h84a Van Ness av 
Balcovich Edw wiremkr r26 Brussels 
Bald Eagle Council No 77 Degree of Poca- 
hontas 1620 15th 
" Tribe No 75 (Redmen) 240 Golden Gate av 
Bald Geo H (Irene Ml electn h462 30th 
Balda Jos r839a North Point ..,.. ^iKdi 
Baldacci Jos (Baldacci & Gaddlnl) li35« 

" Othello "(Normal meats 1575 Leavenworth 

hll8 Mallorca way 
" Roberto R (Angle) meatctr hl285 Page 
" Salvatore (Emma) tmstr h353 ^^'2...,j,„n 
" & Gaddini (Jos Baldacci Jos Gaddlnl) 

pntrs 1222 Sutter 
Baldaccinl Anreco (Plerlna) lab h345a Chest- 
" Jos busmn R L Wyrlck 
Baldani JuUa R mach opr r3356 ZJa 
" Virginia r3356 23d ^ , t,„ij„„.(i 

Baldanzi A & Co (Albt and Jas Baldanil) 

tile 1212 20th av ,„^^ 

" Albt (A Baldanzi & Co) r233 18th av 

" Aug r840 Lombard ,,^ ^ 

" Prank A (Mary) tilestr h2028 Pllbert 
" Jas (A Baldanzi & Co) r840 Lombard 
" John (Rosaria) h84D Lombard 
Baldarassis John r274 4th 
Baldas Jas asst mgr Peter Boudoures r841 

Baldassari Aladdin (Mary) mach opr h2519 

" Carlos (Lea) (Carlos Inn) h3343 Scott 

" Roger (Elizi hl454 Union 

Baldassinl Adelaide M pkr rl439 Kearny 

" Sabina Mrs hl439 Kearny 

Baldauf Prank D (Margt M) gdnr h34 Cas- 

" Fritz E (Rosine) v-pres A F Marten Co 

h277 Edgewood av 
" Julia maid 2083 Pacific av 
Baldazi Prank (Mary) tile setter John Pelle- 

Bald^eau' Fredk (Helen) carp hl622 IDth av 
Baldeidge Gene Mrs smstrs rl54 Newman 
Baldelli Baldo (Maria) wtchmn hl967 Palou 

" John J lab rl967 Palou av 
" Jos A cbtmkr rl967 Palou av 
Baldenssari Elgo r615 Bway «.,v„t 

Balder Lodge No. 393 P & A M 2174 Market 
Balderi Leo photog r260 Ney 
" Mario (Helen) elk r260 Ney 
" Victorio (Rose) marblewkr h260 Ney 
Baldes Kate Mrs hskpr 631 Va^ Ness av B 
Baldeschi Cesar (Mary) (Rossi & Baldeschl) 

h64 Valley ,. „.„ , 

Baldi Ada L factywkr r544c Filbert 
" Albt A (Thil J) h33 Moulton „ .^ „ 

" Americao (Eulando) shoe repr 3633 Balboa 

hl782 Filbert 
" Arduino ro44c Filbert 
" Irma (wid Louis) h544c Filbert 
" Italia (wid Fernando) hl29 Joost av 
" Jos (Theresa) cook h289 Parallones 
" Jos A (Marie) h2 Miraloma dr 
" Marco (Mariana) h247 Plxley 

Baldini Anna A emp W P Puller & Co r So 
San Francisco 

" Asunta elk r2440 Jones 

" Gabriel (Rena) (Baldini & Scalmanlnl) 
h2878 Octavia 

" John (Veta) window clnr-h861 40th av 

" Jos (Madehne) ]an Federal Reserve Bank 
hl958 Palou av 

" Jos (Lucy) sugar wkr h613 Teias 

" Josephine Mrs h2440 Jones 

" Julia S smstrs h3356 23d 

" Louis raviola mkr r3356 23d 

" Mary Indywkr rl958 Palou av 


BAU3INI „ , „ .... 

" Walter slsmn Premier Produce Co li480 

Greenwich .,,, _ , 

" St Scalmanlnl (Gabriel Baldini Mike Scal- 

manlnli pntrs 1898 Filbert 
Baldisscrl Deno rl24 Alpine ter 
" Ellas (Christina I lab h409 Jersey 
" John iDlnai plstr hl24 Alpine ter 
" Jos (Aurellni lab h419 Prentiss 
" Lula ston r419 Prentiss 
Baldlzzone Oliver h910 Bay 
Balilo AnKelo rl72 Columbus av 
" Christ lab r20 Cleveland 
" Louis lab h20 Cleveland 
Baldocchl A (Helen! elk r583 London 
" Albt iBiichlgnanl & Col ,„,.,., 

" Albt (Patricia) auto mech h442 Laurel 
" Alt R driver r261 Chenery 
" Amerigo elk Rlalto Fruit Mkt r3369 Sacto 
" Anna bkpr rl468 Chestnut 
" Archie (Maude) h835 54th av 
" Arth (Baldocchl & Gulllanl) r835 34th av 
" Cella bkpr rl468 Chestnut v, , .„.) 

" C A Co (C A and L J Baldocchl) whol prod 

610 Battery R337 . . „ . , 

" Chesare A iC A Baldocchl Co) h3145 Octavia 
" Danl meat ctr rl401 shrader 
" Dorothy bkpr rl43 20th av 
" Edith corsetlere h3542 Calif 
" Egllo E (Pustinal gro 2019 Irving hl458 

Elda slswn Irving Bartel rl468 Chestnut 
Eug (Maei cooper h38 Jasper pi 
" Evclvn S elk rl426 nth 
" Gulcio (Harritte) porter h553 Greenwich 
G L h405 Roosevelt way 
Geo L slsmn D N & E Walter & Co r Red- 
wood City „., i * 
Jennie (wldl Batlstel hl468 Chestnut 
Jessie (wid Angelol hl90 Day 
Jos (Carlotta) h251 Chenery 
Jos r835 34th av 
' Jos (Ella) (Gulllanl & Baldoccl) hl43 20th 
Jos elk rl43 20th 

■ Jos (Brasilina) lab hl414 Revere av 
' Lawrence (Anital h558 35th ay 

■ Lawrence elk Baldocchl & Qui ianl r510 27th 

■ Lawrence (Elizl fruit 1505 Irving hl261 18th 


" Louis elk hl90 Day 
" Louis J (Nettie) (C A Baldocchl Co 
15th av 

" Mary (wid Frank) rl426 17th ay 

" Narciso P (Requel) (Podesta & Baldocchl) 

h250 Sea Cliff av 
" Rose h3542 Calif _u„,., 

" Silvio (Lucille) mach opr r634 Lombard 
" Siria sten Elite Prod Co rl468 Chestnut 
" Vernon chauf Swiss-American Wine Corp 
" Vincent (Julial elk hl426 17th av 
" & Guiilani (Arth Baldocchl. Peter QuUlanl) 
fruit 729 Clement ,.„„„ 

Baldock Chas P eng Calif Academy of Sciences 

rl353 5th av ^,„,_ , , . 

" Chas P (Edith) sta eng hl916 Judah 
" Chas P jr (Hazel) sta eng hl251 43d av 
Baldoff Jennie (wid Wm) h326 Naples 
Baldra Fred M elk r2087 Union 
•' Muriel Mrs waiter h2087 Union 
Baldridge Arth H (Eugenia) Ittho hl54 New- 
" Bernice waiter hl589 Sacto 
" Merrltt elk r936 Leavenworth 
Roy rll36 Ellis 
Ruby Mrs hskpr hl689 Sacto 
Baldry Wm L rl499 Sutter 
Balds Ralph (Carmen) h686a Pulton 
Baldwin A mach opr r513 Bartlett 

;; il^^ I lilyeJ ^2? Montgy R647 r Woodside 

" Alice social wkr r66 Deming 

glo California National Bank, r3275 Broad- 

" Ann sten r733 Baker 

" Anna T smstrs r513 Bartlett 

" Anne L sten Occidental Life Ins Co r Okld 

" Apartments 1036 Polk 

" Aug H with Calif-Coml Union-Ocean Group 
h930 Hayes 

" Aurelia (wid Arth) rlD2 Clipper 

" Ben h449 O'Parrell 

" Ben] H hsmn rl41 Eddy 

" Bert ontr rl245 Laguna 

" Bessie restrwkr rl61 Ellis 

" Bessie (wid J T) h697 Dolores 

" Blaine T elk r2272b Bryant 

" Blanche I office sec Van Wormer & Rodri- 
gues rl21 Juanita way 

" Building 25 Kearny 

" Carrie mgr Cameron Apts rl74 Turk 

" Chas H office 351 Calif R1508 

" Clare M elk r448 Girard 

" Clifton A meter rdr S P Water Dept 
4th av 

" D Mrs h240 Lily 

" David L (Minnie) mach h30 Oakwood 

" Dora Mrs ant mgr h3527 18th 

" Dorothy C Mrs elk SPCo rl212 Jones 

" Edna r430 Castro 

" Edna Mrs h5n 4th av 

Baldwin & Howell. hlSSO Jackson 

" Ernest E (Edith I meat ctr h225 Hamilton 

" Eug A mgr Inter-Urban Exp Co r Okld 

" Fannie S Mrs hl458 Sutter 

" Prank A (Myrtle) retrig eng h360a Elizabeth 

" Prank M (Dora) elk h3527 18th 

" Fred S (Mablel cook rl447 Pulton 

" Fred W trav frt agt Chesapeake & Ohio RR 

Co r Okld 
" Predk S elk hl447 Pulton 
" G formn Western Sugar Refinery r Albany 

BALDWIN G FERIS. Comptroller Crocker 
First National Bank of San Francisco, r 

, " Geoffrey A h304 Stelner 



BALDWIN , „ „, , 

" Geo comp appr J J Mitchell r Bkly 

" Geo A (Mabel El mgr safe deposit Bank of 

Am h659 21st av 
" Geo C (Sarah Si barber h32 Sweeny 
" Geo H I Winifred I scwermn Dept Pub Wks 

h480a Pell 
" Geo W (Grace) tmstr h020 17th av 
" Gerald (Marguerite) elk h2270 29th av 
" H Mrs r Hotel Cecil „ ,^ , , ... . 

"HA v-pres Alexander & Baldwin Ltd r 

Honolulu „, , 

"HZ sec & office mgr Calif Pkg Corp r Bkly 
" Harris G elk r308 Eddy 
" Hazel sten r697 Dolores 
" Henrv H (Viola Gi electn rl2 Surrey 
" Herbt D (Kathleen I elk h448 Girard 
BALDWIN HOTEL, Gertrude L James Owner, 

8^1 Grant Av. Tel SU ttcr 613S 
" House Hotel 74 6th ^„„„ 

" Howard L const eng State Bd Harbor Comrs 

h2328 22d av 
" Isabclle M (wid Dorman) h585 Pago 
" J E Mrs rl7 Powell 
" Jas auto mech rl650 Halght 
" Jas G (Lorettal h538 16th av 
" Jas R (Mildred) mldr h2272b Bryant 
" Jas W iCarolvn CI slsmn Parafflne Com- 
panies h60 Palm av ..„,.„ _.„, 
BALDWIN JASPER P (Vivian) State Manager 
Business Men's Assurance Co. 411 MarshaU 
Square Bldg. 1183 Market. Tel UN derh.U 
.'5182. hiss Paloma Av. Tel RA nd(>lph 8937 
" Jean M cash Farnsworth & Ruggles rlllB 

" John hll30 Sacto 
" John rl693 Polk 

" John A (Dorothy) h230 Oak „^^,a^ 

" John G lawyer 220 Montgy R647 r Woodside 
" John T (Bessie C) hl60b Randall 
" Kath sec N Gray & Co rl645 Klrkham 
" Laura M cash Peerless Theatre r3278 San 

Bruno av 
" Lena jan rl48 College av 
" Leo J slsmn SOOo r San Anselmo 
" Leon B (Margt) flremn SFPDh529 Victoria 
" Lewis G (Dorothy) buyer Owl Drug Co 

hl212 Jones 
McMullin S F Mgr. 2910 Russ Bldg. 33S 
Montgomery. Tel GA rfield 2344 
" Louis P Hindu philosopher 604 Montgy R210 
r632 Clay 

;; Mack'V'arm? P) blksmth 93 Pell h89 Walter 

" Margt cook 2222 Hyde 

" Margt (wid Thos) hi05 Anderson 

" Marluerite M Mrs compt opr SPCo r2270 

29th av ^, , 

» Marshall A elk SOCo r Bkly 
" Marshall S (Serena) elk Bank of Calif h2065 

" Mary Mrs h215 Minerva 
" Mary C (wid F H) r70 Paulding 
" Mary H nurse h949 Capp 
" Maurice E mach rl05 Anderson 
" Maurice P elk rl21 Juanita way 
" Mildred rl650 Haight 
" Millie E Mrs hlOOO Green 
" Minerva (wid Wm) hl667 Jackson 
" Norman O (Lavern) hl038a Gu""™^„„., 
" Orville C (Martha E) slsmn Umbsen, Kerner 
& Stevens h910 Broderick 
Orville R real est 110 Sutter R1004 r Bkly 
Otis (Carrie) candymkr hl74 Turk 
Otto L sugar wkr Western Sugar Refinery 
r Albany 
son Gem Agt, Manufacturers, Wholesale. 
Retail and Exporters of Pianos, 310 Sutter, 
Tel SU tter 850O 
" Ralph (Hilda) rl278 Market 
" Robt S (Veda M) radio techn h495 44th av 
" S M h701 Taylor 
" Saml J r215 Minerva 
" Shadow S musician hl711 Washn 
" Sylvester D (Ethel B) acct h682 46th av 
" Thos C r215 Minerva 

" Thos L (Eliz) den elk U S Dlst Court r Okld 
" Victor slsmn h2384 Calif 
" Virginia r975 Bush _ j ■ , 

" Vitlly (Natalie) electn h491 JJederlck 
" Wallace E (Leona L) pntr h30 Cambridge 
" Walter H (Bessie M) brklyr h441 EUls 
" Wm engr r2175 Mission 
" Wm A rl05 Anderson 
" Wm B r55 Polk 

" Wm W (Marian C) pntr hl21 Juanita way 
BALDWIN & HOWELL, P P Pasehel Pres, 
Samuel Isralsky V-Pres, Emma C Baldwm 
Treas, W P Laufenberg Sec and Genl Mgr, 
J M Laufenberg Asst Sec. Licensed Real 
Estate Brokers. Rent Collectors, Auction- 
eers and Insurance Brokers, Members of 
San Francisco Real Estate Board, iil»-«* 
Kearny, Tel KE arny 3810 (See page 1788) 
Baldwing Edw restrwkr r688 Commercial 
Baldwinson Ingvar (Lillian) carp h206 Judah 
" Lillian elk Bank of Am r206 Judah 
Baldzar Jesus rl466 Sutter 

" Peter rl660 Bush ^ „, , «tii„ 

Bale Andw J v-pres Pac Coast Div Loose-Wiles 

Biscuit Co r Piedmont 
" Andw J jr (Edith) with Loose-Wiles Biscuit 
Co hl030 Lake „ , a „ 

" Helen E printer Goodwin & Tasslo r San 

" Herbt H teller Crocker First Natl Bank r 

Palo Alto 
" John E tchr Pub Sch hl25 Dolores 
" Perry h75 Dolores , ._, „ 

Balech Theo H (Kath) tmstr hl71 Duncan 
Baleml Jos drugs 2949 Balboa r700 Slst av 
Balensiefer Florence tchr Pub Sch h701 Par- 
ker av 
" Lillian tchr Pub Sch r20 Palm av 


Bales Anna h3e57 24th 

» BenJ W (Irenei hll91 Oak 

» Chas r236 4th 

" Earl cbtmkr r2259 Sutter 

" Ernest N Mrs hl686 Hayes 

" Prank A pilemn State Bd Harbor Comrs 

rI842 8th 
" Predk L iBesslel chef hl400 McAllister 
" Geo M mil Gough 
" Glenn T hosp atdt Veterans Administration 

" Jas A lEffle) day editor S F Examiner h2100 

North Point 
Balestra Adella L h211 Juanlta way 
" Christina elk Dorsev & Dickenson 
Balestracci Peter P I Emma i elk hl250 31st av 
Balestrasl Chas iFerry Auto & Truck Repair) 

r732 Potrero av 
" Wm elk Bank of Am r732 Potrero av 
Balestrerl Annie r430 Pennsylvania av 
" Prank r3538 21st 

" Prank barber r430 Pennsylvania av 
" Ignatius r2218 Mason 
" Jack J mlllmn rl900 20th 
" Jas D barber r3538 21st 
« John (Francesi elk hll6 Valparaiso 
" Jos (Lena I h2797 Laguna 
" Marie r430 Pennsylvania av 
" Mario (Dellbriaf flshermn hl7 Valparaiso 
" Mary fact wkr r403 Bay 
" Peter P (Rose I carp h3538 21st 
" Salvatore elk r2797 Laguna 
" Salvatore (Lena! lab h2218 Mason 
" Saml (Mariei chauf hl90O 20th 
" Saml (Louise) driver r204 Carolina 
" Thos (Josenhlne) h430 Pennsylvania av 
" Tony G r3538 21st 

Balestrero Thos (Mariei chauf h481 Arkansas 
Balestri Jos lab r351 Chestnut 
" Peter (Anni lab h351 Chestnut 
Balestrlen Alice coffee roaster r586 Athens 
Balestrierl Anthony r450 Otsego av 
" Anthony P (Cath H) (Balestrierl Bros) 

hl433 Chestnut 
" Antoinette J elk rl431 Chestnut 
" Bros (A P and Ignatius I produce 437 Front 
" Dominic r2229 Cayuga av 
" Dorothy elk rl968 Filbert 
" Frank (Concetta) mgr S F Internatl Fish Co 

h877 Union 
" Prank (Rose( net mn Consolidated Fisheries 

Inc r23 Valparaiso 
" Frank slsmn Balestrierl Bros hl968 Filbert 
" Gaetano (Josephine) net mn Consolidated 

Fisheries Inc r430 Pennsylvania av 
" Ignatius (Antoinettel (Balestrierl Bros) hl431 

Chestnut x 
" Jennie mach opr r966 Filbert 
" Jos hl550 Powell 
" Jos (Marie T) slsmn S F Internatl Plah Co 

h44 Avila 
" Josephine emp H & L Block r450 Otsego av 
" Josephine Mrs rl968 Filbert 
" M flsh 555 Columbus av r2325 Mason 
" Mario (Erminia A I mgr S P Internatl Fish 

Co h540 Lombard 
" Mario (Angeline) slsmn h551 Filbert 
" Mario I elk r2218 Mason 
" Peter (Josie) flshermn h2338 Jones 
" Philip (Lena I trunk mkr h687 Vienna 
" Rose emp H & L Block r450 Otsego av 
" Salvatore (Josephine! fish 4575 Mission h450 

Otsego av 
" Salvatore fish clnr r944 Greenwich 
" Salvatore (Mary) slsmn h622 Greenwich 
" Salvatore B (Bernicei flsh clnr r84 Putnam 
" Saml (Lena) flsh 1053 Market r2218 Mason 
" Saml slsmn C A Glass Co 
" Thos (Antonette) flshermn h733b Chestnut 
" Tom I Mary I driver r481 Arkansas 
" Vincent (Alice) elk h585 Cordova 
Balestrone Pellcien elk r26 Auburn 
Balevich Albt h70 Putnam 
Balfe Mary h2085 Sacto 
" Nicholas (Maryl lab hl23"2 Shotwell 
" Wm (Josephine) lab rl23"a Shotwell 
Bailor Betty dental asst B V Deitch rS810 

Balfour Apartments 1060 Bush 
" Barber Shop (Vincent Rivers, O B Collcchla) 

351 Calif 4th fl 
" Building 351 Calif 
" Goldie cook 1921 Washn 

porters. Exporters and Steamship Agents, 

and Fire and Marine Insurance A^eDts. 

Balfour Bldg. 351 California, Tel SU iter 

" Jean r2246 29th av 
" L G Co. Frank Griffin mgr jwirs 233 Post 

Balfrey Wm G (Ann Ml pharm h3233 Scott 

Bahalou Marie (wid Anthony) hl627 Grant av 

" Mary rl627 Grant av 

Balian Evelyn sten r326 Hermann 

" Vahan (Agnes) (Sixteenth Street Cleaners) 
h326 Hermann 

Bailee Gaetano (Julei music tchr 315 Lake 

Balich Ella T pub and editor National Herald 
and Serbian Herald r345 Taylor 

" Ella A Mrs r8 Gladys 

" Martin J (Lucy) (U S Restaurant) h93 
Onondaga av 

" Matthew (Rita) h2870 San Bruno av 

Balido Apolonio C emp Hobbs Battery Co rI400 

Baliko Theo rl660 Bush 

BAUN. See also Ballin 

BALIN CAPPLE E. Sec-Treas and Mgr Olym- 
pic Hotel Co Inc, 230 Eddy, Tel FE anklin 
8462, run Fell, Tel MA rket S(K!9 

" h22q^ 'Pearl) slsmn M Steinberg & Sons 

" Mary R (wid Harnett) hll41 Pell 

" Oscar S (Joan) slsmn W A Muller Co h88« 

28th av 
" Saml D (Hazel) Ice cream mkr h61« I6th ay 

Ballnglt Jos jan El Rae Apts h344 Fulton 

Ballntine Angel lab rl451 O'Parrell 

Ballson Fred (Norma J) (Gasket Shop) hiesi 

17th av 
" Laura rl631 17th av 
Balister J mach opr r2338 Jones 
Balistrasse Frank (Lena) lab hl637 19th 
Balistrerl Anna Mrs r2018 Powell 
" Baptiste slsmn F J Roberti r2246 Mason 
" Carlo r 2325 Mason 
" Frances emp Ames Harris Neville Co rll6 

" Prancisca Mrs h352 Francisco 
" Frank (Rose) net mender h40 Valparaiso 
" Frank jr flshermn r40 Valparaiso 
" Ha Mrs hSIl Columbus av 
" Jack lab r352 Francisco 
"•Jennie r2325 Mason 
" Jos flshermn r40 Valparaiso 
" Mario (Lena) slsmgr F J Roberti h2325 

" Peter ( Mamie i flshermn h348 Francisco 
" Peter (Rosei flshermn h704 Lombard 
" Salvatore tmstr rl211 32d av 
Baliss Chas hl084 McAllister 
BalizzI Anna elk r225 Arkansas 
" Ernesto ) Lizzie i lab h225 Arkansas 
" John lab r225 Arkansas 
Balk Josephine sten rl269 Vallejo 
" Mary Mrs hl269 Vallejo 
" Wilfred S (Ellen A) inspr Dept Pub Wks 

h2478 28th av 
Balkan Doris C sten Am Distillers Corp r284 

nth av 
" Trunk & Suitcase Co Inc Sol Silverman pres 
Saml Silverman v-pres C C Cassldy Jr 
sec-treas 946 Mission 
Balke Eliz A sten Gantner & Mattern Co 

r2882 Polsom 
" Geo (Myrtle) USA h3149a Mission 
" Geo Jr elk W A Genesy c& Co r Okld 
" Herbt C (Bear Cleaners) r2882 Folsom 
" J Ernest athletic Instr r2882 Folsom 
" John E (Minnie I h2882 Folsom 
" Roy H r2882 Folsom 

Balkovich Christina E (wid Emil) h26 Brussels 
" Danl (Josephine) whsmn hl463 Waller 
" Edw L ironwkr r26 Brussels 
" Emil J prsmn J J Mitchell r26 Brussels 
Balkovitch Margt M knitter Boflnger & 

Balkwell Alberta r2645 Balboa 

Caroline r747 Edinburgh 

Mary (wid Chas) h642 Hampshire 

Wm R I Mabel I porter hl347 32d av 
Ball A r616 Q'Farrell 

A Cameron (Jeannettei mng dir Retail Furn 
Assn hl990 Beach 

Agnes sten State Bd Harbor Comrs rlOl 
Brentwood av 

Alex acct 5 3d R1219 r Burllngame 

Antonette H Mrs h2490 Greenwich 

Arth D hioao Eddy 

Arth J (Pattii h4306 23d 

Bertha C rl84 Albion 

Betty h797 Bush 

Carl M chemist Federated Metals Corp r 

Carl S carpetlyr r663 Hayes 

Cath A sten Union Ins Boc of Canton r355 

Cecil A waiter r309 Elm 

Celena Mrs h505 Oak 

Chas (Helen) h61 Johnston av 

Chas E (Gladys) ydmn hl79 Tunnel av 

Chester A chf examiner U S Immigration 
& Naturalization Service r Ala 

Coy M (Ann) buyer Raphael Weill & Co 
h3038 Stelner 

Dollie beauty opr Ethel Wilson 

Doris E Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl431 Anza 

Dorothy E slswn O'Connor MoSatt & Co r 

Dorothy J sten r2490 Greenwich 

Edw R (Nina) lab h4248 25th 

Edwin J chf elk SOCo r Okld 

Ella M (Wid E F) h3300 Clay 

Evans K (Margt) verifler Dept of Motor 
Vehicles h87 Madrone av 

Fletcher B (Anna) mgr Dealers Refrigerator 
Co hl456 Page 

Florence 1602 Mason 

Francis smstrs Raphael Weill & Co r Daly 

Frank M r797 Bush 

Fred r516 O'Parrell 

Geo hl200 Clay 

Geo H cik Pac Fruit Exp Co r Bkly 

Geo L sis mgr Lloyd M Dudley Co rlOlS 

Geo W (Helen S) Ins agt h230 San Leandro 

Gerald B emp Stetcher-Traung Litho Corp 
h440 Hyde 

Gerald L (Mamie L) h807 40th av 

Glenn A (Maria) electn hlOll Clayton 

Grace E school 58 Sutter R433 rl219 Leav- 

Harry H hl219 Leavenworth 

Harry L elk h444 Larkin 

Hazel hll39 Bway 

Hazel M ofHce sec Sehermerhorn Bros h3350 

Herbt C iCiaramae) eng hl732 Cabrillo 

Hugh A (Florence E) agt Met Lite Ins Co 
h233 Drake 

Irene elk r957 Leavenworth 

J D h355 Laguna 

J Prank (Mary Ei carp h54g 4l3t av 

Jack diesel eng rl291 5th av 

Jas C (Ruby) slsmn h3130 Broderick 

Jas I transmitter eng NBC r Okld 

Jau Don phys 450 Sutter R2533 h737 Pine 

John (Cath) br mgr MaeMarr Stores 

John cond rl273 Golden Gate av 

John S (Luella J) hlOl 20th av 


John T (Dorothy) rlOl S El lis 

Jos (Ruth L) flremn SFFD hl358 35th ar 

Kath M Mrs r3350 Octavia 

Lela C elk Wells-Pargo Bank & Union Tr 
Co rl224 Sacto 

Lester notary public 935 Market R201 

Lizzie (wid T E) rl964 20th av 

Marshall (Ball & McCormick) r Okld 

Mary Mrs rl906 Golden Gate av 

Mary A asst see Calif Teachers Assn riai9 

Mary L Mrs hI358 35th av 

Maud M sten MJBCo r2044 Mission 

Mavis sten Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md 
r535 Stockton 

Muriel F Mrs tchr hl49 3d av 

Norman J elk r807 40th av 

Rolph busmn r465 Ellis 

Robt H I Bertha I elk h2664 22d 

Robin dancing tchr 555 Sutter R405 

Ruth M sten Calif Lands Inc r2490 Green- 

Saml (Lilliei chauf hl770 O'Farrell 

Stanley M (Doris) hl431 Anza 

T Wayne elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bklj 

Theo R slsmn Pennzoil Co r Okld 

Thos wtchmn Western Purn Exeh r Bkly 

Townley r William Tavlor Hotel 

Waldon S film labty 1256 Howard 

Walter O (Phyllis) h2295 Francisco 

Walter C v-pres J R Hanify Co r Okld 

Wm Ueut USA r Presidio 

Wm mech Hadieke-Redd & Co rl031 Fill- 

Wm D (Mary Jl sec-treas Holbrook Merrill 
& Stetson h527 12th av 

Wm J lawyer 351 Calif R1200 r527 12th av 

& McCormick (Marshall Ball E B McCor- 
mick) office furn 374 Bush 
Ballach Fred r456 Turk 
Balladis Jas restrwkr r567a Minna 
Ballagh Eunice E bkpr Borden's Dairy Del 

Co r2415 Fulton 
" Henry balier h460 Van Ness av 3 
" Myrtle A elk r4832 Geary blvd 
Ballagno Chas jan h2178 Geary 
Ballam Rudolph (Teresa) h2l'38 17th av 
-' Willard (Ettiel artist hl467 20th av 
Ballandigham Andw E (Mabel) hl313 6th av 
" Cecil E flremn rl313 6th av 
" Clyde P elk rl313 6th av 
" Jos E elk rl313 6th av 
Ballano Maude H Mrs r440 Geary 
BALLANTINE, See also Ballentine 
" Betty reporter S P News h634 Powell 
" John K archt 137 Harlan pi 
" Margie M r3136 Dlvisadero 
" Mary rl336 Funston av 
" Sidney M (Marie Ai h3136 Dlvisadero 
" Susan T rl336 Funston av 
" Terrence (Cath) police hl336 Funston av 
Ballantoni Anthony (BallantonI Bros) r373 

Capistrano av 
" Bros (Anthony & Nick) meats 3308 26th 
" Nick (Ballantoni Bros) rl905 San Jose av 
Ballantvne Robt lab City Parks Dept h85 

Ballard Albt (Alma) tile setter hl289 2d av 

Alf R (Anna I waiter h4109 Kirkham 

Andw (Eunice) slsmn h4031 26th 

Barney r789 Howard 

Bernice Mrs rl593 McAllister 

C N h721 Geary 

Chas C (Truda K) h335 Chicago way 

Chas H hl906 Leavenworth 

Charlotte H physio-therapist 450 Sutter 
R1535 rl906 Leavenworth 

Danl F slsmn Mohawk Carpet Mills r Okld 

Don L (Ruth) waiter h625 Bush 

Prances E elk Raphael Weill & Co r San 

Frank (Lucilei stove mech h2610 Calif 

Prank M training officer State Dept of 
Edue r Mill Valley 

Geo USA r2918 Baker 

Geo C asst sec Bd of Trade r Bkly 

Geo H (Jane Ai eng h2918 Baker 

Georgia (wid C J R) rl434 Hyde 

Harrie S elk U S Coast & Geodetic Survey 
r Okld 

Harry D sec Assoc Ink Co r Burllngame 

Howard E h2810 Franklin 

Irving iMina E) sec Quicksilver Producers 
Assn h3789 Fillmore 

John D elk r3100 Fulton 

John R (Grace Pi h3100 Fulton 

Josephine slswn Weinstein Co r909 Page 

La Verne sten rl34 Grattan 

Martin J r440 Eddy 

Mike A lab rl639 Sutter 

Mina E Mrs quicksilver broker 560 Sacto 
r3789 Fillmore 

Philip waiter r447 Eddy 

RIchd J elk r440 Eddy 

Robt T r240 Jones 

Ruth H rl4 Hoflman av 

Theresa B Indywkr r319 Preeita av 

Wilbur J elk Federal Reserve Bank r San 

Wm r240 Hyde 

Zebulon L tchr r3100 Fulton 
Ballardie M r417 Stockton 
Ballardo Louis (Antonia) lab hl4 Guy pi 
Ballarln Jos A drugs 4400 Calif rl91 6th av 
Ballarini Giuseppi (Amelia) h458 Naples 
Ballaroni Leo jan r237 27th 
Ballas Betta iwid Henry) h224 Thornton av 
" Gus restrwkr r315 Clementina 
" Henry sugarwkr h330 Pennsylvania 
" John (Grace) hl249 Brussels 
" John lab r224 Thornton av 
" Paul r224 Thornton av 
" Peter restrwkr r315 Clementina 
" Theresa A cash Praetorian Life Ins Agcy 
r Okld 


Royal-Liverpool Groups for Security and Service 

, . . , Roynl Insurnnco Coinpnny, Ltd. 

I Dh^WAI Qui'iMi Insurmu'o Compniiy ot AnUTlca 

IISV^I/^LI .j-ii^, Npwnrk Plrc Insurnnce Compnny 

\lN$u«ANa/ Amcrlcnn * PorclRn Insunmce Company 

^oOMMHr/ Ciiplliil Plre liisurnnce Compnny of CnllC. 

Liverpool & London * Oloho Ins. Co.. Ltd. 
(Sec Pace 1726) 

Star Insurance Company of America 
Federal Union Insurance Company 

Ray Decker, Manager Pacific Department 

201 Sansome St., San Francisco 

Phone DO uglas 5855 

Bttllasoux Artli R (Clmrlotto Ei clectn li3943 

Ballatl Amnndo mech Alndlno Barsottl 

" Julio F (Rosei wlismn lil287 San Bruno av 

Bttllntor Bert (Octavla) mgr Hotel Goldflold 

hl57 4th 
Ballau Chns (VeR-A-Mlnl 
Ballaurl Amelia Mrs elk r52 Elm 
" Paul (tro ini Folsom r52 Elm 
Ballc Juana Mrs r261 Clara 
BaUen Max J (Adai ]uuk 682 Brannan 111728 

Cabrtllo , , „, 

" Philip L (Sophlal cigar mfr 514 Washn hl54 

" Sophie Mrs mur Davis Apts rl54 Cole 

" Wilfred B (Lillian) pres Motor vehicle 

Loan Co hl54 Cole 
BALLENGEK. See also BallinEer, Bellinger aJld 

" Christine D elk r750 Divlsadero 
" Fred lab r675 Madrid 
" Leland chauf r454 Pell 
" Tillle (Wid Fred) h675 Madrid 
" Walter F i Christina i slsmn h750 Divlsadero 
" Wm W (Ida Li slsmn h269 Parnassus av 
BALLENTINE. Sec also Ballantine 
" Ellen r70 27th av 
" Estella M (wid C A) h2378 Market 
" G mfrs agt 7 Front R153 
" Geo M (Ella J) mgr Pox Film Corp hl437 

" Harold A (Hazel Ml genl mgr Hanan & 

Son h30 Santa Clara av 
" Jas A (Prances) lawyer 785 Market R12n 

h70 27th av 
" Jas A jr slsmn r70 27th av 
" Lucy r70 27th av 
" Mary r70 27th av 
" Rosamond r70 27th av 

" Wm H bkpr Federal Reserve Bank r OKld 
Balleny May Mrs h947 Geneva av 
Bailer Leon h2329 Divisadero 
" Ruth cash Fredk Holt r2329 Divisadero 
" Wm A broom mkr S P Assn for the Blind 

rl912 PlUmore 
Ballerini Albt J elk r302O Laguna 
" Anthony (Marion) cook h531 Paris 
" Aug (Josephine) lab h44 Harrington 
" Guiseppi G (Alameda) lab r458 Naples 
BaUert Herman (Minnie) baker hl025 Bu- 
Ballestrasse Domingo (Rose) scavenger hl5n 

Treat av 
" Frank slsmn Allied Box & Excelsior Co r960 

De Haro 
" Frank (Giovanina) scavenger h612y2 San 

Bruno av 
" J h960 De Haro 
" John scavenger rll69 York 
" John J (Eleanor S) scavenger h612 San 

Bruno av 
" Mingo scavenger rH69 York 
" Peter (Christina) scavenger hll69 York 
" Peter J (Eva M) scavenger h270 Chatta- 
" Victor (Erminia) Jan h515 Kansas 
Ballestrazze Louis (Leona) scavenger hl7 

Mallorca way 
" Rafael (Celeste) hl910 Filbert 
Ballesteros Cath r720 Golden Gate av 
Ballestrino Rose h2035 Taylor 
Balletta Carlo r672 Bway 
Ballettl Frank lab r443 Girard 
" Geo lab r443 Girard 
" John C (Kath) spoilagemn Am Can Co h2526 


Balletto John G (Alice M) flremn SPFD hl25 

Hazelwood av 
" Louis G elk rl25 Hazelwood av 
Ballew Edw r2350 Clement 
" Florence M sec Johnson & Wood Inc r 

» Homer J (Violet) DSA hl448 O'Parrell 
" John h2350 Clement 
" Lucy r2350 Clement 
Ballt Harold P sten City Public Utilities Comm 

rl55 Hyde 
" Harry hl55 Hyde 

Ballhaus Albt L corp SFPD r832 Naples 
" Hester r832 Naples 
" Wm P (Eva) slsmn h808 London 
" Wm P jr r808 London 
" Wilma r808 London 

BalU Abramo (Annunciata) h249 Coleridge 
Balliet Arth J (May) sugarwkr h436 Van 

Ness av S 
" Fredk F (Helen) carp h2720 Clement 
" Geo (Lydia) carp hl408 Buchanan 
" Geo jr elk rl408 Buchanan 
" Theo (Naomi) carp h226 San Carlos 
Balliette Chester L (Lucille) chf fire alarm 

opr Dept of Electricity hl400 McAllister 
SALLIN, See also Balin 
" Antone hairdrsr rl948 19th av 
" Edwin C (Eliz) slsmn h318 21st av 
" Ernst L (Minnie) pharm S F Polyclinic 

hl226 Montgy 
" Louis (Amelia) h2261 Filbert 
" Peter r2261 Filbert 
Balling Arth C bkpr r819 Haight 
" Bernice elk r224 Naylor 
" Claire A sten rS19 Haight 
" Edw A (Eliz) plmbr h819 Haight 


" Edw J plmbr r819 Haight 

" Wm T (Ida I h224 Naylor 

Balllngall Alex C fl mgr O'Connor Mollatt & 

Co r Pled 
BAM>INGKR. Sec also Ballenger, BelUnfer and 

» AbrlRall P r4r)8 24th av 

" Alice M elk Tonkin DIstr Co r San Bruno 
" Anita cash Wcinstein Co r438 Capp 
" Caroline A h3410 22d 
" Dora (wid A Wl soclalwkr h2695 Sacto 
" Edw (Ida) auto repr h2428 Pine 
" Flank r744 McAllister 
" H Dell elk rl045 Market 
" Howard F slsmn W A Ballinger & Co r 

" Hugh W r850 Powell 

" Jack F elk W A Ballinger & Co r Okld 
" Jesse A h468 24th av 
" Jos factvwkr r2191 Mission 
"ML h945 Pine 
" Margt r31 Chula la 
" Minna M (wid Fred) h3494 21st 
" Oswald W elk r3404 Filbert 
" W A & Co W A Ballinger mgr Indy supp 

440 Howard 
" W R & Son W N BaUinger mgr drayage 

50 Hawthorne 
" Wallace A mgr W A Ballinger & Co r Okld 
" Warren N mgr W B Ballinger & Son h51 

Chula la 
" Wm factywkr r2191 Mission 
Ballls Wm rl335 McAllister 
Ballmena Rosa mach opr r265 Dolores 
Ballod Fred (May) stevedore h750 Presidio av 
" Helen W elk h2420 Market 
" Louis stevedore r41 South Park 
" Luana elk r41 South Park 
" Marcella Mrs h41 South Park 
" Peter (Mary) h529 Sanchez 
Ballotti Louis lab r838a Vallejo 
Ballou Anna restr wkr rl592 Hayes 
" Chas W (Phyllis) h2290 Francisco 
" F Herbt tchr Pub Sch rn4 Ellis 
" Robt h952 Sutter 

Ballser Anita iten r37 Claremont blvd 
" Edna C typist r37 claremont blvd 
" Edw c (Mary) plantmn SOCo h37 Clare- 
mont blvd 
Ballv Anna Mrs h350 Scott 
Ballyk John tires 628 Golden Gate av h2 Casa 

Ballvmena Mfg Co J L Darragh mgr whol 

linens 88 1st 2d fl 
Balm Alex R (Bessie) lawyer 220 Montgy 

R1040 h456 20th av 
Balma Benj (Margt) gro 544 Excelsior av h536 

"CM kitchenwkr rlOa Moss 
Balmer Lena (wid W H) r807 Cabrillo 
" Wm (Emma) civ eng h49 Brady 
Balmerseri Adolph h20 Edna 
Balmor Leo (Cecelia) cook h370 Noe 
Balmoral Apartments 1135 Masonic av 
Baloan Edmund K (Jeanette) slsmn Owens 

Illinois Pac Coast Co rl987 Calif 
Balocco Paul gro 1872 Union r2829 Laguna 
Baloch Alex (Marguerite) electn hl066 Plym- 
outh av 
Balofl Boris N (Amelia) civ eng hl608 Balboa 
Balogh Alec (Margt) armature winder rl066 

Plymouth av 
" Lloyd ptrnmkr 455 Folsom rl209 Noe 
" Martin (Anna) cbtmkr hl209 Noe 
Balogna Chas P (Blanda) chaut r2472 34th av 
" Mario factywkr h2246 Mason 
Balomate Tom porter r471 4th 
Balos Peter (Cleo) elk h684b Castro 
Balossini Nick (Natl Ornamental Iron & 

Bronze Co) rl210 York 
Balot Lucio barber hnso Post 
Baloun Edmond K slsmn h2755 Franklin 
" Edmund (Juvia) engr Walter J Mann h3637 

" Edmund K slsmn hl987 Calif 
" Edwin (Jovena) engr h2755 Frankhn 
" Jeannette Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl987 Calif 
" Robt L tlmekpr Granfleld Farrar & Carlin 
Balovich John (Anna) h491 Edinburgh 
Balsells Jos (Josephine) chauf h305 Monterey 

Balser Clarence G jan hl209 Page 
Balsley Caleb C (Amelia) h6354 Calif 
" Geo H slsmn Yawman & Erbe Co r Bkly 
" Ivan E drftsmn SOCo r Bkly 
" John B (Elsie) dept mgr SOCo hl95 25th av 
" John W elk Standard Stations Inc r Bkly 
Balsten Chris H (Mildred) slsmn h280I Oc- 
Balsz Arth L (Irene) elk h239 Eureka 
Bait Bernice E elk r305 Hyde 
Baltazar Jose (Ann) seamn h735'/2 Minna 
Baltezore Herbt W h3435 24th 
Balthasar Edw (Ann) mtrmn Mkt St Ry h303 

" Edwin P mach r376 31st av 
Balthazor Mary C Mrs elk SPCo r343 Banks 
Balthes Gus steel wkr Calif Steel Products Co 

r Okld 
Balthis E A h466 5th av 
" Lula E Mrs r466 5th av 
Baltimore Frances G bkpr Geo A Hormel & 
Co r810 Hyde 

SHIP CO. W II Iloskier IVlRr, L E Archer 
Pivss TrafDc Msr, B J RinRwood Freight 
TralUc Mcr, 8Ji7 Market, Tel DO uilas 

" & Ohio Railroad Co S M Tate dlst pass rep 

J H Hague frt rep 85 2d R404 
Bailor Evccl (Marlam) slsmn hl924 Moraga 
" Harold stockmn Welnsteln Co r3062 Jack- 
" Jack (Ray) real est 110 Sutter R514 h3D62 

" Norman (Sara) (Alta Super Service) h26 

Retire way 
" Saml r920 Ashbury 

Balsten Chris slsmn Calif Meat Co r70I Poll 
Baltz Chas (Sarah) slsmn h4601 I8th 
Baltzer C elev opr r2335 I9th av 
Balukian Abr pdlr rl47 Hickory 
" Mary Mrs h26 Rausch 
Balverde Prances P mach opr Well-Kalter 

Mfg Co 
Baly Richd h2801 Octavia 
Balyeat Ernest H (Ruth) hl965 Page 
Balz Liane (wid Louis) rl436 Vermont 
" Rudolph tanner r454 Naples 
" Wm pkr h454 Naples 
Balza John lab h2105 Powell 
Balzano Fred (Tina) chef h69 Moneta way 
Balzar Ruth sten rl661 Sacto 
Balzari Robt A v-pres-mgr McGraw-Hill Pub 

Co r Okld 
Balzorlni Arth M P eng h80 Ord 
" Dominic locksmth 3037 24th 
" Elvira (wid John) clo prsr h206 Acadia 
" Florence Mrs tchr Pub Sch r80 Ord 
" Prank auto electn r648 Felton 
" Louis (Annie) ranchwkr hl25 Dartmouth 
" Nicholas E radio repr r206 Acadia 
" P h2370 Filbert 

" Viola M r80 Ord , „.„ „ , 

Balzeca Nicholas J (Leolla) pntr h312a Bftket 
BALZER, See also Balser 
" Angela Mrs sten Associated Farm Papers 

h354S Gearv blvd 
" Cath (wid Peter) h3703 26th 
" Ewald (Lillian H) instr Heald College h3130 

" Harriet Mrs rll39 Broderick 
" Jos r3548 Gearv blvd 
" Karl (Freda) ]an 1830 Jackson 
" Peter A (Mabel) gro 1400 Guerrero h3951 

Balzi Clement (Iride) (Paulton Furn Co) h530 

" Olga elk r530 Congo , , „ , .,„„» 

" Ralph (LyUa) (Excelsior Products Co) h326 

Capistrano av 
Balzow Emma shoe wkr h3188 25th 
Bamann Otto (Leona) h430 Oak 
Bambach Chas H niech Wesix Inc r Okld 
Bambarger Elton J (Margt H) ins ad] h929 

" Olive (wid J H) h925 Sutter 
" Paul I mach r925 Sutter 
" W Kenneth radio tech r925 Sutter 
Bamberger C L dlstrib Mt Tlvy Winery Inc 

558 Sacto 3d fl 
" Carlton r837 Geary 

" Emma r Hotel El Cortez . ^,, 

" Herman J (Margt) mgr Hotel Germain h34 

" Jos (Louella) h517c Shotwell 
" Julia Mrs h837 Geary 

Bambino Marie E prlv sec Hearst Consoli- 
dated Publications r738 10th ay 
" Peter M (Josephine) tailor 127 Montgy 

R 203 h738 10th av 
Bambury Kath waiter r760 Geary 
" Patk a (Kathleen) hl970 Pell 
Bamchor Mary (wid Geo) h2600 Geary blvd 
Bamtord Emma L Mrs nurse S F Hosp h93 

De Long 
" Helen M h2440 Market 
" J rl264 Howard ,_,«n^ 

" Jesse (Victoria) baker 1334 Castro hl334a 

" Jos° L (Mabel) elk Raphael Weill & Co 

hiei4 Church 
" Vernon baker rl334a Castro ,.,,„„ 

" Wm H (Mildred) orderly V O Hosp hl388 

9th av 
Bamlich Pete P (Mary) elk r565 Harrison 
Bammann Adelaide (wid H N) h3766 Sacto 
" Anna h387 Shotwell „,. ^ „ 

" Fredk H (Louise) cbtmkr h385 Shotwell 
" Walter (Carola) slsmn DC&HCo h270 San 

Benito way 
Bamut Fred (Helen) h226 Moraga 
" Helen H Mrs beauty shop 1317 Fillmore 

r226 Moraga , „. , 

Bamy Michl (Cecelia) carrier P O r4 Shakes- 

Bamyra Saml restrwkr r3070 Calif 
Ban J Ivan (Nike) lab hl524 Silver BV 
" Martin (Ella) h98 Raymond av 
" Saml M (Helen) cook hl344 Haight 
Bana Chas (Mary) cbtmkr h336 Jules av 
Bananola Aurello .ian r248 Myrtle 
Banard Chas hl457 Geary „„.„.„ 
Banasiak Marion uniforms 2102 Fillmore 
Banayat Roslndo Indy wkr r231 Roosevelt 
" V waiter r2018 Webster ,..!=,=, 

Banaz Florence clo clnr 1657 Lombard r557 


" Geo rl668 Market 

" Mary cash Sutro Baths r2723 Lombard 

Banbury Nell sec Brotherhood of RR Train- 
men r760 Geary 

Bancero Leo (Floral h709 York 

Banche Domenic (Kath) elk h219 Duncan 

Banchero Anne A elk rl926 Powell 

" Anthony (Marie) tmstr h405 Brussels 

" Antone P elk SPCo rUVS Clay 

" Arth (Renal (Banchero and BaragUatti) 
h8 Cole 

" Assunda rl926 Powell 

" Bernard tmstr r479 Texas 

" Bert elk Buckingham & Hecht r Bkly 

" Edw chauf r211 Texas 

" Elmo r608 Texas 

" Ernest r605 Texas 

" Flora smstrs r608 Texas 

" Fred r605 Texas 

" John hotel wkr h3700 20th 

" John G (Angela) hnso Union 

" Jos elk Hobart Mfg Co r Okld 

" Jos (Angela 1 mach h479 Texas 

" Leopold hll75 Clav 

" Lino lab rl760 Union 

" Louis (Oath) hl926 Powell 

" Louis (Carolyn I mach h605 Texas 

" Mamie rl760 Union 

" Margt (wid Geoi hl84!) Palou av 

" Maria Mrs h608 Texas 

" Maris r479 Texas 

" Mario Dkr rl840 Palou av 

" Rena rl760 Union 

" Silvio rI760 Union 

" & Bargagliotti (Arth Banchero Mario Bar- 
gagliottil fruits 1519 Haight 

Banchien Aniceto (Pauline) lab h71 Mullen av 

Banchieri Louis P r4329 Calif 

Banchou Raymond stevedore SPCo rll52 Eg- 
bert av 

Bancita Leroy waiter r706 La Playa 

Banco Corporation Ltd J C lUff pres Frank 
DeLany v-pres B H Hurd v-pres-sec 
printers 836 Montgy 

" General Printing Co J C 1113 pres 836 

" Matthew J atdt S P Hosp r834 York 

" Nathan jwlr 21 6th r2149 Anza 

" Nicholas A (Maryl lab h2019 17th 

Bancroft Building 731 Market 

" Chas r390 26th av 

" Clark H assoc exec sec Baptist Hdqtrs r Bkly 

" John R h382 7th av 

" Martin F phvs Stanford Unlv Hosp 

" Paul office 731 Market R400 hl895 Pacific 

" Pauline Mrs mach opr h63 Palm av 

" Press (Eliz) dist frt agt SPCo h44 Lenox 

" Ralph E lawyer 235 Montgy R2307 hll70 

" Thos restrwkr Thos Barber 

" Wallace dancing tchr 376 Sutter R26 

" Walter chauf rl557 Calif 

G P Wynkoop V-Pres, F B Moss V-Pres, 
M A H Madison Sec, W R Smith. Treas, 
Law Book Publishers, 200-214 McAllister. 
Tel MA rket 0378 

Band Aug elk r3324 26th 

" Benj asst mgr The Reception rl73B Hayes 
Bernice E tchr rl738 Hayes 

'' Clarence J (Lillian M) hl738 Hayes 

'' Elaine elk J A Folger &; Co r Bkly 
Eva mach opr M R Pleischmann Inc r Okld 
Fred rl95 Eureka 

Fred (Frances) mach h207 Peru av 
Julia Mrs gro 3324 26th 
Martin (Sadie) elk h4043 25th 
Rudolph R asst cash Met Life Ins Co r 

Steph W (Antoinette) hl800 17th av 
Wm (Angela) elk h2587 22d av 

Banda Emily A waiter r253 Charter Oak av 
John (Etta) elk h28 Sweeny 
Kath M waiter r253 Charter Oak av 
Louis C (Marie) lab h253 Charter Oak av 

Bandall M F Mrs h2400 Pacific av 

Bandar Israel iSonie) fruits 1312 Fillmore 
h793 9th av 

" Mever (Libbie) poultry 1175 Market h791 
9th av 

Bandarrbee Wm J driver 1422 Haight h91 
Central av 

Bandarree Fredk J (Eliz) elec eng hl34 Du- 
boce av 

" Marie Mrs elk r633 Noe 

Bandel Ernest V Lodge No 3 (OHS) 625 Polk 

Bandelean Leroy (Loune) pkr hl95 20th av 

Bandell Saml ins agt h86 Parker av 

Bandemar John W (Marie V) elk hn70 Bway 

Bandeo Fred (Mary) jan h418 Banks 

Bander Jos (Fannie) furrier h470 8th av 

" Tony cbfmkr r470 8th av 

Banderob Edw c (Lucille) electn hl47 Saturn 

Bandettini Alfd A (Annie J) draymn h3054 

" Conrad C (Conlon's Drug Store) r2942 Polk 

" Guiseppe (Carmen) h2942 Polk 

" Giuseppe jr r2942 Polk 

" John (Etta) elk h28 Sweeny 

" Ralph P (Theresa M) bkpr Half Moon 
Fruit & Produce Co h3052 Franklin 

Bandiera Louis (New Mercantile Lunch) 

Bandino Aquido restrwkr Huntington Apts 

Bandler Max (Rosa) furrier hl512 Calif 

Sandman Bertha r3342 19th 

" Lillie (wid L J) h3342 19th 

Bandmann Chas J (Irmal) real est hl49 Ter- 
race dr 

" Ottilia M (wid Chas) hl286 Chestnut 


Bandonl Alfldo barber 479 Bway r317 Chestnut 

" Bruno (Madeline) heut SPPD hl66 Law- 
rence av 

" Egizio (Gruna) (L'Emporio Lucchesel h317 

" Jos h44 Powers av 

Bandrich Nellie elk r901 Union 

Bandtel Chas M br mgr Owl Drug Co r San 

Banducci Alberto (Argene) h343 Ellington 

" Eugenio (Lina) lab h3021 Geary blvd 

" Fred A elk h3014 Clay 

" Fred A underwriter U S Fidelity & Guar Co 
rl085 Vallejo 

" Thos slsmn Golden State Prod Co 

Bandur Kate Mrs h254 Naples 

"Martin r254 Naples 

Bandy Geo L serv rep Mut Life Ins Co r Okld 

" John gro 1609 Clement 

" Roland J (Kath) optom 2495 Mission h3485 

BANE. See also Bahn, Bain and Baine 

" Bernard h816 Taraval 

" Clayton P (Peggy) radio eng Western Wire- 
less h260 Castro 

" Edna E h615 Oak 

" Maxine drsmkr r521 Central av 

Banell Bernard elk r310 Post 

Banet Jesse E (Clara Bl carp h292 Crescent av 

Banev Clifford E (Elsaleen) elk hl610 Lombard 

Banfi'eld Arth E (Mary) elev opr hl526 Filbert 

" Chas N carpet clnr F Thomas Dyeing & 
Clng Wks r Kentflled 

" Dorothy receptionist Natl Wooden Box Assn 
r Kentfield 

Banford Ellis L (Louise) slsmn TuUy's Stamp 
& Staty Co hl610 Golden Gate av 

" John M (Celia) slsmn hl309 17th av 

" Louise A sten Am Druggists Syndicate rl610 
Golden Gate av 

Bang Maurice r912 HoUister av 

" N M credit mgr United Grocers Ltd r Okld 

Bangas Chris D restr 1116a Market r971 Mis- 

" Orestes D waiter r971 Mission 

" Theo waiter r971 Mission 

Bangasser Fred M floormn Am Tr Co r Ala 

Bangert Gladys C office sec Springfield Fire & 
Marine Ins Co r752 6th av 

" Herman A (Gladys) elk h752 6th av 

" Lee rI40 Mason 

" Walter (Ruth) chemist h754 6th av 

Bangham Eber drftsmn h542 Belvedere 

Bang) Marcelo P Jan rl730 Sutter 

Bangle G A (John P Forbes & Co) r Okld 

" Ralph (Ella I welder h435 Gough 

" Raymond (Bangle & Lyons) r Palo Alto 

" & Lyons (Raymond Bangle C V Lyons) optom 
210 Post R921 

Bangor Apartments 1690 Hyde 

Bangs B Irving (Minnie El h4375 17th 

■' Barrv (Odeali lab h2626b Sutter 

■' Fannie G Mrs r325 Sutter 

" Fannie M Mrs C S nract 166 Geary R164 

" Geo A (Marie CI h2728 Bryant 

" Geo A auto wrecker 245 Bay Shore blvd 

Banham Cora Mrs facty wkr r786 Capp 

Banich Saml restrwkr r360 Missouri 

Banick Theresa r432 Geary 

Banie Laurent (Emilo) clo clnr hl645 Mason 

Baniello Nick jan r493 Eddy 

Banigan Carlton asst v-pres Bank of Am r 
Mill Valley 

Baniaued Benj rl068 Howard 

Banirian Armen (Rose) tailor h2982 Bush 

Banis Mitchell (Alma) pntr h336 Pierce 

Banister Harry h320 Turk 

Banjas Burton hl523 Laguna 

Bank Annie R Mrs apt mgr h3232 Gough 

" Antone hl657 Palou av 

" Apartments 1738 Fillmore 

" Coffee Shop (H V Barber P A Lupls) 30 

" Lawrence (Hazel T) whsmn h4217 22d 

" Line Transport & Trading Co Walter Gay 
pres 260 Calif R906 

" of America Building 625 Market 

Chairman of the Board and Pres, Leon 
Bocqueraz V-Chairman of the Board, Ar- 
thur Reynolds V-Chairman of the Board, 
Dr A H Giannini Chairman of the Genl 
Exec Committee, L M Giannini Senior V- 
Pres, W E Blauer V-Pres and Chairman 
Genl Finance Committee, Hugh L Clary 
V-Pres and V-Chairman of the Operating 
Committee. Louis Ferrari V-Pres and Coun- 
sel. W J Kieferdorf V-Pres and Senior 
Trust Officer, A E Sbarboro V-Pres and 
V-Chairman Genl Finance Committee, R J 
Barbieri V-Pres, F N Belgrano Jr V-Pres, 
Marsden S Blois V-Pres, R Bocqueraz V- 
Pres, H J Boucher V-Pres, Jas F Cavagnaro 
V-Pres, A E Connick V-Pres, B H Critch- 
field V-Pres, Paul Dietrich V-Pres, A Fen- 
ton V-Pres, C E Gruhlcr V-Pres, Morgan 
A Gnnst V-Pres, P C Hale V-Pres, Wm H 
Harrelson V-Pres, J E Huntoon V-Pres, 
J Irilarry V-Pres. G M McClerkin V-Pres, 
J F Moses V-Pres, G J Panario V-Pres, 
G L Pape V-Pres, C P Partridge V-Pres, 
R H Pearce V-Pres, John M Perry V-Pres, 
John I Biordan V-Pres, J A Spears V-Pres, 
Fred G Stevenot V-Pres, Howard Whipple, 
V-Pres, E S Zerga V-Pres, R G Smith 
Cashier. K P A Everard Sec, Main Office 
1 Powell, Tel DO uglas 6112 (See branch 
offices on page 1706) 

" of California Building 430 Calif 

TION THE, Frank B Anderson Chairman 
of the Board, Chas K Mcintosh Pres, 
James J Hunter V-Pres and Cashier^ 
Stuart F Smith V-Pres and Trust Officer, 
Henry M Plate V-Pres, Francis W Wolfe 
Asst Cashier. J Wm Solen Asst Cashier, 
Elliott McAllister Jr Asst Cashier. Henry 
L Madden Asst Cashier, Fred A HurnI 
Asst Cashier and Sec, C Nelson Hackett 
Asst Trust Officer, Nathan D Piatt Asst 
Trust Officer, 100 California (See page 

TION THE (Mission Branch), Byron G 
Mobbs Mgr, Ralph S Saylor. H Raye Glee- 
son Asst Mgrs, IGth and Julian Av (See 
page 1707) 

" of Canton (S F Branch) G B Lau mgr Q O 
Lee sub mgr D D Johnson acct Lee Chung 
cash 555 Montgy 

BANK OF MONTREAL (San Francisco) F G 
Woods Pres, G T Eaton V-Pres and Asst 
Cashier, C E Neuebaumer Sec and Asst 
Cashier, 333 California. Tel GA rfleld 5088 

BANK OF MONTREAL, San Francisco Agency, 
F G Woods Mgr, 333 CaUfornla, Tel 
GA rfleld 5088 

Pres. Wm F McGrath V-Pres, V S Govern- 
ment. Municipal and Corporation Bonds, 
48.5 California (6th Floor), Tel DO uglas 

Bankead Claire E (wid Russell) r2134 Green 

BANKER BENJAMIN A (Lucv P) (Coldwell, 
Cornwall & Banker), h6169 Harwood At, 

" Dolores A sten rl24 Henry 

" Florence M sten rl24 Henry 

" Grace h2400 Van Ness av 

" Gustave h459 7th av 

" Helen dietitian Stanford Univ Hosp r22Q0 

" Lillian A h564 Vallev 

" Wm H (Marv G) elk hl24 Henry 

O Hoadlcy Resident V-Pres. Mills Bldg, 
220 Montgomery, Tel GA rfleld 2400 

" Investment Building 742 Market and 49 

BANKERS' LIFE CO (Des Moines, Iowa) A F 
Smith Mgr. Suite 80fi Pacific Bldg, 821 
Market, Tel SU tter 1329 

-' National Life Insurance Co, V G Wise agt, 
625 Market R610 

" Printing Co J c Iliff pres 836 Montgy 

" Travel Service J T McClellan mgr 625 Mar- 
ket R309 

" Utilities Co Inc B F Greer pres D H Greer 
v-pres J A Greer sec bank supp 268 1st 

OF NEW YORK, Dixwell Davenport Mgr 
Pacific Coast Dept, Merchants Exchange 
Bldg. 4ii5 California, Tel EX brook 0866 
(See page 1731) 

Bankev Chas (Clara) gro 1949 23d hll56 Fitz- 
gerald av 

FORNIA. Sec State Government 

Bankline Oil Co W E Kropp sec 256 Montgy 

Bankovitch Nichols (Xanai) auto mech h48 

" Walter elk r48 Cole 

A Beasly Referees, 610 Grant Bldg, 109S 
Market, Tel UN derhill 8762 

Banks Alf W (Oath) (Banks' Wrecking Co) 
h752 Cayuga av 

" Amelia (wid W E) r619 Diamond 

" Arth C (Josephine) musician h274 MIramar 

" Benson T agt Equitable Life Assur Soo r67 
Woodland av 

" Bert (Sophie M) (Banks' Wrecking Co) h2624 

" C T hl842 I5th 

" Chas A mng dir Placer Development Ltd 
and Bulolo Gold Dredging Ltd h901 Calif 

" Chas L (Edith M) hl6 Shore View av 

" Claude R collr Ry Exp Agcy r2806 Bush 

" Clifford C (Amy) chauf h760 Clayton 

" Clifford E (Aurora M) slsmn John Wyeth 
& Bro h67 Woodland av 

" Eddie Mrs r44 5th 

" Edw B (Helen) elk Fort Mason hl348 Geary 

" Edw L slsmn r685 Ellis 

" Edwin G hseo Geary 

" Emily C (wid A E) hl659 Jackson 

" Emma Mrs phys rl41 Lower ter 

" Ethel M hll74 Capitol av 

" Fannie Mrs maid 290 23th 

" Florence maid r760 Clayton 

" Frances M tel opr rl38 Lee av 

" Frank L (Kathryn) USN-hl21 Beulah 

" Franklin J (Hazel) h253 Bacon 

" Geo cook rl30 Eddy 

" Geo M (Florence I stevedore h240 Grafton av 

" Georgia elk r952 Ashbury 

" Gertrude Mrs h838 Broderlck 

" Glenn elk rl070 Folsom 

-' Harold A (Helen I restrwkr h2624 21st 

" Harold slsmn Standard Distributing Co r 
Lomita Park 

" Harriet Mrs nurse h747 Shrader 

" Harry r671 Ulloa 

" Harry B clo prsr hlOl Parnassus av 

" Harvey O with Fred H Tibbetts r Palo Alto 

" Hazel Mrs sch supp 253 Bacon 

" Homer B (Lolai barber 3812 24th h3810 24th 

" Horace C (Eliz) slsmn h4a27 Calif 

" J L ydmstr AT&SFRy r Okld 

" Jacob I (Sarah) clo clnr 948 Cole rlOl Par- 
nassus av 

" Jas P cond Mun Ry r412 Goettingen 


" Jas P grlpmn Calif St Cable RR Co rl617 

" Jos r3061 16th 
" Jos L (Ellzi hl38 Lee nv 
" Kath rl505 Francisco 
" L whsmn r42n 22cl 
" Leln slswn r952 Ashbury 
•' Lena iwld Wmi r7(J0 Clayton 
" Leo slsmn r730 Eddy ,.,,.. , 

" Ullle P Mrs with US Int Rev r5B3 Victoria 
" Lola Mrs beauty opr r3810 24th 
" M F h2656 Van Noss av 
" Martha Mrs r3810 24th 
'• Mavo L iLucllei elk h533 42d av 
" Nellie Mrs h952 Ashbury 
" Ollle iVlolni lab hI916 Brodcrlck 
" Oscar h378 Golden Gate av 
" Oscar K ilnai signs 1070 Folsom 
" R S slsmn H B Rucker rl51 Btichnnan 
" Robt W (Harriet, elk Ry M S h551 43d av 
" Rov G I Elsie II surv Dept Pub Wks h289 

" Saml butler 2402 Steiner 
" Sinclair (Ellen Ji elk h4427 18th 
" Stanford H rl650 Ellis 
" Thos lab rI38 Lee av 

" Velma v-pres Marshall-Adams Prtg Corp 
" Vera F office sec Miller Ptg Machy Co h845 

" Viola Mrs h2532 Sutter 
" Vivian chiropodist 830 Market R505 rl63 

" Wm E elk h619 Diamond 
" Wm H (Minnie I phys 490 Post R628 h95 

Linares av 
" Wm O asst traffic mgr SOCo r Bkly 
" Wm S lab rl38 Lee av 
" Wrecking Co iBert and A W Banks) bldg 

wreckers 2080 Folsom 
Bankson Jos N (Marvi gripmn Calif St Cable 

RR Co hl55 3d av 
" Jos R jr mtrmn Mun Ry r204 2d av 
Bankston Wellda (Cleol chauf h2n0 Sutter 
Bankus Albt (Ettal h270 San Anselmo av 
Bann Harold (Juanal lab h257 Oak 
BANNAN. See also Bannon 
" C r521 Post 

" Chas factv wkr Keyston Bros r Sausalito 
" Martha G r555 Baker 
" Philip L (Teresa I pres-mgr Pac Gear & Tool 

Wks rllSO Cabrillo 
" Thos F (Elizl treas Pac Gear & Tool Wks 

h2Ul Hvde 
" Thos J sec Pac Gear & Tool Wks r Seattle 
" Wm J IMary M) h2560 Folsom 
Bannard Louis O (Alice i h287 Yerba Buena av 
Bannasch Johanna dmstr r855 Pine 
Bannatyne Bryce W I Louise I driver r201 Oli- 
" Jas W city frt agt Santa Fe r Bkly 
" John C co'ml agt Erie R R Co hl954 Grove 
" Matthew S sec Fred Olsen Line Agcy Ltd 

rl38 Mallorca way 
" Wm I Ethel I baker h65 Greenwood av 
Banneck Margt (wid John( rl59 Vicksburg 
Banner Benj ladies clo 300 Sutter h645 Bush 
" Betty clo prsr rlOl Parnassus av 
" Fred L (Freda I slsmn Hercules Equip Sz 

Rubber Co r925 Quintara 
" G E rl650 Ellis 
" Milton asst mgr Adj Bureau of Calif r Bur- 

" Play Bureau Inc L H Carter pres E M Gall 

v-pres play publrs 111 Ellis 2d fl 
Bannerman Eliz writer rll32 Filbert 
" Jas (Elizl hl50a 29th 
" Jos F iDorothyl eggs 1749 Fillmore hl614 

" Julia artist hi 132 Filbert 
Bannick Albt J elk U S Customs r Hotel Ox- 
" Mickey waiter r432 Geary 
Banning T E with Columbia Steel Co r Bkly 
" Wm brewerywkr rl35 Morse 
Bannister Agnes h310 Irving 
" Birchlyn M Mrs tchr Pub Sch hl300 26th av 
" Fred pntr Hotel Plaza r Okid 
" Geo W tchr Pub Sch rlSOO 26th av 
" Hugh H (Iviei mgr Peroxide Mfg & Specialty 

Co hI232 Brussels 
" John rl400 McAlUster 
" Mabel Mrs h272 Sadowa 
" Ray artist S F Examiner r2552 Hyde 
" W A rl39 Drumm 
" Wm P oprtg mgr Mexican Mall Steamship 

Co rl McLareii av 
" Zelma B r535 Sacto 
BANNON, Sec also Bannan 
" Bernice nurse rll50 Cabrillo 
" Dagmar slswn City of Paris Dry Gds Co 

rl865 Golden Gate av 
" Hazel h351 Jones 

" Helen M sten State Dept Industrial Rela- 
tions r875 26th av 
" Jack bartndr rll46 Mission 
" Jas O typist Veterans' Administration Fa- 
cility r6314 Geary blvd 
" John B (Helen! h'3540 20th 
" May F Mrs drsmkr Livingston Bros h799 Oak 
" Warren elk r539 Baker 
" Wm r727 Howard 
" Wm D rl038b Guerrero 

Bannotte Palmira (Jean) stonectr h759 Union 
Bannucci tJlisse (Irene) (Bannuccl & Santoni) 

rl620 Noe 
" & Santoni (Ulisse Bannucci Romualdo San- 
toni l fruit 498 14th 
Banos Edw L msngr rll06 Gough 
Bansemer Elsie elk rl719 Quesada av 
" Theo (Annie) barber hl719 Quesada av 
" Wm F (May! elec eng Raphael Weill & Co 

rl490 Francisco 
Bansovich John gripmn Calif St Cable R R Co 

hl665 Clay 
Bansuelo Geo r37 Columbus av 

Bantn Almena A cash Provident Mut Lite Ins Barallobre^ Raymond (Antoinette) lab h661 


Co r Ala 
" Amelia iwid J Fi hl330 Cole 
" Arth C (Lillian El slsmn H M Nutter hl735 

" Danl L hl2Cl Grove 
" Ethel elk hi 112 Larkln 
" Josephine slen h828 Jones 
" Lorlmer (Irmn Parker Printing Co 
" Marv Mrs hiaG Edinburgh 
" Mary C Mrs elk Fort Mason h2655 Polk 
" Pearl J Mrs dicta opr h2100 Bay 
" Wm H (Hotel Ramonai hl74 Ellis 

Bantague Peter Jan r776 Bush 

Bnntel Chas A ]r (Grace Ll acct h690 29th av 
" Geo W (Mary I slsmn S P News Co h4220 

" Gus electn r3949 26th 
" Marie (wid Chrlsl h3949 26th 
Bantell Chns A h3782 Sacto 
Bnntl Alf lEliz) pntr hl362 Grant av 
" Isabel tactywkr r3022 Buchanan 
" Oreste pntr h325 Green 
" Orlando pntr h3022 Buchanan 
Bantigue Ignacio jan r642 Jones 
Bantigui Angel jan r735 Geary 
Bantley Fred iRosei fndrywkr hl647 Grove 
Banton Geo A serv sta atdt rl44 Parnassus av 
" Mary E Mrs hl44 Parnassus av 
Bantz Albt steward S P Golden Gate Ferries 

rl71 Page 
" Earl r508 Gough 
" Louise Mrs furwkr r444 Fell 
Banuet Alf bkpr rl017 Hyde 
" Beatrice G slswn New Mission Market Co 

rl54 Vista av 
" Faust elk rl017 Hyde 
" Jose tchr hl017 Hyde 
" Paul whsmn rl017 Hyde 
" Ralph elk rl017 Hyde 
Banuskirk Pearl Mrs r2'.0 Page 
Banworth Phil h42 Parsons 
Bany Wm A IMyra) carrier PO rl850 Fulton 
Banye K (Westh States Imptg Co) r506 Pine 
Banyloy Valentine emp Robt Levin r Okld 
Banyre Saml waiter r307O Calif 
Banz Bertha M Mrs dicta opr hl227 Clay 
" Georgia G (wid A Al h3918 24th 
" Isabelle E sec The Wolf Hop Co r3918 24th 
" Maxine rl227 Clay 
" N P hlll2 Larkin 

Banzaia Josephine mach opr r2965 21st 
Banzais Saml jwlr G A Desenfant r Okld 
Banzet Chris L shop supt F W Buzzell r Corte 

" Herman (Alice) optician Riggs Optical Co 

rl762 O'Farrell 
Banzett Albt Q meatctr h2261 Union 
Banzhaf Elmin T (Eva) pntr h452 Alvarado 
Baccchi Nello lab Fruit Industries Ltd 
Bapst Cath M nurse Veterans' Administration 

Baptist Alf A <Adele) elk Superior Court 

dept 7 h 67 Seville 
Gawthrop Executive Sec, 238 McAllister, 
Tel HE mlock 5416 
" Marie Mrs sten Thornley & Pitt r Okld 
Baptista Antonio J (Emma) sack sewer r3668 

" Ascencio (wid Manuel) h765 Filbert 
" Florence shoewkr rll65 Sanchez 
" Isabel D bkpr hl02 Greenwood av 
" Jas (Mary) lab h2948 Buchanan 
" John T (Lelia F) cond h2915 25th 
" Jos r70 Derby 
" Louise R rl02 Greenwood av 
" Manuel (Florence) foremn Buckingham & 

Hecht hll65 Sanchez 
" Reta hl5a Stillman 
" Theresa M slswn rl02 Greenwood av 
Baptiste Alice H elk Bank of Am r473 Edin- 
" Aug bartndr hl211 34th av 
" Edw L (Gladys) prsmn hl511 9th av 
" Ella (wid Jos) h473 Edinburgh 
" Harriett K nurse S F Hosp r473 Edinburgh 
" Marshall A (Olga) sprayer hl05 Coleridge 
" Rainey (Marie) h20 Ritch 
" Tony waiter Wm Freeman 
Baquie Ware B (Fredoniai elk h2581 Post 
Baquist Gus A restrwkr h520 Linden 
BAR, See also Barr and Barre 
" Association of San Francisco G J Martin sec 

220 Bush 22d fl 
" Ellen A sten Caswell W Smith Ss Co rl731 

" Jos C (Anna M) carrier PO h406 Goettingen 
Bara Abra M (May) electn h354 19th av 
Barabino Anton shoe repr 260 Chenery 
Baracco Anita elk Bank of Am rl075 Sutter 
" Maria rl328 Hyde 
" Mick h969 Bay 
" Michl cooper rl35 Jackson 
Barach Geo restrwkr r414 Hayes 
BARACO, See also Barraco 
" Conrad elec contr 2611 Bush h2611 Pine 
" Edwin C (Pern) h2038 19th av 
" Gustaf (Louise) h635 38th 
" Pearl r2855 Sacto 
" Vincent R electn h2855 Sacto 
Barada Anita (wid John I r738 Central av 
" John (Lyra) elk h738 Central av 
" Wm E (Mary) chauf hl354 Natoma 
Baradacco Evelyn elk Libby McNeill & Libby 

r San Anselmo 
Barafl Hattie (wid Harry) r769 20th av 
Baragar Walter (Edna J) h3635 Broderick 
Baraggio Emanuel lab h3 Imperial av 
Baragia Pietro (Libia) slsmn h265 Mallorca 

Barajas Concha lab hl560 Howard 
" Jos coil spring mkr r53 Gilbert 
Barakovich John (Kath) tmstr hll64 De Haro 
Barale John (Marie) Jan h41 Castle 

BaramonskI Walter r389 3d 
Barnndun John (Cecllel tailor h311 Steiner 
BarunoR John I Mary 1 clo prsr hlOlB Turk 
" Nick pntr rn57 Geary 
" Rose iwld Count! r331 Lyon 
Baranow Geo cook rl273 Golden Gate av 
" John lAdelyn) chauf h290 Liberty 
Barash Hannah (wId Bernard) rl840 Jefferson 
" M D supt Gcnl Brewing Corp r Burlingame 
" Sholaam whol mlnr 49 4th R423 hl490 Jef- 
" & Douglas iMary B Rathjen Mrs P D Ams- 

deni Janitor supps 76 Sacto 
Barat Jacques (Mary) hl024 Sanchez 
Baratini Azalea nurse rl31 Hugo 
Baratone John msngr rl710 Hyde 
" Jos furrier rl710 Hyde 
" Martha Mrs hl710 Hyde 
Baratoni Romeo (Lena) restr 56 The Embarca- 

dero r359 24th av 
Barats Louis driver rl398 Evans av 
Baratte lone booker Fox Film Corp rl275 

32d av 
Baratti Ernesto cbtmkr r615 Union 
" Milda M Mrs hl842 Powell 
Barattino Virginio (Josephine) carp hll28 

Baratto Leo cook hll26a Clay 
Baratv Edw F (Sarah) optom 760 Market 

R754 h783 35th av 
" Geo E r783 35th av 
" Gus L (Elva) lawyer 111 Sutter R1800 hl875 

Pacific av 
" Marie elk Calif Pkg Corp r Sausalito 
Baraza Manuel (Mariani engr hl440a Hyde 
Barajoto Jos (Anna) chauf h79 Cowden 
Barba Anton (Emmal farmer h205 7th av 
" Helen hd nurse SFHosp 
" Lena M elk SPCo rlOOO Sutter 
"MS mtrmn r469 33d av 
" Marv tel opr r205 7th av 
" Marjy E oflBce sec Automotive Serv Inc rl260 

" Torista hl536 Webster 
Barbaco Carl J chauf r2346 Lombard 

" Josephine A elk r2346 Lombard 

Barbagelata Alex L (Isabellei firemn SFPD 

h255 Seneca av 
" Antonio scavenger rl514 21st av 
" Candido (Marv) hl318 12th av 
" Dominic (Jane) h2549 Lombard 
" Louisa (Wid Giovanni) h3120 Baker 
" Mary (wid Aug) hl727 Mason 
" Susie r3120 Baker 

Barbaix Alf (Louise) Indywkr rl239 Polk 
Barbalia Louis (Louise) h3531 Jennings 
Barban Aug (Mary) apt mgr h729 Mason 
Barbanell Lena bkpr r2164 Grove 
Barbanica John shtmtlwkr h415 Oxford 
" Roderick D radiator mech r415 Oxford 
Barbano Attilio r448a Vallejo 
" Carlo h2222 North Point 
" Edw F cook rl740 Pacific 
" Jos (Lidii Jan h448a Vallejo 
" Jos (Ernestinel lab hl491 Palou av 
" L J slsmn Langendorf Bakeries Inc r Okld 
" Lidia mattress mkr r448 Vallejo 
Barbanotti Louis lab (Maryl hl674 Filbert 
Barbara Apartments 580 McAllister 
" Eleanor lactywkr rlll6 Turk 
" Frank (Jennie) ironwkr h231 Thornton av 
" Ida rl356 Geary 
" Phillip restrwkr hlll6 Turk 
Barbaria Antone (Sentina) lab hl67 Bright 
" Antonio (Constantina) lab h266 Monterey 

" Constance M mach opr r2768 Diamond 
" Frank A r3463 16th 
" John (Concetta) lab h377 Banks 
" John lab rl7 Van Buren 
" Jos box mkr r752 Chenery 
'" Jos (Angelina) box mkr h2768 Diamond 
" Maria r2763 Diamond 
" Mary glove fnshr r266 Monterey blvd 
" Mary Mrs rl7 Van Buren 
" Salvatore tamales 4569 Mission 
" Saml A (Frances S) box mkr h752 Chenery 
" Vincent F (Marie) chauf hl7 Van Buren 
Barbarian Club 548 Haight 
" Cora elk F W Woolworth 6309 Mission 
" Geo mech R H Drews rlBOO Kirkham 
Barbario Louis hll9 Corbett av 
Barbaro Anthony slsmn V F Barbaro r542 

8th av ,„, ,, 

" Vincent F (Caroline) sporting gds 401 Mar- 
ket h542 8th av 
Barbarotto Angelina A elk r205 Brazel av 
" Anthony (Rose! (Barbarotto Bros) h414 

Madrid _ „ , 

" Bros (F E and Anthony) bakers 577 Colum- 
bus av _ 
" Frank E (Julia) (Barbarotto Bros) h205 

Brazil av 
Barbash Harry L h729 14th av 
" Harry L wines 420 Market R406 hl723 Beach 
" Sarah h990 Bay 

" Wm J (Cecile) ins agt hl077 Union 
Barbast Emile J (Bay View Delica 

r46I8 3d 
Barbat Aileen r209 Walnut 
Barbata Betty M elk h629 28th 
" Teriggio (Rosie) lab h5 Margaret av 
" Victor lab r5 Margaret av 
Barbati Domenico (Josephine) tailor 4911 3a 

hl530 McKinnon av 
Barbato Carlo elk r2346 Lombard 
" Josephine elk r2346 Lombard 
Barbax Alfd (Louise) mgr Edinboro Hotel 

rl239 Polk 
" Dora mlnr rl239 Polk 
" Eva rl239 Polk 

Barbe E F Indywkr h321 Falmouth 
" Edmund L (Minnie) treas Serv-A-Towel Inc 
hll6 Alhambra 



" Eug F (Gladys! (Hotel Owners Lndy Co) 

pres Serv-A-Towel Inc hlG30 Lake 
" Gladys sec Charlotte A Boehm rl630 Lake 
" Henry y-pres Sery-A-Towel Inc rl537 Pa- 
cific ay 
" Jennie (wid Peteri lil542 York 
" John r447 Bush 
" John lab hl233 Eddy 
" John lab rl542 York 

" John (Cathi lndy 1533 Pacific ay hl537 do 
" John B (Theodore) lndy 2132 Bryant 
" Jos (Amelia I sec Parisian Baking Co h931 

Barbeau Chas P (Margt Ai elev starter h723 

" Frank N (Stella i emp H B Friedrichs h959 

Van Ness ay S 
" Leon J ( Minnie ( mariner h56 Mirabel ay 
Barbee Edna r362 5th ay 
" Edwin W eng Alex Bell r Bkly 
" Elias W (Carriet apt mgr hl734 Greenwich 
" Irma W (wid J Wi hl23 Hartford 
" J Sidney hl046d 14th 

" Jas shoe shiner 154 O'Farrell r353 Kearny 
" John rl734 Greenwich 
" Rose N acct RCA Communications Inc hl734 

" Syh-ia r362 5th ay 
Barbel John lab rl031 Harrison 
Barben Fred (Jenny! wtchmn h37 Downey 
" John A mech Howard Auto Co r Lomita 


BARBER, See also Barbier and Barboar 

" Adlai C I Helen I chauf h3946 18th 

" Alf r512 27th ay 

" Arth H (Eliz) blksmth h574 Lisbon 

" Barbara sten hsio Hyde 

" Barnett clo clnr 1751 Geary 

" Bert r88I Eddy 

" Brice (Charlotte* service mgr C H Wait 

Motors r Walnut Creek 
" Clarice rl90 O'Farrell 
"DA Mrs hl909 Fulton 
" Dale lab rl2b Sanchez 
" Dorothy elk rl90 O'Farrell 
" E "Vail parts mgr Warren Boyd Co r Okld 
" Edna h545a Myrtle 
" Edw A slsmn rl86o Sacto 
" Ellison L (Anna I teleg opr Mackay Radio & 

Teleg Co h2434 21st ay 
" Elsie L sten Assoc Oil Co hl(MO Bush 
" Elsie L sten Natl Recovery Administration 

r485 36th ay 
" Emma J h626 11th ay 
" Etta h2238 Hvde 

" Eyelyn U tchr Pub Sch r2731 Green 
" Farrell h2460 Larkin 
" Farrell analyst Pac Finance Publications r 

" Florence M musician rl865 Sacto 
" Frank paintmkr Doidge Koren Paint Co 
" Geo B (Eleanorel h271 9th ay 
" Geo B eley opr UCHosp rl600 Fell 
" Geo L slsmn rl044 Pine 
" Gertrude r38 Seneca ay 
" Gordon jan r2174 Calif 
" Hannah Mrs h526 Munich 
" Harold B (Eyelyn I dept mgr Roos Bros 

h225 College ay 
" Harold ^V (Jessie I (Bank Coffee Shop) 

hl35a 21st ay 
" Jas r675 2d ay 
" Jessie r822 27th ay 

" John A (Beatrice! cementwkr h871 Bryant 
" Kathryn A mach opr r38 Seneca av 
" Kenneth B (Eyai slsmn Coffln-Redlngton 

Co h5400 Fulton 
" Leigh G elk 'D S Lighthouse Serv r Sausa- 

" Leland A (Gladys) dentist 870 Market R716 

h75 Buena Vista ay 
" Milton A (Myrtle) formn J G Dorward h616 

" Nina maid r556 Calif 

" Oscar T lawyer 235 Montgy R1535 r Bkly 
" Phineas S (Lillie( elk h336 18th ay 
" Ray J mining eng 681 Market R998 r Palo 

" Roger with Western Newspaper Union r Mill 

" Roy L y-pres Sherwin & Simpson Inc r San 

" Shirley r38 Seneca ay 
" Shirley (Gertrude P) h38 Seneca ay 
" Sigmund (Ida! elk h6032 Geary blyd 

Co Ltd Agents. 314 Merchants Exchange 

Bldg. 465 California. Tel GA rBeld 8177 
" Stewart E (Ahce F! h2959 Pacific av 
" Thos restr 1665 Market rl657 Market 
" Willis singer NBC r Okld 
" Wm A (Laura! slsmn hl865 Sacto 
" Winnie Mrs maid 1921 Octavia 
Barbera Angelo (Mary( pntr h2325 Jones 
" Anthony (Margt! mgr Calava Growers of 

Calif h2474 32d av 
" Anthony M(Rose) pntr h2358 Jones 
" Antone (Josephine) flshermn h766 Bay 
" Antonio gro 799 Vienna rl050 Hampshire 
" Frank liquors 199 Potrero av 
" Frank pntr r2325 Jones 
" Jos elk rl322 Hampshire 
" Josephine r766 Bay 
" Michl elk r2743 Harrison 
" Nuncla r766 Bay 
" Patk J (Edna! slsmn Calavo Growers r2953 

" Paul (Angelena) tannery wkr hl322 Hamp- 
" Peter h2953 Gough 
" Peter barber rl322 Hampshire 
" Peter (Julia) baker h882a Florida 
" Raymond R Instr PT&TCo r Albany 
" Rose r766 Bay 


Barberi Benedict (Maria) lab h357 London 

" Ida weaver rl8 Neptune 

" Nick r612 Bway 

Barberian Geo (Rose) garagemn hlSOO Kirk- 

Barberini David mech rl015 Plymouth av 

Barberis Chas F (Pebronie) mgr Prescott 
Hotel h611 Pacific 

Barbero Anna fctywkr r29 Charlton ct 

" Bernardino (Maria) cond hl61 Banks 

" Ella Mrs rll40 Sutter 

" Harry L acct Haskins & Sells hll40 Sutter 

" Jas meat ctr Nelson Meat Co 

" Jas R (Adeline M) with Redlick Newman 
Co h3062 Franklin 

" Mary I rl61 Banks 

" Olga (wid John! h306O Franklin 

Barbers Protective Union 240 Golden Gate av 

Barbes Alphonse Indvwkr hl466 Powell 

Barbet Peter elev opr h37 28th 

Barbett Apartments 845 O'Farrell 

Barbetti Jos (Isolinlt lab h207 Amazon av 

" Narciso r2614 Gough 

Barbey Chas (Jessie) electn h2318 26th av 

" Frank chauf Highway Transport Co 

" Prank (Frances) lab h20 Costa 

Barbi Peter (Albenat sugarwkr hl390 Hamp- 

" Yolanda M sugarwkr rl390 Hampshire 

Barbich John (Lita) elk h709 San Jose ay 

" Lucy (wid A E) h30 Germania 

" Rose (wid J J I no9 San Jose av 

Barbick Kath H Mrs chiropodist 209 Post 
R514 r209 Marina blvd 

Barbicus Steph (Margie) waiter hl021 Har- 

Barbie Ernest stevedore r650 Guerrero 

Barbier Howard F (Marion) h2145 Calif 

" Howard F (Genevieve) jwlr W D Stende- 
bach h48 Meda 

" Ruth L Mrs elk r5326 Calif 

Barbieri A J slsmn Roth Maier Lbr Co rl315 

" Adrianne R (Curtis Millinery) rl782 Union 

" Albt J (Florence J) hl388 Chestnut 

" Anna M (wid Paul) h2328 Balboa 

" Anthony elk rl631 Grant 

" Anthony fVerai restr h782 Vallejo 

" Antonio restrwkr rl622 Eddy 

" Chas rlOl Amazon av 

" Chas (Ida) lab hl8 Neptune 

" Clorinda mach opr r425 Filbert 

" Dionizio lab r725 Hampshire 

" Frank (Potrero Tavern) rl99 Potrero av 

" Guido (Louise) sectionmn State Bd Harbor 
Comrs h86 Cotter 

" Henry V (Edna M) asst inspr V S Bur of 
Navigation and Steamboat Inspection h27 
Atalava ter 

" Jack (Florence) driver rl55 Olmstead 

" John chauf rl631 Grant av 

" Jos (Victoria) lab hll22 Bay Shore blvd 

" Jos ndlr h27 Harris 

" Jos P (Eleanor) chauf h29 Masonic av 

" Kath R (Curtis Millinery) rl7B2 Union 

" Lena A elk r90 Cumberland 

" Louis h673 Minna 

" Louis (Marie) (G B Celle Co) hl631 Grant 

" Louis (Angelina) sugarwkr hl550 Thomas av 

" Louis C (Vada) auto electn hl09 Chaves av 

" Louise Mrs h90 Cumberland 

" Malcolm J chemist rl55 Olmstead 

" Manottie J (Florence M) do clnr hl55 Olm- 

" Maria Indywkr r357 London 

" Mvra F asst sec-treas Assoc Am Distributors 
Inc and treas Am Brokerage Inc rl782 

" R mach opr rl767 Armstrong 

Bank of America Natl Trust & Sayings 
Assn hl25S Francisco 

" S clo prsr r725 Hampshire 

" Silvio J (Mary) florist Newsom Co h933 
Geneva ay 

" Steph (Rose) hl782 Union 

" Thelma R floor mgr Livingston Bros rl782 

" Tina S labeller rl550 Thomas ay 

" Virginia bkpr hI334 Van Ness av 

Barbin Gastin (Maret) vulc rl84 Onondaga 

Barbini Augustina r377 Union 

" Lena Mrs h2814 Baker 

" Louis (Angelina) h377 Union 

Barbisch Jos A elk S P Water Dept h384 11th 

Barbitta Frank h320 Haight 

" Louis busmn r23 Scotland 

Barbitto Italo meat ctr Del Monte Meat Co 
r Redwood City 

Barbonchelli Margt (wid Henry) hll09 Wis- 

Barbonchielli Jos L elk Federal Reserve Bank 
rl98 Juanita way 

" Peter (Mary L) hl98 Juanita way 

Barboni Jos liquors 750 Pacific av h36 Co- 
lumbus av 

Barbonus E lab r456 6th 

Barbosa Aurora mach opr r772 Brunswick 

" Dolores power opr rl316 Stockton 

" Justo P (Aurora M) shoe mkr h772 Bruns- 

Barbotti Anthony lab rl062 Hampshire 

" Leo (Philamina) lab hl062 Hampshire 

" Louis lab rl062 Hampshire 

" Patk mech rl062 Hampshire 

BASBOUR. See also Barber and Barbier 

" Bessie B r940 Leavenworth 

" Curtis M eng Libby McNeill & Llbby r Okld 

" Don r473 Ellis 

" Kath M h940 Leavenworth 


" Nora W matron State Bd Harbor Comrs r 

" R P mech Western Sugar Refinery r Palo 

Barboza Sarah power opr Simmons Co 
Barbrack Helen K r2638 21st av 
" Lora K 'wid Ferdinand i sec-treas Book- 
binders and Bindery Womens Local 31-125 

h2638 21st av 
Barbuto Angelo (May) elk h3245 Octavia 
Barby Abbie Mrs (wid Flo(iencia ! r22 Isls 
Barca Angelo (Grace) die str h949 Vienna 
" Anthony (Mary) hl53 Chenery 
" Antoinette factywkr r2915 21st 
" Chas rl743 Union 

" Chas )ZiIlah( salad mkr hl56 Chenery 
" Dominic (Antoinette) meats 2725 24th h291S 

" Felix (Marie) metal wkr h917 Florida 
" John elk rl06 Mateo 
" Jos meat ctr r2916 21st 
" Jos C ironwkr hl06 Mateo 
" Jos F (Providence! hl27 Randall 
" Jos F ]r elk rl27 Randall 
" Pauline smstrs r462 7th 
" Ricardo (Palmira) chauf hl743 Union 
" Rosa Mrs mach opr h274 Whitney 
" Saml J (Vera) baker h380 Naglee av 
" Sam V mach hlpr rlOO Mateo 
" Wm (Eliz) mech Link Belt Co h550 Moscow 
Barcaja Gabriel restrwkr Bit of Sweden 
Barcajo Jennie asst forwn Schradsky & Domb 

r Daly City 
Barcanes Helen C fur opr r533 Flood av 
" John r533 Flood av 
" Marian D elk r533 Flood ay 
" Paul E lab r533 Flood av 
" Saml (Rose) lab h533 Flood ay 
Barcchi A (Dorothy) r753 Bush 
Barcello Louis (Mary) baker h829 York 
Barcellos Sarefin C (Maria) delicatessen 2886 

Mission h440 Bartlett 
" Wm mldr Rincon Fndy Co r Emeryville 
Barcelo Antonio (Josepiiine) lab h46 Chesley 
Barcelona Apartments 959 Jackson 
" Apartments 701 Taylor 
Barcelou Vera E Inspr Everwear Mfg Co hll05 

Barchi Peter J (Charlotte) (Union Florists) 

h2364 14th av 
" Tony elk rll25 Kearny 
Barcklay Frank T acct Hicklin & Redmond r 


B.UtCLAT. See also Barkley 

" Alex J civ eng SPCo r Bkly 

" Bert F chf inspr Trans-Continental Freight 
Bureau r Bkly 

" Blair B meat ctr rl478 9th av 

" Bruce T ) Stationery Supply Co) h620 Lake 

" D E elk Calif Pkg Corp r Okld 

" Edw A auto mech rl24 Rolph 

", Eleanor G Mrs h653 Sutter 

" Ella M elk rl24 Rolph 

" Hotel 235 O'Farrell 

" Harriette L (Wid John) hl24 Rolph 

" John M (Mary! eng Calif Academy of Sci- 
ences h259 8th av 

" Lawrence slsmn Baker-Perkins Co r97S 

" Margh dietitian French Hosp r621 7th av 

" Margt Mrs rl221 Masonic av 

" Mary L calculating mach school 593 Market 
R212 h602 Bush 

" Robt A (Celestine) elk WPRRCo hl478 9th 

" Wm W (Mabel) slsmn Saml Blatteis h22g5 

Barcos Bernard J (Marion! artist Edw Brash 
h673 33d av 
Frank (Matilda) Indywkr h350 27th 
John (Alice! ice cream mkr h229 22d av 
Jos M (Mary! Indywkr hl952 McAllister 
Justine beauty opr r350 27th 
Mai'ion B sten PT&TCo r673 33d av 
Peter (Isabella) hl948 McAllister 

Bard Bernice F elk Livingston Bros r721 18th 
Charlotte elk r2691 Union 
Chester (Beulah( h77 Hancock 
Fred elk r721 18th av 
Gus (Esther) waiter h721 18th ay 
John D r2710 Clement 
John W (Louise! driver h52 Ramona 
Mary Mrs h2710 Clement 
Straba N sten r2710 Clement 
Theo restr 1601 Market r77 Hancock 
Wm A (MoUy! police SFPD hl758 26th aT 

Bardach Edw (Mary! barber 12 The Embarca- 
dero r2710 Clement 

Bardacos Saml L (Mary! farmer h532 Linden 

Bardalampe Baptiste h75 John 

" Jean r75 John 

Bardana Dominic (Eliz) cook h366 Chenery 

Bardawell Alex S (Mary) tailor h426 16th 

Barde Maury (Rose! slsmn Continental Bak- 
ing Co h2I20 Clemerrt 

" Rose r Hotel Alex Hamilton 

Bardelli Chas (Eva! cook h365 Hanover 

" Dorina M sten Capital Co r365 Hanover 

Bardellini Angelo elk r2202 Jones 

" Attilio cook hll Freeman ct 

" Vincent elk r2202 Jones 

" Vincent (Cath) flshermn h2202 Jones 

Bardello C cook r365 Hanover 

Barden Eileen F compt opr r721 Arguello blvd 

" Florence elk h333 Willard 

" Jas (Kath) heut SFFD h721 Arguello blvd 

" Jas M (Florence) carrier P O rl003 Church 

" Jos r916 Pacific 

" Mary P elk r721 Arguello 

" Olivia elk hl616 Taylor 

" Wm E lawyer 5 3d R803 

Bardenhagen John real est 582 Market R41S 
r580 O'Farrell 

" John slsmn r706 Castro 

Burdenhswer Berton (MIna) much hl341 a3d 


" Mlna L Mrs offlce dcp U S Int Rev rl34l 

>< oito (Henrietta elk rlOlO Pell _ 
Bnrdosono John S prlv sec S P Examiner r 

Bnrdoi Adrlon T mBr Pioneer Motor Bearing 

Co r BurllnRsme 
" Geo A fncty supt M J B Co r Bkly 
'• Geo V with M J B Co r Bkly 
" Marie maid rai3l Plllmore 
Burdnsh John R artist N W Ayer & Son r195 

Bnrdl Jos (Kath) glass 2963 Mission I1M6I do 
Bardin Lola S sten Ocnl Pet Corp h808 Leav- 
enworth . . 
" Serge (Taclal pnlr h381a Shotwcll 
Bnrdlnl Chas E window clnr hl815 Powell 
" Dlclnlo (Anna! Jan h231 Rutland 
" Pederlco iLoulsei concrete wkr hl218 YorK 
K Glaccomo (Artrlnlnai lab h801 Geneva av 
" Jos porter hl096 Rhode Island 
Bardlttl Jos lab r3171 San Jose av 
Bardmess Alberta lamp shade mkr h698 Busn 
Bardol Arth pdlr r2068 Sutter 
Bardon D C stevedore rl036 PolK 
" Jas clectn r401 Van Ness av S 
" Frank J scamn hl375 Underwood av 
Bardotto Secondo tidal marble plshr h73 

Capistrano av , „ 

Bardslev Saml iMargtl printer h251 Prague 
Bardue" Dorothy iwid DclosI h2235 Webstei 
Barduhn Geo W sign pntr hl650 Grove 
" Wm R sign pntr rl650 Grove 
Bardwell Don bellmn r887 Bush 
" Gerald elev opr r887 Bush 
" Horace R 1 Prances) emp Pac Empire Hold- 
ings Inc h44 Cervantes blvd 
" Jerrald bellmn 1250 Jones r2936 Polk 
" Judson E reporter Dun & Bradstreet r Sau- 

" Pearl Mrs h887 Bush 

Bardzinski Zygmunt (Teresa) mach h32 Han- 
Bare Augusta E (wld Sol) hl870 Jackson 
" Clark L (Ora) elk h840 Urbano dr 
" Helen asst sec First Church of Christ Sci- 
entist hl2 Commonwealth av 
Baredo Servando r658 Green ™,v,<„f 

Bareal Umberta (Rosa) meat ctr r433 Filbert 
Bare'illes Armand elk Bank of Am rl436 Gal- 

vez av , , 

" Emile L (Kate) hl521 Vandyke av 
" Emile R lAnna) meat ctr hl436 Galvez av 
" Harold (Josephine) musician hlVSl Green- 
" Jacquiline elk rl436 Galvez av 
" John br mgr Bavle Lacoste & Co r Okia 
" John P (Eliz) h2958 Octavia 
" John P musician r5940 Calif 
" Jos (Marie) Indy 1259 Mason hl261 do 
" Jos J (E£fa Ml mech Pac Coast Candy Co 
hl71 Douglass „ , , . . 

" Pierre (Ida S) sec-treas Bayle Lacoste & 
Co and Calif Fertilizer Wks rll4 7th av 
" Rene (Westn Clnrs) rl261 Mason .... . ^ 
Bareis Carl (Johanna) carp hl955 McAllister 
" Karl W bkpr Wells-Fargo Bank & Union 

Tr Co rl955 McAllister 
" Mildred rl955 McAllister t^.,.,, 

Barekman J Willis with Calif Pme Box Dlstrs 

Ba'rel Peter (Louisa) lab hll42 Hollister 
Barela Jos C nlmbr AT&SFRy r Bkly 
Barelkosky Josephine Mrs h536 Oak 
Barella Louis C (Rose) gas sta 1500 Bay 

Shore blvd h2905 San Bruno ay 
" Raymond A (Anna F) lab hl226 Alabama 
BarelU Leonie r58 Liberty 

Barend Ralph waiter r405 3d r^^„„t„ 

>' Simon (Lillie) hosp steward City & County 

Dent Pub Health h2280 Pine 
BABENDT ARTHUR H (Helen B) Attorney- 
at-Law, «.SS MiUs Bldg, 220 Montgomery, 
Tel GA rfleld 40S0, Res Coronado 
Barenfeld Saml (Marion) mgr Century Neck- 
wear Co rll42 Hyde 
Bareng A rl514 O'Parrell 
Baresin John (Irene) chauf h325 Green 
" Kath Mrs hl402 Bway 
/' Rudolph r325 Green 
" Rudolph lab rl402 Bway 
Baret Bertha hl836 Pine 
Barett Jim (Mary) hatmkr h278 WiUard 
" John elk D J McCarthy 
Baretta Jas h582 Arkansas 
" Silvio (Virginia) lab h418 Connecticut 
" Steph V delvmn r418 Connecticut 
Barff Geo C (Alice) reprmn hl659 Oak 
Barfleld Chas V (Mary) lawyer lU Sutter 

R712 h615 19th av 
" Walter M pantrymn rl209 Castro 
Barford Erik dairymn rl74: Bonview 
>' Svend hl234 Jones ^,,„, t,„„„,^ 

Barg Eunice dietitian V C Hosp hl4D4 Wlllard 
" Freda N tchr Pub Sch rl66 Corona way 
" H Henry exporter 16 Calif R614 rSausahto 
" J Fred (Bertha) sec Hart-Wood Lbr Co 

hl404 Willard 
" Meta (wld J C) rl66 Corona 
" Wm H bkpr Beronio Lbr Co rl66 Corona 
Bargaehr Mathilda bkpr C W Marwedel r940 

Bargagliotti Frank A (Victoria) slsmn nl31 

" Fred (Ida) h71 Athens 
" Jos r3233 18th 
" kath (wid Frank) h3238 18th 
" Louis E chauf r3238 18th 
" Mario (Banchero and Bargagliotti) r3238 

Bargas Michl lab h837 22d 
" Theo waiter r971 Missio 
Bargdanov Edw (Louise) lab h878 Wisconsin 



Bnrgelt Paul J formn Remington Rand Inc 

r Ala 
nargent' Apartments 737 Pine 
" Realty Co Ltd C H Hock pres E N Ayer sec 

p C Hock treas 681 Market R377 
Barger Clorrine H mech Chnmbcrlin Metal 

Weather Strip Co r839 Post 
" Frank C (Elsie) hOO Rae av 
" Frank E ptrnmkr rSU Dolores 
" Helen Mrs rI410 Vallejo 
" Henry A iLucv) mach hSU Dolores 
" Henrv A Jr mech eng r.'ill Dolores 
" Herbt N (Josephine) h2310 Folsom 
" Jos hl335 Union 
" Mnbel bkpr hlOOO Capp 
Bargelt John (Christina) (Excelsior 

Wks h741 I4th 
Bargetto Angela Mrs Indywkr r2406 24tn 
" Avale (Cath) pharm hl65 Alhambra 
" Jolin (Plerena) lab h263 Vienna 
Bargewell Clarence elev opr r2075 18th av 
" Oscar (Louise) supt Sentinel Bldg h2076 

I8th av „ ^ „ 

Bargfcldt R E Lee drftsmn U S Forest Serv 

r Bkly 
Bargh J Richd (Helen M) marine eng h420 

Barghini Albt waiter rll69 Filbert 
" Arth lEmllv) cook hll69 Filbert 
" Rov slsmn Geo E Archer r68a Flournoy 
Bargionl Anthony (Augustine) Indywkr r5628 

" Antone hl67a 23d av „, ^ 

" Ferdinand C (Carolyn) chauf h383a 21st av 
" Florence r2844 Lyon 
" Gastone h2844 Lyon 

" Geo L slsmn J E French Co h2B44 Lyon 
" Leo G offlce mgr Smith-Emery & Co r Bur- 

" Mary Mrs hl67 23d av 

" Terslllio (Mary) Indy 453 Grove h6624 Call! 
Bargman Harrv slsmn r240 Jones 
Bargo Teresa G elk rl215 Silver av 
Bargones Everett L traf mgr Transpacific 

Tran.sp Co r Ala 
" Tillie A (wld J L) rSO Southwood dr 
Barguin Alex (Nellie) gro 1064 Divlsadero 

hl048 do 
" Mich rl048 Divlsadero „ , 

Barham Beatrice cash Underwriters Salvage 

Co r730 Powell 
" Edw adj Bd of Trade r Okid 
" Harold A (Emelia) refrigeration eng h811 

- Roy A (Beatrice) h730 Powell 
Terry V bkpr S F Assn for the Blind rl47 

Barhon Frank r646 Shotwell 

Barhow R L hl523 Laguna 

Barhydt Ollie (wid H C) h479 Buena Vista av 

" Roberta P sten Herman Elsbach & Sons 

r Okld „ _, , 

Barhyte Louis D trafflcmn Crane Co r BKly 
Ban Jos (Virginia) lab hl7 Tracy pi 
" Jos ]r Icemn rl7 Tracy pi 
" Louis rl7 Tracv pi 
" Nicholas m Tracy pi 
" Wm Indywkr rlT Tracy nl 
Baria Henrv auto mech h571 Valencia 
Barlch Anna M tchr r2211 18th 
" Geo pntr r628 Kansas 
" John (Anna) lab h450 San Bruno av 
" Jos lab r2126 18th 
" Jos (Mary) wtchmn h651 Kansas 
" Jos ]r r65I Kansas 
" Mary J elk r22n 18th 

" Peter J (Mary) gro 60O Vermont h2211 18tn 
" Stenhanie O slswn r2211 18th » , , i» 

Barichievich Antonio slsmn Occidental Lite 

Ins Co r 131 Harkness , ., ., 

" Marlorle E cash Occidental Life Ins Co 

r Burlingame T-,„nt 

" Mark mgr Accidental and Health Dept 

Occidental Life Ins Co r Burlingame 
Barickman Bert (Dora) tmstr h853 Moultrie 
Baricos Eug confr 1307 Mason hl317 Mason 
Baridon Annette beauty opr rn35 Hyde 
" Helen M sten Dohrmann Hotel Supp 00 

Barieau ^AUce ^nurse U C Hosp r610 Parnassus 

" Juliette hl845 Pacific av 

Baril Frank (Gladys) farmer h372 West For- 

Barlle Albt (Marie) (Noe Grocery and Fruit 

Market) h419 Faxon av 
" Louis h428 Union 

Barilli Marv (wid Jackl hl818 Silver av 
Baring Lucile elk r446 Laurel 
" Walter elk r863 Bush 
BARINGER, See also Barringer 
" Fred M (Marv J) slsmn h3024 Fulton 
" X M Mrs rl278 Market 
Barion Chris inventor rl877 Church 
" Dora (wid Aug) hl877 Church 
" Wm (Laurel) mech h90 Florentine av 
Bariona Mary nurse r20 Salmon 
" Sabino (Margtl h20 Salmon 
Barls Jas r314 6th 
" Nich S restwkr h985 Pine 
Barisone Angelo (Lena) lab hllOO Brazil av 
" Dante lab rllOO Brazil av 
Baristh Geo (Alice) h471 6th av 
Barium Products Ltd W N Williams geni mgr 

220 Bush Rni7 
Barizon Peter lab City Parks Dept r51 La- 

" Peter P (Eva) gdnr City Parks Dept h51 

Bar.ihello Attillo driver r2330 22d 
Barkalow Bros Co cigars 353 Geary 310 Post 

450 PoweU and Hotel Clift 
Barkan Ben formn Pac Greyhound Lines r 

" Ben] elk rl053 Harrison 
" Fritz diamonds 704 Maiket RlOll rPalo Alto 


" Gus rl326 Hyde 

" Hans IPhoebel phys h3653 Jack.son 
" Otto phvs 490 Post R934 h3436 Pacific av 
" Rose I wld Philip I confr 1053 Harrison 
Barkas Peter (Anna) Ironwkr hlSO Gocttlngen 
Barkdol Leslie (Louise) mtrinn rl923 McAl- 
BarkdoU Albt auto mech rl438 McAllister 
" Louis H meat ctr 1733 Fillmore r3152 23d 
Barken Milton furrier Calif Pur Co 
Borker Albt D electro Precision Electrotype 

Co r Okld 
" Alice F r2836 Buchanan 
" Amenda M tvplst r438 Clement 
" Amos D driver rlTT Geneva av 
" Bella (wid Geo) hl227 14th av 
" Bert (Annlel exn 1617 Ellis hOVb Parren 
" Cecil r438 Clement , „ » , 

" Chas E dlr Pub Sch r William Taylor Hotel 
" Chas R (Virgyn) waiter h3568 18th 
" Charlotte Mrs rl528 Sutter 
" Claude W br mgr Pac M Co r Okld 
" Clells r3155 Scott 
" Daisy r57 Taylor 

" David N tchr Pub Sch h55 Hermann 
" Dell auto mech r976 Van Ness av S 
" E A h250 Page 
" E J h2345 Jackson 
" Earl (Mario I whsmn h280 Ellsworth 
" Earle W tchr Pub Sch r San Carlos 
" Edwin E elk Crocker First Natl Bank r 

" Elanor nurse hlOOO Union 
" Eleanor Mrs nurse r93 Palm av 
" Elsie Mrs bndrywkr h4063 26th 
" Emily (wid Henry) h67 Gladys 
" Enola Mrs hl020 Union 
" Ethel Mrs h82 CasselU av 
" Ethel E elk r206 Steiner 
" Eug H (Clara) tchr Pub Sch hl200 17th av 
" Eva sten Poultry Producers of Central Calif 

r35 Walter 
" Fred L (Nora) h619 41st av 
" Geo A rl227 14th av 
" Geo L (Sylvia B) hl035 Bush 
" Geo W (Rachel B) sec U S Asbestos Corp 

Ltd of Nevada hlOO Quintara 
" Gertrude (wid Henry) h543 25th av 
" Gertrude E Mrs h725 Ellis 
" Gladys bkpr r345 Lyon 
" H h845 Calif , „ 

" H R & Co H R Baker pres J H Burgess 

v-pres H L Chick sec-treas inv sec 235 

Montgy R2200 
" H Raymond h4550 Calif 
" Harold M (Myrtlel slsmn hl632 Hyde 
" Harriet Mrs hl234 38th av 
" Harry E (Anna Ml cond h345 Holyoke 
" Hattie M Mrs hl627 Klrkwood av 
" Helen G h2836 Buchanan 
" Ivan C tchr Pub Sch r543 25th av 
" J B Mrs hl955 Bway 
" J V garage atdt h846 Bush 
" Jas ins agt hSOl Lincoln way 
" Jas R (Marjorie) Pac Coast mgr Neptune 

Meter Co and Thomson Meter Corp h2240 

" John P formn City Parks Dept r259 Edin- 

" John W agt Northern Life Ins Co r260 Mc- 

" Jos E insor Hartford Steam Boiler Inspec- 
tion & Ins Co r Bkly 

" Jos J (Clara) police SPPD h438 Clement 

" Lee warrant officer USA r Presidio 

" Leslie E chf elk SPCo r Okld 

" Lewis A msngr r37 Columbus 

" Lloyd H (Kath) welder h551 40th av 

" Louis r324 Tehama 

" Louise B sten h2444 Great Highway 

" Lucy L (wid Henry P) h345 Lyon 

" Mae dmnstr h735 Laguna 

" Margt E elk rl55 Precita av 

" Margt E elk r67 Gladys 

" Mary r3820 Divlsadero 

" Mary E Mrs h2507 Pine 

" Mary H slswn H Liebes & Co r3820 Divlsa- 
dero „ ^ 

" Myrtle nurse SFHosp r988 Potrero av 

" O L Natl Adv Mgr Call-Bulletin Pub Co 
r Bkly 

" Olga L Mrs drsmkr hl040 Steiner 

" Olga V Mrs beauty shop 338 Balboa r243 
Athens „ 

" Perry O (Eura M) pntr h976 Van Ness av 8 

" Quentin J (Olga H) emp U S Mint h2135 
Ocean av 

" Rachel B exec sec Indian Defense Assn ol 
Central & Northern Calif rlOO Quintara 

" Ralph (Mary A) civ eng h725 Faxon av 

" Ralph H r82 Oasselli av 

" Richd jr (Edna) slsmn h4609 Lincoln way 

" Robt L r82 Casselli av 

" Robt L (Eva) slsmn Geo Lueders & Co 
h35 Walter 

" Roy lab r82 CaseUi av 

" Ruth elk r625 Bush 

" Sadie (wid E C) r2708 Ulloa 

" St Clair r438 Clement 

" Saml L with Bd of Fire Underwriters 01 
the Pac r Bkly , ,_„,, 

" Stewart S elk Crocker First Natl Bank rl227 
14th av .,„„,. 

" Theo K slsmn Standard Brands rl530 Gough 

" Thos rl884 Haight 

" Thos A (Olga) pntr h243 Athens 

" V L r37 Columbus av 

" Vernon elk United Coml Co r Okld 

" Violet G sten Shell Chemical Co r597 Busn 

" W r447 Bush 

"WE r374 6th 

" W L opr United Press Assn rl312 Capu- 

" Waldo W (Adeline) mgr Adeline Qulroi 
h3201 Octavia 


" Walter A (Margt) barber r400 Hyde 

" Walter L elev opr hl325a Bway 

" Wilber E (Carrie) jan hl42 Cayuga av 

" Wm E (Paye) auto mech h251 San Jose av 

" Wm H (Letitia C) eng h586 11th av 

" Wm J slsmn r2603 Anza 

" Wm L maintenance mn r82 CaselU av 

" Zack (Elizl h765 Vienna 

Barkev Harry S ( Madge 1 valet h375 Eddy 

Barkhaus Carl G h2819 Buchanan 

" Fred W printer r2819 Buchanan 

" Julia L sten F B Dallam r2819 Buchanan 

" Kath sten r2819 Buchanan 

" Louise J elk r2819 Buchanan 

Barkhousen Leon hl334 Van Ness av 

Barkigia Geo waiter r39 Hartford 

Barkis Chas E (Martha! sec Drendell-Trum- 

buU Elec Mfg Co h732 37th av 
" Elsie tchr Pub Sch h700 Taylor 
" Ethel bkpr Coldwell Cornwall & Banker 

r Women's City Club 
BARKLEY, See also Barclay 

" A J lab r43 Verona pi 

" Alice G tchr Pub Sch h2144 Green 

" Docia sten Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y 

r Okld 
" Dorothy Mrs rl230 Hyde 
" Ella M nurse h85 Henry 
" Helen S hSOl Jones 
" Ida hl617 Lombard 
" Irene L elk SPCo r Okld 
" J P h3245 Clay 

" John B (Pearl M) USA h26I0 Lombard 
" Mary Mrs slswn Nelly Gaffney rl915 Calif 
" Patk mtrmn rl912 Page 
" Winifred Mrs hl463 Steiner 
Barkmen Ernest (Louise) stevedore h3422 26th 
Barkmeyer Dorothy E elk State Compensa- 
tion Ins Fund r Palo Alto 
" Mary Mrs mgr Ormonde Apts hl341 Ellis 
Barkofcy Maritha r629 Los Palmos av 
Barkoff Jos (Mollie) paper boxes 40 Plum 

hl957 Golden Gate av 
" Ralph H hallmn SOCo rl957 Golden Gate av 
Barkov John (Eliz) gro H99 De Haro 
Barkow Milton F r Sir Francis Drake Hotel 
Barks Frank E acct Calif-Tehama Land Corp 

h901 Calif 
" Lora C Mrs h864 Haight 
Barksdale John A hlO Capra way 
Barland Geo C (Lois) emp Presidio h2723 

Barlas Chas (Mary) stevedore SPCo h979 

Rhode Island 
Barlesi Arth r47 Ledyard 
" Geo 47 Ledyard 
" Geo lab r47 Ledyard 
" John (Dominical Indywkr h47 Ledyard 
Barletta Angelo (Marie) solr r483 8th av 
» Francisco (Angela) h794 Vienna 
" May E sten SERA rl539 Hyde 
" Philomenu elk r794 Vienna 
" Marie sten rl536 Leavenworth 
" Richd (Marie) jan hl536 Leavenworth 
" Vincent A elk r48a 8th av 
Barley Chas C (Theresa) artist Pacific Grav- 

ure Co h54 Crown ter 
" Geo M (Adelaide) with Shreve & Co hl415 

" Harry (Matilda) mgr S T Johnson Co hl05 

Westwood dr 
Barlich Walter (Eliz) h340 29th av 
Barling Cath Mrs h4232 18th 
" Howard C elk r228 Craut 
" Maud Mrs h2030 Franklin 
" Nellie (wid Peter) h228 Craut 
" Wesley elk r228 Craut 
Barlow Arth jan r300 Page 
" Carmel R sten Bank of Am r Okld 
" Claire sten Schlage Lock Co r4417 20th 
" Dorothy F elk r645 Leavenworth 
" Edw B teleg opr Mackay Radio & Teleg Co 

r Okld 
" Emma Mrs h759 Webster 
" Ezra T trav acct SPCo r Okld 
" Prances R elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank r Okld 
" Grace with RFC rl628 Union 
" Harry h276 Willard 
" J A Mrs h970 Chestnut 
" John Q chf eng Utah Constr Co r Bkly 
" Mary A typist r4417 20th 
" Michl (Mary) h4417 20th 
" Muriel B nurse h723 Haight 
" Paula elk Met Life Ins Co r Okld 
" Stanley (Marie) carrier PO h3549 23d 
" Victor R (Alice) slsmn Reliance Life Ins 

Co h2359 35th av 
" Wallace rl20 Parnassus av 
" Wm G (Victoria) photog hlllO Pine 
" Wm G slsmn r538 17th av 
" Wm P acct 1 Montgy R301 r Okld 
Barlschot Geo barber rl97 Oak 
Barman Christina h2261 Mission 
" Geo E (Alta) mot pict opr h2221 Lincoln 

" H W h601 O'Parrell 
" Harry (Flora) (Balboa Paint & Wallpaper 

Co) h943 Stanyan 
" Harvey M rl384 10th av 
" Jacob (Beatrice) Balboa Paint & Wallpaper 

Co) h220 11th av 
" Johanna tchr r943 Stanyan 
" Jos atdt UCHosp rl202 Stanyan 
" Jos A (Helen) tmstr hl54 Beulah 
" Jos A jr rl54 Beulah 
" Lillian sten SERA r943 Stanyan 
" Rebecca r302 Silver av 
" Saml J (Ghisela) pntr hl384 10th av 
Barmann Carl (Annie) tinsmith h47 Walter 
" Emil O elk r47 Walter 
Barn J cook r44 5th 
Barnaby Frances W Mrs mgr Warrington Apts 

h775 Post 



" Glenn C (Evamae) mgr Republic Flow 

Meters Co hl59 19th av 
" J Warren (Helen) agt John Hancock Mut 

Life Ins Co r855 40th av 
Barnacle Christina C tel opr rS9 States 
" Club Melbourne Crisp mgr 11 Steuart 
" Edith rll98 Ellis 
" Jerry h59 States 

" John bartndr h2159 Mission 

" Thos P (Evelyn I) firemn SFFD h25 Hamil- 
Barnahan John rl650 Haight 
BARNARD, See also Bernard and Bemhard 
" Agnes nurse rl5 Parsons 
" Albt L (Allene) mgr Strand Theatre h355 

" Arth F (Grace) mgr Belding Hemingway 

CorticelU hl441 Jones 
" Barney H auctioneer 940 Howard 
" Chester F (Eliz) adj Fire Companies' Adj 

Bur hl950 Gough 
" Darrow H (Dorothy i h373 10th av 
" Evans G teller Am Tr Co r354 Head 
" Florence tchr Pub Sch hll55 Jones 
" Jeanette W bkpr Ernest Zolezzi r Okld 
" M H (Gladys) auto mech r864 Treat av 
" Jos (May) auto trmr h3068 San Bruno av 
" Marie G usher r344 Pulton 
" Maude G slswn hl5 Parsons 
" Ralph P (Lucille) adv slsmn Sunset Press 

h2490 Greenwich 
" Richd M I Ruth) registrar Racine's Western 

Institute hl485 23d av 
" Russell K elk SOCo r Corte Madera 
" Russell R baker rl37 Central av 
" Saml M slsmn r3810 Fulton 
" Walter O chauf r2500 3d 
" Willa R nurse Veterans' Administration 

" Wm A (Isabel) printer W P Puller & Co 

h471 28th av 
" Wm J sta eng Dept Pub Wks r54 Lobos 
" & Bunker E A Bunker pres T E Bunker v- 

pres Walter Leonard sec-treas beans 149 

Calif R309 
Barnardez Peter rl662 Bush 
Barnblatt Maurice E slsmn Eddie Friedman 

h655 15th av 
" Saml tires 122 10th 
Barnecut Jas (Carie) h2267 18th av 
Barnekow Evald (Emily) expmn h45 Vesta 
Barnel Aug mgr Hotel Dante h310 Columbus 

Barnelli Gerald elk r615 Bway 
Earner Anita W sten Occidental Life Ins Co 

r5844 Mission 
Augusta C (wid Wm) hl099a Van Ness av S 
Betty (wid Wm i h5896 Mission 
Prank L (Annie D) farmer h50 Lily 
Fred C (Augustia) supt Guittard Chocolate 

Co h5870 Mission 
Geo brewer r203 Clayton 
Geo W C (Minnie) lab h76 Parragut av 
Gladys A r5844 Mission 
H C v-pres North Star Brewery 
Henry (Evelyn) pntr h953 Treat av 
Mary Mrs rl450 40th av 
Walter elk rl099a Van Ness av S 
Wilhelmina (wid H A) fuel 5890 Mission 

h6844 do 
Barnert Louise Z (wid David) rl20 San 

Benito way 
Barnes Alice Mrs (Vogue Beauty Shoppe) 1332 

" Alma rl529 Sanchez 
" Anna rl390 Ellis 
" Anna Mrs rl731 Pine 
" Anna (wid Chas) r743 41st av 
" Anne sten H B Squires Co r322 Ellis 
" Archie E chauf r319 Divisadero 
" Arloine dept mgr Owl Drug Co r355 Eddy 
" Aton E (Elsiei hl45 Laurel 
" Barbara beauty opr Mrs Helen Baker 
" Berdine cash Geo Haas & Sons r545 

" Bessie Mrs r250O Filbert 
" Birdie (wid W W) hl019 Cole 
" Carl crmrywkr Marin Dairymen's Milk Co 

r So San Francisco 
" Chas (Irma) h2134 22d av 
" Chas porter rl364 Geary 
" Chas A (Willie L) (Hotel Court) h555 Bush 
" Chas C elk RyMS r Bkly 
" Chas H genl mgr Pacific Coast Julius Kay- 

ser & Co r Palace Hotel 
" Clark D (Clara) brklyr h2340 34th av 
" David W (Gertrude) elk h653 15th av 
" Doris C sten Harvey Miles c& Co rl220 

" Dorothy M sten r32 Elhngton av 
" E Fay sten rl019 Cole 
" Earl F (Hazel) chauf h3327 25th 
" Ed broom mkr S F Assn tor the Blind r671 

" Edmund B (Alice) bkpr h2265 Beach 
" Edna asst librn r716 5th av 
" Edw elk rll50 Munich 
" Edw lab rll4 Lexington 

" Edw J shtmtlwkr 345 Judah rl651 10th av 
" Edw W (Monica) tel installer hSO Duncan 
" Edwin R (Marguerite N) acct hl500 Fran- 
" Elanor social wkr hlOOO Union 
" Ella Mrs h885 Pulton 

" Elmer G slsmn Pac Mfg Co r San Mateo 
" Elsie A Mrs mgr Marine View Apts rl45 

" Elvina M compt opr rl335 4th av 
" Elwood (Jennie) clo ctr h3559 20th 
" Emma S (wid W W) elk SPCo h70 Paulding 
" Eug P (Lucille) auto mech h480 3d av 
" Florence Mrs stne S F Guaranty Co rl450 

" Frances Mrs r686 Madrid 
" Francis W meat ctr r32 Ellington av 


" Frank C (Lillian) slsmn Baldwin & Howell 

h528 Miramar av 
" Frank P (Annie PI h718 Vermont 
" Frank H r251 Lobos 
" Prank K (Nora M) h32 Ellington av 
" Fred B (Harriet) drftsmn PT&TCo h607 

Central av 
" G h400 Page 

" Gene P (Lucille) auto mech r480 3d av 
" Geo lab h39 Eastman 
" Geo (Edith) wtchmn hl475 24th av 
" Geo D (Nellie) chauf h4054 26th 
" Geo E rl475 24th av 
" Geo F edue mgr Rand-McNally & Co r Bur- 

" Geo H r44 3d 
" Geo L elk rl9I9 Palou av 
" Georgina (wid Beverly) h716 5th av 
" Harry housemn rl031 Ellis 
" Harry lab rl529 Sanchez 
" Helena exec sec "YWCA 
" Herbt L (Lois F) chauf h587 Haight 
" Horace B (Florence) butcher h798 Grove 
" Irving (Helen) slsmn Ducommun Corp hl701 

" J L r235 O'Parrell 
" Jas lab Dept Pub Wks rll47 Polsom 
" Jas H mech r906 McAllistej 
" Jas J slsmn r66 Walter 
" Jas W elk r806 14th 
" Jess E tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
" Jesse B elk rl450 Chestnut 
" Jewel M elk U S Int Rev r Okld 
" John r612 Bway 
" John r230 11th 
" John (Ursula) chiropractor 1005 Market 

R408 rl868 Geary 
" John B (Isabel) formn Schmidt Litho Co 

hl230 Hyde 
" John H (Harriet) slsmn h622 Grafton av 
" Jos r727 Howard 

" Jos P (Hazel) barber hll55 Palou av 
" Jos W (Mildred C( lab r29 Concord 
" Kath r2883 Jackson 
" Kath Mrs nurse h3544 nth 
" Kath C buyer O'Connor Moftatt & Co r562 

" L M with Braun-Knecht-Helmann Co r220 

Golden Gate av 
" Laura (wid W P) r410 Pierce 
" Lavenia beauty opr rll50 Munich 
" Leona elk Met Life Ins Co r Bkly 
" Loron E (Elsie) h400 36th av 
" Lou T (wid O E) rl565 Plymouth av 
" Louis elk Herman C Fisher Co r Lomita 

" Luther B tchr Pub Sch r Okld 
"MA rl26 Joice 
" Mabel B I wid Fred) bkpr Shriners Hosp 

h506 Rolph 
" Margt A sten C B Trull r645 Leavenworth 
" Margt Mrs hl793 La Salle av 
" Marion S slsmn GECo r Okld 
" Mary Mrs h820 Ashbury 
" Mary (wid Jos) h377a Clementina 
" Mary (wid W E) h31 Theresa 
" Mary A Mrs hl896 Pacific av 
" Mary Day (Marv Eleanor's) r521 Post 
" Mary E (wid J K) r275 Tocoloma av 
" Maitland (Myrtle) pntr hl754 Turk 
" Manton M asst eng Railroad Com r Bur- 

" Maude sten r625 14th 
" Merritt (Cecil A) printer 1580 Church hl26 

Tiffany av 
" Merritt S elk rl26 Tiffany av 
" Milton A (Velma) musician h371 Turk 
" Milton L (Irma) mach h3049 Fillmore 
" N E h305 San Carlos 
" Norman R (Rose G) cement fnshr hll50 

" Norman R jr (Marie E) brklyr hl257 Athens 
" Orval E (Maud) slsmn h625 14th 
" Oscar B (Corla) formn Don Gilmore Inc 

h757 Leavenworth 
" Otis R (Edith) stm ftrs hlpr hl582 8th av 
" Pauline Mrs r480 3d av 
" Pauline (wid E G) rl919 Palou av 
" Pearl h3600 20th 

" Pearl dir S F Sch of Dancing rl095 Mission 
" Pearl Mrs elk SPCo r Ala 
" R C electa h2432 Diamond 
" Randal P slsmn hl414 Greenwich 
" Richd E elk rl025 Sutter 
" Robt hll92 O'Parrell 
" Roy E (Florence) slsmn P Lerner Co hl262 

" Saml (Elizal h2571 Post 
" Seymour I slsmn Barry-Newberg & Co rl565 

" Susie Mrs h802a McAllister 
" Thos E (Jean) chauf h937 Dolores 
" Thos J asst dept mgr SOCo r Burlingame 
" Velma Mrs beauty opr rl456 Jones 
" Vernon elk rl045 Leavenworth 
" Virginia drsmkr h605 Jones 
" Wallace D elk hl808 Fulton 
" Walter P (Zelma) firemn SFFD h2560 23d av 
" Walter P (Doris) police h233 Justin dr 
" Wesley W elk r319 Divisadero 
" Willard F electn r244 11th av 
" Wm h40 Pope 
" Wm rll04 Harrison 
" Wm D acct Merchants Fire Assurance Corp 

r Okld 
" Wm G (Sarah) slsmn Neal Stratford c& Kerr 

h740 Shrader 
" Wm J (Lillie B) h74 Webster 
" Wm J (Belle S) slsmn hl319 Masonic av 
" Wm P (Jennie) h319 Divisadero 
" Wm R elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank r Bkly 
" Wm R (Amer Dental Laboratory) r40 Pope 
" Wm S (Rose R) auto mech h244 Laussat 
" Wm S mach hl250 Taylor 
" Wm S slsmn r2735 Anza 


" Winirred Mrs h35 Concord 

" Wyndham O iNlnai inclpr rdr S P Wotfr 

bcpt hl806 19th nv J „ J, ,-,o 

.. Zonn A br mgr VlrRli.ln Mi>ld Candles r38 

Bnrntson BulldlnR S56 MontRy 
"John olllco 356 MontRy R404 r BurllnRnmc- 
B«rnet Edllh L oince mgr P«c Tiro Sales Co r 

Wllllnm Tnylor Hotel 
» Ornce Mrs h3580 Polk 
" Mnrthn iwld W Si r2446 Union 
" WlHred J iTheresni g«s sin atdt njiio 

Bnrnett A h2360 Pacific nv 

" Abo'H"'iRuUi'.";Barnctt Brosl hl270 41st av 

" Alex iHeleni h2115 O'Parrell 

" Alice (Wld Johnl rSm Grove 

" Almo Mrs bkpr Bctts Realty Co r264 16th av 

" Anita Mrs rl376 Golden Gate av 

" Anna Mrs smstrs r255 14th av 

" Armand emp R J Skinner r78 Palm av 

/• Bnrnle baker rl972 Sutter 

" Benj J (Heleni iBnrnett & SonI h2602 Sncto 

" Bros (A H and H J Barnettl engr 130 Bush 

10th fl , , 

•' Celia elk h747 Arguello blvd 
" Chas hl680 Clay 

" Chas A hl850 Page , ^ „ , «„,„ 

" Chas W I Helen I phys Stanford Unlv Hosp 

h732 12th av 
" Charline D iwld E Di r806 Leavenworth 
" Clara prsr P W Marcus 1850 Page 
" Clavton iVioleti driver h2266 Mission 
" Cleveland A (Ellzl cementwkr hll28 Halght 
" Curtis A I Clara) slsnin Chase Brass & Cop- 
per Co rl850 Page 
" Dorothy mgr Rose Hotel hl326 Stockton 
" Dudley' lEtheli bottler h3579 19th 
" E r815 25th av 
" E R r225 Taylor 
" Edna hl437 6th av 
" Edna M Mrs h 227 8th av 
" Edw D elk SPCo h805 Leavenworth 
" Esther Mrs hlTlS McAllister 
" Evelvn beauty opr r647 Hayes 
" Evelyn elk State Dept Pub Health rl718 
McAllister „ „ „ „ 

" Frank C iMiriaml dept mgr S P News Co 

h623 41st av 
" Fred C (Ednai cond h712a Cole 
" Fred E pres Fred E Barnett Co, r San Ma- 
" Fred E Co F E Barnett pres H J Knubel sec 

mtrs agts 681 Market R1046 
" G hl68 15th av 

" Garrett C ( Julia i starter h71 Onondaga av 
" Geo auto mech W C Uhte 
" Geo D phys Stanford Univ Hosp r Stanford 

" Geo E ]r trader Blyth & Co r Burlingame 
" Geo F (Mildred El slsmn J H White r418 

23d av 
" Geo W (Madeline) slsmn hl451 Sacto 
" Gertrude adv mgr Jos Magnin Co rl400 Fil- 
" Harriett r615 4th av 
" Harrv pntr rl24 Clement 
" Harry (Mary) police h615 4th av 
" Harrv J (Barnett Bros) r230 Eddy 
" Harry O (Marie I spl officer SOCo hl246 

40th av 
" Helen tel opr h610 Webster 
" Helen D nurst r2425 Buchanan 
" Helen L dmnstr rl262 15th av 
" Helen M rlOl Cortez av 
" Henry A (Lorine) lab h416 Turk 
" Henry P lab Citv Parks Dept r681 6th av 
" Herbt F (Sophie) steelwkr h509 Pulton 
" Herman E slsmn Sherry's Liquor Stores rl262 

15th av 
" I mcah opr rl527 29th av 
" Ivan M br mgr Anglo-Calif Natl Bank rl5 

Atalaya ter 
" Irving P (Muriel) lawyer hlSOl Gough 
" J hl997 Oak 
" J H rl647 Sacto 
" J M tailor 237 Eddy 
" J Wayland (Clarabelle PI underwriter New 

England Mut Life Ins Co rll35 Bush 
" Jack M (Minniel mot pict opr r601 O'Parrell 
" Jane h700 Mason 
" Jeanette r615 4th av 

" John W asst pur agt Univ of Calif r Albany 
" Jos leather wkr rl436 Page 
" Jos seamn r479 3ci 
" Julian (Barnett & Son! r2602 Sacto 
" Lazarus furrier 2451 Mission r222 Funston av 
" Leroy N office asst PG&ECo r2128 17th av 
" Lucius (Marjorie) porter hlOlSa Washn 
" M h810 Eddy 

" M V (Rose! mot pict opr h601 O'Farrell 
" Mae E elk r647 Hayes 
" Marie Mrs (Chapeau Avalon) r2801 Van 

Ness av 
" Mark J (Frances) h388a Capp 
" Mark M hl400 Filbert 
" Martha J Mrs dicta opr Bank of Am h394 

nth av 
" Maurice S slsmn James Graham Mfg Co r 

" Milton A barber 704 Chenery rl657 Market 
" Moses (Hazeli slsmn Prank Werner Co h78 

Palm av 
" Nathan (Dorisl h3860 Calif 
" Nelson rl230 Page 
" Newell C law elk Glensor Clewe Schofield & 

Van Dine r Bkly 
" Ola S Mrs O S pract 430 Hyde 
" Phillip lawyer 111 Sutter R1414 rl801 Gough 
" Ray (Pearl) h2301 Bay 
" Raymond tchr Pub Sch r759 18th av 
" Raymond E (Albina E) tchr Pub Sch h2425 

" Rebecca (wid A F) r4127 Kirkham 



" Rlla h3141 Prnnklln 

" Robt Q rl427 Lnrkln 

" Roslvn Indvwkr ir2070 Market 

" Rov E (Bertha) buyer Mission Home Dept 

Store hl262 15th av 
" Roy M (Marv) elk h2128 17lh nv 
•I Ruth Mrs henlth foods 134 Mason rl270 

41st nv 
" Sam (Wid Absalom) h2423 Buclinnnn 
" Sherman E (Willie) ntdt Islam Tcm|ile Mys- 
tic Shrine li275 Ellsworth 
" Sol J (Dora) slsmn Columbia Ouintting Co 

hl250 10th nv 
" Theo h969 Bush 

" Thos iCnrrici porter hll34 Pacific 
" Thos V (Constance E) reporter hl04a 5th nv 
" Victor J (Muriel) acct h3775 Calif 
" Viola sten r2128 17th nv 
" Wnllnce F elk rl56 Central av 
" Zillah I sten Miller & Lux r557 Van Ness 

nv S 
" & Son (B J and Julian! printers 2358 Pill- 
Barnette Clarabelle P elk hll35 Bush 
Barney Arth W h34 Joice 
" Bentlev (Annie) spl police Crocker First 

Natl Bank hl536 Green 
" Clifford V priv sec SPCo r Okld 
" Edna G elk r4681 18th 

" Edna L Mrs medical dir State Teachers Col- 
lege h306 Irving 
" Frank (Blanche) eng h64 Mirabel av 
" Godfrey (Cora) h318 29th av 
" Jas S (Grace) mtrmn Mun Ry hl690 Hyde 
" Lorene recorder r618 24th av 
" Loretta music tchr r618 24th av 
" Nell music tchr r618 24th av 
" R V tchr Pub Sch r551 35th av 
" Robt B (Mabel) bartndr h237 Leavenworth 
" Roland B elk r551 35th av 
" Holland E (Elsie) slsmn Goodrich SUvertown 

Inc h551 35th av 
" Thos R (Edna LI phys 306 Irving 
" Walter E driver r4681 18th 
" Wm hl523 Laguna 
" Wm E h618 24th av 
Barngrover F h967 Pell 
Earnhardt Glora F (Bernice) hll43 Filbert 
" Gloria I o slswn O'Connor Moflatt & Co 

r Burhngame 
Barnhart Augusta K (wid D T) r908 CabrlUo 
" Elsie M elk hl775 O'Parrell 
" Helen rl775 O'Farrell 
" John E elk h908 Cabrillo 
" Lewis (Gladys) bkpr h700 Laguna 
" Marguerite E elk Procter & Gamble Distr 

Co r Ala 
" Mary E (wid W D) rl79 22d av 
" Ruby M bacteriologist Mt Zion Hosp rl79 

22d av 
" W Robt (Ruby M) dental labty 291 Geary 

hl79 22d av 
" Wallace W rl79 22d av 
Barnhill Alt M typewriters 557 Market mez fl 

h950 Pine 
" Ida r 1005 Hollister av 
" Laveal servmn A M Barnhill rl044 Ellis 
" Lee (Rachel) typewriter mech rl005 Hollis- 
ter av 
" Marjorie rl863 Ellis 
" Nathalia Mrs rlOOS Hollister av 
" Opal Mrs hl863 Ellis 
" Owen rl005 Hollister av 
" Sarah J (wid S C) hll35 Cole 
Barnhouse Craven T (Eliz) elk h670 8th av 
" Francis E (Ellnal cash Sudden & Christen- 

son h775 26th av 
Barni Arth meat ctr r78 Plxley 
" Dante (Rose) sugarwkr hl8 Tioga av 
" Geno rl8 Tioga av 
" Lena rl8 Tioga av 

" Lena emp Schradsky & Domb r San Bruno 
" Eipite (Bruna) h78 Plxley 
Barnick Pay r459 33d av 
" Margt r459 33d av 

" Peter K asst cash Bank of Am h459 33d av 
Barnicle B M mgr Cleveland Hotel h417 3d 
" Chris factywkr r69 States 
" Jeremiah hl526 Sanchez 
" John r417 3d 
" Josephine Mrs mgr El Granada Apts h337 

" Virginia elk r59 States 
Barnie Louis tmstr rl668 Market 
Barnitz Richd W (Mendota) h2395 24th av 
Barnoli Otilio (Josephine) elk h441 Rolph 
Barnow Wm A (Olga) lab h2028 Ellis 
Barnreiter Saml (Valerie) USA h2142 Brode- 

Barnstin Sidney elk r628 Lyon 
Barnum Chas A (Barbara) concrete fnshr h25 

" Gladys L sten DePue Warehouse Co r305 

" J Lorene typist h953'/2 Jones 
" Melvin A cbtmkr r25 Baden 
" Millard M (June! forester U S Forest Serv 

h2280 15th av 
" Sarah H apt mgr hl55 Dolores 
Barnwell David M (Adelaide) U S Comp- 
troller of Customs hl840 Jefferson 
" Robt W slsmn A Carlisle & Co rl840 Jef- 
Barocchi Jas hl919 Larkin 
" Rafaelo (Buon Gusto Restr) 
Barofl Saul slsmn E A Steele r358 29th av 
Baroglio Chas (Marie) baker 2860 Mission h38 

Barohn Frank roaster Riesener Chocolate Co 

r646 Shotwell 
BARON, See also Barren and Barron 

" Abel (Conception) hl37a Duboce av 

" Alice elk SPCo r Bkly 

" Annie Mrs h618 Funston av 


" Edw B (Rose Pi (Marina Theatre) h44 Cas» 

" Edw L slsmn h08O 2d av 
" Emile A carp r680 2d av 
" Ford rl340 Brussels 
" Geo r221 3d 
" Guerlno lab California Barrel Co Ltd rl457 

" J h2106 Folsom 

" Jos (Margt) lab hl457 Revere av 
" Justine sten rl340 Brussels 
" Louis (Annie) beer 531 Montgy h750 29th nv 
" M Mrs h247 Sun Jose av 
" Mario Indywkr r2106 Folsom 
" Marie p (wid J J) r680 2d av 
" Sadie rl482 Sutter 

" Sebastian V (Kath) carp hl340 Brussels 
" Wolf ladles tailor 512 Sutter r Fairfax 
" Wm slsmn J J Rose r759 29th av 
Barondes R dc R phys 291 Geary R509 
Barone Andw (Rosalee) h515 Campbell av 
" Angela elk rl413 47th av 
" Angelo (Marie) h880 Lombard 
" Angelo L (Prances A) driver Spauldlng 

Clnrs r Daly City 
" Anthony (Rose) broker hl674 Palou av 
" Antone r880 Lombard 
" Carmello r2710 Hyde 
" Piank h369 27th 
" Prank (Anna) hl423 47th av 
" Henry brass plshr r515 Campbell av 
" Jas polshr r515 Campbell av 
" Jerome brass polshr r515 Campbell av 
" John (Esther) h2929 Pierce 
" Jos (Josephine) h2710 Hyde 
" L clo prsr r200 Alpha 
" Pauline r515 Campbell av 
" Rose r880 Lombard 
" Steph r515 Campbell av 
Baronetti Geo h823 Huron av 
Baroni Antone (Henrietta) restr 5650 Mission 

hl5 'Wliipple av 
" Assunta h457 Union 
" Chas lab r793 Naples 
" Dominga Mrs h793 Naples 
" Enrico (Lena) h200 Alpha 
" Felice (Mary) auto mech hl9 Capp 
" Prank P (Patricia) chauf h62 Sola ter 
" Prank p waiter rl5 Whipple 
" Henry rSlO Columbus av 
" Louis (Tina) scavenger hll63 Florida 
" Stanley A rl5 Whipple 
" Wm scavenger rll63 Florida 
Baronie Prank (Margt) slsmn h2534 Geary 
" Ralph (Zella) mtrmn hl426 40th av 
Baronio Camelina elk r35 Carmel 
" Edw auto mech r35 Carmel 
" Linda sten r35 Carmel 
" Louis r35 Carmel 
" Louisa (wid Anton) h35 Carmel 
Barosa Martin lab r737 McAUister 
Baroso Juan (Aurelia) emp Cudahy Pkg Co 

r2784 22d 
Baross Jack H (Celeste) elk P O hl37 Scott 
Barosso Maurice cook rl4 Nobles al 
Barotta Peter (Esther) rll07 Franklin 
Barovich Anthony H sawyer Royal Carton & 

Paper Excelsior Co rl251 Jackson 
" May hl251 Jackson 
Baroway Leo asst dept mgr Sussman Wormser 

& Co r2100 Pine 
Barows Alf J (Kath) ironwkr h2719 Phelps 
" Jack elk r2719 Phelps 
Barozzi Guy (Orfea) lab r2312 Larkin 
" Wm driver 278 Sanchez 
" Wm P (Florence) r278 Sanchez 
Barquilla Juan barber 1418 Powell 
BARR, See also Bar and Barre 
" Albt F (Edith) emp A Levy & J Zentner 

Co h2583 29th av 
" Alice Mrs h801 Jones 
" Alice F tel opr rl34 Henry 
" Antoinette E elk h359 Hyde 
" Arth (Florence) carp h555 London 
" Bessie rl44 Eddy 
Clement h4244 Judah 
Clyde T slsmn Shell Oil Co r3124 Turk 
Doris hl077 Filbert 
Dorothy model r3450 Pierce 
Earl (Pauline) service mn Barthold Soda 

Fountain Co hl626 Fulton 
Eleanor sten r345 Taylor 
Eleanore Mrs hl456 Page 
Eliz rl658 10th av 
Eliz apt mgr h3201 Gough 
Eliz sten Wm Volker & Co r44 McAllister 
Eliz (wid A K) 3124 Turk 
Eliz S (wid Wm) sten Booth & Booth h333 

Everett hl020 Post 
Pave L office sec Coast Banker & Pacific 

Banker r800 Bush 
Florence B mach opr City of Paris Dry 

Gds Co r3074 Washn 
Forrest L (Jean) slsmn Standard Brands 

hl835 Vallejo 
Frank E tchr Pub Sch r Burhngame 
Frank W (Pearl) mech h3600 20th 
Fred (Germaine) mgr Barr's Hotel hll70 

Geo eng GECo r Burlingame 
H W r20 12th 

H W brass wkr r431 Octavia 
Harry (Myra) chant h766 Caop- 
Helen statistician State Div of Corporations 

r Bklv 
Henry S diamond str r217 16th av 
Hugli (Emilv) carp h333 Frederick 
Hyman M (Annette) chauf hl745 Grove 
Jeanette H sten M R Barr rl456 Page 
Jeanne P elk rl835 Vallejo 
John (Thelmal cond hl845 Fillmore 
John (Jane) nntr r308 Church 
John teller Wells-Fargo Bank & Union Tr 

Co hl700 Bway 
John A sorter rll2 Haight 

" Jos T I Carrie) const eng hl443 4th av 

" Julia reporter-writer Dun & Bradstreet 

rl456 Page 
" Lottie B h3074 Washn 
" Louis E h275 Turk 
" Lynn E elev opr rl95 7th 
" Mabel clli Met Lite Ins Co r Bkly 
" Mabel W iwid W J) hl35 Buena Vista av 
" Madeline M sten Eastman Kodak Co r Okld 
" Marcus D elk Bank of Calif r3074 Washn 
" Margt tchr r333 Lyon 
" Mary R tchr Pub Sch r631 O'Parrell 
" May L rl Pair Oaks 
" Milton H pntr hl264 Howard 
" Milton R (Florence! mdse broker 79 Post 

R206 h682 12th av 
" Nellie A beauty opr rl512 Dolores 
" o Nolan elk Sullivan Machy Co r3201 

. Gough 
" Paulina Mrs mgr Land Apts hl084 McAl- 
" Ralph H sec Hunt Bros Pkg Co r Bkly 
" Raymond C (Minnie Ml h3450 Pierce 
" Robt J (Vera Hi br mgr WUTCo hl985 8th 

" Robt M (Amanda) slsmn Raphael Weill & 

Co r801 Jones 
" Sidnev W (Marvl apt mgr h885 25th av 
" Victor E slsmn Zellerbach Paper Co r Bur- 

" Walter C (Elizl confr h3124 Turk 
" Wm tmstr r333 Frederick 
" Wm L (Hattiei hl564 Divisadero 
" Wm R elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank r San 

" Wm T underwriter Crura & Porster r San 

Barr's Hotel 1170 McAllister 
Barra Alex Indywkr hl94 Douglass 
" Prank (Eliz) h276 Naples 
" Romelda Mrs h542 Vallejo 
Barraba Melqurades (Maxinei pantrymn rl803 

Barrachi Louise P sten Bell-Brook Dairies 

Inc r4658 18th 
" Marietta Mrs hllSS Guerrero 
BARRACO, See also Baraco 
" Anthonv h249 Eddy 
" Pred (Idai gro 430 Cortland av 
" Marie barber 10 6th 
Barradas Loraine slswn Hanan & Son rl782 

27th av 
Barraga Marie G Indvwkr rlOSO Jackson 
Barragan Cipriano (Clotildei lab h437 Valley 
" Jose (Sixtai corrugator Schmidt Litho Co 

rl749 Eddy 
Barragon Alf (Ramonal lab hl56a Landers 
Barragry Edith Mrs h450 Irving 
Barrail Brice ( Margt i mach 1439 Divisadero 

h do 
BARRANGO C & CO (C Barrango) Manu- 
facturers of Wax Figures, Mannequins and 
Displav Forms for Millinery and Dress 
Models. 789 Mission. Tel DO uglas 6454 
" Carmen (C Barrango & Coi rl50 Boutwell 
" Jos (Josiel fruit wkr h662 Athens 
" Josephine smstrs r662 Athens 
" Mae Indywkr r662 Athens 
" Saro (Kath) wax wkr hl03 Dwight 
Barrangon Evelyn C Mrs sten U S Customs 

r2850 19th av 
Barrant D W r570 O'Parrell 
" Oliver E importer 310 Calif R203 r975 Bush 
Barranti Antonio emp Natl Produce Co r73 

" Frank J (Nina I produce 540 Front h549 

" Saml J (Julia I (National Produce Co) h3258 

Barraquet Pierre waiter r2816 Pierce 
Barras Edwin h3133 16th 
" Julius (Louisei lab h331 Austin 
Barraud Wm K h2363 Larkin 
Barraza David iHeleni elk hl345 16th av 
" Manuel (Marian) engr Albt S Samuels Co 

rl44a Hyde 
" Sylvester j (Leah) wldr h61 Seminole av 
" Torivia hskor hl214 3d av 
BARRE. See also Bar and Barr 
" C L credit mgr Chocolate Sales Corp 
" Christopher C (Genevieve) IS B Sargeant 

Col h300 Buchanan 
" Hazel M sten WUTCo h760 Geary 
" Lyman C (Jessie) elk rl360 Washn 
" Thos iJessicai hl360 Washn 
Barreau Geo J glazier Habenicht & Hewlett 

r Okld 
Barreda Rose Mrs rl476 Portola dr 
" Nicholas hsmn Hotel Monte Carlo r526 

" Saml beers 399 3d 
Barreiro Manuel (Angelina) lab hl425 Silli- 

Barren Frank M (Dellal capt USA hl842 

" Wm L Co Aug Fritze mgr cotton gds 235 

Montgy R2406 
BARREN, See also Baron and Barron 
" Jack h2534 Lake 
" Mary waiter Albt Barreto 
" Saml (Addiei checker h72 Santa Marina 
Barrera Albt (Eugenia I restr wkr h2321 23d 
" Archie elk r684 Folsom 
" John (Amelia I lab hl634 Armstrong 
" M hl63 Lexington 
" Mary L rl634 Armstrong av 
" Vera elk r3407 24th 
Barreras Jos J i Beatrice i Ibr hl386 Utah 
" Lupe Mrs r3013 Sacto 
" Socorro smstrs r3618 Sacto 
Barrere Jaqueline sten r2816 Pierce 
" Jean (Marie) cook h2816 Pierce 
" Louis (Alice) h707 Scott 
" Michl waiter r8fl6 Divisadero 
" Robt B aud Calil-Coml Union-Ocean Group 
r Bkly 


Barres Anna (wid Saml) hin2 Valencia 
Barrese Vincent (Mary) bottler rl523 30th av 
Barret Alice V sten Wentz & Erlin r795 Ash- 
" Carlton W asst credit mgr Blake MofBt & 

Towne r Burlingame 
" H L hl344 Geary 
" Irvin ("Vallie) slsmn h795 Ashbury 
Barreto Ada (wid R C) h230 Burrows 
" Albt restr 67 Turk r2739 Balboa 
" Danl P (Margt) elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank 

hl370 Pine 
" Ernest W (Anna B) br mgr M B Connelly 

h384 Rolph 
" Jacinto rl829 Irving 
" Jos (Nellie) lab h448 Noe 
" Mary M emp O'Connor Moffatt (Sc Co r67 

" Raymond H (Charlotte! pntr h267 Sweeny 
" Robt pntr rlSVs Donner av 
Barrett A Mrs hl050 Franklin 
" Abigail nurse S P Hosp r3364 21st 
" Albt J (Laurel Inn) r409 Laurel 
" Albt R (Kath) lubrication eng h200 Harold 

" Albt W r342 Grant av 

" Aldine bkpr St Francis Hosp rlOSO Franklin 
" Alice C elk rl070 Pine 
" Alice E elk r472 Duboce av 
" Alice L tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Andw (Rena) brewer h315 Cornwall 
" Anita elk r631 22d 
" Anna (Wid W E) hl016a Shotwell 
" Anne elk hll49 Sanchez 
" Anthonv rl51 Madrid 

" Arth (Ruth) police SFPD hl040 Treat av 
" Arth E slsmn Pac Beverage Distributors r 

St Francis Hotel 
" Arth E (Lillian) slsmn h555 Taylor 
" Arth J (Lydia) eng hl450 31st av 
" Arth J ]r elk rl450 31st av 
" Barbara Mrs r641 Post 
" Batrine florist 1408 Polk 
" Berniece L bknr U O Co r2459 Polk 
" Beth bkor r3558 17th 
" Bettv r827 Victoria 
" Blanche nurse r445 Urbano dr 
" C Mrs h 1070 Pine 
" C A h2695 Greenwich 
" C A hll60 Pine 

" Cath (wid Wm! hll5 Appleton av 
" Cath C typist r222 2d av 
" Cath T sten r80 Monterey blvd 
" Celia Indvwkr rill Precita av 
" Chas B photog 2193 Fillmore 
" Charlotte Mrs music tchr 358 Sutter R302 
" Clare tchr rl35 Cole 
" Clarence E rll46 Mission 
" Co Wctern Logan dist mgr solvents 116 

New Montgy R734 
■' Cornelia tchr Pub Sch r332 Pierce 
" Cornelius lab r3097 Calif 
" Curtis radio renr r428 Haight 
" Danl J lab r469 28th 
" Don Carlos (Barrett & Barrett) h563 45th 

" Dorothy sten r725 Leavenworth 
" Dorothy S tchr r80 Monterey blvd 
" Edmond J (Helen) dentist 450 Sutter R2429 

h3450 Broderick 
" Edw gro 338 Castro 
" Edw J r2915 San Bruno av 
" Eileen r426 10th av 
" Eliz bknr Fred Braun r3558 nth 
" Eliz I wid E P) h861 Sanchez 
" Eliz J elk hl70 Albion 
" Eliz J Mrs hl747 Bush 
" Mrs ladies do 2755 24th rl32 Bay Shore 

" Emma G Mrs h2507 Pine 
" Everett L vdmn r711 Taraval 
" F C elk rl60 Haight 
" Faye rl529 Clement 
" Penton A (Barbara) serv rep PT&TCo r381 

" Florence C comnt opr r455 Cole 
" Prances elk WUTCo r Bkly 
" Prances Mrs h87 Sycamore 
" Francis hl250 Van Ness av 
" Frank r87 Sycamore 
" Frank I lawyer 582 Market R1902 r San 

" Prank J elk r469 28th 

" Prank J uphol 1720 Haight rl665 Haight 
" Prank S asst sec CITCorp r Palo Alto 
" Fred L (Ethel! mach hlpr h374 Moultrie 
" Pred (Annie) plant mgr Albt Asher Co 

h928 Van Ness av B 
" Gail r259 7th 
" Geo r426 10th av 
" Geo F (Mildred) h418 23d av 
" Geo G (Cecilia) barber 3412 25th hill 
Precita av 
Geo L (Alice L) eng hl629 Anza 
Geo S (Nolle B! dentist J C Campbell hl731 

20th ay 
Gertrude Mrs rl039 Mission 
Gilbert M (Jane W) phys 516 Sutter R918 

h2740 Lake 
Harold C office mgr H Liebes & Co r Ala 
Harold J (Elaine! baker h815 O'Parrell 
Harry auto mech rl24 Clement 
Harry M (Alice M) wtchmn hl321 UUoa 
' Herbt W (Barrett & Probert) r2740 Lake 

■ Hillary (Charlotte) elk h361 28th av 

■ J A nolo Post 

' Jack auto mech rl092 Golden Gate av 
' Jas rn5 3d 

• Jas r746 33d av 

■ Jas hat fnshr r278 Willard 

■ Jas F (Maryi cond h909 Laguna 

• Jas L (Mabel! sweeper State Bd Harbor 
Comrs h47 Alpine ter 

• Jas T mgr Kaemper-Barrett Corp 456 La- 

' John r4109 Kirkham 



" John (Louella) elk Anglo-Calif Natl Bank 

h745 Shrader 
" John P (Barrett & Hilk) r San Mateo 
" John F bartender r3653 20th 
" John F (Alta I) restr 1121 Market rll2 7th 
" John J (Margt) h2915 San Bruno av 
" John J r74 6th 
" John J dep State Division of Fire Safety 

h746 33d av 
" John J (Ann) lawyer 582 Market R1902 

h3230 Jackson 
" John J (Mary A) marine flrem h3097 Calif 
" John J (Theresa! miner hl694 28th av 
" John T elk U S Customs r216 Eddy 
" John W (Julia) bkpr Dept Pub Wks hl591 

35th av 
" Jos W hl365 Green 
" Jos W (Kath) slsmn h2 Toledo way 
" Josephine tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Juanita L office sec Lane Pub Co r Bkly 
" Kath C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Lawrence pres Barrett Tire Co Ltd and 
Garage 49 Mason 375 O'Parrell 458 Pine 
and 415 Taylor r San Mateo 
" Lawrence C mgr F E Compton & Co r55 

" Lawrence G bkpr T J Topper Co rl639 

" Laurence W with Alexander & Baldwin Ltd 

r Pied 
" Lida L sten rl74 Ellis 
" Lillian rl529 Clement 

" Louis A forester u S Forest Serv r Belmont 
" Lurie Mrs hl831 Pacific av 
" Lvdia M sten Travelers Ins Co rl450 31st ay 
" Mabel E slswn Ida R Greblnar r2299 Sacto 
" Margt Mrs r252>2 Lobos 
" Margt (Wid John) h80 Monterey blvd 
" Margt A sten Howard Auto Co rl694 28th ay 
" Margt G tchr h222 2d av 
" Marie Mrs beauty opr hl609 Franklin 
" Marie Mrs elk r338 Castro 
" Mary r3364'2 21st 
" Mary fctywkr r278 Willard 
" Mary Mrs h760 18th av 
" Mary (wid John) h2927 Sacto 
" Mary A asst supvr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 
" Mary A elk r631 22d 
" Mary A Mrs elk rl694 28th av 
" Mary C tchr Pub Sch rl35 Cole 

E cash Am Ins Co r2869 Folsom 
P (Wid Andw) h3653 20th 
F cash Standard Sanitary Mfg Co 
r760 18th av 
" Michl M (Ellen) wtchmn h469 28th 
" Moses (Anna) loans 564 Market R425 hU4 

loth av 
" Nell r3558 17th 
" Nellie hl35 Cole 
" Nellie M (wid Chas) h631 22d av 
" Nicholas inspr U S Customs hl46 McAl- 
" Onieda h805 Leavenworth 
" Paul P elk r2927 Sacto 
" Peter U elk hll67 Pine 

" Ray A (Dorothea) garage 410 Bush h63 

" Richd r3653 20th 

" Richd C flremn SFFD r2275 14th av 

" Richd C (Jovita) radio eng hl382 16th av 

" Richd J (E O Line) chauf h2321 Anza 

" Richd J (Mary) pkr rl694 28th av 

" Richd W (Harriet P) (Barrett & Barrett) 

h827 Victoria 
" Robt auto repr 300 Grove rl831 Pacific av 
" Robt elk r4146 25th 
" Robt C (Eliz) mgr Bohemian Garages h851 

" Robt F elk rl32 Bay Shore blvd 
" Sadie rl472 15th 
" Silven T (Marietta) h3619 Folsom 
" Steph C (Eileen) elk h4146 25th 
" Thos rl288 Mission 
" Thos baker r645 Bush 
" Thos E (Norma) h426 2d av 
" Thos F slsmn S F Pellas rl694 28th av 
" Thos F dentist 350 Post R601 r Sausallto 
■' Thos H (Kate) h260 Arlington 
" Thos H r2242 Polk 

" Thos W elk Federal Reserve Bank r Bkly 
" Timothy J h3364',2 21st 
" Tire Co Ltd Lawrence Barrett pres 378 

" Veronica Mrs mach opr r2164 Hayes 
" Violet G sten r683 Wisconsin 
" Virginia tel opr rll67 Pine 
"WW h2190 Beach 
" Wilford M rioiaa Shotwell 
" Wm hlOl Carmel 
" Wm (Rose! elk hl529 Clement 
" Wm (Mae) h426 10th av 
" Wm elk rl629 Anza 
" Wm C lab U S Customs hl46 McAllister 
" Wm J (Anna L) clo clnr 655 Divisadero 

h747 Lyon 
" Winnefred rini Clay 

BARRETT & BARRETT (Richard W Barrett, 

Don Carlos Barrett) Attorneys-at-Law, 

.Wl-.SO.i Humboldt Bank Bldg, 785 Market, 

Tel SU tter 07.52 

" & Hilp iJ F Barrett H H Hilp) genl contrs 

918 Harrison 
" & Probert (H W Barrett Aylwin Probert/ 

food brokers 7 Front R149 
Barretta Andw (Angelina) prsfdr h517 Capi- 
tol av 
" Casper prsmn Adolph Lehmann r325 Missouri 
" Jos Indywkr r582 Arkansas 
" Steve V prsdfr r418 Connecticut 
" Thos millmn r418 Connecticut 
Barrette Earl chauf r326 Willard 
Barretto G Morris (Evelyn) with Shreve & Co 

h851 Calif 
" Nellie garmt fnshr r448 Noe 

Bnrrick Cornpllus (Ethell carp hl364 Pnge 
" Doiinid L (Elslel slsmn L P Helman li39 

Manor dr 
" Prcd R iRubv> liIlH Sutler 
" Lllthor D lEdllh E> moiU rtr lil48l Eddy 
Bnrrlcklo Caroline O (wld John Ji hSO Mnr- 

celft nv 
" Clins B elk r859 37th ftv 
" J«s R (Louise I elk h859 37th nv 
" John E I Normal lawyer 235 Monlgy R'tac 

hl85C 8th nv 
" Reune elk r85!l 37th nv 
Bnrrlekmnn Burt chnuf r853 Moultrie 
Bnrrieks Arth A br mgr Pnc Snles Corp r615 

BARRIK. See aLso Barry and Bary 
" Jas H (Amellni elev opr h755 Sanchez 
" John F (Josephine) mtrmn Mun Ry hll66 

" Lillian nurse LnRuna Honda Home 
" Thos porter r3889 Sacto 
Barrlol Prank (VirRlnlai Indywkr hl2 Belve- 
Barrlentos John elk r846 Filbert 
Bnrrlents Ralph hl571a Sacto 
Barrier Annie (wld F A) h532 Hearst av 
" Jos (Josephine) concretewkr h3014 Webster 
Barrlere Andre L meat ctr rI660 Lyon 
" Cath (Wld Leon) hl660 Lyon 
" Ernest A h82 Bernard 
" Mlchl rl660 Lyon 

Barrlctta Jasper (Carmen) printer h325 Mis- 
Barrlll H Archie motormn rlOlS Van Ness av 
BARRINGER. See also Baringer 
" Alma hairdrsr 166 Geary R70 rl336 15th av 
" Edwin-L (Grace) cook hl336 15th av 
" Jos E mach rl336 15th av 
" Oscar cpt clnr h620 Eddy 
" Ralph R (Helen I slsmn Irvln Silverberg & 

Co h431 Arguello blvd 
Barrington A J lab r417 3d 
" Elsie bkpr r954 Plymouth av 
" Wm A (K Elsie) h954 Plymouth av 
Barrios Alice elk r735 O'Parrell 
" Anna rl831 Pacific av 

" Carmela sten Bank of Am rl831 Pacific av 
" Florence Mrs r730 Eddy 
" Galvin iHeleni lab hl465 Washn 
" Harry slsmn rl930 Hyde 
" Isabel rl831 Pacific av 
"MA Mrs maid h735 O'Farrell 
" Manuel mach h2065 Sutter 
" Mary F Mrs sten Grace Line hl831 Pa- 
cific ay 
" Theresa r771 Pine 
Barris Dorothy cash Campbell-Okell & Co r 

" Prank (Margt) hl74 Randall 
" Prank L hl223 37th av 
" Harold r508 Gough 
" John barber 280 3d r549 Kearny 
Barrise Antonette emp Ames Harris Neville Co 

rU7a Ripley 
Barrish John S r671 40th av 

Louis (Dora) clo prsr h671 40th av 
Barrisset Vincent brewer r379 Vienna 
Barritt E h665 Pine 

Geo h2300 Webster 
BARRON, See also Baron and Barren 

C W writer r44 6th 

Chas C elk r852 Shrader 

Chas C driver h852 Shrader 

Dora rlOlO Post 

Edith G sten Tri Valley Pkg Assn rl27 
nth av 

Edw (Hannah) h835 Fulton 

Edw F slsmn Bowes Bros & Co 

Elsie D tel opr r515 College av 

Enna P (wid V A) h968 Pine 

Eva E Mrs hll20 Bay Shore blvd 

Florence Mrs hll63 Pine 

Frances L sten Assoc Indemnity Co rl379 

Francis L transmitter eng NBC r Belmont 

Frank h706 Polk 

Prank hl95 'th 

Geo (Anna) h40 P ierce 

Geo D flremn SFFD r60 Justin dr 

Geo H (Florence) hl25 21st av 

Gerald (Heleni vending machines h2190 Bay 

Harry C (Lena M) h248 21st av 

Harry D (Eliz J) mech hl201 6th av 

Henry I (Marie) waiter h432 25th av 

J M h561 Baker 

Jas rl23 Parker av 

Jas (Fannie) tup.l 1377 Harrison hl379 do 

Jas (Margt) glazier h732 Edinburgh 

John elk r365 Haight 

John metal prsmn r402 Pacific av 

John A r20 12th 

John H acct rl25 21st av 

John R elk Port Mason hl617 Washn 

John R (Josephine) auto mech h935 O'Farrell 

John R elk SPCo r320 Walnut 

Kath Mrs smstrs h3678 18th 

Kath B sec Order of Railway Employees 

Kathleen emp O'Connor MoHatt & Co rl23 
Parker av 

Lily Mrs womens lurngs 498 Geary rl260 

Lola atdt Shriners Hosp 

Lottie maid rl374a 12th av 

Louis E (Charlotte E) h318b Baker 

Louisa sten r3035 Sacto 

Margt r2745 Webster 

Mary r2150 Pell 

Mary P Mrs h2232 Green 

Maude Mrs hll89 Guerrero 

Michl (Annie) plmbr h320 Walnut 

Nada tchr The Irene Studio r3242 Washn 

Nich F (Anastasia) police hl23 Parker av 

Nicholas lawyer 220 Montgy R204 h529 Bush 

Patk h365 Haight 

Pierce (Frances) (Ferry-Morse Seed Co) 
b3033 Sacto 



" R wtchnin r86 11th 

" Hlehd M Jnn Calif Pnlnce of the Legion 

ol Honor rl25 21st nv 
" Robt L (Nndal music tchr r3242 Washn 
" Rutus r703 McAllister 
" Stenh h320 Walnut 
" T B r3151 Calif 
" Thos r365 HnlKllt 
" Thos B (Lottlel hl374 12th av 
" W H (Lllvl rl260 Calif 
" Wm F r365 Haight 
" Wm (Agnes) earp h67 Pierce 
" Wm J slsmn h3040 Franklin 
" Wm S (Ethel) mgr Powell Theatre h2230 

Barrone Carmella fnctywkr r2710 Hyde 
" Louise smstrs r830 Fclton 
" Peter lab r830 Pelton 
" Ralph (AnRCIincI lab h830 Pelton 
" Vincent (Carmeli pdlr h342 Park 
Barros Geo (Millie) waiter hl4 Camp 
" J hl032 Hyde 

" Manuel C mech H E Lockwood r296 Oak 
BarrofO Tony h2784 22d 

Barrouqucre Marguerite Indywkr rl447 Powell 
" Peter (New Commercial Hotel) hl72 Colum- 
bus av 
Barrow Amanda (wid J L) hl275 Washn 
" Art & Book Concern Inc H N Duhem mgr 

1686 Market 
" Eliz L rl275 Washn 
" Frank G (Helen) elk r3740 25th 
" Frank G slsmn Harry Karp rl233Florlda 
" Geo A slsmn h7100 Geary blvd 
" Lee E elev opr h850 McAllister 
" Louise C Mrs hl530 Gough 
" Wade Guthrie & Co F G Short mgr accts 

155 Sansome R808 
Barrowes Jean Mrs h2190 Beach 
Barrows Albt W (Edith H) artist 716 Montgv 
" Douglas M (Harriett) acct El Dorado Oil 

Wks h711 22d av 
" E WRllace sta atdt General Petroleum Corp 

r Bkly 
" Edw C with E L Eyre & Co r Okld 
" Lewis D (Lillian) photog 935 Market R210 

h605 Elizabeth 
" Stanley H (Prances C) pres Calif Chemical 
Co and Natl Kellastone Co h98 Estero av 
" Steohen S buver DC&HCo r917 Sacto 
" Thos locksmith 112a Fillmore rll7 Ger- 

" Thos r556 Calif 

Barroza John fMaryi lab h44c Rausch 
Barrus W h3320 22d 
BARRY. See also Barrie and Bary 
" Agnes M sten Calif Westn States Life Ins 
Co r2548 Bryant 
Agnes P h2121 Sacto 
Aimee L h2729 Geary blvd 
Alex P (Hazel V) hl649 Chestnut 
Alf elk r220 Haight 
Alf (Jovce) r956 Sacto 
Alf B flremn SFFD r295 Douglass 
Alf S (Joyce) jan r966 Sacto 
Amanda (wid T Fi h314 Felton 
Ann C tel opr rl48 Girard 
Archie W lieut col in chg U S Air Corps 

Procurement (planning office) h415 Lyon 
Arth P (Leah) emp Samarkand Co hl499 

Barbara J pharm Owl Drug Co rl919 Val- 

Bartholomew P (Loretta) elk hll6 Virginia av 
Bernadette elk rl74 Eureka 
Bernice elk h2568a I8th 
Bertha sten PWA r580 Geary 
Bonnie smstrs h2159 Mission 
Carmelita sten rl324 Calif 
Caroline hll6 Frederick 
Caroline slswn r374 Parnassus av 
Chas ironwkr r74 6th 
Chas D (Mildred) formn Calif State Auto 

Assn hl206 40th av 
Chas E (Clara L) elk h2638 Anza 
Chas J elk r650 29th 
Chas J cond Mun Ry r2107 Webster 
Chas J law elk F A Garrecht 
Chas J y-pres Hibernia Sav & Loan Soc 

h550 10th av 
Chas J jr r550 10th av 
Chas M rl206 40th av 

Chas R (Ann) (Charles R Barry Co) rle3 
BARRY CHARLES R CO (Charles R Barry, 
Arthur O Carlson. Leland C Adams) Fac- 
tory Representatives, 430 Brannan, Tel 
DO ufflas 18S0 
" Dan (Hanna) nntr h9 Coleridge 
" Danl D (Maude) asst genl agt Ry Exp Agcy 

h344 Taraval 
" David h2608 Polsom 
" David stevedore r652 4th 

BARRY DAVID A (Gertrude) Asst Manager 
Pearl Assurance Co Ltd, 200 Bush, Tel 
DO uglas 8400 rSS.'j San Anselmo Av 
" David A elk h271 30th 
" David G (Eleanor) lab hl007 Valencia 
" David J (Eliz) lab h650 29th 
" David J (Dorothy L) with Columbia Steel Co 

h32 Atalaya ter 
" David J jr bkpr Hibernia Sav & Loan Soc 

r650 29th 
" Delia (wid Martin) h2837 Harrison 
" Discussion Group Hotel Whitcomb 
" Dolores smstrs r3665 Scott 
" Edna elk rl74 Eureka 
" Edna elk S F News r Yolanda 
" Edw (Mary) stevedore h374 Edinburgh 
" Edw A dir City & County Recreation Dept 

rl410 Portola dr 
" Edw B (Gladys) underwriter A B Knowles 

h2359 North Point 
" Edw Co Inc E P Barry pres J P Schuster 
sec bookbndrs 530 Wachn 


" Edw D (Rose Ml plmbr h219 Clnremont blvd 

" Edw E waiter r848 Stanvan 

" Edw P (Hannah VI hl812 Post 

" Edw H mgr Washington Hotel h827 Howard 

" Edw L dept mgr Piirrott & Co r Bkly 

" Edw P (ires Edw Barry Co r Ross 

" Eliz r Hotel Cecil 

" Ella r374 Edinburgh 

" Ellen D (wld P Jl hl920 Sacto 

" Ellen T r848 Stanyan 

" Elmer (Ada) ehauf h258 Central av 

" Ethel physlo-thernplst 150 Powell mez fl 
r580 Geary 

" Ethel M tchr h950 Cabrlllo 

" Eug (Emily I h369 Elizabeth 

" Francis solr rll6 Virginia av 

" Francis J cementwkr Dept Pub Wks r358 Noe 

" Frank (Susie) auto mech r706 Vienna 

" Fred L (Jeannetlel hll39 Lake 

" Fred M office 310 Sansome RlOlO r Bkly 

" Garland (Mazlei shoewkr h622 Holloway av 

" Garrett (Gertrude I plpeftr h282 Eureka 

" Garrett Jr r282 Eureka 

" Geo rl480 Waller 

" Geo lab r616 Haight 

" Geo v-prcs E D Swift Co 

" Geo C pres Barry O'Neill & Dedekam r Ala 

" Geo P (Maude A) atty Foster & Kleiser Co 
h3036 Octavia 

" Geo F jr lawyer 220 Montgy R829 r3036 Oc- 

" Geo T (Doris) pres-mgr White House Dye- 
ing & Clng wks h3665 Scott 

" Geo R hl056 Fulton 

" Geo W (Emily) br mgr Bacon & Co h350 
Laguna Honda blvd 

" Gertrude r282 Eureka 

" Gertrude P (Connolly & Barry Beauty Par- 
lor) hl351 26th av 

" Goldie S smstrs S F Hosp r276 Collingwood 

" Gregory J aud Continental Can Co h2250 
North Point 

" Harold G cash Salvation Army Westn Terri- 
torial Training Coll Div 

" Harold J stm ftr r446 14th 

" Henry B mai USA r Port Mason 

" Henry E (Adele) elk h2279 Pine 

" Irene C with US Int Rev h3146 Divlsadero 

" Isabel Mrs sten W R Sayre Lbr Co r Bkly 

" Isabelle M r220 Parnassus av 

" J E slsmn r364 Eddy 

" J P r Hotel Stewart 

" Jas r374 Edinburgh 

" Jas boilermkr hl874 Church 

" Jas (Kath) chaut h634 24th av 

" Jas eng r80 Julian av 

" Jas millmn rl77 Haight 

Pres-Mgr. N V Barry V-Pres, O J Nasser 
V-Pres. HAG Mitchell Treas, Printers and 
Publishers. 1122-1124 Mission Tel MA rket 

" Jas J (Mary) gdnr Bd of Educ h343 Coleridge 

" Jas J (Cath) slsmn Geo W Caswell Co h683 

" Jas J welder rl874 Church 

" Jas J jr typist r343 Coleridge 

" Jas L flremn SFFD h990 Fulton 

" Jas M (Prancesi electro h305 23d av 

" Jas P div mgr Hammond Lbr Co r Pied 

" Jas P (Mary M) jan Dept Pub Wks h231 

" Jas P (Letitia) millmn hl802 Market 

" Jas W (Jean) express 1600 McKinnon av 
hl602 do 

" Jerry G h625 Bush 

" John hl678 Sacto 

" John wtchmn Calif State Emer Relief Adm 

" John D elk r307 Duncan 

" John D writer s F News r Sausalito 

" John P (Teenie) asst formn S P News h814 

" John F spl police SFPD r226 30th 

" John J elk r282 Eureka 

" John J- elk r683 14th 

" John J timekpr Granfield Parrar & Carlin 

" John L (Arma LI bellmn h2025 Clement 

" John P elk r2548 Bryant 

" John P (Nellie) cook h3438 16th 

" John P (Carrie) lab hl49 Brussells 

" John P lab Dept Pub Wks rl48 Girard 

" John R elk r55 Mason 

" John T r550 10th av 

" Jos F r550 10th av 

" Jos P (Marie) atty Calif State Auto Assn 
h974 Clayton 

" Jos H slsmn Tubbs Cordage Co r Okld 

" Jovce Mrs candy pkr r956 Sacto 

" Juiia hl811 Lyon 

" Julia (wid Jeremiah) h848 Stanyan 

" Kate M Indywkr h4275 24th 

" Kathleen M sten r2648 Bryant 

" L Mrs with Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co rll9 

" Lawrence r2608 Polsom 

" Lilley Mrs slswn rl274 11th av 

"Lillian A elk r430 Alvarado 

" Loretta r374 Edinburgh 

" Lulu Mrs hl359 Eddy 

" Lyle B (Myrtle C) mtrmn h515 Masonic 

" M h845 Calif 

" Mae Mrs h522 Mangels av 

" Mae E slswn Raphael Weill & Co r667 Par- 
ker av 

■' Marcella J r550 10th av 

" Margt bkpr H B Willats r Okld 

" Margt drsmkr h25 Uranus ter 

" Margt slswn r3775 Fillmore 

" Margt E sten A R Johnson r343 Coleridge 

" Margt L (wid E R) hl410 Portola dr 

" Margt M rl410 Portola dr 

" Margt T (wid M J) h2548 Bryant 

" Marie Mrs dir City & County Recreation 
Dept r974 Clayton 

" Marie V bkpr West Am Ins Co rl92D Sacto 



" Marion A Mrs rl30 St Roses av 

" Marv r3 Atalaya ter 

" Marv r524 Jersey 

" Marv Mrs rl06b McKinnon av 

" Marv wid Geo) hl74 Eureka 

" Mary (wid John) r404 London 

" Mary (wid J Jl rI522 27th av 

" Mary E h2523 Sacto 

" Mary H (wid R T) h475 Ralston 

" Mary R bkpr City of Paris Dyeing & CIng 

Wks r343 Coleridge 
" Marvetta r374 Parnassus av 
" May hl409 Larkin 
" May h801 Sutter 
" May D tchr Pub Sch rl735 Hyde 
" May T sten State Bd ot Equalization r535 

7th av 
" Michl Grace) lab State Bd Harbor Comrs 

h2107 Webster 
" Michl M (Cecelia) h4 Shakespeare av 
" Mildred mach opr Robertson Draperies Inc 
" Mildred C sten Remler Co rl349 Ulloa 
" Nellie G (wid T Fi h5 Capp 
" Nellie V (wid J H) v-pres J H Barry Co 

hl219 28th av 
" Newberg & Co J H Newberg pres-mgr Law- 
rence Livingston sec whol womens clo 130 

Sutter 4th fl 
" Nich r2317 Bryant 

» Olive C sten A L Ipswitch r940 Powell 
" O'Neill & Dedekam G C Barry pres C P 

Dedekam v-pres G P Vrettos sec-treas ins 

316 Montgv R702 
" Patk P gro 355 Presidio av r269 Dolores 
" Patk J (Lucille) expmn h4214 19th 
" Patk J HalUe) funeral dir 770 Valencia h33 

Hemway ter 
" Paul h698 Bush 

" Paul (Ethel) ironwkr hl740 Steiner 
" Paul M elk r206 San Jose av 
" Peter plstr r527 Athens 
" Phillip (Nora N) mtrmn h2317 Bryant 
" Ralph P hl349 Ulloa 
" Raymond E adv mgr De Laval Pacific Co r 

" RIchd electn J H Rechter 
" Rlchd EUzl stevedore h307 Duncan 
" Richd A mach hd r 2032 Mission 
" Rlchd E (Cecile El electn hn6 Girard 
" Richd F (Cath) emp U S Mint h32 Dlvisa- 

" Richd J (Johannah) lab Dept Pub Wks hl48 

" Rlchd O (Eva) tmstr h220 Parnassus av 
" Robt J (Louise) h909 Franklin 
" Ronald T elk Edw Brown & Sons 
" Sidney H slsmn r2888 16th 
" T H Mrs h475 25th av 
" Theo r324 Tehama 
" Thos tinsmith Barthold Soda Fountain Co 

r341 Paris 
" Thos (r serv sta atdt r206 San Jose av 
" Thos B (Mary) chaut h3727 Army 
" Thos C v-pres S F Development Co r Bkly 
" Thos P (May) hotel wkr h2632 Laguna 
" Thos F (Hazel) Indvmn h2465 Folsom 
" Thos F Mrs hl735 Hyde 
" Thos J (Agnes) dep coUr U S Customs hl990 

" Thos J Rita) shtmtlwkr h341 Paris 
>' Thos M (Margt) gro 2301 Webster h2o6 San 

Joss ^V ^ , .11 

" Tom B Irt claim agt WPRRCo r Palo Alto 

" Ursula Mrs r2139 Pierce 

" Viola Mrs h399 Steiner 

" W H h2001 Pierce 

" W N elk r216 Eddy 

" Walter A (Olga) tmstr h4917 3d 

" Wm (Florence El driver h494 Pair Oak 

" Wm (Beatrice) electn hl261 Church 

" Wm A (Myra) hl850 Fulton 

" Wm B (Clarissa) v-pres-treas S F Elevator 
Co 1134 nth av 

" Wm D h81 9th 

" Wm H (Alice) Indywkr hl015 Capp 

BARRY WM H (Grace) Fres-Mgr The Jas H 
Barry Co, hl60 Santa Ana Av, Tel MO nt- 
rose 2488 

" Wm J (Lois) agt Met Lite Ins Co h475 Ral- 

" Wm J elk r220 Parnassus av 

" Wm J (Marv I elk h360 Richland av 

" Wm J (Margt) dentist 1005 Market R407 
hl91 Day 

" Wm J solr r683 14th 

" Wm J (Marv) swchmn h226 30th 

" Vvfm J (Goldie) tmstr h276 Collingwood 

" Wm P (Josephine) appraiser 114 Sansome 
R623 hl919 Vallejo 

" Wm W (Hazel) with Am Can Co h3330 Dl- 

" Wilma M priv sec S P Examiner rl919 Val- 

Barrymore Andw E with KJBS hl312 Jackson 

" Helen L tel opr hl387 Hayes 

Bars Christian H F mtrmn Mun Ry r68 Pal- 
metto av 

Barsamian Chas elk Ry Exp Agcy r Okld 

" Keham D (Anna) br mgr Purity Stores h882 
43d av 

" Lallan smstrs rl45 Willard 

" Serop barber 408 Hayes rl45 Willard 

Barsano Fred blrmkr hlor r314 Main 

Barsant Geo (Helen) lab rl65 Beaver 

Barsanti Beni driver rl314 Jerrold av 

" Dave (Paniiie) gro 1524 20th 

" Dino elk r477 Lombard 

" Eliseo art gds 1610 Stockton 

" Eug (Pidela) h581 Greenwich 

" Ferd meatctr rl314 Jerrold av 

" Prank (Aida) fruits 1410 Haight h709 Ash- 

" Slhro mattressmkr rl857 Stockton 

" Vasco (Olga) sausagemkr hl515 Hudson av 

Barsarino John (Theresa) shoeshiner hl464 

Barsch Richd C mgr Patent Scaffolding Co r 

San Mateo 
Barsel wm J (Myrtle) millmn hl3l Pair Oaks 
Barsetti Dora fruitwkr rl350 Silver av 
" Fernando elk r787 Union 
" Nicholas (Amelia) lab h787 Union 
Barshall Edwin J sec Ray Burner Co h557 

Barshell Fannie (wid Theo) h557 Capp 
Barsi A emp A Levy & J Zentner Co r358 

" Albt gro 1100 Tennessee 
" Constantino (Anna) lab hll50 Palou av 
" Dante A (Normal musician h350 Moscow 
" Dario (Avelta) lab h36 Mirabel av 
" Edw r358 Vallejo 
" Edw (Marvina) slsmn Fred Newberg hl040 

" Geo slsmn Empire Produce Co r3137 Steiner 
" Hazel slswn Weinstein Co r665 Geary 
" Helen L Mrs Indywkr h760 San Jose av 
" Lillian Indywkr r760 San Jose av 
" Louis slsmn L'Emporio Lucchese r248 18th av 
" Mario I (Anita) (Bay Shore Inn) hl34 Ar- 

leta av 
" Narciso (Clementina) h358 Vallejo 
" Peter J formn Cypress Lawn Cemetery Assn 

r Lawndale 
" Ralph (Ada) h657 Delta 
" Silvio lab hl509 Powell 
" Valente r350 Moscow 
Barsiti Victor elk rni2 17th av 
Barskev Aaron (Anneta) h486 Edinburgh 
" Bertram (Dorothy) lab hl66 Dorland 
" I rl65 3d 

" Issac I longshoremn rl75 Yukon 
" Jos firemn r4796a Mission 
" Rebecca (wid Kevei h4796a Mission 
" Victor servmn Sherman Clay & Co r Ala 
Barsky Constantine (Nadine) garmt prsr h430 

7th av 
Barsocchini Arth (Rose) (Barsocchlnl & Bossl) 
h657 19th av 

David (Susie) h3137 Broderick 

Edw rancher r3137 Broderick 

Edw D (Anita) elk h2 Toledo way 

Frances L elk rl555 Greenwich 

Frank h2665 Franklin 

Fi-ank (Josephine) sec-treas Northern Calif 
Wineries h54 6th av 

Gino (Gina) auto mech rl85 Cypress 

Lawrence (Frances) (Premier Produce Co) 
hl555 Greenwich 

Lucille M r657 19th av 

Vincent J h3135 Broderick 

Yolanda sten Standard Sanitary Mfg Co 
r3137 Broderick 
" & Bossi (Aug Barsocchini John Bossi) meats 

547 Clement 
Barsola Carolina Mrs hl545 Folsom 
Barsolli Elaine sten rl649 Newhall 
Barson Alf Y res mgr Fairmont Hotel 
" Louise T r Fairmont Hotel 
Barsotti Aladino auto repr 765 Pacific rl320 
San Anselmo av 

Albt (Amelia) millmn h534 Paris 

Angelo (Eliz) chauf h2781 McAllister 

Arth (Assunta) carp hl499 Quesada av 

Bros (John and Jean Barsotti) 3101 Pierce 

Chas L asst mgr Fire Assn of Phila r San 

Dora elk r3015 Baker 

Enrico D rl649 Newhall 

Ernest elk r3015 Baker 

Evelyn r273 Chestnut 

Pern Mrs mgr St Lawrence Apts hl351 

Frank E (Anna) h2065 JeHerson 

Georgia Mrs h2694 McAllister 

Hugo barber 358 Columbus av r2601 Chest- 

Jean (Barsotti Bros) r273 Chestnut 

John (Pauline) (Barsotti Bros) h311 Chest- 

John carp rll73 HoUister av 

Jos (Rita) elk h514 Greenwich 

Jos meats 1310 Grant av r475 Lombard 

Jos (Josephine) shoe shiner h731a Union 

Josephine r74 Theresa 

Julian (Margt) hl580 Filbert 

Julio (Mary) garage 770 North Point hl955 

Julius shtmtlwkr rl580 Filbert 

Lena Mrs h2601 Chestnut 

Lillian elk r3015 Baker 

Lorenzo (Angelina) hl059 Tennessee 

Luigi gro 1877 Stockton r226 Francisco 

Marco h273 Chestnut 

Maria lab r615 Union 

Mario hl657 Mason 

Mario h2769 Octavia 

Mario H (Leona) mgr Portola Dlst br Bank 
of Am r2429 15th 

Max carp hll73 Hollister av 

Norma elk r3015 Baker 

Parascandolo r2694 McAllister 

Paul bartndr R V McLean 

Peter (Anita) elk hl714a Filbert 

Peter elk h3015 Baker 

Pio elk rl287 Union 

Quinto (Bruna) lab hl943 Chestnut 

Raeflelo (Rosel hl649 Newhall 

Roy F (Madeline) mgr GhiselU Bros hl265 

Vincent (Celestina) elk h2279 14th av 

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Barss Henry r3275 Mission 
Barsse Jos (Marie) clo clnr h218a 14th 
Barstein Albt auto mech N E Reed 
Barsten Andrina elk rl43 Miramar av 
Barstow Carl H sec A Carpentier & Empire 

Trading Co r Ala 
" Edgar M (Leila E) mdse mn P W Wool- 
worth Co h550 Darien way 
" Prank L (Edith) electn h76a Coleridge 


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Laverne (Lucille) lab hl432 Buchanan 

Lavern paper wkr r2778 Pine 

Louise Mrs choc dipper h3653 24th 

Marie elk Am Tr Co r Bkly 

Maxine M Mrs elk r722 Larkin 

Theo asst mgr Majestic Theater r76a Cole- 

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Barsuglia Agisto (Adelina) h74a Waller 

Arth D tailor 539 Montgy r San Anselmo 

Claire sten rl342 Green 

Elvira sec Palace Hotel rl342 Green 

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Norma rl342 Green 

Pauline Mrs hl342 Green 

Virgil r269 Onondaga av 
Bart Hilarion restr wkr r335 Leavenworth 
" Lee pres Hamberger & Hamberger Inc r 

Barta Mary Mrs hl80 Edinburgh 
Bartalini (jolonna Mrs h2515 Octavia 
" Frank (J'^annette) elec supp 3130 24th 
" Guiltero h2112 Jackson 
" Jos (Adeline) jan h2346 Lombard 
Bartalo Nazareno sugar wkr rlO'2 Neptune 
Bartcher Augustus H (Lului h335 Arguello 

Bartchi Marv elk J J Newberry & Co 
Bartee J Julian slsmn N L Waggoner Inc r 

BABTEL. See also Bartell and Bartle 
" Bertha L I wid Edmondi r22 Baltimore way 
" Carl (Mathilda) mach h4649 25th 
" Chas rl57 4th 
" Fanny maid r510 37th av 
" Flora M sten Crocker First Natl Bank h2371 

26th av 
" Henrietta H nurse r2101b' Webster 
" Irving P (Elian) women's clo 771 and 812 

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" Jas h75 Glover 

" Mary E (wid G PI r2371 26th av 
" Max whsmn r959 McAllister 
" Paul baker h419 Wilde av 
" Ralph J (Juliette Ml (Wilfert's) h55 Her- 
" Robt L (Kath) chauf rl443 Fillmore 
" Rose waiter rl90 O'Farrell 
" Ruth J emp H M Heineman Sons Inc rl443 

Bartelheim Aug E (Penelope) elk SPCo h4814 

BARTELL, See also Bartel and Bartle 
" Arth police r533 5th av 
" Chas D (Clara A I brklyr h956 Edinburgh 
" Chas D (Helen 1 firemn SFPD hl275 26th av 
"PC rl485 Pine 

" John (Josephine) chef h266 8th av 
" Lawrence D (Juanitai sta atdt Standard 

Stas Inc h3660 Scott 
" Louise M elk r956 Edinburgh 
" Max J (Margtl eng h2150 Hyde 
" Pauline beauty shop 177 Post R512 rl250 

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Bartelme Andw M (Mildred R) mgr West 
Portal br Bank of Am r640 Darien way 

Jos J (Rita El h470 15th av 

Mildred R sten USN r640 Darien way 

Rita Mrs sten A S Wexel rl940 Washn 
Bartels Anna garmt" prsr r433 Page 

Anna rl615 Lombard 

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Chas mech C W Marwedel r Ala 

Chas J (Emily M) paperhngr r553 Van Ness 

Dorothy tchr rll83 Filbert 

Dorothv I elk r2101 Beach 

Emma L Mrs nurse h356 Spruce 

Ethel tel opr r778 45th av 

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Geo L driver r684 Ellis 

Harold G I Ethel E) slsmn Arth R Llndburg 
Co h778 45th av 

Henry C (Anna I elk h438 Page 

Hilda maid 2 5th av 

Johanna maid 2721 Pacific av 

John elk r2255 Mariposa 

Louise elk Cordsen & Roth 

Lucille M Mrs h2101 Beach 

Marie (wid Henry) maid 2999 Pacific av 

Martha L Mrs hl20O Geary 

Minnie (wid Wmi r65 Peralta av 

Minnie M (wid T Bl hl240 7th av 

Paula smstrs hll85 Filbert 

Wm hll9 Sears 

Wm F (Florence) chauf r2820 Harrison 

Wm J (Irene) bkpr h3457 26th 
Bartelt Frank (Bertha) h397 Paris 
Barter Amelia C Mrs tchr Pub Sch rl921 

" Clarence H (Lena) mech h297 18th av 
" Courtenay F (Esther) slsmgr Cereal Products 

Refining Corp h60 Estero av 
" E F elk Envelope Corp i: Okld 
" Edith Mrs r 399 Laurel 
" Gracie rlll2 Market 

" Jack auto repr 1707 Jackson rl735 Pacific av 
" K D supt Envelope Corp r Okld 
" May E Mrs sten Bond Elec Corp hl645 Fil- 
Barterrechea Salvatore r236 3d 
Bartev Manuel florist 225 Powell 
Bartteld Jos slsmn Nve & Nissen r45 Parren 
Barth Agnes A (wid R J) hl77 Parnassus av 
■' Alf E (Annie) chauf h3416 26th 
" Anna elk r285 Richland av 
" Arth J slsmn Marwood Ltd rl55 San Benito 
" Carl r936 Mission 
" Edw with J D Sabatelli r2273 Union 

Elise elk r285 Richland av 
" Eliz Mrs hl233 Eddy 
"PA hl375 Calif 

" Ferdinand P bkpr Richfield Oil Co h3740 



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